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Tyler Christopher Joins The Cast Of Days of our Lives!



After much speculation and reports, it has been confirmed that indeed, former General Hospital Daytime Emmy-winning star, Tyler Christopher (Ex-Nikolas Cassadine) has joined the cast of NBC’s Days of our Lives, in what is said to be a top secret role.

According to, Tyler has been working on set on the NBC daytime drama series since last week, and will debut on air sometime late in 2017 or early 2018, since DAYS production and shooting schedule is six-months ahead. That gives DAYS fans plenty of time to ponder, just who woll this fan favorite play on the canvas? With Christopher now at DAYS it reunites him with former GH head writer, who knows steers the writing ship in Salem, Ron Carlivati.

Tyler tweeted on Thursday on the reveal of his coming to DAYS:  “I want to thank @nbcdays for welcoming me into their home. Although I can’t comment on the character, @carlivatiron has handed me a gem of a story I am eager for you to see.”

As soap fans know, Tyler made a splash on to their daytime screens back in 1996 when he took on the role of Nikolas Cassadine, the firstborn son of Laura Spencer played by Genie Francis.  The actor left GH when talks of his return officially broke in September last year, after he went on a hiatus from the series back in May of 2016.

So, what do you think of Tyler coming to the cast of DAYS? Who do you hope he plays? Comment below.

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Although I think Tyler is an awesome actor and the fact that the GH writers obviously screw contract negotiations up, carlivati knows what he’s doing here. He has to get Days numbers up before they are eventually cancelled. There’s a lot of GH history gone with Tyler. But no need to worry over spilled milk, get even or just get someone who will bring new fans to GH….like Michael Muhney.

Tomas Torquemada

To be fair its not the writers who negotiate contracts. The producers and networks manage this. The writers are often in the tough, unenviable position of suddenly writing off a character .

As to your point that he belongs on the GH set, I agree


I totally agree. Muhney will bring new fans to GH and we definitely need that. Give him whatever he wants.


The writers have nothing to do with contract negotiations. If the Executive Producer (Valentini for GH) can’t come to contract terms with an actor, the writers are given instructions to either stop writing for the character or create a storyline to usher them off the screen.

Using GH as an example, in the past year:
Tyler Christopher — Jelly had story planned for Nikolas. Nick Stabile was temporarily brought in to wrap up a revised storyline.

Roger Howarth — Franco was on regularly, driving story. When talks broke down, Jelly had to remove Franco from storylines for 2 months.

Rebecca Budig — The network/FV used an out window in her contract. Jelly wasn’t given much time to write Hayden off the canvas, the result is the hastily put together exit story on scenes now.

William deVry — We’ll see in the next few weeks what the exit plan is for Julian.

Soap writers shoulder the blame if characters don’t work because of storylines, and they should be criticized for it. When it pertains to contracts, its all the EP and network. On Days, Carlivati can suggest an actor for a new role, but its KC who has to agree to hire and negotiate.


According to Jamey Giddens’ Twitter over the past week, he says he thinks “we’re no longer on Cancellation Watch for any of the 4 remaining daytime soaps.” I know everyone has been paranoid about it and expecting Days and/or GH to fall, but for better or worse, that’s not what’s happening.

I doubt GH fans will flock to GH anymore. ABC execs have damaged it and won’t fix it. Another name is not what fans are looking for. They want basic things like good story (told the old fashioned way), history respected, Classic characters in front burner stories, a moral center restored, and all the usual basic things that fans should expect.

Dr Helen Ruth

Michael Muhney would attract fans to any soap. I was hoping that he’d be brought back to Y&R as Adam Newman, but perhaps Eric Braeden’s biography destroyed any chance of that happening, sadly.


Too bad……Tyler would have made the perfect Adam Newman, if Muhney cannot be had.
So, what role will Tyler play? Philip Kiriakis?


Tyler would be totally wrong for that role (yet, still better than that last untalented idiot was). They really need to leave Phillip Kiriakis “overseas on business” until Jay Kenneth Johnson wants the job back.

As for Tyler, I’m guessing he’s going to be either Nicholas Alamain (as he apparently shows up in Salem the same time as Vivian) or one of Justin & Adrienne’s kids. Sonny has three older brothers out there…. it’s time at least one of them showed up.

So in other words, he’ll either be named “Nicholas” or be a member of a large Greek family. Either one should be familiar territory for him.


Perhaps, Tyler would be wrong in the role of Phillip. But, he is too old to be Adrienne’s son. Yes, there are many mother-son protagonists whose ages do not mesh….however, Tyler is not aging well. He looks older than Judi Evans—only a few years apart…nah, not a good idea, albeit I do see him as Nicholas Alamain.


GH’s numbers would sore with MM and he and Valentin would butt heads like no other but is ABC willing to hire a big name after Steve Burton?


