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What Did You Think Of Tyler Christopher’s Debut Week As Stefan O. DiMera On DAYS?

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This past week saw the highly-anticipated on-screen debut of one of our favorite actors, Tyler Christopher on Days of our Lives.

Christopher, who is playing the first original character written by DAYS head writer Ron Carlivati since he began his tenure, certainly came onto the Salem scene with a fun and mysterious introduction.

Carlivati told On-Air On-Soaps about bringing Tyler Christopher to the NBC daytime drama in his recent year-end interview honoring the scribe as “Soapmaker of the Year 2017”:  “I was super excited when we cast him.  I loved writing him on General Hospital.  I respect Tyler as an actor.”

As viewers learned on the New Year’s Eve episodes, Tyler is playing Stefan O DiMera, the bio-son of Stefano and none other than Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel), who also returned to her old stomping grounds in Salem, and her many enemies.

In story, Vivian shocks the party-goers announcing her secret son.  Stefan greets his family and tells them he is in town to become the CEO of DiMera Enterprises.  Of course, a DNA test is later performed and it concludes that Stefan is the real deal.

It also becomes quite clear from the start that Stefan is attracted to Abigail (Marci Miller).  Thus, setting the stage for much conflict, between he and his half-brother, Chad (Billy Flynn).  Viewers also learned that Andre (Thaao Penghlis) and Vivian are in cahoots so that Andre can be the true mastermind and control DiMera behind the scenes, while Stefan becomes in charge to the rest of the family.

So, what were your first impressions of Tyler and his new character of Stefan Octavius DiMera? Are you excited to see how things will shake up and shake out now that Stefan is on the scene? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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96 Comments on "What Did You Think Of Tyler Christopher’s Debut Week As Stefan O. DiMera On DAYS?"

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Debra m

Tyler is perfectly cast as Stefanos son. He even looks like he could be his son. The character is alot like Nicolas Cassidine. He plays the dark characters so well. Not sure about him an Abigail. The actress is too laid back to me. He needs a woman with fire. Wonder if Andre is playing Vivian and Stefan and will double cross them. He seems to have feelings for Kate, would he hurt her? Looking forward to whats to come.

Phyliss Gladney Wood

I have not watched him on Daysbut ‘ tend to check him out.Love Tyler,and want him back as Nikolas.I miss him so much .He is an outstanding actor


Yes, how right you are, Debra…..Tyler needs someone like Britt ( GH’s Kelly Thiebaud), LOL.

4ever DAYS

Maybe Tyler needs someone like Dorothy Lyman, Celia.

You can read an article about the guest stars of Greta’s Coronation in a link I gave Jimmy. So look for that.


@4ever DAYS.
Hi, there, 4ever,
Thank you so much…just watched the clip. WOW!! I hadn’t called my grandmother yet…..she would also know, as she’s been watching since the show first aired. ….
… 2001 I was all of 15… and, although I did watch whenever I could, I do not remember Tyler as a character on Days.
Looove Dorothy….I have caught a few eps of “Mama’s Family”….. and she was on AMC, wasn’t she? Do you mean Tyler needs Dorothy, as a mother? Or a lover? LOL.
Thanks, again, my friend.


Send Tyler back to General Hospital!


Why did it take DOOL half a year to have Tyler on screen, they only update DOOL twice a year lol that’s crazy,,


days tapes 5/6 months ahead – that is why it took so long for tyler to appear……….


Loved him


Loved Stefan O from the first syllable gracing his lips… his ‘big’ presence–princely!!!
That’s saying a lot, coming from me, as I was not a Nikolas Cassadine fan.


Its nice to see two of my story suggestions(somewhat different) but still like i suggested unfold on Days!!!….David and Valerie have a son…and the unknown son of Stephano and Vivian(but in my idea it was going to be Lee had Robin Strasser joined) but i like LS-Vivian so im glad they did this story with her!!!!


You are never wrong, Jimmy. Everytime you say something, more likely than not, it happens!!
I like Robin, myself….anyone from OLTL is welcome .
But, Vivian is Vivian….I equate her to Helena….I just wonder who would tip the scale when it comes to deviltry?


PS….Hey, Jimmy….I will give you a teaser, ok?
What is going on with the dizzy spells? Is there a ‘bug’ going on in Salem? ……or, or, or…..either Lani is pregnant with Eli’s baby, or Steve is pregnant by asexual reproduction. LOL.


