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WATCH: Outstanding Younger Actor Daytime Emmy Nominee Reels! Who Should Win?



Today NATAS has released the first of six daytime drama acting category reels for soap fans to view the nominated work and performances by some of their favorite daytime drama performers in contention for the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards to be handed out on June 22nd!

In the first category of submissions revealed on the Daytime Emmys Official Facebook Page, you watch the nominees in the Outstanding Younger Actor categories.

Below are the nominees who include General Hospital’s Chad Duell and Bryan Craig, The Young and the Restless Max Ehrich and Daniel Polo and former Days of our Lives star, Chandler Massey with a synopsis of their Emmy submission, followed by the playlist of the scenes that won these gents a nomination!

Chad Duell  -General Hospital

Michael Corinthos considered having 2 dads a good thing. He was raised by Sonny Corinthos.  Michael’s bio dad, AJ  recent return to Port Charles allowed Michael to get to know his other dad. While Sonny & AJ never got along, they both loved Michael. Sonny faced a massive tragedy when his girlfriend, Connie Falconeri was brutally murdered. Before Connie died, she wrote the letters “AJ” in blood. Sonny’s anger drove him to seek revenge against AJ. Michael would be the only one that could stop Sonny.

Bryan Craig – General Hospital

Morgan Corinthos returned to Port Charles with his girlfriend, Kiki Jerome after a run in with an online gambling ring. Kiki learned from her mother, Ava Jerome that she was related to the wealthy Quartermaine family. Morgan & Kiki soon made themselves at home at the Quartermaine estate. Morgan’s older brother, Michael Corinthos ound he was drawn to Kiki. While Kiki felt something for Michael, they knew it could never be since they were Quartermaine cousins! Morgan learned that Kiki wasn’t related to the Quartermaine family. To keep his relationship intact, he quickly married Kiki before the truth was revealed in the local press. Morgan also turned to his father, Sonny Corinthos and begged him to keep Morgan’s secret: that Morgan knew Kiki was not a Quartermaine before the story was published. Ava & Sonny decided to throw Morgan & Kiki a wedding reception. Unbeknownst to Morgan, Sonny was no longer taking his medication and therefore capable of doing and saying anything at any time…

Max Ehrich  – The Young and the Restless

The affair that Fenmore’s mother, Lauren, had with Carmine Basco has been over for a while, yet the scorned ex-lover has repeatedly harassed the family, including showing a sex tape of Lauren at an event in her honor.  Fen races out of the event in horror; he wakes up the next morning with no memory of the night before.  Lauren breaks the news that Carmine was found shot dead in the alley and slowly Fenmore comes to a realization: he could be a murderer.

Chandler Massey – Days of our Lives

Will professes his love for his unborn daughter to his true love Sonny.  And expresses his desire to raise his daughter in a healthy happy family


Daniel Polo – The Young and the Restless

A juvenile delinquent with a troubled home life, Jamie Vernon already had a lot to handle. And then high school classmate Summer began harassing him online. Summer’s friend Fen condemned Summer’s behavior at first, but when Summer discovered she actually liked Jamie and Fen’s father took an interest in the boy – even letting him move in after trouble at his foster home – a jealous Fen took over the cyberbullying. When Jamie is found unconscious after falling from a roof, he refuses to say what happened but the evidence implicates Fen. Fen’s parents, Summer, and Police Chief Paul Williams question Jamie about the incident…and they may not like his answers.

Now below watch the nominated performances in a playlist that includes all of the scenes! Then weigh-in!  Who should get the gold?




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Bryan Craig should definately win!

Tommy Missingyou

Sharon Case needed to win best lead actress. Thats what I know for sure!!! 😀


Sharon Case has fallen out of favor with the Emmy panel. She hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy in eleven years.

Besides, this thread is about Outstanding Younger Actor so why get off topic girlfriend?


Max Erlich Y&R






Yes , short but effective


Chandler Massey should win, of course!!!

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

and the winner is: CHANDLER MASSEY!!! CASE CLOSED!!!

