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TODAY: General Hospital Airs Its 14,000 Episode!

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It’s a another milestone for the longest running soap opera still on the air, General Hospital!

Today, February 23, 2018 marks it’s 14,000 episode broadcast.

All week long gearing up to today’s drama in Port Charles, the GH social media accounts have been posting images of the cast holding a #GH14000 sign.  GH promises some twists and surprises in today’s installment. What could they be?

In the meantime, you can join in the conversation on twitter today telling GH just what has been your favorite GH memory from the past 13,999 episodes.  To do so use #GH14000 in your post, and let the show know what comes to mind in the history of the iconic series.

Share your congrats to GH in the comment section below! Let us know what has been your favorite episode of all-time from the ABC daytime drama series, too!

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130 Comments on "TODAY: General Hospital Airs Its 14,000 Episode!"

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Hard to pick one, but probably the Luke and Laura wedding where Luke and Scotty got into the fight. I also remember when Monica gave birth to AJ stuck at home in the snowstorm and blurted out Rick’s name rather than husband Alan.

Michael Kulla

Mine too! Monica knew what she was saying to Leslie. Alan’s revenge with the nursery cave-in…Tracy ready to leave her father to die without his medicine…Heather tripping out on the LSD…”PJ is Steven Lars”…the Phil Brewer murder story…loved the old days of the show.


All of my favorites too. Phil Brewer murder because of Jesse Brewer! I would add to that list David Hamilton’s murder.

James R. Poissant

The old days of all the soaps were very good because we were always surprised and left hanging on a Friday wishing the weekend would be over to find out what happened on Monday. There was no such things as spoilers and the soaps could tell stories that went on and on and had you swearing at the TV. Those were the best days of soap opera.


Liked Howie &Jane Dawson & mother…alsoDr.Tom Baldwin (Lee’s brother…Scott’s uncle)Audrey’s sister Lucille & Al Weeks…nurse Sharon Pinkham?Meg & India….Diana & Dr.Taylor….have to stop…I am aging myself…@ghfan48 +years.


……forgot the 7th floor nurse’s station


Thank you Michael Kulla for triggering such great GH memories. I loved the years on GH before the legendary Luke and Laura wedding. The Alana-Monica-Rick triangle. Yes, the whole PJ/Steven Lars deception… the jungle fever storyline was a favorite of mine… But I do recall the stunner of Tracy denying her father his medicine. WOW!


I love watching the wedding on YouTube! I still love Scotty!


@dmr….Not only was Laura’s wedding gown gorgeous…so was she! There was such a stunning luminosity about Genie Francis…she simply glowed from within! I recently was viewing some of her classic Laura episodes and even as a teen, Genie was just so poised and professional…a true joy to behold! I also caught a lot of Jack Wagner’s initial appearances as Frisco…oh my!!! His music made GH in the 80’s….loved Rick Springfield, too! (As himself, Dr. Noah Drake and Eli Love!)


Of course, Luke and Laura’s wedding remains absoutely unforgettable….as well as their Wyndham’s dancing the light fantastic experience and Laura’s return “from the dead!!!” Not to mention the introduction of Frisco Jones!!!! I still remember the moment he sauntered in to Port Charles with that irresistible swagger….and was instantly smitten! Ditto for the arrivals of Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane, Noah Drake, too…these are all iconic characters played by true soap stars that made the ‘80’s the best decade for GH and left a lasting impression which nobody has matched to this day!


The 80’s were the best! I loved Grant Putnam/Grant Andrews! Speaking of Frisco, he looks to be dug in working at the Hallmark Channel. It might explain why he doesnt come back to GH. But like I’ve said in the past, the soap is bigger than the actor, recast Frisco!


Oh, the Wyndham’s dancing, loved that-and Laura’s dress-so beautiful!


I heard so much about the Luke and Laura wedding , that I had to look it up!!!! Magical….she was stunning….Luke? Not so much….LOL….that hair?!?!
Wish I had been part of that era–actually, love the 60’s and 70’s more. ….who was the IT couple at that time? Monica and Alan?
And, speaking of weddings….my 10th anniversary is fast approaching….
What do you think of George Michael’s rendition of, ” The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” for our song…..His voice just gets to me, Shay.
I understand songs/music was an important part of soaps back then—that’s gone…
Timmm says the ’80 were the best….my grandmother says the 60’s anf 70’s offered the best storylines……
I guess when one is young and living that specific era, everything is the “bestest”…..
@T….I would love a recast of Frisco….makes no difference to me who plays him, as I did not know Frisco, but would a recast work for the Jack Wagner fans?
It would be nice to get a taste of Frisco and Felicia….read so much about this couple and their ‘Aztec’ escapades. Was she an Aztec princess or a Mayan?


LOL, Shay….I became so carried away, I forgot to greet you, mia cara.
You all have such great memories of a time when love and romance were not taken as lightly as today….
I was born too late, bellezza!!


Well done, Jucee!!!! (Sorry CeeCeeGirl, couldn’t resist that one….LOL!) But seriously, congratulations to Dr. Jude and you on your upcoming 10th anniversary! That’s quite an accomplishment these days, but you two are obviously the exception to your lamented notion about love and romance being taken so lightly here in the 21st century! Here’s to many more happy decades together! (And your selection of song is simply perfect for the occasion…it’s a classic and with George’s angelic voice crooning away, it’s all the better!) I am so glad you have finally seen the famous Luke and Laura nuptials…they are one of those landmark tv moments where you never forget where you were when first you watched them! As for Luke and his famous “poodle perm”….well, yes, that was one thing best left back in the ‘80’s! Hah…but wasn’t it amazing to see him as a hopeful, full of life groom as opposed to the wizened old cynic that turned into Fluke??? Time was definitely not kind to Mr. Spencer! At any rate, I also miss all the music that was once an integral part of soapdom…especially those performances by characters like Frisco Jones!!! Do watch Jack Wagner’s debut GH episodes and you will see why I am dead set against any recast of that role….he owns it for life!!! Felicia was an Aztec princess…as she never, ever let anyone forget in those early years…honestly, I was truly not a fan of this bossy little miss…she was surly, spoiled and whiny and seemed too immature for the wordly Frisco…of course, I also couldn’t stand him with the saintly Tania, who came before the blonde one…Even back then, I thought he and Anna would have made a great team, professionally and otherwise, at least once Scorpio and she were plainly not going to be endgame….but then along came the dashing Duke and the rest was history….another supercouple was born! What more can I say? Such was Port Charles in the ‘80’s…it was every big as magnificent and magical as real life was during this decadent and delightful decade!


Hi, Shaybelle,
Thank you for your lovely words. The secret to a lifelong marriage? Never make him think he’s right, even when he is….Ha!! Keeps him on his toes, and guessing. And, give him a good, relaxing foot massage…that’ll do it !! HaHa!
It does seem that GH was the soap to watch, back in the day? Yet, if you ask my Gran it was “Another World”…… she was crazy about that soap….and I loved it, too. Of course my fave has always been Y&R.
My next project (LOL) is Alan and Monica….and so on….
Something else which bothers me is this Aztec Princess stuff. Aztecs are indigenous. … not look like Felicia…. manipulating history, again?
I am very confused about the whole Robert/Anna relationship… Robin came about?? Why was she given to Filomena.
I wish a tangible story would be retold about the Devane twins…..go into their upbringing with ‘aunt’ Charlotte–is she really dead? Is she the same woman who reared Peter?
There is so much story there, Shay….why not bring it all back; including Alex’s son Aidan?
I guess it would mean another character from a sister-soap, which would not be welcomed.
I can understand that….GH should utilize its own vets….
I simply find GH at a standstill, right now……bring Genie back. Her absence is palpable. And, it affects Kevin, as well. It seems that he is there merely for Franco, whose childhood with Drew is the least interesting….at least to me. This story could have been a hit, if it did not drag for an interminable amount of time.
Then “BJ And The Bear” is making it even more unbearable……too much of a stupid coincidence.

Port Charles……Decadent, you say? Like chocolate?


