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GH EP Frank Valentini On Taping the Sonya Eddy Tribute Episode: “It Was an Extraordinary Script, and It Was a Labor of Love That Day”


This week on General Hospital, the ABC daytime dramas series kicks off its 60th anniversary set of episodes, with what is sure to be the most emotional – the tribute episode for the late Sonya Eddy in honor of her beloved GH character, Epiphany Johnson.

GH’s executive producer spoke with Soap Opera Digest (in their latest issue on newsstands now), about how the show decided to handle the delicate subject of a real-life cast member’s passing and connect it to the story on the canvas of the soap opera.

In conjunction with GH co-head writers, Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, the trio decided that if they weren’t ever going to be able to see Sonya as Epiphany again, that there was no way they were going to ever recast the role.  Valentini shared: “We decided it was important to honor not only Sonya, but Epiphany and we wanted to dedicate a full entire episode all about that.”

The EP went on to give praise to his writers, and the cast for their performances when taping the episode: “I think everyone was touched by what the writer’s wrote. It was an extraordinary script and it was a labor of love that day in honor of Sonya, who was so incredibly loved by everybody in the cast and  crew.

The way the death of Epiphany is structured on the airshows is key also to the upcoming Nurses’ Ball episodes set to air the following week. Frank expressed: “Epiphany is a very pivotal person in the Nurses’ Ball, so it’s almost like a part two (of her tribute).

The Sonya Eddy tribute episode airs Wednesday March 29th.

Are you looking forward to seeing how GH honors Sonya and the beloved Epiphany of GH? Comment below.

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I bet it’s just going to be heart-breaking.

I look forward to seeing the tribute. She was awesome and I loved her character ❤️ sleep on Angel

So happy to hear that
She was awesome…
Rest in peace lovely lady

I know it’s going to be heartbreaking and sad

Really miss her and her character

Yep it was

Yes. Do her right!

It took long enough for the writers!! To pay tribute to sonya! Glad make it good.

you do realize it took a bit of time to figure out how to fit it in existing storylines, write it, perform and tape it. Having it coincide with the 60th anniversary is perfect.


Nope Tooo Long! Like She Didn’t matter.
They could’ve Honored her way Long Before This

They tape episodes months in advance. They wanted her to have a special episode for the 60th Anniversary. She was amazing!


It was beautifully done.

I believe it’s because SHE DID MATTER, to all of them that they do this right! At first I was sad they were waiting but I now see the wisdom! Besides the fact it was a terrible loss for her cast mates and family. This gave them a little time to process and heal. Perfect timing for the 60th yr. We all miss her so much, yes she mattered to all of us. Today will be gut wrenching I’m sure!

Sounds like you’re implying something; if so, give it up and stop. It was a great tribute and one that Stuart Damon, who played Alan Quartermaine for thirty years, never got.

They didn’t have to wait this long to honor Sonya if it would have been Mayberry mike it would have been right away


totally agree.. some people haven’t a clue how the writing works.

I totally agree!!

agree, yes, it’s been a while but man everyone has been too hard on the writers. they should be thankful that they are wanting to make it a memorable tribute instead of just throwing one together. These will be the same people who will complain it wasn’t good enough.

I agree. It usually takes a while when something happens to an actor, especially one whose character is well loved.

I’m sure they just took the time to do it right.

Not a storyline you can just throw in there. Thankfully they took their time and are doing a tribute to her

Seriously? Sonya died just before Christmas. The show is written about 3 months in advance. If this were DAYS, it would’ve taken about 9 months. Victor Kiriakis death has not been addressed.

Kudos to Chris & Dan for getting this on as soon as possible. There’s much to criticize about writing on GH, but the timing of this tribute is definitely not an issue.

I think Days is going to start moving towards Victor’s death. Even though they tape 6-7 months ahead, John Aniston’s last appearance was on December 26, so he was apparently unable to work for several months before he passed away. The fact that Bo came up with this “quest” to dig up his Kiriakis roots (rather than reunite with any of his Brady relative, except for Kayla, who didn’t really have a choice in the matter) seems to me like they already knew what was coming by the time these scenes were taped, and that they better work up to the character’s death by immersing Bo in that side of his history. My theory is that Bo might even end up taking an interest in Titan Industries once he gets back to Salem. Even if he doesn’t stick around long term himself, he might want to secure the “family legacy” for Ciara & possibly Chelsea (if we ever see her again) Shawn Douglas probably won’t want to give up being a cop, so he’s not likely interested in the Kiriakis business.

