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GH Script Writer Scott Sickles On Penning Final Scenes Between Luke and Helena: "Writing Helena Has Been One Of My Greatest Joys Over The Past Few Years."



On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers witnessed the final scenes between long-time nemesis’ Luke Spencer and Helena Cassadine.  And as we previously reviewed and reported on the episode, it was quite a memorable swan song between long time scene partners Tony Geary and Constance Towers.

After the episode aired, GH script writer Scott Sickles took to his facebook page and related his thoughts on penning the final scenes between these iconic soap adversaries, and getting the opportunity in the last few years to script the scenes for the character of Helena, Luke and to work in collaboration with the General Hospital writing team.

Sickles shared:  “On July 9, 2015, GH aired the final scenes I ever personally scripted between Luke Spencer and his lifelong arch-nemesis Helena Cassadine.  Writing Helena has been one of my greatest joys over the past few years. I have no idea if she’ll ever be back (or do I? Because if I did, well… there’s no way I would tell you… 🙂 We’re in the home stretch with Tony Geary and it’s been an honor and a pleasure. This is a highlight for me.”

Scott went on to say to the many fans that commented on his post: “Credit where it’s due: it was truly a collaborative effort. Most of the magic came from Ron Carlivati, Anna Theresa Cascio, and Elizabeth Korte. I’m just glad I got to add some touches.  Those scenes were a team effort.”

So GH fans, do you think if this was the last time we will see Helena Cassadine? Do you think she will return sooner than later?  What did you think of the scenes between Constance Towers and Tony Geary that ultimately led to the reveal of little Jake Spencer (James Nigbor) being alive, and Sickles touching post on the creation of them?   Share your thoughts below!

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The last two days have been outstanding. JJ made me shed a tear today.

I hope that we will see Constance appear again on General Hospital. The scenes were touching for her goodbye to her arch enemy Luke.

In a way it is time for her to go but I think she will be around when Nick goes over the top or takes a dive? Plus, I love Helena’s scenes with Spencer.

I really loved the last scenes between Luke and Helena. It made me think of all of the “delicious” stories these two have brought to GH. Hope Helena appears again. Maybe as Jake’s adopted Grammy? I’m sure they developed a bond of sorts with each other the last few years.

I won’t allow Helena Cassadine to be gone!!

The Cassadines are a cornerstone of GH !!
Helena/Constance Towers is a great joy to me, I luvs her!
The Cassadines can vanish, never!

If Helena/Constance goes it will be a very sad thing..

I was very touched, heartfelt, Luke and Helena’s scene..
It was a moment that will always be with me..
Such an eloquent goodbye, so little said, no more needed to be said I could feel it..

I’m sure Helena/Constance Towers has shed tears saying goodbye to Tony..
They were indeed a diabolical dule..
Nemesis at their best !

Well, we only know this was the last scene between Helena and Luke.
Helena, much like yourself, has harbored a long and simmering hatred of Laura.
Therefore, if Laura stays on we have a greater chance that Helena will not leave forever because her work is not yet done.
Pray that Laura stick around, Suoo.

I recently read, Helena will be making another appearance later this
summer. It will involve Nik, ELQ, and Rosalie’s deep, dark secret..

yeah, Helena’s not done, she’s got Nick and Spencer to attend to, meddle with, etc. She’s got further story to tell. Just because Luke is departing, is by no means the same for our beloved Helena/Constance Towers. Luke was Helena’s toy! She’s probably mourning his loss, maybe her character is shifting gears a bit, maybe she’s been doing a lot of yoga and mediation in seclusion, 🙂

LOL, Harry….again, with that undeniable wit of yours.

The acting was the best part…little Jake’s appearance was a little creepy…i expected to hear the soundtrack from ‘The Omen’…imo…time for Helene’s exit story too…i love Constance Towers but its time for another villian to bring havoc to PC…Jennifer Smith wouldve been perfect—even without Luke…she couldve become obsessed with Nicolaus or Jullian!!!

I would love to see Jennifer Smith return, too. And, go after Magic Milo, the show is already majorly campy, so why not? koo-koo Jennifer goes after Ephipany’s man! oh the fun to be had with Jennifer.

nope love Helena cassindine

Doesn’t Helena have to come back at some point because isn’t she holding Robin captive?

Yes she is… TPTB are thinking of recasting Robin…..

