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Today's GH: Florencia Lozano Delivers Another Heartbreaking Performance!



Fans of both One Life to Live and General Hospital were in for an emotionally draining and riveting episode on today’s GH involving Florencia Lozano!  The powerhouse actress who has been known to deliver some heart-tugging performance during her time on OLTL as Tea Delgado, such as when she survived her cancer and the loss of her husband, Victor Jr., now in Port Charles had to endure the loss of her thought-to-be baby boy, Victor.  In key scenes, Tea is informed by Todd and John McBain that her baby died and the baby she had come to love was Sam’s!

Throughout the episode, Lozano’s Tea struggled to cope, grasp, and was taken to the depths of despair, until she has no choice but to say goodbye to the little boy she thought was hers one last time!  Kudos also belonged to Steve Burton (Jason) and Kelly Monaco (Sam) for some very tender moments reuniting with their son!

And if that was enough, GH managed to touch us even further when it was revealed that today’s was Robin’s birthday, in a bittersweet and emotional scene between Jason Thompson and Finola Hughes as Patrick and Anna.

But at the end of the day, it was Lozano who broke our hearts. And even though we have all seen the baby-switch storyline played out before, where a mother says goodbye to her child and then has to hand a baby over to the bio-mom, and even though some of the dialog we have heard before in prior versions of this tried and true soap opera storyline vehicle, it certainly was a showcase for Lozano’s acting chops!

So soapers, what did you think of the performance on today’s GH?  Let us know!

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I loved Tea. I thought her performance was dead on. THEY NEED HER ON CONTRACT…YESTERDAY!!!!!!


So true! Get Florencia Lozano a contract immediately GH! She could want to stay in Port Charles to be near the baby she’s grown to love. And she could have visitation rights.


i would love it,but i don’t think so,i wish she wil stay on maybe for sonny.if brenda do not come back. but i will love her either way,she is a epitome of a SOAP STAR actress,people talk bout her badly on site called soapcentral but over at our site SOAP ACTRESS CENTRAL GH FORUM we adore,and love her so much she is a phoenomenal actress, TOP A+ talent,and we need more women like her on gh.i hope she stay. from morgan farantino-clark,moderator at SOAP ACTRESS Spotlight


i thought her performance was over the top, she seemed so loud in everything she did, it was finally at the end, when she’s saying goodbye to victor jr, that she toned it down, but overall i felt she came across overly dramatic and very loud.


If that were You in real life wouldn’t you be loud? She is losing the baby she loves and she thinks she has lost Victor, Jr. which we know she hasn’t. If it were your baby you would be very loud and emotional also. She is having human feelings!


Human feelings or not, Tea WAS way over the top in her acting. Subtlety does have it’s merits! (It also saves the ear drums.)


Well I’m not saying or arguing about her reaction but the performance was over the top regardless, there’s no one right way to react to a situation like that. Many actress have done so I just felt she overkilled.

susan M.

I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I felt the same way about her aria, she was just way too loud and overly dramatic for my taste, too.


I have to agree wiht Aria. I preferred her more subtle performance when she said goodbye to Victor, but her performance in John McBain’s face seemed a bit much. I was a little embarrassed to watch it and her tears didn’t seem very real quite honestly.

susan M.

I disagree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

susan M.

If her performance was any less it would have been Unbelieveable…This is what I meant to say in my first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

susan M.

I think a person in that situation would react in that way..It would get really emotionally…Having a child taken away from them & finding out it wasn’t theirs in the first place….Yes, it would get pretty tense to say the least….Her performance
was right on the mark…Any less it wouldn’t have been believeable….Yes it would be loud & VERY UPSETTING!!!! I think she did a acting performance!!!!!!!


I don’t care how loud she gets when she speaks her Spanish she has me sold a very pretty woman. I guess we are suppose to go ho hum another day huh I just lost a baby I have loved for months. The way she found out totally stupid and yes heartless.


I love this woman… Florencia Lozano.

I think she played it…. shocked, to the system- horrified, with disbelief – her life was crashing… and she was looking to McBain and Todd… for any semblence of hanging on to Victor…. and Victor JR…. with hysteria.

i’d be in a catatonic state…. de-void.

I sobbed.


I thought she played “hysterical” very well… but was oddly calm/angry when visiting Todd in police station. I’d still be lost… heartbroken… and weepy… not sure how many days later that was supposed to be, but I thought she was too precise on that visit to Todd. That kind of hurt would take a very long time to come to terms with.


Over the top? Are you serious? This is not a type of storyline or reaction that you can be “subtle” with. Florenica played it BEAUTIFULLY and completely broke my heart. If you are so offended by the “loudness”, turn down your television volume and quit being so overcritical to a terrific actress.


Yeah, like I said over the top just like you. Hey if you loved her performance then good for you. Different strokes for different folks. In my opinion it was overkill, in yours it wasn’t . It’s that simple so chill and don’t “over react” .


