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Are DAYS Ben and Ciara Primed To Be The Hottest New Couple On The Soaps?

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Soap opera storylines can be forgiving, and as we have seen, former bad boys turn good and fall in love with beautiful girls, who are attracted to men with an edge.

Look no further than when Luke (Tony Geary) raped Laura (Genie Francis) on General Hospital, and how eventually that turned out!  Luke and Laura became the most iconic soap supercouple of them all.

Then, there is taking the anti-hero from a working class family and having him fall in love with the spoiled, rich girl.   Days of our Lives did this most successfully with another one of soaps iconic love stories that of Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) in the 80’s.

Now, DAYS looks to take this classic formula and bring it to modern day as Bo and Hope’s daughter, Ciara (Victoria Konefal) who is a bit of wild child herself, finds herself on a collusion course with serial killer Ben Weston (Rob Scott Wilson).

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

As viewers saw on Wednesday’s episode of the NBC daytime drama series, after Ciara gets in a motorcycle accident and can’t move on the outskirts of Salem, Ben is dropped off in the same vicinity by an enraged Chad (Billy Flynn), who learned that Ben has been released by the courts to re-enter society.  Thanks, Marlena (Deidre Hall)!  Chad wants him as far away from Salem as possible.

Once by himself, Ben comes upon a beautiful damsel in distress, Ciara!  He pockets her cellphone, and sees she can’t move, and carries her in his arms.  Where is he heading? Well, from the looks of the previews for next week, to the same cabin he tortured Abigail in!  But this time, things look as if they will turn out much differently.

Ben wants redemption.  Ciara can’t get over being raped by Chase, and caught Tripp (Lucas Adams) with Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) in a comprimising position.  Hope is upset that Marlena help free Ben! .What will happen when she finds out her daughter is with the guy, and that she may actually end up falling for him, and having the hots for him?  So much juicy story built in by DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati. and many obstacles for Ben and Ciara to overcome.

So, do you think this pairing will ignite the screen? Are you onboard for some #Cin, a Ben and Ciara romance? Comment below.

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On a purely physical level – they look great together. And if Ben had been a thief, or had gone to jail for beating up Chad, or for ALMOST killing someone – then, I think there would be a much easier road to possible redemption. I just think being a (former?) serial killer who has paid for his crimes for a little less than two years is asking a bit much to ask. How does any character look at him or interact with him with any sense of security? How can Ciara hold it against Trip for almost sleeping with Claire after she told Trip they were over – but just move past Ben having murdered three people? It’s going to be an uphill battle on that one. But I’ll be watching to see how it goes.

Beautiful post, Mike…..well phrased, giving thought to your words.
Before TPTB jump headlong into this pit, they need to remind themselves of exactly what you said, Mike.
Beside the fact that Ben, as the new, revised edition, needs to confront himself….get to know himself….find himself, and come to grips with whom he now is.
I hope the idea doesn’t go anywhere… you say, we shall see.

Please forgive the unintentional omission of the comma….completely changes the meaning of the sentence.
Should read:…..any discussion Tripp and Ciara may have had, went down the tubes.

the actor ( actress ) who portraits.. Ciera Alice.. is a stunning FIND. she hits all the beats of ingenue.. heroine.. broken .. ( her rape) right now is aching.. as she tried to relate to Tripp. she’s a magical find.. right out of the gate.. REELS

RSW : IS ANOTHER GEM… so rare to find two qualified actors .. pulling off a supercouple in the making? how the senses took .. how your uninhibited controlled

love at first site… all your hormonal rage flew

!!!! there’s no control.. it’s full tilt aware of carnal knowledge @ first bite ?

as long as the sensitivity is played out for Ciera.. that Ben… responds mentally emotionally physically.. then it is

I haven’t been this excited for a couple since Bo met his Fancy Face! I have watched Days since the very first episode, first scene showing Tom and Alice’s front porch! Bring on Cin, I am already on the Cin train!

Yep…Days is reintroducing the super couple or the ‘killer’ super hero…Ben and Ciara will be seen on her motorbike fleeing Salem after so many try to break them up…Ciara at the wheel..Ben behind her with his arms tightly around her waist…as their love song plays…’I’m Holding Out For An Anti-Hero!’-lol

I think they could have great potential if they write this correctly. If Ben is actually redeemed I think in soaps a well written redemption can overcome a lot.