They, should I love kmc but Elizabeth Hendrickson wld be awesome while also offering sex appeal

This can’t be the Last we see of Helena… She’s an
equal opportunity hater. She’s still holding onto Robin,
one or more of her son’s is on ice.. Nik and Spencer
still reside in PC.

It better not of been the last time! I love Constance Towers (Helena) she’s an asset to General Hospital!! I would be very very mad if they don’t have her back! She needs to be on GH full time, IMO. Plus, she has Robin, and Lulu’s/Stavro’s Embryo.

Remember though, Constance is in her 80’s…maybe she doesn’t WANT full time work. I hope we haven’t seen the end of her with the unresolved issue with Robin and Lulu and Stavros embryo, but I doubt it will be a full time role.

I totally want Constance Towers to return in the fall as Helena. She’s a gem, and like you said an asset to GH. FOR SURE. She’s stunning at her young age, and she knocks it out of the park in her scenes. She’ll be back, she always has more to do in Port Charles.
Maybe, she’ll take a short rest, but she’s always got an angle to work, with or without Luke.

i sure do hope Helena will be back, after all the character is connected to more characters on the show then just lule, i’m sure she would still love to get back at Laura and theres Nikolas, and the two jakes and elizabeth i’m sure will have something to say to the queen of evil, so yeah, Helena got more people to make miserable.

We all know it wasn’t the last time we’ll be seeing Helena. No reason to kill off the character as long as the divine Constance Towers is still going strong. Helena will never die, just like Faison will never die, Jerry Jacks, Heather Webber, the great villains never die.

As for the scenes between Tony Geary and Constance, loved them! With the reveal of Jake being alive, the return of Jonathan Jackson, I thought this was a great week overall for GH.

I think it was good…but, again…flashbacks would have added so much more. Their love to hate each other relationship throughout the years, the teasinfpg, flirting as they threatened to kill each other…and the many times each one tried, coupled epwith a respect for the others wit, the way they challenged each other…all that and the many adventures they took us on.

Yes, I think and hope Helena will make other appearances…but I doubt that chemistry could be duplicated. Sad…just another ending. C’est la vie…

Rebecca, I am craving flashbacks as much as I am craving a hamburger.
I will gladly pay you on Friday for a flashback on Thursday.



Harry, That entire response just FLEW over my head. Lol…and I pride myself on my superlative quick wit!

So I’ll de deuce, knowing you like Helena, that you DO crave hamburgers and would like to see flashbacks, too. Since I’m a vegetarian, lol, I’m actually craving an avocado roll…

Weezy. Hmph. Jefferson? Okaaaaaayyyyy. She’s cool….

Harry, are you allergic to hamburgers or Helena? Is that why you’re sneezing? LOL.

I love Helena always have always will….she will be back!

Geary was obviously not into it…

Truly I’M So Tired Of Helena…Really!! Love the final scene with Luke but it’s time to rest her. Going to miss Luke….

While Constance Towers continues to be a consummate actress in the soap field, I find the whole storyline — from Luke’s exit to the overly-unacceptable resurrection of Jake — to be quite underwhelming, horribly executed and not written in strong context. This is not a story that should be told, but since it [unfortunately] is, it is not one that should be rushed in a limited-run of appearances by Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky and the soon-to-be exit of Anthony Geary’s Luke, an exit mind you that is long over-due. The past few years of Mr. Carlivati’s reign of terror on General Hospital has been a rocky and boring one; he is not the strong head-writer that everyone kisses is ass to be. He’s subpar, at best, and is very much into recycling storylines and ignoring the history of a show, history mind you, that he had a part in writing and ultimately destroying. It is high time that ABC executives let Ron out of his contract and hire someone with the talents acceptable to bringing this soap back to its prime.

My most favorite reveal about bring Jake back was to have the return of James Nigbor to the canvas. It had such impact to me! I don’t know what will happen in the future, but that moment was the best!

LOVED seeing Constance and hope they find good, ingenious ways to use Helena in the future.

The scenes between Luke and Helena have always been fun to watch, this last one brought tears to my eyes.

Luke and Helena !!!
what an extraordinary diabolical couple..
I loved every second of Luke and Helena, none better..

I am looking forward to seeing the great Constance/Heena at Windermere!
There is still havok for her to create 🙂

I hope Helena is gone for good.