@CeeCee…..Oh, you are very welcome…..and correct about the importance of keeping a man on his toes. Always! (Although I’m more partial to the male providing the footrubs! Lol….) At any rate, yeah, the whole Aztec thing was pretty hokey and questionable….If memory serves, Felicia hailed from Texas where her gran “Maria Cummings” (pronounced Mariah, go figure……) had a ranch so she was apparently a South of the Border princess far removed by centuries of mixed bloodlines, I guess. Sort of reminds me of how the British royals have gone furiously digging back eons for any dubious sign of a past king or queen-no matter how remote!—in the family histories of recent commoners who’ve joined their ranks in an unsuccessful attempt to save face! Just saying…Sooo…I recall that Anna entrusted Robin’s safekeeping with Filomena as a precaution given her own dangerous profession and revealed status as a double agent/traitor to the WSB, which was also supposedly why she never informed her furious (and secret) ex-husband Robert that they shared a daughter. In terms of the Devane sisters, et al and their various escapades, I would not mind revisiting them on GH, because their tale concerns a character we already know and adore and who has some basis in the soap’s history…they haven’t simply been concocted to give another Frank pet a stab at taking over the canvas by tearing apart an established narrative which has been previously explored back in the day through the use of complete reinventions and retcons like we seem to regularly get from today’s showrunners. Concerning Genie…yes, her abrupt departure really did seem to throw the entire Port Charles universe into a tizzy. I have been trying to catch up on a week’s worth of episodes since I’ve fallen behind, but it’s not easy to get through them…I decided to go in reverse order to see if it made the job any more interesting, so as I just saw Friday’s cliffhanger, I can definitively say no, despite the fact there’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on! (If only it would obliterate about half of the current cast…then we might be getting somewhere….) Lastly, poor Greg Evigan! His Jim Harvey could have been a contender as one of GH’s epic villains (and perfectly positioned as a prospective Alexis bedmate)if only the writers had played their cards right! Oh, and “decadent” is the word I would definitely assign to the ‘80’s, at least from my perspective…it was endless in its sense of infinite and luxurious possibilites….so many pleasures—-guilty and otherwise!!!—to be had, and no, that did not apply only to Port Charles!!!!


I have watched since day one. I remember Angie Costello and her dad. She was in an accident and her face was all bandaged.My favorite actor was Tristen Rogers. He was so good as Scorpio. Loved him with Holly and Anna. Luke and Laura, Tiffany and Sean. Loved all the adventures.
Fresco and Felicia were great as well. General a Hospital takes me away for 1 hr a day and I always enjoy it. Happy 14,000.00!

Janice K Adler

I’ve been watching since the beginning. Here’s to another 14,000!

Debra m

I started watching GH because as a kid I loved Dark Shadows and GH came on right before it . Even though DS went off the air I continued watching and still do all these years later. Hard to pick a favorite episode but still very sentimental over the Luke and Laura years, them dancing in Wyndams department store, the whole on the run story and their wedding. Also anything with Scorpio and Holly, what a sexy couple they made. Have stuck through GH thru the good and bad. Wishing them congratulations and hopefully many more years to come.


Yes ! the Wyndams department store dancing to “Fascination” Still today whenever I hear that song I think of that scene.


I loved Holly! When I was a little girl, I thought Emma Samms was the most beautiful woman on television! Oh, how I loved Holly Sutton!


Oh gosh, so many wonderful memories from the 80’s and 90’s (unfortunately, not of today): Frisco and Felicia, BJ’s death/Maxie’s heart transplant, SONNY AND BRENDA (90’s version), L & B Records, Eddie Maine, Stone, The Quartermaine’s. I wish that my era included Luke and Laura and Alan, Monica, and Rick (before my time).


Congratulations! I don’t watch now, but did watch at one time.


I’ve been … waiting… for a thread… ie: Max Gail. as Mike Corbin

it’s just as I suspected… and like @Rebecca1. DID GH rush right in too quickly with Sonny father … ??? alzheimers … or something similar ? I respect the social issue… and applaud this.

I had hoped that Mike, would have a chance to cavort , assimilate, adjust and have some FUN in Port Charles.

You can clearly see that Max Gail has the chops to do just about anything. how much fun was it to see him… @Kelly serving coffee… and with his zany humor antics and big smile.

here’s hoping that – CAT – scan gives him some time to be himself. and it’s because of Max Gail… other than that… I do not see any real chemistry with Maurice Benard


Since Mike’s been gone for 7 years, and they recast the role, the potential payoff is reduced.

Longtime fans may recall Wendy Riche wanted to do an Alzheimer’s story with Audrey in the ’90s. After the deeply sad (but well written and acted) stories of BJ and Stone dying, the network wanted something lighter.

Someone mentioned on twitter the other day that the current Alzheimer’s story would be much more impactful if it was Lesley and the impact on Laura. As Denise Williams has been associated with the show for nearly 45 years, I totally concur.


Hey, Steve,
I am not familiar with Sonny’s father, but love Max Gail ( BM reruns). The fact that Mike is suffering from Alzheimer’s was obvious to me almost immediately…..The first thing that came to mind was Dina’s ordeal.
Did the GH PTB pick up where Y&R left off?
So far, I like it….and, as much as my aversion to Sonny’s lifestyle is immense….he is fiend number 1 in my book…. I was surprised to see how well-acted Maurices’s scenes have been with this ‘situation’. This is, actually, the second time ( since watching) in which I am able to give Maurice credit or adulation…..the first was his well-acted representation of the grieving father, after Morgan’s death. It was, however, bittersweet since he was responsible for killing another’s son ( AJ).
Sonny’s solicitousness, as the caring son, impressed me. Kudos.


Agree with the Laura Lesley storyline rather than this ! Such a shame


@Steve…Quite frankly, rather than using an older recasted character for this out-of-nowhere storyline, it would have been more timely to broach the subject of this awful affliction in its early onset variety by choosing a current character in the mid-to-late 40’s/50+age range, since this is a medical condition which has been expanding exponentially in real life—-as our good friend k/kay has sadly detailed here in her own posts regarding her dear sister. There is certainly no shortage of candidates from which to choose that would have made excellent subjects for such a challenging tale on GH…including Sonny, Franco…or a few females that also fall into that particular demographic…think Ava, Nina or Alexis. As for your suggestion regarding Lesley, I would abhor seeing Laura suffer through her mother being afflicted with this dreadful disease after her own struggles with mental illness….plus she’s already gone through Dr. Webber’s supposed death once before, so I would consider such a scenario much too cruel for this beloved character to endure.


Big and impactful storylines are only allowed if Sonny is somehow involved. Take Faison for example. Somehow, that came to be about Sonny.


Hey Patrick…

I’ve been hoping for another Max Gail page, too just so I can scream Gail’s praises! His is turning out to be the most poignant story for me to date. Yes, Anna, Alexis, Maxi, Jason, Drew, etc, etc all had illness but they were a one-two punch and with a magical cure or remission or were “saved.” But this story is just heartbreaking and Max Gail is phenomenal. He is just so “real”…his expressions from his furrowed eyebrows, sad, puppy dog eyes to his beautiful at-once adorable, sweet yet almost quivering smile is tearing my heart to shreds. His will not be a happy outcome and it’s simultaneously moving and difficult to watch.

I do disagree with you, though, regarding Maurice Bernard/Sonny in this particular story. I think “Sonny’s” been incredible as the conflicted son who, in spite of the troubled history between him and Mike is deeply effected by hearing the alzheimers diagnosis. His compassion, his love, his own sense of impending loss shines through for me. He’s sticking by him, defending him, trying to help him/comfort him…ugh…just hits me to the core.

Really…as much as this might be considered a “public service” story which touches people living with this, who will live though this, caregivers, etc…it’s too sad. Since GH is known for being crazy at times, I actually hope that Mike is being poisoned by one of Sonny’s enemies which mimics the symptoms of alzheimers and that once discovered, he’ll be okay.

And yet…that probably won’t be the case. And I get it if they don’t take that route. But the realism and superb acting of this story just depresses me so.

Kudos to the writers and Max Gail…for breaking my heart with a fiction too true.

Debra m

I so agree about Max Gail. He has been so good , just his expressions, those eyes. When he broke down crying today I cried too. I think he is a good influence on Maurice because he has been doing some good acting himself and I have actually seen some real tears in his eyes.


Well said by Patrick, Steve, and Rebecca. Max Gail is putting on a clinic and it’s definitely upping Maurice’s game. While the writing and performances have been stellar of late and I’m generally pleased with the direction of the show, the overall tone of GH these days is pretty heavy, so I hope they have some plans to lighten things up, lest we enter our 55th year on a funeral dirge.

Grant Putnam

He reminds me of the old guy from Whiz Kids


Rebecca1: 2 prop(s)

“… His will not be a happy outcome and it’s simultaneously moving and difficult to watch ”

“…Kudos to the writers and Max Gail…for breaking my heart with a fiction too true ”

whether this is copy or for not. altogether a good read

for me.. when actors are brought in to “support” the Corinthos pie.. and feature the Corinthos’ lot. I keep a watchful eye.

