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Days Of Our Lives

THE BAY – More crazies run rampant in Bay City! – Watch the Video!

The lastest installment of Gregori J. Martin’s web series, The Bay is out today and we have got to say, this Bay City bunch is filled with some insanely fun and wicked characters.  Watch Jade Harlow’s drugged-out Lianna, and Matt Ashford’s nutjob, Steve Jensen, and what on earth is happening to Nicolas Coster’s Mayor Madison?

Now make sure to watch Mary Beth Evans, Paul Satterfield, Martha Madison, Tristan Rogers, Kristos Andrews and Charles Shaughnessy ads the join the aforementioned performers in the new webisode!

And remember these two words, fondly … “Tick Tock!”

Watch The Bay after the jump!

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I am definitely chewing nails after watching the last from The Bay! Matt Ashford totally gives me the chills! As always, Nicolas Coster is absolutely stellar! Bravo!


The layers of the onion keep getting peeled back, revealing more and more drama! Love it! What’s going on with Mr. Mayor? Alzheimers? What’s going to happen when Lee arrives at the designated location? The wait is awful!!!! (but so worth it!)


Love how the tension continues to mount! This impressivie cast never fails to deliver. Aways leaves me wanting more!


Oh boy that was a ripper of an episode. I love Sara and Lee in scenes together. The Marly/Lianna confrontation was dramatic and Steve Jensen is pure EVIL, love it, cant wait for next weeks episode !!!

Sarah M.
Sarah M.

Oh my oh my.Nicolas Coster and Charles Shaughnessy were just STELLAR!! wow…That lianna is something else isnt she!! Sheesh…wasnt Bad seein Peter’s shirt being ripped open one more time either!! lol. STEVE JENSEN is BACK!!! AHHHH…cant wait to see what else it brewing ,and please dont tell me anything happens to Lee….I am bitting my nails!! Cant wait til next week


WOW. I have been served the show of a life time. By far the best web show ever. Hahaha. TICK TOCK! Steve is diabolical. And all of the cast are flawless in their characters. Storytelling and visuals couldn’t be better either. I LOVE THE BAY!!! =]


Love the episode. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Lee and Sara leave me wanting more. I wonder if the mayor is starting with dimentia. Steve Jensen>> Wow does Matt play creepy. Quite a different character from what I’m used to seeing from him. Love all of it. This show always delivers and leaves me wanting more.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of June 18, 2018

This week on Days of our Lives, Lani (Sal Stowers) is in danger as the baby she is carrying is in trouble.  How will the outcome of her premature delivery send reverberations through Salem for not only her, but JJ (Casey Moss), and Eli (Lamon Archey) as well?

Elsewhere, Ciara (Victoria Konefal) does not want to return to Salem, and opens up to Ben (Rob Scott Weston) about what has been happening in her life, which brings them closer.  Will Ben insist she go back home?  Will Ciara look past all of Ben’s previous horrible acts, and get to know him for who he is now?

Meanwhile, John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) continue to plan their wedding, and Chad (Billy Flynn)  offers up to assume the role of CEO of Titan … and then, what will happen now that Will (Chandler Massey) was injected with the serum pf Dr. Rolf’s to attempt to regain his memories?

Check out more teasers below for the action in Salem, and check out the latest DAYS promo from NBC here.

Monday, June 18

Will has a flash of memory.

Tuesday, June 19

The Hortons rally around Eli and Lani as she undergoes an emergency c-section.

Wednesday, June 20,

Will keeps a secret from Paul.

Thursday, June 21

Hope is relieved when Ciara calls her, but is upset by her daughter’s news.

Friday, June 22

Kate makes a huge confession to Chad.

So, what are you looking forward to seeing most this week on DAYS? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ben Recalls The Terror He Caused In The Cabin!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

On Wednesday’s episode of Days of our Lives, Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) has brought Ciara (Victoria Konefal) to a very familiar place to him, the old abandoned cabin in the woods where he had: tied up Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail, where he had traumatized Abigail, and where she had given birth to Thomas, and where he murdered the midwife, Wendy (Denice Duff).  Throughout the episode, Ben flashes back to all those moments in time, and the heinous acts he perpetrated.

For this episode, DAYS re-created these key scenes in Ben and Abigail’s back-story, by having Marci Miller redo the scenes, originally played at the time by Kate Mansi.  Both Wilson and Miller were riveting to watch.

In present time, as Ben tends to Ciara’s wounds, he looks around the cabin and flashes to kidnapping Abigail.  When Ciara finally starts regaining consciousness and starts to moan, it brings back memories of Wendy aiding Abigail in the birth of her son, Thomas.  He recalls murdering Wendy and burying her.  Ben begins to relive more and more moments, and then the horrific time he wanted to set Chad and Abby on fire.  Ben continues to get more beside himself, and begins to pant recalling it all.

Later, Ben is standing in a corner, staring at the flame of the lighter that had been used to start the fire that had nearly killed Chabby. Just then, Ciara wakes up and takes a look at Ben. and she screams,”Oh my God.”

What did you think of the performance of Rob Scott Wilson? What did you think about Marci Miller redoing the scenes originally that aired that were played by Kate Mani? Comment below.


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Breaking News

Is Bryan Dattilo The Next Cast Member To Exit DAYS?

Within the last hour on Wednesday, fans and reporters took notice, and read a tweet that was posted by longtime Days of our Lives’ cast member, and enduring favorite, Bryan Dattilo (Lucas).

In his somewhat cryptic tweet, Bryan shared the following: “25 years. 2 months. 12 days. And 4 hours. Good run. Thanks to my Days family and fans. Enjoy Lucas while you can.”

Just back in April of this year, Dattilo celebrated his 25th anniversary with the series.

Does this tweet from Bryan mean he is gone from Salem? What would the show have mind that would take Lucas off the canvas if this turns out to be confirmed?

Various reports have surfaced that Dattilo’s exit may just mean that his character is being given a rest for now, but as we know in Salem life no one is really “dead” for good … are they?

Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Video du Jour

This week, Nick lost temporary custody of Christian leading to a defiant and emotional turn by Joshua Morrow (Nick) as he has to say farewell to the little boy he has come to love as his own son, and give him to his father, Victor, who wanted and was granted custody of the child. Watch the hankie-inducing moment! Leave A Comment

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Joshua Morrow as Nick

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