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With the success of "Revenge", ABC orders more new primetime soap pilots!



ABC’s hit primetime  soap series, Revenge is bringing in great numbers for the  alphabet network and leads its timeslot against CBS and NBC! Based on its success, according to, “The lion’s share of the net’s drama pilots in development for fall offer sudsy tales in the vein of the Hamptons-based drama!”   This begs the questions, is the network trying to please their alienated soap fans who lost All My Children and One Life to Live in the daytime? Or, is it high-time that the primetime soap is finally having its comeback and now its quite apparent to the studio suits?

On-Air On-Soaps already reported to you last week that two shows, Americana and Nashville were greenlighted for nighttime soapy pilots and yet there are still more coming.  Check these out below.

Devious Maids: Based on the Mexican format, this soap follows four maids with ambition and dreams of their own while they work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.

Scruples: Based on 1978 novel Scruples that follows the life of Wilhelmina Hunnewell Winthrop, a.k.a. Billy, a previously plump woman who loses weight, becomes fabulously cool, and survives a very rich (and very old) first husband. She ends up opening up a Beverly Hills clothing boutique called Scruples.

Gilded Lillys:  Set in 1895, this epic love story follows the opening of the first grand luxury hotel in NYC, against a backdrop of vicious family rivalries, scandalous secrets, and conflict and comingling of classes.

Last Resort: An international action-thriller-soap that follows the story of establishing a new society in a world held hostage by the crew of a ballistic missile submarine. Basically a U.S. nuclear sub crew refuses orders to fire their missiles and escape to a NATO outpost and declare themselves the smallest nuclear nation.

So let us know … would you watch any of these on the table if they were ordered to series?


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Why can’t they just make a statement to the world that they made a mistake & misjudgment in cancelling our daytime dramas & bring them back? Everyone would be so happy!

Susan M.


Susan M.

Disregard my last comment; GARBAGE!!! I agree with Gloria!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’d rather watch one life to live and all my children in daytime then have these new shows 🙂


Okayyyy…so soaps are dead but we’re putting a bunch of new ones on primetime? :0 Maybe I don’t make $30,000,000 a year, but even I know when ur talking out of both sides of ur a$$. What is wrong with ABC/Disney. OLTL had a proven audience base with absolutely no promotion or support from the network for years. I would watch it in primetime. If I wasn’t boycotting ABC I’d even try the new soaps. But i am boycotting ABC/disney and ALL things ABC/Disney. If you put the daytime soaps back on the soap fans will return. Get it now ABC? Audiences love, want, need scripted dramas. DUH!

MaryAnne Robertson

I do have to admit that Revenge is a good show, but I stopped watching it !! No MORE ABC/Disney in my house no more !! As for the high fashion night time soap they want to show, I watch Bold & the Beautiful on CBS !! As for Nashville, I will watch Dallas when it comes back on TNT !! I also bought the DVDs to watch them also, Don’t need ABC shows !!!


You want to know what I think, Michael? I think ABC should admit they were wrong and bring back OLTL!! Revenge is a good show, and I’m happy about its success, but flooding the network with a bunch of primetime soaps doesn’t do a DAYUM thing for the fans of daytime. (And yes, I know I misspelled damn. I just wanted to put emphasis on the word….LOL)

ABC needs to recognize that the people that watch or watched ABC Daytime are the same people that watch or watched ABC Primetime. And unless they want the anger from the daytime fans to spill over into primetime, they need to fix their daytime situation and bring back OLTL!!

barbara t

so abc s buying more prime time soaps ,thats where they are putting there money now,to hell with the daytime soaps and the soap fans,this is why I am also tuning out abc in the evening,brain frons said that people are not tuning into soaps any more,but they are planing on putting them on at night,abc heres a news flash these show will never last 40 some years ,I guess the idiots running abc dont care whether there afternoon shows make it or not.theres always another dumb show waiting to be picked up.


Totally agree with you. Primetime soaps don’t have the longevity that daytime soaps have. Revenge is a good series, but how many seasons can the Leading Lady seek revenge? Most primetime soaps are lucky if they last one season….none of them could last 43. And lets face it, they are going to spend tons of money on the production of the primetime shows…not to mention the big time salaries they are going to most likely dish out.

Each day I find myself getting more and more frustrated with the stupidity of the ABC network….and I’ll be the first one to say it, the CBS soaps aren’t cutting it for me. B&B is quite possibly the worst soap on television…their whole show revolves around the stupid triangle of Liam/Hope/Steffi….I mean, who cares anymore. Steffi & Hope need to tell Liam to take a flying leap off a cliff. It is the most mindless dribble I have ever come across. Can’t hold a candle to OLTL.

