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Y&R's Latest Script Tease: What Will Chelsea Say Now That She Knows The Shocking Truth About Adam?



Hells-a-poppin over at The Young and the Restless over the next several episodes!

Front and center are the sexy duo of Chelsea and Adam, played by the even sexier Melissa Claire Egan and Justin Hartley.

Now that it looks like Adam’s plans are about to be foiled, and Chelsea will find out that Adam was in cahoots with Ian Ward (Ray Wise) on the Paragon Project to destroy his father’s company, what will she do next?  In the latest script tease via the YR Insider Twitter account direct from the number one soap opera they relate: “RT 150 times to see what Chelsea will say now that she knows the shocking truth about Adam! #YR #ScriptTease”

Adam says in the script:  You want to hate me Chelsea, that’s fine. You can’t cut me out of my son’s life, you understand? But what does Chelsea say?  We will soon find out!

What do you think will happen next in pivotal episodes of Y&R? Will Chelsea reveal who Gabriel Bingham truly is?  If you were writing the script and could have Chelsea say anything she wanted to Adam, what would you write as the dialog? Comment below!

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Mary SF

They should reveal who Gabe is by November sweeps, it’s time people, I don’t care who blows him out of the water, just do it, because Sharon is going to need his help stealing Sage’s baby, since he has experience in that area– LOL.

Mary SF

Yeah, didn’t have to wait for November after all—-great reveal– and it looks I am wrong about Sharon too— that nice doctor lady isn’t so nice after all.


Yeah, Mary. What is up with this doctor? I think she is the one with the worst bipolar disorder….she appears diabolical. (Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde syndrome). Three Faces of Eve? The doctor, Sharon and Patty? LOL. Is it possible for Sharon to be experiencing a psychological pregnancy?(Pseudocyesis).
I am not liking this turn of events….all very “Noir”.


From previews, it looked like Chelsea does reveal Gabe’s identity. I hope not. And I hope they can get it together. I like Chelsea and Adam.


I do not like ”this” Pratt Chelsea ..
Her purpose has been to integrate Adam in every single scene.
She is constant ”tell me tell me tell me, why why why, and then shes gets pissedoff.
Chelsea’s personality has become gestapo ..

I do not like ”this” Pratt Adam .. He begs Chelsea for her acceptance and love, constantly.
His whole purpose is to be begging and explaining to Chelsea.
He lost his manliness under Pratt.
Adam’s personality has become a wimpy beggar ..

awww it’s a shame.. but it is what it is. Perhaps they will have an upgraded personally by 2016.
I like Pratt, he has put a fire into Y&R and there has even been exciting moments.
Y&R has improved, a lot under Pratt.
I’m hoping when ‘Adam’ comes out he will be someone to deal with and will kick Chelsea to curb and be a real man, again. I’m tired of his wimpiness. lol 🙂

Mr. X

I’m not sure you liked it su0000 but I thought Chuck Pratt and the writers did a great job last week with the Newman’s and the Abbott’s fighting over Jabot buying the big Newman shipping company put up for sale courtesy of Ian’s computer virus. I thought Ashley was great standing her ground with Jack wanting her to sell the company back to Victor and him protesting she’s restarted the war with Newman. Scenes like those reminded me of Bill Bell’s old Newman-Jabot business battle days.


hi Mr. X..
yes!! the Newman Abbott take down virus is good 🙂 I really like it !!
I like Pratt, I have always liked his work.
Pratt has put a fire under Y&R, I really like most of it, but not all.
((too bad or sad that GH got the Y&R fired queens of snooze as its’ head writers.
Since the firing of Jean and Shelly Y&R has greatly improved under Pratt.
He has made Y&R watchable, I no longer fall asleep! lol

My comment was about Adam & Chelsea, I dont like the way they are written..
Chelsea is like a gestapo interrogator and Adam is her whipping post LOL
She stomps her feet and integrates him for answers 20 times a day, it seems that is all she does besides being pissedoff lol and he begs and begs her to love him ahaa that is so lame..
Adam, this time around is weak,a wimpy groveler under Chelsea heel .. poor guy .