I did not know Tyler was on Days years ago????


Was he, Jimmy? I don’t know, that he was, either. I don’t think so…..but, I may be wrong. Have to ask my grandmother.

4ever DAYS

Yes, Jimmy, Tyler was one of 10 guest stars for Greta’s Coronation. You can read about it here:

I will reply to Celia with a link to a scene with Tyler and Dorothy Lyman. Look for that reply.


DAYS – on FIYAH!! Tyler Christopher is so laid back in every portrayal. Yet it makes you want to see him more. He plays well off the other actors. I feel bad saying this but Marci Miller can not hold her own with any of the cast on this show. She is a marginal actress and for goodness sake, who the heck dresses that character? She looks AWFUL every time. Someone please give the woman a fashion makeover – c’mon gays, help a girl out – Overall I am intrigued by this. Glad to see them using Andre and Vivian together. It is fun to see evil working with evil to drive story along. I can’t wait to see what those two cook up. God, I am loving Ron Carlivati right now. I have my hands on the rails, my seatbelt is fastened and I have my mouth open in a fake scream to say WOOOOOOO I am LOVIN’ it!


LOL….Tthe worst was that yellow/mustand number. ….because of her extra-light coloring ( much like myself), she should stay away from such colors….makes her look sallow—-a little extra mascara would help, too…..she has gorgeous eyes and hair…..and, darker lipsticks…no pinks.
Darker colors will do wonders…
However, I think Marci ‘bounces’ off Chad amazingly….I like their connection. It’s credible……
…’re right about other characters. I do not see any bonding with her stage-mother, Jennifer. Perhaps later….


lani pregnant…ok…im late with the answer…computer problems…still working on them,,,later!!!


You’re so right about Marci Miller’s wardrobe. Abigail needs the fashion police pronto.


Hire Gabi Chic? 😉


I could not disagree more regarding Marci Miller.

I think she has really come into her own since Robert Wilson came back and she slugged him.

I think she plays well with Billy Flynn — they have great chemistry. I remember him saying recently how he has to play his chemistry with Marci different from his wife, Gina, and it shows. He is playful, but a different kind of playful. It works.

As for her wardrobe — I actually like it. She dresses like a LADY and not a tramp. She has a nice bit of old-fashioned, bohemian look, but very ladylike which is missing in soaps these days (i.e., GH’s Kelly Monaco as Sam).


Although I am not a fan of the actress or her wardrobe, I think you are right when you say that she dresses like a lady and not a tramp. For example, wardrobe dresses Gabi like an escort, IMO, and it’s so tacky.


“Thank You” @Chrystie-Delancey – Marci Miller is amazing to me

everything about her presence .. is standout… she’s bohemian, a lady, looks like Cheryl Tiegs…. (LOL) check her out! I love her sense of style. w/Chad. they rock the DiMera Manse.. this is coming from newbies… a much younger couple.. that have made it. MADE IT in this genre. Yeah.. i’ll debate that with even these young starlet(s)

I can’t believe how much I love this romance… I VOTED them best couple.. imagine Drew and Sam being voted as such. NO WAY

the love she shares for Chad and ben… and her care for Andre… and her sharing the manor with Kate… this is coming from a Horton.. not so uptight , standing on her own… contributing… and has her own sense of self. LOVE

whew! every thing @DAYS is going so good… no complaints…


???? huh ? i’m a week behind.. what is this about Theo heading of to Africa for treatment… GONE A FULL YEAR ?

is this because of that immature behind the scenes with the real actor ? Kyler, sharing “story line”

I POSTED… no one will remember or care… WE JUST WANT good story… we are all getting that… Kyler Pettis is AMAZING WITH James Reynolds. he made an honest mistake

i’m sorry to see him go… if this is the case. the complete show of Abe Carver and family is not in disarray just jumbled some.


Hi, Chrystie….LOL…..I was talking about the color, not the style, so much. Yellow is not a good color for very light skin.
As yourself, I like Marci/Abbi very much….She and Chad look good together and their attraction is palbable, more so than with Kate Mansi, I think.
But, not so much with Jennifer, yet….that will come.
I like the way she confronts Stefan unflinchingly…..however, is this going somewhere? Are TPTB goint towards a love triangle here? It would be typical….so, no surprise there.


