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Will He Or Won't He? Trevor St. John On If He Will Be Back On One Life to Live!



Soap fans have been recently bringing up Trevor St. John’s name in the rumor mill as possibly returning to the online version of Prospect Park’s One Life to Live! With Roger Howarth’s (Todd) set to tape numerous episodes over a four week period next week and then heading back to General Hospital for now, could that mean a story is in place for the return of Victor Jr.?

Well according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Uncensored, Nelson Branco spoke to St. John who offered up his comment on if  a return is in the works! Trevorelated, “No, no one has asked me back to One Life.  I wish them the best of luck with the show, however, Jennifer Pepperman is a great director and will surely make a great EP.”

Now as One Lifers know, St John denied his return to One Life to Live for the ABC grand finale, when in fact, he was the show’s final and ultimate zinger of a cliffhanger! 

Do you think there is a plan for Trevor’s return in some way?  Or, do you think it’s a true “no-go” for one of soap operas all-time greatest performers?  Let us know your thoughts!

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164 Comments on "Will He Or Won't He? Trevor St. John On If He Will Be Back On One Life to Live!"

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They should definately bring him back.I liked him better than the original,but with Roger back why not have both.


I agree! RH did a great job or originating the role, but TSJ made it more complex and interesting. Also RH quit OLTL several times. TSJ never quit and had a very rough time being accepted and was unfairly criticized at first. I would like to see both, at least part of the time. If I have all the twists and turns right, TSJ is the real Todd and RH is Victor Jr, There is a clue in what Irene said.

BTW has anyone else noticed TSJ is a cop (of all things) on The Client List with JLH? 😉


What is this “clue” Irene said?


I think the clue was that Victor was suppost to be(special) and so Trevor has to be the real Todd cause anyone can see he is intelligent and RH is messed up in the head as in (special)


I think the clue is how she described Todd’s scar. The real Todd was scared by Marty, so she said she scared Victor to look like him. Then one of them had a facelift to look like TSJ. If that was Victor, she wouldn’t have had to scar him. She had to scar Victor to pass as Todd so he would do her bidding. So TSJ has to be the real Todd and Victor has to be RH because he now has the scar. I hope PP brings back TSJ. And I did see him on The Client.

Sheila Thomas

RH is the real Todd, and TSJ was revealed as his twin brother Victor. I think it would be a very wise decision to bring TSJ back. He was a pivotal character, and the show will not be the4 same without him. Besides, he was revealed to be alive and tied to a bed and gagged at the final showing of OLTL. They will have to address this issue.


Omg I so believe that TSJ is the real Todd because over the years he has made me see how much he cares for his family he saved Blair and his kids a lot of times and do anybody remember how Blair can feel when something wrong with him if RH is the real Todd why could not Blair tell that something was wrong with him because he is Victor


I’m a huge Trevor St. John Fan. I really hope he returns. So if the Powers that be read this blog. Bring Trevor back. That’s what the fans want!!!


I would so love to have Trevor back!!!!!!!! He and Florencia Lozano were awesome together. (I know I’m in the minority here but I think Trevor did a much better job playing the many layers of Todd Manning than Roger does. But, that ship has sailed.) I think it would be fantastic to see how the character develops as Victor Lord, Jr. I know Trevor has moved on with his career and is doing other things. Perhaps with the rotating shooting schedule between OLTL and AMC, he could squeeze in time for his Llanview family. I certainly hope so.


If you’re in the minority, I’m right there with you. I agree with everything you said. I much preferred Trevor to the scenery chewing monster Roger has become since his return.

I so hope Trevor can find time for OLTL again!


I hope he returns. That would make things perfect!


You’re the majority!! TSJ was awesome and a charismatic Todd Manning (now Victor). I think Roger Howarth is a good actor but not nearly appealing or handsome. BRING BACK TSJ!!!


Me too.

TnT 2.0 Forever

I would have to join you as well. I’m a hardcore TSJ fan and won’t hesitate to give a verbal smack-down to anyone who says anything bad about him.



Joliefan Forever

Hey Llanviewer, Actually that ship has not sailed, it is very easy to write around what RC did and make RH Vic Jr and send him back to GH and The Real Todd can stay on OLTL

I completely agree with you’s RH can’t hold a candle to TSJ and his Todd. Trevors Todd had so many layers and he went threw so much from being Raped ((Karma)) to almost being executed which there is NO WAY IN HELL RH could have pulled that off!! The execution scene is considered one of the best scenes in Daytime History and that says something! You aren’t in the minority you are in the majority with the rest of us 🙂

TnT 2.0 Forever

I must co-sign this as well. I never cared for Todd until TSJ entered the role. TSJ brought a depth and complexity to the role that was obviously lacking. Just by watching TSJ and his portrayal of Todd, I gained an appreciation for the craft of acting that I never had before.


Started reading this entire page bc your conversations were so good. Gosh, I wish you could read mine and year back.

