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Will Jack Wagner be heading back to General Hospital this Spring?

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Over the weekend, Hunter Tylo (Taylor), a long time co-star of Jack Wagner’s (Nick) at The Bold and the Beautiful took to her facebook page in support of Jack who has been taken off contract by the CBS sudser.  However in one of her posts, Tylo seemed to indicate that Wagner will be on his way to GH in the very near future.   On-Air On-Soaps cannot confirm at this time, that this is indeed the case, but we will keep you posted on this developing story.

Tylo posted, “Will miss you Jack Wagner! So sad you will be leaving B&B … Please let Jack know how he has been appreciated by all of us! I think he is over in April — then he will go to GH.”

So how would you soapers feel if a there would be a Frisco sighting this spring in Port Charles?  Let us kn0w!


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I just love all the oldies coming back, so bring it on…just make sure Kristina isn’t far behind!



barbara t

If frisco shows up in port charles ,I hope that falisha shows up as well ,I would rather see her then him,then we can see maxie give them both hell for skipping town and leaving gerogie and her alone without parents when they needed them.even though they had mac.,theres no excuse for parents to not be parents when they have kids,even on a soap opera.


Frisco would have some fantastic scenes with Maxie….


i just hope kristen storms comes back for those scenes……………


If this is true I really really really hope KS is back as Maxie.

Shirley A Miller

I would really love it if Jack Wagner returned to GH as Frisco Jones. The only thing that would make it better is if Felicia returned also. That is not very likely to happen, tho. There are so many people coming back to GH and then some new characters transferring from OLTL, it would lead me to believe there are quite a few present characters being let go from GH. I don’t know if that is a good thing … I will miss them … particularly JJ (Lucky), Nathan (Ethan), and of course Kimberly (Robin). I’m sure there are more. This is the way Soaps work . . . I need to be happy just if ABC doesn’t CANCEL GH. I know all Soap Fans are with me on this!!!!!


I would be THRILLED to see Frisco on GH again. Jack Wagner is a great actor and I think he would be able to play some awesome scenes with the character of Maxi. I started watching GH when I was ten, because I loved Frisco and Felicia. GH would definitely win back my viewership if Jack Wagner came home to Port Charles. Seeing Kristina play Felicia again would also be heaven!


WOW !! That would be awesome. Jack Wagner is the bomb, BEST actor on daytime for sure.
B&B was crazy to let him go !

I’ll definitely switch over to GH if Jack goes back as Frisco !
bye bye B&B. You just lost ANOTHER viewer.


the momentum, energy, and circumstance are all right for his return. it would be a travesty if he didn’t return–with Kristina Wagner as Felicia in tow.



How B&B can let go of such a legend like Jack Wagner is beyond me….
All the boards, twitter & Facebook are going nuts over the news. It’s wild, and impressive how much JW is appreciated and loved as an actor.

Thumbs down for B&B, thumbs up GH !


Bring back Frisco

GH doesn’t need OLTL actors. General Hospital has plenty of fabulous actors in its own right. It just need to better exploit them and bring some of the fan favs. Make Jason go back as a Quatermaine and undo the death of his father. Get rid of the newbies. Put Sonny in the backburner and make him a recurring actor. Give more airtime to Tracy Quatermaine. Bring back Alan, Bobbie, Felicia, Frisco and AJ. Laura is in Y&R, but ask her to come to GH for a few episodes.

Guza is gone, so there no reason for his nonsense to continue in General Hospital when he’s not even here anymore.


It’s been a long time coming! Frisco was my favorite since I was 12 years old. From all that I am reading and the amount of people who would watch GH again, ABC would be even bigger idiots than they already are to cancel the show. The opportunity is now to bring back GH to what it once was. Centered on the Quartermaines, Spencers, Cassadines, Corinthos, Jones, and bring it back to it’s glory. It has never been about the mob, it’s been about the lack of material written and caring about the characters. In the old days, it took months to develop a relationship and anymore the characters are sleeping together within in a few short weeks of interacting. Drag it out and make the viewer want to tune in to see what happens. Give Frank and Ron time and you won’t be sorry ABC.


His time has come and gone. He had no loyalty to GH so why should I have any to him? Not interested.


What do you mean by loyalty? If you are talking about him leaving in the ’90, he was a young ,hot and talented actor who got asked to play the lead in a popular prime time series like Melrose, he would have been foolish to turn that down. Any actor in that position would have left.
Apart from that, I never heard him say bad things about his time on GH, on the contrary.
Get over it, and welcome back the mighty Frisco !


