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Will Priscilla Presley Make A Return As Jenna Wade To TNT's DALLAS?

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Could Priscilla Presley be making her way back for a visit to TNT’s Dallas as Jenna Wade to try and come between Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Ann Ewing (Brenda Strong)?

Well according to TV Guide, “Over the summer, Presley got her Facebook friends excited by posting, ‘For all of those who mentioned that you would like to see me on Dallas,  thank you very much for that support! We will see what happens…”‘

And apparently, the writers of TNT’s Dallas season three are considering bringing back Jenna Wade, whom Presley played for five seasons on the CBS version from 1983 to 1988!

Dallas EP, Cynthia Cidre related on a Jenna Wade sighting, “It’s on our planning wall, and we’re thinking about it seriously!”  Cidre went on to say, “I like all conflict, but my heart is with Jock and Miss Ellie and Bobby and Ann.”   If that is any indication on Cidre’s thought process as to whether Jenna has any hope in breaking up Bobby and Ann, it could be a short term story-arc, but who knows?

So, would you like to see Priscilla Presley return to Dallas?  Weigh-in!


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30 Comments on "Will Priscilla Presley Make A Return As Jenna Wade To TNT's DALLAS?"

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Eek, I don’t know if I can look at that in hi-def. What’s wrong with aging gracefully?


She was so gracefully beautiful..
Why do they/aging women, pump and distort the face when all know their age, those who do that are no longer

((but then again, many soap stars have done the same including the men ))


I think that she had some really bad plastic surgery & that the person injected her with something really bad. She has had surgeries to try to rectify the problem, but they can’t fix what has happened. Sad.

Lew S



NO!!! I’m Dallas fan from 1978 when the show first came on!!! Morgan Fairchild was so great as Jenna Wade!!! Priscilla Presley is a horrible actress & didn’t like then & I don’t like her now!!

Lew S

I forgot about Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, bring back the original.


That would-be awesome for her to return!!!!


I like this idea. I loved the character of Jenna!!!


She wasn’t one of my favorites, but I do enjoy the “old-timers.” The thought of Pam returning was more exciting.

Mark Y

Jenna was a great character. JR liked her. Bring her back. And while they are at it, bring back Donna Culver too.


I have been waiting for this!! Always loved both Jenna AND Pam!


I’m always in favor of bringing back some of the vets for a few shows. And without Larry Hagman, I think it can only help for the show to embrace more ties to the original series.

I do think Cynthia is being short-sighted in her comments because the return of Jenna doesn’t automatically have to mean danger to Bobby and Ann’s relationship.

I’ve hoped for a story where a now grown-up Lucas would show up in town mad as hell at Bobby (and the rest of the family by extension), considering Bobby abandoned the child he had with Jenna, letting Ray raise him and having no part in the boy’s life. (And if you got stuck being raised by Ray when you should have been raised as a full-fledged Ewing, how could you not want some payback?).

Lucas coming to town to fight for his share of the family fortune (in a way that Ray never really cared to fight for his share in the original) could naturally lead to Jenna following after him.

It doesn’t always have to be about a triangle, Cynthia! On original Dallas, many of the best stories were about the sibling and parent-child relationships/battles and how the business affected it all, good and bad.

Mary K. Nugent

Love your thoughts on the Lucas storyline…great idea and in true Dallas fashion! Still holding out hope for a return of Victoria Principal in some way shape or form….loved her!!


Forget Victoria Principal, she’s been nothing more then a Royal pain in everyone’s ass about ever returning. It would be nice to return for her fans but even now that’s been waning since she’s been stubborn about coming back, Because she’s very wealthy she has the room to keep saying NO if she were broke that would be a different story. Beside I think she has lost her ability to act she has not done in for so long. Her Stardom fizzled out in the 90’s.

Mark Y



Would be great to see Presley back as Jenna Wade! Bring it!

Daisy Day

I loved her on the show and she was awesome in the Naked Gun movies. I saw her at an event in LA a few years ago and she is so tiny, beautiful, charming and graceful. Loved her with Bobby – if Pam doesn’t come back, I hope Jenna does and they pair her with Bobby again. Super couple.

maggie vinnedge

yes i would i think she will go great on the show


I wouldn’t want her back long term even though I loved her character and her portrayal. I would love, however, to see her daughter return to the canvas.

Eric Buchanan

DEFINITELY! I have been wishing she could return. Was not very interested in Ann’s ex and daughter taking such a big role in season 2 while Ray, Lucy and Afton were given not more than walk on roles. Note to AMC/OLTL too: if you are gonna focus on older characters, why not use ones the OLDER fans know? The younger fans don’t know the difference and the older folks get a treat. PS: More Audrey Landers!!!


NOOOOO!! Priscilla Presley can not act LOL! Maybe a real actress to portray Jenna Wade.


I agree with Linda, Priscilla does not have a strong enough acting skills and besides she looks nothing like she did back in those days. Her hair is to red she is back to wearing very dark makeup and she needs to use her own name for a change instead of her ex husbands name. She went back to her maiden name for a while which really fit her better. Why is she still trying to be a Presley when in fact she has not been for many yrs now. I do think Pam still looks really good since the show and and that she could still pull her part off. Will the show still come back since JR has passed away?


I would prefer Morgan Fairchild or better yet an actress that has not had tons of plastic surgery. It just makes actresses look strange. A middle aged cougar Charlie would be fun. I didnt watch the show when she was on it so I have no comment but heard her performance was bad.


