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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth Comes Face-To-Face With Her Father, Jeff Webber

Photos: ABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital not only brought back to the canvas, Heather Webber (now played by Alley Mills), but Jeff Webber (now played by William Moses).

In story, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Terry (Cassandra James) have traveled to Monterey, California, so Liz can go snooping in the Webber house (where she grew up) in an effort try to get some answers as to why she somehow knows Finn’s (Michael Easton) ex-wife, Reiko, and her troubled relationship with her parents, Jeff and Carolyn.  It’s been over 20 years since Liz has been back home or seen in her parents.

While sitting in a car, Terry had called Liz’s parents, who were shocked to hear from her but also agreed to meet her at the local coffee shop. Terry tells Liz that she will do her best to stall Jeff and Carolyn as long as possible.  Back in Port Charles, Finn finds out from Cameron (William Lipton) that Liz actually went back to visit her parents, which surprises him.

Liz shares she is scared to go inside her parents home (she knows the security code to get in without being found out) but she informs Terry she’s determined to get to the truth and connect the dots of what has been haunting her all these months. When Terry asks her what it is she is looking for, Liz admits she is not sure. Just then, Terry receives a text from Liz’s parents and she needs to get to the coffee shop.

Once at the coffee shop, Terry gets a call from Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) about Willow’s (Katelyn MacMullen) leukemia condition.  After she hangs up, she looks around the coffee shop and Jeff and Carolyn aren’t there.

Meanwhile, Liz has broken into her childhood home and sees a photo of her and her sister, Sarah, from 25 years ago.  Just then, who should walk through the front door? It’s Jeff!  He is stunned to see his daughter standing in the living room.  We fade to black and that’s the cliffhanger till Monday!

So, what do you think will be revealed? Will Jeff turn out to be a very bad guy? Does Heather have something to do with what happened to Liz years ago in the stair well? What does Reiko have to do with any of this? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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So Jeff Webber… aside from being a deadbeat dad… also hasn’t changed his alarm code in over 20 years??

Who knows… maybe it’s because Monterrey is right up the road from Carmel, and their former mayor, Clint Eastwood, was doing his own patrols with his Dirty Harry 44 magnum, so everybody in the area thought they were secure enough?

Satan, it’s been a long time since I’ve been a regular GH viewer, although I expect to watch some of these episodes featuring characters Jeff and Heather, given that I was a regular viewer when those characters were originally introduced.

That being said, I may have missed some plotlines or pertinent dialogue. But I think that the moniker “deadbeat dad” as used for Jeff — and Frisco Jones, for that matter — is basically done so because the character in question hasn’t been seen, or ostensibly heard from, in many years. But we know it’s the fault of the writers/producers, or sometimes even the actors, that the characters don’t appear on the show. So I think “deadbeat dad” can thus be a misnomer for such characters.

From what I recall, both Jeff and Frisco were good guys, good-looking, romantic leads, “heroes” in a sense.

I do remember the writers figuratively and literally destroying the character of Rick Webber — wasn’t it “Weber” at one point? — by rewriting history. So perhaps we will learn of terrible misdeeds by Jeff that occurred long ago, off screen.

Of course, we know of Heather’s countless misdeeds and crimes. And I look forward to seeing these two characters meeting up once again.

Right on point Jamesj75, are they going to do a Rick webber on Jeff Webber? did liz witness her Dad doing something bad, like Laura witness “Rick”. doing? Why did Frisco turn into a deadbeat dad? he supposedly went to save the world, did he not provide financial support for his girls working for the government? and Is Lucky sending support for his kid w/ Liz? Then there’s Lucy, Anna,Robert, Laura, Scotty, Kevin all have offsprings that live off screen, at least you hear Scott has a relationship w/ Serena off screen but you never here Kevin mention his kid w/ Lucy or Lucy mention her daughter Kristina, she does mention Serena though. Lets be real, the writers have made all the characters on the show bad parents at one point or another. It doesn’t make sense why they’ve chosen to play it out this way. I know it is plausible to not see family for that long, every family is unique and circumstances can keep family from seeing each other for decades, but still this one to me doesn’t make sense, but lets see how they will spin this an convince us.