Rosemary Patterson

Max is fantastic but CHANDLER MASSEY went above and beyond with his role as Will and the gay storyline. I know a lot of people are not fans of that storyline, but regardless, Chandler’s performance was OUTSTANDING! He is sorely missed on DAYS!


Girl are you still watching the 2011 shows?


Is that a bad thing? Outstanding performances never get old. They live on.


They all are very good. Chandler has a special place in my heart though. But all the nominees submitted outstanding performances. Good luck to all. May the best be chosen.


It’s going to be between Bryan Craig and Max Ehrich. The others don’t stand a chance. Chad Duell and Chandler Massey’s reels were very weak and I couldn’t see Daniel Polo’s at all.

Ivory Werra

Michael GH is the nicest guy, but Bryan GH is the best actor.


1. Bryan Craig
2. Chandler Massey
3. Chad Duell
4. Max Ehrich
5. Daniel Polo


without a doubt..
The gold will go to one of the The Corinthos brothers.. GH

Bryan Craig/Morgan Corinthos – General Hospital

Chad Duell/Michael Corinthos -General Hospital

Both are powerful actors…
It will be a toss-up ..


As much as I adore Chandler Massey and Chad Duell, I truly see Bryan Craign as the winner in this category. He made me feel that rejection, that Sonny chose his brother over him. Daniel Polo was also very effective.


Between Bryan Craig n Chandler Massey!!!

andrew hass

I wish all 5 actors luck and let the best one win.Now here’s my order of who i think will win:1Chandler Massey.2 Max Ehrich.3 Bryan Craig.4 Chad Duell.5 Daniel Polo.However i think Chandler,Max and Bryan might be the favorites.GH has a 40 percent of one of their actors winning.


Our lists our very close! Numbers 3 and 4 are switched.


Bryan Craig/Morgan Corinthos .. GH


I watched all five of the reels, and I think Bryan Craig from GH was by far the best. Those scenes with Maurice Benard were so powerful that Maurice could have have submitted them for his own Emmy reel, cause he was fantastic, as well. I would rate Chandler Massey second. I thought Chad Duell could have definitely picked some better scenes. The two from Y&R didn’t do much for me personally.


And the EMMY goes to : its a tie!! Bryan Craig and Max Ehrich!!!


Bryan Craig – 1st
Chad Duell – 2nd
Chandler Massey – 3rd


I dove into the viewing with the idea of not wanting Chandler Massey to be the best because he is no longer with DAYS. And the winner is…CHANDLER MASSEY!

#2. Max Ehrich
#3. Chad Duell
#4. Bryan Craig
#5. Daniel Polo


I should add:

In the future, all acting categories should contain at least one performer from each soap, a true celebration of the genre!!! The writing, directing and show categories should also contain all the soaps!!!!!!

With four soaps left, it is idiotic not to have a full representation!!!

As for favorite daytime drama…And the winner is…DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!


I do not watch B&B. Does anybody care to suggest whom from B&B should have been included in the Outstanding Younger Actor category?

andrew hass

That might be a little hard because i think the younger actor and actress categories have an age limit of 25 or younger.However Chad Duell will be 27 this coming September.So maybe they raised the age limit to 27 or so.As for the other actor’s ages Bryan will be 23 in September,Chandler will be 24 in September also,Max will 23 next month and Daniel is about 18/19.Yeah in a perfect world every soap would have a nominee in every category but that may not always be the case.


you could clearly see the maturity level of said nominees.