Actually JW has blasted GH in the past, although he was right in doing that. He criticized GH over their treatment of, his now ex-wife, Kristina (Felicia). When asked about a year ago if he would consider returning to GH he said no and that he loved working in B&B. Obviously the situation has changed since that interview -he’s out of job and GH has got a new executive producer and head writer, which the old vets are comfortable with. They are bringing back old vets and JW and KW will definitely be on that list. There are however a few things that might cause JW not to return to GH:

1.JW would probably accept a role in Y&R since he likely would like to stay in CBS (if Y&R would offer him a role)
2.He has had his issues with GH before, is it time to turn over to a new leaf?
3.The people over at GH might want to bring Frisco back, but only if they can somehow bring Felicia. As we already know, JW and KW are divorced in real life. Would they be able to work with each other even though they are divorced in real life?

I’m really hoping for a Frisoc&Felicia reunion, they were my favourite couple and I have waited so long for this becoming true. I’m crossing my fingers…

Danielle Lipsky

I would be thrilled to see Frisco again on GH, Jack Wagner did a great job in the role.


General Hospital is his background. Before B&B, before Melrose Place, before anything else. We definitely need him with or without Felicia.

I hope that this rumor from Tylo is true.

Alice Nguyen

What???!! I totally agree he needs to come back but ONLY with Felicia!!! Do you ever remember him without her, hello? That would be uh no 🙂




I am so sick and tired of Sonny, Kate and Sonny make me want to vomi. I think it is time to put out a killer hit on Sonny. I look forward to seeing OLTL characters on GH. I also want GH to bring back characters that wil restore it to its former glory became the show became mob central.


I’d love to see Wagner return as Frisco. I’d even accept a recast Feliciato slidify any storyline. Maybe they can resurrect Blackie, too. He is languishing in jail for (if I recall) a crime he did commit. I hope we do not get too much revival/repeat going on, rather a pickup of story and character. These visits, along with the arrival of the Mannings from Llanview, really could launch GH in a new direction, one that is reminiscent of the program we have loved for so many years.

I miss Audrey!

Denise Michelle

Jack Wagner is the greatest soap actor of all time FOR GOOD REASON and B&B was quite foolish to let such a talent go. He was the best actor on the show by far and quite frankly, the writing on the show, especially for his character as of late, was beneath him…..bringing Frisco back to GH will be the best daytime has seen in YEARS!!! He has to complete “THE DREAM TEAM” if Tristan, Finola, John Reilly, Emma, Rick and I PRAY Kristina comes back!!!! It will be a dream come true for the 80’s viewers and ratings will skyrocket for sure!!! Let’s bring on some of those juicy WSB & DVX storylines!!!!! WHOOOAAAA!!!!! :O>


I could not agree more! I was starting to feel like B&B was holding JW hostage. Why would you have an actor like Jack Wagner work on your soap and not write him anything with substance? When the character Nick first appeared he gave us Emmy worthy performances, and it is just sad that he was reduced to wearing a lobster costume. Bring back the Frisco we adore with his sarcastic humor and charm. I also would love to hear him sing again. I caught Jack’s latest concert at Mohegan Sun and his voice is sounding better than ever!

Alice Nguyen

Totally agree!!!! Would luve to see him and Felicia back….please someone make it come true. I don’t TVO but I’ll learn …lol


Can GH just pull a Dallas and make the last 15 – 20 years go away?? Bring back Bobbie and Tony and Sean and Tiffany. Get rid of the kids… like they never happened…and bring back the good times and the dead characters like Tony and Alan, who should still be around.

Just show a 5 minute video of the best stories and actors from the past and put on the screen…”20 years later” and have someone wake up from a Coma and say…”I just had this crazy Mob nightmare…and then move on with some adult stories like the good old days of Gloria Money and Douglas Marland and some of the living writers and producers who came close to doing what they did.


I hope the rumor is true. Can’t wait for Jack Wagner to return to GH. Kristina better be right behind Jack in the return. Miss Kristina on GH as well.


always loved the Frisco & Felicia pairing… but then also liked the Felicia and Luke pairing too! ha! (but gagged on luke and laura stuff… blech!) So bring back Frisco, and Felicia! They should be there for Robin anyways… think they last time he was on GH was when Barbara Jean died and maxie got her heart and little georgie was conceived during that brief visit… it’s been too long. They did stuff with Robert & Anna too, so it would be great if they came back at the same time.


