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As The World Turns

The Maura West Interview – As the World Turns

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Surprise!  As the World Turns fans, we did not want the show to take its final bow without giving you something very special from On-Air On-Soaps. And while nothing can ease the pain of today, we hope this interview with the sensational two-time Daytime Emmy winning Maura West (Carly Tenney Snyder), would be a great cap on the 54-year-old soap’s final air date.

As everyone has now witnessed, Carly and Jack, the show’s most popular couple, finally tied the knot again, on this week’s final episodes. But there was one more kicker…Carly is pregnant with Jack’s child!  So how does Maura feel about how the show wrapped up CarJack?  What went on behind-the-scenes during the months leading up to the final episode?  What is her takeaway from playing this complicated, emotionally raw woman; who whether being good or being bad, had you the fans of ATWT, riveted for years?  You will find out.

Now, as we say goodbye today to her magnificent performances as Oakdale’s Carly, fans will still get to see her very shortly, when she premieres in just a few weeks on The Young and the Restless as the new revamped Diane Jenkins.  So mark you calendars for October 8th when this bad girl hits Genoa City to stir up some trouble!  As if that town needed anymore!  ‘Till then, we hope you enjoy this heartfelt, sentimental, honest and humorous As the World Turns finale interview with Maura.


As the World Turns ended today, and the fans have watched your performances over the last several weeks leading up to the finale, and through the years as Carly.  What are your thoughts at this moment?


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It is very emotional, really. I have been in touch with Michael Park (Jack) today, and Julie Pinson (Janet) yesterday, and Colleen Zenk (Barbara) called the other day, and it is like a really close friend has passed away with this incredible link for all of us, and so many people who cared for each other, and now that link is no longer there. There is a real sadness in that for me.


We watched the final Carly and Jack episodes this week, where they finally get re-married.  I guess you could not have Carly and Jack get together in the end.  So were you happy how it ended?  Or, would you have loved to see something else happen?


Well, I could go both ways on that.  It was fast, and we did not have much time to wrap up, and there were a lot of stories and characters that needed to be wrapped up.  I sort of had this fantasy of Carly running from town on her wedding day saying, “No, I don’t!”  And running through the fields and ripping off pieces of her wedding gown, and getting past the sign that says, “You are now leaving Oakdale,” and being free!  I think there was some truth to what Craig said to her all these years, which was, “You don’t belong in this life.  You deserve more and it’s too small for you.”  And I thought there was a lot of truth in that.  So I had that kind of fantasy, but the realistic truth of it, for the fans, and even for Michael and me personally, is you have to end the story that way… it’s Carly and Jack!  How can you not put them together?  It’s the right thing to do.  I really do believe that.


And then ‘voila,’ Carly is pregnant with Jack’s child, and Janet’s baby is revealed not to be Jack’s, but Dusty’s.  So it all sorted itself out in the last episodes.


Yeah, I know it can seem a little simplistic, but I think if there were months and months more, or even years more, that would not have happened.  But it’s okay to tie it up with a nice little bow on it!


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When you and Michael Park taped the final wedding episodes, did the two of you go, “Here we go again”?  Because I have to tell you, there was some heart-tugging emotion being played out on the screen during those scenes!


Kind of.  It was emotional, but I am not sure if you know, but you probably do, of how fond Michael Park and I are of each other.  So during all those scenes, knowing that while our friendship will exist forever, our day-to-day companionship and friendship the last so many years, and the cribbage games that he always lost and I always won (Laughs), they were coming to an end for us.  There was pain and emotion in all of that, certainly.


In the scenes in the final episodes, a lot of the actors appeared to really be crying heartfelt tears.  It seemed from my vantage point, that the cast felt as they were performing that this was the end for each of them.  When you look back at it, two Daytime Emmys later, do you go, “Wow”?  Or do you go, “Oh, God, that was such hard work?”


It was tiring work, not hard.  It took a lot out of me.  I had all my kids during the time I was on As the World Turns, and it was a long commute.  A lot was expected of me, as it should be, so in fairness, some of it was hard.  Especially when I had some really good stories that I would have to think about and work at, and chip away at.  It was hard, but more sort of challenging, which was exciting.  But I do think, “Wow.”  I think, “Wow, I started on that show barely as an adult, and I have spent my entire adult life thus far on that show.”  And that to me is extraordinary.