I would like to see both Jenna and Ray come back as a couple. I would also like to see Charlie come back divorced with three children of her own. It would be interesting to see Charlie as another messed up (Sami Brady) who is always getting into trouble. As for Lucas that would be another interesting concept. Having Lucas in the army would be a very good twist. I will add more later

chris rees

I would love Jenna to return, with Lucas in tow, but I think Priscilla has ruined her lovely looks and would prefer to see Morgan Fairchild in the role. Boyd Holbrook or someone similarwould maka a fantastic (nasty) Lucas…


I would love to see Jenna return especially if she brings in Lucas. It would be fun to watch him go at John Ross who claims to be more Ewing than thou. And I can see him fooling around with Emma. Actually Emma probably fools around with any and everybody but it would still be a lot of fun.


Bring back CRAZY Kristen, after all, no body really dies in the Soaps. Didnt she run over Bobby, or did she shoot JR ? Only make her nuttier than ever.


Kristen drowned in the pool though. I want Donna mills to come to Dallas. I wish she could portray Abby Ewing Sumner but I know there’s rights and crap. We need another bad ass villain


would love to see Jenna back

Denise Perry

Yes, however, due the damage that was done her face, she may want to spin off
by coming back a news that she was in a fire, but kept hidden.

Suggestion,only Please don’t think it is a insult, however, it would be good to see
this team together, those that are still alive,
Have a Happy New Year and Blessed one to all !


Y&R and Dallas Alum, Oscar Winner George Kennedy Has Died

Photo Credit: WireImage

George Kennedy,  the Oscar-winning star of 1967’s Cool Hand Luke, which also starred Paul Newman has died at age 91, his grandson, Cory Schenkel confirmed.

Kennedy died in his sleep at his Boise, Idaho home early Sunday morning, the day of the Academy Awards.  He had been in failing health ever since his wife Joan died a little over a year ago. George had been under hospice care for the past month.

In the soaps, Kennedy is most remembered for his guest stints on The Young and the Restless playing Victor Newman’s despicable father, Albert Miller.  Kennedy first played the role in 2003 and then reprised it again in 2010.   Victor’s relationship with his father gave Eric Braeden some of the finest material of his career as the complex Victor.  Albert had abandoned his family, causing his son to be raised in an orphanage.

CBS original primetime soap Dallas also featured Kennedy as Carter McKay, one of the Ewing families bitter enemies from 1988 to 1991.  Geroge also played the role in two follow-up TV movies, 1996’s Dallas: J.R. Returns and 1998’s Dallas: War of the Ewings.  In addition, Kennedy appeared in several of the 70’s major disaster films including the original Airport and several sequels, as well as in Earthquake.  In the 80’s, he would appear in The Naked Gun franchise of films along with Leslie Nielsen.

After the jump, watch George Kennedy as Albert on The Young and the Restless in scenes with Eric Braeden and Joshua Morrow (Nick).  Then share your thoughts on the passing of this talented actor in the comment section below! (more…)

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7th Annual Indie Series Awards Nominations Announced: Winterthorne, EastSiders & The Bay Battle It Out In Drama Series! Van Hansis, Melissa Archer, Lilly Melgar, Kathleen Gati, Deidre Hall, Martha Madison,Tristan Rogers & More Soap Notables Score Nods!


On Wednesday, nominations were announced for the 7th Annual Indie Series Awards.  The ISA’s celebrate the best in independently produced scripted entertainment created for the Web.  Nominations this year were announced in 30 categories.

Online series which featured stars of your favorite daytime dramas took three of the top four spots that led all fields in total nominations.  Michael Caruso’s Winterthorne scored a record-tying 13 nominations, followed by Gregori J. Martin’s The Bay with 12, and Kit Williamson’s EastSiders with 10.   The series Hollywood Wasteland also scored 11 nominations.

The winners will be announced in ceremonies on April 6th at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, and the awards show will be hosted by Days of our Lives Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Jen Lilley (Theresa) starting at 8PMPST.

The nominations were revealed within a very special video presentation hosted by actress Jillian Claire, which features a cameo by Eric Martsolf.


From Van Hansis, Elizabeth Hubbard, Deidre Hall, Eric Martsolf, John-Paul Lavoisier, Martha Madison, Lilly Melgar, Brianna Brown, Constance Wu, Tristan Rogers, Karrueche Tran, Linda Gray, Kathleen Gati, Carolyn Hennesy, Kevin Spirtas, Patsy Pease, Melissa Claire Egan, Melissa Archer and more, there is plenty of talent on the web these days and they all are ISA nominees this year.

Below is just a sampling of categories featuring daytime notables who received nominations.  For the complete list go to Serial Scoop and click here!  (more…)

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Former Dallas Star Josh Henderson Back With New Series From E!: The Arrangement


We all loved Josh Henderson’s portrayal of John Ross Ewing on TNT’s defunct revival of the classic primetime soap, Dallas.

Since Dallas was never able to find a suitable home at another network, Henderson had teased via social media some time ago that he had something big in the works.

Now it is revealed! On Friday, E! announced plans for its second scripted series following The Royals.  The new show is called The Arrangement and stars Henderson alongside Christina Evangelista. The story revolves around a young actress named Megan Morrison (Evangelista), who auditions for a huge summer movie alongside top Hollywood action movie star Kyle West (Henderson). When Megan’s audition leads to a first date with Kylie, she’s presented with a contract that could change her life forever. But will she accept The Arrangement?   Michael Vartan and Lexa Doig also star in the series.

On his official Instagram account, Henderson shared his enthusiasm for the reveal of his next role: “Been waiting for bout 4 months till it became official.. And So excited today cuz I can finally announce I’ve got a new show coming !! 1st season will be 10 episodes on E! More to come soon.” (more…)

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