I love his laid back attitude also, he has a cool look/relaxed look about him. I love the way he talks, I’ve never seen him on GH.


A great addition to the cast. I liked his chemistry with Chloe. After fans get acclimated to him, I think he will eventually fill the void the show has felt since EJ/James Scott left the show.


There was definitely a spark between them! Think he will pair well with Gabi too! As for Abby, not so much! Since Marci took over the role, I haven’t seen any real chemistry between her & any of the cast!


Gabi is here, there, and everywhere when it comes to men…..she always seems to be attracted to men that do not belong to her.
Never liked her….never will. She may seem to be fiery, wear stylish clothes, pretty, gorgeous hair….but no inherent sex-appeal.
However, we never know what character will be coupled with whom……writers are soooo volitile….we shall see. Theresa would be perfect for Stefan…..isn’t she returning to Salem?


Yes, Ray….I have mentioned as much, earlier….I did ‘feel’ something….a spark between them.


Loved the entrance. Looking forward to seeing more. Really don’t want Andre to be bad.


I hope not either… because of my dream team… with so much style, presence, panache… with loaded drama and the FUN these two reel for all the comedy DAYS can bring. Koslow and Penghlis are a marvel

the wit banter and tongue lashing these two deliver on a dime… is not to be messed with.

does Stefan really have to supplant any one @the DiMera Enterprise? he should be welcoming … and not write Andre in to a corner. he’s too much fun.

it’s an amazing respite to see this duo REEL classic script. Kate and Andre supreme


YES, Patrick!!!!!! You said it all !!

Barbara H

Guess I’m just a Pollyanna and always want to see things work out for the better. I always think things should turn out better for people, but it always takes a turn for the worse. What happened with Nicole just broke my heart wish they could have found a different way to end that without it being so brutal.


Days is tape 6 months in advance.


GH’s loss is DOOLs gain. GH was foolish to let such a good actor good who played a great legacy character. Now Days needs to hire Michael Muhney as EJ (since James Scott won’t come back) and will have DiMera Dynamite with these great actors.


Agreed. He looks great and seems to be enjoying himself. Much success to Tyler.


Agree GH made a big boo boo losing Tyler! Michael Muhney definitely needs to back on daytime! If Y&R doesn’t wake up & get him back then would love him as any character on Days, B&B or GH!


Oh Yvonne I like the way you think! Michael Muhney as EJ would be epic!

Very true that GH’s loss is Days’ gain!


I had just gotten back into Days because of the return of Will. But I stopped watching again because I can’t stand Tyler and quit watching when he came back to General Hospital. I think he is one of the worst actors on tv. So let me know when he leaves and i will consider tuning in again:


Stefan should be tougher. Fire everyone and kick them out of the house. If he’s going to be a DiMera, be a DiMera and not a watered down version of one. I love Tyler and have no doubt that he can make Stefan worthy to be called Stefan O, but I need more than what I’ve seen so far. Much more.

Andrew Hass

Maybe Stefan wants to keep an eye on Chad, Abigail, Kate and Andre for now and the best way he can do that is to let them stay at the mansion for now.Plus Stefan may know Chad, Kate, Andre and Abigail knows more about DiMera Enterprises than he does tight now and so he might want them close if he needs their help.


He is a great actor. Let him romance someone instead of Abby or Gabby. Sick of them being involved with other people.

James R. Poissant

Still want to know what happened with GH after Tyler had won the Best Actor Emmy that year.


Love love love Tyler on DOOL!! What a loss for GH!! DOOL better keep him. Everytime I like a new character they either decide to leave or are let go.

Phyliss Gladney Wood

I intend to check Tyler out on Days soon.Come back to GH Tyler


Been watching Days over 59 years…..this is quite a stretch. Of course we are not supposed to like him.. All I can say is Vivian…really


Oops not 59 years…50 years


its not Days its bad story


Yeah Vivian was fun at first. She did an interview recently saying it’s just a four month visit, and she just complained about it really. She sounded bitchy about it, makes me see that actress differently.


Tyler Christopher is a wonderful addition to the Days cast. He plays the dark, intense, complexed character so well. I know Ron Carlivati will use him to the hilt.

I hope Andre is just playing Vivian and will double cross her.


Rather interesting is right, especially when Abigail went in to his room and he’s in the buff!!