Max Gail, is

wherever the mind goes

just keep Sonny and Carly out of it

watching an actor … of course, in our age range… is eye catching… I can fascinate, savor, and take ” all of it ”

is the writing “slanted” given to , MB’ Sonny to do with ? as it’s his ride

of course I caught the gesture of Jason outpouring of support for Sonny plight

just how much is going to generate ? the writers should never have dove right in to predicament.. and ultimate undoing

this was a featured guy to gell with… Maurice Benard didn’t trust himself


Max Gail really is doing a bang up job at showing a macho man suddenly faced with the premise that he will lose control of his faculties.
It’s tragic. I didn’t expect to like another story involving Sonny, but I like this one.
Maurice is reminding me of why I liked him as an actor in the first place. When he just holds back, stays quiet and stops the damn posturing, he’s actually powerful. The tears glinting in his dark brown eyes as he listened to the doctor tell his dad his prognosis was so sad and something to which we can all relate. It’s so hard to watch your father or mother suddenly seem so helpless and harder still, to see them afraid.
I just want to hug Mike–I think the big lug is adorable and sweet.


Grant Putnam was a favorite of mine. I wish they would bring him back along with Jimmy Lee and Celia.


They were quite a romantic triangle way back when, Timmm…would be fun to catch up with them today!


I’m with you there, Timmm! Great characters!

Grant Putnam

Hear hear!


I liked Jimmy Lee too.


The actor who played Jimmy Lee is a builder now he was on the Hallmark Channel in a xmas movie his daughter produced still looks great brilliant blue eyes handsome as ever beautiful grey hair ! Yes!!!


I began watching with my mother back in the mid 70’s, so many come to mind. In chronological order, here are my Top 10:
– Heather accidentally drinking the LSD iced tea (thanks to Steven Lars and the lazy susan)
– Tracy withholding Edward’s meds while he faked a heart attack
– Alan blowing up Rick and Monica’s love nest
– Lila discovering AJ’s birthmark proving he’s a Q (Bombay Phenotype)
– Out of nowhere, Scotty catching the bouquet a Luke & Laura’s wedding
– Robin meeting Robert for the first time
– “I Sean Donnely, take thee Elsie Mae Crumholtz to be my lawfully wedded wife”
– Tony listening to BJ’s heart in Maxie & Felicia finding out “Not Barbara Jean!”
– Tony dying during the encephalitis epidemic & Bobbie telling him to “go to BJ”
– Michael denounces Sonny and takes the Q name

Sadly, I removed GH from my DVR list last week. Genie’s demotion was the catalyst which was cemented by the preposterous retcon of Anna willingly carrying Faison’s child. I’ve gone on long breaks from the show in the past. I returned shortly before Frank over as EP. Took a break after AJ was killed again, but returned for the reveal. Almost stopped after Fluke and Denise DeMuccio but persevered through. I’ll follow through online recaps or if I’m home while the show airs. But, right now, this long time viewer doesn’t like the road this show is going down.


OK the dam just broke –

“…- Tony dying during the encephalitis epidemic & Bobbie telling him to “go to BJ” “


@Steve…I echo your sentiments about long breaks from GH in the past…many of ours seem to coincide and for the same reasons…my first one came with the advent of the Sonny years….I would check in periodically whenever my favorite ‘80’s characters re-emerged for an appearance, but generally speaking, I didn’t like the mob-soaked direction of the ‘90’s, and most of the characters introduced during that decade really didn’t appeal to me then…anymore than they do now. Even though I always knew what was happening via synopses and such, I simply wasn’t compelled to tune in like I had in previous years….rather as I’m currently feeling, also due in part to your own aforementioned rationales. In fact, it’s been getting harder to even bother to watch these last few weeks with all the pathetic storylines being introduced…hence you’re certainly not the only longtime viewer who “doesn’t like the road this show is going down…”


Steve, your insights and recollections are so spot-on and you contribute such meaningful commentary for the rest of us to feed off of, it would be a shame to lose you as a viewer. It’s like I’m reading an “insiders” point of view with some of your posts, you’re that good. As we celebrate 14k and 55 years—many of which you have been with us for—consider riding out this rough patch with the rest of us. If the Fluke story line wasn’t enough to have you reclaim an hour of your day, then this too shall pass.


Thanks Reed. I’ll still chime in from time to time concerning show history and character formation.

The difference between Fluke and the Faison/Devane offspring (who I’ll christen Fake Son) is that we never really knew much about Luke’s upbringing than he had an abusive father. And, they mined show history to bring in Patricia who was actually mentioned back in the 70s.

Fake Son takes Anna’s formation story (hiding Robin and that fake scar) and cheapens it. My hope for the payoff on this story is that Valentin and Cesar are using some mind control to make Anna believe she’d actually gave birth, and it’s all revealed to be a hoax.

Just like Frosty the Snowman, “I’ll be back again someday.”


Steve, you are so right. This was one of my all time fave laugh out loud moments:

– “I Sean Donnely, take thee Elsie Mae Crumholtz to be my lawfully wedded wife”

nancy dillingham

Same here!


Steve, you’ve chosen some wonderful moments! Thanks for the recap!

I fully understand your decision to remove GH from your DVR. I’m with you completely, especially with the situation involving Genie.

And here’s some little-known trivia: I actually possess the “Quartermaine birthmark!” Well, it’s about the same size, in the same location… 🙂


Some of my FAVORITE moments are Heather-centric ..climbing down that windy pier and supposedly miscarrying-burning her hands in a cast iron frying pan of hot oil deliberately-writing Anne in Diana’s blood-one of the first times she broke out of a psych ward and got in that station wagon lol. Also Mark and GIna Dante and Mark’s crazy wife to name a few. Rick and Jeff’s sister Terry. And Leslie’s first husband Cameron Faulkner. I think they were married and I’m sure Laura was part of the reason they spilt.


And Audrey’s hilariously strict head nurse sister Lucille Weeks. .who could forget that organ accompanied march through the GH halls and Scotty’s batty real mom Meg. Oh and sensible Gail. And Laura’s adoptive momma bear the Vinings.


And Jesse befriending/mentoring/mothering Bobbi. Ok Mr. Fairman I’m done. Hope you post all lol.


Oh do forgive me just two more. The ofF camera boat explosion that killed the twins and Tom returning back to Audrey. .his damaged surgical hand and outright tortured soul. I AM SERIOUSLY DONE.


Steve, thanks for your reply to me elsewhere in this thread regarding recasts. You make some terrific points with your examples.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Congratulations on 14k episode! And here’s to another 14k!


Congrats to GH and to us fans! Let’s hope this decades-old show can stay relevant in today’s market so that we don’t lose one of our go-to towns and its people! 😉

Favorite GH moments…loved Bobby’s house when Scott lived there. Always seemed like the “place to be.” Loved Frisco/Felicia (though I ADORE Mac! and love how he stepped in for “his” girls!), Scottie back in the day, Anna/Robert/Holly/Sean/Tiffany…Robin/Stone, Robin/Jason, Stefan/Nicolas at the Cassadine mansion, the arguing Qs…Monica and Ned’s affair…the diner days with Nic, Emily, Lucky, Elizabeth…oh…TOO MANY characters/episodes to name! It was a magical GH time back in the day…it won’t/can’t ever be what it was…obviously…so many decades gone by..but like reliving family memories from when you’re a child on up…as Edith Bunker screeched…”those were the days!”

Grant Putnam

The diner days were when Rose took over for Joe at Kelly’s, met Jake and hired Ruby. THOSE were the days!!!


-The opening theme with the ambulance.
-The foghorn and dingy sound effects always playing in the background any time the characters were near the docks.
-Rick’s free clinic on the waterfront.
-Laura’s “dive” apartment and Luke’s “dive” apartment right above. Their crazy (possibly alcoholic) landlord who was always warning them they better not be holding any orgies. The doors to their dive apartments always stuck.
-Rick and Leslie’s home.
-Campus disco


That Webber set had a good long run, which Phelps/Guza ended when Lisa Niles burned down Mac’s house when she was obsessed with Robin.

Inhabitants included:
Webbers (Rick, Lesley, Ginny, Laura, Amy, Mike, Blackie)
Jones (Tony, Tania, BJ, Lucy)
Charlene & kin (Colton, Decker, Olivia Jerome, others)
Scorpio (Robert, Anna, Mac, Holly, Felicia, Robin, Maxie, Georgie)

Portions of that set have been reused for Elizabeth’s current house. That unusual staggered staircase to nowhere included.


Congrats to GH on this milestone. I’ve watched forever since the B & W days! I’ve never taken a break even during some terrible writing and times when there was no respect for the history of the show or the characters. I’m old school and my favorite moments are from long ago or whenever long term characters have had great moments. Some favorites: The LSD, Diana Taylor’s murder, Steve and Audrey’s wedding where all of the guests spoke their inner monologues during the ceremony. LOL. I think they have handled certain deaths of longtime characters beautifully. Steve Hardy, Lila, Edward. Robin seeing Robert the first time. Luke screaming “Laura” when she returned from the dead. So many more and hopefully more to come!


