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Y&R's Joshua Morrow on Newman vs. Newman verdict & hope for "Phick" fans!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Today is the day on CBS’s The Young and the Restless when the verdict is handed down in the arbitration case in Newman vs. Newman. That’s the case of the Newman children, Victoria, Abby, and Nick, vying for their trust funds going up against dear old dad, Victor Newman, folks!  And, with the fur about to fly and ramifications to be felt for a very long time for a family teetering on the edge, Y&R’s Joshua Morrow (Nick) took time out to speak to a group of journalists including On-Air On-Soaps for his take on the situation, the messy and convoluted love life of Nick Newman, and his relationship with his on-screen father.  Here are some of Joshua’s comments on the myriad of subjects!

Morrow on the top reasons, a la David Letterman’s Top Ten Countdown, that Nick wants to “stick” it to Victor at this point in time and win the arbitration:  “I think he really wants to teach his dad a lesson, and he hopes his father will appreciate his children more.  And, maybe to get a little respect and know that Victor will not walk on Nick and treat him the way he does. This is not this young and impressionable boy who looks at his father in this hero light anymore. Nick is ready to assume this role in life which can only be achieved by when your father is out of your way. So, I guess those would be three of the top reasons Nick would want to “stick it” to Victor.”

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Morrow on if there is hope for “Phick” fans now that Nick has seen Diane’s true colors, and Sharon’s behavior: “I think the ship has sailed for now with Nick and Sharon. Sharon made it very clear and made a very awful choice by deciding to be with Nick’s number one enemy in this world and that is not something Nick is going to get past.  As far as Nick and Phyllis, I definitely think the “Phick” fans should have hope because these two characters cannot let go of what they have with each other. I think their relationship was this incredibly intense “hot” thing that they are not going to be able to turn the page on right away. Even when they are around each other, I think there is always this pull. I like to play Nick that when he sees Phyllis he literally has to fight wanting to rip her clothes off.  I think Phyllis has the same feeling, the way the writers have been saying it.  And then as for Diane, in the beginning it was a very casual easy thing. I think they started to develop some stronger feelings than they had anticipated and planned on, but once Nick found out she was banging his dad, it was pretty much the most vomit inducing thing Nick could imagine!  I can’t see anything happening there anymore, because I think that is a pretty serious line to cross between people. So, I would think that is probably over with as well. But it’s the writer’s job to shock people and keep them watching and that certainly was a polarizing storyline.”

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Morrow on what Nick would do with the money should his side win the arbitration and the ramifications: “That is never something Nick cared about. He knew he had a trust fund. He did not want it early and did not want it now. Nick wanted his dad to be honest with him.  He wanted to run Newman Enterprises, and he wanted that chair badly. None of this other stuff was ever an issue for him, but once this stuff went down and Victor was threatening to send the mother of his daughter to prison, and Nick knows Sharon could never do anything like this, he asked his dad, heart to heart, “I need you to not send my mother’s daughter to prison. Just be honest, and let’s fix it.” And, Victor wouldn’t do it because that would tip off to everyone he was lying and basically a criminal. I don’t think he ever thought about what happens after the verdict is in.  So we will see. I am not sure  they are thinking about the ramifications right now, and especially Nick because he doesn’t really have any plans or goals. I think Abby and Victoria’s motives in all of this were a little more anger driven. So they probably already thought out what they wanted out of it. Nick was very late to the party. I think Nick knows for the time being that this is the end of his relationship with his father, because it’s a pretty rough thing to go through. We will see.  It’s a pretty explosive thing. You have these powerful characters finding over billions of dollars and the future of Newman enterprises and so it’s a big, big deal.”

Make sure to watch The Young and the Restless today on CBS. Check local listings in your area, and don’t miss the finale of the showdown! Then after viewing the episode let us know… are you happy with the verdict? Yes, or No?