OK my two cents. Helena is a wonderful character. Let her go. But I enjoyed the goodbye scenes but. Why and exactly how did she end up with little Jake ?he looks like the next brainwashed character from the Cassidines. Sure some fans wanted him back, and LUCKY was great in the scenes. Luke has gone fine. TG can take Ron with him also. The show even the goodbye to Luke is a trashed joke. Nothing explained. Nothing for the fans to be happy about. No answers. Guess Ron will tell everyone to go to twitter to get the answers. Karma’s coming Liz. Nick and Jake they have all taken kids that were NOT theirs. payback time. How can anyone be happy Liz will be getting her son, Danny needs his father also. Does Nick know about this, is it payback for Aiden and Spencer .As for Constance Towers her stick is getting old. As was Tony’s drinking. Luke’s drinking. He still ran the kid over and didn’t care so no. forgiveness for him. Dui

I’m really not sure of much of what you said except your wrong recollection of Luke “not caring” that he ran over Jake. He was devastated.

I love general hospital have been watching it for forty years I don’t like this bringing people back from the dead some of the plots are to far fetched

I love her, but I hate when she is real bad..I like her soft side.
She could be a wonderful grandmother , to all her grandkids.
Hate to see Luke go but ,,,,,, we know he wants to.
Give Laura some good story lines.
Her and Danta, fighting, her helping LuLu go on with her life.
Paul is hot , put him and Laura together, Tracy too.
Good cat fight.

I loved the scenes with Helena and Luke,I do have 1 hope and that is that this one time she had a shred of decency and there are no games with little Jake,that she “saved” him because of her respect for Lucky and brainwashing or other games.just this 1 time let it be human compassion.

I absolutely love Helena Cassadine/Constance Towers!!

the little Jake story line good but I have a question why did she choose to tell him now

I am going to miss Tony as he is truly an exceptional actor… Helena I can take ONLY in SMALL DOSES. As for bringing Jake back, I do NOT like any one coming back that is truly dead ( i.e. run over, shot, disease ridden, etc) now if they go into a coma or leave town for a little while than bringing them back is quite all right…but from the dead…..a definite NO. I am not pleased with the way the general storyline for GH is going ( not including the exit of Tony in this). The actors/actresses seem to be trying to play a role that we are not used to them playing. So sad….I do not relish the olden days of GH but I do respect HISTORY and do not want it re-written for any reason. JMO.

Nope Helena will be back later this summer, she is part of the “big” secret Rosalie is hiding.

All the things Helena has done to the residents of Port Charles, how is she not dead yet?

Yes, yes, yes….Elizabeth H would characterize Robin to the letter. From what I have read about Robin, Elizabeth is a perfect match….petite and smarting ( as in sharply witty). She, also, lends a resemblance to Anna, in mannerisms.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy Learns Gregory Died from Cody; Finn and Chase Share Their Grief

Friday’s May 24th episode of General Hospital featured some very touching scenes.

First, when Tracy (Jane Elliot) returned to the stables for a ride, she is met by Cody (Josh Kelly). He tells her she is needed in the house. Tracy doesn’t think anyone needs her there.

Tracy relates how Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) are on a plane to Florence. Cody tells her that they couldn’t get on that plane. Cody can only say, “He’s sorry.” It’s at that moment Tracy is hit with the realization that Gregory passed away.

Cody tells her what he knows of Gregory’s passing, but Tracy says that she knew this was eventually going to happen, but this feels so sudden. Cody is sorry she had to hear the news from him.  Tracy says, she’s not. She poignantly thinks Gregory must have been a lot like Cody when he was younger. Tracy goes on to say they both have an open way about them as he doesn’t miss a thing, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t push people around, and that he gives people a lot of grace. Cody is moved. Tracy decides she needs to head out.


Next, Tracy comes to the hospital and meets with Stella. Knowing Stella (Vernee Watson) is a patient advocate, Tracy tells her if anything comes up for Gregory’s death regarding bills or anything she can handle with her hands or her checkbook, to let her know. Tracy reveals that she doesn’t want Gregory’s family to worry about anything right now. She goes on to say to keep her name out of it.

Stella tells Tracy this is her loss to and its OK for her to grieve. Tracy shared that Gregory changed her, and she doesn’t want to let him down, at least not so soon.

At Finn’s, Chase tries to console his brother. Finn tells Chase he also lost his dad, but Chase can see how hard finding Gregory dead has hit Finn; given he has been drinking. Finn tells Chase that the person he found in that bed didn’t look their dad.  He cries that he didn’t want this to happen and Chase hugs his brother tight and says neither did he.