Do the right thing ABC….save the money you are going to spend on one of those stupid primetime shows, and bring back OLTL!

Susan M.

I agree!! Abc is insulting our intelligence !!!!!!!!! Primtime soaps we don’t want!!!!!!!!!!! Daytime soaps is more like it…. LIKE ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittaney Peacock

I don’t see why they just don’t bring back OLTL or AMC if they want to make new soaps.. None of those soaps sound good to me and I won’t be watching them, maybe Gilded Lillys sounds okay but the others sound like they have no meaning in the books at all.


I like this because I do love and watch Revenge. But I’m watching it under the assumption that it’s not going to be on for more then a few seasons. It has a plot that seems to have a main goal that has to end at some point.

Mary H

ABC is crazy.. We don’t want new Soap Opera’s! We want our soaps back on even it they are in primetime..Why can’t they give the spots that they are putting all these new soaps in? If they are insistant on putting talk shows on daytime tv then but them in primetime. Or they need to do the right thing and give Agnes Nixon the rights to her shows back and let her move forward!


NO!! I will Not watch ANYTHING on ABC other than GH, They took 2 perfectly good soaps off the air for NO good reason and replaced them with CRAP!!! The least they could do is give Agnes her rights back so she can find homes for these beloved shows!!! Bring OUR ORGINAL SOAPS BACK!!!!


Still not willing to watch ABC/D, no matter how many lame nighttime soaps they put on. I want to see AMC and OLTL in the afternoon and much less reality/talk/makeover/cooking crap shows. I’d rather turn the TV off and read a book than watch the garbage that ABC/D thinks should be watched.

Dr. Donald G. Boudreau
Dr. Donald G. Boudreau

Answer: No. ABC and Disney have broken faith with their loyal viewership one too many times. We, our family and friends will continue boycotting all things Disney and ABC, until if and when OLTL and AMC are restored intact. Mr. Iger and Ms. Sweeney need to come clean with the public and make things right for once and for all. Or, release the rights to a party with the wherewithal to bring these shows back to their audiences. Then and only then can ABC and Disney begin salvaging their corporate reputations with the many millions of injured fans nationwide.

barbara t

and I stand beside the dr.100%.bring back the soaps or we refuse to ever watch abc/disney again.only watch general hospital,when its over change the channel dont walk away,make sure abc is OFF.


Don’t just boycott ABC network shows. Boycott all of ABC’s syndicated shows as well.

Here’s a list of ABC syndicated programs. Boycott all theses shows even if the station in your area that is airing it is not affiliated with ABC.

According to Jim
America’s Funniest Home Videos
Ebert & Roeper
Home Improvement
Katie (coming in September 2012)
Live With Kelly
My Wife & Kids
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

barbara t

I dont watch any of these shows so I wont miss anything,I know that live with kelly is owned by abc we get it on the fox network where I live,when abc canceled the soaps kelly and the hosts of the view where told not to comment about the soaps ,shows how devious abc is .and look how long it took ericka slezak and susan lucci to voice there opinion .must be a bitch working for abc/disney,I can understand a gag order ,but what abc did ,and how they did it by lying ,its almost criminal .so many people were caught off guard with the canceling of all my children and one life to live.and abc will never be the same great network it once was.and I will continue to boycott abc /disney, and anything they are selling ,I dont want it.

cathy trinque

I will not be watching anything on ABC day or night since my soaps were cancelled.
ABC can cancel our soaps but now try to go back into nighttime soaps. Must be copying TNT since Dallas will be coming there soon.


Not “one” of them interests me… the only “one” that would, would be “ONE LIFE TO LIVE”

Please ABC, how many people need to say this before you make some sort of comment with regards to the public out cry in losing “OLTL?”


Soap fans don’t give a damn about the creation of weekly primetime soaps. They will never substitute for OLTL with daily shows year around. Primetime soaps seem so much more predictable, lacking the sentiment, creativity, and whimsical surprises of OLTL. Emily Thorne has as much passion as a rock compared to Tea and Victor/Todd. There are no interesting female friendships like Viki and Dorian or Blair and Tea. I will not watch Revenge or any other garbage created by ABC.

Barbara Schuima

Forget you ABC/DISNEY….Will never watch your network again until you give Agnes Nixon the rights to OLTL and AMC…..YOU MADE A MISTAKE ABC/DISNEY !!!!!! The only show I will watch is GENERAL HOSPITAL !!!!!! I miss the news and some of your nightime programs (which ARE soaps). BUT I WILL NOT BACKDOWN !!!!! BOYCOTT ABC/DISNEY !!!!!!!