I’m a big fan of Tyler, his new character sounds alot like Nicholas Cassadine, wish him the very best, but i won’t be tuning in to see him, to commit to another soap is to time consuming, also love jason thompson, and ingo radamacher, who are now on Y&R and BB, so imagine to follow them would be to much. who knows if any of them 3 will ever return to gh,but GH just got Steve Burton back so i can’t say never say never. Till then, only the best to Tyler, Ingo who both just recently started on their new soaps.


Yes Yvonne and I will start to watching Days


Loved him on GH, we fans just got Jason back so we were hoping for Nicholas to come back next. He’s a great (hot) actor so he’ll make any role work !


He didn’t wow me. Time will tell.


GH was D-U-M-B to let Tyler go. Unless there was more to the story besides money, it made no sense to not re-sign an emmy winner with ties to a ridiculous number of people. Oh well. I don’t watch Days, but hope he does well there.


He’s doing great on Days. I’ve never watched GH but I really like him on Days.

Marlisa Anderson

I LOVE IT he is such a good actor as for Marci Miller she is very bland there is NO excitement in watching her you just want to go to the bathroom and wait for her part to be over.


I prefer Marci Miller as Abby.


I’m new to Days…just binged from November to present day and I think it’s fantastic. The acting by everyone is exemplary. Tyler is cast in the same type role as Nic on GH…but he’s great at being a “smooth operator.” Never over-the-top, he delivers with a glance, a raised eyebrow, a nod of his head. And he walks the regal walk of the rich and powerful that he plays so well.

As for Marci Miller…I love her! I think she’s beautiful…tough yet girly…and though she appears to be her husband’s dutiful, loyal wife who always stands by her man…to the point of them reminding me of the street couples I used to know in my days out dancing in the clubs…the tough, macho, hothead dude and his loyal “chick”…she’s actually quite smart, saavy, and knows just how to reach him and calm him down when no one else can. I think they have great chemistry.

As for her looks; I think she’s gorgeous and I like the good girl/non glitz wardrobe that belies the tough spirited female within.


I agree about marci Miller, everything about her is bland. Her acting, hair and look are bland.


I agree to a certain point, blake—Marci is not your typicalvixen…you know, ‘hey, look at me’, -type.
Glad to ‘converse’ with you…’s been a while….
I don’t like some of her wardrobe…..I don’t like her bland ( as you say) make-up, her seemingly bland persona ( only my opinion, which means nothing in the grand scheme if things, LOL). I looove her and Chad together….their easy ‘canter’, per se.
However, we cannot dismiss her determination….I like her subdued arrogance ( sorry about the oxymoron) ….it only means that she can engage with any hard-arse character—we saw that “can’t bend me” exterior with Stefan.
I agree about her look, though….we like what we like, but I respect her choice of how she presents herself….
DOOL’s is a peaceful site. We all get along….we do not need anyone disrupting the harmony with unwelcomed harsh tones…..
We say what we feel, as you just did and respond each other politely, albeit our opinions may vary.
I hope this continues and does not become as ‘rebellious’ as GH.

Marlisa Anderson

Love Tyler great actor!!!

Alma Jenkins.

I hate this storyline. I would rather see EJ back and Sami too.

Charlotte Williams

Don’t think he fits the part. Too meek to be a Demira. Not impressed with his acting.


Kinda what I was thinking, but it’s early days so we’ll see.


agreed. he is still playing Nikolas Cassidine spoiled, self entitled and little else. he has no flair


Should have added conceit is not much of a personality and that is all Im seeing


I always prefered when Nicolas went to the “dark side”….always wished for Tyler to play a villain……he does it so well. GH wasted the talent For Tyler to be evil.


Tyler Christopher is perfect for this part. I would like to see him paired with Gabi. Talk about a molotov cocktail!!

Allen Saint James

its got me tuned in everyday. The Will Return from the dead story was terribly comedic. This excites me


He may be Stefano’s son but he may not be Vivian’s son. It would be like her to have ticked him. They should do a DNA test. Maybe he is Marlena and Stefano’s son when he held her captive years ago… and he could have had her mind erased. Then when she was rescued he hid the child so she wouldn’t have him. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot of a story. Ron are you listening?


The “Stefan O” gimmick is just plain idiotic. Stefano has had 666 “secret” children materialize out of thin air as it is (seems to average one about every 5 years or so) and enough is enough already.

