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DAYS Recap – Jan 17 – Jan 21st

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Kate tells Victor she’s spending the night with Stefano and fills him in on what she and Brady did to Vivian. She shows him a map of the island Vivian and Gus are on, and Victor is pleased. After she leaves, Maggie arrives to get more of Melanie’s things. Suspicious not to see Vivian lurking and seeing the map, Maggie wonders what Victor did with the other woman. Meanwhile, Vivian and Gus’s forced stint on the island causes them to be at each other’s throats. Vivian finally realizes the Kiriakises are her true enemy and she and Gus reconcile. EJ tells Stefano he made a pact with God to let Sami back into their children’s lives if Johnny’s eyesight is saved. Stefano doubts he will keep this pact, but EJ insists he will. Kate arrives and EJ learns she’s spending the night at the mansion. He understands his father’s need for her. EJ gets a call from Carly – the doctors are ready to remove Johnny’s bandages.  Chloe tells Philip she thinks Melanie is pregnant. Meanwhile, Brady interrupts Melanie and Stephanie’s fight. After a furious Stephanie leaves, Brady learns Melanie is pregnant, and is considering an abortion. He tells her he supports her no matter what she decides. After a conversation with Carly, Melanie realizes she cannot get rid of her baby. Later, Philip finds her, and demands to know if she’s pregnant.

Stephanie learns Nathan is turning down Johns Hopkins, and realizes it’s to be with Melanie. Furious, she tells him he’s throwing his life away for Melanie, who’s not worth it. Equally furious, Nathan says Stephanie blames everyone but herself for her actions.  Johnny’s family rejoices as they realize his eyesight has been spared. EJ makes it clear that he intends to keep his bargain with Sami; however, his anger has now come to focus solely on Rafe. Meanwhile, Nicole realizes her role in this “family” is now very tentative, and she vows to Sydney that she will not be frozen out again.  Bo refuses, despite truth serum and torture, to disclose Hope’s location. Meanwhile, Hope gets a secure phone from Leo and makes a call to Jane’s accomplice. She is stunned when she hears Nathan’s voice, unaware that he’s inadvertently answered Ben’s phone. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Ben continue to grow closer, and she pumps him for information about the prison.

Philip realizes that Melanie is pregnant. She admits she considered having an abortion, but tells him she’s keeping the baby. He takes heart, but she assures him she wants nothing to do with him, and she throws him out.  Victor admits to Maggie that Vivian is on the island and he intends to leave her there. Maggie tries every appeal she can think of and finally offers a date in exchange for Vivian’s freedom. Meanwhile, Vivian and Gus try to make the best of things, but quickly revert to ruing their fate.  All rejoice over Johnny’s sight being saved. Sami insists to Rafe that EJ will keep his word and share custody with her. Meanwhile, EJ tells Stefano he does intend to keep his promise – but Rafe was not part of the deal. EJ feels that Rafe must be removed from Sami and the children’s lives – but murder is not an option. Stefano has an idea. Meanwhile, Nicole fears her own position is now threatened. Chloe urges her to go to Brady; she insists he still loves her and might find a way to save her. But Brady rebuffs Nicole and she goes from having both him and Sydney in her life to now possibly having no one.

Melanie tells Maggie she is pregnant with Philip’s child. Maggie is supportive, but also makes it clear she can only guide her own fate, not that of her father’s and Chloe’s. Meanwhile, Chloe makes a desperate attempt to use the physical attraction she and Daniel share to seduce him while he is at his most vulnerable. Daniel angrily throws her out and Chloe realizes she has made things worse and lost him for good. Melanie tells Daniel that she is having Philip’s child and Daniel accepts his daughter. Chad feels more for the DiMeras than he lets on. After visiting with Will and Gabi, he secretly goes to the hospital and gives Johnny a stuffed animal. EJ and Stefano plot the demise of Sami and Rafe’s relationship. Stefano shows EJ what he has in store to get Rafe out of the picture. Rafe visits Johnny in the hospital, promising he’ll be back and inwardly hoping he can trust EJ to not stop him. Will and Gabi’s kissing is interrupted by Allie and later Rafe. Rafe lays down the law.  After Gabi goes, EJ shows up at the loft. Rafe is wary until he sees EJ has brought Sydney. EJ offers to let Sydney stay the night. Will is hopeful EJ really is keeping his promise, and Rafe is cautiously optimistic. EJ shows up at the hospital to find Nicole with sleeping Johnny. She is voicing her worry that EJ will cast her aside. EJ tells Nicole he wants to talk to her about her future. Kate walks in on Stefano’s call about his plot to destroy Sami and Rafe.  Nicole tries to appeal to Brady’s good side to help her figure out a way to keep Sydney in her life, but he gives her the boot. Victor applauds him for doing this, and for shipping Vivian and Gus off to the island. Brady basks in his grandfather’s glow, until Victor orders him to bring Vivian back. Brady blows up at Victor when he learns Victor wants him to do it to look good in Maggie’s eyes. Brady tells Melanie he’s decided to do things his own way from now on. Melanie hopes Daniel will accept her baby, even if it is Philip’s child. Daniel tells Melanie he would never be like Lawrence and reject a child because of who the father is. Melanie and Daniel bond over the baby she’s going to have. But Melanie doesn’t want to tell her mom about it just yet. Daniel volunteers to tell Carly for her. He urges her, however, to think of her baby first when it comes to shutting out Philip and Carly from the child’s life. After Melanie runs into Brady, she decides to do things her way, too, and calls Philip.