Robert Seganti

I have been watching daytime dramas since the 1950’s.Trevor st. John is one of the handful of finest ,most interesting actors in the history of the genre.If they don’t want him I have misgivings about what Prospect Parks’s vision for is really all about.The elegant,sensual,unpredictable Todd (now Victor Lord,Jr.)as opposed to the crude,one-dimensional ,soulless Todd portrayal of Roger Howarth.

TnT 2.0 Forever

I have to co-sign this comment. I couldn’t have said it any better.

Joliefan forever

“The elegant,sensual,unpredictable Todd (now Victor Lord,Jr.)as opposed to the crude,one-dimensional ,soulless Todd portrayal of Roger Howarth”

I could not agree more…..


Utter nonsense. As much as I enjoy TSJ, and I do agree he is a great actor, he is NOT better at being TODD than the man who made the character who he was. Anybody that thinks otherwise needs to go back and re-watch the scenes from the 90’s…then you’ll see the real multi-layered, tortured soul of a man that so many of us fell in love with. TSJ played Todd in 2 layers – angry and sarcastic. While I settled for it for 8 years, I jumped for joy when Roger came back (though the writers have made many changes to him that I don’t agree with).

TnT 2.0 Forever

You are probably an RH fan, so you likely don’t understand what we are referring to when discussing TSJ’s approach to the role. I have noticed that some people get TSJ’s approach to acting and others just don’t. All I can say that I watched the role of Todd from the beginning and never cared about the character until after TSJ started playing Todd. I didn’t even watch TSJ’s performance the first few years he played the role because that was how irrelevant the character of Todd was to me. It wasn’t until some fans started talking about TSJ’s chemistry with REG that I decided to watch him and I immediately noticed a difference in how he played the role of Todd. For the first time ever, I was interested in Todd’s storylines because TSJ’s portrayal allowed me to relate to the character in a way that I never could when RH played the role. I have nothing against RH personally, I just don’t care for rapists and don’t find them interesting or entertaining. So the fact that I’m even here talking about this character is solely because of TSJ’s performance. It really spoke to me. You are free to disagree with me but that doesn’t change the truth of my experience.

Joliefan Farever

I watched both RH and TSJ’s Todd and hands down TSJ and his Todd is 1 million times better and TNT I agree with you, I was not even remotely interested in Todd or his storylines until he came back as Walker. I was tired of watching OH PITTY ME Todd that RH portrayed, I also did not like the ” Oh there are other ppl on this planet all I see is me” Todd that RH portrayed. RH Todd was a selfish, egotistical Dimensionless character who could see no one other than himself! After TSJ took over we got to see Layers and insight in to Todd and what makes Todd Tick, Todd got kicked in the teeth by Karma when Margaret came in to his life being raped really changed Todd and it helped him to let go of his hatred towards YUCKY and started to understand her and what it was that he & the Brothers took from her that summer night. Todd would give his life for his kids, RH’s Todd sells them off. TSJ on every acting level blows RH out of the water! RH could never ever pull off that Execution story line, one of the best in daytime history.

Joliefan Forever

I watched Both RH and TSJ play Todd Manning and I am sorry but the real Todd is not RH it is TSJ. RH’s Todd was nothing but a revenge driven egomaniac with no dimensions. All he ever saw was him, the world revolved around him, there is no one else on the planet but him Oh pitty me Crud. When TSJ took over the role of Todd, you got to see what made Todd tick, you got to see all the layers that Todd Manning has, you got to see his vulnerability etc. Todd went threw life changing things. Todd got kicked in the teeth by Karma when Margaret walked in to his life, that rape really changed Todd and the way he saw and dealt with YUCKY because he finally understood what him and his frat brothers took from her that Spring night. Todd was 2 seconds from death thanks to Spencer Truman that also changed Todd, Todd would die for his kids and grandkids, RH’s Todd Sells them…….Sorry But RH is not even in the parking lot of the ball park TSJ is in and Sorry but TSJ is Todd Manning IMHO!


You must be blind. Roger H. as an actor has one face. When he went to soap As the world Turns, he played a different character but Lord knows he was still Todd. Roger H. does not have the ability to get in and out of character. Why do you think he is only relegated to day time. Trevor is a more rounded actor. Very few actors weather they be movie, night-time or stage, can hold a candle to him. He is the real deal and the fact that he’s absolutely mouth watering is an added bonus.


FYI, Roger didn’t just do daytime. He was on Dawson’s Creek, a primetime show back then, and had his own show called Prey. See, you don’t even know the actor, so how can I trust that you know what you’re talking about?
I assume the majority of the people who seem to think TSJ is Todd (despite the fact that even the show said he ISN’T and never was) either did not watch or remember the character of Todd prior to 2003. Because from I can tell, most of us that did watch, are in the RH camp. Seriously, the stories are all on YouTube, and I beg you to go back and watch them. The scenes with him apologizing to Marty, and even terrorizing Nora at the cottage….utter brilliance. Do not judge based on the character now. Ron C does not know this character, and has changed him quite a bit from the pre-2003 days (especially on GH). And remember one thing. Todd Manning was originally supposed to be “Frat Boy #1” for ONE story – the rape. After that, the character would have been history…but RH’s huge fan base pleaded with the show to keep him. They did, otherwise there never would’ve been a “Victor Lord Jr.” for TSJ to play.