I’m very interested to see how this plays out. Right now I’m rooting for #Cin, storytelling may change that but I’m very intrigued.

A serial killer can’t be redeemed. So stupid. Bring the actor back as a twin or a Doppelganger. This is why soaps lost viewers. Ben was a great character and pure evil, but soaps shouldn’t be in the business of minimizing murderers.

It’s entertainment. He had mental illness. He broke when he dad beat him, his sister and mother. Anything can happen in a soap opera. A serial killer can’t be redeemed. Well a dead person can’t be brought back to life either, but it happens all the time. Jack is next.

Amen, Diane!!!!

I agree ,Bo was the bad boy and ended up with hope .Now his daughter following in mom and dad foot step.Great writing

Typical convoluted plotpoint ReRon clusterf%$# writing. Considering that every serial killer who has ever lived has ended up in Hell, I think I can speak with considerable authority that they are not redeemable.

Days should have known this, as they just recently tried to do this with Andre DiMera (who actually had THREE seperate sprees as a serial killer – though the third one turned out to be that Melaswen dragonshit, so the victims weren’t actually dead). Of course in the end, Andre wasn’t truly redeemed and was still up to his devious ways.

Ironically a redeemed Andre was never necessary in the first place, since they always had his lookalike Tony DiMera ready for a return. Tony being the “good twin” in that scenario, of course.

Maybe ReRon should have dreamed up a “good twin” for Ben? Sure it would have been a ridiculous convoluted stunt writing, but when has that ever stopped him?

No! No! No! Days would be going down that same ruinous road that GH has been down (to my chagrin) many times. You can’t “redeem” a psychopath! After the graphically violent scenes the character had before he cannot be redeemed. Make him a twin 🙂
if you want to give the actor some work.

First getting rid of Stephen Nichols and now this! It does seem that Days, which had lured in more viewers, is now taking the same route as GH. Wrong, very wrong and GH’s audience is much more accepting of murderers as romantic leads. I hope Days’ audience won’t accept one bit of this. The actor who plays Ben is great so I expect they think everyone will fall for it. And I can’t believe L&L are going to be the comparison. In no way was L&L done irresponsibly by Monty. They took great care in bringing rape to the forefront of the national conversation in a way that had never been done before–it was a social issue storyline.

Only problem with this is that we ALL know what made Ben popular the first time around. And it had nothing to do with playing nice. Plus his been on for 2 minutes. His got a looong uphill. Trying to make amends first. I also feel he is placed in the wrong age grouo. But im pretty sure I know why. They have him there for now:) plus it’s too weird for me that he murdered a girl around same age as Ciara.

He also have history of violence towards women. Before he started to murder. It’s too much that dosent make sense for my taste. But as long as you’re hot I guess its different. His no Stefan trying to rape Abby. Because that was wrong and he isn’t hot lol

As far as being in the wrong age group, Bo much much older than Hope back in the 1980s. I think this has super-couple written all over it.

Please don´t compare Bo, to a serial killer who murdered multiply women. And was violent even before that. If you want someone like that with 15 year younger woman, a rape victim. You gotta see fast, that most of these ppl only want some for fast thrill, they see two hot ppl and thats about it.

Are you saying that what Stefan O did…make love to an alter who he BELIEVED was real and in his mind it wasn’t rape, he really loved her is worse than a murderer????

I think I’d go for the “confused” romantic over the serial killer. LOL.

I’ve christened Tyler Christopher the Kevin Costner of daytime… AND that’s HOT PERIOD

Stefan is making inroads and is just as commanding

Not sure how I feel about this possibility. I like Ciara with Tripp. I think they are so cute together. Maybe Ciara can be a catalyst for Ben getting re-established in town.

What a great point you make,Llanviewer! I like it…

I prefer Ciara with Tripp also. At least it will be an interesting triangle.

