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DAYS Preview: April 23rd, 2018

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This Week on DAYS: Stefan Is In For A Chad DiMera Beat Down, Gabi’s Prison Life Turns Violent & Marlena, Kate, and Vivian Are Locked Together in A Secret Room!

It’s a big week on Days of our Lives! At the end of last week’s Friday cliffhanger, Chad (Billy Flynn) found Abigail (Marci Miller), who was her alter, Gabby in bed after having sex with Stefan (Tyler Christopher)!  Now, he is about to give his brother the ultimate smackdown!

Meanwhile, Stefan with an assist from Gabby, have locked away none other than Vivian (Louise Sorel), Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) all in a secret room!  How will these three get out, since they all now know Stefan’s plans, and that Abigail murdered Andre?

And in prison, Gabi (Camila Banus) who has been wrongly sentenced for a crime she did not commit, is rough-housed by other female inmates.  Someone lands in the hospital!

After the jump, watch this week’s promo for Days of our Lives, and then let us know what you hope happens next in this twisty-tale of the three faces of Abigail, Stefan and Chad, and the three ladies locked away, and poor Gabi! Comment below.

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Promo isn’t up, but I can’t wait! The end to Friday’s ep was amazing.

Stefan deserves what’s coming to him. I wonder if Chad will realize Abby is sick.

Love Marlena, Vivian, and Kate locked up together. LOL

I would think Gabi should be in protective custody since her brother is a cop and was with the FBI.


I think its disgusting and sickening that soaps coninue to show women being beaten in prison. Does anyone find this to be enjoyable entertainment other than soap writers? It is degrading, unsettling, and unpleasant to watch. And they write the inmates as such 1930’s and 1940’s stereotypes from those bad B movies, the acting is always HORRIBLE, and we all could do with not ever seeing anything like it again!! That is scraping the bottom of the barrel of the talent pool for a writer to resort to violent misogyny against women, especially in todays current climate.


Inmates are assaulted in prison. That is a reality. What is really wrong is that Gabi would most definitely be in protective custody as her brother is a cop. She would also not be in a pod with Raines’ gf. And we would also hope that not all the COs would condone inmate on inmate assault.


Hope is most likely talking to Abigail about murder charges…the three stooges will remain longer in the locked room which should start smelling with no bathroom…lol


HaHaHaHa, Jimmy. Good one!!…. or die of gas inhalation….
Abigail is on the run….she will be seriously ‘lost’ without mental help….imagine going in and out of her alter-personalities. Poor Abby.
I excuse her actions….all of it, but, I cannot excuse Stefan. He is the real criminal. He knew exactly what was going down with Abby….he should be resting on a bed of nails in hospital. He has aged…too old for Abby.
Also, I am thinking that the DA, whatever her name is ordered Gabi’s beating. And, she is working with, or for Stefan. Am I reaching too far, Jimmy?


Misse some of the show-been a little ill…but i see now it must be Chad Hope talks to…show a little too violent with both beatings of Stefan and Gabi…


Gas?…why?…what did they eat-lol


Awwwww, Jimmy….sorry to hear you haven’t been well.
Ok, so, Stefan’s beating did not bother me. He is a criminal. Gabi’s was disturbing, but as Mo specifies, this is a prison-reality….what we saw was marginal to what really goes on in there.
As far as the GAS? That’s exactly my point…..they haven’t digested anything…..whatever they ate the day before( it’s only been one day) is being held in….belly gas is combustible if not let out. HaHaHa.
Feel better, Jimmy.


I watched Friday’s episode and laughed so loud when Vivian said, “my son is in love with an alter.” Only Vivian could deliver that absurd line and make it deliciously humorous! This storyline is ridiculous! All I could think of is, what if the wig falls off during sex? Sort of would kill the moment, don’t you think? YUCK! I’m sorry, I know I might be in the minority here, but Marci Miller just doesn’t “do it for me.” She bores me to tears and I don’t think she has the sex appeal to carry out this storyline. I find her to be incredibly boring.

Violet Lemm

What I would honestly like to know, from anyone with a good knowledge of the law, is it not considered rape, having sex , knowingly , with someone they know to actually be an alter ego? Couldn’t that person, namely Stefan be prosecuted, when Abby finally knows who she really is? Can’t she just say, she thought she was someone else at the time?