If the accompanying photo is any indication of Episode#14,000’s subject matter, then it won’t be any cause for celebration! Is hoping for some meaningful flashbacks to the show’s glory days along with a respectful tribute to its beloved legacy characters and storied history too much to ask?


Hmmmm…come on now, Shay. Are you telling me you didn’t enjoy watching Alex lose her virginity for the 100th time the other day to poor, confused Finn?


100, Harry???? Considering we’re talking about Alexis here, I’d venture to say it’s more like batting—-I mean, bedding—-a thousand! It’s certainly time to dispense with the Madonna soundtrack everytime this character claims another victim of her insatiable carnal urges. Poor, confused Finn is right…he looked as though he needed to be treated for shock! And you are the one who correctly first noted that Alexis was moving in for this latest sexkill!


looks like the “writers” are nipping in the bud… and kabosh ???

woah seeing that doozy ring up…. loved it

1. does this FREE up Anna
2. does this FREE up Julian


ie: Ned winning the mayoral race. that was quickly decided… as I didn’t see either Alexis OR Ned campaign. which worked out any way… seeing as Ned is the recurring character… and oy do we want to pomp and circumstance Alexis moral standards continually ? I don’t think so

@GH clearly see :

Alexis and Julian ARE DONE. that now goes to Julian and Kim
Anna and Finn ARE DONE . absolutely.

Anna knew immediately what went down. YES YES WORLD.

Kabosh? I hope not, Patrick. I think Alexis and Finn are great together…in or out of bed! I must admit I loved Finn and Anna and still do. But then again, I like Anna and Andre too…and now that he’s back (or at least I hope he’s back and not just for a short run) perhaps they’ll revisit that almost-couple? Thing is, the writers “test” several pairings which is why they sometimes put two characters in each other’s paths and then switch them up. I actually like all the possibilities so far. I still like Alexis with Julian. It’s obvious both are still in love with each other and I’m curious to see if they make their way back to each other. I actually feel bad for Julian; GH has a way of hand-picking who suffers the wrath of the town and who waltzes through as if he/she is angelic. I love Jocelyn; but her high and mighty attitude toward Julian when Sonny is her step dad? I get her loyalty to her mother/step-father but Julian is no worse than Sonny OR Carly. Kiki? WHY does she hate her uncle? I don’t remember him being anything other than nice to her…supportive of her when Ava was in the hospital. Olivia? She was in love with Sonny but hates Julian? As said, I still like Alexis and Julian. But I also like Alexis and Finn. They each have a sharp wit, a playful way of communicating. One a doctor the other a lawyer; dedicated professionals. They’re “cute” together in the way they interact. I also like how supportive they are of each other. Each has found a friend with whom to confide. Neither is “after” the other. In fact, Alexis has only encouraged Finn to tell Anna how he feels; she has at every turn encouraged him to go to Anna or at least listened objectively to his feelings. And when they woke up together? It was Alexis who seemed more shocked and Alexis who suggested they probably shouldn’t reach out to each other in that way again. I like how they discussed the “day after”…how Finn didn’t abandon Alexis in the room when Anna knocked at this door. Showed great character and a respect for her even if his heart is with Anna. Same for Alexis; though you can tell she still cares for Julian she gives Finn her attention when they’re in Julian’s pub…and confesses to Finn her conflicted feelings for her ex. This is how relationships develop; trust, friendship…and if the attraction is there or develops…. What I also hope is that if the eventual pairings go to Finn/Anna that he and Alexis remain friends…Alexis no longer has Jax. That was a great friendship… I know you like Julian and Kim. Tamara always comes off like a tough cookie even when she’s not playing a mobster wife. So her cool, chic, flirty demeanor works well with Julian’s persona. I get that. But then…what about her and “Drew?” They… Read more »
Oh, Harry…you’ve done it again….made me laugh myself silly! I guess we both enjoy dark humor, because your interpretation of the Nina scenario, along with the proposed modifications ala a deadpan Valentin, were both hilarious! This histrionic character has always been one sandwich, or two or three, short of a picnic hamper and just because she generally manages to keep the lid shut doesn’t mean that the basket case doesn’t escape—-and mightily!—-on numerous occasions…Nina embracing her inner charwoman was just the latest example and I foresee many more unfortunate instances of overemotive scenery-chomping in the future! As for Alexis….there’s yet another character for whom you have perfectly called it! I really didn’t watch much of her when she was relatively “normal” as you have so nostalgically described her…when she was in a scene, I usually just fast-forwarded her out of complete lack of interest and that was sufficient to purpose…but as she became far too prominent on the GH canvas and more of a grossly-exaggerated caricature of I don’t know what, arrested development, sexual obsession, women who love wrong and too much, etc….it was increasingly difficult to take this ignominious creature seriously…..or at all. Honestly, if the writers wanted to create the most mockworthy example of modern feminism gone hideously awry, then they’ve done so with Alexis. Not only do I disdain her many weaknesses, but her pig-headed insistence upon repeating the same mistakes over and over again without learning from them just goes to show that she is not a good role model in any sense of the word, let alone some postmenopausal sex goddess who should be worshipped for her cringingly awful adventures in the boudoir…or wherever the mood strikes her! On the other hand, Laura is not only a beloved character, but an admirable lady who has survived tragedy after tragedy in her life and finally emerged stronger for it, even if it took decades and Anthony Geary’s final(?) departure to allow her to escape his shadow to show that she’s truly made of the stern stuff…Hopefully, after the massive outcry over Laura’s unceremonious exile to Paris, she shall triumphantly return to Port Charles to a storyline that is truly befitting of her innate grace and dignity, because right now the show is running pretty short on both commodities when it comes to the fairer sex. (Although I must admit I was extremely gratified with the look Anna shot Finn and Alexis at GH….she didn’t need to say a word….just her expression conveyed her utter disgust and disbelief that he went THERE…..followed by her classy save of actually speaking to Alexis…Oh my God, how she managed that, I’ll never know!) Lastly, in reference to your Max Gail comments…yes, he is doing a very fine acting job as the recast Mike, although I cannot help but longingly picture the superbly-intense Ron Hale in these scenes instead….somehow I think he would be much more poignant, since even now at this late date, I still see Detective Stan Wojciehowicz (Yes….I… Read more »

Shay, you must be devastated? GH let us ALL down but not doing one damn thing special for the 14K episode! Oh, the vase cost 14 thousand dollars. Oh, the laughs! I was waiting for past favorites to show up or clips. One idea I had was just showing a court room scene with only the judge speaking and announcing that “Mr. Parrish, you have successfully fulfilled your sentence satisfying the state of New York, you are a free Man” and then show John Stamos hugging Scotty. No dialogue, just a wink!


I remember way back when, when John Stamos made a cameo and had a scene with Kin Shriner, it was hysterical. I love how they have a real-life friendship, after all of these years. I love when our favorites come back for a visit, especially to show-case their talents for the Nurse’s Ball-Rick Springfield, Jack Wagner, etc.


@Timmmbo….Yes, the ‘80’s were the best!!!! Oddly enough, I just re-watched the debut episodes of GH’s “Frisco Jones” over the weekend and I have to say, my memories of how seriously sexy and exciting Jack Wagner’s character was were exactly spot-on! Even now, I remain impressed with the cool, self-possessed and capable style he conveyed from the very first moment he entered the Port Charles canvas…which is quite a departure from the awkward and green male eye candy we constantly see today! As for your suggestion of a recast Frisco? No way, no how!!!! Wagner IS Frisco…period! The notion of anyone else stepping into his shoes is purely unacceptable….remember that brief period when Wagner had a contract dispute with the show and they had that dreadful substitute who eventually resurfaced as the demented killer Kevin O’Connor who cheated on the downlow with lascivious little librarian Lucy? I was livid…and if the real Frisco hadn’t returned, I would have been done with GH right then and there! Despite Jack’s current workload, I’m sure he would be happy to accomodate his GH fans were the showrunners to offer him a reasonable opportunity to bring back his beloved character in a respectful manner, no matter how busy he is with other projects! Ditto for John Stamos! It was also great to see his Blackie in those same vintage programs…I like your proposed scenario for him with one small addition…Frisco is waiting for him outside the courtroom and says, c’mon, we’re going on tour! Anyway, I have yet to be “devastated” by #14,000 because I haven’t viewed it…I’m still too traumatized by that icky Alexis-Finn hookup and Nina maniacally scrub-a-dub-dubbing Nathan’s blood from the carpets, so I required a timeout! However, I imagine the “Nutty One” shall still be there when next I look in since those stains are a real bear to remove, along with the “Slutty One” (aka, the ever-ready and wiling Alexis…) looking to giddily gloat about her latest conquest and discuss it to death with a glum and reticent Finn who will have no interest in buying the cow since he already got the milk for free…and he still wants Anna!