It appears the character of Christina Collins existed only in the canon of the Port Charles series and not GH. She has never been mentioned on the mothership.

Having offspring live offscreen in a different city/country is a lot different than the parent away from underage children. We don’t doubt for a minute that Robin loves her parents.

Thank you for your reply, aria! I appreciate your further analysis regarding Rick and Frisco. And you provide great additional points about all these other characters with offspring they never mention. We seem to be simply scratching the surface here, don’t we? And of course, you’re right about most characters sometimes being bad parents, or at least, making questionable parenting choices. I just think that, for the long-term viewer who remembers all these familial liaisons, we still wonder about them. We’ll see where the writers take us this time. Take care, Friend!

Always nice to read your show history posts, James.

Regarding GH “deadbeat dads”:
Producers and writers from the mid 90s on made the mistake of not revisiting Jeff Webber (it was always 2 w’s). It was obvious that Richard Dean Anderson would never return and Jeff was never a lead so a recast (even temporary visit) for any of his 4 kids could have easily been written in. Jeff did not have to be written as a deadbeat.

Jack Wagner left an indelible mark as Frisco, a role that really couldn’t be recast. Deadbeat was the only option (other than presumed dead) for Frisco since Maxie and Georgie were staying in Port Charles. I don’t see Frisco coming back again, especially with Mac & Felicia being one of the strongest couples on the show.

Over the past few years, the writers have occasionally throw in a line about face timing with Adian to give the impression that Lucky Spencer is not a deadbeat dad. However, if Lucky is living in Europe, why couldn’t he spend time with Lesley after her house burned down?

Totally agree with you about the horrible character assassination done to Rick Webber. Probably the worst in show history (Paul Hornsby as an overnight serial killer being a very distant second).

Thank you for your kind reply, OG Steve! I appreciate your insights on the characters of Jeff and Frisco. And your points about Mac with Felicia, and Lucky are well taken. Thanks for the backup on the “character assassination” of Rick Webber. Long-term, regular viewers fondly remember characters that made an impact, with Lucky and the aforementioned characters being among them. You’re right about what was done to Paul Hornsby’s character. Take care, Friend!

I remember Tristan Rogers being furious at the way Scorpio was portrayed as a deadbeat Dad prior to his return with the monkey virus storyline way back when. That’s a big problem that I have with GH over the years. They do little to embrace the rich history that the show created prior to The Soapranos.

Ocsteve you mention Jeff’s “4kids”! I can only think of 3 kids . Can you (!or any reader) tell me who the 4?th is and who it’s mother is or any details? A quick google shows onlyn3 kids I’ve been a viewer since Steven Lars was a baby and there was Jeff heather and Diane Diana character ( I forget her last name n story like but we’ll over 45 years I’ve watched tho I miss stuff here nbthere

Jeff has 2 daughters (Liz & Sarah) with Carolyn – who didn’t even have a name until earlier this year. He has a son (Steven Lars) with Heather Webber (who herself recently resurfaced in recast form) and a few years ago it was revealed that Hayden Barnes, whose real name was Rachel Berlin (or something like that) was also Jeff’s daughter. So we know Jeff wasn’t exactly faithful with his marriage vows, since some sort of affair with Finn’s late wife Reiko also seems likely, which resulted in that incident of her being shoved down the stairs that Liz is starting to remember after suppressing it for decades.

Steve Hardy’s not in Hell, but I imagine he’s turning cartwheels upstairs right about now, as the truth of his son Jeff’s past comes to light.

I absolutely loved Steve Nurse Jesse Amy Vining can’t remember Steve’s wife nurse?

Happy to give background…
Steven Lars Webber is Jeff’s son with Heather. As a newborn, Heather gave him up to be adopted by Peter & Diana Taylor. Peter died of a heart attack shortly after finding out that his son was actually Steven Lars. As Heather mentioned the other day, Steven (dating Olivia at the time) was last seen being carted off to prison for an illegal organ harvesting program.