Tyler should have been cast as Nicholas Alamain. He would have had a family relationship with Vivian, and still could have been a corporate raider coming after the DiMera business without the ridiculous pretense of him having DiMera DNA.


agreed the name is dumb and exploitative. Since he lacks the comedic personality of the original it is a bit insulting


Tyler is doing a fantastic job as Stefan! Really miss him as Nik on GH but am loving what he is doing on Days! Can’t wait for a little wink & nod when he finally crosses paths with Patch & Kayla (Stefan & Katherine on GH)! Have really missed him & am glad Ron was able to get him & the character he created for him is spot on! Shrewd businessman with a heart! Love Tyler & love Stefan O!


I really love Tyler Christopher on Days! I don’t watch GH so I wasn’t aware of his acting, just that he won an Emmy for it recently. Stefan is so cool, suave and a great villain. I love hearing him talk, he has such a laid back sound and look about him.

I’d love to see Stefan and Kate get together, not only would they be hot but it would really piss off Vivian and maybe she’ll croak!

I’d also like to see Stefan with Chloe. A Chloe/Stefan/Kate triangle would be awesome.


Don’t bet on Stefan & Kate getting together. Haven’t you noticed that Stefan resembles Kate a HELL of a lot more than he does Vivian?

Remember how Phillip came into the world? Days is currently being written by a man who earned the nickname “ReRon” for a reason.

Bet your soul on it. Kate is Stefan’s actual biological mother. Let’s face it, it would be more credible than “the Gemini twins”. Or the egg that was stolen from Maggie in 1982 apparently fathering a child just 9 years later while he was already a practicing doctor somewhere in Europe.


I could see that since Vivian will only be on for four months. But I wish Kate was with a younger stud like Stefan.


I am so surprised by the resemblance. which WOULD BE a really GREAT reveal down the road. since it’s said that Louise Sorel is only on for a glorious 4 months.

although… it bothers me some.. that Lucas always seems to get the short end of the stick. it certainly seemed like she gave more time and attention.. so did the camera to billie and Austin. now it could be Stefan… heck, even Chad. she h as so many kids… you’d never know she was a mother.

sucks… after all the time past.. since the “fake” marriage of Kate and Andre. now that Andre has put his heart on the line.. and Kate said she has to think about it. OH NO. I really like the camaraderie and goals that this twosome have. just to be at the top of their game in the corporate world… and high browing it at the Manse. save me a martini. so.. however this plays out… I want to have my Koslow and Penglis. no matter what

well.. kudos to Tyler Christopher.. as soon as he makes HIS NEST . he’ll settle in and make his mark in Salem. I certainly am not thinking of his role @GH.. as Nicholas Cassadine… THIS IS TC big time… and i’m just glad my telee can tune in to all of him.


Hmmmm. My mind didn’t even go there, Satan…’re right. I do see some resemblance…uncanny!! Must pay more attention when they are together. What a twist that would be.


frankly Im disappointed. He is still playing Nikolas Cassadine. No difference, no range. Ron Carlivati did the same thing with Kassie who instead of bringing us Eve daughter of Shane is still playing Blair calling herself Eve. Its JUST NOT DAYS.

Im not happy with the lack of decent air time and story for loved characters and the fragrant writing off of legacy characters.

I dont see Ron Carlivati as a good fit at all. He is disrespectful of truly good actors and loved characters. Telling us he is using Vets in big stories that turn out to be a couple of scenes is INSULTING. IM REALLY NOT THRILLED AT ALL.


Oftentimes it is the actors that don’t have enough range.

I remember when Sarah Joy Brown came back to GH as some “new” mob moll. It was just another reincarnation of the character of Carly that she played before.


I had no idea, Chrystie….how many Carly’s were there? I thought it was only Tamara Braun…


It’s too early to really make a judgment about Stefan yet, but I couldn’t agree more about this ridiculous fake “Eve”. They really should have brought Charlotte Ross back. She’s only on “Arrow” one or two episodes per season, so I doubt her schedule would be a problem.

Ron just loves to prop his OLTL pets. He damn near killed General Hospital doing exactly that. Let’s hope he doesn’t bring any more of them to Salem. Especially that last pathetic recast of Phillip with the Trump hair. If he shows up again, I’m going to come up from Hell and throw him off the set in person!


