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Trevor St. John On If He Will Show Up On GH Says, "Not Going To Happen!"



One Life to Live favorite Trevor St. John, who was last seen in the very last scene of the 43 year old soap’s finale, as a tied and bound very much alive Victor Jr., has legions of fans hoping that with all the Llanview crossovers going back and forth to General Hospital, that he too would indeed be making an appearance for some unfinished storyline business with Todd (Roger Howarth) and Tea (Florencia Lozano).

However in an interview with Soap Opera Uncensored’s Nelson Branco, when posed the question if he would be next to make a cameo on GH,  St. John replied, “Not going to happen.”   Now, this would seem to end speculation that Trevor would make a return to daytime this summer.   But as we know, we didn’t think St. John was going back to One Life for the finale, and that was kept tightly under wraps.   So it would appear from all accounts, Trevor is moving forward with his motion picture and primetime television career at this point, especially after his critical success in In The Family and working on the new Tarzan motion capture feature.

Additionally, St. John was asked by Branco if his soap career has helped or provided obstacles with his chances in garnering acting gigs in the mainstream in which St. John replied, “Mostly hurt. The stigma still exists in some instances. But it has helped because I’m a better actor now. “

Let us know if you are disappointed that Trevor is not going to show up in Port Charles?

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As much as I miss OLTL, I’m not disappointed that Trevor is not going to GH. We don’t need any more OLTL characters on GH.

GH is GH and OLTL is OLTL. Thank you very much.


GH is OLTL now in case you haven’t noticed.


The infusion of OLTL into GH is whts keeping it alive.


If there wasnt OLTL on GH I sure wouldn’t be watching. The more the merrier!


I think GH would already be dead without the OLTL infusion. It’s the only reason I watch.


What an exaggeration. Most of the best from OLTL are not present. A few actors have not transformed GH into OLTL. Violent storylines still dominate. Old GH characters have returned. There’s plenty for GH fans to enjoy.


Yes, because having 4 OLTL actors out of more than 30 GH actors, is TOTALLY the same as taking over.
Soap actors move from soap to soap all the time, and have been doing it for decades. Get over yourself. There is nothing wrong with new characters being brought onto the show. If those characters had moved over and OLTL was still on the air, you’d have nothing to say. In fact, they HAVE done it before, and nobody complained. Skye was on AMC, OLTL and GH. Anna was on AMC as well. Both with their same characters.
I would never have started watching GH again (after stopping 15-20 yrs ago) if it wasn’t for these characters moving over. But, now I’m getting into it again. Don’t be so ungrateful for new fans and higher ratings if you don’t want to lose your show like we lost ours (which, FYI, you almost did if it hadn’t been for OLTL and AMC fans boycotting the network except for GH).


to s.o.s.

wow !

your comment and over all explanation of charactes moving from show to show is excellent . and like you, its the legacy of all the abc soaps being used, and hopefully continuing, weaved into General Hospital that has brought me back to watching.

I love the way Todd Manning talks about his family in Landview on General Hospital. It makes such a connection for the viewers at home… all of Landview is still out there.

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

brian, The last thing General Hospital needs in port charles is ERicka Kane, There were far more interesting characters from Pine valley to bring over then her, and they can act to.


Hey Barbara T.

Was just trying to show some compasion for all the AMC fans…. like I said, I never really watched it, just know that Ericka was a fashion model.

Deb O.

I haven’t watched the GH espisodes with the OLTL characters yet. Thanks to the Web, I’ll catch them later. But let’s not turn what might be the only thing saving any part of either program into a war. I was a GH fan as long as Robert Scorpio was on, which was years. I watched OLTL from 2004 until it was canceled. If doing a little combining makes keeping at least one soap on the air profitable for ABC, at least that’s something. As for TSJ, I loved his Todd, and would love to see him on GH. Whether it will happen is still anyone’s guess. Let’s not forget how convincing ABC AND TSJ were about Todd’s “execution.” To really know what TSJ said, you have to know the wording of the specific questions asked. I’m not saying I think he will come back; but if ABC can justify spending the money and thinks it will improve ratings, especially during November sweeps, they might be able to pay him for, oh say, two-days’ shoothing, which could be stretched over two or three weeks of appearances. 😀 If TSJ was so sure he would never pllay Todd again, “Victor” would not still be alive.