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Thanks for the interview, Michael. I’ve always enjoyed Morrow’s scenes with both Sharon and La Stafford – especially when he’s half clothed!! 🙂 I sometimes can’t believe how Victor can just outright lie to his face about his involvement with Skye’s disappearance. Speaking of…. I really hope she’s not really dead. Loved her character on the show and hope she rises from the proverbial ashes of the volcano! Victor’s on the verge of getting his long awaited come-uppance and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!


As a Phyllis fan, no way in hell do I want her with Nick!

THAT ship has sailed much more than Shick.

Nick is not even Phyllis friend, and he never fought for her so no JM, lust is not enough and was quite boring for YEARS!

I don’t want Nick near Phyllis!


I don’t care who he’s with, just keep that shirt off!! 🙂

Leslie Cannes

So true!


OMG I am having such an intense feeling of joy to hear that Phick will live again. I have been waiting a long time for this moment. Great Interview Michael. As usual Joshua is an excellent interview subject


I want Nick & Phyllis back to together because they are hot and they have a lot of sexual chemistry and a lot of drama to have on t.v.

Go phick forever

kay killgore

The character of Nick is a spoiled brat! He volleyed back and forth for 5 years! Move on!


I hate Phick. THAT couple is vomit inducing.


richie, you said a mouth full. i’m so happy you got those priceless words out before that, foul induction come about. i love yea…….you’re GREAT. putting all jokes aside. I AGREE WTH YOU AND A FEW OTHER ON THE BOARD.



This was an absolutely INCREDIBLE interview and great answers by Joshua. I am absolutely thrilled that the show will finally have Victor not get in Nick’s way so much and that Nick can finally breathe again. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Nick character because second to Phyllis (and Victor), he is my favourite. But I hope his relationship with Victor will mend in time and become stronger for it. It’s high time for the writers and the show to have Nick Newman reach his full potential and this is a great start to it. I am very excited for Joshua as well. He’s a great guy. 🙂

And speaking as a Phick fan, I hope that the writers re-visit them. They are an ELECTRIC and AMAZING pairing who brought a lot of buzz to the show and can do so again. The chemistry between the actors and their characters are palpable and if written correctly and without the interloper Sharon who apparently had nothing better to do for the last few years, Phick could be the talk of the soap world again. I will definitely be tuning in to the show live vs. reading about it, if writers go with Phick again. This show needs a HIP passionate forward-thinking couple like Phick. Great interview Michael. Now can you please go and get one from Michelle LOL!!


Well said, although I do think Sharon Case’s portrayal is always top notch! She can make me cry at the drop of a hat…. Melody Thomas Scott has that insane power, too!

Interviews with Stafford are always a hoot! 🙂 I want to see more of the bad bitch Phyllis, though. I can’t wait til she finds out that Nick was banging that dried up hag, Diane. I really do not like Maura West as the character. Susan Walters was amazing and always gave Michelle a run for her money! I think Maura does a fine job, but I just wish they would have had a different character in mind for her. Not a good fit, IMO.


YOO HOO!!!!! I am over the moon!!!!!! I’m really glad about Nick character dealing with matters on his own!!!! What I want is for him to deal with one more, the most important, Phyllis & getting her back!!!! Here’s to bringing back the most explosive, flexible & unique couple ever on daytime! Electrifying eye contact included!!! Courtesy always of the great Josh Morrow & Michelle Stafford!!!!! Thanks so much for this interview!!!!


You go girl you are right a about Nick dealing with his own problem and he need to work on get Phyllis back keep her forever and not let her go because she good for him she make him smiling and she make him laugh and show his softer side to him.

Go phick forever


I don’t want to see Phick together again. I can’t stand them together. Maybe Nick is better off by himself. I was really hoping that he and Sharon will be together again someday..that still might happen..never say never.

kay killgore

I am going to add James Garner said in Murphy’s Romance he did not care for the word banging for that particilar form of pleasure the actors and their characters need to find some “CLASS”!

Leslie Cannes

Thank you so much for this article. I am a huge Joshua Morrow fan. Personally, I loved him best when Nick was with Phyllis so I hope he is right for us fans to have a little hope.