Sarah Webber and Elizabeth Webber Baldwin are Jeff’s daughters with Carolyn. Sarah, also a doctor, hasn’t been seen in years.

Jeff’s fourth child is Hayden Barnes (aka Rachel Berlin). This was revealed a few years ago by Hayden’s mother, Naomi Dreyfus. Hayden ran off after Nikolas made it seem she was in mortal danger. She hasn’t contacted her daughter (Violet) or anyone in Port Charles since. Naomi returned but was found dead in a hotel room just before it appeared she was going to reveal something about Hayden.

So 4 biological children for a character that hasn’t been seen in 40 years. More than Robert Scorpio, Mac Scorpio and Ned Quartermaine combined!

Diana was the wife of Tony? And they didn’t know PJ was Steven Lars till Peter died in his deathbed he told them who PJ really was Those old storylines were great

Didn’t Jeff leave with his son StevenLars to raise him

No question that the “deadbeat dad” designation was one imposed on the characters, not by anything they actually did themselves, but by their glaring absence in the lives of their children and now grandchildren, as well as other family members. In Jeff’s case he not only missed out on everything Liz & her kids went through over the years, but was also conspicuously absent for the deaths of his father, Steve Hardy, and his brother Rick Webber, among other events that presumably would have caught his attention. You could make a similar list for Frisco, of course.

Most of which can be laid at the feet of the writers & producers of the show over the years. Jeff’s absence has been completely ignored until now, while Frisco had a half-assed “return” while ReRon was writing the show, which amounted to about a two day visit, and if anything, left the character’s image even more tarnished than before, a fact not lost on Jack Wagner, and if a Devil remembers correctly, he vowed to never come back again. Can’t really blame him.

What they do to Jeff’s character with this recast remains to be seen. Hope he gets better treatment than his brother Rick did, his last time through.

Satan, thanks for your reply! As always, I appreciate your insights. I have to agree with your analysis. In theory, Jeff should have been present for so many momentous occasions, including those involving his daughter Liz. I appreciate your further expansion on Frisco as well. It all makes sense. Take care, Friend!

Hello Jamesj75..I’m in need of your opinion on this Webber story. Simply put…what’s the endgame? The reason I ask is because it’s beginning to feel like a desperate attempt at giving Elizabeth a story. ANY story. The Webbers don’t appear to have the charisma or energy of major, long-term contract players. So, besides some silly link to Reiko, what do we expect Elizabeth to uncover? I want to invest in this story because Rebecca is such a terrific actress but I’m smelling disappointment. What do you think?

Hello Soaphound! I really appreciate you reaching out to me on this Liz Webber story. During yesterday’s episode, when she unloaded on her parents on many of the milestone events they neglected to visit or offer any support, I found it powerful and, of course, sad.

I think you are right that it’s an attempt to give Liz a storyline, but, as others have suggested, I suspect the character of Jeff Webber is about to be trashed, just as was done to his brother Rick. With new actors involved, the impact may be lessened, but I eagerly anticipate an eventual reunion of Jeff and Heather. Take care, Friend!

Richard Dean Anderson (STARGATE) I haven’t changed my code in a while


I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes now that we have a Jeff and Carolyn on the canvas.
However, it was really distracting for me to see that the Webbers live in Portia’s old house. HA! HA!
I know it’s a house in another state, but reused sets (while needed to save money, I guess) just take me right out of the moment while I adjust. They really need to do a better job of distinguishing their sets when reusing them. Just my two cents.

Your assessment on reused sets is spot on. Jeff’s house is not only Portia’s previous residence, but also the Dawn of Day house. Barely changed each time.

Sasha and Gladys’ apartment was previously Kim and Oscar’s home. The balcony view appears changed, but the kitchen island remains the anchor.

They did a little better disguising Elizabeth’s house (kitchen, modified entry) but you can tell it was the original Webber/Jones/Scorpio home. The fireplace and staggered stairs are giveaways.

Wonder what became of Liz’s previous house, the one that burned down.

If I recall correctly, that was briefly reused twice. Once as the old Spencer house in the flashback scenes where Tony Geary played Luke and Bobbie’s father and Laura Wright as their mother. The last time it was used was when Jordan and Portia got trapped in a basement and Portia made that comment about Trina’s father.