Sitting down together, the two brothers have a heart-to-heart. Finn realizes he handled the entire situation the wrong way and even pushed Elizabeth away.  Chase says there is no correct way to grieve. Finn feels such guilt over how many times in their lives he hurt their father, and now he threw his sobriety away, which Gregory was proud of him for.

Chase says he rebuilt his relationship with their dad, and he can do the same now with his sobriety. Finn asks Chase to get rid of the liquor bottle and so Chase takes care of it.  When Violet (Jophielle Love) and Brook Lynn return, Finn tells Brook Lynn he is so sorry that she and Chase had to miss their honeymoon. Brook Lynn assures him she is here for him for whatever he needs. Next, Finn says he needs a meeting and Chase says he thinks that is a good idea.


Meanwhile, in Albany, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is having all sorts of trouble in her attempt to get her law license reinstated during her her hearing vs. Fergus Byrne (Lane Davies). The judges will render their decision within 30 days and notify the parties. Will she head back to Port Charles, find out about Gregory, and wind up at an AA meeting with Finn?

In this episode, the always fabulous Jane Elliot touched out hearts in her scenes as well as Josh Kelly, Michael Easton and Josh Swickard.

So, what did you think about Tracy’s reaction to Gregory’s death? The scenes between Finn and Chase and what will happen to Alexis next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital to Air Encore Episode for Memorial Day

Coming up on Monday, May 27th, ABC’s General Hospital is the only daytime drama slated to air an encore presentation of a previously aired episode. The episode that is said to have originally aired on October 5, 2023.

The episode features the following storypoints: Spencer and Trina return from a private tour of the MET’s archives. They make love again and lament that this is their last day in New York. Trina thanks their hotel room before leaving with Spencer.

Cody, having kicked open the door, stops Montague from hurting Sasha. Dante arrives with Mac and other cops. Montague is placed under arrest and charged with attempted murder. Cody and Sasha leave Ferncliff together.


Sonny confronts Gladys for her lies as Sam witnesses. Sonny accuses Gladys of using Mike, then Brando, then Sasha. After Sam goes, Sonny tells Gladys she’s leaving town and returning to Bridgeport. Sonny implies Gladys will die if she ever leaves Bridgeport. Sonny has Frank escort Gladys away without a single bag.


Charlotte listens from a hiding spot as Val explains to Anna he bought this house after Anna’s place burned down so he, Charlotte, and Anna could live in it. Val kept it from Anna because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Val explains Charlotte needs his attention, so Anna can’t move in yet. Charlotte thinks back to reading Victor’s letter that says she must defeat Anna.

So, are you looking forward to seeing this encore presentation of GH on Memorial Day? Let us know via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Jophielle Love Releases Daytime Emmy-Nominated Song, ‘Shine’ on Major Music Streaming Platforms

It’s been a big week for General Hospital’s young star, Jophielle Love (Violet). First, viewers witnessed her character of Violet learning the news that her Grandpa Gregory (Gregory Harrison) had passed away in which she delivered a touching performance, and now she has released her very first single as a singer and a songwriter.

Love first performed the song entitled Shine during a December 2023 Christmas-related episode of GH. In it, Finn (Michael Easton) along with his family decorated the tree. It was then, Love as Violet, sang her original song, “Shine,” surrounded by her TV castmates.

In addition, the song is in the running at this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Original Song. Jophielle took to her Instagram account on the release of the track sharing that part of the proceeds from the single will go to Save The Children, an organization that strives to improve children’s lives.

Photo: ABC

Love shared via the IG account run by her mom, “My first original song ‘Shine’ which I sang on General Hospital over Christmas is now available on all digital platforms ! Part of the proceeds are donated to ‘Save the Children’ who helps kids all over the world in the middle of horrible conflicts. We encourage you to donate as well, or … listen to, like and share this song and post! Let’s bring light to the world,… anything helps. More to come soon as Shone is heading to the Daytime Emmy’s, since nominated in the “Best Original Song” category”

Already beginning to aspire to be a young Taylor Swift (as in writing and singing at such a young age), Love’s second song, “True Love” debuted at Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) wedding when Violet sang it to the newlyweds and for all the enduring couples in attendance.

Photo: JLoveIG/Spotify

Jophielle shared a little video of moments from the taping of Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding accompanied by her tune, “True Love. You can see it below, and can stream and download “Shine via Spotify here or Apple music

What do you think of Jophielle’s single ‘Shine’? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jophielle Love (@jophiellelove)

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