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39th Emmy – Fashion Review



By Lauren Koslow
Special Fashion Contributor On-Air On-Soaps 2012 Emmy Fashion Review

The stars were out at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday night for the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy show televised on HLN! First of all, a huge shout out to HLN TV for hosting the event and giving daytime fans a chance to celebrate with their favorite artists & support their favorite shows!

Now on to the important things … the fashion! 🙂 There was a mad crush before the red carpet (nothing quite like being pressed into a bottleneck of bejeweled, silk & satin sheathed, black tied bodies, massing toward a spotlighted, red gauntlet lined with screaming photographers, hungry press & pushy PR reps) However, it did give me a chance to have an up close … VERY CLOSE chat with the ever hot Shawn Christian (Collective sigh) AND as I looked around, to muse on the scarcity of fashion to review! Where was all the fabulous glam that daytime was so famous for providing at award shows?

Of course! Lights on … We LOST two more soap operas since last year, AMC & OLTL. Sad, but it was a reality check. We need to celebrate the continuing dramas we have left! Watch them! Talk about them! Get yourself on social media & spread the word! 
Now, with that said … let’s get down to the fashion review and the beautiful women & men in daytime … the highs, the lows, and THE HOTTIES. (Yup! My favorite category too) Overall, the men hit it out of the park this year. Most climbed into their black tie wear and the best did it with distinctive flair. The woman were more of a mixed group … I missed a lot of fashionistas from past years, but the ladies who did it best … REALLY ROCKED!!!!!!!!!! And yes, the category everyone loves to weigh in on … The “Oh No, You Didn’t” category is kind of still around. But this year, there no overwhelmingly BAD choices just Good intentions gone wrong … sometimes … VERY WRONG, so we will just call them “Misses”.

So with that said I took notes at the event (and a few personal pics), poured over the photos and the looks of the night, and came up with The Hits, The Misses, Some Special Awards and much more in On-Air On-Soaps Annual Daytime Emmy Fashion Review below! Take a look at galleries, and then weigh-in with your thoughts too in the comment section!

Enjoy, Lauren


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Best Dressed Women

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Best Dressed Men

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Best Couples – Perfect Plus Ones

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Elegant at Any Age

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Hot Hemlines! Short and Sassy

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Special Fashion Awards

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Fashion Gallery Photo Credits: Kathy Hutchins

Caption It

Now here is your chance to caption some of these fun photos from Daytime Emmy Night 2012. We gave you some preliminary suggestions, but you should riff off that and create your own. Post your creative captions in our comment section below. Lauren and Michael will review the best captions and the winner will be announced later in the week on Twitter and here in the fashion review!


“WHAT?! David Bowie’s on the red carpet?!?!”

BITE Me ..


Y&R’s Kate Linder Honored for 40 Years as Esther By the Hollywood Museum (PHOTOS)

Thursday night, Kate Linder received very special honors from the Hollywood Museum to celebrate her 40th anniversary as Esther Valentine on The Young and the Restless. 

Who knew that after Kate said the lines, “Dinner is Served” in what was to be a one-line one-day appearance on the CBS daytime soap opera, thst she would end up remaining on the show for four decades!

As fans of the iconic soap opera know, Linder’s Esther was the dutiful and trusting maid to the Duchess of Genoa City, Katherine Chancellor (the late Jeanne Cooper).  The two shared many memorable scenes and with Jess Walton (Jill) too.  In addition, Esther’s familial ties grew wider when her grown-up daughter, “Kate” now known as Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson), came back to Genoa City several years ago.

At the Hollywood Museum event in Linder’s honor, Esther’s costumes were now part of a new exhibit: from her her maid’s uniform and cap, and the same feather duster her character has used on the soap opera for decades.  The exhibit also features Kate’s first-ever script from the show and art taken of her in Esther’s maid uniform throughout the years.

Photo: JPI

Those speaking at the event included: longtime Y&R castmate, Sharon Case (Sharon) and former castmate, currently appearing on B&B, Sean Kanan (Deacon).

Photo: JPI

Other Y&R stars in attendance included: Bryton James (Devon Hamilton), Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair), and Robert Newman (Ashland Locke) and Michael Learned (Ex-The Waltons, who also played Katherine Chancellor and filled in for Jeanne Cooper on Y&R). In addition, GH favorite Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) was part of the event, and many others.

Take a look at some of the moments from Kate’s big night in Hollywood from the red carpet to the speeches in the photo gallery below.

Now, share your congrats to Kate  for 40 years as Y&R’s Esther Valentine in the comment section.

Photo Credits: JPI

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Behind the Scenes of B&B’s Sheila and Taylor Rooftop Scenes (PHOTOS)

Over the past few days, viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful have witnessed Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) wanting to jump off the hospital rooftop after killing her son, Finn (Tanner Novlan) and shooting Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).  In her grief over Finn, Sheila is rocked to her core and it is Taylor (Krista Allen) who stumbles upon the scene trying to talk Sheila down from the ledge.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Taylor goes over the ledge instead and needs Taylor to pull her back up to safety.  Sheila does just that and Taylor is saved.  It now looks as if the women have formed a strong bond, but Taylor has no idea that Sheila is the one who shot her daughter!

In soaps, it’s always a complex day when a show tapes an outdoor or remote portion of a story, especially one that deals with someone going over the ledge of high-story building.  Leave it to the crew, directors, and producers of the soap to pull it off just right.

Check out this behind the scenes photo gallery of just what went on when Krista and Kimberlin taped the major moments for their characters.

Then let us know, what did you think of Sheila wanting to commit suicide, Taylor trying to talk her down and ultimately being the one who goes over the ledge and needs Sheila to save her life? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Genie Francis ’45 Years as Laura’ On Set Celebration (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, the one and only Genie Francis (Laura Collins), marked her 45th year as the beloved Laura Collins on the ABC daytime drama series, General Hospital.

Francis debuted in the role on February 8th, 1977 as Laura Vining and when eventually paired with Anthony Geary (Luke) took daytime by storm, and the genre became must-see mainstream TV, under the purview of then EP, Gloria Monty.

Throughout her 45 years, Francis has won a Daytime Emmy for her work in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category back in 2007, but has also been twice nominated for Lead Actress; including last year in 2021, and had another previous Supporting Actress nomination.

Photo: ABC

In her recent SOD interview, Genie shared what it has been like to now be paired on-screen romantically with Jon Lindstrom (Kevin), after Laura spent years in Luke’s orbit: “You come together and it sparks into something larger. I had that with Tony Geary, and I have that with Jon Lindstrom. It’s an interesting thing that happens. I’m grateful for it because if we were not able to do that on that show, I don’t think they would have kept the character on in quite the same way.”

Check out a few photos below of GH’s on set celebration on Tuesday.

Then, share your congrats to Genie for a job well-done, and this milestone, in the comment section.

Photos: ABC

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