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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ben Wants To Be A Good Man! Will He Find Redemption, Or Does He Have Everyone Fooled?


Just how was NBC’s Days of Our Lives going to bring Ben Weston (Rob Scott Wilson) back onto the canvas after he had been a necktie serial strangler?  Well, by having Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) be the psychiatrist who evaluates him to see if there’s any reason he should not be released back into society.

In an interrogation room, Marlena is there to assess if “Killer” Ben has found his sanity.  When she speaks with him, Ben admits how sorry he is for the hurt he has caused so many people along the way.  When Marlena questions him when he realized right from wrong, he shocks her by saying it was six months ago, when her daughter, Sami (Alison Sweeney) returned to Salem, kidnapped him, and forced him to strangle Will (Chandler Massey) again.  If you recall, this plot was perpetrated by Sami, to try to shock Will into regaining his memory, since he’s been suffering from amnesia for quite some time. Ben tells Marlena, it was at that point, when he was strangling Will for a second time, that he realized the horror of what he had done.  He just couldn’t go on … he couldn’t finish the job and strangle him to death. Then Ben adds, that he realizes he’s ruined lives, and there’s no forgiveness, and that he’ll spend his life trying to make peace with what he’s done.

But later, Marlena goes for the jugular, when she takes out of her bag a folder containing headshots of those that Ben killed which included: Serena, Paige, Wendy, and the attempted murder of Will.  Ben starts to get jittery, rubbing his brow, and becoming exceedingly nervous. He calls himself a “monster.” However, when he saw that Will was alive, and found out the intel, and came back to tell everyone, (even though he ruined the double wedding of Sonny and Paul, and Chad and Abigail, as he crashed it), it changed everything for him.  He says it gives him hope. He wants a new start, and to be a “good man.” But, is Ben to be trusted?

At the end of the episode, Marlena goes to see Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Rafe (Galen Gering) with the update about her visit with Ben.  She says, she cannot file an objection with the court, because she clearly feels he is not delusional, and he is remorseful for his crimes.  Rafe and Hope think he’s absolutely lying and manipulating her. Marlena fires back: “I can’t file the objection in good conscience” leaving Hope and Rafe stunned that Ben will be released into society, and back to Salem, where he has harmed so many people.

How great was it to see Rob Scott Wilson back as Ben?  And now to play the beats of a redemption storyline… or is it?  What will Ben’s psychological makeup actually be moving forward?  Share your thoughts on the Marlena and Ben psych eval scenes. Will he be the good man he promises her that he will be … or … will he still turn out to have that “killer” instinct?  Comment below.

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Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson

I think Rob Wilson is the best young actor on daytime. I thought he was overlooked for an Emmy the year he became unhinged. I look forward to this storyline and hope to see Ciara and Ben mix it up. It will bring a new dimension to her character and get her involved in an adult storyline outside of Claire. I like Ciara with Tripp too, so it will be interesting how the story evolves. For the fans who think he can’t be redeemed, remember that EJ raped Sami and they went on to become the best couple of the past 10 years.


I saw the preview of Ben and Ciara. Bo’s gorgeous rebel has found her (dark) Prince and they are the next Day’s supercouple!


Really, Karen? Wow….who woukd have “thunk”. I am floored.
Yet, I feel badly for Tripp—this will leave the door open gor Claire. Ugh!!!!!!!
This girl has the power to spin the wheels in my brain …..the cogs going haywire, everywhichway…..Do not like her or her manipulative manner…..


Juxtaposing Ben’s return with a psychiatrist deeming him fit to re-enter society with Abigail only avoiding jail time after she committed murder, due to an apparent mental illness was very smart of the writers. If viewers can except that Abby is not guilty by reason of insanity, it makes it easier to believe the same can be said for Ben. I am in no way saying their crimes are remotely similar. But it was made very clear when Ben first became a killer that he was not in his right mind.


Moreover, it’s completely ignored that if he triggered her breakdown then she could have triggered or at least contributed to
his. If she is curable, then so is he…though I have my doubts about them both.


I hope Ben is not brought back just to fool us. We already went that cycle of terrorism. It would be such a siin…..waste of THE BEST young actor on soaps……lest I forget—-soooo hooottt-everything about him is deliciously exquisite—even his shoulders. I am fascinated with very masculine, great-looking, toned, slim shoulders…..Just as Xander’s …..I am spoiled!! Yum!!
Robert, will mesmerize us—-just as Ben did pre-good guy pulling a Salem Strangler.


I wonder what Eve will think when Ben is released…he murdered Paige-her daughter!!!


Hi Celia. I’m thrilled with Robert’s return. I don’t usually go for bad boys (I’ve known too many in real life), but Ben turns me on (minus the violent bits). Robert SW is the whole package. Too bad Y&R, so desperately in need of hot guys who can act, didn’t grab him.

Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol

I think he will have everyone believe he is not the same person who committed all of those murders.I dont think he has changed one single bit,I just wonder what will happen when Abby gets back to Salem. Will this trigger off another set back, If he has changed good because it has Ben a long time since we saw the Ben from when he first arrived in Salem

Breaking News

Peter Reckell On The Passing Of DAYS Peggy McCay: “Looking in Peggy’s Eyes, All I Could See Was A Mom Who Loved Me, And Wanted The Best For Me.”

Over the last week, actors, colleagues, and fans have paid tribute and shared their remembrances of Days of our Lives’ Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) who passed away at the age of 90.