Shay, I actually was in hysterics when we suddenly saw Nina, in full Lady Macbeth mode, shrieking as she scrubbed the ketchup stain on Crimson’s carpet. This is Stafford at her scene chewing worst.
If there had been some kind of build up to that scene it might not have been so ridiculous but instead you have Valentin coming off the elevator to see Nina on her hands and knees shrieking like a Banshee. I expected Valetnin to see her, shrug and ask in a bored, matter of fact voice, “Oh hello, dear. How’s your day going?” I mean, when does Nina NOT act like a carpet chewing, over wrought, lunatic?
And now, Alexis. What bothers me about Alexis is that she came into Port Charles as a strong, self-actualized woman–she was nobody’s fool and nobody’s victim. But through bad choice after bad choice, Alexis turns into a victim. And not only that, a victim who forgives her abuser time and time again. Compare Alexis to Laura–their journeys are oppositional. Laura started out as a victim–Luke raped her, later treated her like crap, Scott treated her like his own personal trophy and Stavros Cassadine kidnapped her, held her captive and yes, repeatedly raped her. Laura played victim to many men in her life time. But then Laura evolved, toughened up, and did not become involved with a man until she found one who treated her with respect and saw her as her own person separate from himself. She found Kevin, decided to run for mayor, and then the brilliant powers-that-be decided to put her on re occurring status. It’s almost like Laura was penalized for becoming a strong, evolved woman who refuses to be a victim while Alexis is rewarded for becoming a needy, desperate woman who still pins for the man who abused her.
That is my problem with the character of Alexis and somehow, I would imagine NLG agrees with my premise.

Guess what, Harry… I couldn’t disagree with you more! (What a surprise, eh?) You’re comparing Laura who MARRIED her rapist to Alexis who DIVORCED her appeared-to-be-at-the-time abuser? Strength? What does falling victim or succumbing to emotional devastation have to do with a person’s ultimate strength. Every human being has a breaking point; if not, they’re probably detached or repressing their emotions. The strength in Alexis is that she DID fall apart and yet she eventually (and realistically, since who falls and gets back up right away) got back up! She got back her license, she’s in a support group, she still defends the underdog, she’s still and always was a loving, supportive mother and yes, she still has residual feelings for Julian. Love is convoluted at times. Especially when you felt the love/passion/happiness that Alexis felt. It doesn’t dissipate overnight…and many times there’s a battle between intellect and emotion. Your mind/common sense can tell you one thing; your heart another. Needy? Anna has now fallen for both Andre and Finn in a short amount of time and basically propositioned them both; we’ve seen her disappointment/hope both times and it’s obvious she wanted both m(at different times). Needy? No. Human. Alexis? Needy? No. A woman reclaiming her life after it was torn apart. Her emotions? Emotions are messy things… If Alexis didn’t believe that Julian was coerced, if she didn’t believe that he never would have killed her I think her “conflict” would be much easier. But she DOES believe him and as a viewer, so do I. Otherwise, I, too, wouldn’t like the character any more. But I do. Laura vs Alexis: Obviously we’re talking about a show so yes, I know that Laura was no longer in the race because she was written off by the show. But if we’re talking about what Laura did vs Alexis…well…they BOTH decided to run for mayor. You said…”Laura decided to run for mayor.” Well, Alexis even though Alexis didn’t entertain that thought initially she did volunteer to be Laura’s legal council. How is that weak? Then, when Laura (in show) had to drop out, it was Alexis who decided to run and was ready to take on the responsibility. It’s Alexis who always fights for the underdog and has “causes” like when she defended a woman’s right to breastfeed. It’s Alexis who has forged ahead in spite of scrutiny. And, she has to deal with the judgment of her children and most of the likes of Carly who s married to Sonny, Dianewho is with Max, Sam who just adores her friends Sonny amd Carly, lil Molly who adores her father, Rick, who committed more crimes than possibly Julian…let’s not forget how he played with Nina’s mind and took advantage of her or kidnapped and terrorized a pregnant Carly, etc. Yet Molly is all judgey of Julian and her mother’s feelings for him? Laura wasn’t “penalized” for becoming a strong woman. For some reason the writers don’t want to or seemed to… Read more »

On a lighter note, in rereading my comment I realized I wrote that it must be like a knife in the heart for Alexis to see Kim flirting with Julian…lol…unlike the knife at her throat he put there. Oh…the irony….;)


Hard to say which is my favorite. But I do agree with many suggestions given by other GH fans.

Would also include some of the shenannigans of Lucy over the years. And anything Cassadine, especially with Helena.

Then the Nurses Balls when it really was the must see event of the year showing other talents of GH cast like Epiphany, Magic Milo, Sabrina, with a “real” red carpet and more audience. They had the likes of Ricky Martin, Rick Springfielld, Frisco singing, even Richard Simmons showing up.

Hope the writers can get back to more of the fun and adventure of past GH. It’s been pretty downer for a while in both the real and soap world. Losing Genie and Kevin story wasn’t a good way to start.


What I find odd, is that we are seeing Kevin a lot more nowadays, without Laura, but with Franco…


I don’t think it’s odd; I’m relieved! By that I mean I’m glad that the unfortunate situation with Genie didn’t trickle down to Kevin. I’ve missed him at the hospital! I hope he’s there to stay…though with the return of Andre, which I’m happy about, too…I’m hoping there’s room for two psychs on board! (Though perhaps if Andre is staying he’ll have a more active role/perhaps romantic role with Anna and resume work with her at the WSB.)


And now, if you’ll indulge me, some old-school musings…

Picture it: late 1960s/first half of 1970s: all the action takes place at the 7th Floor Nurses Station. Steve Hardy is Chief of Staff. Other doctors include Henry Pinkham, Phil Brewer, James Hobart, Lesley Williams (then Webber), and psychologist Peter Taylor. Nurses include Jane Dawson, Sharon Pinkham, sisters Audrey and Lucille Marsh, Jesse Brewer, and my favorite of all time, Valerie Starrett as Diana Maynard Taylor. Other notable characters include attorney Lee Baldwin, Howie Dawson, and Cameron Faulkner. All of these interesting characters interact with each other, exchanging glances and romances, emergencies, tensions. friendship, and love.

Steve and Audrey are star-crossed lovers. Phil Brewer is always hurting and disappointing Jesse. Jesse and Steve are great friends. Lucille is a gossip and a hoot! And the love story of Diana Maynard and Peter Taylor captivates a young Jamesj75, among legions of fans.

Peter and Diana Taylor:
When Diana first comes to town, she is a waitress and meets cook Harold Williamson. Harold is actually Phil Brewer and he is infatuated with Diana. And why not? She is beautiful and sweet beyond belief! Their relationship ends, and Diana and Peter begin a relationship. Diana is pregnant with Phil’s child, but Peter offers to marry Diana so that her child will have a father. They get married and start a life together. A jealous Phil later rapes Diana. Diana doesn’t report it. She becomes pregnant and realizes that Phil is again the father. She tries to pass off the baby as Peter’s, even attempts to induce an early labor in hopes that the timing of the baby’s arrival will convince everyone that the baby is Peter’s. Peter finally learns the truth and ends up staying with Diana.

Peter and Diana are star-crossed lovers, fighting off many obstacles. Yet they break up from time to time, have affairs with others (Peter with August McLeod; Diana with Joel Stratton and then his brother Owen Stratton), and then come back together. They know deep down that they truly love each other.

One Awesome Murder Mystery:

The evil Phil Brewer is murdered with a geode (crystallized stone). There are several suspects: Jessie Brewer, James Hobart, Peter Taylor, Diana Taylor, and nurse Augusta McLeod. The murder is investigated by Joss Janelle (played by Leave It to Beaver fame). Augusta McLeod is finally revealed as the killer. She is carrying Peter’s baby and goes to jail.

In the mid-1970s, Hurricane Ava wreaks havoc on the town (not known yet as Port Charles). This was an interesting storyline, but it was created to shake up the cast and avoid cancellation. Jeff and Monica are husband and wife interns. Brother Rick works at the hospital, too. A passionate triangle ensues. Rick and Jeff’s sister Terri Arnett sings at a local club.

Other fond memories:
Celia Quartermaine/Grant Putnam/Jimmy Lee Holt/Quartermaines/Luke & Laura phenomenon.

For Jamesj75, it all started with Peter Taylor (Craig Huebing) and Diana Taylor (Valerie Starrett). Riveting, heartfelt, lovable and loving characters with rooting value…


Correction: The murder is investigated by Ross Janelle (played by Tony Dow of “Leave It to Beaver” fame).


Well done, James.


Jamesj75….THANKS FOR THE “VERY DETAILED ACCOUNTS of that special time of GH…so much memories of them all.