Look at you – almost providing positive notes on Ron. He might had a direction in mind, but doubt he would have written a Victor passing scene until JA died. Guessing August (at the earliest) to see that on screen.

200% agree

I agree

You know nothing to make a comment like that… Shameful!!

They also had to allow her RL family to grieve and work on their time table regarding the tribute.

I agree!

The reason being is that tape so far in advance. They were planning as soon as they found out. It takes time to think of what exactly they want to do and how to present it. It is not a live show.

Right! It did take a long time.

I think it will be awesome.Rip angel!!

It didn’t take long; they shoot months in advance. It’s not live! The memorial was very touching and not everyone who deserved one got one. Stuart Damon, who played Alan Quartermaine, a central character for thirty years, never did. He got a few flashbacks for maybe three minutes at the end of an episode with his picture at the end of it. That was a disgrace.

Here’s the key difference with Stuart Damon’s passing and that of Sonya Eddy…

The character of Alan was (stupidly) killed off. A funeral was shown with flashbacks at that time. Trying to calm the fan protests, the producers brought back Alan as a ghost haunting Tracy. Stuart also had a short appearance with Monica, Tracy and AJ during the 50th anniversary year.

If the character was still alive at the time of the performer’s passing (ie. Epiphany or Sean Donely) it’s not a major stretch to combine the real and reel deaths into a tribute show. Since the character of Alan was long dead, you’d have to stretch to create a plot point that could include living cast members.

All my commentary is from someone who treasured Alan (and Stuart’s portrayal) and took
a long break viewing break after the ridiculous deaths of Alan, Elizabeth and Georgie.

Elizabeth? Did Elizabeth die and come back? Or did you mean Emily? As for Stuart Damon, yes; them killing him (Alan) off the show was so completely crazy and careless; heartless too. Not only for fans but Stuart Damon was blindsided. Horrible decision.Still, when Mr. Damon died they could have planned a tribute episode; Monica looking through a photo album on their wedding anniversary, the family gathered around as they all reminisced; thus flashbacks like we had for Sonya. It could have been a real nostalgic episode for those of us who “knew” him, and a peak into an actual Quartermaine for those who have recently come aboard and only know the fake Quartermaines (‘cept for Ned and Brook Lynne). There’s a way to dedicate an episode to him, and I think they should have. The man was on for thirty years….

OMG – I can’t believe I typed Elizabeth instead of Emily (just after I responded to a different poster who mistook Emma for Emily!)

Elizabeth is one of the few characters that have never been presumed dead and returned. She’s certainly been around quite a few of them (Lucky, Jake, Jason, Drew, Robin).

Jill Phelps (if she goes in that direction) will not be warmly welcomed by Stuart Damon or Anna Lee. Phelps bumped Lee to recurring. Lee’s son said that took away one of the few things that kept his mother going. John Ingle was one of the few that got the upper hand on Phelps. When bumped to recurring, Ingle was immediately scooped up for a contract role at DAYS. After that ended (and a disastrous run of Jed Allan as Edward), Phelps brought Ingle back under contract where he stayed until his passing.

As you mentioned, with the influx of interlopers and hangers-on at the Q mansion, if there was a tribute to Stuart, sadly only Monica and Ned would’ve had stories. Remember, they couldn’t use flashbacks that contained Edward, Lila, AJ, Emily or recast characters without paying their estates.

Took Long Enough they just forgot about her to me! And they are wrong for that

Disagree, they (writers of GH) wanted it to be real, touching, and perfect, for that they needed TIME. Can’t wait to see it!!!

I think they are doing right by her,and her rl family. I think it’s going to be terrific, I say well done.

Are you just not reading the other posts “explaining” what you are talking about??? I think this was done as it should be and will be presented perfectly

I disagree. She could never be forgotten.

LOL; stop whining. The tribute was very nice.

I love her i been waitng for GH to say something about her. Rip. And love and peace to the family

Already crying when I read this. Loved her so much! She will forever be missed.

Me too,and I barely watch GH.


I love Sonya Eddy too, I was so shocked when died in real life…I am going to missed her no nonsense character and she was sassy. I was also waiting for the writers of GH,to write how her character Epthany’s died. Thank you for her tribute on Wednesday 3/29/2023…We love and going to missed Ms. Sonya Eddy aka Epthany Johnson

Yes I remember her when I used to watch GH . Nice character she played. Thanks GH for this tribute to Sonya Eddy


Yes! She was a wonderful actress. Going to miss her she was so funny. I’m sure it’s going to be very emotional.