They all did an amazing job as usual for them. It was very sad.Florencia Lozano is a fantastic actress especially in the tearjerking scenes! It was a nice quick end to a sad, emotionally don storyline,

Eileen Hargis

I think thete will be double Emmys for Florencia and Susan Flannery on B and B next year! And Kelly Monaco for supportin.


AGREE! I cannot believe that Florencia, Susan, or Kelly have not been nomminated in most recent Emmys.


sorry to me kelly monanco was luke-warm ONLY ,she did nothing amazing but florencia did, love her,and clearly the better actress in the scene exhibited,sam too calm. way too calm,over the top thinking your baby just die,i THINK NOT. emmy for kelly nope,but for florencia YEP and i can’t wait to see it.

from morgan.


Was so good to watch yet so sad all at the same time.

( I still hold on to some hope that OLTL will resurface in some way, some where)


sorry I am not a fan of hers. Except for yesterday, every scene she was in she was always shrieking and yelling and always cutting people off when they tried to explain things to her. This past week when she was yelling her head off non-stop, I kept feeling the urge to smack her and to tell her to STFU so that someone could talk to her and make her understand what had happened. So I do I want more of her annoying, over the top yelling acting methods? Hell no! Not unless I want to go deaf or have to watch her GH scenes on mute.


As you say mute the scenes of Florencia if she’s to loud for you or you think she is over acting. I think there is more to your feeling about her than her acting. L


Wow. Your comments are incredibly childish. You are mad because she was “cutting people off”, did you ever stop to think it was scripted that way? Also she was yelling and upset because 1.) the child she thought to be hers was KIDNAPPED and almost KILLED, 2.) she discovered that the baby was indeed NOT her own. I’d like to see how your superior acting skills would hold up with material such as that- probably not a great performance. If you think she was “too loud” turn down your volume.


Florencia was outstanding in these scenes!! Shes beautiful and strong and really made us feel her emotions. Two thumbs up!!

kathleen johnson

She is such a great actori know why we watched oltl the acting was always so great and for being loud why notbshe is losiing her child and can not do anything to stop it


Florenzia was superb as the grieving mother. Love her character and would like to see more when we learn Victor is really alive. They can’t really have her around the baby anymore so it would seem she needs to go back to Llanview or stay for a bit longer to see that Todd gets what he deserves. The other thing about Monday and Tuesday’s episodes that affected me was the thought of losing Steve Burton when the baby is back and he is his real father. I soooooo wish that Steve were not leaving or that we knew he was coming back. Couldn’t someone leak that he is just taking a few months off to be with his family and he is really coming back… please! He is the one actor/character that I don’t want to see recast… Steve Burton is my favorite and I really wish he was coming back!

Debbie Harris

Florencia Lozano was Awesome yesterday onGH! I think she played like it would have been in real life. All kinds of emotions, wanting it all Not to be True, But knowing deep down it was true! Kudos to FL and to Kelly M and Steve B too!,


OMG, That woman is chill inducing and just AMAZING as an actress. I so wish they would put her on contract!!!


The whole thing was a mess and complete failure on GH’s part. I adore Florencia. She is a wonderful actress but you’d never know it thanks to the terrible scripts she’s been handed. Over the top doesn’t even begin to describe. I’ve never been a fan of Sam but as of this week her character was completely assassinated by the writers as far as I’m concerned. To refuse Tea even the slightest moment to hold the child she’s been nurturing for months is selfish at best, criminal even. I am so disappointed in the lousy direction this show has taken. Aside from long-standing loyalty, there is nothing about GH that makes me want to continue watching. If ABC canceled the show tomorrow it would be a relief. Who is minding the store?


that struck me, as well. it was out of character for Sam….

Sam and Jason both acknowledged how loved and cared for “their” son was…. ie: they were looking at pictures of son and Tea on their cell phone…

you know… course they don’t know… that Tea was holding on to Victor past and memories… and Victor JR. was “all” she had left… it was heartbreaking for Tea.

hopefully, wishful thinking… Tea continues to visit port charles…

all things considered, with Heather… down to the wire… she was grilling… Anna… about Robin… thereby, giving us more Heather… down the road.


“To refuse Tea even the slightest moment to hold the child she’s been nurturing for months is selfish at best, criminal even.”

Gentlemen, I understand your side, but I also think it was Sam’s emotions being allover the place. She was desperate to have him one minute, scared to hold him the next. I can understand how she would feel with Tea wanting the baby back. Sam did do right by Tea in the end, but I understand her not wanting to let the baby go to anyone.


it was in the next day’s episode…that Tea had the chance to say goodbye…

she asked Sam… if she could hold “victor, jr.” one, last time….

heartbreaking… gut-wrenching…

now, it’s, Sam’s time…

how will the “show” end, with Sam and Jason… its all been a tearjearker… ALL good.


I agree with Chris. Florencia is an amazing actress. The raw emotion of her performance was heart wrenching.


Tea is always fantastic! It’s really sad that all these great OLTL actors were fired. She ‘s one of a great group.


