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DAYS Freddie Smith and Alyssa Tabit Officially Engaged!

He popped the question and she said, “Yes!”

This weekend, Days of our Lives star Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Alyssa Tabit and Instagram had the pictures to prove it!

Sharing a beautiful photo on both of their social media accounts taken in Malibu, the duo share a kiss, are dressed in white, and Alyssa is showing off that ring!  Tabit expressed: “Best. Day. EVER!!!! 💍Freddie Smith, Love you until the end of time! ♥️♥️♥️ #engaged”

Freddie simply stated: 💍Love you Alyssa Tabit”

Recently, Freddie told Soap Opera Digest that by the end of summer the two were going to get engaged.

The lovebirds also co-host their own podcast called The Freddie and Alyssa Show which is available via iTunes and YouTube.

Share your congratulations for Freddie and Alyssa via the comment section below.

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BIG BROTHER: Team FOUTTE Or Team Level 6?

Another week, another blindside. This week’s episode gave Big Brother fans exactly what they wanted … drama!  On Thursday’s telecast, we were gearing up for the third eviction of the season.   This time, it was Level 6’s alliance that would lose a member in the ‘Big Brother’ house; which would be for the first time this season.  The house then must decide who will be heading home between Brett and Winston.

It’s no surprise the house has been split as each week as we’ve seen both sides battle for power. This week FOUTTE is in control, an alliance consisting of Faysal, Haleigh, Kaitlin, Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Tyler, even though his loyalty is to the other side. Throughout the episode, in his confessionals, Tyler was stressed that his vote will finally reveal the side he’s with, officially drawing a line in the sand.  FOUTTE’s target is Brett; while Level 6, rallies votes to save Brett, because they feel he is a stronger competitor for their side.


Brett and Winston promised they wouldn’t campaign against each other, well, because that’s what true bros do.  The good news for them is that there’s still a possibility for both to stay… that’s if Sam decides to use her power.  It’s her last week to give an opportunity to a houseguest to return in case they were evicted. She went back and forth about her decision, but ultimately decided not to use it.

When it was time for the live eviction, both houseguests’ were given a chance to give one final plea to save themselves from being voted out.  In an interesting move, Brett calculated a lie that Rockstar pulled him aside before the episode saying she was going flip the vote on her alliance to save him. Whether it worked or not, the vote came in 5-6 in his favor, and Winston was eliminated from the competition. Upset by the results, Winston stormed out of the house without saying his goodbyes – even throwing a friendship bracelet Sam had made for them.  Just like FOUTTE, he too, found himself blindsided by the vote.


Immediately following the vote, houseguests prepared to get ready for the next ‘Head of Household’ competition.  Rockstar, who was called out in Brett’s lie, lost her cool by calling him a “bold face liar” saying he was “disgusting” for making up a lie that the two had spoken. It was the most explosive fight of the season, and it all happened live!

As we are left with the remaining houseguests’ competition for the power, it will be interesting to see where it will go with emotions running high. Will FOUTTE or Level 6 dominate the HOH’s endurance competition?  Find out Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS!  (filed by Jake Updegraff – Big Brother Correspondent)

Now, tell us which side you are on … Team FOUTTE or Level 6 … via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Kathleen Gati and Michelle Stafford Deliver The Power Performance of The Week!

A grieving mother and sister found themselves stuck in a revenge plot gone haywire, that provided the backdrop in which two accomplished actresses; Kathleen Gati (Liesl) and Michelle Stafford (Nina) were able to shine on episodes of General Hospital.

Although Peter’s kidnapping went on far too long, and fans on social media have their own viewpoints as to what they think of Mr. August aka Henrik Faison (Wes Ramsey), the final week of taking Peter hostage to torment him as payback for his part in Nathan’s death; gave Gati and Stafford scenes from the comedic, to the emotional, to the cray-cray, and more..


On Thursday’s episode, Nina is trying to talk down Liesl from torching the place, but Liesl is becoming more unhinged and more grief-stricken.  She says to Nina, “I lost my son.  I gave Nathan up to protect him.  I spent my life not even daring to gaze in his direction for fear that Cesar would take him.  I never wanted my son to be like him, and now my beautiful boy is buried in the ground, while the other son is still breathing!  So, I must finish this my way, Nina  …  with or without you!”

Pleading, an emotional Nina responds: “Aunt Liesl, you are not the only one who lost time with Nathan.  I did, too.  I missed him growing up.  I missed his childhood, and seeing the incredible man he turned into.  I feel his absence and I feel the loss every second of every day.  I hate Faison, and I will for the rest of my life, and I hate Anna (Finola Hughes) just like you did, but that does not justify what I have done… being an accomplice in this crazy revenge.  None of that is going to bring my brother back.”   Nina goes on to say:  “I knew J would not want his mother grieving alone. This isn’t grief anymore … this is madness.”

Obrecht with rage and sadness in her eyes says, “The brightest souls like my Nathan are extinguished.”  And from there, as viewers know by now, Liesl sets the fire, which sets the stage for Nina’s rescue, and the Friday cliffhanger of Finn (Michael Easton) having to decide whether to go in the burning building and get Peter out, or not.


Later on the pier, a stoic, but grief-stricken Liesl is arrested.  She spitefully tells Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), “Tell Anna something for me: ‘Now we are even!”‘

Earlier in the week, we saw how Kathleen Gati navigated the comedic yet dramatic moments as she had to knock Franco (Roger Howarth) out, while she was trying to get back to Spoon Island, as he realized Obrecht was the guilty party who took Peter.

Gati has made Obrecht, this one-of-a-kind character, come to life, no matter what the circumstances the writers put her in.  And as for Michelle Stafford, when Nina spoke of her brother and the loss she continues to feel, it was one of the most on-the-money moments for anyone who has lost a sibling that they looked to.

So, even through some of the absurdity of the circumstances, and as they were portraying two women trying to figure their way out of the mess they created,  Gati and Stafford never faltered as they committed to the material, and delivered this week’s Power Performance of the Week.

Share your thoughts on the performances of Kathleen and Michelle and what stood out to you via the comment section below.

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Video du Jour

Next week on Y&R, Hilary is fighting for her life, but the prognosis is not good. Friends and loved ones come to the hospital and ask for forgiveness and to tell her to fight. But how can she? Watch the latest promo from CBS Daytime below. Leave A Comment

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