One of Peggy’s most cherished and longtime scene partners was none other than Peter Reckell, who played the iconic Bo Brady, and was Caroline’s son.  This on-screen mother/son duo shared a bond like no other in Salem.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

This weekend, Peter shared his thoughts on working with the Emmy-winning actress, who was also nominated four times for a Daytime Emmy, by taking to social media on the loss of the matriarch of the Brady clan.

Peter expressed via his tweet:  “I was so fortunate to have worked with some amazing actors that shaped the actor and person I am .Looking in Peggy’s eyes, all I could see was a Mom who loved me, and wanted the best for me. She was always so committed to the story.Those sparkling eyes RIP”

After a fan put together a tribute of Bo and Caroline scenes through the years on You Tube and shared it with Reckell, he responded back with: “This is beautiful! Brought back so many wonderful memories. She truly was a powerful, loving presence, I miss her so much. Thanks for putting this together for all of us who love her. Lots of love.”

Watch the tribute made by Angie Evangelia below, then let us know your favorite Bo and Caroline through the years on DAYS via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

DAYS Stars Pay Tribute & Share Remembrances Of Peggy McCay

Over the last 24 hours, cast members and colleagues past and present of Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) have taken to social media to share their sorrow and their memories of this great and beloved actress who passed away a few days ago at the age of 90.

Here is just a sampling of the heartfelt tributes from many longtime castmates and more who cherished their time with Peggy below.

Eric Martsolf (Brady) : RIP Peggy McCay. Feisty, witty, and not an unkind bone throughout her body. She was warm to me when I first entered the hallways of DOOL, and made every word she was given poetry. I will miss this true lady of daytime.

Alison Sweeney (Sami): Every day working with Peggy was a win. She had such an incredibly colorful & often hilarious history in tv. I was so lucky to hear her stories. She was feisty, funny & ever so talented. She was very much a grandmother to me and will miss her so much. #rip

Deidre Hall (Marlena) : “Our dearest Peggy McCay has left us. She was a friend, an activist and a real scrapper!!  I remember meeting her at the bedside of a dear, very ill friend. I backed her up as she ferociously took on doctors and nurses to make sure he had the very best care. She fought that hard for all her causes. Passionate and tireless.  And how she loved being “Caroline”!! Days of our Lives

Billy Flynn (Chad): “Just heard Peggy took her Final bow. RIP love…you’re a star forever!”

Galen Gering (Rafe): “So sad to hear about the passing of . She was fierce & firey with the heart of a lion yet could be as soft as a petal. I always looked forward to our scenes together, eager to see what kind of spontaneous thing she’d do. She was loved & adored & will be missed.”

Kristian Alfonso (Hope): “Peggy #thankyou for all of your #kindness , #love & encouragement through the years . #loveu Rest In Peace”

Greg Meng (Co-EP, DAYS): “I feel so blessed to have known her, and worked with her… she was an animal lover… a superb actor… had an interest in fashion… fascinated in anything creative… inquisitive, supportive… and she was ageless. Not just an inspiration but a FIRECRACKER! Lucky me, lucky us… thank you, Peggy.”

Ryan Quan: RIP Peggy McCay. She was as warm, friendly, and spunky in person as she was on screen. One of my favorite recent Caroline scenes was her speech at Will and Sonny’s wedding… Peggy’s performance was amazing. She will be missed!

Mary Beth Evans: (Kayla): Oh how I loved this woman! Her strength & professionalism was like no other! She set such an amazing standard for all of us….as actors & people. She will always be the  & soul of the Brady family & she lives on in Salem and in our hearts.

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Breaking News

Days of our Lives Peggy McCay Passes Away

One of the greatest actresses, and one of Days of our Lives most beloved cast member, Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) has passed away.

According to reports, Peggy passed away in her sleep on October 7 at the age of 90 of natural causes.  Peggy’s close friend, Denise Kiel Smith broke the news on social media on Twitter relating: “To all of Peggy McCay’s dear friend and family I have some sad news…  Peggy passed peacefully in her sleep of natural causes Sunday morning at 1:00 am. She always appreciated you, her loyal fans, for all of the love and support that you gave her throughout the years. Peggy enjoyed a lifelong career of acting in television and movies. She loved working at Days of Our Lives nearly to the end. Acting and animal rescue were her passions in life. If you would like to show your support please visit the Kitty Bungalow, Peggy’s favorite charity, at Kitty Bungalow.”

One of the greats in her field; Peggy was nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actress  category at the Daytime Emmy Awards for her performances as Caroline Brady 4 times. However, Peggy won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a drama series for her work in the The Trials of Rosie O’Neill.

DAYS fans have missed Peggy on-screen for the last few years.  The last time she appeared on-screen was in late August of 2016.  McCay originated the role of the Brady matriarch in 1983.

Throughout the last 24 hours, fans, cast members, and co-workers of the beloved Peggy have taken to social media to share their remembrances and grief and love for this talented powerhouse performer.  We will share many of those with you in a post to come.

Share your condolences and remembrances of Peggy as Caroline on DAYS in the comment section below.

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This weekend we mourn the loss of General Hospital’s beloved Susan Brown who played Gail Baldwin. Here is her final scene from 2004 when Gail and her husband Lee (the late Peter Hansen) showed up at Lila’s funeral and had an exchange with Alan and Monica. Share your thoughts on Susan’s passing via the link below. Leave A Comment

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