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Days Of Our Lives

Wedding DAYSaster! Nick and Gabi's Nuptials Explode! Will Reveals He Is The Baby Daddy!



Days of our Lives dropped some bombshells during Monday’s episode of the NBC soap! At Nick and Gabi’s wedding, just as the couple were about to be announced husband and wife, Chad DiMera stood up and put a wrinkle into the proceedings!

The young DiMera, who is out for revenge on Gabi and Nick (and rightfully so!), jumped up and revealed that Nick is not the father of Gabi’s baby.  Upon that bit of baby news, the wedding came to a halt and from there the drama really perked up!

Rafe was ready to pounce on Chad as he stated to the wedding guests that, “Gabi was a slut!” Once Chad was taken outside the church into the vestibule by Hope Brady, inside the day further disintegrated when Will could not take the lies any longer and admitted to his family and the guests in attendance that he is the father of Gabi’s baby.  A stunned Will realized the consequences of his statement in his relationship with Sonny, who turned away from his boyfriend instantly!


Later, Sami called Gabi “a manipulative lying little bitch” when she confronted her about sleeping with Will, which Rafe overheard and then Sami and Rafe began to get into a heated argument.  Nick, who is already out for revenge and a bit off balance to begin with, threatened Chad for ruining the wedding.  The upset groom was last seen listening in to the very private conversation between Lucas and Will towards the end of  the episode.

There were several good performances here namely: Daytime Emmy winner Chandler Massey as Will, Blake Berris as Nick Fallon, and Casey Deidrick as Chad.  We also enjoyed the plight of Rafe and Galen Gering’s performance, and who didn’t love a Sami onslaught as can only be delivered by Alison Sweeney?

What did you think of today’s wedding DAYSaster? Which performance did you enjoy the most? For the first time in a long time we are interested in finding out what happens next, as we never were keen on this story to begin with! Do you feel the same? Or, do you disagree?  Let us know your thoughts!



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My favorite part of the episode was the return of the “Ultimate Bad Ass” Samantha Gene Brady!

I loved, loved, LOVED it when Sami went in on Gabi so viciously! 😀

The end of the episode let me know that Sami is about to straight go OFF on both Rafe and Gabi tomorrow!

I can’t wait! *Cheers* GO SAMI!!!!


ditto on Samantha Gene!! That was awesome.

I’m guess it will be EJ’s lucky day when Sami put Rafe in the doghouse
again 😉


I was curious as why Sonny wholly rejected Will without letting him explain. I hope that they can fix things soon.


I think Sonny was hurt to know that Will was intimate with Gabi and kept it from him.


I can see that, but they technically weren’t together yet. He shouldn’t have lied though.

Mary SF

I don’t think Sonny was upset at Will for sleeping with Gabi, but for the fact he kept this huge aspect of his life from Sonny- the fact he was going to be a father. Everyone who has a partner can relate- that isn’t something you keep from the person you love.


I agree, Sonny seemed mad that Will lied, not that Will slept with Gabi.


You are so right on this Mary SF and Dmitri. He should have told Sonny about it.


Glad to see the show has more going on other than Kristen!


I agree, I’m already tired of Kristen, this episode was the best one in a while!


I hope they make up soon. They do love each other.


Agreed, for me, WilSon resembles Lumi in many ways, and I think WilSon belong together.


I still don’t know what’s driving Nick (blake berris)… to act the way he is…. and his acting chops do deserve mention.

i haven’t seen todays episode yet… It’s Nicks’ story… and i like watching him play this all out. Does he really love Gabi? yeah, this happened FAST storyline wise… but… hopefully the writers give Nick and us fans more on what makes him tick… and why?

As for Will and Sonny… yeah, i agree with post… that this all happened prior to these two committing to one another… course, Sonny may not want Will’s son in their lives… i mean geez… they just started their own life. they’re just not ready for “problems”…it’s still romance and honeymoon time….


