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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Who Shot Dollar Bill Spencer? Name Your Prime Suspect!



In the tradition of Dallas‘ “Who Shot J.R?” comes The Bold and the Beautiful’s, “Who Shot Dollar Bill Spencer?”. But whodunit?

The suspect list is quite long, as Bill (Don Diamont) finally got so many members of family and others angry at him for his “seduction” of Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), his business dealings, his trying to take custody of his child away from its mother, and that’s just for starters.  So, who wanted him dead?  Could it be one of his sons Wyatt (Darin Brooks) or Liam (Scott Clifton)?  The woman he slept with while she was married to his son … Steffy?

How about Steffy’s father, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), or Steffy’s brother, Thomas (Pierson Fode). Add to that Bill’s ex-wife, Katie (Heather Tom), and the woman who’s livelihood he burned to the ground, Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope).  Then there are assorted other possibilities like Pam (Alley Mills), Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) or Justin (Aaron D. Spears).

Do you think of these people was the culprit, or is it someone else not even mentioned above?

Time for you to be our PI and tell us who will be eventually revealed as the shooter. Share your theories in the comment section below!

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63 Comments on "THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Who Shot Dollar Bill Spencer? Name Your Prime Suspect!"

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The person with the gun-lol


The gun was left at Bills house so the shooter cannot have the gun


It is always the one you least suspect. So my guess is Hope. She had plenty of time to do it and no one knows where she was at the time of the shooting. She blames Bill for wrecking her life with Liam For one thing. Plus, hurting Bill might expose Steffy’s real feelings for the man if Steffy thinks Bill might die.



Karyn Sullivan



Steffi. She lost the most and has finally realized how much Bill has taken from her!


It’s either going to be Sheila, Sally, Thomas or Caroline.

Lew S

Good! I am not the only one who thinks Caroline snuck into town and plugged him! She definitely has many reasons! Sheila, Quinn and Ridge are the easy choices . Charlie is a good choice too, but Justin would be the icing on the cake. He always appears to be devoted to Bill, but in actuality, maybe he hates Ol’ Dollar Bill!


you hit the nail right on its head.


All of the other characters on the show. They all each took turns shooting him…lol.

Dr Helen Ruth

Justin seems the most likely suspect. Sheila would be my second choice, since she is more dispensable than Justin. If Sheila gets arrested for this, then she should tell police that Ridge asked her to kill Bill. That would leave Brooke free to have sex with Thorne.




That’s very true. I mean Brooke had been a newlywed for about two months now. She long overdue to sample the dessert menu!!



Mark Y


James R. Poissant

Yup. I’m going with that guess too.

Kevin C

Oh my gosh, I cannot remember his name…the employee that Bill recently fired, the one that he had (is it George) to write the bad review on Sally…to me he (George?) would be the culprit for he’s not a major character of the show…

Lew S

Forgot. About him! Good choice!


His name is Jarrett, and I think he’s too much of a throwaway character to be the culprit. It has to be someone that matters.




This mystery does not interest me. I worry whoever is responsible will not pay for the crime. And Bill will not learn anything from the attack on him. B&B’s romances (in name only) lack punch. They dance too close to familial relationships to be almost cringe-inducing, and for all the profession of love and commitment (and the endless weddings), no one really is convincing as life loves. Show could use a major shake-up and, perhaps, this Bill attack may prompt it. Tho I do not expect it.

Kevin C

Iakovos…I really wish they would expand B&B to an hour and get more characters and story lines..I think Brad Bell has had a few good stories on this show but its the same thing over and over with the characters and then he rushes things like this murder mystery, it all happened so fast and forced instead of time to build up and then there is the Liam/Steffy ordeal for it’s been going on for years…It’s like you mentioned Iakovos, B&B romances lack punch then they last no time…

Mary SF

My guess is Justin– perhaps on Bill’s order so they could frame Ridge for it

Mark Y

Good one!