Mr. X

Pratt has been hit and miss for me. And that’s a big improvement from my opinion of him when he first started. I have yet to watch this week’s Y&R shows because I watch all 5 on the weekend so I don’t know yet what went on with Chelsea and Adam but I do sort of agree with you. He does act too much like a love sick puppy around Chelsea. Their relationship needs to progress and i’m looking forward to the coming reveal of Gabe as Adam to GC and how Chelsea handles it.

I also like the intro of the mystery man Luca and the kickoff of the story of him coming for his lying to Noah wife Marissa. I’ll bet his wealthy family eventually mixes it up with the moustache.


Ha ha ha. Yes, a company’s assets/partners can be bought online like Ebay.


Mr. X–I agree with you about how well the dysfunctional business relationship between the Newmans and the Abbotts is being played out. This is actually somewhat compelling.
My main issue is how strong and smart women are being portrayed as passive jelly fish.


Hi, Mr. X.
Marissa has always tried to protect Noah. Her ‘lie’ or omission of the truth, lol, has always been out of fear that innocent people would be hurt by the truth…..which brings me to something that really bothers me. The writers have brought in Luca, someone who really is not taking root with me. His acting is forced, not natural. But, why give someone whose character is specifically known as a Spaniard, an old Italian name, such as Santori? He looks neither Spanish nor Italian. He looks Hispanic. His family is supposedly from Spain; Victor said so. I know I keep repeating this ad nauseam, it’s like calling a Scot a Brit or Irish…but, at least here, they’re in the right race. Spaniards are European, as are Italians…caucasoid. Luca Santori appears of mixed race with an Italian name but he’s Spanish? Makes no sense to me, so, these writers better get their ‘stuff’ straight.

Sammie Jo

Me too! This is the best this show has been in years!
You’re right about the name, it is Italian, but Y&R is not real big on technicalities. I remember when they used to actually have people on staff to make sure medical and legal issues were authentic.


Chelsea is turning out to be a real B. Did she do the right thing by telling that Gabe is Adam? I don’t know. Was it out of spite? Hurt? To protect Connor? How can one say she loves her man one minute and turn him in the next? I guess she’s more noble and ‘sturdy’ of heart than I am. If she did it for the greater good is one thing, but if she did it out of revenge, is another. I don’t know if I could EVER do what Chelsea did.


This is true, Cee Cee. She knew going in who Adam was and how he’s all about seeking revenge out on her father.
She did irk me to no end when she said that Adam was a ‘bad son.” HUH? So, it’s Adam’s fault that his father is an emotionally abusive tyrant who treated Adam like he was something one wipes off one’s shoes? Despite being treated so abysmally by his own father, Adam took a bullet meant for his father.
He’s a bad son? I am so over that hypocrite Chelsea.


Hi, Harry.
There’s an Italian saying (which my husband’s mother keeps telling me)……. ” A wolf changes its fur but not its habits”. All we need do is remember from whence Chelsea hails, and who she really is. The daughter of con-artists. Case closed.
It’s so unrealistic how the writers are transforming Chelsea. Sure, people change, but she has forgotten her other son, Johnny. How does a mother do that? I never understood how she did not fight for Johnny, or at least, get visitation rights. I would have fought tooth and nail to get my baby back.
So, if she could give up her own baby, her flesh and blood and not look back, I can believe that what she cares mostly about is a cushy life, which without Adam, she could not even have entered that world. Later.


@Sammie Jo.
Hi, Sammie Jo. If you knew my mother-in-law, a product of Italy and an OBGYN to boot, you would not call it a technicality. LOL. Italians are a proud lot, as we all are. My mother-in-law is up in arms. It’s like calling apples oranges and vice versa. Trust me, there are people ignorant enough who think Italians and Spaniards are not white. Luca Santori, is not only a very Italian name, but the guy who plays him looks nothing as an Italian or Spaniard should. You and I may not care, but the writers should be mindful and respectful of people’s cultures and heritage. Actually, so is the name Marco Annicelli, a very Italian name. But, at least, Marco looks the part. Later.