Dennis L. Sisneros

I am sorry, as much as I like the soap opera format, vrs the trash they are putting on ABC these days, I will NOT watch any of the ABC nighttime dramas! They cancelled Desperate Housewives & Brothers And Sisters, and I will not watch their replacement shows. Other than GH, I am DONE with ABC. They were wrong to cancel AMC and OLTL at the same time. It was a slap in the face. They shouldn’t have been cancelled at all! Goodbye ABC!

Kristen Howe

No way! Unless they fix the mess of AMC-OLTL and dump the Chew/The Revolution, ABCD will no longer be turned on by me.


I can not, will not watch ABC daytime nor nighttime since they took AMC and OLTL off air. I give ABC 1 hour a day, for GH. I use to watch almost everything ABC. News, shows, day and night. No GMA, no news, nothing. I hope still-that ABC will make this right. If not their lose which they are seeing already. Viewership DOWN. Keep all your shows ABC-no one wants you or them.

Jane C

NO, I will not watch ANY of these nighttime soaps. ABC took our daytime soaps (OLTL and AMC). I now have no loyalty to ABC and will not watch anything day or night if ABC or Disney is involved.

PD Miles

I can’t believe ABC, I thought they wanted out of the soap business and now they’re adding more at night??!! Well, I won’t be watching!!


No way will I watch any new show on abc. obviously they realize they made a mistake in the daytime soap cancellations. they should fess up and those shows back into production. put them on primetime!


Anything other than restoring AMC & OLTL is seen as an insult by ABC to its viewers. I am amazed that they think we will roll over on this..we won’t. They can order all the “pilots” they no one at that network able to see that there are 2 shows with a built-in fan base of millions, ready to go? Restoring AMC & OLTL is a complete no-brainer.


They really ought to just bring OLTL and shorten the title to Llanview



barbara t

I thought of that to, but on another network,during the daytime,it just seems that alot of good shows get canceled ,and I dont trust how they do the ratings .agnes nixon does have alot more story telling to do ,have you gone to facebook there is a place called swan,we are trying to get agnes her stories back from abc and pp. and if she could write another soap and put it on in prime time I would watch ,as long as its not on abc.I dont think she would go there with an idea anyway.and you are right about all my children and one life to live they are a part of our american way.soaps started on the radio,no,I dont remember that ,but our soaps are a big part of our lives,and we should do all we can to save them.its sad that there are so many soaps not on television anymore .daytime viewing will never be as grand as it was before the networks started killing the soaps,there to much trash ,every time I channel surf its the same garbage ,I do alot of channel surfing at 2 oclock,I miss one life to live.

Susan M.

I agree with Barbara!!!!!!!!!!! I watch a movie at 2:00 p.m. M-F!!!! Or I do my house work later these days…………Don’t want Katie Couric joined with the other disasters on abc daytime(the chew & the revolution)…….Leave the one last soap on abc alone…If it happens.. Three strikes your out abc… You are out already abc!!!!!!!!! I still miss oltl.. I look aqt the cast picture I bought and it makes me sad to look at it… I want to see all these actors together in the very near future!! I am not giving up on that…………..Have to keep positive thoughts so should everyone else who loves & misses OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And wants it back so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy Grzenia

Oh wait a minute here i thought they said no one wants to watch soaps are they freaken kiddy me we .DAYTIME FANS DO .WE WANT AMC &OLTL BACK .NOW !!

Susan M.

Soooooo True Tammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No, I won’t watch ABC period–it’s been a “Mouseless” television since 1.13.12 and it is going to stay that way. Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons, don’t you both feel stupid right now?? If I were you, I wouldn’t show my face!!


I guess I’ll be the one who marches to a different drum. I still watch ABC and I am not ashamed of it because there are shows on there that I like and I am going to support the shows I like. Now with that said, Revenge isn’t one of those shows I like.

I actually can see why ABC is doing more primetime soaps, the audience (the younger people) don’t want to commit to a show that runs 5 days a week but they will commit to a show that runs 22 times a year.


Bring on the new soaps, I’m looking forward to something new and interesting…OLTO & AMC ran it’s course,(same crap every epi) add some of those actors to the new shows and I’m sure they will be a Hit!


I’m still suffering the loss of “As The World Turns” ! I miss them so much, it feels like they all died at once! I am still hoping to see that the show has miraculously been revived! That’s why I came to this website! Am I crazy? Not normally, but I watched those people for about 30 years! I still can’t believe it happened sometimes.


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