I like the thought of that. MM butting heads with Valentin. I can see it already. The acting would be awesome.

As for Steve Burton, I can’t say that his acting is awesome, but I am just okay about him coming back.

I hope ABC will dig a little deeper in their budget and get Michael Muhney to play Nicholas. He would be welcomed.


Michael Muhney as a Nikolas would be phenomenal! I had never thought of that possibility but I think it would be great.


Me too.

Just visualize those two going at it.
(Nikolas and Valentin).

Come on ABC, make this happen. We need new viewership.


i was gonna be all mad about tyler jumping to dool then i asked myself why? i love gh but they messed up negotiations w/ tyler, not just that but the new norm is this crazy soap hopping, before it use to be the middle soap stars now its the biggest star or semi big stars who jump to another show, we mope, throw a fit cry to we are cried out, and before you know it they ” big ” soap star returns to their original show, i.e Steve Burton hello! its exhausting so i’m not wasting my time, as for a nikolas replacement, Michael muhney is a great choice, lets see what happens….

Linda Murphy

Just don’t try to make him EJ


Oh, my gosh, Linda!! I hadn’t even thought of that. It is a strong possibility, especially because Sami and Will are coming back. It would make sense EJ is with them? I always maintained they were all together somewhere….a Swiss/Italian chalet in the Alps?


Actors from other soaps don’t have no net positive effect on ratings. Their “huge” fan bases are exaggerations fabricated by their superfans. All it does, bringing in a bunch of new actors to a soap, is dilute the brand, make the show unrecognizable and drive long time fans away.

GH is no longer GH, hasn’t been for a long time now with Frank. The departure of Tyler for good now makes that even more the fact.

GH veteran actor after actor gone, but Howarth still here, Easton on his 100th character. They have their fans and those fans watch GH and as indicated by the ratings, it is not an impressive number. Muhney would do nothing for GH long term just as these two have not, as well as Stafford and West and whoever else.


That’s “don’t have a net positive effect.” not “don’t have no net positive effect.” Brain and fingers were not working together.

Karen Clark

Thrilled that I get to see Tyler again. Knowing that Vivian is returning, perhaps Lawrence Alamain or his brother will be seen in Salem soon.


That’s a great idea, as well, Karen.


Larry’s dead. They showed him being killed by Carly.


LOL, Ted….true. But, who is ever really dead in soaps? Tyler could play any of said characters.


Well, there are a couple of actors that Tyler could cross paths with, that once resided in Port Charles: Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. Tyler is a great actor and I wish him well. Too bad that TPTB at General Hospital were not able to negotiate. Instead, viewers are left with a train wreck of a show and some lack luster characters: Kiki, Nelle, etc., and no super couples to root for…

Gerry Waggett

If I had to guess, I would think that Tyler Christopher might be the new EJ Dimera.


That would be the dumbest move Ron Carlivati made since he brought back “Frank Smith” from the dead on GH – about 35 years younger than he should have been – for a really pathetic storyline, and an insult to one of the biggest iconic characters in daytime history (Luke Spencer)

Tyler Christopher is too short, too non-English, and has way too many tattoos to be Elvis DiMera. Even the classic soap opera cliche cure-all of “plastic surgery” couldn’t make that believable.


He is the thought dead David Banning…


I know its wrong…doubt they would bring David-Tyler too young anyway…he will either be a Dimera or a Kiriakis…


Or maybe an Alamain with Viv coming back


David? Is that Julie’s son, Jimmy? Eli’s father, right? Doesn’t he have another son with Trish?
I never knew David, but my Gran loved that character, and also, Mike Horton?
They must be in their fifties by now. But, soaps do not observe chronological order. LOL.
Tyler is pushing fifty, so, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched.
As I said Philip Kiriakis—-but,anyone’s guess works….all good.


Is it Alexander? Or has that role already been cast? Or is it the new role Ron mentioned? Looking forward to seeing what he does.


Wally Kurth has been doing Days & GH for years. Same can be said with Eileen Davidson with Y&R and Days. I could see Tyler doing the same thing.


WK is recurring with both GH and Days, so unless he’s under contract, he can be on whatever show wants to hire him. Since Sony owns Y&R and Days, they are amenable to sharing ED among the two.


On recurring. Tyler’s got a contract.


I will wait and see who he plays, etc. I just hope that Days does not become General Hospital. Hiring everyone and throwing them on screen for no good reason. GH is beyond aweful. The characters suck and stories also. Please think out story for whoever is hired for Days. Of all the soaps they have the best potential to be #1. They have the best characters to work with. Give the stories and daytime viewers will come back or add. (GL/ATWT/OLTL were my all time favs) Days seems the closest to those. I also do not want Days of complete crazy. I like Days when they stick to good stories.