Can’t get past Ben being a killer-ciera should be with trip and he saves her when Ben goes off the rails AGAIN,

I love Robert….he’s every woman’s dream ( well, except for mysband, LOL)…..tall, goegeous, mysterious….yet, I love Tripp.
It would be sooo disappointing for me if the writers decide on a liaison between Ben and Ciara.
I want her first time to be with Tripp ( rape does not count—not lovemaking)…. to be sweet. Gentle. Not scary. I don’t know if Ben fits the bill; even if he is rehabilitated/’cured’.
I doubt he’s ready, so soon after his release.
I feel so badly for Tripp. Awwww!! Plus, he and Ciara are so good together……maintaining a true affection after discovering their friendship turned to romance.
Thanks to Claire ( I have had my fill with her nonsense—she is desperate), any discussion Tripp and Ciara may have had went down the tubes.
Obviously, no one can control the writers….so, I caution them to think before they put “ink to paper”…. .

I prefer Ciara with Tripp as well.

I think Ben and Ciara are a super couple in the making. I’m so excited. Everyone can be redeemed on a soap. Tripp and Claire will make a great couple, too!

Correction: my husband

Sounds a lot like Franco/Elizabeth on GH. For much of the audience it’s working because they consistently rank #1 couple in fan polls.

Soap viewers are adept at going with not so realistic stories. It’s all up to the writing and the actors to make it work. Sami married a man who both raped her and had her raped. I don’t think it gets more far fetched than that.

I saw your comment and thought…”when did I write this???” Then realized “you” aren’t “me.” 😉

I don’t see this as a Franco/Liz thing because Franco really did have a medical reason why he was violent. Confirmed by so many doctors. So, I don’t see him as a “redeemed” murderer; just a victim whose condition unfortunately caused others to be victims.

Ben, from what I gather, (have only watched over a year) murdered to murder. Psychopath? Sociopath? Couple of bad days? Unless there was a medical reason I don’t see how any normal human being could date a murderer let alone a serial killer.

I agree with you about Franco. A tumor on your frontal lobe is actually the most realistic reason for behavior that I think a soap has used. Couple that with the prolonged sexual abuse at a very young age and a mother who only knew how to lie to him to protect him and it makes for a very complicated character who didn’t grasp reality. It’s much more believable to me than microchips in the brain, memory mapping, brainwashing, developing DID late in life…, etc.

My parallel was mostly meant to say I think Days sees Franco/Elizabeth working on GH and they want to do their own spin of it.

Well, in defense of the soap the microchips, memory mapping, etc are the “fantastical” elements of the show. Like freezing the world, putting dead people on ice and bringing them back, wearing face masks, etc. But, I agree. I’m totally on board with the reasoning behind Franco’s crime spree. And they’ve been pretty consistent; he’s been caring, nurturing and a loyal partner, friend, son, pseudo-dad to Kiki, ever since the tumor was removed.

But it really (in my opinion) won’t work over at Days if the only reason for a serial killer’s action was a “stage”. LOL

No not at all! I’m not a Ben and Ciara fan. I am loving how days has written Tripp and Ciara. They have super couple potential.

I agree

Same here, Tripp and Ciara are great together.

Love Ciara and Tripp. This coupling may look hot but going from rape to a serial killer is a “tad” much. Tripp is a good-looking sweetheart!

Agree. Ben is super hot also, but Tripp is the best guy for Ciara.

Hi blake; yeah; agree. Ben is “super hot.” But, not many aren’t on soaps! 😉

gosh.. i’m a week behind.. yet.. LOOK @PIC above.. it has so much read all over it. these are combustible actors.. who.. if given a steady hand… will write a love story

I can already look past.. the “history” of said character RSW… being a “serial killer” because he’s such a magnetic actor. she’s Gran’ Jewel PLUS… Ciera Alice , like I’ve posted, is the nuErica Kane. she’s @DAYS.. and I LOVE HER

WAS Tripp… given the heave ho ? help @Celia. I hope not.. because this actor is just as talented and we, the audience, are just chomping at the bit.. waiting for his REEL.

@DAYS had to make a choice in dealing with “Ben” history… especially with Abs and Chad. GET BEN heavily immersed . and it’s right to give him a story .. with the burgeoning STARLET. i’m so tickled and giddy for Ciera. this is a tour de force.. assessing the post plus.. i’d say this is GOOD


Ciara is going to break up and be upset with Tripp for kissing Claire and almost having sex with her (but stopping it!), but she’s cool with Ben, a serial killer. LOL

I like Tripp and Ciara a lot, this will probably be a really good triangle. They are three beautiful people for sure!

