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DAYS Recap – Aug 22 – Aug 26th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Maggie asks Victor to make peace with Stefano, wanting the war between the families to end once and for all. Stefano has made a peace offer that Victor has yet to respond to. The men remain skeptical and distrustful of one another. EJ persuades Chad to help bring the families to a truce. Sonny decides to take action and summons all of them to Maggie’s hospital room, where they make a solemn and public pledge of peace. Victor gives into the agreement, in light of Maggie, the woman he loves, getting shot. Later, Sonny and Chad make a pact, knowing that maintaining the truce is really up to them. Stefano is moved by Chad’s actions to make peace. Chad is equally affected by Stefano’s; however, he maintains that he will never come back to the family fold. Sami learns that not only is she not pregnant, but she may be ill. Lexie, the bearer of this bad news, advises Sami to seek further consultation. Rafe is called away on a case before Sami can tell him the truth. Realizing how much Rafe wanted this baby, Sami struggles with how to tell him. Dario finds Mandy beat up and almost unconscious on the pier and calls Rafe. Mandy is the third victim in a series of attacks by an unknown person. They take Mandy to the hospital where Rafe questions her and learns that she’s a prostitute. He’s determined to solve the case but gets nothing out of Mandy, who refuses to talk to cops.

Taylor alerts Quinn that she’s joined the Salem police force. Nicole is stunned to realize that Taylor took a job at the police station and questions her motives, suspecting she’s doing it to protect EJ. Later, Taylor talks to Quinn about the attacks and says she can’t keep quiet about what he’s doing. Quinn says she will not only hold her tongue, but she will use her job for his own good – or everyone will know she’s not a saint, after all. Melanie realizes Brady’s true motives for giving Dario the job at Titan, to keep her and Dario apart. She is furious. Meanwhile, Brady wrestles with his conscience but ultimately succumbs to the temptation that is Nicole. Rafe comforts Sami, who is saddened that she is not pregnant. She knows how much he wanted the baby but he’s more concerned about her health. He tells her she’s the only thing he cares about. Later, they go to the hospital to get Sami’s test results. Lexie informs Sami and Rafe that she has cysts. Sami worries she may have cancer. Bo and Hope meet with D.A. Woods and Abe, insisting they provide the necessary resources to bring down the attacker. Abe is hesitant to allow this case to blow up in the public’s eye. Bo and Hope only care about preventing another woman from getting hurt. They decide their next step is to find out the identity of Mandy’s pimp and see if he can provide any information about these attacks on prostitutes. At the hospital, Rafe takes Abe to see Mandy to expose the brutality of the attacker. Seeing this innocent girl in a near-fatal state convinces Abe to give the case the proper resources and press it requires. Meanwhile, Hope tells Bo she’s going undercover as a call girl to trap the attacker.

Taylor tells Quinn she won’t spy for him at the police station. He once again reminds her of the consequences of those actions – he will reveal her sordid past. Taylor tells him she doesn’t believe he’ll follow through on this threat but he sends her an ominous text message promising he never bluffs. Later, Taylor is at the hospital with the latest victim, who is sedated. When she comes to, she murmurs Quinn’s name… which only Taylor hears. And when she has a chance to tell Hope about it… she keeps quiet, protecting Quinn but compromising herself.  Chloe walks in on Kinsey reading a newspaper account of Mandy’s assault. Kinsey is grateful for Chloe’s warning against becoming a prostitute, seeing the danger that kind of life entails. Kinsey asks if Chloe has quit, despite her pimp’s threat to go to Child Services and take her baby away. Chloe wishes she could quit but knows she can’t risk losing Parker. Kinsey understands her dilemma but points out the danger of being killed might be a greater risk. Later, Chloe begs Quinn to let her go, worried he cannot protect her like he promised. Quinn refuses to let such a valuable asset to his business go. He accidentally lets it slip that someone encouraged him to get Chloe into the world of prostitution. Later, a mystery man peruses the tablet that Quinn left behind and stops when he gets to Chloe’s page. Nicole and Brady have slept together but in the cold light of day he’s having second thoughts. Brady wonders if they’re simply not good for each other. Nicole argues the opposite; they make each other whole. Brady admits she has a hold on him but he needs to think things over.