You ARE NOT in the minority. Not according to this site and over all popular opinion. Know one will EVER play Todd like TSJ. That man takes Todd places that we the fans have NEVER seen before.
And you can put that in your pip and smoke it.

TSJ we looooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve You!


I think part of the “rumor” started when OLTL tweeted on March 1: “#FF our awesome #OLTL cast” and listed several actors. TSJ’s name was listed. ( So, I don’t understand why they’d tweet that if it wasn’t true, or why they’d tweet it if it was a secret that TSJ is now lying about. I also don’t understand why they would tweet that and then never confirm it or announce it. It’s confusing. I sure hope he returns, it only makes sense to bring him back to at least finish his storyline.


Yes! I immediately thought of that tweet. Why would OLTL tweet that TSJ was part of the cast if he’s not making an appearance? Then again, Prospect Park announced this week that Roger Howarth is a cast member, getting fans’ hopes up when in fact he’s filming for a month & returning to GH. There is certainly some miscommunication. Why?


About the RH thing, I got the feeling that maybe RH was filming OLTL for a month, then returning to GH, then possibly returning to OLTL again, and back and forth. I think OLTL is filming something like 5 weeks on, 5 weeks off, so I thought that’s what they meant. IDK. It all very confusing. I have a feeling that TSJ will probably be back and that it’s supposed to be a secret and so he’s lying about not being contacted. Maybe someone let it slip on Twitter and they weren’t supposed to. IDK


that shows kristen alderson too though and she is not coming back

mary stevens

He won’t be back.That is my biggest wish for OLTL,and my luck only runs bad,worse,or worst.So,no.I never get that lucky.


I think he is coming back, but tight-lipped as always. I want Trevor back and I appreciate when actors are coy not to give away too much. He would be a great addition to the cast already in place.


Truthfully i do hope he is coming back…he was a definite asset to OLTL…besides tea needs her man and he deserves to come back…he is a wonderful actor as indicated when he took over the role of todd when roger decided he wanted to leave…please bring treavor back.


Frankly, I don’t think that the TOLN has shared but a fraction of all the details of the show including other cast members who may be back. The Cast picture probably is not complete yet.


He didn’t say that he wasn’t returning. He said that no one had asked him back. That can be twisted easily. I believe he will be back unless he says, emphatically, I will never, ever, work on OLTL again. And even this, in soapland, never isn’t always forever!

TnT 2.0 Forever

Good observation! I just have a feeling he will be joining the reboot.

Joliefan Forever

Me too and I think it will be revealed that he is indeed Todd Manning!

Chrissy Matteson

Nope, they need to bring him back… would just be wrong on all levels if he didn’t come back to the OLTL………..he is also part of the fabric of that show………


TSJ back in Llanview would be great, but I guess we will have to tune it to see. Let’s enjoy the anticipation and not ruin it with specualtion and spoilers.

I do hope for a satisfactory ending to the Twin Todds story, even if there must be a recast (considered by many to be a sin but…). I am ready to move on from that plot line if need be. There are plenty stories to mine in Llanview. I persoanlly wouldlike to see me socially consicious storytelling characteristic of the early years of OLTL.


I hope he return but understand if he does not. I will be disappointed because him and Florencia Lozano are simply amazing together. I will keep my fingers crossed for a Tea & Victor reunion and seeing TSJ on OLTL 2.0.

Scott Paquin

Hoping he comes back! I want to see he back with the old gang.

Brian Tripp

Victor Jr and Trevor should come back. I understand if the actor is busy but they can offer him roles on the other PP shows and they get 5 Weeks off to do other projects. He could make it happen but if not they should recast the role.


Trevor claimed he wasnt returning to OLTLs finale when it was onABC, and then suprised fans when he appeared in the very last scenes. How do we know he’s not going or is going to show up. Maybe he’ll suprise fans again and we’ll see him back on the show. It would make great story to have a business war between two rivals who were brothers….Todd and Victor. But if he doesnt return they could recast.


Trevor did not ‘come back’ he merely did a 10 second scene, lying on bed, for his fans/the ending … lol
I believe TSJ has no intentions of doing any soap, again.. He has moved on..


I meant to say last scene, and wouldnt he have to come back to do that short scene? lol Even if not Trevor, id like to see Victor return. Thanks 4 reply.

Joliefan Forever

Shut up Su0000! OMFG every effen post there you are talking like you know everything and like you know these ppl personally!! And yes he did come back no matter how short it was! So really SU give everyone a break and just quit!