Chelsea will continue to be angry with Adam but will NOT reveal his identity. Since Adam is Connor’s father, Chelsea risks a custody battle with Adam and it would be a toss up as to who would gain custody. Chelsea also has a checkered past and was a scam artist until she met Adam. Johnny was a product of being paid by Victor to seduce Billy.

I do not believe that Adam hit Delia and that will be revealed in the very near future. Victor abandoned Adam, except for very rare occasions. One being when he gave Adam a soccer ball. Adam has every right to be angry with Victor because of this abandonment of himself and his mother. Yet Adam will let that go as he will realize that he is a better man than Victor and wants to be a better man for his son Connor.

Chelsea and Adam will be estranged for a short time but Chelsea will eventually process how Adam’s partnership with Ian began and how Ian turned on Adam with Adam not realizing how dangerous a man that Ian is. Chelsea will forgive. Chelsea was married to Adam twice and Adam chose Chelsea over Sharon with whom he had a red hot sexy relationship with. Adam also understood Sharon completely; they understood and accepted each other. Saddest day was when Y&R broke up that relationship (Sharon Case and Michael Muhney) but it would not be the same now with a different Adam. Justin Hartley would not have the chemistry with Sharon Case.

Chelsea and Adam will move to Paris and will return to Genoa City periodically. This was the 1st Adam’s dream and if the story had run as indicated in December 2013, Adam (then played by Michael Muhney) would not have pursued revenge on his father. Prior to being shot by Billy and in the tragic accident, Adam was headed to the police station to turn himself in for Delia’s hit and run. Adam had become a better man; he had taken Chelsea and Connor into his home fully knowing that Chelsea had lied about who Connor’s father was. Adam would have been found innocent. Producer Jill Farren Phelps changed the course of this character and not for the positive. What a great loss!

This Chelsea and Adam: both are consummate liars and belong together.


I hopethisshowimplodesyes I said it the biggest,ess I have ever seen


I commented off of a I pad screwed up I apologize this is the biggest mess of a soap opera I have seen in years.


Thats okay k/kay as long as you were not tiving! [Texting and driving!] I agree, this show other than Jack, Victor, Adam and Ian is the pits! Billy is all wrong, Phyllis is all wrong and the absence of the Chancelor family is inexcusable! Oh and Stitch, he is no better than fake Billy! The guy is banging MILF’s and the daughter of a MILF and he is not hot at all and cannot act! There, I said it!


Timm, I agree about Stitch. The guy seems to get a crush on every woman with whom he interacts. Pretty soon he’s going to fall in love with the blooming cactus plant in the hospital’s waiting room.
He’s starting to remind me of Pepe Le Pew.


Yup, Timmm. Not only is Stich a bad actor, his head reminds me of a cantaloupe. NuBilly? His acting is as vacant as his eyes.


Nope don’t do that actually I was sitting on the couch and the I pad slipped a long story I did not even hit the submit button. Did you ever see the old movie Network where the guy freaks out on TV and says I am Mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore. That is how I feel about Y&R Pratt and Phelps both hate women and they make them all look stupid. Ask yourself is their one woman on this show that has a brain since they took over. Nobody the old Phyllis the one Bill Bell created would have been so far ahead of these men and Sharon was a heroine who worked in a coffee shop fell in love and was never spiteful or CRAZY as Pratt writes. I want my show back!!


Your right k/kay, I have enough of a problem with Gina playing Phyllis and then they write her to be dumb as a box of rocks!


Yeah, Timmm. Michelle Stafford would have turned that box of rocks into gold!