I hope this is a smokescreen and he does show up, if even for only a short time. I’d love to see that storyline wrapped up.

How stupid that a stint in soaps is still a barrier to some in the acting world. By all accounts, no-one in primetime or movies works anywhere near as hard as soap actors do on a consistent basis, and over my lifetime I’ve seen many excellent actors turn in performance after performance on the soaps that can rival most anything actors in other mediums can do. AND, they do it at a pace that many in other mediums couldn’t sustain. How silly to diss that talent.




I agree. Those stars know they couldn’t handle all that work.

I really can’t former soap actors who trash it or are embarrassed of it. They wouldn’t be where they are without it and wouldn’t be as good an actor without it.


I think he will come for a couple shows. He cannot give it away. Why would they even bring Tea to GH if not to end the Victor story. I miss OLTL so much.


I miss Trevor’s character so much. It would make me so happy to see him on General Hospital for a little while, so we can all stop thinking about him being locked up by that crazy woman, and so that we can watch him work his magic on Tea.


I love OLTL and the ending gave me hope for a return of VICTOR JR ( Todd to me ), to GH to face Todd and a reunion with Tea for a happy ending.


RIIIIIIGHT!! Just like he confirmed he wasn’t going to be on OLTL before the end ;)….we’re onto you Trevor.


exactly. We’ll see him in september.


Really a TSJ fan…Actually more so the RH..I was hoping we would see him at some
point.As a longtime GH and OLTL fan I love seeing my OLTL favs on GH.Only makes it better.Would love to see Bo some day if only briefly..Really miss them all.Really dislike ABC for making such a HUGE mistake!


Totally disappointed, OLTL fans need closure!
Love all the OLTL people on GH!!!


Sandy, you are so right. Bring most of them back for cameos. They are probably still on the payroll anyway!


I <3 Trevor! He's amazing! GH would be lucky to have such a talented actor. I am a fan of both shows. It wouldn't hurt GH to have more OLTL characters.


If they are bringing OLTL people on board, I think a visit from PIne Valley would bve even better. It would have been nice to see Trevor tie (pun intended) up his storyline, but it sounds like he has moved on from daytime.


I never really watched All My Children but did watch One Life to Live for 32 years, and am so grateful for some appearing on General Hospital now. I hope that the same will happen for you soon.

If we stopped and thought about it… Kate Howard must surely know who Erica Kane is !!!


Very disappointed Trevor is not considering bringing his character (I hate calling him Victor) back for GH, even for a visit. I hope in time he will change his mind and CH will ask him. That story must be finished, even without Trevor. AT the very least someone needs to find out over the phone or by reading the Banner that “Victor” has been found alive.


Absolutely; let’s hope the writers listen to us…


lol not going to happen, just like he wasn’t going to Port Charles. Suuuure. Trevor.

TnT 2.0 Forever

It would be nice to have a TNT reunion. I don’t want TSJ and FL to become permanent cast members of GH, I just want closure for my favorite pairing and they could go off into the sunset together. However, I’m happy that TSJ is getting work. I wish him and his family all the best. Thanks for the info. Michael Fairman.


It would be a VnT reunion.

TnT 2.0 Forever

Tomato, Tomahto, they will always be TNT to me.


I can only think of him as Victor now, even watching the OLTL reruns on SoapNet.

TnT 2.0 Forever

I have no problem with your opinion, to each his or her own. TSJ will always be Todd to me because I only connected with and care for Todd when TSJ played the role. There is nothing that RC/FV can do to change that.


I think I’m the only one who likes both but I actually preferred TSJ’s Todd if it came to a choice. . Just with how the story went he’s “Victor” in my mind now is all.

barbara t

I like both of the Todds to, But if I had a choice I would pick Roger.




oops made a mistake

lol not going to happen, just like he wasn’t going to be on the OLTL finale. Suuuure. Trevor.