Did you ever think you would become the central character and lead female of the series, and that Carly would take off like this, when you first started playing her years ago?


I knew from the beginning, and even from the early scripts that I got, that this was going to be a really cool character to play, and that when you have a character that can do anything and get away with it, and the audience still loves her, that is a gift.  It’s a combination of great imagination from the writers, and dumb luck that I walked into it, as this particular actress hired to play Carly.  It was sort of destiny for me, really.  Never would I think I would play somebody who would be so integral to a show, but I am certainly proud and honored it was me.


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So you have now moved west to sunny California. In the transition to L.A., where are your two Daytime Emmys?


(Laughs) They are out, and they are together and happy.  Actually, one of them was packed and put on a moving truck, and that was the 2007 one, and this new one my husband insisted come on the road with us…


… (Laughs) So the 2010 Emmy is in a seatbelt with you in the car!


Yes, she came with us.  I have pictures with her all over the Rocky Mountains and the Valley of the Gods, and my daughter Kate, would carry it with her into our hotel rooms along the way. (Laughs)  She had quite a journey!


Do you look back at Emmy night now and think what a nice button on a huge part of your career, for both you and Michael Park?


We were very aware of that even in the moment.  It didn’t take too much retrospect to feel that. And right in the moment, we were like, “Holy cow. This is it.”  This is our life and it was fun, and we felt it.  It was a really good lesson for me.  Sometimes, something will happen and I feel it later as opposed to living it, and I lived it that night.  And, I will never, ever forget it.  I was so proud and happy for Michael, and I am starting to cry right now thinking about it!


I was, too!  You know watching Michael in these last wedding scenes with you and the recent pond scene where Carly lost the infamous compass… those little moments he would do with you were just magical.  There is something between you two, and a dynamic that you can’t explain or put into words.


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I agree, and we have this incredible trust with each other.  Maybe that is what it is, and maybe that is what makes it so easy and so true.  We trust each other so much that never, never in his eye did I see, “Hurry up with your line!”  Actors have these expressions and even if you are acting you can read someone, and with us it was absolute trust where I would catch him when he fell, and God knows he caught me several hundred times when I fell.  We just had that… whatever “that” is.   And I know we will work together again somewhere.  I know we will.  It’s a very long life, but sometimes you know you can’t go back.  You can’t put Maura and Michael together again, and hope that it happens again.


No!  Whenever soap operas try to put couples from other shows together on a new soap for them, almost 99.9% of the time they just fizzle!


The perfect storm happened, and we had something very special.  We are very aware of it.  I can speak for Michael on that, because I know he feels the same.


I heard the final ATWT day was very sad, and that the actors were called to the stage in order of seniority to tape their final scenes.


I don’t know, but my scenes were not last up.  I made the choice to leave, and I did not wait till the end of the shoot.  I regret it now, but at that time I was really emotional, and I thought it best for me at that time to leave.  But, I wish I had stayed.  That is a moment in history I cannot get back.


When you think back to all of Carly’s stories, are there a couple favorites?

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It’s not so much about story for me; it’s what surrounds that story.  For example, I loved the selling baby Parker for money story.  It’s nonsense, but I got to work with Larry Bryggman (John), our beloved Benji Hendrickson, (Hal) and Michael Park, during all of that time.  That was extraordinary for me working with those three men who I learned so much from, and particularly so much from Larry.  That was such a gift.  Even though that was a long time ago, I really liked that.


We posted a very special photo gallery retrospective this week at On-Air On-Soaps for the fans, and there is an image of young Maura, and Benjamin Hendrickson.  He was so great, and it’s such a shame that he took his own life.  His acting was so pure and natural.


He was a very gifted man.  I think sometimes people are just too sensitive for this world.  I don’t know, but he sure was one of the most delightful men.  His style of acting just came out of him, and it was so natural.  And I will tell you something you may not know about him, he would make you laugh… like belly laugh, like you can’t control yourself laugh, like a stomach ache laugh.  He would have us in stitches everyday.  He was just so funny and charming and sexy, and he did not know it, but he was in all those scenes he acted in.