Hi, Violet,
I labeled what Stefan did to Abby as rape on the other thread. I asked my mother ( both my parents are attorneys) and she said that it would be considered rape and prosecuted as such, if the perpetrator knowingly knew that his ‘victim’ was an alter. Had he not known, then it would be a completely different story.
The body belongs to Abigail and regardless of her alters, she did not give consent—therefore, it could be regarded as rape.
Stefan needs a good lawyer, LOL.
As far as the pretty actress who beat up Gabi? I thought the same thing. She looked so familiar, I did google her, but found nothing. I am not computer savvy. I barely get by. My eight-year-old son helps me. Imagine that !! LOL.
….I’m sure someone out there can dig her up. I asked my sister, but she must have forgotten…..busy, busy.


I don’t know about boring; but, I’m not impressed with Marci Miller’s DID performance. She doesn’t make each personality different. Her facial expressions, speech pattern, and body language always stay the same. The differences between the personalities should be more evident than just a cheap wig or glasses.

Alan Harding

Cheap wig is right, It looks like a shiny Barbie Doll wig ~


I know, right, dmr??
I am soooo glad for the ‘gift’ of Vivian….hope she stays for good…..she called Gabbygail ( was it Satan that Christened her with that name? Strange using the Rite in conjunction with Satan, HaHa) a cuckoo bird. That was a LOL moment, dmr.
I am not getting any positive vibe from Marci, either. I did not like her at first. Then, I did warm up to her….you know? I based it on the fact that I missed Kate Mansi….
But, now? Marci is, actually, getting on my nerves. She does only show one side, regardless of the different personalities. She always shows the same startled, far-away look.
Yet, she looks so much better in the risque’, darker outfits…..Her hair color blends into her complexion. Thus, I like her better with dark hair…

Alan Harding

Show gets more idiotic as time goes by – how do three mature gals get thrown into a secret Tunnel but their make-up and hair always remain perfect –
Abigail developing a splintering of other personalities is of course nothing New in the Soap World – but wrap it up already –


Even though the story is so beyond far fetched I am loving it all. The ladies in hiding are classic together. Kate and Vivian are just so good together. Marlena is always so measured in performance but with those two she is coming out a bit. Her eyes say a lot. The Gaby/Abby story is great. Marci Miller has really grown as an actress. My only complaint is when she winces in pain every time the “alters” come out. It should flow more naturally now. Tyler Christopher, look this man is pure eye candy and I really do like his subtlety as an actor but sometimes it’s too controlled which gives the impression of arrogance. I am not saying less Stefan but I am saying, loosen up Tyler. You’re beautiful, you’re talented and you got this. Chad – Billy Flynn- this guy should go far. He is so talented. Even when stories are so beyond the pale, he is perfect. I can’t wait to watch this week play out. Do what you’re gonna do Ron, I’m loving it. Thank God for the resurrection of DAYS.

Lou Piikes

Chad please, I beg of you not to do too much damage to Stefan’s face.

Violet Lemm

I’d be more worried that damage would be done somewhere else, but I guess men think differently.

Lou Piikes

My bad, Chad please do not damage Stefan’s family jewels. LOL


I think Stefan got what he deserved.I wonder If Abby will ever surface again.Three woman in one room no baths for a week now must smell pretty good if you asks me lol However how stupid can Chad be anyone with a brain would know that Abby is mentally ill.Even after she told him she was Gabby it still didn’t sink in.Someone needs to knock some sense into that guy.I missed why Gabbi was beaten up.All I know was that black woman said she was there to protect her .Some protection.Now you have to wonder if Chad will be arrested for beating up Stefan.All of this stuff is Stefan’s fault if he hadn’t pushed Abby to turn back into Gabby maybe she would have been alright.Cannot say for sure but who knows .Geez I even got my best friend interested in the show she cannot watch it everyday because she works but when she can watch it she is at the edge of her seat.Best show around


That woman was Lou Raines’ gf. Lou was the cop who kidnapped Gabi. I guess this gal got thrown in prison as she was in on Lou’s criminal schemes.

Violet Lemm

The black woman that beat up Gabbi is driving me crazy, trying to figure out what she was on before. I sure never saw her with Raines. Can not find her name anywhere, but is so familiar.


I believe her name is Cassandra Creech and she played Denise Maynard on As the World Turns


Why didn’t Chad say anything to Abby about wearing a brunette wig? And why didn’t it dawn on him that she was the woman in the video??? I guess he was just so surprised to see his wife in bed with Stefan, but surely he was surprised to see her wearing a wig.

Alan Harding

I thought the same thing….wouldn’t he have at least said “why the heck are you wearing a Dark wig?” Also, during the fight and the struggle near the bed when Abby as Gabbi tried to intervene, wouldn’t her Wig have come off during the confrontation – kind of ridiculous ~

James R. Poissant

I think what happened to Gabi was a little brutal even if things like this go on in prison all the time.

Alan Harding

I thought the same thing too, was this really necessary –

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