You don’t get it with Luke and Laura, they were there before Felicia and Frisco at the start of GH’s glory days with the Casadines and Sean and Tiffany and the Ice Princess…. They made the show.
Anna is back for an extended period and was there on the day that they killed Robyn off… Robert is coming back and so is Holly. I do agree though that they should bring Frisco and Felicia back. They need to bring Bobbie back too, she just fell off the planet.


oh I know all about Luke & Laura… I’ve been watching GH since it was 1/2 hr b/w show and Steve Hardy and Jesse Brewer were the ones we always watched. No, I like Luke, no problem with Anthony Geary, I just can’t stand Genie Francis, or maybe it’s Genie Francis’ Laura Spencer, either way, I totally remember her killing David? and her mom covering it up, and she used to live with Amy’s family and then she loved Scotty and worked at Luke’s disco to pay for a set of lawyer books for a present for Scotty and Luke wanted Laura and raped her…. and they lived happily ever after. 🙂 I just never liked Laura Spencer. Don’t hate her. Don’t want her locked up in a loony bin — oh! too late! Just I liked Frisco & Felicia and the whole Anna/Robert/Holly/Luke, Sean/Tiffany, WSB story stuff wayyyy better than Luke mixed up with the mob anc Sonny… and, er um, Laura.


I hope Jack goes back to GH. Frisco/GH is where it all began for long time Jack Fans. If he does, go back, they get this former viewer back. B &B are fools for treating Jack the way they did and then letting him go. Here’s hoping B&B loss will be GH’s gain.


As we already know, Hunter Tylo hinted that JW would be back in GH in May. RavenBeauty has confirmed on her site that JW and KW would be returning to GH. Does anyone know if RavenBeauty site is a reliable source(some people say her predictions are right, she obviously has inside sources)? Obviously, nothing has been confirmed by the actors and SOD…so I don’t want to keep my hopes too high.


Robin needs to live, not die, like RC is doing. Robin needs to interact with these characters like she did in the past. Robin should not be killed. Hope JW return means that Frisco has his godchild Robin somewhere safe and she is not really dead.

barbara t

Im with you ,ive watched robin grow up ,and they cant kill her, put her in a coma ,sent her to paris , break her and patrick up ,and let her walk away, let her join doctors without borders,sent her anywhere ,just dont let her die .thats just wrong,because in 10 years she may want to come back ,come on ,another ,oh my god ,shes alive.just send her away.let her walk off into the sunset ,shes one of my favorite people that I never grew tired of watching ,robin and patricks life was good for general hospital,one of the bright spots in a mob filled port charles.


As always these days Im more concerned about the actor than the character. I think it stinks that Jack has been taken off contract at B and B. Though Id love to see him reprise his role of Frisco Im not sure its smart of him to go back to GH. Despite Cartini, my belief is still that Disney is going to give GH the ax, just like AMC and OLTL.
Also without a good actress to play Maxie, Frisco’s presence in PC will fall short. Im sry but Jen Liley doesnt cut it as Maxie. She’s absolutely horrible. And fans again are too disconnected with reality. They forget that Jack Wagner divorced Kristina Wagner ( Felecia) years ago. They have at least on child together, but Im not sure they would want to reunite as on screen lovers again. That would be very awkward for both of them I think. So I dont see a Frisco and Felecia reunion on the horizon. It would be great, but I dont think its convenient for the actors.

Alice Nguyen

who cares what’s convenient for them…I would love to see F & F together again 😉 And who knows, they might have ended their relationship in good standing and be great friends. Never know… 🙂


As always these days Im more concerned about the actor than the character. I think it stinks that Jack has been taken off contract at B and B. Though Id love to see him reprise his role of Frisco Im not sure its smart of him to go back to GH. Despite Cartini, my belief is still that Disney is going to give GH the ax, just like AMC and OLTL.
Also without a good actress to play Maxie, Frisco’s presence in PC will fall short. Im sry but Jen Liley doesnt cut it as Maxie. She’s absolutely horrible. And fans again are too disconnected with reality. They forget that Jack Wagner divorced Kristina Wagner ( Felecia) years ago. They have at least on child together, but Im not sure they would want to reunite as on screen lovers again.


I pray that they do not bring Jack/Frisco back without Kristina/Felicia. I gave up watching GH (and all other soaps) about a year ago because they had become something that no longer was what I wanted to watch to be entertained. I now “escape” via YouTube and back to great writing and wonderful characters and story lines. My fear is that the legacy of the actors/characters that have meant so much to viewers might further be destroyed by those that write for GH today. It is clear that Guza and others didn’t care about preserving what made them become cherished and iconic. They did their best to rewrite their histories and make the actors/characters no longer recognizable. I don’t trust them to not further the damage!!

barbara t

general hospital is in good hands now ,and from everything we are hearing ,there will be many old characters coming back ,and the writers want to bring back general hospital to where is use to be ,since the mob stories started g h has gone downhill,there are so many mob filled stories you can fill in to a once great soap ,every person on that show was connected to sonny and jason,even the hospital scenes.its like everyone was forgotten ,unless they were in bed with those two,so it became boring ,time for me to take a nap ,because it was that bad.same with my 85 year old aunt instead of fast forwarding ,she got tired of doing that ,so she fell asleep, ron and frank know this ,and what those two did with one life to live ,I will love anything they do to help to save general hospital,and bring it back to the way it use to be ,its a shame that they ,and us soap fans, were robbed of 43 more years with one life to live ,because that show was brilliant,and should have never been canceled.