How about another leading man in Carly’s life, Craig Montgomery, last played by Jon Lindstrom?


Jon Lindstrom is great.  That is a hard thing to do, to step into the role of Craig Montgomery, but didn’t he do it?  I mean, I remember watching him here and there in the beginning.  Jon is really fun to work with.  I would watch him and I thought he is really effective. Everything Craig had to do, was meant to do, or had the intention of doing; Jon came through and delivered it so well, and believable!  He had some ridiculous material to say and do.  And, he would commit to everything with his whole self, and I have incredible respect for that.  I think he did a great job, don’t you?


I thought Jon was absolutely fantastic!  When you heard that ATWT was canceled, what happened and how did it go down?


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They called us to the Metro set, because that is where we were shooting at the time.  They called and said, “This is an important meeting, and we need cast, crew, everybody to come to the Metro set.”  And, I had just recently returned to the show after having my last child, Birdie.  We kind of knew, because it was like being called to the principal’s office, as you kind of know you are in trouble. But, it was a very emotional day.  ATWT executive producer, Chris Goutman, was quite emotional in delivering the news.  I am sure he felt quite responsible, not for the cancellation, but felt responsible for us as the company and as our leader.  I know it was hard news for him to deliver and pretty hard news for us to take.


Do you think it was better that they gave the ATWT cast nine months notice as opposed to a shorter time, like six months, as was given to Guiding Light?  Do you think, knowing the end was a bit down the road than right around the corner, helped ease the situation?


Sometimes, when you’ve got to take the band-aid off you’ve got to take it off.  You can’t peel it off.  It hurts more to peel it, but having said that, because of the writing and the stories, and so many people and actors that needed their time, and to be respected, I am glad that the writers had the time to finish it up. You can’t just throw something together.  It also gave the actors time to plan, as so many of us have families.  So you go, “OK, where am I going?  Am I moving?  Am I not?  Do I have time to think and ponder and gain the counsel of friends and family?  So I think having those months were very important.


How did you handle working out of the studio in Brooklyn?  It is quite the departure from the amenities at the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan, where ATWT filmed for most of its duration.


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I really loved the mom and pop feel to the studio in Brooklyn.  I like mom and pop stores, too.  You will never find me in Macy’s!  I liked that the real family aspect we had, and you probably heard that before ad nauseum, but it is true.  Everybody in the building was on the same team.  We were all there for the same reason.  I knew everybody in that building by name, and I liked that.  The commute stunk, and the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere stunk, and it was better in Manhattan, but overall, I thought it was nice.


What is your takeaway from playing Carly?  Did you learn anything about yourself, or as a woman from playing her?  She was such a complex character.


Carly is complex, but she is only as complex as I and the writers made her, though.  But I will say, I absolutely admire her tenacity and her fierceness, and I like her.  I am completely and utterly devoted to my children, and there is a lot about us that is alike.  The takeaway though, I would say is more as a human being, as I learned how to be a team player.  It was just such a gift and we had it down!  The crew and the relationships that were made… we were a well-oiled machine.


Did you feel that the show was on life-support?  Did you think it still had more legs to go, if the powers-that-be at P&G and CBS had decided not to dump it?


Not without money.  The actors were still there, but there was no money.  And I am not going to start to donate to the children. (Laughs).  You felt it when the money was gone; you knew when the show took a financial hit!  There would be people gone.  There was a sense of doom, and it was rough.  It was a sad place to be on a lot of days.  A crewmember would be cut, actors would be cut, and there were no extras in party scenes. That was no party! (Laughs)  There was no money, and every budget was cut dramatically… from the actors themselves, to wardrobe, to everything.  I will say that our flowers were always spectacular.  We always had the most regal and beautiful flowers, and I don’t know how our set designer did it on that kind of budget, but she did!


How was working with Julie Pinson?

