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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Michelle Stafford Delivers Riveting Performance As Nina Confronts A Captive Henrik!


On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers learned that it was Nina (Michelle Stafford) who gave an assist to none other than Liesl (Kathleen Gati), who are the responsible parties for kidnapping Peter aka Henrik (Wes Ramsey).

It all happens in a cabin in the woods when Peter wakes up screaming, strapped to a bed.  When Nina comes through the door, he is shocked. Nina launches into an emotional tirade of a grieving sister who lost the brother who meant the world to her, and who she always looked up to, and saw as her protector.  She rails on Peter that she wants her brother, Nathan back, and accuses Peter of using her beloved sibling as a human shield. A desperate Peter tries to tell her, that he is nothing like his nefarious father, Cesar Faison, and he really fought hard against that.  Nina doesn’t believe him for a second, and doesn’t like how he tried to insinuate himself into Maxie’s life when she was most vulnerable … pregnant, and grieving the loss of her husband. After not really wanting to hear another word out of Peter’s mouth, Nina reveals that it’s actually someone else that is keeping him hostage there.

In wanders Dr. Obrecht with a hatchet.  (Memories of Misery?)  Now, it looks like Dr. O is going to smash the hatchet into Peter’s head, but she smashes it into the wall behind him instead.  Nina tells her aunt that while Liesl has kidnapped Peter and taking matters into her own hands, it’s only a matter of time before the WSB tracks Peter down.  Nina vows she wants payback as well, but thinks the police should handle it. However, Obrecht disagrees, and decides she should keep Peter locked up, until he confesses to whatever will put him away permanently.  They shake on it. Next, Peter begs Nina not to leave him alone with the “maniac.” However, Nina leaves anyway, as Obrecht gags him.

What touched us most in these scenes, was Michelle Stafford’s portrayal of Nina’s pain, betrayal, and need for retribution for the death of her brother.  Stafford illustrated why she continues to be one of the most noted actresses on the soap with her ability to weave levels and depth of emotion into a performance.

What did you think of Michelle Stafford’s performance?  What did you think of Obrecht and Nina being the people that are holding Peter captive?  Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Love Michelle – as usual delivers a fantastic performance.
I was a little surprised to see her at the cabin – at least so soon,I figured it would be Liesl and she would bring Nina into the fold eventually.


Michelle Stafford is a very powerful actress.
She doesn’t often get the credit she deserves.
Michelle is indeed one of the best of the best actors and she never fails to bring it home.
When she is given good material she is outstanding.

Scott (ATWT Fan)
Scott (ATWT Fan)

Michelle has been continuing to turn out powerful performances. First, with James Patrick Stuart and now Wes Ramsey? They’re clearly trying to use her for her strengths, which is nice to finally see happen!


Michelle has been, finally, given the chance to exhibit the talent few can claim.
The lioness is out….a’roar; claws sharpened in the name of her family/brother/cousin.
I hope she runs him though a skewer.


Seems only the praiseworthy posts made it on this thread! With all the serious scenery-chomping that went on by this character, Peter is lucky to still have a roof over his head! #NotImpressed….


I adore Michelle… her portrayal of Nina
floors me…time and again.


Adore Michelle. I know that Michelle/Nina do not have a very popular fan base with the viewers; but, I think she is great. Michelle steals scenes. As much as I hate this storyline and I can’t stand the parking lot hire, I loved Michelle in these scenes.

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LISTEN TO THE REPLAY: Soap Nation Live! With Michael Fairman Season Premiere With Laura Wright, Jason Thompson, Michael Easton, Maurice Benard, Stacy Haiduk & Kim Zimmer

If you missed Thursday night’s season premiere of Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman it was a broadcast full of surprises, fun, and intriguing intel as some of the biggest names in the soap opera genre helped kick-off the series 2018 run of episodes.

Joining Michael in-studio as guest co-host was General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos).  The show began with a guest call-in to surprise Laura, which was revealed to be daytime drama icon, and four-time Daytime Emmy winner, Kim Zimmer (Ex-Reva) of Guiding Light.  Laura and Kim worked together on the beloved CBS soap where they played sisters.  Kim expressed how much she enjoys checking out General Hospital and the actors performances she has loved watching which included: Max Gail (Mike), and the recently exited Nelle (Chloe Lanier), among others.  Michael, Laura, and Kim bantered on the actresses time on GL and more.

Next, GH’s Michael Easton (Finn) joined the show where he discussed the release of his upcoming 20th anniversary edition of his book 18 Straight Whiskeys, working on GH opposite Finola Hughes (Anna) and Jessica Tuck (Cassandra).  During his segment, Michael Fairman asked Easton to play a game show segment he prepared for him, which was called, “Michael, Who Said That?” In it, Michael Easton had to guess which one of his many soap characters was he portraying in the scene in the audio clip, and it made for one of the highlights of the night.