That set was slightly reworked and used again today (Nov 11) as the house where Anna is hiding out.

And after that it’s been blown up at least twice. First by Fluke and then by whomever it was that was holding Jordan & Portia hostage (senior Devil moment… forgot the context of that story)

That house must be built from the same wood as that cabin near Salem that’s been burned 666 times, and is still there!

If I recall correctly, Portia was there to help Curtis on a case. Jordan was looking for the same man, but for another case.

Regardless, it was a hurried up plot to help usher Jordan off the canvas when Briana Henry decided to not to renew her contract.

Elizabeth didn’t grow up in CA did she? Wasn’t it CO? Different house, different keys, alarm, etc.?

Billy Moses looks the same, somewhat older but his wife reminds me of those old correctional institute matrons.

As some have said, they are giving Liz a backstory but why hurt Finn in the process of finding out what his precious Reiko was up to or should I say who? When he thought he failed to save her from that terrible desease that also turned himself into an addict. It could have been any other woman Jeff had the thing with, oh almost forgot, there was another woman, Heather Barnes’s mother and who knows who else was on his hit list?

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Chase Proposes to Brook Lynn; Kristina and Blaze Share a Kiss

Finally, many GH viewers got their wish, when on the Monday, December 4th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, Chase (Josh Swickard) got down on one knee (a few times) and proposed to Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

At first, Brook Lynn balked at his attempt as she believed Gloria (Ellen Travolta) and Lois (Rena Sofer) were pressuring him to do so. When she tells Chase marriage is off the table he pulls out an engagement ring. Chase reveals he was planning on proposing at Christmas, so he had the ring ready to go. A romantic Chase shares that he doesn’t want to waste one more day as he clearly knows what matters now … her!  With that, Chase gets back down on his knees and proposes again, and this time Brook Lynn says, “yes!” The two seal the deal with a kiss!

Molly (Kristen Vaganos) breaks the news to TJ (Tajh Bellow), that she now wants to accept her sister, Kristina’s (Kate Mansi) offer to be their surrogate, after all the failures they have been through in trying to find a candidate that will stick.  While TJ voices his concerns, he eventually comes around and tells Molly, “Let’s have a baby,” and now seems excited about the prospect of Kristina being the answer to their prayers. They seal the deal with a kiss!

Photo: JPI

Kristina and Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) get together with a bottle of champagne, since Blaze’s latest song just hit number one on the charts. During their conversation, Kristina asks what is Blaze’s real name? She reveals it’s “Alison”.


Later, Kristina opens up about her past and her abusive relationship with Keifer, her short marriage to Trey and then how she went away to college and fell for her professor Parker Forsythe (formerly Ashley Jones).  She then reveals Parker went back to her ex. However, Kristina’s takeaway was she realized she was clearly into women. That leaves the moment open for Blaze to make a move on Kristina and the two share a kiss.

Photo: JPI

So, three kisses moved the stories forward on this episode of GH. Which are you most happy about? Chase and Brook Lynn getting engaged? GH moving forward with a same-sex romance for Kristina and Blaze, or TJ and Molly coming together to agree to let Kristina be their surrogate? Three kisses, three different stories.  Let us know via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Daytime Emmy Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon; The Tradition Continues

On Sunday, it was Mishael Morgan’s (Amanda Sinclair, The Young and the Restless) turn to host the annual Lead Actress nominee luncheon, for this year’s talented woman who are going for gold at the upcoming 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday night, December 15th on CBS.

Morgan took home the Daytime Emmy in this category in 2022 becoming the first Black actress in the now 50-year history to ever win it. In a tradition that was started by four-time Daytime Emmy winner Susan Flannery (Ex-Stephanie, The Bold and the Beautiful), the winning actress from the previous year has to pick up the tab, choose a restaurant and host a fun afternoon gathering for this year’s crop of nominees.

Attending the festivities were 2023 Lead Actress nominees: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, The Young and the Restless), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Sharon Case (Sharon, The Young and the Restless) Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital), and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful).