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She is awesome!  I have become a really big fan of hers, as a girl and as an actress.  I will say this about her; she more than anyone was a perfect example to me of how to be the new girl on the show.  I admire her so much from that.  I learned so much from her on that, and I am using that now on Y&R.  And that is… how to be the new kid.   I mean, I was the new kid once and that was 15 years ago, and Julie taught me a lot.  I really like her.  She was a good model on how to do this now, because Y&R is not my show.  I was pretty nervous about that, not about the work.  But being the new person, you think maybe some people are not so thrilled I am there, you never know.  Why would anyone begrudge anyone a job in this economy?  I am happy for any actor who gets an opportunity to work, because it is hard out there right now.


If you could encapsulate your feelings on Michael Park, or to explain him to someone, what would you say?


He is a clown, with the deepest and truest and loveliest soul that I have ever met.  And what a great interesting combination he is, of a man who will brighten your day with a silly joke, or a little Irish jig.  I would laugh at the same jokes of his year in and year out.  He has such depth to him, and love.


What parting words can you say to those CarJack fans who have loved Carly for years, no matter what she did, and hung in there with you?  Now, hopefully, they will follow you over to your new role on Y&R.


Just, “Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”  They are a big part of why I was there, and why I had the opportunity to have the life I have had.  Because, if the fans don’t respond to you, you are out!  The fact that it worked means everything to me and my life, as I know it.  So, when push comes to shove, it’s because of the fans isn’t it?  I am very grateful.

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You know what I always thought was funny?  I could not tell half the time between Rosanna (Cady McClain) and Carly, who was the bad girl, and who was the good girl!


(Laughs) I know.  That is interesting, because that is humanity and sometimes Carly was right and sometimes Rosanna was right, and sisters are complicated people.  So I totally buy that you feel that way, which is real.   Sisters are complicated!


So, October 8th, you will debut on Y&R as Diane Jenkins.  So, ATWT fans won’t have to go through too much withdrawal from seeing their Maura!  How has it been so far, working on a brand new show?


I like it a lot, so far.  I think this character of Diane is interesting and has a lot of potential, and it is a character that had done and can do anything.  There are no rules, and she does not live in the world abiding by the same rules as the rest of us, and that is infinitely more interesting to play than playing the law abiding citizen, or the good girl.  And the commute is so much better! (Laughs)


And you cut your hair?


I cut the hair off, and those were not extensions.  People always ask that.

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So when I just watched Carly’s wedding on ATWT, all that beautiful hair was yours?  I thought it was extensions, too!


All my hair!  I like myself in short hair.  It was time to move away from that, but the people at Y&R have been welcoming and nice and are really good actors, and so far so good.  I have some nice clothes to wear and my dressing room is nice, and Diane is a wannabe classy dame.


Now that you are going to play Diane on Y&R, did you watch past performances of Diane’s Alex Donnelly or Susan Walters on YouTube, to get a feel for this new role you were about to embark on?   I heard you hadn’t, but I wanted to confirm that with you.


I don’t know how that would help me.  I think I am being cast as the same character they played, but I am not there to mimic them in any way.  So, while I heard they were great, that is the danger there… doing something they have done.  I don’t want to do that.  This is, as far as I am concerned, a new character, but she has all this history. 


Is there an excitement for you, in that now you are done with Carly and have a new skin to inhabit in Diane?


Yes, it is refreshing.  I hope to get to know this new character well.  But you never know!  I don’t want to count my chickens, you know.  Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to get to know this woman as well as I knew Carly, and really roll with it.  She is different than Carly, and I want her to be different than her. She is this person that I don’t really know yet, and I am sure I will grow to love her, too.  I know I will.  I love all characters that I play.  You have to love ‘em.


Final question: In your fantasy world, where would you see Carly Snyder five years from now?  What on earth do you think she will be doing?

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To be honest with you, and I mean no disrespect to the writers of ATWT at all, but I cannot stand that she was a friggin’ designer.  There was no way this girl was some kind of fashion designer!  No, way!  So I hated that!  So what I would love for her, is to own almost like a dive kind of place.  And, be an owner of a store like some mom and pop shop and living the life and being happy.  Simple is good, and it can be a good life.


