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Trevor St. John's Return To One Life to Live! What Did You Think Of The Victor Jr. Reveal?

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

On yesterday’s premiere episode of the revival One Life to Live, many fans were shocked, and so many were beyond thrilled that the one and only Trevor St. John was back as Victor Lord Jr.!

After One Life fans saw the ABC finale cliffhanger of OLTL back in January of 2012,  and after believing that Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) murdered Victor, it was revealed that he was indeed alive and being held captive by wackadoodle Alison Perkins!

In the new One Life, fans saw a cloaked or “hoodied” character throughout the first episode.  At the end it was revealed to be none other than Trevor St John who came upon the scene at Club Shelter where Dani had OD’d and was being brought out of the club by none other than his nemesis Todd Manning!  Thus, the stage was set for today’s second episode now playing on Hulu and iTunes!

While we won’t give away this morning of what happens in story with Victor Jr.,  suffice to say there are some heart-tugging moments, and some moment that look like there is certainly no love lost between the two brothers!  Trevor St. John is that good that even in Victor Jr.’s  quietest of moments, he delivers!

While many fans saw leaks, or heard rumors, or denials, it still did not really take away from the disbelief and excitement many of us felt seeing Trevor back!

Let us know what you thought of the return of Trevor St. John as Victor Jr.?  What do you think will happen next?  Share your thoughts as we know many of your are very fond of Trevor and his performances!

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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

What an absolute shocker it was to see Trevor St. John on yesterday’s episode of OLTL. It was as a bit of a shock as it was to see him in the finale of the show on ABC. How awesome that Prospect Park was able to keep that underwraps. I was very impressed by OLTL yesterday, in particularl Robert Gorrie as Matthew & Corbin Bleu as Jeff. I’m very excited to see the sparks between Natalie & Cutter as well as finding out what led to Rama & Vimal’s split.


I think Rama and Cutter are interested in each other. Vimals sister Neela isnt part of the reboot so maybe Neela found out Rama had an affair with Cutter and got Neela sent back to India where Neela is forced into an arranged marriage. Vimal found out and he and Rama split but no one else knows about the affair including Natalie who is now with Cutter!

Joliefan Forever

Where did you see Natalie is with Cutter?? If Natalie is WITH Cutter I’m sure he would have been dancing with her at the end of the night! Natalie was home missing John!!

susan M.

I like Rama & Cutter together not Natalie.


I meant to say Rama got Neela sent back to India


Natalie and Cutter danced together in the promo, on the first episode, in the opening credits…hello, it’s Natalie and Cutter. Deal with it.

Sarah White Sees

That was my favorite part of the first show. Luckily, I had not seen any spoilers. Great to see him back!!!!


Its great to see Trevor


Is he staying?


i thought it was absolutely brilliant and am so happy to have Trevor back..he belongs with Tea and the OLTL cast…all i can say is WOO HOO, i am a happy soaper.

steven rosen

Was it know to some that Victor was alive? Not pleased with the reactions, or lack thereof???


As far as we know…no one in Llanview knows Victor is alive.


I agree with you…no one seemed shocked by Victor being alive except for Tea who i think shouldve fainted in his arms! Poor writing?


it was ridiculous. Love Trevor. So glad he’s back and wondering if he’s staying or if it’s just a short stint. But the entire episode in my opinion was ridiculous…the lack of reaction from Vicki, Blair…they just looked at him and carried on! And Tea? Yeah, a few tears and then starts chatting. Jack? A hug and then “Happy Birthday, we missed you.” Horrible writing…almost a parody of what it was.


poor acting? I think if the writing was poor, I would have spoken up at the read thru… like duh – they all thought Todd had shot him … dead!

I didn’t know Trevor was coming back, but as soon as I saw that hooded figure and could have sworn that was Trevor’s groan in the fight scene… so I was happy, but now really shocked he was revealed at the end.

can’t wait to watch the 2nd episode! I don’t watch them until evening — the rest of you watch it after midnight or early morning?

Joliefan Forever

I think maybe all of you’s need to chill out! Tea said to him “OMG Your Back” is what Tea said, All they are doing is telling the Story in reverse, I sure as hell am not going to gripe or anything else until I see how it unfolds! It amazes me how many of you’s actually have complain bitch or nag however you want to call it after just 2 episodes!! OMG really!!!