Definitely going to be another Kiriakis…..Alexander, perhaps?


With Vivian coming back and Ron saying he isnt creating many new characters, is anyone else getting a sense that he’s playing Nicholas Alamain?


Given the storyline I imagine he will be a long lost ALLOMAINE. There are not many left in the Kirakis family or the Di Mera family.


I hope the gem of a story has paired him with Gabi. That girl needs a real man in her life.


That girl, Lia is a calamity—everything she touches dies, or something bad befalls him. She’s bad news.

Mary SF

I don’t think it would be so hush hush if he was playing a new character so knowing Ron’s way of writing, my guess—Tyler will either be a cloned younger version of Stefano DeMira or Stefano had some kind of potion made that made him young again. He has enough in common with Joe in look and size I could buy Tyler as young Stefano– whether fans could accept anyone else in the role I don’t know, but if he is a clone, he wouldn’t totally be the same person. If he isn’t Stefano– I imagine he will be related to a DeMira– maybe a recast EJ.


Extremely happy for DAYS fans!

As for GH, they are becoming a minor league baseball team, they dont give a shit about their roster , spend very little as long as they fans keep showing up! Its embarrassing to see Tyler go to NBC. But it is done and we move on. I am all for Nick Stabile coming to GH as Nick. He did a great job subbing and he and Ava had awesome chemistry.


In your face Frank!!! I may have to start watching this show again you Days fans know more then I but could he be a recast Frankie Brady just glad hie is employed again nice man and don’t count a Days out yet !!


Sorry for the spelling got to stop typing while riding in the car!


Be careful there, Kay!!!!


I am curious if there’s anyway Tyler can be making more money at Days? Or maybe he just has a bad taste in his mouth from his GH negotiations and just lost interest in coming back to GH (where JFP had fired him once before and then they tried to cut his pay after winning an Emmy)


I am still upset that GH didn’t think enough of him to make a fare deal. god the lost potential

he has brilliance in his arsenal. just a ready made REEL.

1. i’m just glad he’s back on daytime.
2. I know posts agree… it staggers me that GH let this talent out of the house.
3. I believe he’s going to be a Kiriakis.

Congratulations ! Mr. Tyler Christopher.


Lawrence Alamain?

4ever DAYS

No, Edward, Lawrence’s son, Nicholas. Vivian went nutty for Nicky. And because Vivian is back, Nicky/Nicholas would fit.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

He’s likely the new character Ron is introducing; the timelines add up to Ron’s interview in Soap Opera Digest and the timeline of taping.


PLEASE be a Phillip Kiriakis recast!..

James R. Poissant

I never understood what went down with Tyler leaving GH but I will watch him to see what he can do on DAYS and what Ron will write for him. I was being funny a moment ago when i started thinking that now that Vivian is coming back if Tyler was going to turn out to be Ivan but I know that’s stretching it. But it could be possible that Tyler’s character could be Vivian’s boy toy…


taken from Wiki :

Tyler Christopher recently tweeted that his last day on taping for “General Hospital” will be May 19.

Tyler Christopher’s Nikolas leaves Port Charles the week of June 27.

I don’t know if this ( June 27) was actually him on the plane w/ Ava ?

anyway: he will STAR late December or January 2018.

as LUCK would have it… after a rough 13 month absence . He returns.



This does not make me happy as a GH fan. However, as a DOOL fan, it will be great to see him on TV again. I do wish, however, that GH had recast the Nicolas role already because that character is much needed there. Good luck on DOOL, Tyler!

Robert in Jersey City
Robert in Jersey City

Love it. I love that Ron is saving and fixing this….I wish he could write Y&R at the same time.


I would love for him to be Bo Brady. Think he would be fab in that role. Even if I do miss my Peter desperately.


I know some say age doesn’t matter in soaps, but Tyler is 17 years younger than Peter Reckell. Highly doubtful


Hope needs to be paired with someone fabulous to be with and while no one can take Peters place. Since he retired I would love to see the right person take over
the role. I think TC could be that guy.


Personally I think the move is ok! Tyler is no doubt great actor but if the story not there he fades away love his chemistry with Maura West was amazing.

Mister Media

This is a huge blow to us GH fans…As far as watching Days, I’ll give it a little more time until the current awful stories have finally wrapped up.

Mister Media

I just watched Thursday’s episode of Days…really? A double doppelganger story right out of the chute????


I think one of DOOL’s problems is; shooting schedule is six-months ahead..
if the normal the writers could tweek what is going wrong and make changes etc,,

RC always kept his surprises/scripts very close to the vest and leaks were not common and that’s why we had many Surprises with RC (I miss those, surprises)
Tyler did good to get to Days.

I can DOOL bringing in more Great talent that has been let go by the others soaps, perhaps Greg/Kevin from Y&R, too.