So you see her with her kids and Jack?  You don’t think they will break up… again?


Oh no, no!  Of course not, this is it.  They finally figured it out, and sometimes it takes a long time.  Carly would be happy in her own way.

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  1. Tee Monique

    September 17, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    This was a great interview!! I am so happy for Maura West.

    I’ll sorely miss her as “Carly,” but it sounds like “Diane” is a new, challenging opportunity for Maura and something for me to look forward to!

    • carol

      September 17, 2010 at 7:41 pm

      There are so many of us who will miss the show and all of the great actors. Good luck to Maura and the rest of the cast. Thanks!

  2. Wendy Wilson

    September 17, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    This was an awesome article on a very sad day. Maura West has been my favorite actress on the show for years. I am glad that she is happy and settling in at Y&R and in LA. I don’t watch Y&R but I will once she is on the show….TiVo is set! I will follow my family from ATWT wherever they go.

    • Deborah

      September 28, 2010 at 9:59 am

      I have been a fan of ATWT all of my life. I remember when I was very young, going with my mother and siblings to a house down the street every day to watch this show with all of the neighborhood in Tulsa. We all grew up with this show and I still can’t believe they are replacing it with another talk show. At 1:00 M-F, I still expect to be able to either see it on my little tv at work or watch it recorded in the evening. I listened to it on tv band radio at work for years and years. I keep thinking I’ll wake up one morning and hear an announcer say “back by popular demand, ATWT.” One more thing, “execs” don’t even think about touching Y & R and B & B or my tenure and loyalty with CBS is gone forever. I miss ATWT more than any other television program I had ever watched and the void is evident every day at 1:00 when the reruns are playing. I won’t be watching another talk show. I’m “talk showed out.”

  3. Robin

    September 17, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    Wonderful interview!! You knock them out of the park everywhere, Mr. Fairman.

    I adored Maura’s work from the first day she appeared on the scene stiring up trouble for Mike and Rosanna. I loved that couple, but Carly was a force to be reckoned with. I was disappointed when Maura left after her first child, and thrilled when she returned!! And my heart smiles that she married another favourite former ATWT actor. 🙂

    I wish Maura the best. I’m not sure if I can get into another soap. ATWT has been my one and only for years. My viewership doesn’t count in the ratings, so I think I will just watch her perform online somewhere.

    Maura is a treasture and deserves every award and praise that comes her way.

    She and Michael were magic together. I will never forget them.

    Thank you for talking with her, Mr. Fairman. 🙂

  4. Karen

    September 17, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    For some reason I feel much better after reading this. Maura is terrific! She is an unbelievable actress. These last few days from the proposal and through the wedding ,and the baby were so good but so emotional. The Carly/Jack Maura/Michael emotions were sad , sweeeeet and somewhat validating to those of us who definitely recognized how special these characters were together and how special these two actors were together. Anyone who had heard past interviews from the two of them would know how much they appreciated each other as actors and as friends. Just knowing that made this hard to watch because it wasn’t just acting. At the same time I loved seeing My Carjack getting their well deserved happy ending. I feel better knowing that Michael has had plenty of theater work to keep him busy and Maura has Y&R. I will definitely continue to be a Maura West fan and a Michael Park fan. Thanks for this great interview. It made my night!

  5. Michael Bird

    September 17, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Thank you for posting this interview on such a depressing day! I cried so hard this afternoon when I watched the final episode of my favorite show. It really is like a family member passing away or a divorce or something traumatic … people don’t understand 52 weeks a year, 5 days a week of shows … 260 episodes a year with these people.

    I will miss ATWT, but you made my day with such a wonderful, insightful interview with one of the best actresses ever to hit daytime. I still remember Carly hiding her cigarettes in Rosanna’s fireplace. She’s come a long way.

  6. Michael

    September 17, 2010 at 8:55 pm


    Thank you for the absolutely wonderful article and interview with Maura West. I first watched her when she joined the show 15 years ago and boy did she come into Oakdale as Hurricane Carly and everyone had to hide for fear of incurring her wrath. Carly was a force to be reckoned with.