It was gut-wrenching. I felt the same way when the characters gave birth and the babies were switched. I can understand how Aria might feel that Florencia was a bit over the top, but like Sharon B wrote, if you consider how you might react if it were your child, you might be loud, too. I had to rationalize how some of the scenes played out because they didn’t make sense to me from a staging standpoint. If it had been me, I think Todd and John would have been thrown into the walls for standing in my way and I would have broken Sam’s hand when she put it out to stop me from coming for “my baby”. That’s not Florencia’s fault; I blame that on not very strong blocking or scene writing. There was a lot of sub-text going on in those scenes and not a lot of time to wrap up a ton of emotions. Really, I thought this would play out that Victor would be reunited with Tea as she found out Victor, Jr. was Sam’s and then Victor and Tea would walk off into the sunset. Anyway…I think everyone did a fantastic job at the end of the day. Like I said, it was gut-wrenching.


I do not care for baby-switch storylines, and would have preferred for Tea to have her baby and live happily ever after. how wonderful for the day when Victor Jr. is resurrected (I don’t like those plotlines either) that he would be reuinted wit his wife and suprrised by a son.

But the actress rocks her scenes all the time,. This was no exception.

TnT 2.0 Forever

I co-sign this comment 100%. TSJ and FL are the best, can’t wait to see them reunited on my T. V. screen.

Jim H

It was a great story with great performances It makes me miss OLTL even more. ABC WAKE UP Bring back OLTL and dump THE CHEW You will have the 2 best shows in daytime.


She is always such a strong actress, GH would be smart to get her on contract.


I have seen baby switch stories before, but never as a MOTHER myself. I felt so bad for Sam when she was given the dead baby, but I did not cry until she was reunited with her baby, and not to forget to mention when she was told her son did not die.

I have 1 and 3-year-old boys myself. I could not imagine going through what either of these characters has. I was crying tears of joy, tears of sadness. It made me very grateful for the lengths that my hospital went through to make sure my boys did not get taken or mixed up. For those of you who have not had children, it changes you and it is a feeling like none other.

Those episodes did a number on me. For those saying Florencia was over-the-top, I disagree. I think (heaven forbid) if it were me in that situation, I would do the same thing. I felt she was over-the-top when she was pregnant. She clutched her stomach every time. I kept thinking that is what killed the poor baby – her smothering. Being through two pregnancies I never clutched my stomach in both pregnancies as much as she did in one week’s worth of episodes. That was too much for me, but not the scenes of having your baby being kidnapped, being left in the dark while JUST ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE knew the real story, and then finally being told the baby you loved for four months was not yours … yours died. I think Florencia was perfect.

Now what I have trouble with is a spoiler I read about Starr and Michael babysitting. I want to know if this is an emergency or because Sam needs some time away because I could not imagine needing some time after I just got my baby back, but people are different. I know of couples that fly off on vacation and leave the baby only a few weeks or months after the baby is born. I hope this is not the case here. I hope Sam is a much better mother than Sharon is to Faith on Y&R. The things Sharon has done for ADAM while leaving her child (the one she thought died and then got back) behind is unimaginable.


She is a wonderful actress and has always been a screamer, that is what makes her fun to watch.


I thought she was really very good as well but I also thought she was given the best dialogue and the most time to convey her POV of anyone in that while story and in that whole episode. The real parents stood around spinning the same dialogue over and over in their super short scenes while she ranted and raved- and rightly so- begging for an explanation that should have come one episode earlier. In that episode FL chewed up every last bit of scenery in her long scenes, while the babies parents stood around wondering, like me, why someone wouldn’t just TELL HER.


FL knocked it out of the park. She is a strong actress. Her acting was not over the top it was real. My partner and I were sobbing by the time the show ended. Get this woman on contract. GH needs someone to contrast the whispering talented types like KellyM.


Some people scream and some don’t. She’s had plenty to scream about, and I’d watch her sitting on a stool, screaming names out of the the phone book. People around here need to cut her some slack. You act like she’s a leper or something. That’s how she chooses to portray Tea’s emotions. Delgado has always been emotional and hot blooded. She’s a terrific, engaging actress who goes big with her work and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So, Flo, you, a chair, and a phone book. I’d watch you any day.


I love Tea and Florencia! She is one of the premier actresses in all of daytime, maybe even all of television. I wish that Tea could stay on GH full time.


Florencia is a graduate from the Judith Light School of Overacting.


I would rather see the acting style of Florencia, than the whispering style , and grabbing the sides of my face and pulling it down in ever scene said actress is in.

susan M.

She didn’t OVERACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Judith Light was good on OLTL all those years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (KAREN)Should she have been calm & reserved….Oh My Not my baby ,Oh Golly Gee!!!!!!!!!!

susan M.

I mean Tea to be calm & reserved!!!!!


Florencia ROCKS.

I am grateful to TPTB for keeping part of OLTL alive. That said, it’s a little disturbing that the main storylines have centered on the deaths of two OLTL kids.


It was stupid phyliss getting off all charges, it should have been paul but the writing is much better

susan M.

What are you talking about???????????? Who’s stupid phyliss????


Florencia is that damn good. She is just a rock star. Simply Brilliant.

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