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TONIGHT: CW’S Dynasty Makes Its Debut: Will The Reboot Find Success?


Soap fans get another sudsy offering with the premiere of CW’s re-imagined version of the classic 80’s primetime series, Dynasty when it bows Wednesday night at 9PMEST/8PMCST.

It’s been 28 years since viewers last saw the filthy rich Carrington clan and their lovers, rivals, and familial dynamics. Now in the 2017 version, it’s soap vet Grant Show (Ryan’s Hope, Melrose Place), who takes on the role of Blake Carrington played by the legendary John Forsythe. And yes, there are Blake’s snotty kids; Fallon and Steven, as part of the major plots.

Now in the series, the Carringtons are no longer oil tycoons in Denver, but instead reside in Atlanta with a global energy empire.  While the original version of Dynasty was all Waspy and white, the reboot features much diversity.  In fact, the rival Colbys are African-American and Blake’s love, Cristal is a powerful Latina businesswoman, while the original character, Krystal, played by Linda Evans, was Blake’s white secretary in the 80’s version.

Look for Rafael de la Fuente to shake up the canvas as the male version of Heather Locklear’s original portrayal of Sammy Jo, who is also Steven’s lover this time out.  Paramount to the new version is that Steven’s homosexuality is accepted, unlike the original Dynasty where Steven’s biggest issues with his father were primarily a result of him being gay.

And yes, there are catfights, high fashion, and soapy staples along the way, but will this reboot find its way into the consciousness of the audience in 2017?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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39 Comments on "TONIGHT: CW’S Dynasty Makes Its Debut: Will The Reboot Find Success?"

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Sue M.

I like the original dynasty many years ago, And all the good memorable characters. Not interested in the recital will not be watching.Should leave well enough alone.

Sue M.

Not interested in the reboot


Cancelled after half a season. You can’t change a classic that much and expect success!


For this to succeed, they need to rope in diehard fans of the original “Dynasty”, much like TNT did with the “Dallas” reboot. They brought back some key characters played by the original actors (Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy). They continued their stories and focused on their grown-up offspring as well. Larry Hagman’s untimely death is a main reason it was cancelled after the third season. Yes, John Forsythe is gone, but Joan Collins, John James, Heather Locklear, and others are around and would likely do it. Little Blake, Danny, Krystina, etc are offspring characters that could now be focused on. I don’t think this formula is going to work, but stranger things have happened.


They are NOT going in that direction, and that’s why this will fail. They are basically just using and bastardizing the name Dynasty and some character names.


Exactly, Jovin! Spicing up the ingredients of the massively successful “original recipe” Dynasty is an epic disaster waiting to happen, no matter how much certain public “tastes” have changed since the fabulously frothy ’80’s! It’s time for the drama “cooks” to get back into the kitchen and whip up something more innovative and creative if they wish to tell a story with such a contemporary point-of-view. Forget already about attempting to change this beloved classic soap’s initial premise with all sorts of modern-day revisions. “Using and b@$+@#&ing” says it all!


I agree with Joel. Growing up in the 60 ‘s with nine brothers one sister and two working parents who foolishly relied on the older brothers to watch the younger kids lol. .they were so stupid and mean sometimes you couldn’t help laughing at their idiocy directed right at you. But I digress. Back then tv was the ultimate babysitter. By the time Dynasty debuted I was excited for one reason only as well as my friends. LINDA EVANS. AUDREY “FLAMING” BARKLEY from The Big Valley was back on tv. We had no idea hurricane Joan Collins was even on the radar. And fell over the balcony when we quickly sussed Steven Carrington true character. THAT fricking hot THAT type of character in primetime. Cruising was in theatres Making Love was on the way TO theatres and Rocky Horror at midnight WAS theatre. So much attributed to Dynasty being Dynasty back then. You can’t replicate that thrill and it should have been left alone or put in better hands. This isn’t DYNASTY it’s TRAVESTY. And that’s what it should have been called.


Oops meant AUDRA she was kidnapped so much I misspelled her name.


I was sitting there saying at least give me some cymbals horns violins and a dramatic theme song and ended up like Charlie Brown this poetically close to Halloween. .a knock off Empire type theme music over opening scenes. .YEAH. .I got bubblegum I got a chocolate bar. .I GOT A ROCK! !


Im all for diversity and all but the acting looks horrible…might have been better to name in something else instead of trying to cash in on an old hit or been about the next generation…i dont see this lasting.


I never heard of Dynasty.
But– I will tun in for look-see

After reading this, I’m not excited..

Episode: I Hardly Recognized You
S01, E01
Fallon expects to become the new COO of her father Blake’s energy empire, but that job is given to Cristal, her future stepmother; Fallon seeks revenge by sidling up to a rival; When Cristal’s nephew arrives, her secret past threatens her future.