I agree with you Joliefan, for Heaven’s sake, it’s been 2 episodes (well, three, but I haven’t seen today’s yet) so how can people start tearing it apart like that? There’s always been things we’ve loved and things we’ve not liked so much over the years, but those things always have a way of working out. So, let’s give them a break, support our soaps and be glad they’re back at all! ONE LIFE TO LIVE rocks any day of the week! Of course I’m biased. Been a fan since 1968.

Bryon B

I agree. I was shocked at the reactions from others. It was as if he was still dead, or just in shcok. I was expecting a much bigger reaction from everyone, including Tea. Though, I did like it howo Jack gave him a hug in front of Todd. We’ve been waiting for over a year for this moment, and thought that scene could have been more emotional. Would have liked to see a reaction from Vicki, that is her brother since they both have the same father. Oh well, at least he’s back and I’m sure Prospect Park has more material for Victor and Todd that will have a lot of emotion that will impact a lot of people’s lives. Especially Dani and Tea.

sadie soaper

Yeah, the characters were not shocked or anything. I think the writing team dropped the ball on that one.


Glad to see Victor back but the reunion between him & Tea was lacking. After the amazing ending of OLTL where it was revealed that Victor was alive, I’ve had high hopes for an explosive reunion. I agree that the reactions of Vicki and Blair were lackluster. I too wondered if they knew he was alive. The actors are fabulous but I’m not happy with the writing so far. 🙁


I am trying to give this show a chance. It has lost something since it was cancelled and brought to web and tv. I dont know about anyone else. But my soap is GH now. LIke I said I will give it a shot but not looking good for me to keep watching it for much longer.


I was a fan of all 3 for three & a half decades but I think I’m done with OLTL after today, Elaine. Vicki’s scene with Victor was a year coming and all we get is a 2 min scene if that & Vicki apologizing and leaving. What? Then Todd makes that remark about Carly and being happy to be rid of her, after noting that she is so high maintenance. I just found it tacky. I think I’ll stick with GH and AMC from now on.


Love TSJ!!

Jonathan F.

In the absence of OLTL and AMC, I picked up GH especially because of Valentini and Carlivatti and the 3 OLTL characters — Because of the OLTL infusion, I have grown to like GH. Now that the other two soaps are back, I realize how much I missed them. But I totally agree with the other folks’ opinions about the poor writing on Victor’s return. Our previous OLTL regime would not have made such an obvious blunder with the Victor return that fans thought they would NEVER get to see. With that said, now the EP of OLTL needs to keep Trevor St. John around AND find a way to get ABC to release Roger Howarth from his GH contract since Prospect Park will not let him play Todd Manning upon his return to GH. OLTL needs him (Howarth) way more than GH and I can say that since I watch both shows. Todd and Victor, along with Blair and Tea, could be the heart of a great storyline for the show.


I thought some reaction shouldn’t be as great as Tea’s because these people didn’t get used to the idea that this guy was Victor & not Todd when he was “killed” by Todd.

I am with you though that this show shouldn’t let Roger Howarth go back to GH. For me, the Todd/Victor rivalry has been able to mask the writing shortcomings I have read about for the most part. This show has still got it with this cast if its the only thing. The wildest card of the people they brought back is the Cutter Wentworth character. They have a bit more selling to do for me there.


Enough said!


I’m beyond thrilled Trevor is back, he is a phenomenal actor, I have always thought there was great potential for story telling with the two Todd’s.. Still hard for me to call him Victor.


Very happy to have Trevor St. John back!! We have missed him even before OLTL went off the air! We welcome him with open arms and hope he is back permanently! It was an awesome way that OLTL ended on ABC and an awesome way to start out on PP!! Take good care of him PP because we LOVE him!!! LOL!! And thank you VERY much!!


It was brilliant. I had no idea, and was completely surprised. After one episode, the One Life to Live 2.0 has me hooked.


Me too! I had no idea. That TSJ really knows how to keep a secret. I’m totally hooked too! Loved everything from the new themesong to the “cliffhanger” and every moment in between.