    While watching Carly and Jack getting married for the LAST time, I could definitely tell that Maura and Michael’s real emotions with regards to the ending of their beautiful working relationship really came through. I was just in awe of the total and complete trust that these two have/had for each other. It was so evident and so beautiful.

    So Maura, if you get a chance to read this, I have been and always will be a fan of yours. I’m a Y&R fan and I’m really looking forward to seeing you back on my TV screen as Diane Jenkins.

    I really have to thank my Mother (who swears up and down the wall that she never watched soaps in her life………….nice try Ma, but ya ain’t foolin’ me) and my late-Grandmother for getting me hooked at ATWT and GL.

    So long to the many cast members of ATWT and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    St. Louis, Missouri

  7. Mimi

    September 17, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    I loved that Jack & Carley were married and Carley is going to have Jack’s baby. I knew all along that Janet’s baby was going to be Dusty’s! LOL. What a lovely way to end things.

    All and all, I loved the last show – so many ends tied up – but, I agree with some that said such valuable time was wasted on Barbara locked up – they could have tied up some other lose ends.

    I am so happy Maura will be on Y ^ R!

  8. Kate B.

    September 17, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    I love this interview. I got lost in it. Maura made me cry and smile. She is who I will miss most, and I might just have to tune in to Y&R. Thank you so much for interviewing her. I miss Carjack already, and I loved their scenes in this final week.

  9. Tim W

    September 18, 2010 at 11:41 am

    What a fantastic interview. It certainly covers all the bases and West is so perceptive and honest on all of the topics you discussed. Absolutely outstandingly good interview.

    • dante

      September 18, 2010 at 3:50 pm

      great interview! maura is an awesome actress i am glad she is going over to Y&R very sad that ATWT had to end will miss that show and all the characters it would have been nice if they would have brought andy (scott ) back to say goodbye but at least we can see maura on Y&R– she is a beautiful women scott is a lucky man !

  10. Jeanette Gladson

    September 18, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    I am like the rest of the people writing in to facebook. We are all so sad, like we have lost our family. I started watching from day 1 and continued until I raised my boys and went back to school and then to work for 17 years. I taped the show and watched every night. I listened to Guiding Light on the Radio with my Mom as a kid, and then watched it on TV, which was wonderful to see the people we had heard on the radio. Now they are both gone and lots of us are very sad. Young people watched the show also, as they are writing into facebook and letting everyone know they loved the two shows. We do not want another talk or game show and I feel if every effort had been made to get new sponsors, the show could have lasted. Loved the interview, Maura, Good luck to all the cast and crew who had jobs and are now looking for new jobs. I just hate reality shows. Most are taking over and they are not fit for kids to watch. I will keep watching Y&R and B&B and then go to another station. Thank you

  11. Joan Faist

    September 18, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Maura, I have loved your performance as Carly from the first day until the last. You will always be my favorite actress. I thank you for giving me such a wonderful character to follow and root for. I love the soap opera genre because of the history involved in being able to watch a character develope over a period of time. I am and will remain a CarJack fan . You and Michael together were awesome.
    I was glad that Jack had to pursue Carly the last few months of the show. At times his face showed some fear that maybe he wouldn’t win her back.
    Thanks for the memories.

  12. Jen

    September 18, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Thank you so much for this interview. It was informative, written very well, and really what was needed for heartbroken ATWT fans. Maura West has been my favorite for a very long time. I truly admire the relationship she has with Michael Park and how well it translates on the screen. I will miss Carjack very much, but I look forward to what lies ahead for both Maura and Michael. I really hope that we get a chance to see them together again very soon.

  13. Betty West

    September 19, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    This is a really good interview with Maura. I think she is a fantastic actress. I will miss Jack and Carly so much. They just had such a chemistry together. I have watched ATWT for fifty-one years. I cried on the last day. I felt like I lost a dear friend. Monday will seem so strange without it. I have to admit that during the last several years I mostly watched for Jack and Carly. I watch Y&R all the time. I am happy Maura is going over there. It is a very good show, and always full of good stories. Never boring. Maybe she can convince the producers to bring on Michael Park. He could be a new cop on the beat. I know they can never be Jack and Carly again, but they act so well together. I never watch reality shows, or housewives of any location. Now I have lost Reva and Josh, and Jack and Carly. It is so sad. Romance was still alive with the four of them. Good luck Maura!