I read a while ago where he said he didn’t want to return to soap operas, that it hurt his career some how. However, I truly believe that if he were asked, he would, at least to finish up the storyline. I just can’t think of how they’d write him out again if he doesn’t want to stay. I don’t want Victor and Tea to break up, and I don’t want him to die again. lol


I want TSJ back too .. I hope he will be a surprise return !!

Joliefan forever

Hey Holly,
He said that the he did not like the hectic scheduling of doing a soap for a Network ((They barely get any time off)). But with the 5 week on 5 week off scheduling I think TSJ will really like as it still allows him to do other projects…..I think he is coming back to reprise the Role of Todd Manning…..


Joliefan Forever,

What is with all the hostility and implied foul language? Is it really needed? Can’t we all make our points without being nasty to each other or face an attack from someone who does not share the same feelings we do?

Let’s all try and get along and keep Michael Fairman’s site a place that we all enjoy coming to. 🙂


I agree Christine. I feel some of the other rudeness has rubbed off on me and i ended up doing the same. And im working to change that. We can agree and disagree without taking it too far. And the same goes for our soaps. They dont have to trash talk and actors dont have to prostitue themselves by going even a little farther in their already hot enough sex scenes just to entertain us. There is other ways to be groundbreaking if needed. Our families used to spend more time together and we keep finding more and more ways to pull them apart. Its bad enough Hollywood segregated our families over the last forty years with a rating system because we need to hear cussing or see a little t&a. And now they are doing it with our tv shows and internet. That stuff isnt called obscene for nothing. There is nothing wrong with the human body but to use it for entertainment just to make a buck is wrong. Sex sells they say and im sure many prostitutes will agree with them but if prostitution is wrong so is Hollywood for selling it too. And if theyr going to show it then dont show just the good side show the bad side as well if they want to be real. Show all cases of unwanted pregnancy,incest, child molestation and pornography, human trafficking, STDs and dont 4get aids is still out there. What bugs me is some days people will ask whats wrong with todays generation? We dont teach morals, responsibilty, or respect for each other. We teach our kids today how to be rude and vulgar instead. I feel sorry for the next generation and dont even want to think what their life will be like. Call me old fashion but ill take that title any day over what a lot of this generation has been calling each other.

Joliefan forever

My language was not Implied I told her to STFU! She runs all over this page talking like she is some authority and she has gotten IGNORANT with a few ppl I happen to know and has gotten ignorant with me before! Remember there are always 2 sides to every story!


Yes, Joliefan forever, you may have a beef with some other posters, but to me, at least, resorting to foul language regarding a TV show makes you appear uneducated and immature. I am not saying that you are, but I usually do not bother with people who do that and especially cannot formulate sentences. I feel if you have something to say, that present it in a manner that is legible and do not make everything like it is a text message.

I also know there are two sides to every story. I was not taking sides and I am sure you have valid points. It was just about the “effen” and the “OMFG” that I took offense to. Not to mention that you outright told the person to shut up.

These things can get out of control if you let them and what is it worth really? I guess this is how road rage gets started. It doesn’t seem like people WANT to listen to what others have to say unless they agree.

I see the post by “Margie” and then the post made by “su0000” below it. I use this as an example because he/she appeared to be joking around. At least for me when I leave a 🙂 it is to show that I am not hear to start trouble. I am having fun.

Honestly, Joliefan forever, I have nothing against you as a person. 🙂 I am just hoping that we could all listen to what everyone has to say without attacking and being so aggressive.

Joliefan Forever

Hey Christine,
I don’t know where you think I typed in TXT talk but ok. When you have read enough of her posts I’m sure you will see that her little smiles after her chastising is nothing more than her being a wise ass. Sorry that the Word effen offended you but I think I should be able to use it on this adult site when it is called for after all it is not the curse word itself.
I have no problem with you either Christine……I hope you have a great night and GO OLTL!


“When it is called for”

When is a swear word ever really “called for”? You say it should be able to be used on an adult website and I think, that’s exactly why it shouldn’t be used. I am more impressed with points made by people who don’t need profanity to make them.

Joliefan Forever

And that is your Opinion. I am an adult and I can use whatever Language or Words I like. Thank you….


What are you talking about, Joliefan? I didnt responsed to your comments…i responded to others here. Respect me, and ill respect you!

Joliefan Forever

Well Jim I never responded to you so……

Joliefan Forever

Well Jim I did not respond to you so I guess you are wrong!


OK but your response did come up on my email. Simple mistake. No harm done.

Joliefan Forever

No problem Jim. I know I hate when that happens cause it does make it seem like the person is responding to you instead of responding to the topic LOL


Lies. He always lies. He hasn’t been asked? Sure.


Prove he lies… where is your proof.
Do you have proof he was not asked?
You are calling TSJ a liar, you not knowing if or if not he was asked, for a fact… 🙂


It takes a lier….. to know one!