Thank YOU, vinman! At an age where I tend to forget things, I am thrilled to be able to remember so much of what was once my favorite show. I can remember certain scenes from those times quite clearly, sometimes even certain lines. Take care, Friend!


It all started for me, around 84-86, with Robert Scorpio, and Frisco and Felicia-especially. Oh, how I miss those days of adventure. It got “heavy” for me during my teenage years with Sonny and Brenda, their apartment above Luke’s, etc. I remember rushing home from high school with anticipation, “will Sonny and Brenda be on today?” I would watch my VHS tapes of their scenes over and over again.


Hey there, dmr!

Very cool to read about your “first times.” Those years were also terrific. Scorpio iconic: a new leading man template. A little F&F was great after so much L&L. Felicia has always been such a great presence.

PS: I remember times when I would rewatch VHS tapes of the show: wish I still had them…


dmr…and when they actually had a budget to shoot in locations with beaches, etc. Suggestion…since ABC and Disney go together, and GH is filmed in California, why not use some Disney resort locations to act as more “exotic” places for adventures. As for the Q’s place, Ruby’s, Cassadine, Carly’s house,etc they could introduce a temporary new character who is a home stager.

Violet Lemm

I guess my favorites were from the 60s and 70s., Jesse, Steve, Audrey, Lee and his romantic adventures, Scotty and his. Leslie , Heather, Alan, Tracy and Monica, and the list goes on.
One of my more recent favorites, was Luke’s recollections, while tied up in his childhood basement. The characters being played by Carly as his mom and most interesting , Nelle, as his sister. John Stamos as a very young Blackie, and too many others to mention, are also good memories.!

Michael Kulla

You’re right, Dan. Forgot about that. How about Bobbi and Luke scheming for Laura to miss her curfew?!


Congratulations GH! Well done! Keep going! It’s my fave and always has been for many reasons! It’s an incredible accomplishment to make such great programming on a daily basis for all these years! Yes… we like some characters and stories more than others, it’s hard to have every day of 14,000 episodes hit it right on every moment. I think GH has done the best to make every episode entertaining! Keep up the great work… those of us that love it and have watched for too many years… appreciate the opportunity to escape with our characters and stories!


Congrats, GH.. 🙂


…funny true memory. …The Triple L Dinner….a very real “trailer” diner on Rt.31…Newark,NY.


I really can’t add much to what everyone has written here. I pretty much agree with everyone on their choices. Great job, everybody! Thank you for doing the heavy lifting!
For me, sometimes it was the every day moments where nothing spectacular happened.
For instance, I remember Bobbie sitting on the steps of her Brownstone apartment sulking. Tony threw her a 40th birthday party and for a gift he gave her a certificate for a week’s stay at a spa and retreat. Bobbie, who was battling weight at the time (and she actually spoke of it to Ruby on the show) took it as an insult and it didn’t help that a young and hot Carly Benson (Tamara Braun) was in attendance making Tony’s head turn. Neither Bobbie or Tony knew Carly was Bobbie’s daughter at the time. So, Bobbie is on the steps sulking and her brother Luke comes along. Bobbie engages in a long, tearful tirade of what’s bothering her and mentions that Tony is sending her to a ‘”fat farm.” After Bobbie is done with her long, self-pitying rant, Luke is quiet taking it all in. And then, with the comic timing of a pro, Geary as Luke responds,”Tony’s sending you to a FAT FARM? That’s outrageous!!!” I don’t think that was in the script as Geary was famous for ad libbing. Jackie Zeman looked like she was trying not to burst out laughing. So for me, it’s the little moments I remember so well. I miss those little slices of life which sometimes were incorporated into GH.
Oh, and incidentally, right after the aforementioned scene was over, Stefan Cassadine came up to the Brownstone stairs and met Bobbie for the first time. That was also an interesting scene.


Harry, thanks for your gracious words here and in your reply to me. I think we’ve been here before, Friend…

Also, thank you for refreshing my memory about those scenes with Bobby at the Brownstone! Great stuff. And you’re right: sometimes it’s those “every day moments” that mean so much. We can all take a page from that… Best to you always…


Have to correct Harry on one thing…..

It was the original Carly – Sarah Joy Brown – who seduced Tony to get back at her mom (thinking she deserved it for abandoning her as a baby). Tamara Braun didn’t take over the role until long after that regrettable business was done.


Satan! I am so standing corrected here. What a stupid mistake on my part (whacking head). Yes, I was visualizing Sarah Joy Brown and for some odd reason wrote Tamara Braun.
Sarah Brown was a tour de force and I much preferred her to Tamara.
Now, if I say 10 Hail Satans will you forgive me?
PS. James, thank you–always a pleasure to read your posts.


So where were the big “twists and surprises” in this episode? Did I miss something?


Nope, at best, it was a Tuesday or Wednesday filler episode-NOTHING special or spectacular.


The August 1980 episode in which Lesley Webber slapped Monica is my favorite GH episode. Alan had publicly announced that Alan, Jr. was really his biological child (instead of Lesley’s former husband Rick Webber), which resulted in Lesley confronting Monica for concealing the truth. At that point, Monica had been a pest in Lesley’s life for over three years and had caused her much grief and unhappiness. Somehow, Lesley had always managed to display considerable restraint, so it was a thrilling moment when she finally had enough of Monica’s nastiness and smacked her.


Talking about memory!!!! I’m astounded that so many of you remember so many scenes from decades ago and fanmale actually stated the month/year???!!!! Impressed; not in my “wheelhouse!”


Luke and Laura dancing on their anniversary I think the15th in the catacombs and everybody thought they were not together the BJ storyline Brad Maule deserved that Emmy his leaning down and trying to hear BJ’s heart after they had given it to Maxie and Felicia dropping to her knees when she realized whose heart had saved her daughter! Awesome


Brad Maule was fabulous in that scene! I remember watching that episode like it was yesterday. I bawled my eyes out!


I loved Brad Maule; another mistake, killing off Tony. I just watched his death scene on youtube. Why did I put myself through that…too incredibly sad.


One other thing (as if I haven’t said enough in this thread already…): A couple of posters have mentioned the LSD iced-tea switch involving Heather Grant and Diana Taylor as well as the murder of Diana, originally presumed to have been perpetrated by Heather.

Inexplicably, I was not as invested in these storylines because my beloved Valerie Starrett was no longer in the role of Diana:

—When Diana met Heather, the roles were played by Valerie Starrett and Georgane LaPiere, respectively.
—When the LSD iced-tea switch occurred, the roles were played by Brooke Bundy and Mary O’Brien, respectively.
—When Diana was murdered, the roles were played by Brooke Bundy and Robin Mattson, respectively.

I will say this: Robin Mattson did an exemplary job throughout her run. But she was absolutely compelling and scary when she was planning to kill Diana Taylor, terrorizing her fragile roommate Sara and then sneaking out of the sanitarium at night. She was evil incarnate. In later visits to GH, although still a great actress, because of the writing, Heather has become a cartoon character with little believability. Examples: falling off the GH building and surviving; being buried alive and surviving; weird repartee with “son from out of nowhere” Franco. Need I say more?!?!


Correction: insert “Understandably” in place of “Inexplicably.” I meant to say that I inexplicably stayed with the show even after Valerie Starrett left, so understandably I wasn’t as invested in the storyline with a new actress playing the part.


It’s funny that LaPiere feels slighted. Without disrespecting O’Brien, Robin Mattson IS Heather Webber. There’s no going back.

Similar to you’re assessment of there really being 2 Dianas, certain replacement actors change the character and you can’t see the original playing that role (or visa versa):

David Lewis and John Ingle, both beloved, brought different qualities to Edward. Yet, I couldn’t see DL doing some of the argumentative scenes JI did. If I could only wipe the Jed Allen years out of my memory 🙂

Sonny could never put Sean Kanan’s AJ on a meat hook like he did to Billy Warlock.

Julie Berman had a fierceness that Emme Rylan lacks. Rylan does nail the softer elements of Lulu, which was not JB’s forte.

And, I’ll always refer to Megan Ward as Kate Howard and Kelly Sullivan as Connie Falconeri.


It’s unfortunate that they don’t allow Heather, now, to be as terrifying as she was in the early 80’s. Robin Mattson can play vulnerable and then quickly turn into a terrifying, angry psychopath in a matter of seconds. I was a young boy watching the show then, and I was fascinated yet terrified of Heather.

A shout out to Mary O’brien, who I thought did an equally good job at being terrifying while hiding out in Diana’s basement spying on her, and then lasing the iced tea with LSD. I remember those following scenes at the hospital where they had to tie her down because the LSD was making her crazy.

Georgane LaPiere was before my time, but she is Cher’s half sister right?


Yes, Georgane LaPiere is Cher’s half sister, and a very pretty lady, as I recall.