Bryon B

I was very excited to see his return. I knew from the beginning of the episode that it was him, it made sense. I remembered reading an article last month that stated Prospect Park added additional sets for those scenes. They did a great job keeping that a secret. I saw today’s episode this morning and enjoyed it. I wonder what will happen now that he’s back, will he feud with Todd? I’m also curious to see how he escaped from Allison Perkins and what he’s been up to for the past year. Tea was shocked and happy to see him alive. I saw the cast list and he’s listed as recurring, but Roger Howarth is contract. I hope he makes several appearances and don’t know if he’s currently involved in other projects. I do know that Roger Howarth will continue to do both OLTL and GH (as a new character as reported by ABC). I’m excited to see how this storyline unfolds and the new possibilities with his return. Prospect Park knew what they were doing and needed these two to get the show off to a great start. They are pivotal to the success and do hope they bring on Starr, possibly may be recast, since Kristen Alderson will remain on GH. I’m excited about the show and looking forward to more scenes with him, Roger Howarth (Todd), and Florencia Lozano (Tea). Though, I did notice the tatoo on his arm, which was the same as the envelope Todd had yesterday before he went into the Shelter Club. I’m excited and glad the show is back. They picked up right where they left off, it’s like it never ended. Great writing.

Bryon B

Found out that he’s on contract status now, not recurring. Must have been an error yesterday, glad to know that he’s on contract. This is going to be very interesting and glad he joined the show.


Bryon – Thanks for the great news that TSJ is on contract; I’d been wondering what his status was. This guy has acting chops and then some. Couldn’t be happier.


Thank you for the status update. I am thrilled that Trevor is back to stay.


OMG!!!! SOAPGODS ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TSJ is BACK! Trevor4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joliefan Forever



Had to find you here…it seems obvious Natalie and Cutter in a possible relationship by looking at previews…Cutter and Natalie making out up against that wall doesnt look exactly like they are discussing todays weather! Sure, she could push him away once the scene is actually shown but a pairing is still possible!


Trevor St John on OLTL makes it complete for me! I can now have my couple back, Victor & Téa! Loved yesterday’s show and today was even better, especially the scenes TSJ was in. I won’t spoil anything, but OLTL was fire today, I wasn’t ready for it to end so quick, I can’t wait to see more!


I love TSJ!!! He is awesome and I am so happy is back on and in both eoisodes!!! There were some very touching scenes… but there was way to lttle dialogue about his being alive and what has been happening!!! I appreciate that it is all about Dani at the moment but… the staring between Todd and Victor or the staring between anyone and Victor was just too drawn out especially with the pacing elsewhere in the episodes! I hope TSJ is sticking around for awhile!!!

Thank you to all for the surprise of seeing TSJ back in both episodes… thought it might be months or years before we would have seen him again! PP please work with TSJ to have him on and still pursue his acting bliss!!! We love TSJ for however much we can get him!!!


I loved it! Victor and Tea are one of my favorite love stories. I also love his rivalry with Todd. I also have always loved Victor’s relationship with “his” kids Dani and Jack. So welcome back Victor !!

Joliefan Forever

HAHAHAHAHA! I so called it!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Will love it more when it revealed that TSJ is Todd and RH is Vic Jr!


and who is Walker Laurence? I figured there were twins – Walker and Victor and then there was Todd (the original one)…

you know I was watching old 2008 OLTL the last week and that storyline where (trevor) had marty saybrooke hidden away and then they were all kissy face… yuck! but that was years before they revealed that he wasn’t the Todd that had raped her years ago… But he thought he was!


It was a very Pleasant surprise!!Wish Roger Howarth would stay longer, would love to see the 2 brothers interact with each other. I’ve watched episode 2 this morning, still loving every minute!!!

Bryon B

Don’t worry, Roger Howarth will continue to do One Life to Live, while working on General Hospital. His agent stated that he will only film episodes when he’s not working on General Hospital. He’s going to be a very busy man, but he still lives on the East Coast, so that makes it better. Since they film for 5 weeks on and off, it’s flexible. I can’t wait to see the storylines with him and Trevor St. John. Classic and very entertaining.


I am absolutely thrilled! I don’t know how the reboot did it but I hope they can convince TSJ to stick around. He is a brilliant actor and I can’t wait to see what happens to his character. He sure looked like he was suffering PTSD today! Congratulations to PP for this huge, huge get! FL and TSJ have the best chemistry in daytime IMO bar none!