It may be that Sonny is upset Will lied to him or didn’t tell him that he was the father. Keeping secrets is probably what Sonny objects to. And yeah, a baby will throw a wrench into things, but I would venture Sonny didn’t like the secret and he doesn’t like Gaby so that’s why he ran off.


Nick is a little troll but I do love Blake Berris! Good actor.

Mary SF

Nick is a control freak that is his motivation. I don’t know what the writers have in mind, but based on a boyfriend a friend of mine had at school, Nick is showing all the classic signs of a man who will end up physically abusing their partner. I don’t know if the writers are heading toward a domestic violence story line with Nick and Gabi, but if I was a character on that soap I would tell Gabi – to run and run fast to get away from this guy. And kudos to the actor for portraying it so realistically.


I didn’t see this coming re Nick. It is, however, something to watch.


have to correct myself…. Will and Sonny could deal with “sharing” a child….

I agree…. it was more about not telling Sonny from the get go.


I loved this episode! The revelation about the father of Gabi’s baby will affect many lives and there will be a lot more to come. I can’t wait! On another note, I couldn’t be happier about Chloe’s return. I just hope the writers don’t ruin it by having her behave out of character like before. I hope they eventually pair her with Brady as they have amazing chemistry together. I am finally enjoying DOOL again. The story lines are interesting and I look forward each day to seeing what happens next.

Jason Eldridge

I’m sorry, but this storyline has gone down for me. I just can’t seem to follow it at all. This mess needs to end. And I actually thought this would be a good story.


Loved this episode. Thank goodness for DVR & SOAPnet. DOOL & GH compete in my market. Both were exceptional yesterday.

As for Sami, love her, but what a hypocrite!


Yesterday’s episode was the best one I’ve seen in a while. I love the fact that Will and Sonny are being treated just like any other star-crossed soap couple. They’re really great together and I look forward to watching Will win back his guy.


me too!!


Me too.

Didja Noit

I loved the entire episode yesterday! Days has been giving me the things I watch a soap for, such as character driven stories, good dialogue, great acting and most importantly, heart. I’ve watched this show off and on for decades, but the last time I tuned in every day was during Ava Vitalli’s tenure. I came back to watching daily last year after giving up on GH, and I’m glad I did!


I had been looking forward to this ep and it didn’t disappoint. I don’t know why they’re not married though since the vows were done.

I think Gabi needs to rethink marrying Nick though. He has anger issues.

Everyone did a great job acting, including Camilla.

It was nice that Doug and Julie finally arrived. Loved Vic’s comment about Maggie’s distant relative in cruisewear. LOL

Mary SF

I also love Vic’s run down of all the previous wedding disasters in Salem to Sonny- that was priceless.


the cruisewear comment was hilarious!! 😀


AMAZING EPISODE!!! The acting was perfect (by everyone), the writing was as good as its been and the drama was ON!!! GREAT soap!!! KICK ASS in every department!!! Though I hate this entire pregnancy, the least they could do was give us the ultimate climax in story and boy they did not disappoint. They delivered BIG TIME!!! KUDOS to DAYS on this episode and getting me genuinely excited!

This was supposed to be the 12,000th episode, but due to the push back caused by the Sandy Hook coverage, the 12,000th ep was the leading up to the wedding moments.

Thanks Michael for putting up this article. It’s nice to have a article highlighting great episodes of a show other than GH. And yesterday’s episode of DAYS was certainly the reason to do it.

Mary SF

Thanks Jules, I had forgotten about the push back of shows- for 12,000 it was classic soap- too bad it couldn’t have aired on the actual anniversary, but still the wait was worth it.


Days does big events well!!! Loved this episode, especially Samantha Jean going after Gabi. Just wish we had more big events more often.
Also, I don’t like the idea of Nick eavesdropping on Will and I’m guessing he’s
going to become a thorn in Chad’s side!
Good stuff!!
Love, love, love Chandler Massey!! 🙂

Mary SF

I agree this episode just reminds us how good this show can be when it makes an effort. The scene between Sonny and Will after the reveal were so realistic I felt their pain, which for a heterosexual woman I didn’t think I would be able to relate to a gay storyline, but I was wrong. Seeing Sami’s mama tiger come out was wonderful even if the irony of the situation was lost on her. I am actually looking forward to seeing what will happen next- and that is what a soap do.