I have to agree totally with you Leslie, they bring something to their performance. I love watching them, they are never boring


The best part of this interview: “As far as Nick and Phyllis, I definitely think the “Phick” fans should have hope because these two characters cannot let go of what they have with each other. I think their relationship was this incredibly intense “hot” thing that they are not going to be able to turn the page on right away. Even when they are around each other, I think there is always this pull. I like to play Nick that when he sees Phyllis he literally has to fight wanting to rip her clothes off. I think Phyllis has the same feeling, the way the writers have been saying it. ”

Michelle and Joshua sell their relationship and attraction so well. Their chemistry is off the charts. They could watch paint dry and it would be hotter than hell. Go Phick!


I think if ANYONE should get a true shot again, it should be SHICK fans. We have waited long ENOUGH!! MAB and the writers are jerks I think for teasing us every few months or with Faith. It;s been a long time coming for this family to come full circle since Cassie’s death.


It’s truly INSANE that we have to wait years and years while phick get crappy re re re re committments every few months. It’s a disgrace considering SHICK is a legacy couple that Bill Bell created.


Like the Nick character alot, but I want him to be a single dad for a while…Too much hopping from bed to bed with these different women, I know it’s for the wow factor! But it makes me cringe.



keena steinman

Why would anyone continue to watch this show or to take anything Joshua Morrow has to say? He declared in one interview that Nick and Sharon would get back together but it would be messy getting there. Now he’s (gag) saying Phick could reunite which will justify my no longer watching this garbage soap. At the end of your interview, there is a promo “watch the y and r..blah, blah, blah!” The pairing of Nick with Phyllis was the reason I stopped watching for a while, with the hope of a Shick reunion bringing me back. The writers totally betrayed that hope with the pairing of Sharon with Adam. Why was it okay in Nick’s mind for him to pair with psycho Phyllis but not okay for Sharon to pair with psycho Adam? JM has become a joke on this soap. And the entire show is no longer watchable. Phick would destroy the soap forever for so many nonfans of that pairing. Sorry, JM, you just don’t get it.


I agree with that totally.


That’s nice, calling JM a joke! Seriously, I respect your opinion but your post should be removed. I don’t think bashing an actor that way is appropriate. My opinion of course but I still think your post should be erased!


Unfortunately Mr Morrow opened himself up to this kind of bashing by first bashing Sharon Case and then trying to retract it because he obviously got rapped over the knuckles. I used to be a fan of his but that seriously damaged him in myeyes. Any actor who bashes another actor and pimps his personal preference does not deserve kudos as far as I’m concerned. They should be pimping good stories rather than getting their rocks off over lust in a relationship. Blech. You love Phick looks like you will get it thanks to Mr Morrow. I hope Michelle Stafford is on board with it too and more luck to you. Thank God for actors like Michael Muhaney who do their job no matter how crappy the storyline. As for me i wish the whole Newman family and their connections would blow up and free Y&R.


SHICK !!!!!


I did not want the Newman children to win the suit. they are really as bad as their father as far as manipulating so why should they get part of a company that is there legacy. I am very disappointed. Also, I wish that Victor had not married Diane. I want Victor and Nicky to be together. That is why I watched in the first place.


I can’t stand Phyllis with Nick plus she is so immature. please no Phick. Disgusting. No one acts like that in real life.


There is hope for Phick! Yes! Can’t wait. They will bring some life back to this dead show. Loved the interview. Josh is always so diplomatic.
Best couple on its way back. Go Phick!!


Well I hope we will get more Phick,, they are the reason I started watching Y&R again on a regular back in 2005/2006 and them breaking up along with the other crap that has been forced down our throats since MAb took over is why I’ve pretty much stopped watching. I still dvr though and tune into Billy and Victoria as well as Phyllis and sometimes Nick, though I’ve been pretty close lately to canceling it, but if Phick reunites I’ll be tuning in religiously once again. I just can’t sit through the whole show for only Billy and Victoria but with Phick and Villy, and with the added bonus of Adam with Sharon I would definitely be watching the whole show live once again.

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