El Rizzo

I happy he’s back, just didnt expect him to show him self so quickly, and everyone’s reaction…weird…


The best part of a fantastic episode, and I was beyond excited because I hadn’t seen any spoilers.




I’d sworn off OLTL after TSJ’s character was changed, then killed off. I love Roger Howarth too, but didn’t see why we couldn’t have both. Now we do, and I’m excited to tune in. I hope they’re given plenty of scenes together, and eventually are thrown into some sort of scenario where they have to (grudgingly) team up. They will KILL it onscreen together.


I love that Trevor is back. However, why did none of the characters seem that shocked to see him? Blair said nothing, Vicki just kept talking to Jeffrey, and of the actors that did interact with him, there was hardly any drama. They believed he was DEAD. None of them had any hint he was alive. Todd almost went to jail for it. And the response was a couple years from tea and a hug from Jack. Not a good way to reintroduce one of the greateste characters with an amazing storyline.

Bryon B

I agree 100%. I was blown away at the lack of emotion when he returned. It ended with a major cliffhanger and a great way to start the new version. I was expecting at least Vicki of all people to show more emotion that her brother is alive. I don’t know what happened with that scene, but didn’t like that part. The rest of the episode was great, but wished that particular scene had more emotion.


Those were my feelings exactly. No one seemed shocked to see Victor. Very disappointed in how that played out.


I had NOT seen today’s episode yet.. but I thought, in true soap fashion, they were going to drag out TSJ’s arrival for a two or three weeks. It was a shock to see him for the fans because nobody knew he was back, but to then announce his presence one episode in is a bit of a letdown. I use to hate when soaps would drag out secrets, but I realize.. it’s necessary.

Wish they would have kept Victor hidden, had him f’king with Todd and dropping hints around town to a bigger payoff! Oh well, perhaps revealing him now will lead to greater stories, like Victor’s reaction to Todd hiding the fact HIS baby died, or even blaming him for it’s death.

Joliefan Forever

it’s because they are telling the story in reverse everyone really needs to chill and remember in Llanview time just like in Reality it is a year and half later.


Telling the story in reverse? Where did they ever confirm that? Also, we all know it has been a year and a half later. During that year, Todd was busy switching Tea’s Baby, Blair was losing Tomas and grieving with Star, Jack and Dannie have been in school. The only thing that would make sense from that scene, is that somehow Blair, Vicki, and Todd all already knew that Victor was alive, and they all somehow found out during the time hat Todd was off camera from Port Charles. In that case, why in the world would they not tell Dani, Jack, or TEA that he was ALIVE! It does not make any sense. The only thing that makes sense, is that since they only have Todd for 5 weeks, they had to force the Victor Lord Jr reveal early in order to get as much screen time between the two as possible. But still, the reactions from the family members could have been a little bit more dramatic.


Why dont you stop your damn griping just because others find something we dislike with the show. After we waited this long to see Victors return we expexted a little more emotion from the character…the rest of the show was fine…but the biggest moment i waited for over a year was a major letdown to a lot of us. Why dont you take your own advice and chill out before you respond. All you had to say in your reply was wait and see there could be more to it than you think and there could be a better payout in the end! No, you rather act like a big overgrown baby who cries if someone doesnt play right with their favorite toy Grow up Jolie


I was overjoyed to see Trevor! I love him and still think of him as Todd. I also try to catch him on “The Client List”.

The relaunch of OLTL is fantastic. It’s like the show didn’t miss a beat. Good job by Prospect Park. Looking forward to watching the show regularly.

Bonnie Jean

I almost layed a golden goose egg !!!!!!!!!!!!! After I took a dubble take !!!!


I have only seen the first episode – but was THRILLED to have TSJ back! What a perfect ending to the first episode, so reminiscent of the ending to the ‘last’ episode on abc/d!

Thank you Prospect Park! And Trevor!


Prospect Park is sueing ABC over they storylines gh used for some oltl characters but then seems to being using them on the reboot and even mentioned Todd was in Port Charles so i dont see any problem here! The gh storylines actually gave oltl more storyline potential!