He also said he wasnt returning to OLTL for the end!! He is smart to not let a secret out. Its all about the surprise. When the time is right the time is right he’ll be back


FYI, He said it wouldn’t be a Cameo


sure hope he is fibbing again


Trevor LIED before…

Do I care if he returns? Not really…do I believe him? No.


Ungrateful jerk.
Meanwhile, like the article stated, he has said this before only to show up at the end of OLTL. Never say NEVER in soaps.

TnT 2.0 Forever

Why are you calling him names? Wasn’t it FV and co. that decided not to renew his contract? What is TSJ supposed to do, sit by the phone and wait for them to call? TSJ has a family to take care of, that has to be his priority not sitting around waiting for FV’s phone call. Maybe he has other contractual obligations that prevent him from coming back. Last I heard, he was filming a movie. He can’t just quit that to come to GH, he could be sued. He may or may not come to GH but he is not a jerk. The world does not revolve around soaps. People have bills to pay and families to take care of.


because nobody would know this guy unless it was for soaps. how ungrateful to carry the attitude that soaps is beneath him. Which is what I took away from his interview. His choice to leave OLTL as they would meet his demands.
WTF are you talking about people have bills to pay?? Who said anything about that?? Dillusional.
He is a jerk. He needs to remember where he got his start.

TnT 2.0 Forever

Obviously you insist on being rude. That is your business. TSJ is not the first person to leave soaps he was on for eight years. If he wants to move on to different things that is his business. I never read anything about TSJ saying soaps were beneath him, in fact he has said that he would do soaps again if under the right circumstances. If he did think soaps were beneath him why would he be doing interviews with Michael Fairman and Nelson Branco? Michael Fairman was even at the LA premiere for his movie
“In The Family”. Obviously, he cares about his soap fans, appreciates their support, and wants them to hear from him. Stop projecting your negative attitude unto TSJ and don’t put words in his mouth.

barbara t

I have to agree with you debi, He did get his start on the soaps and him saying that being on the soaps mostly hurt him is not a very nice thing to say. How could it hurt him? It made him, Not a wise thing to say. Your right no one would know this guy if it wasn’t for ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Gerardo Ramirez

I’m disappointed.The Victor Jr. storyline has to be resolved,because with the baby switch Todd is too much of an unsympathetic villain.


Disappointed. This was the big OLTL ending I wanted to see resolved.

David Larsson

I’m over it.


i dont want him as a longtime character but the idea of victor jr being captive by alison until the day he dies? not so high on my list of things i want to see


I never want to see Tea again, but Victor wouldn’t be bad for a wrap on his story. I have my doubts that TSJ is telling the truth.


I am VERY disappointed. Even if we only had him for a one shot scene that would reunite him and Tea…

barbara t

If he shows up fine if he doesn’t that’s ok to, But he said that he would never go back to one life to live and he did so, you can never say never, or what he said,” Not going to happen”, Because some times it does.


GH fans have to know they’re going to play out Sam searching for her baby and that leading to confrontations with OLTL characters. The storyline was one of the most heart-wrenching ones I’ve watched in years, so I’d love it if when Sam gets her baby back, Tea gets Victor, Jr. back and they waltz off into the sunset. It might balance things out for me, as a OLTL fan; that there’s hope Tea and Victor can have another child.


Nice assessment of potentially desirable outcomes.


My sentiments exactly!


I have always felt their was some real hard feelings about bringing RH back and making Trevor not Todd, I didn’t like it and I think he only did that scene at the end because he thought OLTL was over for him. I know a lot of you like RH better as Todd and that is fine but when you do a role for 7 or 8 years and then told by the way thanks but no thanks there has to be some feelings.


As a huge TSJ fan I am very happy he is not going to GH. So many good actors and good stories have been swallowed by the “Sonny Show”. I hear better things about the show lately but I feel TSJ can break out into primetime and movies. He appeared on “The Client List” and I was very excited to see him again.

Good luck and hopefully many roles await Trevor.


Good for him. The TPTB blew their chance when he graciously offered to stay and finish up this story on OLTL. Unfortunatley FL is coming back to finish up the baby story. However, for my two favorite daytime actors; I want them be like Forrest Gump and Run Forrest Run as far away from the character assassinating RC/FV as possible.