((DROOL got RC and GH is stuck with the Queen of snooze Jean.. I FF through 70% of GH, looooong boring say nothing conversations))


I have mixed feelings about this. Tyler is a great actor and I’m happy he is joining a show that recognizes what kind of talent he has to offer. But I will always feel like he belongs on GH as Nikolas. They really messed up by not resigning him and letting contract talks go awry – same thing looks to be happening to William deVry right now which would be a huge loss for the show. Hopefully they recast Nikolas.

As for who I think Nikolas will play… 2 words: Peter Blake.


It’s supposed to say *Tyler at the end, not Nikolas – typo.


I would like to know how much time and money this show would have save if only they just had written a decent storyline for James Scott, Alison Sweeney and their alter egos EJ and Sami..

This is who I want back i wish the actor mentioned above all the best at Days however not enough for me to tune back and watch a show that needs more than a band aid to fix it.


Best wishes to the actor on his new job, but I sure miss him and his grey pants and burgundy shirt on GH. (Ever notice how he wore that same outfit on GH constantly?)


I was very disappointed when I read this news earlier today. Tyler has been one of my personal favorites on GH for many years. Frank Valentini dropped the ball on this one big time. He had the money to pay Steve Burton to come back and renew Roger Howarth’s contract, but not to bring back Tyler. Very upsetting as a GH fan, I was hoping that with all this talk of Nikolas on the show recently that a return from Tyler was coming soon.

They can have other actors play the role, and I’m sure they probably will at some point, since it’s only a matter of time before Nikolas returns. But Tyler Christopher is and always will be Nikolas Cassadine, plain and simple. Anyone else will just be trying to fill his shoes. GH’s loss is DOOL’s gain.

Best of luck to you, Tyler. Thanks for 20+ years of wonderful entertainment! Go knock ’em dead on Days, and shove it in the face of Frank and everyone at ABC.

John Paul Murphy

I agree. Tyler is arguably one of the best real actors on daytime. It’s obvious Valentini values Roger Howarth, but his Franco is way less important to the GH canvas than Nikolas. They really dropped the ball on this one. I just hope Days doesn’t waste this opportunity.


Tyler was successfully replaced by Stabile. I love Tyler and do see him as Nick but he is not some legend like Braeden or Geary. Casting needs to do their job or bring back Nick Stabile.


Have to respectfully disagree with you there, Timmm. I personally never bought Nick Stabile as Nikolas Cassadine. Thought he did an admirable job and tried hard, but it just didn’t work for me. He was the wrong fit for the character, I would say.

I was not trying to equate Tyler to legends like a Tony Geary or Eric Braeden, although I do think he was in the upper echelon of actors in daytime when he left GH. But more to say, he created a pretty iconic character on the show after 20 years, and it’s a hard role to fill, in my opinion. I have no problem with them doing that, because the show must go on, as they say, and Nikolas is needed on the show. But if they do, I think they need to go in a different direction in terms of casting.


Stabile’s stint reminded me Camilla Moore’s brief run as Anna Devane. Near the end of her disastrous comeback to the show, Gloria Monty refused to budge in contract negotiations with Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers. FH’s contract expired and Anna was needed for a few weeks so they brought in Moore until they wrote off Robert and Anna in the Faison boat explosion.

JFP did the same with Kristina Wagner, which resulted in Sandra Ferguson temporarily taking over Felicia at a pivotal time in story.


Dan, I respect your allegiance to Tyler Christopher and his long tenure at GH. I am enjoying this discussion and wish to throw another hat into the ring. My favorite Nikolas Cassadine is the incarnation by Stephen Martines (also known as Coltin Scott) who played the role from 1999 to 2003. Nikolas then had an engrossing love story with Gia Campbell (played by Marisa Ramirez). Bringing back Martines to play Nikolas would be most welcome to many fans, myself included.


As long as he’s not an EJ recaat.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

He’s not; I’m pretty sure EJ has already been [quietly] recast and is returning around the time of Will and Sami’s returns. Tyler is [likely] portraying the new character Ron is introducing for the New Year.


I’m happy for any actor who gets a job. That being said, it is a huge loss to GH and specifically to Genie Francis and Becky Herbst, veterans who deserve air time with other veterans and characters they have a history with. I’ll always watch GH, but it is not the GH it used to be or could be again. Yes, it is the same recycled Sonny saga over and over with very little heart left. I think the acting is superb, but the storytelling is horrible and frankly, I am not invested in half of the characters on the canvas and the veterans that I love just don’t have enough to do or enough other veterans to interact with.


I’m guessing and saying he’ll play EJ or another long lost Dimera. Being that he’s Greek, it’s gotta be along those lines. I loved him as Nicholas Cassadine, so it’s fun to see him in another role on another show I watch.

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