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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nikolas & Spencer’s Reunion Leaves Ava Attempting To Bring Peace: What Did You Think Of The Key Scenes?

The long-awaited and highly-anticipated reunion of Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) and his son, Spencer aired on Monday’s episode of General Hospital.  And it reminded us all how much we love Nicolas Bechtel as the young Cassadine.

While Ava (Maura West) first talks with Spencer in order to prepare him for his father’s appearance and that he is alive; when Nikolas shows up and receives a hug from Spencer, it appeared all might be OK between them, but how could it be? Nikolas let his son believe he was dead for over three years!

Next, Spencer lays into his father for choosing claiming the Cassadine fortune and keeping hidden over telling him that he was alive; leaving Spencer alone with two broken legs, in a boarding school in Europe, and grief-stricken.

The best scenes were actually shared by Maura West and Bechtel, when Ava tries to reason with the disappointed and disillusioned young man over his father’s return, which has a double meaning for her.  She says, “The person you love most in the world just came back to you. That makes you the luckiest boy on the planet. Can’t you see that?”  For Ava, she is obviously drawing a parallel to her losing her daughter, Kiki and wishing she was alive.

Kudos to the actors in these scenes.  Watch them below.

Then, let us know what you thought of Spencer finding out that Nikolas was alive via the comment section below.

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Knots Landing’s Joan Van Ark, Michele Lee & Donna Mills Share Backstage Memories, Watch Back Classic Scenes & Remember the Cul-De-Sac On Its 40th Anniversary

The primetime soap that lasted longer than them all was not Dallas, Dynasty or Falcon Crest, but Knots Landing! The series about the lives of the people of the cul-de-sac at Seaview Circle in Southern California ran on CBS from December 27th, 1979 till May 13, 1993.

Throughout Knots’ run, the show centered on the lives of female characters; most notably Joan Van Ark as Valene Ewing, Michele Lee as Karen Fairgate MacKenzie and Donna Mills as Abby Cunningham Ewing (yes, there were several other married names too!).

What made Knots Landing so special was its more ‘grounded in reality’ storylines (than over-the-top on the other primetime soaps), while also delivering the soapy goodness and those riveting cliffhangers and those gut-wrenching performances that had millions of fans tuning in every week on Thursday nights.

Who can ever forger the 3-year story arc of Val having her twins taken from her at birth, or Sid’s death that left Karen a grieving widow, or the moment we saw Abby’s other side as mother lioness with her children, trying to deal with her daughter Olivia’s drug problem.  These were only some of the unforgettable moments and portrayals by these three women.

To commemorate Knots Landing’s 40th anniversary. Michael Fairman sat down with Joan, Michele and Donna at Donna Mills’ home for this very special deep-dive conversation for his You Tube channel, The Michael Fairman Channel. 

During their conversation the ladies share: what they thought of it each other the first time they met … if there was any competition between them, their thoughts on the leading men on the show that included: Ted Shackelford, Don Murray, Kevin Dobson, William Devane and more.   In addition, they dish on the wealth of talent that came through the show including: Alec Baldwin, Julie Harris, Howard Duff, Halle Berry and so many more.  Plus, if there were a reboot of Knots’ just where would Val, Karen and Abby be now!

In some of the most heartfelt and touching moments contained within the interview. Michael had chosen several clips from ‘Knots’ to play back to the women to get their reactions and thoughts to those fan favorite moments.   A must-see for all die-hard and longtime  “Knots” fans.

We won’t spoil anymore, but suffice to say, we hope you check out the full interview below featuring Joan, Michele, and Donna.

Then, let us know what were your favorite moments contained within the interview … and share your favorite ‘Knots’ memories during its run via the comment section.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Extended Promo Reveals: Turf War, Cassadine Family Drama & Nelle’s Plan For Wiley Take Center Stage

ABC’s General Hospital, which has been firing on all cylinders of late, has released a super-sized promo, that was first shown live to fans over the weekend at the series 2nd annual event at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

Look for major stories to kick-off and some to tease what is to come. According to this week’s promo, a turf war is definitely upon us and the Corinthos family as someone is coming after the clan. But who?


Meanwhile, just how will Nelle get away with insinuating herself in Wiley’s life by blackmailing Bead? How will she keep Willow away from the child she thinks is hers?

Then, it’s the return of Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine as Nikolas with Ava in tow, finally tells his son that he is alive! Looks like Spencer will not be as forgiving as one thought. Will he seek revenge on his father?

And it looks like Jax and Nina may finally give int o temptation and their longstanding attraction to one another, as Valentin faces custody issues with Scarlett via Lulu.

The end of the teaser, reveals gun-fire and a shoot out that goes down on the pier that could change the course of lives forever, with it looking like Mayor Laura has bee shot.  How will this all turn out?

Watch the extended promo below! Then, let us know what you think will happen in these storylines on General Hospital via the comment section.

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DAYS Eric Martsolf and Stacy Haiduk chat with Michael Fairman at Day of Days 2019; during their conversation the on-screen dup talk about the latest developments of Brady and Kristen within the series time-jump and more. Leave A Comment

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