Annick that was in a round about way what I was trying to say. I see TSJ in commercials all the time he is doing nightime and movies with the state of Daytime ,if I was his manager I would tell him don’t do anything to screw up your career if you can fit it in to bring closure to the character fine when they brought back RH fellow actors were saying oh the real Todd blah blah blah what was TSJ’s work chop liver?

TnT 2.0 Forever

LOL, I have to agree with you about RC/FV. Everyone else in the soap world seems to think that they are best thing ever, but I feel quite the opposite. Character assassinators indeed, they really need to enroll in a Creative Writing 101 class.


I don’t believe him. And I have a hard time telling whether he is just a pompous jerk (he has said other things in print that makes me wonder) with his comments towards the end or just trying to sound witty like Michael Muhney does all the time.

That being said, I think the fact that they kept showing Tea looking at the picture of her and Victor on her phone while Todd was trying to help the dead baby was foreshadowing that Trevor St. John WOULD be on at some point, be it so ever brief.

He has probably made some sort of handshake deal with “Cartini” to wrap up the finale or wrap up the storyline earlier (like Kimberly McCullough has done).

TnT 2.0 Forever

Are you calling him a jerk because he may not want to go to GH? If so, why? He no longer has a contract with ABC Daytime, he has a family to take care off. He needs a stable income and can’t afford to work for someone that might let him go at any moment. It was FV and friends that decided not to renew his contract. I would love a TNT reunion but I wish TSJ the best whatever he does. FV repaid his 8 years of loyalty by refusing to renew his contract and he owes ABC Daytime absolutely nothing.


Oh gosh no! I know when I left my comment I should have phrased it better. If anyone has read any of his other comments in the press, he has a habit of coming off rather cold and uncaring and that was what I was referring to.

I would NEVER begrudge anyone success outside of soaps or anything else, but from reading other comments on here, he has upset quite a few with his remarks.

To be frank, TSJ has always rubbed me the wrong way since a comment he made about how much he hated the Yankees baseball team one time. I mean he could have just left it that he was a Mariners fans and disliked him, but he just said he hated them or something to that effect. I don’t know. It seemed a bit much. I got over it. Then I read the comments above. He has this roughness about him. He is probably a lot like the characters he has played on OLTL. It’s just the way I feel.

I hope I have explained myself better. I am sorry if I upset you, TnT 2.0 Forever (or anyone else) with my comments. It was not my intention. I love this forum and the members here. 🙂

TnT 2.0 Forever

Oh I’m sorry, Christine. Yeah, I understand what you mean TSJ can be a bit wild and off the wall with the things he says. I think he does that for shock value which may understandably rub a lot of people the wrong way. That kind of humor will certainly not appeal to everyone. TSJ did an interview where he stated that he put a lot of himself into the character so I definitely agree with that. That doesn’t necessary mean that he’s a jerk, he just might have poor social skills. I have seen clips of fan events where he seemed shy to me when he is not “acting up”. His co-stars seem to have positive opinions of him including Florencia Lozano, Bree Williamson, Kristine Alderson, Renee Goldsberry, etc. Michael Fairman even wrote in an interview that people often have nice things to say about working with TSJ (the interview should be on this website).


“His co-stars seem to have positive opinions of him including Florencia Lozano, Bree Williamson, Kristine Alderson, Renee Goldsberry, etc. Michael Fairman even wrote in an interview that people often have nice things to say about working with TSJ (the interview should be on this website).”