You can’t trust anything he says. He covered up his return for the show’s network finale. Why not just say “no comment” instead of leading the fans on? My guess is that Roger’s return as Todd is tied directly into Trevor’s return as Victor.


I really hope he does come back, I think he is an excellant actor, and added alot to the show both as Todd and Victor…

Sarah White Sees

I certainly hope he comes back!!


They better ask him! I hope he is keeping a secret. Love him and want him back on OLTL!


You can’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth and I don’t mean that to be snippy. He is just flip when it comes to interviews.

Joliefan Forever

Do you ppl know what a Confidentiality means?? It means that he can’t say anything…..So was Steve Burton a Liar to because he was not allowed to say anything about leaving until ABC said he could? And said in Interviews that he was not leaving knowing the whole time he was indeed leaving?


Uh, yeah. I do. That is why I phrased it the way I did.

I find the whole thread funny because Mr. St. John never really says anything when interviewed, at least he does not answer the burning questions.

And you are definitely barking up the wrong tree if you think I thought Steve Burton was a liar. I have always said the man was to do what was right for him and his family only and he did not have to answer to ANYONE.

Joliefan forever

“I find the whole thread funny because Mr. St. John never really says anything when interviewed, at least he does not answer the burning questions.”
I think Trevor is great at keeping his fans on the edge of their seats on or off screen LOL


I agree, Joliefan forever. He is good at doing that. Unfortunately, too much saying “no” all the time when the answer is really “yes” makes people doubt him, which is okay. I mean we are talking about a JOB on a TV SHOW, not something that has to do with breaking the law or something much more substantial. 🙂

Joliefan Forever

But you know what I think a lot of Soap fans don’t understand is that it is not them, If they are told you can not say anything then they can’t and it should not go against them. I expect them to not really tell the whole truth as they are censored on what they can and can not say and again tho that is not their faults that they are censored. I loved the “Shock” of seeing him in the last scene and I will give Frank Props for that he kept that real tight lipped and even had Trevor snunk in threw the back for the taping, his cast mates had no idea either, Now that is some CIA stuff LOL


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK VICTOR!!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I am just happy to get my OLTL back but boy would this just make life complete if they brought Victor back!


Well, he was not asked asked; if he were asked to return to OL if he would … lol
That is the important question.. would he return, if asked hmmm???


I really hope he comes back, and if Prospect Park is smart, as soon as they sign him back they need to announce it to the world! Trevor was a wonderful asset to the show and a huge fan favorite. What better way to ensure that legions of fans tune in, than to see Victor Jr. back in LLanview?





Jennifer Janeiro

I would love for him to come back!


Yeah, you never know. If I had to place bets, I bet he’s coming. I find it hard to believe that he wasn’t asked, so for me that’s a tip off to something….He did fib when he said he wasn’t coming back to the finale of OLTL. Also, actors are asked to not saying anything for shock/suprise value. Ingo Radamacher said he had to lie too. So, you never know. We shall see. I’m looking forward for the 1st episode regardless:)


Yes, I’d like to see TSJ come back. Hope you’re happy toying w/my feelings.


I do hope that he returns! That storyline needs resolution! My theory? Todd’s memory of killing Victor was implanted by Irene when they both were held captive under her control. My guess is that Irene is still alive and conspired with Allison to kidnap him, as well as shoot Vikki (which she intended to do). I would love to see all the Lords interact & reunited – including Tina!


Oh my gosh! I’d love to see Tina, Todd, Viki, and Victor together! They’ve never all four had scenes together. I can only imagine, it’d be hilarious! Todd and Victor would gang up on Tina and pick on her and Viki would try to play referee! lol


I am hoping he’s coming back! I too think he is a better Todd and he is phenomenal with Tea! When Roger came back I thought they missed the boat not having the two work together more. I loved that they were twins and they palyed that part well. I do like Roger and Sam together… but otherwise I think TSJ was a better Todd. I have enjoyed Roger on GH but it’s because of the characters he’s been working with… I think. If they were smart they would have them both shoot a large amount of stuff together before either of them takes off. TSJ was and is my favorite male OLTL actor!


I still wish they had left Trevor as Todd. He always plays complicated Todd well. Of course he would not move to Cali coz he loves New York. Don’t get me wrong Roger is hilarious but Ron writes Todd the wrong way now. Todd is desperate to be with a woman he barely knows and he’s borderline cartoonish.
All aspect on who Todd is or was has gone out the window. Plus i hate the way they have Roger’s Todd panting after Carly as if Todd and Blair never existed. That’s so rude of any writer to do. Then they have Carly panting after Todd that she also barely knows. Laura was/is the biggest CarJax fan. To pimp Tarly (Todd & Carly) is disrespectful to GH history on every level. Worse is when her Co-actor Ingo is out there and he’s like a distant memory.
Everything is so messed up.
I want Trevor back as Todd but I also prefer him as Todd.
Do I WANT Trevor back? Yes!
Do i think he was approached? Oh Hell Yeah!
Do I think he’s negotiating? I HOPE so!
And do I honestly believe that he’d not miss the opportunity to work with Florencia ,Kelley Missal and Patruck Gibbons Jr , Erika Slezak and get to work with Roger since their scenes last time were short lived? Yes!