Philip and Carly have a fight about Melanie. Carly is glad that Philip is out of Melanie’s life. Philip still wants a future with Melanie. Carly tells him to stay away from her daughter. Kate comes in on it. Carly goes, and gets a call from Daniel. Kate learns of Melanie’s pregnancy and bonds with Philip. Philip then learns Kate is staying at Stefano’s and hoping to get back together with him. Philip promises to stand by her as she has for him. Daniel tells Carly of Melanie’s pregnancy, and she thanks him for including her. Rafe is skeptical of the “new” EJ. Gabi tries to get him to drop his guard. Even after Rafe receives a notice that custody papers are coming the next day, he’s still very wary.

Nicole fears her role as stepmother to Sydney and Johnny has ended before it began, but EJ surprises her and tells her that he still wants to marry her. Nicole is taken aback, but EJ points out that he needs her, and it’s not about Sami either. He wants her to be in his children’s lives. Touched, Nicole agrees and goes home with him to find Stefano and Kate. They are thrown by EJ’s decision to still marry Nicole. Privately, EJ explains to Stefano that Nicole is important in their plan to destroy Rafe. At the same time, Kate knows there’s more than meets the eye, but both she and Nicole decide not to press.

Stefano tells Kate he intends to bury the hatchet. Kate doesn’t buy it at first, but he convinces her it’s for the best. She tells him about Philip’s dilemma and her intention to somehow get that baby away from Chloe. At the same time, Philip appeals to Melanie while Nathan professes his love for Melanie to Maggie. He senses Maggie isn’t telling him something and he goes to Melanie, and he learns she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Chloe has shown up at Stephanie’s to blast Caroline. Caroline gives as good as she gets and Stephanie calls Philip to get Chloe. Later, Philip tells Chloe they need to drop the charges against Caroline and let this go, but Chloe can’t let Daniel go.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole Gives Birth to a Baby Boy, as Dimitri Initiates a Heartbreaking Switch

One of the oldest and most upsetting soap opera tropes was utilized on Monday’s episode of Peacock’s Days of our Lives, but with a twist. Baby switches are common place in this genre, and watching as a mother grieves for her newborn, while there is no evidence she even had the child.

Now, as has been teased for week’s DAYS, Nicole Walker DiMera (Arianne Zucker) gave birth on the side of a road after a car crash between her, and on the run Dimitri (Peter Porte) and Leo (Greg Rikaart). Meanwhile, Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) who for some odd reason is just so hell-bent on finding her friend, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty), a baby at all costs, is telling her that the deal she arranged with a mother fell-through after the mother learned that Sloan, with her questionable bad ethical background would raise her child.

At the side of the road, Leo jumps into action against the wishes of Dimitri, who is panicked they need to get to Rolf’s submarine on time. (Yes, you read that right).  Leo helps Nicole deliver her baby after her water breaks.  Leo is very proud of himself and this good deed he has done, bringing Nicole’s new son into this world.  Of course, Nicole just had Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) baby, not EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel).

Photo: JPI

When word spreads of the accident, Eric takes off to find Nicole.  Meanwhile, Sloan and Melinda are going back and forth on finding a baby for Sloan.  Realizing it’s not going to happen, Sloan tells Melinda she is going to come clean to Eric and tell him Nicole is carrying his child. Melinda cautions her not to do that as she will lose Eric as he will go running so fast to Nicole if he found that out.

Photo: JPI

At the roadside, Nicole needs help getting to the hospital, but she can’t be moved and her newborn son needs to be checked out.  Leo decides he will stay with Nicole till the ambulance arrives, while Dimitri will take the baby to the hospital. Sadly, the baby is taken out of Nicole’s arms, for what will be probably a very long time on the soaps.


Next, Eric finds Nicole, and Leo bolts. Nicole tells a confused Eric that she had her baby.  Of course, there is no trace of the little bundle of joy. As Melinda and Sloan bicker, there is a knock at the apartment door. It’s none other than Dimitri looking duplicitous, appearing as if he is about to hand Nicole’s baby off to Sloan.

What do you think of this baby switch storyline? Is it infuriating you? What do you think will happen next? We predict nobody will believe Nicole and they will tell her she lost her baby. Meanwhile, Sloan will take Nicole’s little one to raise as her own. Share your thoughts in the comment section. For more on the story, check out our recent interview with Peter Porte and Greg Rikaart at Days of  Days 2023, and this week’s promo for the action on DAYS beloe.