Yeah, and that should really speak for him as an individual. If he were not so great of a human being, they would not say such things and that would be telling. 🙂


I would like the Two Todds storyline resolved as OLTL is sadly done. I can accept the crossover characters and do believe they add to the GH canvas. But some of those characters were so wrapped in such a prominent dangling story thread and, with Tea showing up, then please! Call it a day. It does not have to be spectacular or drawn out. Just do it. The OLTL crossover characters surely will become forefront and before they do, they should have their lives “righted” for new journeys. For example, It was sad and sudden (and brutal to deal with) but Starr losing her boyfriend and daughter did give that character a fresh start. I wonder about McBain as he has a wife and child (he did not know about thanks to a took-too-long baby swap story). Shouldn’t he be given some closure in Llanview? Also, I do not want OLTL characters brought back for such short stints. GH cannot become OLTL, but if characters are coming to Port Charles, use them, or recast. We like our actors from OLTL but they may not be able to continue in those roles. Otherwise, let me put OLTL and Llanview rest in my happy mind box of memories.

I loved OLTL. I love GH. Watched both on and off since my early teens in the 1970s. I respect history but I am also one who likes resoutions and redemptions. Soaps move forward and sometimes too many loose ends hamper that.


Parts of Llanview are supposed to become permanent fixtures of General Hospital come September (or so I hear). Supposedly they are going to throw the kitchen sink at us to get the best ratings possible.

I’m with you Iakovos, I just like to see things wrapped up. That’s why I don’t believe what Trevor St. John says. I think he will be back in some capacity when the storyline dictates. I think it will be when Sam gets her baby back. Tea is going to need someone to pick up the pieces.


I am VERY disappointed . I love Victor/Todd/Trevor and was so glad he is alive but wanted to see him come back even for just a short time .He has to kick Toads butt and have a reunion with Tea and his children who miss him terribly and think he is dead. I thought Trevor St. John cared about his characters but I quess not if he is just going to leave poor Victor there .


I agree that GH is GH and OLTL is OLTL.
But with this baby switch storyline it leaves the door open for Tea and Sam’s baby to return – because the baby has a potential medical condition that is primarily indigenous to Greek peoples – but could be present in others.
I think a medical emergency will eventually bring Tea back to Port Charles.
She may find out through testing that the baby is not hers.
Re – Trevor ..who knows he may eventually show up on GH or Victor could have plastic surgery to look like he used to -which is Todd’s IDENTICAL TWIN… which case both parts would be played by Roger.
Just some thoughts…..


“Boo hoo. I was on a soap opera and made lots of money and lots of fans, but I want to have more fans and more money.” TSJ should watch what he says to the press, sounds ungrateful and selfish. Victor Jr already had surgery to look like Walker Lawrence so how about he goes back to looking like his twin Todd and Roger Howarth can play both roles?


I wish him all the best. He could have a great acting future ahead of him.


It’s hard to tell if he is lying or not because he fake us out about the last episode of OLTL. I actually really hope he doesn’t come to GH. Personally, I think he is better off doing movies and wish him the best of luck with that. As a soap actor though I think he is a total fail. He acting choices and choices in where he took his character were just odd. I know some soap bloggers really like him but he hasn’t been a soap actor for a year now. The fact that soap bloggers/reporters are still interviewing him just makes it look like they can’t get a real soap star to talk to them. I really wish that they would start blogging/writing about who & what is actually on soaps now.


Hey there’s always the fact that if TSJ won’t/can’t return, Victor could have plastic surgery back to his old face and Roger can play them both haha

barbara t

TRW, I think that’s a dam good Idea. They were Identical twins when the story of two todds started in that clinic place when todd and victors crazy mother started playing HEAD GAMES with her sons.

Engrady Pind

I think he really needs to come to GH. There are too many issues which require his presence: the child that is not his and Tea’s; his twin back on top; his supposed death. If the actor will not come to GH even for a few episodes, then his lack of physical presence must be accounted for as the rest of his story is related.


LOL, I think that is just Trevor being Trevor. Much love, Trevor!!


He said he wasn’t going to return to OLTL either, so we can still hope. I know the soap actor stigma exists, but I don’t quite get it. I’m like, really? Seriously? The Rock can get a job in movies, but Hollywood has the nerve to stigmatize soap actors? TSJ, Erika Slezak, Florencia Lozano, etc., can act circles around over 99% of so-called big screen actors.


The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, if you will, has kind of painted himself into a corner with the so-called roles he has chosen as of late. He had a good career going as HE actually does have talent. I think he was the exception to the wrestling world.