Agree he has gone way too far to prop up his ABC pets. He leaves Days favorites just drinking coffee on occasion. Im rather fed up with Carlivati. To date, he is no improvement


YES…..WOW, Satan!!….you alwsys come out with the right, ” what could have been”…I love Charlotte Ross—perfect fit.


I don’t think that any o f these guys who brings actors from defunct shows are “propping their pets.” It’s a ratings game and as we know there are only 4 left from twelve. It seems that in an effort to gain viewers they’re trying to use actors that viewers loved and lost when their shows were canceled. There were many viewers who, after being completely heartbroken that characters/actors they had become accustomed to seeing in their homes for years, sometimes decades, were, almost without warning, ripped from their lives.

I know I’ve just started watching Days because I was curious to see Tyler…and love that quite a few GH actors…Gregg Vaughan, Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Theo Penghlis, Wally Kurth…are there, as well as Kassie from OLTL. So, for me, as a new viewer, having these beloved actors was a plus and an added incentive to check out the show. I wouldn’t keep watching it JUST because they’re on if I didn’t like it…but it was a reason I checked it out to begin with.

It’s a business. And a ratings game. I think with the remaining four soaps they’re still trying to figure out how to up the viewership and bringing on soap actors from soaps gone by is one way. They may lose a few viewers, too, but if it’s more beneficial to draw people in (particularly if a role opens up and isn’t just created) then I think it’s a win-win.



To be fair, Greg Vaughan & Thaao Penghlis were on GH first, but the others you listed were long time Days vets before they ever set foot in Port Charles. Hell, even in Thaao’s case there was a good 30 years or so between his first run as Victor Cassadine and his more recent return visit (to usher in the supposed return of Jason Morgan, who we now know was actually his twin brother)

The difference here is that nobody is going to mistake Eric Brady for his previous character Lucky Spencer, and Stefan Cassadine was nothing at all like Steven Earl Johnson. This faux Eve is being written just like Blair (they even came out and admitted it in the script a few weeks back, for Hell’s sake!) and nothing at all like the original Eve Donovan from the early 90s. Ironically her little sister Theresa had much more in common with the real Eve. And with Theresa coming back later this year, it would be great to see her interact with the real Eve, but not anticipating any great connection between her and the impostor.

Sometimes a new actor IS a good fit for a recast. I’ll take some credit for GV being cast as Eric Brady, because I had been saying he would be right for the part for a year or so before they finally cast him. (The original Eric having moved on to prime time success on the show “Supernatural” a long time ago, of course) Good to see the folks at Corday Inc listened to the Devil that time. Hope they will now too. After all, I am a former star of the show myself, you know. (that whole Marlena thing from the 1990s)


Hey Sat…two choice…Sat or SatIN. LOL…just can’t bring myself to type your moniker!

I get what you’re saying. Kassie’s Eve is very reminiscent of Blair from OLTL. I thought it interesting when Brady said she went by several other names in her past when she married older men for their money. Are we supposed to think Eve IS Blair or was it a wink/wink to us ex OLTLers?

And you’re also correct that Greg’s Eric isn’t reminiscent of Lucky.

But what a lot of posters imply when they say Ron’s pets are the actors themselves; that he sacrifices vets on shows to bring in actors from his other series. I’m thinking the bottom line IS the bottom line. If he or any other show runner brings in an actor it’s because he/she thinks that actor will bring in viewers. When OLTL was canceled and the characters McBane, Kiki and Todd were brought over, along with some glances of Blair and Tea Delgado, many of us OLTL fans were thrilled that these characters weren’t lost. Made going from cold turkey to something-better-than-nothing. So I don’t see it as the writer/producer’s pets…or favored actors…just those that they think many viewers that stopped watching because they lost the characters or actors they loved might love seeeing them again and therefore up the ratings.

I do believe, however, that bringing vets from other shows shouldn’t be in exchange for changing the current soap or losing its vets. They need to be able to juggle characters/actors/stories all within budget constraints.