And— it is playing against my Wednesday favorites;
-Designated Survivor
-Mr Robot

So, Dynasty is airing in a Wednesday kill zone ..


su…It seems a series only has it’s one time and place…the original… and rebooted years later doesn’t have the same magic. For me, I’m not impressed with the new StarTrek for instance. And I hope Twin Peaks can live up to the original…but we will see. Part of it is the stories, the other big part are the characters and actors who bring them to life like Larry Hagman/JR and Joan Collins. And even in the soap genre, Susan Lucci/Erica, Victor, Helena.

And I know what you mean about Wednesdays…I follow Blacklist, even though I liked the first few seasons better, and catch Designated Survivor as rerun on another day. In my market it’s followed by House of Cards.


I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. I grew up on the original and clearly that cannot be matched (for many reasons) but big fun so far. Big time score for diversity with a capital D! It is on Wednesdays so no way i’ll remember it’s on so DVR/TIVO and catch it on weekends until it’s cancelled. But between this show and few other reboots I’m starting to reverse my age too!! 🙂


This will fail faster than that idiotic “No Tomorrow” show that CW had on last year.


I guess if Dallas worked, this might. I watched five minutes of it and it was horrible!


Dallas worked because they had most of the principal characters from the original series involved. But of course, JR was still central to the show, so when Larry Hagman died, the whole thing fell apart fast and they limped through the last season.


all I want is a re-imagined ONE LIFE TO LIVE


One Life would be the Prime Time version and like This Is Us would focus on several couples and The Buchanan family…cut the cast in half which should be easy since most move on and done in one hour weekly episodes instead of daily…more like a prime time soap…i think if PP had done their reboot this way it might had worked!!!


What makes a soap great is the actors, they are the characters the show..
They are who the fans love and tune into be with..
The OLTL cast is gone, it can not be recreated with other actors..

Yea, many are still alive but retired or into other careers..
Not enough of a couple to be as it once was.

Chances are it would fail.


Amen Brian. Sign me up for our beloved One Life to Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stevie g

So from this article and really most shows from the US in geneeral, it seems to be a crime and no no to have a predominately white cast. Why there was such a need to make Krystal Hispanic and The Colbys black is beyond me. But it is paired well with Riverdale who also changed the ethnicities of a whole lot of The Archies characters. I was a big fan of the original Dynasty and its stars, but I wont be watching this.


This has SUCH big shoes to fill it hardly seems fair to try. I watched the first episode and will continue to do so, but expect it to be cancelled soon. There were a number of familiar scenes or portions thereof from the original, a lot of likeable actors, and yet a sense of disappointment. It just wasn’t all it should have been knowing what they had to live up to. I’m hoping it gets better with time. Must say that the best lines came from the butler. What a hoot!


0k, I watched..
I thought ”oh goodie a soap” so I gave it try.
Honest, it was horrible.
I wanted to FF but couldn’t and was waiting for it to be over..
I didn’t click out giving it a chance..



I’ll put it like this: The ORIGINAL Dynasty pilot (from back in the day) was WAY BETTER…UNLIKE what I watched/witnessed last night!!!!! Bottom Line Here: I give this so-called reboot MAYBE a full season…or less.



Last night, I watched the original Dynasty pilot and was struck by how well the characters were established from the get go. The lightness Pamela Sue Martin imbued in Fallon was much more convincing than the flouncing Elizabeth Gilles gave us. John Forsythe gave us many believable layers to Blake; Grant Show just phoned it in, and he’s at an age where his looks will no longer carry the plot.


Kit…oh, I AGREE with everything that you’re saying here. And, in general, I found last night’s premiere episode to be THE ABSOLUTE PITS!!!!! Yuck.

Take care, Kit.


I taped it. Not the least bit entertaining. Aaron Spelling must be turning over in his resting place. No offense to any of the actors involved but I think it wont get a full season.


I watched it and Blake is a A–hole, and I am so surprised the Shapiros is a part of this (original, I think, creators of the show). Love the girl who is playing Fallon. the guy who is play Sammy Jo & the son. Ain’t feelin’ Blake or Chrystal, they need to ride in a Motor home so that they can get it on when they feel like..ugh!


As one of the most ardent fans of the original Dynasty, it would be easy for me to dismiss this reboot without even seeing it, as nothing could measure up to the original. From the original show, Krystle — this is the correct spelling of that character’s name — was my favorite character because she was inherently good, but she wasn’t a pushover. Her character was the moral center surrounded by evil and greed. She kept me enthralled. Linda Evans exuded beauty, charm, and altruism.