Thanks for your reply, Justin. Yes, Georganne LaPiere is indeed Cher’s half-sister.

As I did an online search to make sure I spelled her name correctly (not an easy one — still got it wrong earlier), I learned, from a 2013 interview, that she regrets leaving the show in the 1970s and she regrets not being asked back to reprise her role in 2004 or 2012 and return to the show along with Richard Dean Anderson (who has still never returned).

I also agree with you on Mary O’Brien. From what I read, producer Gloria Monty was really very tough on O’Brien in trying to elicit great performances — it seemed to have worked.


Great recap of the actresses playing Diana and Heather. I only remember Brooke Bundy, who memory serves (with the help of YouTube) was a bit “harpy” in the role.

The Heather switch to Robin Mattson was the third big recast in a short time period as Leslie Charleson and Chris Robinson took over the roles of Monica and Rick during Gloria Monty’s early days. Mary O’Brien played the tripping scene fine, but you’re right, Mattson knocked it out of the park in the sanitarium scenes.


Thanks for your reply, Steve. Your characterization of Bundy’s take on Diana as “harpy” is indeed accurate. To me, it was a completely different character. Tom Donovan is the producer who fired Starrett in 1977, despite her popularity. He wanted to make Diana more of a villain. Starrett’s version of Diana was the sweet, though sometimes neurotic and vulnerable, heroine, and she fought against that major change to the character. And, yes, those recasts of Rick and Monica were monumental but seemed to have worked out well. I do remember the original Monica (Patsy Rahn) and Rick (Michael Gregory) and enjoyed them, too. As you say, Mary O’Brien did great work as well.

Furthermore, it irks me to no end that Valerie Starrett is not given her due. Of course, her work predates most fans. (Even the work of Bundy predates most fans.) Starrett was on the show for 8 years (1969-1977) and was an extremely popular and beautiful, adept actress. But there is scant information about her on the Internet. Any search of the character of Diana Taylor typically provides pictures of Bundy (tenure 1977-1981), perhaps a mention of Starrett. Even youtube videos are scarce. Scenes including Starrett have popped up in recent years, by a staunch Denise Alexander fan, so Alexander is featured as well; those episodes would have thus featured two leading ladies. Any GH anniversary show has featured virtually nothing from 1969 to 1977. Sure, they still might have GH’s inaugural episode from 1963 but nothing from those iconic years, as I believe those tapes were destroyed. Yet, imagine my excitement when, decades later, youtube featured scenes of Starrett.

Okay, I’ve bored everyone long enough… Thanks again, Steve, for your reply and for giving me the opening to expand and expound a bit more.


After watching show 14,000, why would I want to watch 14,001?


Oh, Timmm, this made me laugh-SO TRUE! The episode was beyond boring. It wasn’t even a “Friday” episode, more like a Tuesday or Wednesday filler episode. I was hoping for some flashbacks or for some history. Of course, all of my hopes for this show have been dashed over the years.


dmr…And then for all of Carly and Sonny’s mourning, I have to question their parenting when Morgan was alive. They sent him away to private school. Isn’t that when and where he got in trouble with online gambling, and Kiki and Ava?


If I remember correctly, Rose, Carly and Jax (when they were married and Morgan was living with them) sent Morgan away to private school to keep him away from Sonny’s business, and influence. He was a great kid and very close to Jax. It seems he felt like he was abandoned or unwanted..and thought that Michael was the favorite of Sonny’s…which drove him to the gambling.


I dont have high expectations. I wonder if they dumped the EP if some of our favorites would make their way back?


Timmm…Wish I had better upbeat, love in the afternoon type suggestions for 14,001, etc., but it looks like more of the continuing saga of Carly mourning the loss of Morgan; Maxie coming to terms with Nathan’s death; Sonny’s dad Mike and his onset of alzheimers which is a terrible disease (and we’ve just been through this with Dina on Y&R with both actors doing a very convincing portrayal of the symptoms); Kevin consulting with Franco instead of Laura.

And all at once!

So looking for more upbeat stories which may make another GH anniversary list, but not all of these downer stories.


Rose…I thought we were going to be spared another Carly talking Morgan hour. NOT that I didn’t sympathize. I was a great defender on the reality of the situation and understood the depth they went to characterize the despair suffered by Carly and Sonny. If they’d shortened their grief (like they did Laura with Nicolas and by having Alexis barely blink an eye at the death of the nephew she was so close with) I would have felt it completely unrealistic and shallow. BUT!… for Carly to rehash (today, Monday the 27th) most of it to Jason (and a good chunk of the less-than-hour when you subtract the commercials) was beyond tedious. I would have fast forwarded on my DVR but I happened to be home today and caught it “live.” “Jason” might have needed to hear the entire story but we certainly didn’t. Total waste of air time…

What I WOULDN’T mind is if they spent that same amount of time with Monica explaining to Jason how his brother AJ died at the hands of Sonny and how Carly covered it up. Guess AJ’s death, as his life, just isn’t worth mentioning. Will forever be a wrong that someone at GH should finally correct.

On another note, maybe when they restore Drew’s memories they can restore Jason’s!!!! Then, he’d return to the Q fold, feel the intensity of his love for Monica, Ned; grieve AJ and we could get a sense of the Quartermaine’s again (with, of course, the wished-for return of Sean Kanan. I could suspend my disbelief for that…and would welcome the opportunity).


Morgan! Morgan! Morgan! One of the most unlikeable characters on the show in recent history, IMO. Yet, an episode doesn’t go by without a mention of the spoiled brat who disrespected his parents and siblings every chance he got!


Rebecca…I can’t say parenting is easy, especially nowadays. And being away from his parents at private school sure didn’t help Morgan. And things like the gambling ecaped Carly and Sonny. Plus they may have seen some earlier bipolar red flags had he stayed home. On the other hand he could have been shot like Michael in one of Sonny’s legitimate coffee houses. Damned if you do, or don’t.

I received some other unnamed commenter replies. Agree we don’t need any political “dynasties” whether it’s the Kennedy’ s or any other family. That still wouldn’t take away from a “clan” being involved in doing things for the public good.

As far as the staying power of the Royal Family, you have to admit they have had their “soap” moments over the years. And they are still around even after most recently gong through the growing pains of Diana, Prince Charles and Camilla. And now we have Meghan. And a mildly rebellious Harry possibly as a result of what happened to his Mom? Ah…the British soap opera goes on.


Rebecca and Timmm…I think I may have to take a time out on GH after yesterday’s episode. More of the same downer topics…with Maxie, not just Nathan dying, but the possibility of Huntington Disease; now Anna worrying about Huntington for the daughter she’s never seen; Mike with Alztheimers; and you know they will have to do more with Carly and Morgan mourning. I don’t know if they are reflecting the social and cultural time of now with a lot of things out of wack, including guns, or it’s that the writers don’t have any happy ideas anymore like in past years when things seemed more promising and fun..

Something else…It occurred to me the current GH really isn’t the show many of us remember or would like to see, especially if it’s built around the Q’s. Reminds me of the Kennedy’s. Just the other day I saw Joe Kennedy from Massachusetts on tv. At one time the Kennedy’s dynasty in the US (whether you like them or not) was much like the Q’s in Port Charles. And now many that we knew have died or were killed, and not enough others to pick up the slack. So now it seems all we have are Monica and Ned. Sad. I miss the vibrancy and all the other adjectives from commenters of the old GH.


Rose…just wrote you a response but then lost it. LOL…can’t begin to rewrite it so I’ll give you the recap:

Hope you don’t tune out.

If you do, at least record it so GH gets the ratings; we need them!
You’re right…lots of heavy stories going on now.

Max Gail is doing a phenomenal job as is Maurice. Truly exemplary. But too depressing. I’d rather they not have gone this route even though it’s extremely well written/acted.

Huntingons…ugh! I HATE medical stories; rather have mob stories. I’m hoping neither Peter or Maxi’s baby has inherited the disease but rather the writers have used it as a vehicle for Anna to find Henrik and Maxi to find out he’s Nathan’s brother.

Joe Kennedy: DESPICABLE man! Nothing like the Qs. Kennedy was an anti-semite, Hiter-supporter (according to history), cheated on his wife consistently and had his own daughter lobotomized. Disgusting and reprehensible. I don’t even want to put his name next to the beloved GH Q’s. Talk about “downer” topics…thy name is Joe Kennedy, Sr.

Perhaps the Kardashians would be a better parallel to the Qs? LOL…


Rebecca…I didn’t mean the Joe Kennedy you are speaking of. It’s the younger 30ish version of today. From what I heard quite different than great, great grandpa or whatever. When I mentioned him it wasn’t to endorse him, it was to put legacy/dynasty families that we are familiar with, as far as longevity, in perspective re: how long they last. An exception it seems is the Queen of England and her family. They have adapted and kept having kids.


