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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Sheila To Quinn, "Don't Touch Me! You Do That Again & I Will Snap You In Two!"


How many of you are beginning to get on the edge of your seats to see just what Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) will have in store for Quinn (Rena Sofer), in what seems to be her deluded quest to win back Eric Forrester (John McCook) on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful?

The plot just got juicier when Sheila, who is still lurking around L.A. (even though she said she was leaving), goes back to visit Eric. Upon leaving the mansion she runs into Quinn, who let’s Sheila no under no circumstances is she to see her husband when he is alone in the house.

Quinn fires back, “Do you say that to Brooke?  Quinn firmly says, “No” and explains the difference in ex-wives to Sheila, which of course, she won’t accept.

When Quinn tries to escort her off the premises, Sheila breaks away from Quinn and shouts, “Don’t touch me! You do that again and I will snap you in two!”

So it looks like, that yes, Sheila is still the underlying unhinged bad girl, but what will she do next to Quinn?  The stage has been set for this rivalry to explode.

Watch the key scene from Monday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful after the jump! Then let us know what you think will happen next in the comment section below!

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23 Comments on "THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Sheila To Quinn, "Don't Touch Me! You Do That Again & I Will Snap You In Two!""

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Joe E Nelson

This is so much fun!!


As I’ve stated before, I’ve only been watching B&B for about a year and I really like it! From what I can see (haven’t checked out the entire history), Quinn was basically a conniving, manipulative lunatic who hurt a lot of people in her past ( I know how she hounded Hope and the whacked out stuff she did to Liam…and her literally throwing Deacon off the cliff…so I’d like her to get some payback. LOL…I think my feelings of anger and wanting vengeance for AJ over at GH has crossed over to B&B. Deacon, played by Sean Kanan, was similarly treated unfarily. Quinn tried to kill him, left him for dead…and HE’S the one who’s in jail for trying to extort money from her…with no one believing what she did to him! All this is my way of saying…”bring it on!” Should be a good whacko vs whacko story, though in the end I’m sure Quinn will survive. There’s much story to be told…

“Snap you in two!” LOL. She’s not playin’…


rebecca1, I am a fan of Sean Kanan/AJ Quartermaine, too. Agreed. The characters he plays are unjustly punished when compared to the actions of others.


hey, dmr. I know, right? what’s up with that?!!!


Sheila is so scary!!!!!!!


She lost her edge on the Clinton era.


…..When she was replaced by a real-life villainess who remains to this day and makes Sheila look like a complete amateur in the witchy ways of the world!

Mary SF

Quinn is a novice compared to Sheila– Quinn;s darkness is more an issue with boundaries and impulse control– Sheila’s darkness is intentional and well thought out– it is crazy that thinks everyone else has the problem not them. I have no doubt in a show down Sheila would easily snap Quinn in two– it won’t be much of a battle– but if the two of them ever teamed up against a common foe– that would be scary– LOL


Imagine those two whack jobs against Stephanie! Lmao!!


I suspect that Sheila has been sent to Los Angeles on an ambassadorial mission by Trump to help “make America great again.” Given her villainous status, she fits in perfectly with the current administration. Yet in the process, she will suffer low approval ratings, deny climate change, tell lies virtually every day, bring scorn, disdain, and embarrassment upon our country, and in general wreak havoc in unprecedented, exponential proportions!

Oh, and she will probably have a cat fight or two with Quinn… 🙂


@”Gentleman James”…..Kudos on your clever, creative spin ala Sheila and her possible link to “current events!”…Likewise for your use of mildly(?) biting humor to express your obvious frustrations, especially since you managed to do so in an artful manner without directly referencing those of us who have a differing view on this subject…thank you for that refreshing change of pace!!!! As for content, well, let’s just say we must agree to disagree, and leave it at that. I still got a huge kick and hearty laugh from reading your post, my friend! Always good to see your name pop up here at MFSoaps! Take care……..


Hello there, Shay, and thanks a million for your reply! Yes, even though we may disagree on politics, you interpreted my post in the way it was intended: for humor’s sake. So thanks for not only understanding but respectfully giving me the benefit of the doubt!

A thought just occurred to me… Sheila could have an accomplice for her misdeeds: perhaps Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Jagger. She could snuggle up to him on the back of his motorcycle as they terrorize the residents of LA… Wouldn’t THAT be something?! Take care, Friend!