I agree 100% Kim

Joliefan Forever



It is true about them using some GH connection Tea says to Todd, ‘I thought you were living in Port Charles?’ so whats the big deal?


I noticed that too when Tea asked Todd – “Don’t you live in Port Charles now?” It seems they are sticking with Tea loosing her baby as well. Will be interesting to see how that plays out. GH can’t even use Todd, John or Starr’s name anymore. Just wonder if a recast is in the works for Starr or John?


I am thrilled to see Trevor/Victor !!!! I love his character and can’t wait to see him with Tea and his yes his kids !!! Plus it will be fun to see him pay his evil twin back . Go Victor Go get them !!!! We love you and are so glad your home where you belong .




Haven’t watched today’s episode yet but loved loved loved seeing TSJ yesterday! Did not see any type of spoiler and had no idea who the hooded person was so the reveal was especially great! Just like the ending of the ABC episode, shockingly great shots of Victor Jr/TSJ! Props to PP for having TSJ back on OLTL!


I am thrilled that Trevor is back – but it leads to so many questions.
We know Allison was holding him captive – but where?
Was she working alone ? Or for someone – maybe even Todd ?
It was interesting to see the tattoo on Victor’s arm was the same one on the envelop that Todd had. What’s the connection ?
I will say I found peoples reaction to Victor being alive a bit lack luster,with maybe the exception of Jack.
But then again it’s shocking….all will be explained in time. (I hope).
Overall I’m thrilled the show is back.
I’m watching on FX CANADA.

Joliefan Forever

“all will be explained in time.” Thank you Lisa!!!




LOVE TSJ! But, yeah…why didn’t Blair and Viki react more?


Fantastic seeing Victor alive. I was shocked. Not to mention Roger (Todd) to the rescue of his daughter Dani. So glad to see both of them back on the canvas and looking forward to see what will develop when these two come together. Only time will tell.


I was hoping for Trevor to come back. I love Roger Howarth and Trevor St. John both! It really made the comeback of OLTL all the more exciting. I can’t believe how much I missed the show and hope that they have great stories planned for Todd and Victor.


Why was it such a surprise to everyone that Victor appeared on the new OLTL? I thought it from the very last day of OL when crazy Alison Perkins was holding him captive that if OLTL was ever brought back on air/internet Victor would certainly resurface.. I would have been surprised if they had not brought Victor back.. you know there had to be a Grand Opening on day 1.. Nothing wouldhave been better than Victor back from the dead to clear Todd.. good luck OL even though I can not see it at his time.. my iPad does not support waiting on a TV station to pick up the soaps so I can enjoy them on TV where they belong..

Phyllis Scott

I love Trevor…any way I can get him! OVERWHELMING OR UNDERWHELMING. I don’t care that nonessential characters were “back-grounded” and showed no emotion–not even shock. (Vikki could have at least threw her hand up to her mouth. The others could have just gasped!) It was like they already knew he was alive and were not surprised. Todd might have even had Victor Jr imprisoned and was surprised he’d escaped! This is not the first time Trevor’s Todd has reemerged when he was thought dead by the town!


there were no “background” characters in that scene…Vicki, Blair, Tea, Clint, Matthew, Destiny, Jack…they are ALL family to Victor and not one reacted in any way that anyone would react when someone “returns” from the dead. Tea, his beloved wife cried a bit and touched his face…then seemed quite calm (especailly for her) and Jack gave a hug and a cute lil contented face as he snuggled in to his “dad’s” embrace.

it’s one thing for the writers to want to move at a faster pace; it’s another to sacrifice human emotion/bonds/history/realism…if they took out a few curse words they would’ve had time for a few oohs’, ah’s and “oh my G-d!!!!” when they saw him!

Rose S

I was thrilled to see Trevor back, especially if we are going to lose Roger. Was nice to see that AMC and OLTL came in 1st and 2nd yesterday is ratings………….saids so much for us fans. I am actually liking that I can watch when it’s convienant to my schedule, makes it easier than planning my day around the shows or having to dvr them.
Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show. 🙂


They have to get on with the script. Roger is leaving soon. Suspend reality and realize this is a soap. Have to believe the writers wanted us to believe that the shock and surprise all happened behind the camera. So happy Trevor St. John is back. Elated that prospect park took the last scene on abc and decided to let it play out on line!