Why did ciara tell hope to forgive rafe for sleeping with Sami but won’t forgive Tripp for not doing anything wrong

Thought the same thing; easier to give advice then to follow your own, especially when your heart’s involved.

How long do you think it will take Ciara and Tripp to get back together

When do you think Ciara and Tripp will get back together

I don’t know where I’m going with this but trying to buy the story is going to be a very tough sell for me. Ben murdered 3 people. Even if they found a way to undo the deaths, there is still the fact that he took away alot of time from the lives of these people if the writing goes in that direction. Just Will alone lost a couple of years. I have to say i never saw this story coming.

I really dont know what to think if Ben did change I suppose it could work.

Was Days on today (Tuesday)? I am glad Ben is back. Ciara was raped so don’t know if she can get with a killer.

AH, ppl have NOT been given the WHOLE reason Ben is back in Salem. Why would he do there anyway? He has made somewhat “amends” with Will. The rest is dead. He is there, to eventually revenge Chabby. Even the first scenes he had. He tried to blame Chad, and the cheating for him going saine. Cheating is indeed wrong, but it dosen´t mean ppl go insane and start murdering ppl LOL. Trust me, his MAIN purpose is well hidden, but it is there if you think about that. He is here for Chabby revenge, ultimately. The fact that he STILL thinks about it, after being “supposedly” cured. Means he hasn´t forgotten about it 😉

Yes, yes. I always loved Ben. Then they made him a bad guy. But Ben is gorgeous and is Ciara (thank god other actress is gone, she was terrible actress). This absolutely can be a new Bo & Hope. Besides the guy Tripp looks too young for her and doesn’t have enough passion for Ciara. He needs to pursue Claire. He jumped into bed with her right away, just like Rafe did with Sammy. Now Sami is coming back pregnant?

I love RSW, he is so hot in his role as Ben, but the fact he killed 3, almost four people and is out of jail already doesn’t work for me. Why should he be redeemed when Chase never was. Chase was grieving his Dad and was under a really bad influence from Andre, who by the way got off scott free on that deed, if you don’t count his awful scar injury and eventual death. It is exciting to see Ben with Ciara though, its just a big ask for us viewers as well as most all of Salem, who are either related to Ciara or to someone Ben killed.

Ben and Ciara would look good as a couple but not right away.Ben got a lot to work through before that can be an possibility.I like Tripp too but not for Ciara I thought he would of been better with Claire.






The only way to overcome Ben’s serial killer status is to show that it never happened. It should be that it was actually his father, Clyde, who committed the murders and then brainwashed Ben to believe that he was the murderer. Clyde gets off scott-free and Ben is the scapegoat. Since Ben was abused as a child by his father, it would be easy for him to be brainwashed by him as well. Lots of flashbacks could be filmed showing how Clyde committed the murders and framed Ben. It was all a nightmare for you, Ben, induced by your father! Clyde’s evil deeds are exposed. The Salem community realizes Ben is OK. Then Ciara will end up with a good man and Salem and the fans would be more accepting of this couple. I’ve been watching Days for years and I am a big fan but it is a bit of a reach to ask fans to accept that a member of Salem’s pillar family would be involved with a serial killer. There, I solved the crisis. I should be on the Days writing team! Days, call me.

Since Ron Carlivati got the name “ReRon” for a reason – constantly repeating the same stories – and his attempts at redeeming Ben are already looking exactly like his psuedo-redemption of the serial psycho killer Franco on GH, it’s only a matter of time before Ben is revealed to have a brain tumor, which will be blamed for all of his crimes.

You can bet your soul on it. Hell, since the previous writers already established that Redneck Clyde was very abusive to Ben as a child, they could even write that the brain tumor resulted from too many head injuries in the past.

Can someone tell me the name of the song playing on the Ben Na Ciara Lone scene on Friday April 26,2019…. PLEASE

Can some tell me the Love scene Song on the Days of Our Lives.with Ben and Ciara on Friday 04/26/19 is….. please

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