I have no idea what kind of misogynistic thinking is going on with Y&R writing right now:

* As stated above, Chelsea knows what Adam has been doing and their exchange has become as redundant as the mother telling her ADHD son at Chucky Cheese to calm the hell down or he won’t get a balloon and cotton candy. That ADHD kid will not stop tormenting others in the ball booth anymore than Adam will stop tormenting his father. We all know Chelsea will give in to the powers of Adam. Why? Because he is a man on Y&R. Consider the following:
1. Fierce Phyllis was repeatedly raped by a man pretending to be her husband. When she found out, she let if go for the sake of peace of her family.

2. The spirited and savvy Phyllis was fooled by Ian Ward and believed him to be a harmless senior citizen who wears his pants hitched up to his nipples. Apparently the always suspicious Phyllis learned nothing from her experience with her husband’s double, Marco.

3. Gwen! OH dear Lord, Gwen! This beautiful girl somehow thinks she is love with the much older and totally screwed up, Neal Winters. In fact, the more screwed up he appeared to be, the more young Gwen felt she was in love with him. So now she knows Neil has been hiding Hilary away after causing her to fall down a cliff. And Gwen is OKAY with that! In fact she is already making excuses for Neil and making his really creepy actions alright. Neil lied to Gwen, used her to such an extreme that mere words cannot even begin to explain what a pig he has been to her.
And yet, she is okay with all of this.


Gwen is ridiculous for sure!
Clearly is a rescuer, but more than that, she acts like an idiot.
What got me was her ability to just casually stand around talking
to Neil about their future, etc, all the while Hilary is lying there in the
room with them. Yeah, just keep chatting. Dont bother yourself to
get priorities straight and get Hilary medical attention, ugh! She is
the one truly in need of rescue. Gwen did the same thing at the
hospital, standing around chatting with her sister, knowing where
Hilary is but not telling anyone. Hating this character now!

Sammie Jo

I couldn’t believe that either, up until then, I liked Gwen, but geez, Neil KIDNAPPED someone, is obstructing justice, not to mention his thievery almost got her sister fired.
Isn’t she even slightly concerned that Neil has gone over the edge? If he would do this to someone he loved, what does she think will happen to her?
Bye Gwen


hey Harry..
I just want to say (drum roll) I agree with you !!!!


Yes, Nanci! What Neil is doing with Hilary is beyond creepy. He has been keeping her in a boat house which is built over the lake and which has chilling wind blowing through it. Bare armed and motionless, she lies there helpless and alone night after night. This is CREEPY-ASS behavior and brings back my days of childhood when I used to read Weird Comic books or read short stories by HP Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe. But Neil continues to act as though he’s all ethical and Gwen nods her head and basically says,”Yeah, okay–makes sense to me.” Now we viewers, along with Gwen, have to suspend our disbelief and horror and continue to believe Neil is a stand up kind of guy. Yeah, it could happen to anyone! Well, we’re not as desperate as Gwen appears to be and I am not sure if Neil can come back from this. It kind of reminds me of when AMC’s good guy Tad Martin buried that evil doctor alive (yes, Pratt was also head writer at the time).
Tad never really recovered from that terrible, out-of-character writing.
Su00? You agree with me? It was a good thing I was sitting down when I read the news.


Hello, Harry.
Neil has committed so many crimes, I’ve lost count. Sure,some of these said crimes seem little and inconsequential, but stealing a nurse’s ID card to take meds from the hospital’s supposedly secured medical supply room is a major, major crime. But, idiot Neil is only worried about keeping Hilary alive so she can confirm his story to save his a$$???????? He’s got so much more for which to answer. Each day that passes, he digs a deeper, more rancid hole for himself. Furthermore, he has now introduced Gwen in this imbroglio, making her an accomplice. In whose mind does this make any sense? Are the writers turning Neil crazy….gone over the edge? Hilary is in a coma…..anything can go wrong at any time when left alone. But, Neil goes home to sleep without any qualms or guilty palpitations on a comfortable bed….as does Gwen. Why not spend the night? Every night? He seems to be tormented by the situation…but, I doubt it’s over Hilary’s well-being; it’s all about what will happen to him in the long-run. He is trying to safeguard himself….so, whatever good he does for Hilary from here-on-in will be for his own survival.
Nonetheless, a fan of Neil’s proposed that this is his best acting and is enjoy this side of him. There is something to be said about a character who is known to be a kind, submissive being and then turn around and go the opposite way by putting someone, his ex,and daughter-in-law, no less, in danger.
These writers are missing a few screws and bolts.