Alice Nguyen

omy gosh! I would just hate it if they didn’t have Frisco with Felicia! In fact, I think it should be either the both of them together or none at all 😉 I totally agree with you!


i cant wait for all the returns the only thing missing would be susan lucie and for gennie fransise to return but i love robyn matson coming back finola hughes tristan roger emma samms and now jack wagner its going to be a great port charles to see


Leave Frisco wherever he is. His face is no longer camera friendly, nice way of putting it. He is younger than Tristian Roger’s *Scorpio, but look by far….. much older. I don’t want to see a remake of the old GH. It was rather boring to me than. During those times (outside of Luke and Laura and Sonny and Brenda) OLTL was the hit, and AMC. All they did on GH was stand around the hospital and talk about nothing, rather small talk, and chance around strange things, unheard of, or strange bazzair people. I stayed with the show bc it was abc, and I watched the other soaps, and thank God I did, bc in the 90’s, GH produced some of it’s best work, and early 2000’s, and was racking up at the Emmy’s every year. I honestly don’t have a favorite soap of the 3 abc soaps BC they have ALL been my favorite at one time or another, depending on storyline. Now I do have favorite character’s, we ALL do, no matter what the storyline, we tune in just to see them.

Alice Nguyen

You need to youtube back 1983 when frisco & felicia fell inlove becuz that was the best GH ever! I don’t care how bad Jack Wagner looks as long as he comes back with Felicia, it’s alllll good 😉


Yes Alice, I remember Frisco all to well. I was just never a fan or his nor Felicia, his real life X wife. Nonetheless, I watched them with everyone else. They weren’t bad, just wasn’t a fan. : )

Alice Nguyen

I would be ecstatic to see frisco & FELICIA back together on GH…I never thought in my whole life I would ever see this happen on tv. Felicia and frisco back together on General hospital. It sounds too good to be true! Please make it come true…… :O)


I would love to see Frisco back, in fact he and Felicia need to come back to be there for Maxi and Mac after the writers chose to blow up Robyn and then just have her die in the explosion rather than her survive long enough for everyone to say goodbye (including the fans) I have been watching GH since the Ice Princess days and watched her grow up… This was a horrible way for Kimberly to leave the show….
Back to my point, they need to bring Frisco and Felicia back for grieving time as well as to have them join the manhunt for Helena after she killed her own daughter and Ethan as it looks like she is doing.

If GH is going off the air let it be with a big send off bringing everyone back including Laura and Nicholas…. and killing off Helena.

kay killgore

I just read an interview with FV and I think the show is still going to center around Sonny and Jason. Holly is back short term so is Robert and Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson will be long term so I think That rumor of JW coming back is just a rumor, it has been so long ago how would he fit in now even though I like him with Georgie being dead and Maxie has Mac for her dad I got the impression he is just going to tone it down some the mob I mean.

barbara t

hopefully the mob stories are not involved with every character in port charles.we have to see john mcbain do his thing and Im hearing he works for the fbi Now so let the mobsters go down one at a time ,I feel bad for poor matt ,he has been trying for years to clean up the streets of port charles ,well maybe now he can get some satisfaction ,and we can call our soap general hospital again instead of the sonny corinthous show,Im loving the new look in port charles.


I’m so happy to hear that both Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner are heading back to GH! I loved watching them back in the 80s! They were wonderful to watch and amazing chemistry together.

barbara t

where did you hear that jack wagner will be coming back to ,hes going to be on dwts from what I heard.


if jack and kristina wagner both came back to gh then maybe they and their charactes can get closure. i mean jack and kristina has great chemistry. maybe working together again can rekindle that spark that burned out in 06.

Linda K

Frisco coming back to Port Charles would be totally awesome!! I just started to watch GH again after quite a few years because I heard some of the old crowd was coming back. I loved watching Ana and Scorpio, but Scorpio’s visit was too brief. If Frisco and Felicia come back, then I’m hooked again!!

Jennifer H

OMG!!! I would love Frisco(Jack) coming back to PC. Frisco, Felicia, and Maxie need to get some closure/understanding on their relationships. It would be great to have another Scorpio, Devaine, Jones, and even Donelly mystery again. They need to all be together again.


i missed seeing frisco and felicia together i would be so happy to see him even maxie will be so surprise to see her dad since he left i hope he stay for good at gh

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