Oops! Sorry! My mistake! Just reread your comment and obviously you were talking about the younger one; you said you just saw him on TV! LOL!

Agree! The younger/LIVING one comes off completely good, caring, compassionate, etc. I’ve watched the videos of him circulating around the web. Impressive!

And, yes, the Kennedys have had quite the run and that dynasty as they appeared has lost many…though they have so many generations…children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. while our poor Qs are almost obsolete. They weren’t that big to begin with and the “writers” decided to kill off half of them!

Yep; the Royal Family seems to be everlasting. Though, talk about scandal, violent past to present day Charle’s and his said to be Hitler fan/ anti-semitic (that ol’ anti-semitsm is as hardy as ever) and scandal! That’s why I laughed when “a poster” said that Meghan Markle wasn’t fit to be in their “perfect, flawless bloodline” (not verbatim but you get the gist). Meghan’s quite beautiful….

Talking about the Queen, I’m a little late to the game on this one but I just watched The White Queen (one more episode to go) and I’m loving it! Have you seen it? Max Irons as King Edward? Wow! Jeremy Irons son and what a looker!!!! Reminds me of a young Marlon Brando…I could see him portraying the late actor in a bio pic.


I could never take a time out but I do go through more batteries now on my TV remote!

I never made the Q and Kennedy connection but thats an excellent analogy. I wish Wally was on full time, dump that motor mouth of a wife and rebuild the Q family.


In the future when you think of memorable episodes of GH, it will have to be a rare episode where neither Frodd nor Ava was on the show.

Genie Francis got fired and those two miserable f#$%^ have both appeared EVERY day since then???

Seriously, time to dump Frank AND his pets…. and anybody else pushing this dragonshit.


I like the dragonshite. Sorry; but I’d rather watch Franco and Ava than Laura. And I LIKE Genie and I LIKE Laura and I get that she’s a vet…and a loved one at that. But she had no story!!! Watching her in out-dated too-old-for-her clothes walking her grandson around the park or babysitting Charlotte is not riveting. A run for mayor? No doubt they’ll bring Genie back…and then we’ll see if her story picks up. As it was…comfy like a hot cup of tea; exciting as watching paint dry. With that said, I’d love for Genie to return…and perhaps with a bit more reaction to her son’s death. Lashing out a few times at Valentin didn’t cut it for me.


there are millions of viewers that no longer watch this show because it’s no longer recognizable. I like Maura West and I think she’s an amazing actress. That said, when I think of General Hospital (and I started watching in 1977), I don’t think of Ava, I think of Bobbie, Laura, Lesley, the Quartermaines. Long time devoted viewers are left out. There’s not reason to tune in.

Is it Genie’s fault that they can’t write for her?


I agree; and they used Laura as a sounding board for her insipid daughter’s lackluster life as a “journalist” and mother-YAWN.


Hi Justin…

No; it’s not Genie’s fault. That’s why I said I like her and I like Laura. Unfortunately, the writing for her has been boring to me. BORING. Her character was lackluster…just didn’t/doesn’t do anything for me. With that said, I think they will bring her back and if so, I would welcome an interesting story for her. Her most recent return wasn’t…and as always…it’s subjective.

As for the other characters/families you mentioned, I’m a long-time viewer, too. Unfortunately, most of the Quartermaines are gone. Some have retired, some have passed away. Even the actress who played Alice hasn’t been well and as far as I know has stopped working. I’m still hoping that Jason gets HIS memories back and rejoins the Q’s…that Drew and he bond, and that AJ makes his third return from the dead.

Bobby’s been back and I’m glad. But, she has nothing to do but advise Carly. The days we long for are gone. Fifty years will do that….


Thanks for the agreed-upon “yawn” dmr. 🙂 It’s quite risky to speak in the negative about a beloved character; it’s dangerous on these sites!!! LOL.


Amen. Funny, the last memorable episode that I can remember, of recent times, is Laura confronting Valentin over Nikolas’ death. Frank and his pets are killing this show.


Another episode burned into my memory is when Laura, after being “raped” by Luke, was taken to the hospital. Nurse Jessie Brewer comforts Laura by washing her off. Laura said she’ll never been clean again, but the Nurse gently reminds her she has never been dirty. It’s on you tube–search for Luke and Laura ~ After the Terrible Night, Part 2 (Jessie comforts Laura)

General Hospital

GH Nurses’ Ball 2018 Conclusion: Anna Learns Henrik Is Her Son, Maxie Has Her Son, Ava Wows, Mike & Sonny Duet!

In the most moving and exciting episode of this 2018 GH Nurses’ Ball, all roads lead to the truth about Henrik and how he is really living his life as none other than Peter August (Wes Ramsey).  First, Robert (Tristan Rogers) who has punched out by Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) on stage drags him outside of the ballroom for his part in the cover[up.  Robert is worried about Anna’s (Finola Hughes) safety. Nina (Michelle Stafford) confronts her husband about how long he’s known who Henrik is.  She later figures out why he has been trying to whisk her and Charlotte out of the country.


Onstage Mike (Max Gail) takes a mic, and makes a moment of saying he has Alzheimer’s and then launches into the song he remembers,“The Summer Wind.” As he sings, he imagines being accompanied by a big band as he proceeds to deliver a showstopper.  Suddenly, in reality, Mike is lost and disoriented … scared he stares around at the audience.  Sonny (Maurice Benard) gets up to the stage to help his dad by cluing him into the lyrics.  Sonny sings with Mike and gets him through the song.  They receive a standing ovation.

Ava (Maura West) who is preparing to perform her number comes across a moment between Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) backstage where they are in a hug.  Little does Ms. Jerome know that Griffin was consoling Kiki after her lewd run-in with Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva).   Then it is Maura West, who truly brings down the house for this year’s ball with her Ava’s rendition of “You Don’t Own Me.”  That tune was certainly a nod to all those that Ava feels have wronged her.  Yup! Sonny, Griffin and Kiki we think are some on her list!   Dressed in a white pant suit and accompanied by a bevy of male dancers, West knocked the interpretation of the song out of the park, to make it work for her character and the Nurses’ Ball.


Elsewhere, Maxie (Kristen Storms) has gone into labor, and Peter is right there safely delivering her baby boy. Maxie is taken by paramedics to the hospital, while Peter calls Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) at Maxie’s urging to let him know what happened.  Spinelli has just found out, through Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) that Peter is Henrick!

Anna is walking into a trap on the pier as she waits for Henrick. When he appears, he has no idea that Anna is his mother, and thinks it’s all been a set-up.  He points a gun to eliminate her once and for all, but Anna says she has something to tell him.

The Nurses’ Ball concludes with a touching finale of “Champion” featuring: Epiphany (Sonya Eddy), Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Bobbie (Jackie Zeman), Amy (Risa Dorken) and the other nurses.

So, what did you think of the final episode of the GH Nurses’ Ball 2018?  What did you think of the musical performances? Do you think Maxie’s baby will be OK? Will Anna be able to tell Henrik that she is his mom? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Ryan Paevey Sends Out Touching Tweet On The Birth Of His TV Son On General Hospital!

On yesterday’s GH, viewers saw the tender moment when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) delivered her baby, who is the bio-son of her late husband, Nathan West.

When Maxie finds out she had a boy to carry on the legacy of her beloved husband, she is overcome.

Ryan Paevey (Ex-Nathan), who left the series earlier this year, took to Twitter upon seeing the episode and the image of the little baby that is his on-screen offspring.

He expressed: “Welcome to the world, little one …. it’s a scary place sometimes, and i so wish i could have been there to show you all the good stuff. Your mother loves you,and will take care of you and teach you …. watch out for her her for me will ya?”

Aaawww.  So many GH fans have been touched by the gesture, and how nice it is that it makes the whole journey and end of Nathan’s West story heartbreaking and bittersweet.

Were you touched by Ryan’s tweet?  Missing him on GH? Comment below

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General Hospital

GH Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

The conclusion of the Nurses’ Ball brings with it suspense, game-changing moments, and impacts many couples.

Peter (Wes Ramsey) is one step ahead of Anna (Finola Hughes), who is hoping her plans to meet him on the pier work out.   However, it seems like Peter AKA Henrick Faison is not going to so easily walk into a trap, except, little does he know that Anna is his biological mother. How will this turn out?

What will happen to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and her baby? And now that Robert (Tristan Rogers) is freed from being held hostage, will he blow the whistle on Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)?

Check out some teasers for next week’s General Hospital. Then let us know what you are hoping goes down in Port Charles when the smoke clears after the ball?

Monday, May 21

Valentin walks a fine line

Tuesday, May 22

Peter feels deceived

Wednesday, May 23

Dante has had enough

Thursday, May 24

Alexis quickly regrets her actions

Friday, May 25

Sonny is tormented

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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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