That’s my take and that way the whole Two Todd’s storyline can get wrapped up!


I always thought I liked Roger Howarth better as Todd, then he came back and I don’t like him as much as TSJ.The way he’s being written on GH is even worse. Hope TSJ comes back as Victor, I do like him. Good Luck OLTL – can’t wait!

Larry In NYC

I hope they bring back Trevor. He was a stonge force on the show.


THIS would truly make my year–to have Trevor St. John come back. Could you imagine the banter between Victor and Todd? Why not throw in a little David V and what a threesome that would be!! Love, love, Trevor SJ


Roger Howarth is amazing. He is Todd. TJS is a great actor as well
I will have all 3 of my stories back soon! Stop trolling on Roger

Joliefan Forever

RH is Vic Jr. Remember Vic jr is supposed to be “Slow”, RH on GH acts as if he is slow! The Real Todd is tied up to Allison’s bed!


RH and TSJ both did a great job as Todd Manning..
BRAVO to them both ..

Joliefan forever

RH’s Todd SUCKED! A dimensionless character with no layers….TSJ made Todd a character you love and love to hate…..

Trevor (Not St John)

I think this is the same thing that happened last time. He kept saying oh no I am not returning they did not ask me, and whamo there he was! Think about it they can not let it out if he is coming back it will spoil the story line. That story line is not over, if the story line was over they would have not shown him all they had to do was have “Todd” arrested and that is the end, They showed the Real Todd (TSJ) at the end for a reason. I can not wait for April 29th, I just have a very strong feeling that we will see The Real Todd again…


Remember, it’s different writers in charge now. nothing is guaranteed from where ABC left off…

Joliefan forever

Sorry I can not see them not finishing that Story line….I think that S/L is a Guarantee!


Yes please do bring him back! At least to clear Todd’s name for killing him…and to have all of those who were suppose to love Todd to say they are sorry! It’s funny how the two women who loved him so much couldn’t tell who they weren’t sleeping with…lol Todd had his life stolen from him and he was the one punished! Let’s just clear it up now!

Joliefan forever

I think it is because both Tea and Blair loved Todd and RH is indeed Vic Jr


They have to, it is the only way that Todd and Tea going forward will get any closure. If the show was still on, they would brought him back months ago. I assume that was going to a major story for the online version, since was the OLTL cliffhanger.


I hope that he’s just saying it and really is returning. Because it would be stupid of OLTL not to ask him to come back , especially since Todd won’t be back for good!


Nobody ignites the screen (or sheets) like TSJ & Flo! I grew to like RH when I started watching GH. He’s really good at playing a comedic Todd, but I still want TSJ to be Todd. I started watching oltl when Andrea Evans went back following Passions.

I hope they undo the horrible endings from the show, especially deaths of characters (Ford, his crazy dad, Eddie, etc.). They need to keep the good crazy people (Allison, Mitch, Eddie).

I’m thrilled we got our shows back! It won’t be long!

Joliefan forever

Oh god NO not Ford LOL…..I hate Ford, They never used the character Eddie like they should have IMHO. We all know how Mitch is I’m sure he is not dead LOL, And Allison is holding Todd hostage. I don’t care what anyone says TSJ is Todd Manning……


I hope Trevor does come back! I am totally enthralled by him. I cannot stop watching when he is vulnerable and in need of love and forgiveness (in that elevator, thinking his baby boy had died!). Yet, I am terrified by him when that switch flips and he screams at someone or beats them (like with Cole…that was VERY difficult to watch). He is such an incredible talent and integral part of OLTL. Nothing at all against RH, but it would be wonderful if they DID make the reveal that TSJ is the real Todd. Just my humble opinion, but I want him to return to OLTL sooo badly!!!




They need to bring Trevor back atleast in the beginning to finish up the “cliffhanger” from the last episode.


I think he will be back…at least to ‘wrap up’ the fact that Victor is still alive.


I am hoping he comes back and they twist the story back to him being the real Todd Manning and RH is Victor Jr. Sure would help the storylines and would be easier to satisfy both OLTL and GH.


Nancy I SO AGREE!!!!!