Calling in from New York City was Stacy Haiduk, who is about to make her debut this week on the August 21st of Days of our Lives as Susan Banks, replacing Eileen Davidson in the role.  Susan is back on the canvas just as John and Marlena’s wedding is about to begin.  The question is: Will more of Davidson’s roles be played by Haiduk during her upcoming rum on the show?  We chatted with Stacy about working on DAYS, and taking over the one-of-a-kind role of Susan made soap-famous by Emmy winner, Davidson.

Then, The Young and the Restless, Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) was our special guest in the studio.  Jason talked about Billy’s latest stumble back into his gambling addiction, Phyllis’ fling with Nick, and if Billy will be able to resist the seduction attempts by Phyllis’ daughter, Summer on upcoming episodes.  Jason fielded several questions from fans who called-in to chat with him during his segment.  As well, throughout the broadcast, several listeners were able to get through the busy phone lines to pose a question to our guests.

Michael surprised the listeners with none other than Maurice Benard (Sonny) of General Hospital as the last guest on the show.  Maurice was celebrating his 25th anniversary as Sonny on the ABC daytime drama series.  With Maurice, some of the funniest moments of the night occurred when Jason and Laura recounted what happened the first time they met him.  Maurice also expressed that this past week, he taped some of his most favorite scenes of all-time, and Laura said they have been very emotional.  As announced, look for a special Sonny-centric episode in September in honor of Benard’s 25 years as Port Charles’ top mobster.

Finally, one lucky caller won a pair of tickets to the GH Fantasy Event in Atlanta, Georgia, during our game show trivia segment, when he had the correct answers (with an assist from Jason Thompson) to the questions.

Now, below click on the play button and hear the replay of the Soap Nation Live Season Premiere with Laura Wright, Kim Zimmer, Michael Easton, Stacy Haiduk, Jason Thompson, and Maurice Benard.

If you want to hear past episodes of the show, click here.

Let us know in the comment section below what was your favorite part of the season premiere.

Listen to “Soap Nation Live Season Premiere 2018” on Spreaker.

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Thursday Night: Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman Season Premiere With Laura Wright, Michael Easton, Jason Thompson & Stacy Haiduk

Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman returns tomorrow night on Thursday, August 16th with its season premiere broadcast beginning at 10PMEST/7PMPST.

Join Michael and his in-studio special guest co-host General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) for this 90-minute live podcast series kick-off.  Soap Nation Live! will stream live once a month with all-new episodes.

Special guests include: The Young and the Restless’ Jason Thompson, who is on tap to chat about the latest drama in the life of his soap alter-ego, Billy Abbott, General Hospital’s Michael Easton, who will be previewing the 20th anniversary edition of his book, 18 Straight Whiskeys, and dishing on Finn’s love life and predicaments on the ABC daytime drama series, and Days of our Lives Stacy Haiduk, who is about to make her Salem debut shrouded under much mystery.  Plus, you never know what surprises may be in store during the broadcast!

Make sure to listen in for our trivia game show segment, where one lucky caller has the chance to win two VIP Tickets plus a photo op at one of nine GH Fantasy events featuring cast members from General Hospital brought to you by Coastal Entertainment.  The winner can choose from upcoming shows in: Arlington, VA, Chicago IL, Cleveland, OH, Atlanta GA, Raleigh NC, Stamford CT, Boston MA, Fort Worth TX, or San Antonio TX,

To call-in and pose a question, or a comment, to any of our guests throughout the broadcast, dial the exclusive listener-line at 818-295-2130.

Soap Nation Live! will be streamed live for listeners at Michael Fairman TV ( Look for the live link and post 10 minutes before showtime to go directly to the broadcast.  If you have any trouble listening to the show here, you can head on over to Spreaker to our official show page (

Immediately following the broadcast, Soap Nation Live! will be archived and made available for replay and for download.  To see live portions of the broadcast, that can be viewed via Facebook Live on the official Michael Fairman TV Facebook Page

If you have a question for any of our guests that you would like potentially answered on-air, please post those in the comment section below.  We hope you enjoy our extra special premiere!



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GH’s Jackie Zeman To Co-Host TLC’s New Design & Lifestyle Series ‘Make This Place Your Home’

Nurse Bobbie Spencer and legacy star of General Hospital, Jackie Zeman, will be getting the chance to bring to viewers another one of her passions besides acting, that of interior design and creating beautiful surroundings for her loved ones.

Zeman is set to co-host TLC’s new series, Make This Place Your Home.  Celebrity Chef and lifestyle guru, Jaime Laurita, who has traveled the world cooking and creating homes on the road for rock stars such as Sting and Steven Tyler, will be Jackie’s hosting counterpart.

The series will debut on Saturday, September 29th at 9:00am ET/PT.   The half hour show will introduce innovative products for every area of the home, indoors and outdoors.  From the latest in Smart Home technology to handcrafted designs, fitness equipment, new green and sustainable products and more.

Make This Place Your Home will offer audiences an inside look at how new home products are made, how they can be used in any size or style of home, and often how they improve the lives of real people in need of design help.

The series is produced by WGST, Inc, producers of  Food Quest on A&E and FYI Networks.

So, will you be checking out Jackie’s new series? Comment below!

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