Justin is so completely obnoxious; his feet up on the desk assuming he’s the new CEO. And why oh WHY is Sheryl Underwood on the show! Talk about breaking the fourth walll! She is so completely not an actress; it rings so false that it ruins the scenes for me. Does not ANYONE who works with talent/actors see that the woman cannot act? I don’t get it…other than she’s known to throw herself at the male stars on The I guess it’s supposed to be “cute” that she gets to work on the show? Make it stop!

Back to Bill. He couldn’t have deserved it more and I couldn’t be less moved by his “condition.” He’ll obviously pull through and be back after this Italian Dancing With The Stars gig is over.

The obvious and most expendable choice is Sheila. Is it so obvious that she won’t be the one? Steffy might have; she’s leaving the show…riding off into the sunset with Thomas. I’d hate for them to make it her…

Justin? Also obvious.

So, if it’s not the obvious, maybe the whole town just lucked out and it’s some random shooting. Karma.


Rebecca…you are SO RIGHT ON about that Sheryl Underwood chick!!!!! To me, she is NOT an actress…PERIOD!!!!! She needs to go back to The Talk…AND STAY THERE!!!!!

Have a good one, Rebecca.


Ugh, right, jaybrid369? It was bad enough when she made a “guest” appearance once before. You would have thought that THAT would have shown anyone with eyes/ears that she is not an actress. No amount of coaching will change that.


Sally not Steffy.


What I think the REAL question is what did Rena Sofer do to her eyebrows!!!! She’s so gorgeous but lately her brows, which look like she dyed black, are taking control of her face!


My guess – a disposable character – like Justin.


Aaron D. Spears was just elevated to contract so I doubt it’s him. Plus, it would be too obvious since Bill signed over control of Spencer to him as his next-in-line minutes before he was shot.


But, Bill didn’t sign the contract. The “boys” (Liam & Wyatt) need to get a lawyer to take control.

There are so many possibilities with this storyline since practically everyone on the show had an issue with Bill. Neither Wyatt or Liam have it in them to shoot Bill. At the end of the day, he’s still their father no matter what happened between them, and based on the way they talked to him in the hospital, I don’t see either of them being the culprit. I think it’s far too convenient for the shooter to have been Justin given that Bill just signed the documents making him next in line at Spencer. There would be very little drama with that, plus Aaron D. Spears was just elevated to contract. I also think it’s too obvious for the shooter to be Sheila or Pam, given their histories of mental illness. It was only last week that Sheila was brought back to the canvas after an extended break, and Pam being off her meds was only mentioned a day or two before Bill’s shooting. Rick and Maya were shoehorned into this story very abruptly so I doubt it’s either of them. Katie was the one to find Bill, and was horrified to see him shot, so it can’t be her. Steffy was at home the whole time waiting for Liam, while both Brooke and Eric were waiting for their spouses so it’s neither of them. I don’t think Quinn or Ridge shot Bill, because again it would be way too convenient. We all know how much Ridge hates Bill, so he’s probably the most likely suspect in the eyes of the police, but it won’t be him. As for Quinn, yes she has a long history of erratic behavior and breaking the law, but I doubt she’d be willing to risk going to jail after all her past misdeeds over this. Thomas’s return to town was rather abrupt, but I don’t believe that he or Caroline would risk going to jail and being away from Douglas over shooting Bill. It would be convenient for it to be Caroline since she’s not a regular anymore, but it would also be wildly out of character. Sally is also an unlikely suspect since B&B seems to be moving in the direction of building Spectra back up and having them be a true rival for Forrester. Putting the namesake of the great Sally Spectra behind bars would be counter-productive on that front, and waste the potential of a great character. Shirley, however, is far more likely than Sally to be the shooter. Given all Bill has done to her grand-niece and their company, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shirley clocked him. Plus, considering B&B’s sizable cast, it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of a contract player that we don’t see often. And there’s still so much about Shirley that we don’t know yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she took after her sister in how fiercely she protects those she cares about, albeit in a much more murderous fashion. Hope, Thorne and Nicole were… Read more »
Andrew Hass

I’m wondering if the shooter is RJ because maybe he found out what was going on and went to confront Bill.Plus RJ been the shooter could add drama to Brooke and Ridge and their new marriage.Also maybe Ridge finds out it was RJ and he takes the blame to protect his son.