Joliefan forever

Ditto!!!! It really is not that hard, to Undo RC’s Crud…….RC left so many holes in that Story line as he did not follow the history of Todd and what exactly happened after Todd was left for Dead by Mitch’s goons, Which is how he came back looking like Walker & that had NOTHING to do with Irene she is not the one that came up with the idea Todd did, He paid Walker for his likeness and Family history in order to get revenge on Mitch and keep his family safe, If Mitch had found out that Todd was alive he would have gone after Blair and the kids…….I think Irene and Mitch had an affair and RH is their son whom they used to take over Todd’s life, Irene used her Rogue CIA agent to gather any and All info on Todd and Mitch Brainwashed his son with the info and Irene put her son threw reconstructive surgery Irene knowing about the face change Todd had done she made him look like Todd did in college including the scar, The first DNA test was fixed by Allison, And the second test Irene had Allison switch RH’s Hair sample with hair from Todd that Irene had (She cut a lock of his hair before sending him off to Peter Manning). Mitch sent Walker to Kill Todd so his son could completely take over his life and no one would be the wiser, That is why Todd was so shocked when he saw the person at his house. RH Vic Jr gave Walker the gun he stole from Dorians safe, Walker and Todd struggle over the gun and Walker is Shot, When Todd leaves to get help he is ambushed by Vic Jr whom was waiting outside for Walker and knocked out Todd, went in the house and saw Walker dying on the floor and left him there to die (while Vic Jr takes Todd to Allison and tells her to keep him there until she hears from his father Mitch) and that is who Tea sees when she comes home and that is who is buried in Todds Grave and that is why the last words spoken were “Not everything is as it seems…….” JMO


Wow! That’s a brilliant idea. You sure know your stuff.

When the question first came up about “Victor’s killer” I said that by Victor’s reaction it had to be the last person anyone, especially Victor would’ve expected to see. Right off the bat I said it must’ve been Flinn (aka Walker Flinn-Lawrence) becaues there was no solid proof that Flinn actually died in that boobie trap, elevator drop at the penthouse. Also, I’ve never belived that somehow Todd was autistic Victor Jr. and there was this grand plan in place to steal Victor Sr.’s money all this time.

This thing had plotholes and dead-ends for days. Your theory sounds more plausable and intriguing than the official explaination for the two Todds thing. If TSJ does come back I hope the storyline runs atleast closely to your theory.


If TSJ returns, I would like him to be victor and to clear up the storyline that he wasnt killed by Todd. I dont want a storyline (after RH returns to GH) that TSJ is actually Todd. RH is the only Todd in my opinion and I dont want him recast on GH as another character. TSJ is a good actor but not as good as RH. His comment indicates he wasnt asked to return to OLTL.

Joliefan forever

Well you might not have a choice PP does not have to let GH or RH use the character of Todd Manning and I hope they don’t! GH already has resident bad boy SONNY! Todd Manning is our bad boy on OLTL and that is where Todd Manning Belongs and the Real Todd TSJ!


Real Todd. is TSJ.

Never in the history of any soap character has a person took over a role from a popular and award winning performer, and so played the character so compellng…. on many multi dimentional levels, and so convincing that for the originator of the role Roger Howarth, it became Roger Howarth ” who ” as Todd Manning?


In other words, Howarth was the imposter Todd Manning.

Sorry Roger, you can act, but U aint got nothing on TSJ playing Todd.


Trevor is the only Todd as far as I am concern. He made the role of Todd his own with his handsome self, but it really was the acting that impressed me. I had been a fan of Roger’s Todd, but he decided to give up the role. When TSJ took over the role of Todd it took me some time but i love Trevor in the role of Todd Manning and hated when Roger came back. Trevor had made the character of Todd his own in a more mature way. I knew when Roger came back it was over for Trevor, because he saw the writing on the wall. He was pushed out, tho some believe he was going to leave before it was announced that Roger was coming back. Remember how fans was all happy, and saying Trevor never was Todd to them, they was glad the “Real Todd was coming Back”, I will never forget how fans was disrespectful to Trevor after the 7 or 8 years he played Todd on OLTL, and in the end the ABC, the producers,writers, and fans treated him like crap. Because the “Golden Boy had no JOB and took the character of Todd back from Trevor with a pat on the back from ABC and the Fans. I’m not sure of how I would feel if he came back, the way he was treated. But do love TSJ and FL together. The only thing I can really say is if I PP General Hospital would not use the 3 characters name (Todd,Starr, and John). I would let General Hospital explain who these three people,and why were they using someone elses name. Why did Tea and Blair come to PortCharles to see them? I believe that part would be interesting seeing that explained. But PP doesn’t owe GH anything or the actors who played their characters that was created on OLTL. The new writers of GH took a chance in bring character from their previous soap instead of creating new characters.