You are more than welcome, James! How about if Antonio arrives in “Forresterland” as the administration’s “Director of Immigration for Foreign Underwear Models?” It is a role for which he would be suitably experienced, and would be sufficiently “tongue-in-cheek” enough without being nasty!!! As for an accomplice for Sheila’s latest “crime wave of insanity,” I would look no further than good old reliable bad boy Deacon, since Sean K. is another soap star who supported our president during the campaign (during one of his appearances on FoxNews….) Furthermore, I should imagine if “Deacon” were needed to fill a space in the new government, he could always offer his expertise to the ATF, as he does seem to know and like his firearms! Hey, just a thought…..Anyway, I believe good-natured humor should be a universal thing and not limited to just one side of the political spectrum, especially since some of my favorite posters here are decidedly opposite to my own views, but I still truly enjoy their creative and witty contributions! You know, awhile back, I thought that it would be a nifty, election-based theme “parlor game” on one of these threads to opine which soap characters (not the actors themselves….) we suspected of belonging to what political party…just an exercise in fun to test our powers of perception based upon their other personality traits, and it might have actually worked before last November. But now? Not so much….Lol. At any rate, it was a delight to “reconnect” with you, James….Always a true pleasure! Later, my friend.


Hi again, Shay! Just a quick reply for now. What you wrote was too good for me to ignore… First, thanks for enlightening me about Sean K.’s politics.

I definitely like your plot twists. It would fit into B&B’s scheme to have Deacon join forces with Sheila versus Quinn. Sabato’s return to underwear modeling would be a refreshing change — and in his wheelhouse! Loved your “tongue-in-cheek” reference! Your “parlor game” would be a fun exercise.

The pleasure is mine, Shay. Take care.


Oh, Jamesj75. I enjoyed your post, too, but because we ARE on the same page! I agree with your sentiments, “Given her villainous status, she fits in perfectly with the current administration. Yet in the process, she will suffer low approval ratings, deny climate change, tell lies virtually every day, bring scorn, disdain, and embarrassment upon our country, and in general wreak havoc in unprecedented, exponential proportions!” Perfect! Because it so aptly describes what’s going on in reality.

As far as our soap actors, while it’s extremely disappointing to find out that their “character” doesn’t match their “character”…that’s the beauty in being able to suspend our disbelief! Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be disappointed if an artist that I admired had a differing point of view…but the morals of this administration are so perilous the, lack of concern for one’s fellow human beings so non-existent, that ya can’t help but wonder if some people are actually informed on ALL the issues or just what effects them.

I think Sheila probably has a better shot at “making America great again…” 🙂


Hi there, Rebecca! And thanks so much for your reply! Indeed, my main motivation was humor. (I wasn’t trying to reignite a political debate or ruffle any feathers of other friends here.) But we can’t ignore what is happening in reality. I completely agree with what you’ve so eloquently written. Read any interesting president tweets lately? (I was going to use the word “presidential,” but that wouldn’t be applicable.)

Going back to humor, I like your idea about Sheila having a better shot at “making America great again.” And given that Sheila has been so downright mean to Lauren, Phyllis, Quinn, and other women, maybe she has her own misogynistic streak… Take care, Friend!


Well, ya know…perhaps we’ll see Sheila pull off her mask and…shudder…guess who? LOL. Tweets? Only what I read on the news sites…every five seconds. This will certainly keep future generations of students entertained in their American history classes! Between the tweets, the late night hosts, SNL/Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy, can you IMAGINE how fun that history class will be??? 😉 (For those studying the “current” state of affairs…not so fun.) But what an education! 🙂

James R. Poissant

When I saw the scene, the hair on my neck stood up. I yelled, “Oh, no!!!” when Quinn went to grab for Sheila. And when Sheila went into her moment of lashing out, it was like good ol’ times are back. I really got excited when i saw this and I can’t wait for more. Just take the time to tell the story so that there isn’t a missed beat. That’s what will make this whole storyline very suspenseful and enjoyable. God, I am so glad Sheila (and Kimberlin) are back!!!


All this proves is that 26 years have passed and soaps can NOT come up with anything as lasting and captivsting as Sheila!! Same thing trotting out Olivia Jerome on GH from that same era. Lets try to make something good now!!


Sheila was scary but Quinn’s outfit gave me nightmares.


HA HA…good one, Alan. lol.


I look at it like this: Sheila vs. the rest of the characters on the show. GAME ON!!!!!


If you want to make a man look like a fool, let them be a character on B & B. Making Charlie look like a fool is one thing, but Eric is beyond ridiculous. !! Instead of bringing, yet another crazy onto the canvas, Quinn having Eric’s baby would have touch our heartstrings so much more !!! 4 thumbs down on the Sheila story line !!!!

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