Sami learns from Lexie she has cysts that need to be surgically removed. If the cysts are found to be malignant post-operation, Sami could have cancer. Rafe comforts Sami, assuring her that whatever happens, they’ll get through it together. All they can do is wait and see. While Rafe and Sami are at the hospital, Will and Gabi come home. Seeing that they have the apartment all to themselves, Gabi makes a move on Will. He awkwardly dodges her advances. Soon after, they discover Sami’s pregnancy tests that read positive and assume she is pregnant. Will reacts to the idea of having another brother or sister right as Sami and Rafe arrive home still somber about their news. Gabi congratulates her brother on the baby she thinks is on the way. Rafe tells them it was a false alarm, but leaves out the news about Sami, who is struggling to keep it together. Rafe sweeps her off to a carnival to cheer her up. Sonny breaks the news to Adrienne and Justin that he’s staying in Salem and transferring to Salem U. Then he tells happy Abigail and Chad and says he plans to start a Salem U website. He asks Chad to come on board. Chad says he’ll think about it. Chad is still ignoring Stefano’s efforts to bring him back to the family. Abigail explains how hard it’s been to adjust to her father, Jack, being out of her life.

Will and Gabi go to the pub, where “T” says he heard from Kinsey that they finally hooked up. Will and Gabi are angry. “T” says Kinsey’s a bitch for blowing him off and blames it on Sonny for making everybody think he’s gay. They tell him to get over it, everyone else has. Sonny walks up to them and “T” walks away, telling Sonny to go to hell. Sonny shares the news about transferring to Salem U and asks Will if he wants to team up with him on starting the Salem U website. Will has to think about it. Meanwhile, “T” hits on a coed. When she rejects him, he thinks it’s because she thinks he’s gay, but she says it’s because he’s a dirt bag. Bitter “T” exits. From outside, he watches Sonny and his friends, saying to himself that Sonny messed his life up and it’s not over. From one romantic outing to another, Jennifer reaffirms her commitment to Daniel, expressing how happy she is to be with him. Carly comes out of detox and her son, Nicholas, surprises her at the rehab center. She asks him to forgive her for taking his father away from him. Nicholas seeks forgiveness as well for abandoning her. Later, the rehab nurse explains to Nicholas the severity of his mother’s condition. Rafe does everything he can to keep Sami’s mind off her impending surgery. Sami believes God is punishing her for all her wrong deeds. Rafe consoles her, reassuring her that they’ll get through this together, dismissing the notion that karma is out to get her. The police receive a creepy note from the attacker, who makes clear that he’s seeking retribution against “evil women.” Roman puts the kibosh on Hope’s plans to go undercover as a prostitute. Later, Bo and Hope stake out the pier, just as the masked mystery man lurks in the background.

Taylor tells Quinn that Mandy said his name and that she covered for him. However, his secret will likely come out now that the police are broadening their investigation and going after pimps. Quinn accuses Taylor of stealing his tablet computer, but she assures him she’s not responsible. Both worry — what if it’s fallen into the wrong hands? Nicole, still wondering why Taylor is working at the police department, confronts her sister at work. Taylor claims she just needed a job. Nicole knows she’s lying and vows to find out the truth. Chloe blasts Kate, who admits that she set her up to become a prostitute. She tells Chloe she’ll never get Parker back. As Kate further antagonizes her, Chloe calms herself down; realizing Kate has never actually succeeded in her long-standing vendetta against her and this time won’t be any different. Later, Chloe confronts Quinn about Kate and tries to quit. Quinn tells her she can’t; in light of his missing computer, he’s the only one that can protect her. The missing tablet is returned to Quinn with R.I.P. carved into its case. Nicole overhears EJ conducting some underhanded business with Stefano. She gives him a hard time about his sad and lonely life. EJ comes back at her, saying she’ll never be happy with Brady. Bo and Hope question EJ in Nicole’s presence, in an attempt to identify the person running EJ’s old drug business. He claims not to know, offering to help in any other way. Later on, Kate accuses EJ of stopping one of her business transactions from going through. EJ denies the accusation.