Yep!! I love Sonny & Will and I’m totally wrapped in their storyline as well. Sami the hypocrite is still great fun to watch when protecting her little cub 🙂
Looking forward to more shows like this Days!!!


This episode was so well up together, the writing was spot on. These episodes are what the genre is all about. Chandler Massey is really an actor to watch his performance was tortured and understated – never going over the top. Of course that was left for the brilliant Alison Sweeney. Although Sami will have some crow to eat for her words to Gabi.

I have to confess that I watched this episode with commercials rather than on the DVR and it was worth every minute of those commercials.


Chandler Massey is SO good!! Not that I want him to leave Days but I hope he finds great success in his career. He and Ali have awesome chemistry. Great back to back episodes!


Note to soap writers: THIS is how you write an episode (You people over at Y & R who are KILLING that show better take note, because I’m flipping that channel every day at 1:00 sharp!!) This is how you keep viewers hooked, wishing the hour wouldn’t end.


This episode was the most interesting one in quite a while. Although I am sad that Sonny and Will will have a rough patch, same with Sami and Rafe, I just really liked thta the truth was revealed. I did feel a bit sad for everyone involved, even Chad, who lost Abby. I can’t tell you how much I loathe Nick, though! He’s selfish, angry and controlling! I also think Sami is a hypocritical tramp! Rafe is better off without her, I hope he turns to Nicole. Boy, that would piss of Sami!


Rafe telling Sammi….”Will took Gabi to an abortion clinic…” “Will wanted this child gone.”

Lucas telling Will…. “I wasn’t much younger than you when I got your mom pregnant”…. Will telling Dad… “and that’s when you and mom started fighting”….

Kudos to Lucas. At least the writers are letting Lucas do the father thing… and Lucas is trying to do right by his son.

I really appreciate and like Victor… he’s a tender hearted softie… who’d have thought… with Maggie and Sonny.


Jules. You’re right… it’s nice to see a positive read on DAYS.

i go by… what shows i still have on my dvr… i record both GH and DAYS… and i have none waiting to watch… and it’s DAYS i watch first.

in my part of the world… both GH and DAYS compete in the same time slot… so, i have to believe.. even though days is “last” out of the four…. DAYS IS DOING FINE.


I LOVE when Days has weddings and big secrets come out!!! And this one was no different!! The acting was absoutely phenomenal!!!! Samantha Brady has to be one of the greatest soap bad girls of all time!! They way she went in on Gabi was amazing!!!!! And this secret is gonna have ripple effects for sure!! Another honorable mention was when Billie said to Kate…”If lucas is a granfather, then that makes you……..” And Kate’s response was PRICELESS!! Bravo, DAYS!!!!!!!!!


that was funny!!


That was hysterical lol


Under catholic law they are married. There is no “here comes the bride”. They got that right. But there is no “does anyone object or forever hold your piece”. That is a Protestant thing. Catholics have what’s called bands. It’s the announcements to the community several times. Gabbi and nick lying to a priest during pre Kanna is any. I thought the abortion story was excellent! I’m still getting over that Kate is a great grandmother!


The wedding was some of the best scenes I have seen in awhile. Loved how everyone was involved and talking to each other. Loved when Julie as talking to Maggie.


Really Rafe?? Sami’s true colors? What about your sister Gabi’s?!

Rafe 0
EJ 1


This past two weeks have been on fire!! My bf and I are so hooked on Days, it just keeps getting better and better. So happy our soap is back!! Was so boring for so long but every storyline is great right now or at least interesting


I agree!! I especially love Will and glad that EJ is in his corner. I always thought Chandler & James Scott played great together. Love Sonny & Will! 🙂


I was SO happy to see Adrienne on yesterday! Yeah to the continuity folks!! Would love to see more Adrienne & Justin onscreen 🙂

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