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Days Of Our Lives

Blake Berris Makes His Debut as Days of our Lives’ Everett: What Were Your First Impressions?

Who says you can’t go home again and this time as someone else? That’s the situation Blake Berris finds himself in, but in a good way, as the talented actor made his first appearance as his newest Days of our Lives’ character, Everett, on the Monday, October 30th episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera.

Berris has previously appeared as Nick Fallon from 2006-2009, 2012-2014, and in 2021 (in the Peacock special Days of our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas) and then back on the mothership in February of this year.

Now as October comes to a close, in story, Stephanie (Abigail Klein) is shocked when her ex, Everett, shows up at her apartment front door. Stunned to see him, Stephanie believes Everett just ghosted her and walked out on their relationship.  However, Everett, now in Salem has a completely different version of what happened and came to town to explain all to Stephanie. Why? He wants her back!

Photo: JPI

Stephanie and Chad (Billy Flynn) are at a rough patch in their relationship, so it’s interesting timing that Everett should happen to show his face now, raising further questions as to re-emergence back in Stephanie’s life.

Everett explains to Stephanie that he has been in a coma!  He was struck by a car, and at the time, all he had on him was his cell phone, but it was decimated in the accident, so there was no ID for the cops or paramedics to know who he was.  He was then placed in a medically-induced coma. After he was revived, he had to learn to walk and talk all over again, but he had no memory … he had amnesia. When his memory returned, the first thing he recalled is how much he loved Stephanie. He then lunged in for a kiss with her.


Stephanie pushes Everett back and lets him know she has been living with someone else. He already knows because he came by the apartment earlier, and heard a man’s voice so he took off.  Everett asks Stephanie if she is married or engaged to the guy to which she says, ‘no’.  However, she points out just because she isn’t engaged doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings for Chad.

An emotional Everett tells Stephanie he loves her and always will.  As he wells up in tears, he exits, leaving Stephanie stunned. Later, Stephanie looks at an old photo of herself with Everett, as Chad comes home.

So, what were your first impressions of the character of Everett? Do you think he fabricated the entire hit by a car/soapy coma story? Do you think it will be revealed that Everett is related to Nick Fallon? Are you enjoying seeing Blake Berris back on DAYS? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Alex Learns He’s Victor’s Son While Xander Learns He’s the Father of Sarah’s Baby

On Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives, two bombshell secrets were revealed that rocked to the core two men who have been lied to by the people they love. First, in the pick-up from Monday, Justin (Wally Kurth) tells Alex (Rob Scott Wilson) that in Victor’s new will, he is in fact, Victor’s biological son.

A devastated Justin has to tell Alex that he is not his biological father, and that Angelica had an affair with Victor, and she made Victor agree to never claim Alex as his own for it would send shockwaves through the Kiriakis clan.

While Justin sits down with Alex and assures him that this does not change the fact that he still considers himself Alex’s dad, that doesn’t seem to make Alex feel any better. Alex feels like he has been lied to his whole life, especially by Victor.  In addition, this news means that Alex inherits the other 50% of Victor’s legacy. The other 50% was given to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), even though at the time of his death, Victor was supposedly never legally divorced from Vivian (Louise Sorel).

Photo: JPI

Bonnie (Judi Evans) finds out the news from Maggie, and wants to be there for her husband, so she heads back from Horton Town Square to comfort Justin. Alex asks Justin to leave as he needs some time alone. Justin hugs his ‘son’ from behind and then walks out. Later, Justin breaks down in tears in Bonnie’s arms.  Meanwhile, Alex is seen looking at a portrait of Victor trying to process what this all means for him moving forward.

Photo: JPI

While this is playing out, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) breaks down and tells Xander (Paul Telfer) what she overheard Rex (Kyle Lowder) and Phillip (John-Paul Lavoisier) talking about – that Xander is the biological father of Sarah’s (Linsey Godfrey) baby.  Chloe even goes so far to admit, that at first, she was going to hide the secret, not only to keep Xander, but because Sarah didn’t want him to know. However, she had second thoughts.

Chloe levels with Xander knowing when she tells him, he is going to hightail it over to the Brady pub where Sarah is tying the knot with Rex.  An emotional Xander tells Chloe he loves her, but they both know it’s the end of the line for them.

Photo: JPI

At the Brady pub, Phillip officiates the ceremony and Rex and Sarah say their “I do’s,” but then, Xander shows up.  He confronts Sarah and she admits it’s true. The baby is his. He asks to speak to her privately and so they head out to do so. Meanwhile, in the aftermath, Chloe gets a knock on her door, and it’s none other than Phillip who shows up to console her. Will they hit the sheets for old times sake?

So, what did you think about the performances today of Wally Kurth, Rob Scott Wilson, Nadia Bjorlin and Paul Telfer? Are you glad Xander knows the truth? Happy that Alex is Victor’s son? Do you think Xander will still be revealed to be the true son of Victor’s when all is said and done? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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