Photo: SCaseIG

Taking to her Instagram, Melissa Claire Egan shared: “To be nominated alongside this incredibly talented group of women is a TRUE HONOR!!! Thank you to last years winner, the fabulous Mishael Morgan for hosting an epic Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon today. It’s so nice that they all offered to give me their Emmy if they win!!”

Michelle Stafford took to her Instagram and expressed: “Lead Actress Brunch. This is a real honor. I’m truly honored to be in a group with all of these incredible women. I’ve loved them all for a very long time. We are all so grateful to be working on our shows… to be working in general, as actors. What a spectacular group of women. Mishael (Last years winner) put together a brunch that was BEYOND spectacular with gift bags even!! I mean Mishael, you are an absolute class act. Thank you for the beautiful day 🧡”

Finola Hughes posted her sentiments as well, “Yesterday was the leading ladies lunch for the Emmy’s. It’s a tradition started by the inimitable Susan Flannery. (The previous years winner throws a luncheon for the nominees). Yesterday was a very special lunch. Mishael Morgan raised the bar! The conversation was at once light hearted and deep. This was an amazing group of women, supportive, funny and caring. Thank you all for a brilliant few hours 💕 🌸 ✨”

Posting on their Instagram Stories were Michelle Stafford who gave us a little more behind the scenes of the luncheon, where Mishael also handed out a gift bag to each of the ladies, and Sharon Case who accompanied her photos with the tune “This One’s For the Girls” by Martina McBride.

So, looking forward to seeing which of these talented actresses takes home the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy on December 15th? What do you think about how the tradition has been handed down for many years that the luncheon carries on? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom Shares Heartfelt Message to Mark His 30-Year Anniversary as Dr. Kevin Collins

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since back on December 3rd, 1993, when General Hospital viewers got the shock of their lives as the ABC soap opera introduced the psychiatrist twin brother of serial killer, Ryan Chamberlain, in the form of Dr. Kevin Collins.

For soap fans that meant we got to see even more of one of the finest actors ever to appear in the genre in Jon Lindstrom. The talented actor started on GH a year and half earlier in June of 1992 as Ryan.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Lindstrom is in the running for this year’s Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series when the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards are given out in less than two weeks on Friday night, December 15th on CBS. Could an Emmy on his 30th year playing Kevin and Ryan be in the cards? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

It has been well-documented that former GH creatives Wendy Riche (ex-EP), Claire Labine (ex-head writer) and Michelle Val Jean (ex-writer) were all instrumental in keeping Jon in Port Charles with a second role as Kevin, when he could have headed to As the World Turns at the time to play the role of Damian Grimaldi, that eventually went to Paolo Seganti.

Taking to his Instagram on Sunday to acknowledge this special milestone, Jon shared via video message, “I woke up this morning to see that today December 3rd, marks 30 years since I debuted as Dr. Kevin Collins on General Hospital. I knew that it had been a long time, but 30 years since the doppelgänger to Dr. Ryan Chamberlain was introduced. It really is remarkable. It’s been a great ride, a great run. it’s like an entire career right there. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s just been great.”

Photo: JPI

Lindstrom paid tribute to those who helped create Kevin, expressing, “I have a lot of people to thank about that, let alone people like Wendy Riche and the brass at ABC at the time … Claire Labine who was writing the show back, but Michelle Val Jean was really was the one who I had the pleasure of working with to develop and bring to life Kevin Collins. She’s still a great friend today. So, there’s been a lot of blessings around this for me, and don’t think, I don’t know it. I pretty much drop to my knees every day in gratitude. Thank you world for supporting Dr. Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain, for that matter. I’ll do it as long as they’ll have me.”

Accompanying his video, Jon wrote: “So grateful today for my 30 years of ‘Kevin Collins’ (and ‘Ryan Chamberlain’) on General Hospital, and for the wonderful journey my life has been, for my friends, my the family and incredible opportunities I’ve had. Hope you all have much to be grateful for.”

Share your congrats and well-wishes to Jon for 30 years as GH’s Dr. Kevin Collins via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jon Lindstrom (@jonlindstrom)

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