It’s gonna have all that watch GH CRY I’m sure everyone will make the entire episode will be GREAT and filled with lots of love and memories

Yes she was a Angel.She just made General Hospital special with her presence . I miss her she helped everyone with their problems and she didnt judge.R,I,P, sweet lady.Im so glad you didnt recast.

Gh is honoring a very special lady RIP

It’s love on the brain…do it right GH …no other soap can do what you do…it gives us , your fans and viewers a chance to mourn and say Goodbye! Her character reminds me of myself…don’t start no mess; it won’t be no mess! I loved her character when she had the hot romance with the hotty … And her singing touches souls…no understudy can do her the characters Luke…Jason and Jaxs..bring them back please…❤️❤️❤️

It’s going to be heartfelt because they all loved her and know what she meant to her fans RIP Sonna

Her character was “real” and true. I was so, so saddened to hear of her death in real life. She was a true treasure.

I agree that they cannot recast Ephiany’s role on GH. Sonya was one in a million.❤️❤️ I’m so looking forward to her tribute on the show.

I also agree there was only one epiphany Sonja she had the voice of angel R.I.P.

Yes she sang lik an Angel

I totally agree with the writers for not recasting the character of Epiphany on the show. Sonya was one in a million. Good Rest her soul. She surely is missed by so many. ❤️❤️

Recasting would have been exceedingly inappropriate, rude and would have unleashed unimaginable fury from cast, crew and fans alike

She was very sweet and help everyone I’m going to miss her I been a fan of general hospital since it was aired in 63

I been fan since it aired.and IBeen blessed by enjoying the show thru the years.i am sixty five and love to watch the show and hope one day I can meet all the cast of the show.Miss Sonya
had a beautiful personality…she
is going to be missed by me.
Father God has her soul and spirit. Prayers go out to family
Cast and writers.may the Lord heal and give strength to all.
May the Lord keep everyone…..

rength to all

Me too. Watched GH since 1963. RIP Sonya. Can’t wait to see her tribute on Wednesday. She was a great person and will be missed dearly.

It’s going to be sad. At least they’ve been prefacing it by her studying to become a doctor

Studying to become a doctor is awesome

When they first mentioned the Johns Hopkins thing, I thought they were going to take the “easy way out” and give the character an offscreen “happily for ever after as a doctor, somewhere else” exit.

But then they had multiple characters comment on how they couldn’t get in touch with Epiphany, and it made it obvious they were leading up to the death of the character. If the tribute episode is Wednesday, I imagine somewhere towards the end of the Tuesday episode, somebody is going to find out what happened to her, and then Wednesday everybody else finds out.

I REALLY wanted that storyline to play out, Dr. EPIPHANY JOHNSON! She would have been FIRE! She cannot be recast, she is irreplaceable! Does anyone know what she died from?

As much as I enjoyed Sonya and her portrayal of Epiphany, the storyline of her becoming a doctor gave short shrift to nurses overall. On a hospital show that only has for years had only one nurse (Elizabeth) as a contract performer, we should be celebrating nurses and not insinuate that they want to be doctors.

If Willow survives, will they pick up the storyline (mostly heard and not seen) that she was studying to be a nurse? We got a glimpse of Bobbie in action when Amelia was in the nursery. With Epiphany’s passing and the Ball next week, we’re likely to trot out Felix, Amy and Deanna before they go back in the storage bin.

Longtime viewers will recall the key role nurses played in the show through the 80s. Even though Amy, Meg and Georgia were never part of major stories, they were a regular presence at “the hub”. As the job description of nurses changed, Bobbie and then Elizabeth have played key roles in operating room scenes.

We are looking forward to it but not the tears we may shed. She left this world way too young
Just hope the writers don’t replace her character!!!

Did you read the article before you comment?