Barbara from Atlanta


in a desperate (but futile) attempt to return to the show and get her OWN storyline.


Pretty sure it was a female character. So either Darlita, Pam, Caroline, Ivy, Nicole, the Doctor, someone Soras’ed or someone Undead.

I’m going with either Ivy or someone Undead. There has to be a reason why Ivy dyed her hair blonde. So it’s probably a mistaken identity case where she resembles Hope.


Taylor… played by Genie Francis

Karen R

Caroline is a good option, however it will not be a main character it will be someone who is dispensable.




it will never be hope but she is so boring it should be it will be justin a 4th tier character

Dan Schwartz

Uncle Thorne.


could it have been Ingo Rademacher’ Thorne ?

I haven’t heard ONE peep.. he must be earning his keep

I was turned off the first day… as he was stuck in a turtle neck and with KKL. Brooke


Brad Bell has literally destroyed his fathers legacy IR bombed like the retcon Spectras the Brooke mess the Ridge recast the Sheila mess it’s so sad.


Its Saul…or ShirLeY. De spectras are done.




Justin didn’t do it, but let’s look at Pam, the creative writers have given her character some depth now with the pathos of her impending illness, it should be her…. Shelia is the obvious choice, they they could go after Ridge and physically humiliate him, ruin the company at the same time, and have every Forrester mad at him, a d the stockholders up in arms and pure Eric back to work??? Too much to wish for, my money is on Pam.


Really sad that Brad has destroyed this soap and nobody can stop him nobody is acting in character past history is being rewritten why would he want to destroy his own show.

christine milligan

I think the better question is WHY did they only shoot him once!!


You know after all DB’s (Dollar Bill) hair looks amazing after being in a hospital bed for a week! DB is the man! he better pull through!!


He’ll pull through; he’s just off the show while he’s in Italy doing their Dancing With the Stars.


I actually think it’s a tie between Janett who was recently fired and Sheila who would say Ridge told me to do it! I don’t think it’s any of the main characters except maybe Thomas because he is off the show!

Glen Miller

My theory: Liam was on his way to join Steffy for dinner and saw Bill propose thought the window. He snapped at the rage inducing moment, shot Bill and has now blocked it out.

Apple Barakat

I think it’s Sally, Sheila or Quin


I really wana meet him is he still in Italy??


still there.


I think it was either the journalist, Caroline, or Justin his right hand man. Who thinks he will be the next in line to run the company.

Jereme Ortega

I think Caroline Spencer might have been the culprit after watching Wednesdays episode. However, I believe it could be Jarrett Maxwell since he has had smaller parts in the show. Out of everyone, I believe Taylor is the culprit and that she could very well be back for a shocking appearance on the show. Other than that I would say Pam or Justin could be the culprits. Brad Bell knows when to shock audiences when bringing back characters from the past. For example, (Sheila Carter) was a total secret.

Andrew Hass

I don’t think the shooter is Caroline because the show is making it too obvious that she could be the shooter because as the cops talking about the shooter wearing gloves we see Caroline wearing gloves.As for the shooter, my guess is it’s a major character and one we may never suspect.Also maybe it is Taylor who did it because she was trying to protect Steffy from Bill and maybe no one knew she was in LA.

Jereme Ortega

I would have to say for sure: Taylor Hayes first.


I have one more thing to add to the suspect possibilities. Would it be possible that Saul had shot Bill before having dinner with Sally and Shirley? This could be a situation in which the show doesn’t show you the exact timing of the shooting and restaurant scene.Like a scene that the show decided not to air. Maybe Saul loves Sally too much to let Bill get away with this stuff. He appeared on an episode the other day having a dark side.

Sherry Hogan

I think its Shelia. But I think they will arrest Caroline. I think Sally and Caroline’s baby daddy( I can never remember his name) will run off to raise the baby.


I think it’s either Saul, Shirley or RJ

Jereme Ortega

After seeing Tuesday Mar 27th episode, I think it could have been Liam that shot Bill, because of the head injuries in the past and amnesia. Seems like he is having a recurring issue with his memory. The writers are gonna make it be someone who you would least expect.


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