I was prepared to hate the new show. I will go against the grain of most of my fellow posters and say that, much to my surprise, I found much to enjoy. And the new “Cristal” was again key to my enjoyment. I like that the writers had Cristal and Steven become instant friends, as in the original. However, the premier episode hints at incriminating secrets in Cristal’s past: I am hoping that the writers make Cristal a true heroine that Linda Evans’ Krystle was…

But here are some promising signs (as I see them) in the new Dynasty:

1. The history, storylines, and characters of the original show are honored.
2. Even the opening sequence of the new show, including the graphics, is a nod to the original.
3. The camp of the original show is increased exponentially. Who thought that was possible?!
4. The opulence, sexual situations, and shock values are heightened.
5. Sammy Joe continues to be a scene-stealer — and flat-out stealer!
6. A younger, more virile Blake should authenticate any future catfights over him.
7. The diversity of the new cast is refreshing, although I’m half-expecting Alexis to be Asian… and Dominique Devereaux to be white!

Only time will tell if this new series can deliver, but I see some good signs, and I’m willing to give it a chance. Besides, if it means that Jamesj75 might host a Dynasty party, as he did in the 1980s, it could be a fun ride, with or without a handsome, highly paid chauffeur…


At some point they will need to introduce Alexis – I think Eva Longoria would be great or maybe even Heather Locklear if they want to link to the original and get some of that audience. Come to think of it, Vanessa Williams would also be great!


remember in the original dynasty alexis did not show up until the last episode of the first season …………………………


The actor who originated the role of Adam is disgusted said it is nothing but trash had no similarities to the Dynasty he was in . I am waiting on Joan Collins and Linda Evans comments .


I was a dedicated Dynasty fan in the 80s. I was unimpressed by what I saw Wednesday. All the characters seemed just plain mean. Fallon was always willful, selfish and spoiled. This character came across as mean. Blake, Krystle and Steven were never mean. That honor went to Alexis. Here I felt all of them are just cynical, mean spirited flakes.

The Dallas reboot worked because it was a continuation of the original. Here, they are trying to reinvent the wheel.


i am all for diversity BUT if they wanted to have african american actors why not bring on an actress of color to portray dominique (blake’s sister) and her daughter instead of making jeff colby african american…… also crystal now has a nephew named sammy jo….there is so much more that does not fly with me – this is not a dynasty reboot – just a primetime soap that will not make it thru the first season…………..jmo


Nicollette Sheridan Made Series Regular On CW’s Dynasty!

If you haven’t caught Nicollette Sheridan’s take on the role of uber-bitch, Alexis Carrington on CW’s Dynasty, you better make sure to tune-in to the second season of the sudsy drama!

Now comes word via TV Line, that Sheridan has been upped to series regular on the reboot, which is great news for her fans, who fell in love with her as Paige Mathison on Knots Landing, then as Edie Britt on Desperate Housewives, and now all over again as Alexis.

Nicollette came on to the canvas midway through the first season in the highly sought after role, originally played by Joan Collins. (more…)

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DYNASTY Season Finale: Burning Down The House!

Any soap opera lover should have been drooling over the season finale of CW’s Dynasty. Filled with every signature staple of the genre, and delivered in delicious fashion, the episode left us hungry for what’s in store for when the series returns for its second season.

The season finale was filled with multiple takeovers of Carrington Atlantic, one coup led by Fallon (Elizabeth Gilles) and another by their newest relative, Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke) and yet there was another one going on with Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan) using Hank (Brent Antonello) to play the long lost son, while he voted later against Blake (Grant Show), Steven and Fallon. You need a scorecard to follow this, yet the double-cross of a double-cross was fun to watch.

The centerpiece of the episode was Steven (James Mackay) and Sammy Jo’s (Rafael de la Fuente) wedding filled with unexpected guests and shockers, chief among them a visit by soap vet Kelly Rutherford, who plays Melissa Daniels. As his wedding is about to start, Melissa shows up to tell Steven that she is pregnant with his child.

Elsewhere, when Cristal (Nathalie Kelly) who has already had it with Blake and feels trapped in a marriage to him, or is she really feeling that or enjoying the cat and mouse power game, figures out that Alexis has been sleeping with Hank, angling this whole takeover from her angle. When she confronts Alexis, finally the long-awaited mega catfight on steroids occurs (watch it after the jump) and the two women battle it out, until Alexis locks up Cristal.

When Anders (Alan Dale) finds her there and goes back to get the key, none other than unstable Claudia Blaisdel (Brianna Brown) arrives toting a gun. As she is about to have her long-awaited showdown with her nemesis the image of her former husband the late Matthew Blaisdel (Nick Wechsler) keeps coming up. She sees him in her mind, but she actually shoots Cristal and leaves her there to die. (more…)

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WATCH: Alexis In Action: ” Used or Be Used”

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