Joliefan Forever

Great Post Waltina. One of the things I don;t agree with is that statement that the fans turned on him, The RH fans turned on him his True Blue fans never turned our backs on him, And we all know that TSJ is Todd Manning….I was mad also at the way RH’s fans treated Trevor and his DEDICATED 8 years of Playing that character, Another thing about TSJ is he did not bounce on the show for a total of 5 years like RH did. Frank and Ron are the ones that TSJ said he did not want to work with since they are not with PP THANK GOD LOL I think he is coming back. I’m sorry but there is no way TSJ should have been thrown over for RH All because BF & FV have a boner for him!
I also agree with the statement that PP owes nothing to GH and I hope they are smart enough to not let GH use them characters like you said let them explain away everything they did and why these 3 actors are now completely different characters……


Waltina, I was so ‘charmed ‘ by the second sentence in your post.
( He made the role of Todd his own with his handsome self…) The man is some kind of handsome. When he first come on, he looked so much younger than Blair, but I guess those long days and hours caused him to mature in the face and he just became more and more handsome. Yes, abc and some of the fans (not all of them) were disrespectful to TSJ when Howarth came back, but mostly I blame ABC and OneLife. Last year on this site in Jan, Feb and March I blogged about this until I was hands turned blue. I am happy to read that there are people who feel the same way I do. I did hear that TSJ asked to be released from the role, but extended his stay based on the storyline with RHowarth returning. Then when OneLife was cancelled, St John asked to stay on until the end and abc/OneLife wouldn’t allow him and then Howarth got a job as Todd while the rest of the loyal OneLifer’s went on the unemployement line. I will never forgive abc for that poor choice. Star, and Todd (RH) need to take there happy asses back to OneLife. John can stay, bc he has been on ALL three ABC soaps. He fit in anywhere and he goes great with Sam. He needs to be caught between Sam and Natalie and maybe these two woman could visit each soap seeing and John.


Well that’s stupid!! It ended with him alive!! He should totally have been asked back. Not to mention he’s a fan favorite. ANNOYED!! Yes let’s bring back Ramal & whatever can’t remember there names AS WHO REALLY CARES about those characters.


hope so


Lovvvve TSJ. He was one of the reasons I kept watching OLTL. If they honestly haven’t asked him, they’re foolish, to put it politely. On the other hand, I can’t blame Trevor if he doesn’t want to return to any soap. The writing was sickingly pro-RHTodd.


Yes! Trevor must come back!!! As Victor! That way him and tea can get back together!



Days Of Our Lives

Marci Miller Shares Sentiments On Her Final Tape Day At DAYS

Today was the last day of the incredible journey of Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After two years, the actress decided to not renew her contract after receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination and playing the multiple personalities storyline of Abigail, Gabby, and Dr. Laura.

Here, she shared her sentiments via an Instagram post on her final tape day at the NBC studios in Burbank.

“And just like that, 2 very meaningful years have come and gone. I have been loved so well today. I will miss this cast. I will miss these people. I will miss this place. I am both heavy and light at the same time. Much love to all, you have left just the sweetest impression on me. Xx #Days”

What did you think about the sentiments Marci Miller has shared?  Sad to know it’s Marci’s last day in Salem? Comment below.


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All My Children

The Chew Cancelled After 7 Seasons; A Slice Of Justice For All My Children Fans?

Karma is a bitch! ABC announced yesterday that the foodie series The Chew has been axed after seven seasons. 

The Chew lost significant viewers when ABC fired main co-host chef, Mario Batali after reports of alleged sexual harassment over many years. Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, and Michael Symon have remained the regular series hosts.

In addition, The Chew dropped 17% with women in the 18-49 demo and this has been its least watched season since its debut in 2011.  As ABC Daytime fans know, The Chew replaced iconic soap opera All My Children, when ABC made the decision to cancel the beloved soap and replace it with the food show.

So, let’s take a look at the numbers: All My Children lasted 41 years, while The Chew lasted 7 seasons. Hmm …

ABC noted that The Chew will cease production at the end of this season, but will continue to air until September with all-new episodes in June.  In addition, ABC announced that Good Morning America will expand to three hours.  Thus, switching up the ABC morning line-up.

So, are you glad that The Chew got fried?  Is this justice for All My Children fans who miss their beloved Pine Valley?  Comment below.

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Welcome To The New Michael Fairman TV: A Note From Michael Fairman

Photo Credit: Duff Images

By now, many of you have come across and seen that Michael Fairman On Air On Soaps has evolved into the new and exciting platform, Michael Fairman TV.

I hope you take the time to tour the new site, and enjoy its new look, new features, and extended coverage; which will focus on, and include, not only your beloved daytime soap operas, but primetime television drama, a slice of reality programming, as well as popular streaming and digital series.

This site has been a long time in the making, and we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As with any change, we know that it will take some time for all of us, including me, to get used to it, and adjust to it.

I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

I know many of you are already saying you miss the old Michael Fairman Soaps, but this is an upgrade, not a demolition.  That being said, Michael Fairman Soaps was no longer sustainable as is.  The site needed to grow, evolve, change, and modernize with the times. With modernization, part of that is making the site accessible, functional on mobile phones and devices, which we now are.  While some things can’t remain the same forever, we are always interested in your input.

I am very proud and excited for this new chapter.  I hope you will enjoy everything that is to come, and I appreciate all of your loyal support.  So, let’s christen this site together and celebrate turning over a new page.

With gratitude,



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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

The Michael Channel

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Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018