Chandler Massey : is a pedigree unto himself… he naturally ensconced… pulls you with… he could have been straight or “gay”… so be it.. he is real

far and away: the clear winner

my sincerely, big wish : Freddie Smith… Days’ Sonny : be acknowledged
all the accolades given CM are because Freddie Smith was with him… every step of the way

my outa the box… surpise win: as he’s new to the scenery and has shown strength growth and prow… Bryan Craig.

he more than catapulted his belong.. with :

Dad, Sonny
Mom, Carly
girlfriend, Ava
Brother, Michael

so… if Morgan, BC should walk with… he deserves as much

I wasn’t impressed with Fen… @Y&R it was Carmine… and Lauren who ran with this storyline

Chad Duell : Michael… he resonates for all the reasons I don’t reach… Michael and Kiki are rammed shoved featured front and center so much… I watch but don’t buy in to… AJ was his life saver

the lil’ guy with the internet bullying’ is my surprise . I’m happy for him

I don’t think it’s overkill or overload that Chandler Massey WIN… 3 years in a row… he more than deserves this… heck… HE is so much better than Heather Tom… winning 3 years in a row… that’s a question mark… I really can’t fathom


I was honestly trying not to let my bias filter in. I only watch GH, so I was completely unfamiliar with the other three actors and their stories. I had heard phenomenal things about CM, but that reel was not strong at all. The two Y&R guys were okay, but I really wasn’t that impressed. I thought Max Ehrlich was probably a little better overall, but I still don’t feel he’s that strong an actor. Tracey E. Bregman completely overshadowed him. Daniel Polo, it’s just not there.

Chad Duell is a decent actor, but he just doesn’t quite measure up to Bryan Craig. Bryan’s reel is definitely the strongest. And since I am rooting for him to win, I feel quite satisfied that this is his to lose.


Max Ehrich or Daniel Polo…Y&R. Got to stick with my soap and Fen’ did a good job in his storyline, and I also felt for jamies’ chracter as well.


Based on these reels alone, I’d choose Daniel Polo from Y&R. I thought Max Ehrich had better work than was submitted. If not Polo, then Chandler Massey from DOOL has my vote. The two guys from GH got overshadowed by Maurice Benard’s over-the-top acting.


Chandler and bryan have the best reels. I’m days fan, but bryan craig reel was very good.


I agree that 2013 was Bryan Craig’s year. He completely blew me away in many episodes. However, his Emmy submission wasn’t one of those eps. I think he has a couple of good ~moments, but overall I think that he absolutely chose the wrong tape for submission. I think that Chad outshines him in the scenes, and it is just an over-the-top, hysterical, clearly “Emmy bait” episode that really doesn’t measure up. I wish he had chosen the episode where Morgan admits the truth to Sonny and asks him to keep the secret. That episode was much quieter and shows more vulnerability and range. It’s really a true shame, but based on this reel alone, I don’t think that he deserves to win.

I was very impressed with Chad’s submission (not to mention how good he was in Bryan’s). It’s funny, because when I saw that he had gotten a nomination, my first thought was, “for what?!” These episodes didn’t stand out in my memory for him, but watching them back, I am so happy that he is on the list. I thought he was so natural and real in the opening scenes with Dante, and then of course he is amazing when Michael is talking Sonny down. I do think that the episode sort of fizzles at the end (I think they could have done more with it), but overall, Chad absolutely deserves his nomination.

Although short, Chandler’s reel is my favorite and I think the best of the bunch. He shows SO much truth, vulnerability and heart in just 3.5 minutes. His range and ability to express real emotion is unmatched. I don’t know if such a short tape will be enough for a third win, but he absolutely deserves to be on this list. He is such a tremendous talent and is by-far the best actor in this group.

I really liked Max’s reel. I think he had a couple of very good moments and showed so much more range than in his submission from last year. There were also a couple of moments that I wish he had done more with, but overall, I think this is a good tape.

As for Daniel, based on his reel alone, I honestly don’t know how he made it to this round of the competition. I can think of at least two other actors who deserved a spot on the list much more than him. This submission is extremely weak–it shows no range and only a small level of emotion. Again, based on the episode alone, he really does not deserve to be here.