Sami and Rafe go to the hospital together for her procedure. Rafe tries to assuage her fears. While Sami is prepped and waiting, Roman finds out she’s there. Sami and Roman share a warm father/daughter moment, then he is called away on police business. Rafe stays with Sami, and she draws strength from him. Roman assures the prostitute who was attacked, Mandy, that he wants to help her. He texts Bo and Hope, who have been having a romantic morning together in bed, to join him at the hospital. They arrive to Roman who tells them he thinks Mandy is close to opening up but might feel more comfortable talking to a woman. Hope is sincere with Mandy when she tells her she understands what she’s been through and really wants to help. Later, Hope finds Bo and Roman and tells them Mandy is ready to talk, just as Taylor arrives to overhear. Nicole confronts Taylor with a mug shot of her she found online. When Taylor brushes it off, Nicole threatens to show it to Roman. Taylor claims she was arrested for a human rights demonstration in grad school. Nicole isn’t buying it and asserts she won’t stop until she gets the truth. Taylor realizes Nicole is going after her because she stole EJ. Taylor offers the apology she never gave and tells Nicole to move on. The moment is interrupted when Taylor gets a call from Bo to come to the hospital. EJ accuses Kate of lying to him, revealing he knows her plan to restart Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics. He reminds her of his power in the DiMera family. She attempts to belittle his power play but to no avail. EJ responds with even more strength and intimidation. He lets Kate know he’s in charge of everything DiMera now. Kate is impressed and welcomes him back. His father would be proud.

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Loved Days last week. Think it was one of the better weeks and one I did little or even no fastforwarding on certain days. Absolutely loved the gorgeousness of Bo and Hope and their cute love making, breakfast scene. They looked really happy and it’s been a long time coming. Clearly part of the new writing, very cute. Hope we see more of these cute, happy little scenes.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: What Did You Think of the Reveal of Who Killed Charlie?

“Sorry Charlie!” Those were the clever words said by the killer of the evil Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) on Days of our Lives.  But evil kinda knows evil, and thus viewers learned in a reveal just who was the culprit.

DAYS fans begin to get to the truth when on Monday’s episode, while under hypnosis from Marlena (Deidre Hall), John (Drake Hogestyn) recalls opening the door to the apartment in time to see someone in a red coat with a hood (very ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ but with a fashion flare) shoot Charlie.

When “Doc” brings John out of his hypnotic state, she asks him who fired the gun?  John is horrified as he reveals it was their daughter, Belle! (Martha Madison). John shares that Belle was wearing the coat they gave her for Valentine’s Day.  A shocked John utters, “My God, Doc. Our little girl blew that punk away.”  However, Marlena refuses and does not believe Belle would shoot and kill Charlie, let alone anyone.

Jan (Heather Lindell) shows up at Marlena’s office and tells John and Marlena she is not going to be locked up, because of the deal she made for her freedom. Then, we see Jan get more inquisitive into what John and Marlena were discussing before she walked in on them.  They leave to go talk to Belle to get answers, while Jan sneaks back into the office and into Marlena’s drawer to retrieve the recording device to find out exactly what John and Marlena were talking about.

It is there when Jan is alone that viewers learn what happened the night of Charlie’s death. Jan is listening to the recording of John telling Marlena that Belle shot Charlie, but that he didn’t see Belle’s face because she was wearing the red coat.

Next, Jan flashes back to Charlie saying, “Don’t shoot,” and then firing a gunshot as Charlie falls to the ground.  We see the visual of the face of the person in the red coat and it’s Jan!  Next, Jan smirks and says, “Sorry, Charlie.”

So it seems Jan Spears has an ultimate revenge plot to rid Belle once and for all and have her locked behind bars.  How long will it be before the other Salemites catch on that Jan is the murderer?

So, were you happy to see it was Jan who was the one who killed Charlie? Did you suspect it was her? Share your thoughts in the comment section.  But first, watch the moment the killer is revealed below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Cady McClain Ends Her Great Run as Jennifer; But Not Before A ‘Wink-Wink’ Nudge-Nudge’ to AMC’s Dixie ‘Poison Pancake’ Debacle

Wednesday’s episode featured another solid performance by two-time Daytime Emmy-winner, Cady McClain as Jennifer Horton Devereux as it was the day of her mother, Laura’s (Jaime Lyn Bauer) funeral.

Last week, longtime viewers were saddened that the character of Dr. Laura Horton was killed-off.  The question remains did she fall accidentally and hit her head in a struggle with Gwen (Emily O’Brien), or did Gwen intentionally kill Laura?

Yesterday was also the final episode of McClain in the role of Jennifer – as far as we know for now.   In story, following Laura’s funeral, Jennifer was heading to Boston to be with her brother Mike, to settle their mother’s estate and go through her belongings, etc.