OMG!! I am going to ball like a baby. I loved Epiphany

I have been waiting for this tribute to this wonderful actress.
I’m also happy that her position is not being recast. There will only be ONE
Nurse Epiphany Johnson, she will never be replaced. My heart is breaking all over in anticipation of Wednesday’s show, as well as the upcoming Nurses Ball.❤

I was in tears just reading about the tribute episode! She was so amazing, I loved her so much ❤️

I agree wholeheartly that Sonya n epiphany should be remembered with one whole show of Sonya. We love n miss her so much. She was so awesome. She played epiphany right down to the money. I loved her so much n I agree with everyone that epiphany / Sonya will be loved n missed. Rise high beautiful lady. With love Earnest n Susan Miller

Sonya was Epiphany and a recast just wouldn’t be right. I was so pleased when the writers were finally writing a well earned storyline for her. I was really looking forward to watching her become a Doctor and maybe finding love again. I am misty eye just thinking of her. Sonya, what a great person you were.

It is a wonderful way to show what a wonderful lady dhe was.Thank you for your life and a lady you were.

Yes can’t wait to see how GH honors Epiphany and anyone else. I’m sure they will do a great job.
Will miss Epiphany very great actor indeed.
God bless

I so miss Sonya Eddy she was the best Epiphany Johnson ever and glad she won’t be replaced .I so wanted to see her character become a doctor rest in peace Sonya eddy gone too soon.

I am glad they will be doing a special tribute to Sonya. I here she was an amazing person. She is sorely missed. RIP

Yes I have been wondering how they were going to honor her after her passing. So glad to see that they will be dedicating an episode to her. She was quite a character and will be truly missed.

Get out the hankies this is gonna be sad

I’m glad the tribute for Sonya Eddy is approaching. She was a great Actor and I am sorry she is no longer with us. RIP

Thanks Frank and to Chris and Dan for this tribute.

Yes, I am definitely looking forward to the episode honoring Sonya Eddy aka General Hospital character Epiphany.

I’ve been looking forward to this episode . I love that their doing this in Sonya’s memory it’s going to be special.

I am so sorry she is gone, may she rest in peace. Sonya was a giantic part if GH. I miss her face on General Hospital EVERYDAY.

Just cried my eyes out reading this. Looking forward to the tribute. Such an amazing actress and woman. Rest in peace Sonya.❤️

Don’t know how the tribute episode will usher her out, but I’m glad they are not going to recast. Some characters can’t be replaced, and Sonya Eddy was one of them. I know you are at peace and singing and dancing in Heaven. Will always miss you.

I agree with you Colleen. She had a voice like an Angel

I think it will be a beautiful tribute to her life and her as an actress on the show.

I cried just Reading this. I’m sure it will be beautiful can’t wait to see it. God Bless

Yes, she’s going to be missed dearly

I was honestly devastated when she passed, it was as if I had known her personally. She had replied to me after I had made comments on her IG posts, and it thrilled me that she took the time to respond, and each time she did, it literally made my day. There could never be another Epiphany and it’s only right that there be no thought to replace this one of kind beautiful soul that we have come to love. I know I won’t ever forget her or her smile, and I am already preparing for the waterworks this week. Rest in peace our sweet angel and sing loudly in the heavens!

It is going to be a somber and tearful episode. I cried when I read of her passing. Gone way too soon

She’s a special lady forever in our hearts

I love Sonya, so this episode will be very difficult to watch, but so moving as well.

Looking forward to the tribute. She was so good as Epiphany. Hoping she’s honored in a fitting way. God bless Sonya. May she rest in peace.

Stocking up on kleenex…I love her and miss her on GH.

Should be wonderful to see it. Such a tragedy. She is so missed.

Looking forward to seeing the tribute . Loved Sonja’s character. May she rest in peace

I am so glad that GH is honoring sonya Eddy. Both she and her character were bigger than life , she was loved by all of us fans of GH and is missed greatly. Thank you for not replacing the character with another actor, no one could fill her shoes. I can’t wait to watch the episode Wednesday.

Not sure why ya’ll waited 3 months but she was a great lady on or off of General hospital

They had to wait until they could incorporate it into the current storyline and then film it

The writers don’t create the dialogue the day before the show airs. The show tapes typically anywhere from 3-7 weeks before air. The writers submit their stories weeks before airdate so that Frank and crew know which actors and sets are needed on a particular shooting date.

So, Sonya sadly leaves us right before Christmas. At that point GH is already filmed through January and likely written through February. The cast & crew needs time to adjust to Sonya’s unexpected departure. That, and a pending monumental anniversary, lead us to the logical point in story to address beloved Epiphany’s final storyline.

You do realize they film ahead of time? Plus they have to write the scripts.