How wonderfully, YR is getting things done! Great pace! The truth is out. Hopefully there are some other soaps that can learn something from the quick pace.


I still don’t totally understand what the virus is doing.

Mary SF

That’s okay Mo I don’t think the writers know either—LOL


hi Mo,,
the virus is corrupting the files.
It is taking away and giving programs that alter data.
It could change a million dollars into 10 dollars..
It seems this vitus feeds itself to grow and is running amuk in the system.
It can destroy all for sure..
Any business should have their file backed up. that would mean whatever’s that are altered or destroyed the original is saved the way it was before the attack and can be uploaded to put things right, but that would take some time/involved cleaning perhaps new servers and stuff and by then the companies could be ruined beyond saving.

well, that is happening.. the way I see it to be working..


It’s also kind of hard to believe that little Ian Ward, a senior citizen, and most likely a Luddite, is a computer genius capable and unleashing such an intricate and destructive computer virus upon Newman Enterprise.


Hi, Mo.
The virus is selling shares of Newman Enterprises at a ridiculously low price. I guess when all the shares are sold, Victor & Co. will be left in the dust?
What I don’t understand is why Victor or members of his family cannot buy the shares back themselves , it it’s out there free for all? I’m not even sure if it’s done this way. Let’s get real here… April says, assets can be bought on line…LOL. The notion is amazingly from another planet.


hi Harry..
Ian did not create the virus..
He hired a computer hacker and or genius to create it..
remember the dark haired guy with glasses at the computer, he is the creator.


Okay thanks. Still seems odd that it’s such a prob.

I also don’t understand why Victor doesn’t want Billy buying up Newman assets. Someone is going to buy it, why not Jabot. With Jabot, Newman might have a chance to recoup them. And yes, why doesn’t Newman buy the stuff back if it’s so cheap?


Hey, Mo.
Exactly: everything you said and more. The thing is, Mo, the writers treat us as stupid and mindless imbeciles, expecting us to accept what they put on the air without question. As far as I’m concerned, they are the idiots.


NEVER liked Chelsea. I hope they split and Adam ends up with Sharon. Adam will have access to Connor. I hope Chelsea doesnt reveal to the GC who Gabe is. I see where Ian will tell Phyllis but she may run to Jack with the news and Jack will ask her to keep quiet. I hope Adam reveals who he is to Victor and thats the only payoff I feel is acceptable.


I was sooooo disappointed in Chelsea for being the one that turned in Adam. Chelsea will always love Adam no matter what. The acting was fantastic as always with these two. I turn in just to watch the two of them along with Jack/Phyllis & Kevin/Mariah. I think these 6 people are Y & R. I can’t believe the writers would have Chelsea do that. I do wish they would solve the Delia hit & run everyone knows it wasn’t Adam. Well I said it before & I’ll say it again these two should be on Prime time T.V. One more thing Why is it that every time we talk about Adam or Billy we have to go backwards and talk about B.M. or M.M. these two actors have gotten on with their lives why can’t people just let go. THERE GONE!!! and really if the first Adam came back I would be the first to complain. He was a good actor with Sharon, he was not with Chelsea. We have a fantastic Adam and I for one hope he stays. I have to wonder if these people that keep talking about MM are his friends/relatives. Trust me people he didn’t walk on water.


People bring up BM because Burgess is a horrible recast. I think people have let go of Billy Miller they just want someone who can sufficiently replace him. As for MM, he was the BEST Adam. Justin is good but MM had chemistry with Sharon, Chelsea, Jack, Victor and Phyllis. Justin’s best scenes have been with Kevin or Ian. And no, I am not related to Michael Muhney!