Overall, this year of competition is a much more exciting race than last year was. My final rankings (based only on the reels) are:

1) Chandler Massey
2) Chad Duell
3) Max Erich
4) Bryan Craig
5) Daniel Polo


Our lists are very close! Numbers 2 and 3 are switched.

andrew hass

I also think that this race might be very close and in the end i think 4 out of the 5 have equal chances of winning the Emmy and they are Bryan,Chandler,Chad and Max.I have nothing against Daniel Polo but he was only Y&R for first 3 months of 2013 i think.Plus i don’t think Daniel submitted the best episode he could and maybe the one he should have submitted was the one where Jamie tries to commit suicide by jumping off the roof.Plus i do agree that there were other younger actors that should have been nominated also including Freddie Smith(DOOL).



really, nice, across the board… preview

I think it’s neck and neck between Chandler Massey, exDays, and Bryan Craig, GH

#1… Will and Morgan
#3… Daniel Polo
#4… Chad Duell
#5… Max Erich


I predicted Bryan Craig would win this category since his scenes last summer and I’m sticking to that. He is BRILLIANT and far better than some of the other nominees (looking at you, one-tone Max Ehrich!), though he may have competition in repeated winner Chandler Massey. But I’m rooting for Bryan and I believe he’ll bring in a win.

Mary SF

Based on experience I’ve noticed the emmy seems to go the actor who yells or cries the best– so after watching the reels I say since Bryan Craig did both, and extremely well, my money is on his performance being the one chosen as the most outstanding of the bunch.

Although Emmy panels do love a cause– so Daniel Polo bullying storyline might get the nod even if the performance only had yelling at the end and no tears.

Also the Emmy panels tends to vote for former winners and Chandler did have a good crying scene, so he has a decent chance based on those two factors. He did express some anger in the scene but it was subtle, perhaps too subtle for the judges.

Max is a dark horse although he did yell and he did cry in the scene, he had those fake tears the makeup department gives you so I imagine most of the panelist would see that as cheating.

And Chad although good in the scene wasn’t really yelling or crying– and the tone was pretty the same throughout the scene so I don’t think he will get it based on that clip.


Chandler Massey, hands down!!

In the meantime, can someone PLEASE rescue Freddie out of this Nerium cream crap cult?? Please! His so-called friends and fans are helping him destroy his future by encouraging him and endorsing this product!


Still bitter?


Bryan Craig showed so many different emotions in his reel. Sadness, Anger, Love, Jealousy, Regret, and Fear. No one else showed that kind of range. I think that emmy is his.


*Y&R- Max Ehrich


I really love that we can watch the clips and see what the judges see.

Honestly, if I didn’t know differently I could believe both Bryan Craig’s and Chad Duell’s reels were actually Maurice Benard’s submissions. And am I seeing things or did CD submit two nearly identical scenes? I ‘d put both at the bottom of the pack with a slight edge to BC. Both were over shadowed by their co stars.

Chandler Massey was good but the reel was so short it made me wonder why he didn’t have anything else. Daniel Polo was also good. His made me want to know whether he has telling the truth or lying.

Guess that question was answered by the Max Enrich reel which I thought was the strongest even though I don’t watch the show.


I would say Chad Duell but the writing for much of his scene was so bad and so Sonny propping it can’t even allow me to see his talent. Here the man who kidnapped him as a child is going to execute his biological father in cold blood…and he is forced to say lines like “I respect you dad. You were a great father”. Blah blah blah. Sickening. For consistency I would say Duell. He is a reliable actor who keeps Michael a likeable character. For growth as an actor I would say Bryan Craig. Chandler has two..he is gone…enough. Max had a good year despite some very bad writing. Daniel…bless his heart…he played a broken lost boy SO well. I was really hoping it would turn out that he was Crazy Patty’s son somehow which would have given him a link to Paul. I don’t think he was on the show long enough to warrant an Emmy but stranger things happen. They are all talented young men with bright futures.


This is a pretty strong category.

Why were the GH reels so long? And DAYS so short?

I’m thinking this is Max’s year. I did like Daniel’s as well, but he went more understated. The two GH guys were pretty good as well.

JeanMarie Sullivan

Bryan Craig is clearly the best actor in the category.

Margie Rose Dalton

Chad should win the gold! Voters did you watch this clip?? If so Maurice Bernard should be nominated& WIN!!

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