What delightful role she played, tough but caring. Friends with all and loved by everyone. God Bless and rest in peace, she will be missed. ❤️

Excited and sad to see this episode. Wish she was still here. Epiphany was so good at being there for her fellow characters. Always giving great words of wisdom and advice. Was enjoying her romantic storyline with Marshall. They were both so good for each other. ❤❤ You were one of the Best!!! Rest in Heaven Sonya. God Bless you

One of the best. She will be really missed. There will never be anyone like her.

Have your tissues ready

What caused her death? I was completely blind sided. She seemed so vibrant,and was a young woman

She had an elective surgery and was discharged at the appropriate time. She wasn’t feeling good after a day or two home. She went back to the hospital but it was too late.She got an infection. It rapidly turned to Sepsis. It’s usually too fast and deadly to treat.

Epiphany was kind and loving yet said what she thought about the situation; thoughtful and caring. Such a beautiful voice.
So devastated by her passing. God bless you. Fly with the angels

Ms. Sonya Eddy deserves a great tribute!!! She was an amazing actress and human being!!! I loved her on GH!!! It’s not the same without her!! Rest in peace beautiful lady

I am already crying just thinking about what we will see. She was an awesome actress. GH I am sure will do this right.

Yes, looking forward to it

I have loved Sonya since the day she brought Epiphany to life on GH a beautiful woman of color with a heart of gold and a warm smile. She, Liz and Jason had the best friendship. Much like Amy once was Epiphany was also a person you longed to see at the nurses station. Growing up with GH since it’s beginning has afford me the opportunity to love the actresses, actors and characters. They‘re like family… when they exit this world and the GH I moan the losses. I’m thankful that I gotten the chance to know and love them all. Thank you Frank Valentine for giving us the opportunity to moan with the cast and staff. A fitting tribute for a wonderful lady. Enjoy paradise Sonya/Epiphany we will miss you and remember you at every nurses ball and will always love you ❤️

Loved Sonya and the role of Ephinay. No one else would be able to fill her shoes. I am glad that she is going to be honored in this way.

Please do her Right. I will miss Epiphany on GH.I love how Epiphany acted she was not Afraid to use her mouth. I have watching GH since 1968 for 55 years.

I will miss her so much ! Epiphany was such a presence on GH with her warm smile and what a beautiful voice. I loved hearing her sing! RIP Sonya ❤️

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Speaking with ABC’s On The Red Carpet, as previously reported, Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

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The character of Morgan was killed-off the show when Olivia Jerome set a bomb that exploded in the car that Morgan got into, but was meant to kill Olivia’s brother Julian Jerome. Morgan’s death caused a huge split in the relationship of Carly and Sonny.

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The actor was shot back in the wee hours of the morning on May 25th by a masked gunman who was part of three car thieves trying to steal the catalytic converter from Wactor’s vehicle. Johnny came upon the scene after he finished his bartending shift in downtown Los Angeles and was walking a co-worker to their cars.

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“He came to set every day with a smile of gratitude and a love-filled hug for everybody,” shared Keller. “I’ve never worked with anyone who was so much light-filled and happy to be where he was. Just so much gratitude and joy and it’s a tremendous loss for his friends, his family, and anyone who loved him.” An emotional Robert Markham confirmed what Keller shared,  “Yeah, absolutely. He was a gentleman. He really was, and we’re going to miss him.”


GH paid tribute to Wactor in the final moments of the Tuesday, June 11th episode with a title card in remembrance of the slain actor. A march in Los Angeles is scheduled for this morning, Wednesday, June 12th, to City Hall for a call for change to clean up the streets of LA from crime, to help find Wactor’s killer.

The directing team took home the gold in the Directing for a Daytime Drama Series category, in part, due to the episode they submitted surrounding the memorial of Epiphany Johnson played by the late Sonya Eddy, who passed away back in December of 2022. The second episode they submitted was when Anna’s (Finola Hughes) house was set on fire.

Photo: ABC

Keller spoke to directing the memorial episode that was so heartfelt and raw as performed by the cast that knew and loved Sonya Eddy. “You know, it was a beautiful day to be able to pay tribute to Sonya and it was a rollercoaster all day,” shared Tina.

“We had our cast giving tributes to her and they all did such a beautiful job. It was well-written and a rough day emotionally, but it was an honor to be able to play a tribute to somebody who’s been such an important role in General Hospital throughout the history of the show,” Keller concluded.

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Anyone with information regarding the shooting death of Johnny Wactor is urged to contact LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247). Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

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