Cady had taken over the role of Jennifer from Melissa Reeves, who chose to stay in Nashville during the Covid-19 pandemic.  As part of her departure, head writer, Ron Carlivati and the writing team, delivered a little wink-wink nudge-nudge to soap viewers and those of McClain’s time as Dixie Cooney Martin on All My Children.

In one of the most controversial soap death scenes of all-time, and one that was not kind to McClain, Dixie was killed-off the ABC daytime drama series after eating poison peanut butter pancakes. Fast-forward to 2021, and in an attempt to make DAYS Jennifer feel better, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) whips up some banana pancakes with extra peanut butter!  When Jennifer declines them, Julie says she thought she liked them, to which Jennifer replied, “I used to.  But I had a bad experience with them once.  Now I can’t even look at them.”  Julie questions, “Bad experience?”  Then Jennifer says, “I’d rather not talk about it.”

In our books, McClain got the last laugh here getting to do a nod to the audience, who has followed her soap career for decades including the the 2007 killing of Dixie … by pancakes.

Previously, Cady shared in a 2020 interview with about the subject: “It was a dig at me by one of the writers that very much wanted to put me in my place. I had stepped out of line and they wanted to put me back in line, and I was going to eat those pancakes and I was going to learn my lesson, and I certainly did.”

So, what did you think of the mention of the ‘pancakes”? Will you miss Cady as Jennifer? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Emily O’Brien Delivers The ‘Power Performance of the Week’

She has been a polarizing character since her arrival in Salem, with some fans screaming Gwen is sucking up too much airtime.  HOWEVER, the performances by Emily O’Brien (Gwen) show an actress on top of her craft who can play, as Gwen called herself, “A miserable, vindictive bitch”, or a young woman so deeply-emotionally wounded that you might just come around and eventually feel some empathy for her.

Last week, while the soaps were pre-empted for most of the week due to the senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, DAYS posted all of its weekly episodes online on, the NBC app, or on the Peacock streaming platform, and O’Brien’s work was a standout.

Photo: JPI

It all came to a boiling point when Laura (Jaime Lyn Bauer) and Gwen have the long-awaited confrontation in Gwen’s room at the Salem Inn, where O’Brien goes from Gwen baiting Laura to tell her dirty secret of her long-ago affair with Jack (Matthew Ashford), to her utter anger at how because of it, Laura trashed Gwen’s entire life.


Laura reveals the guilt she felt for sleeping with Jack, so much so, that she would do anything to save Jennifer (Cady McClain) and Jack’s marriage.  In delight at getting to the root of the truth, Gwen responds: “You slept with Jack? That is just perfect! My father slept with his mother-in-law!”

Then, Laura shares how it happened.  They were both at the “Meadows” finding their ‘truest selves’ and they were both using other names – she, Monica and he, Clark, and Laura had never seen a photo of Jack before to know it was him!  Gwen wants to burst out in hysterical laughter, but then she becomes filled with rage knowing that if Laura hadn’t bought off her birth mother, Tiffany, her own life would have been very different.  She goes on to say that she and Abigail (Marci Miller) might even be close as sisters, but instead of “borrowing her clothes, she borrowed her husband” alluding to sleeping with Chad (Billy Flynn).  Next, Gwen wants to make Laura pay and lets Laura know that, “All the damage that you did, can’t be undone.” When Laura tries to leave, Gwen stops her and says in no uncertain terms, “I want revenge, because you ruined my life and you’re not going to get away with it!”

Photo: JPI

Next, we see that there had been a struggle with Laura dead on the floor bleeding out of her head.  A freaked-out Gwen does not know what to do.  She realizes she will be accused of murder.  With no one in town to call, she decides to call her father, Jack.  When he shows up at the Salem Inn, Jack is shocked, and grief-stricken to see his mother-in-law, dead.  Gwen swears to Jack this was an accident and that she did not kill Laura, and that he has to believe her.  Jack decides he will stand by his daughter.  Gwen wants to get rid of the body, Jack says he can’t be involved in a cover-up, so he calls Rafe (Galen Gering).  When Rafe arrives at the crime scene he is very suspicious of Gwen, and takes her down to the station.

Scene after scene, O’Brien layered her performances with venomous and ominous undertones, illustrating a woman with so much emotional baggage who becomes desperate to save herself.  For all these reasons, Michael Fairman TV names Emily’s work, The Power Performance of the Week.

What did you think of Emily O’Brien’s key scenes? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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