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Days Of Our Lives

Former DAYS Star Gloria Loring on Joe Gallison, Don Diamont, & The Coincidences That Shaped Her Life!

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas

Fans of the 80’s heyday of Days of our Lives, fondly remember Gloria Loring’s portrayal of Liz Chandler Curtis.  And now the former soap star, and still singer and author, has released  her autobiographical new memoir, Coincidence Is God’s Way Of Remaining Anonymous, available in book stores everywhere today and through Gloria’s website.   And while this is Gloria’s very personal account of her life,  the book looks at how a series of coincidences can change,  alter, or shape one’s life.

Loring who was married to entertainer Alan Thicke, and is the mother of R&B/Pop singing sensation, Robin Thicke, discusses her decision to exit her long-time marriage to Thicke, as well as her relationship with soap star, Don Diamont, currently Bill Spencer of  The Bold and the Beautiful, then Carlo on Days of our Lives.   Plus, she reveals a backstage fight with long-time co-star Joe Gallison (Ex-Neil Curtis) that has the two on-screen lovebirds not speaking until they hit the set to tape their scenes!

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman interviewed Loring this past weekend for a special feature on her new book for Frontiers that incorporates as Loring puts it, “Coincidence—where it comes from, what it can be for us, what it can do for us and how we can use it for our good. ”  Here are a few soapy excerpts after the jump from the  chitchat with Gloria!

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas

Gloria on her off-screen relationship with Don Diamont and how it impacted her:  “Don and I were together for three years.  He came from a family that was very respectful and schooled in the old ways.  His mother and father were just the finest people and they raised their children to be that way.  I didn’t respect myself very much.  I used to call myself names, and when my marriage ended I felt guilty for breaking up the marriage to Alan.  I felt all the powerlessness of my childhood come up.  I was on DAYS at that point and earning a six-figure income.  I was supposedly a celebrity and all of that, and I supposedly had all this talent, but I felt like a beaten up child.  So, all my powerlessness came up and Don came in and treated me with such kindness and respect, and paid attention to everything I was thinking or doing.  He was so attentive.  I had not been paying attention to what I need.  So he taught me how to pay attention.   Don is a really nice man, and family is number one with him.  He has really great qualities.  I have been very blessed to have him and others in my life.  When we parted, because he knew he had to go off and have a family of his own, because family was so important to him after the passing of his own father, I said, “What is the most important thing he gave me?”  I realized it was the respect and the attentiveness.  I knew I had to start doing that for myself.  It’s taken me a long time.  I could still do better, but Don was an important person in that process.”

Gloria on a kink in her relationship with longtime co-star Joe Gallison as beloved couple Liz and Neil Curtis on DAYS:  “I have a story in the book about Joe Gallison (Ex-Neil Curtis)!  I got mad at him one time while I was going through my divorce, because he was spiky, and I was spiky.  I raised my voice to him, and you don’t raise your voice to a man like Joe Gallison.  He is very proud, and rightfully so.   He did not talk to me for weeks! (Laughs)  We did not run lines, and we just showed up and did our scenes.  We would have to do scenes in bed together, and we would enter the set from the opposite sides of the bed, turn and do the scene, and get out and then go our separate ways.  And I did not know how to fix it! Finally, I wrote Joe a note and shoved it under his dressing room door saying that, “I do apologize for raising my voice to you; you so did not deserve that.”  It took me all that time to realize that I need to be the one here to apologize.  I respected him so much, and he is a wonderful actor.  It was inappropriate anger that came up in the wrong way at the wrong time.  Nothing more was ever said about it, and one day Joe walked up to me in the hallway and said, “do you want to run lines?’  I said, “Yes.”   We just started back again.  Liz had a few love interests though on DAYS.  She was married to Don Craig (Jed Allan) for like a minute and half. (Laughs)  And there was Carlo (Don Diamont) and then Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis).  I loved working with Thaao.  He is fabulous, and all the men were great to work with, and I got a great education.”

Gloria on if she ever thought she would end up on a soap after being known for so many year as a singer: “No.  I never thought that, but I had studied acting for ten years and could not get an agent who would send me out on acting calls very often, because every knew me as a singer. Finally, I had an agent who sent me out three times in one week, and so I got over my nervousness. I finally was all revved up and ready to go, and knew how to not talk to the other actresses in the waiting room, and put my attention where it needed to be!  I just went in for the DAYS audition and did it.  I did it strongly, and then they had me back to read with the producers, and then they had me back with three other actresses, and then I got the role.”

Gloria on what she hopes readers and fans will come away with after reading, Coincidence Is God’s Way Of Remaining Anonymous:   “I want them to know that there is a goodness in the world that they are always connected to.  That it is theirs to have, if they look for it.  Here is the deal: the more we look for the good, studies have shown the happier we are, and the more benefit we can be to the people around us. ”

So soapers, what do you think of Gloria’s comments on her soap life on and off-screen?  Make sure to read the rest of the interview at Frontiers!



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I have such great memories of Liz and Neil when I was a kid watching Days. That takes a lot of class to say such nice things about an ex like she did with Don Diamont. I hope my exes would say such kind and respectful things 25 years later. Its nice to hear she’s doing well and has such great advice to impart to her fans. Days should bring her and Neil back for a short story arc. Neil Curtis does have a past with Maggie Horton if I remember correctly 😉


I would love to see her [and Neil] come back to Days. I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her perform at one of the Disney World restaurants way back in the early 70s.

Joan faist
Joan faist

I loved the characters of Neil and LIz. They were one of favorite couples during that time frame. I didn’t realize Gloria is the mother of Robin Thicke. But after all singing is certainly in the genes.


Fascinating woman!

I don’t know how I overlooked this! Bring Gloria back as Liz!!!


There’s a mistake in the second to last paragraph of the interview.
“No. I never thought that, but I had studied acting for ten years and could not get an agent who would send me out on acting calls very often, because every knew me as a singer.”

Just letting you know that you forgot “One” in the sentence above. It says …because every knew me as a singer. I think it’s better to say …because everyone knew me as a singer.

🙂 Great Interview, hope she will come back to DOOL someday!

Odessa Bolden
Odessa Bolden

Gloria, I truly remember u on Days but most of all I remember u on one of the talks shows many years ago tell the host that u were giving up your rolls of acting too work with diabetes when u learned that your oldest son was diabetic, I thought at that time what a great mother u are, do hope your son is doing fine. I see u are a grand mother now, good for u.

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