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General HospitalAugust 13, 2019

Kelly Monaco Addresses Billy Miller’s Departure From GH

In a post via her twitter account, General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco (Sam) shared her heartbreak on her longtime scene partner,... Read More

General HospitalAugust 11, 2019

WATCH THE TRAILER: Dominic Zamprogna Stars In New Short Film, ‘To The Moon and Back’

While Dante Falconeri is still struggling with what happened to him, while held in captivity in Turkey and trying to... Read More

General HospitalAugust 10, 2019

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Will Franco Wake Up As Drew & Become The Next Victim Of Mind-Mapping?

Friday’s episode of General Hospital, picked up from the major plot twist; and unfortunately for Franco (Roger Howarth), even with... Read More

General HospitalAugust 9, 2019

Daytime Emmys To Merge Younger Actor & Actress Category Into One As Gender-Inclusive Categories Are On The Rise

The upcoming 47th annual Daytime Emmys are already making some changes to key categories and specifically this one that affects... Read More

General HospitalAugust 9, 2019

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco To Cameron, “Tell Your Mom I Love Her … And Tell Her I’ll Be Back”

In a stunning turn, which featured great performances by Roger Howarth (Franco) and William Lipton (Cameron), Franco demands to know... Read More

General HospitalAugust 8, 2019

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco Walks In On Shiloh and Dr. Cabot’s Plans for Cameron

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Shiloh(Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is ramping up his now very twisted plot; after kidnapping, Cameron... Read More