I agree, Nikki.
Michael M, as Adam, was better suited with Sharon. They really had that compatibility, connection and chemistry rarely found between characters.


I think Chelsea may stay away longer this time, but then go back to Adam.
They are starting to remind me of Nicki and Victor. Chelsea seems to keep
expecting Adam to change his ways, gets mad when he doesn’t, but in the
end, he is her true love no matter what.


hi Nanci..
Who else would Chelsea be with?
she will have need to be with Adam there is nobody else for her .

thing with Y&R,, the two main families are big and the only part of the cast that is used 100% of the time every day.. Abbots and Newmans are the used cast, others are thrown in here and there for filler.. ohh the Winters too.
So many are related that it makes it hard to find mates for them..

Mark Y

It’s time for the reveal to all of GC. I think they are writing Adam/Gabriel very well and true to Adam’s form and Justin is excellent. I can’t look away when he’s on screen. I only hope we will find it wasn’t Adam who was driving the car that killed Delia. It will be easier to integrate Adam back in the mix if he isn’t guilty.

Where the hell is Nikki, by the way?


Right on, Nanci. What a great analogy, that! Victor and Nikki.

Tani Sterling

Too tired to read all of this. However, please resolve that Adam did not hit that little girl. Resolve the Hilary thing. Then move on with the writing.

The “God Father” type roles are not appealing because, much as I love Paul, he is presented as not having a clue about anything but “we don’t have enough evidence.’ Which makes Kevin and his friend so charming. Please don’t let them get too close much faster. Their is great intrigue in their indifference.

I hesitate to say things are getting better, but maybe. The way the statistics are complied does not reveal more than a bad romance novel. There are quite sophisticated viewers who watch this.


I hope that the writer toughens up Adam. I agree with other commenters, Adam is weak. Make him as tough as Victor so that he can let situations bounce off his back.
Plus, I’ve always stated that Adam didn’t kill Delia; that’s my main issue that needs to be solved.
Paul is a very poor police chief; also, he was a lousy P.I.
I adore Mariah who deserves to have someone romantic in her life.
Anyway, for once writers should have characters who support their romantic interests no matter what happens. If Chelsea loves Adam she should stick by him come what may. All I know is that men and women who truly love each other will weather any storm , and will fight for each other against any evil force that exists. Can writers create relationships such as that? These men and women know who the people are that they love. They don’t become involved in these relationships blindly; so, why become upset when the person displays his/her true self? Such people as Victor and Nikki , Victor ( on Days) and his wife, etc. are prime examples of spouses who rant about the dirt that their husbands do.


I HATE that Chelsea and Adam have broken up and that Chelsea told Billy about Adam/Gabe.

On another subject, when did Patty overhear that Sharon wasn’t pregnant? I wonder if it was when maybe 20 mins of Y&R was interrupted with Pope coverage.


Hi Timmm well we will have to agree to disagree. I love this Adam. I liked the last one with Sharon but I don’t think he was as good as this one is with Chelsea. I think the writers are taking Adam in a different direction which is good. The reason I brought up that last guy (M.M.) is just because I am so sick of hearing about him. He has moved on and we should let him. I just hope we don’t get Justin so fed up with this M.M. crap that he leaves and we get stuck with someone nobody can relate too. My hubby was picking up Halloween candy & asked me if I wanted some M&M’s and I wanted to throw something at him (kidding) I do believe M.M. family & friends do a lot of this. I heard on his twitter he had a photo of himself & son and called him Peanut which he called Connor. I think he needs to move on & tell his friends & family to move on as well.JMO


I am so sick of the writers blaming only Adam for Delia’s death. When is Billy going to take responsibility for her death as well !! Only an irresponsible idiot would leave their small child alone in a car at night. Writers it’s time to get it right !!!!!

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