I so agree with you with the acting talent in soaps. Some are so stellar, especially the ones that are there so long. Then there are those that are there just long enough to win an Emmy and leave.

Well if the soaps keep declining and, how can you say decline when there are only 4 left, then what stigma will there be? So sad.


I hope he doesn’t come to GH.The Victor is alive story needs to take place off screen,back in Llanview.


He said when he left OLTL that he was not returningThat was a “fun lie”,still a lie though,so we have to wait and see if he shows up or not on GH!!!


And this is the reason I never want him to return to soaps! The endless bashing of Trevor from his haters banning together bashing Trevor all because of his thoughts and opinions from soap fans. Trevor opens his mouth and gets bashed. It’s been real nice not having to listen
to Trevor getting constantly getting bashed! Even when he speaks the truth! He’s right doing soaps for actors does not help actors get future roles and does not give them any luck getting new gigs. That’s why am happy he is getting new exciting roles and gigs! More power to him! This Trevor fan can not be more happy for him! Hope all you’ll Roger Howarth fans have the same luck with him once soaps are gone he’ll need it!


I don’t believe it… He will show up just not in the summer in september I’m guessing that’s when “someone shocking” shows up from Todd’s past


We need st John to come back to soaps victor lord jr cant be played no one else but u. Tea need u when Sam get her son back. U r the one who can take Todd down for tea ok. So please for all soaps fan please come back.

Phyllis Corley

Trevor St. John leaving OLTL was a huge loss for the show. His comeback to GH is the one I hope to see the most. I love the blending of characters from OLTL. I believe this process can infuse GH enough to stay on the air.


I would love to see Trevor St. John come to General Hospital and bring his little adorable son, Sam with him!

Cathi Spink

ME TOO!!! Let us write the scripts!!

Cathi Spink

I have been watching ABC soaps since I was in school. Lets just say that is over 25 years. We feel you should bring all the major characters from OLTL and AMC to GH. Right down to Vicky Lord. The network took two of our favorite soaps at least give us our favorite characters back.


im thrilled oltl characters have come to gh i was hoping trevor would come as well . i miss oltl daytime isnt the same


I agree Roxy: OLTL is still great with the 2008 reprise on SoapNet. His role as “Todd” was electric with the love triangle of Marty, Blair, and Tea. That was genius. I hope Trevor is part of a TV prime time drama series in the near future.


I would LOVE to see Victor Jr. show up on GH along with Tea ( I know, she has been on GH..I watch it all the time) and Todd and wrap up their story. And I would love it if it were Trevor to reprise the role because I loved him on OLTL.

btw…there are only 3 actors from OLTL are on contract with GH now, and that is the Kristen Alderson (Starr), Michael Eaton (John) and Roger Howarth (Todd). Florencia (Tea) and Kassie (Blair) have only been on briefly. And, from what I’ve heard, Jerry VerDorn (Clint) will be making an appearance on GH soon. And as others have pointed out, ABC has had it’s characters cross over to other shows.

All in all, I would love to see Trevor reprise the role of Victor Jr. long enough to wrap up the storyline between his character, Tea, and Todd.

etta jay

def disappointed but if he isnt going to port charles i hope they get someone else to carry on that story line as that would be amazing, def want to see where they can take that

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GH Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

The conclusion of the Nurses’ Ball brings with it suspense, game-changing moments, and impacts many couples.

Peter (Wes Ramsey) is one step ahead of Anna (Finola Hughes), who is hoping her plans to meet him on the pier work out.   However, it seems like Peter AKA Henrick Faison is not going to so easily walk into a trap, except, little does he know that Anna is his biological mother. How will this turn out?

What will happen to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and her baby? And now that Robert (Tristan Rogers) is freed from being held hostage, will he blow the whistle on Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)?

Check out some teasers for next week’s General Hospital. Then let us know what you are hoping goes down in Port Charles when the smoke clears after the ball?

Monday, May 21

Valentin walks a fine line

Tuesday, May 22

Peter feels deceived

Wednesday, May 23

Dante has had enough

Thursday, May 24

Alexis quickly regrets her actions

Friday, May 25

Sonny is tormented

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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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