  14. Rob

    September 20, 2010 at 9:25 am

    LOVE her!!

  15. Ruth

    September 20, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    What a great interview, I’ve always loved the Carly & Jack storyline, and I wish Maura the best. I feel like the others, that I have lost a good friend, ATWT was my daily dose of enjoyment, being retired, this was my favorite time of the day. Today, I didn’t know what to do, I will never watch that stupid talk show they are planning on carrying, I will never buy P&G products again, and as far as CBS goes, they are only interested in ratings, not fans. ATWT was a part of my life, as well as all the characters, now it is gone, so is my watching CBS.

  16. Brian

    September 20, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Great interview with Maura, Michael. She’s really cool! 🙂

  17. Nina Wall

    September 24, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    I watched ATWT for over 40 years. I was so sad like somebody dying…..when it went off the air. But we all move on….. I am now planning to watch Y & R. I really like Maura West….in any character. She is a great actress. I am so glad the story wrapped with her & “Jack” getting married and then of course the surprise of the new baby. At least it helped me cope with the loss. My 94 yr old mother passed away 12/26/09 and she & I watched ATWT for years….so… we shall see what happens. Break a Leg Maura in your new digs. Hope they give you a fantastic dressing room….and you will be a front-running story. Take care….
    From one of your Fans.

  18. Sam McGill

    September 27, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    I have watched the show from the time it began until Sept 17th. I will miss Maura but look forward to seeing her on Y&R which I started watching a couple of years ago. I wish Maura the best of luck as I do all the cast members. This article was quite interesting and it brought a tear to my eye, remembering all the stuff that went on between Jack and Carley. You are all in my prayers and I’ll be watching for you.

  19. Pam

    September 28, 2010 at 9:34 am

    I loved this interview! I have to say that ever since the 17th I have been lost without ATWT. I would DVR it and watch it after getting home from work every day. It would help me unwind from my day and I would get totally wrapped up in all of the storylines. It was such a great show and such a loss to all who watched it. I’ll miss so many characters, including Lisa, Kim, and Bob. I was so sad when Helen Wagner passed away. My aunt got me hooked on that show years ago, and I’ll really miss the holidays without it. Remember the hubbard squash on Thanksgiving? So many good memories….. I do watch Y&R, so will see Maura again, but I do worry about the other actors finding jobs. I wish everyone the best of luck, and thanks for coming into my home for all those years! All of you are missed!

  20. O

    September 28, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Carly will stand up to Phylliss and Victor the laughter begins in a few weeks

  21. Marinka

    September 30, 2010 at 4:54 am

    Fantastic interview! I loved the questions that were askes and her kind replies made it even better. She seems like such a lovely lady and I’m happy that we’ll get to see her on Y&R. I was a 100% devoted to Carly and now I’ll be a 100% devoted to Diane. GO MAURA!

  22. Judy

    October 9, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    I loved this interview. I have had the opportunity to meet Maura, and she is a very cool woman. She is going to do well on the west coast. Her husband Scott is equally cool

  23. Lisa Sparks

    October 10, 2010 at 12:50 am

    Maura is my ALL TIME FAVORITE soap star, and I have been watching CBS soaps since I was a wee Lil girl so. . . about 34 years. I was so upset when Guiding Light was cancelled, and now my beloved ATWT!! Its so unfair and the loss is HUGE to me. My soaps take me away and I can forget my stress my problems. There IS not any other show that will ever take their place or make me happy, but I love Y&R, and am THRILLED Maura has joined the show. I know she will be wonderful, and I amɜ looking forward to having her in my life still. I must say I love AND will sadly miss my vivacious, loving, and full of mischief and life. . . CARLEY. LONG LIVE CARLEY. I truly loved the interview and wish my girl all the luck in the world and I WILL BE ROOTING FOR HER IN ALL HER ENDEAVOURS, what can I say I amɜ a die hard fan. I respect and love you Maura ~Lisa Sparks~

  24. Jennifer

    October 11, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Shes a great actress just wish the long hair would of stayed it did so much for her!