To clarify: when I said I liked seeing GH actors and “Kassie”/Blair…it doesn’t even matter which shows the actors appeared first. I just meant that for me, seeing actors I liked on one soap whose character has been missing in action or is from a canceled show, is a nice “familiar” feel. And, as a kudos to their acting, like with Roger/Franco…I don’t see Franco. I see Todd. And with Michael Easton, I no longer see McBain; I see Finn. But I still miss their alter egos…

And, much to my dismay, your Marlena comment was lost on me. Not familiar…but I have no doubt it was “diabolically” clever! 😉


Poor Eric and Jennifer. This is not a match made in heaven. Are we waiting for Nicole to come back with Eric’s child after their one night of love? Yesterday I saw the twist with regards to Vivian and Andre…wow! What games they play within the family. Then you have Brady, he’s good then he’s bad more games. Of course it wouldn’t be a soap if all the schemes were not there. Alas….we are loosing Theo, hope Clair goes too. Roman and Anna….my oh my…lol. I would love to se Sammie back, she puts the “zing” in it all!, love DOOL!


I suspect when you next see Sami, it will be about 9 months after the day she left town. And she won’t be alone…..

What? As if that wasn’t obviously going to happen the minute she hooked up with Rafe, during his “breakup” with Hope (which apparently lasted less than 24 hours in Salem time)


it was widely speculated that Kristen was preggers from eric the priest… so let that happen.

dang it.. it’s disheartening.. to see Eric by the wayside… with dire Jenny Bear… sure makes one wish for the good ole days when Jenny Bear was in an upswing party all the time

I HOPE Ciera Alice gives Rafe the riot act.. and she just nails him every chance she gets… let’s see Hope daughter go all ballistic. already I don’t see much of a connection on Hope part… which is OK as this new Ciera is ON fantastic and loaded with ENERGY


And there you go again…..took the words right out of my mouth. I thought about a Rafe-baby. Remember the conversations he and Sami would have about having a baby? He’s always wanted one and Hope is way past her child-bearing years.
So, yes!!!! Anything goes to truncate the wishy-washy weird, sedate relationship between him and Hope.


My comment didn’t post, Satan….but, I hope events happen just the way you describe. Sami holding one baby: Rafe’s….and, Nicole holding another: Eric’s, as they waltz-in a stunned Salem.


Yes, we are Leah….waiting for Nicole with Eric’s baby (I hope)…..
To add to that….I hope Theresa stops the insanity between Eve ( I liked her better before, albeit I love Kassie, and more power to her for beating her illness) and ‘ugh’ Brady. And then hooks up with Stefan….the idea alone spices up my mood.

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DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction… but a new problem arises.

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Days Of Our Lives

RATINGS: DAYS Overtakes GH And Takes The Number Three Spot!

Following their triple-crown victory of winning Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, Writing Team in a Drama Series, and Directing Team honors at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Days of our Lives continued their upswing when the recent ratings were released this week.

For the week ending April 30th through May 4th, DAYS moved past General Hospital as the third most-watched soap opera. Considering DAYS has been in the fourth position of all four soaps for the last several years, this is definitely worth noting.. DAYS came in with 2,301,000 average total viewers for the ratings week, while GH had 2, 288,000. In addition, GH tied an all-time low in the womens 18-34 ratings share.

As for The Young and the Restless, they also lost the most viewers for the week with -174,00, while coming in at 4,089,000 total viewers. Even though they remain at number one and are far ahead of the other three soaps, it seems the show, which in the past has hovered around 4.5 million a week, is down. In addition, the ratings reflected that B&B is now tied with Y&R for the number one show in the womens demo 18-34, and Y&R has tied some lows in total households, and the women 18-49 ratings share.

The Bold and the Beautiful remains second of the soaps with 3,227,00 viewers, but is down over 100,000 total viewers from last year at this time. View the entire ratings picture via SON here. (more…)

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Days Of Our Lives

Kyle Lowder Returns To DAYS: But What Role Is He Playing?

Kyle Lowder, who started his soap career on Days of our Lives as Brady Black from 2000-2005, has returned to the NBC Daytime Emmy Award-winning drama series.

Most recently, Lowder co-executive produced and starred in the digital drama adaption of DAYS EP Ken Corday’s novel, Ladies of the Lake, which is set to premiere its second season in June.

Now that Lowder is back on DAYS, the question remains under the creative pen of head writer, Ron Carlivati, who will he be playing given that Eric Martsolf is currently Brady Black and is not exiting the series?

Kyle took to social media sharing a video message on his arrival back in Salem expressing: “BEYOND excited to be rejoining my Days of our Lives family. See y’all soon!” SOD first reported the casting news. (more…)

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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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