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How Will Felicia's Return Affect Her Family … When Kristina Wagner Comes Home to GH?



Coming up on General Hospital: Kristina Wagner heads back to Port Charles as Felicia Jones Scorpio to help her daughter Maxie in her greatest time of need.  But how will Felicia’s re-emergence on the canvas go down with the citizens of Port Charles and Maxie, herself?  Well, in the new issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, GH head scribe, Ron Carlivati fills us in on how Wagner’s return will shake-up the canvas.

Carlivati stated, “Felicia’s return just fit nicely into the story of her daughter, Maxie, who dug herself into a pretty deep hole in the story we’ve been unfolding, in which she’s confessed to the murder of Lisa Niles.  As she gets deeper and deeper into that, it made sense to me that her mother might show up- even though we know she hasn’t always been there in the past! We are tremendously lucky that Kristina was amenable to coming back, and we’re excited about it.  Getting into the writing of it, you want to play Felicia’s history with Mac and Anna Devane now that we have her back on the canvas.  There are so many people she has ties with.  I think people are anxious to see her cross paths with those people and to see how everyone is going to react to having her back in town. I think especially, Mac because the relationship between Mac and Felicia was so big and it is their daughter, quote, unquote, because he has been Maxie’s step-father for so long.”

Ron also stressed that regardless of Maxie’s initial reaction to Felicia, that Wagner will be sticking around long enough for their relationship to evolve on-screen.  “At the moment, it’s open ended. I don’t believe we have set an end date for Kristina.”  Carlivati revealed they are writing scripts at this time well into June and added, “I can tell you, I am still writing for her.”

So soapers, are you excited to finally see Kristina Wagner back on GH ….  and how Felicia’s return will impact her family?  Let us know!

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Mac is not Maxie’s daughter- Frisco is! We need him back too!

oops meant Maxie is not Mac’s daughter

yes frisco is maxie’s biological father but as far as i am concerned mac is her father because he is the one who raised her & georgie…………….

Well you were right…Mac isn’t Maxie’s daughter either. lol

First, I like that Felicia is on her way back home,Second ,what a lousey mother, if Maxi is pissed off at her I dont blame her ,I know Ron there will be some interesting mother and daughter moments that I will look forward to,How felicia acts with all the others we will see ,maxi should be her first priority ,matt second ,lets just say that Felicia jones scorpio has a lot of explaining to do .I wish they never killed georgie off another dopy killing by the past writers.Kristina wagner ,welcome back to general hospital.

Here’s hoping that Anna gets to have scenes with Felicia as well, they were real good friends at one time and Anna is Maxi’s godmother. I need to see Anna interact with more than just Luke and John, she did have a life in PC once upon a time and does have friends and FAMILY there. Let’s not bring these great vets back and keep them in a vacuum, the prior regime did enough of that as it was. Maybe if we gave Sonny, Carly, Kate Jason and Sam a day or two off we’ve be able to fit in some of these scenes in. Glad Kirstina is back, can’t wait to see her on screen.

Aren’t most of Anna’s friends no longer on-screen?

So happy Felicia is returning to Port Charles!! I absolutely hated how she left PC when Georgie was murdered. The whole story was so sad as a longtime GH fan and knowing the behind the scenes vs. the story for ‘why’ Felicia was no longer around. I am loving Ron for delving to much into the history of the show and hope he continues b/c there is SO MUCH to use! I want a parent return for the characters of Elizabeth and Steve Webber too. Huge Liz fan and I love that she is the granddaughter of THE Steve Hardy-a founding family! Getting off topic but just so happy Felicia and Maxie might get a chance to heal and I am excited to see Felicia interact with Mac, Luke, and Anna too. I loved Felicia and Mac!! Maybe a reunion? Have loved seeing John York on the screen again-hope it continues!! So happy the new team loves and appreciates ALL their vets.

The return of Felicia Scorpio is a good move on GH’s part,and should play out well.

I would embrace a recast of Audrey Hardy, although I adored Rachel Ames. Hmmmm… Kathryn Hays?

Rachel Ames did retire from General Hospital in 2007, but then she changed her mind and came back for an appearance in 2009. She is 82 years old now, but if she is in good health, maybe she can come back for some more ocassional appearances.

Rachel’s husband recently passed away. Think I saw it online somewhere. Supposedly Audrey is always babysitting Liz’s kids. Give me a break what woman in her 80’s would want to do that on a consistent basis?

Thanks Michael!!

Extremely excited to have Felicia back. She’s a beloved character and terrific actress. Maybe in time, she and Mac will get back together and Mac can actually have a good storyline once again. Sparks will definitely fly between her and Maxie. I’m predicting this will be another GREAT return.