Let me have 5mins to an hour with him and I would show you just what I though about him being back. That’s all I need with this man. Oh hell! Make it a day. I’ll show you just how happy and excited I was to see him. Oh my love <3 TSJ
So good to see him back where he belongs 😉


he’d send any one person’s heart racing….

ooh la la…



So glad TSJ is back, love him! But, I think that they wrote how people reacted to seeing him alive poorly. No one freaked out! This guy is back from the dead, and they’re kinda like, “oh, okay, he’s alive!” And that’s it.


TSJ & RH in the same epi? Wow. Blair, Dorian, Vicki, David, Clint, Natalie, Bo, Nora and on and on. Worth the wait (and the constant emails, letters, phone calls, etc.) 🙂


It was a great surprise to see him back. I wondered who the hooded person was throughout the show and I really liked the way they gradually came to a close up of Victor. It was an OMG moment.

Now I just hope they play all the beats of what he and his family went through while he was gone.


Was it a reveal or a sexy swag reveal:-). That swag was awesome and sexy as heck. Love some Trevor St John. Welcome back to that sexy beast of a man:-).

Lisa Postles

I love having Victor back. I hope he stays for a long time.


I really love that he is back on the show. I’m really enjoying OLTL, wish we still had our hour show but this is better than no show.


um a little bit of a reaction from Blair, Jack, Viki, Clint, someone, anyone, would have been nice! I think they should’ve made it more of a big deal for Victor’s family to find out he’s alive. It was like they didnt care at all or forgot that they went to his funeral! I mean come one people! They should’ve revealed Victor to the family as Thursday’s cliffhanger and have everyone’s reactions on Monday’s episode.


yeah, i was a little thrown by that…. Tea was the only one who showed something…

that kid/boy, that was sitting and got up and they hugged… that Victor hugged… was that Sam… that was real.




Love that Trevor is back! Can’t wait to see what happened to him and how the storyline plays out…While I love John and Natalie together. Was truly hoping he would come back who knows maybe someday..But Natalie deserves to be loved and she and Cutter have some chemistry. I look forward to watching it every am before work…Thanks Prospect Park again!

shari barnes

I m loving that trevor is back,i have missed him so much.i hope he stays for a long time.i do think there should of been more reactions from Vicki,blair. I mean blair had no reaction whatso ever,i really hope dani has a better reaction,i think she will because she will always think of him as her dad. and I also cant wait to see sam reunited with his dad.


I agree…

someone help me out…

the son that Victor hugged…??? was that blairs son? and he thinks of Victor as his father… and that’s why Todd walked out of the hospital room?

geez! that was revealing… and emotional to see Todd go thru that as well.

yes, def…. think that’s why Dani is acting out… i mean… yeah, drugs is more than acting out…. but… she misses her mom… Tea so much… geez… i cried during that scene… and when she lears Victors home… and she see’s him as her dad… she’ll be on the mend.

and this will bring us back Tea…. whew… having to explain and relive her son passing… Victor’s son…. that’s going to be too much.




I was pleasantly surprised that OLTL picked up right where it left off, basically. Seeing Victor back sold me. Ordered Hulu Plus immediately! ; )


you said it!

Victor’s BACK.


I am so happy bout TSJ VLJ but to have TSJ And RH it’s amazing. Lackluster emotions and reaction by characters that Victor is alive but I think it is because they are all used to ppl like Todd and Vic comig back all the time and they were probably still in shock AT and FL were both in incredible in playing out themselves registering their thoughts and accepting victor and TSJ was AMAZING as always. OLTL is back yah heard?

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  • Harry: “Rebecca, with all due respect, we will always disagree on this subject. You hear Laurel and I hear Yannie.…
  • Harry: “DMR, why oh why couldn't Robert have met up with his little brother Mac on Friday's episode? I mean,…
  • Jovin: “Just seems weird to be talking about a middle aged actress being recently divorced and on the prowl. And…
  • Jimh: “Drew will discover Kim isnt Oliver's mom...his mom is Kim's sister-a plot they done with Nathan, Lisel and Maddie!...also,…
  • Gayle Page-Robak: “I cannot recall anyone leaving me with the impression that Marci Miller has done in her portrayal of Abigail Devereaux…

Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018