  25. Jeffrey Moree

    October 24, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Maura has already made the role of diane jenkins her own way to go maura!

  26. shirley newbrough

    March 3, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    when will maura be on tv again – was disappointed when yandr fired her i only watched because i thought they would make her a permanent member instead they put others o and brought back another sheila yuck. please hire maura soon someone she is really missed

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All My Children

TAINTED DREAMS Season 2 To Bow December 21st!

Tainted Dreams is back with a second season offering from Daytime Emmy-winning director and series creator, Sonia Blangiardo!

Beginning December 21st, the next chapter of Blangiardo’s the soap behind a soap, will be available for streaming on Amazon and Amazon Prime. (season one is also currently available on Amazon)

This series, which was nominated for five 2017 Daytime Emmys, follows the behind-the-scenes drama of a fictitious soap opera titled Painted Dreams.  Many soap opera notables have roles in the online series including: Alicia Minshew, Michael Lowry , Austin Peck. Terri Ivens,  Walt Willey, Kelley Menighan, Grant Aleksander, Bobbie Eakes, Natalia Livingston, Marnie Schulenburg, Nathan Purdee, Colleen Zenk, James DePaiva, Tonja Walker, Ilene Kristen, and the late Larkin Malloy . In addition, Jessie Godderz of Impact Wrestling and Big Brother fame, and Dina Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, also appear.

In a statement, Sonia Blangiardo said that she is “excited to take everyone along these characters’ journeys in Season 2, as they evolve and deal with ever increasing professional and personal turmoil.”

Fore more on Tainted Dreams visit their official website here.  (more…)

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Crystal Hunt, Donna Mills, Antonio Sabato Jr & Michael Swan Star In New Faith-Based Soap Opera, HILTON HEAD ISLAND!

Some longtime soap opera notables are featured in a new 22 episode faith-based soap entitle, Hilton Head Island.

The series debuts this Friday, November 10th with the first eight installments, and is from the Christian entertainment company,

The soap opera is available by subscription, but the service offers a one-month free trial.  In story, Hilton Head Island, revolves around the lives of the fictional Trisk family, who own the a television network.

Hilton Head Island features: Antonio Sabato Jr. (ex-Jagger, General Hospital), Donna Mills (ex-Abby, Knots Landing), Michael Swan (ex-Duncan, As the World Turns), and Crystal Hunt (ex-Lizzie, GL). specializes in “family-oriented” content and shows. The plan is for Hilton Head Island to be rolled out in two subsequent seven-episode blocks in the coming weeks.

Watch the first official trailer for the soap after the jump.  Then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! (more…)

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EastSiders is on its way back for season three, which is great news since the LGBT series starring former As the World Turns star Van Hasis (Ex-Luke) as Thom and creator/writer/producer Kit Williamson as Cal.

Over the last few seasons, the funny, poignant, and extremely well-written series tells the tale of a couple who go through the struggles of their relationship while living in Silver Lake, California.

With many twist and turns and featuring a supporting cast that includes: Constance Wu (Fresh Off the Boat)Brianna Brown (General Hospital, Devious Maids, the upcoming Dynasty), Stephen Guarino (Happy Endings, I’m Dying Up Here), Willam Beli (RuPaul’s Drag Race, Nip/Tuck) Traci Lords (Crybaby, Zach and Miri Make a Porno), Matthew McKelligon (You’re Killing Me), Jonathan Lisecki (Gayby) and John Halbach (Producer, EastSiders), the series third season looks to be one of its most intriguing yet.

This time Thom and Cal (Hansis and Williamson) end up on the great American road trip after moving from L.A. to the Big Apple and then trying to get back home! The journey home to Silver Lake was shot on-location in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and  California over 35 days last fall.

The production has now launched their Kicktstarter campaign to finish up the series and is hoping for some funding for additional shoot days, and post-production costs. The campaign is set to run until June 6th, by which time the producers must have attained their goal of $60,000, or if you contribute and they have not met their goal, it is refunded. (more…)

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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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