General Hospital is so must see now! Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini, thank you so much for saving GH and turning things around so quickly! Now, if you could bring my girl, Kassie DePaiva on board full-time, I would be SO happy!

I would also like to see kassie depava get a contract .

So would I…

I read she didn’t want to move to California.

I saw a headline on a soap mag that said Kassie wants to come back.

Hey Frank & Ron, If our girl is interested, please make it happen!! Can you image the scenes with Carly, Sonny and Anthony?!!!

Would be nice to know one way or the other, If she doesnt want to move I don’t blame her, or no one has offered her a contract, I know one thing for sure, todd and blair forever,So she needs to come to port charles to be with her family.

I’m REALLY happy to hear that Kristina Wagner’s Felicia is on her way back to Pt. Chuck. That is one seriously messed up character in dire need of repair. Hope the new writers do her justice.

I am glad they are bringing her back Guza made Felicia & Laura appear to be lousy Mom’s because he had a problem with the actresses for whatever reason. It was awful to have Felicia stay away all that time her character would never have done that so hopefully they will make good story out of it. Mac has been more of a father then Frisco ever was you know Frisco had to save the world and all. Maxie considers Mac her dad and always has.

Felicia returning with no Frisco is just sad for this longtime fan of the supercouple. I will watch to see Kristina, but not for long if Jack Wagner is not right behind her.

I totally agree. Especially now that JW is available. GH better get him back! I want to see a Frisco&Felicia reunion.

Please,.tell the fans that Jack Wagner will return also with Kristina Wagner. that will make lots fans happy. Ill be one happy fan.

I don’t get why they aren’t bringing him back. JW has clearly indicated that he’d be open for a GH return and he also denied the rumors about him not wanting to work with Kristina. I don’t think money is the issue either because then we wouldn’t have all these OLTL actors coming to the show.

Did you see Jack Wagner on Dancing With The Stars???????

Bringing Felicia back is Fabulous..She’s a Scorpio and it’s great to see all the members of the family together again..Now if only they bring Robert back it’d be just like true old times.

No, she’s a Jones! 😉

No end date, best news I’ve had all week!!!

I have been waiting for her to return for years! Glad to see you back Kristina Wagner!!!!

I’m so glad Felicia is coming back, alot of these legacy character history was so damage by the prior regime, i grew up watching GH when Anna, Felicia and company were around, and neither Anna or Felicia would of abandon their children, they were great mothers, and Guza and Phelps discarded them, (mainly Kristina Wagner), Finola Hughes had already left, but they had so many chances to get them back yet that horrible now old regime never did, only for brief appearances and enough time to ruin these characters and turn them into absentee moms. The list of characters that Guza ruined is pretty long, I’m just so glad he’s gone.

I’m thrilled that Kristina Wagner is returning! I’ll actually have a reason to watch GH again! Felicia and Mac were a sweet couple, but if you never experienced Frisco and Felicia, you have truly missed out. It’s sad that GH decided to make them deadbeat parents. For all they gave GH, it was a sad goodbye to the characters as well as the actors. I can only hope they bring Frisco back as well to amend himself. It is rather interesting that Robert and Anna did basically the same thing – leaving Robin with Mac, but people don’t have the same viotrol regarding their characters. I guess it’s because Robin grew up so well. Interesting. It would be wonderful to see all of them back together. We certainly have seen enough of the mob to last 85 lifetimes!

Bringing Felicia back without Frisco is the way to go. Couples as a whole do not generate drama. Happiness is a story killer. Felicia also has a past with Luke. Mac, as we see him now, is a dull as dishwater and could not begin to deal with Felicia who should at least mix things around a bit. I hope F. comes back with more to do than babysit Maxie who is still an immature, self-centered brat who cannot stay out of trouble even when her life depends on it. No matter who finally gets Maxie’s head on straight, it won’t stay that way.

Well I guess with all that Maxie is facing it would make sense that Felicia would come back. I just hope this isn’t a long stint. I am not a big fan of this character. I could never understand how Felicia and Frisco just left their children on Uncle Mac…

He isn’t even their uncle. But step-dad. Still I agree how do you just walk out on your kids? Supposedly Frisco left because of his spy games. Felicia left to be with her sick grandma and never came back! Then they tried to say she was helping Frisco. Sure, they don’t have other agents for that? Bad writing. Unlike now!!!

Your right ,Felicia and Laura would never leave their kids, Grandma could have moved to port charles . You arent kidding It was bad writing, I could come up with a lot of stupid things the past writers have done to drop the ratings so low, It is all changing now.Lisazee I also agree with your other comment about a 80 year old grandma watching liz’s kids.On occasion ok, Like once a month not every day, Not going to happen.Great grandma wants to retire and watch her soaps not listen to kids screaming all day and night and it seems like liz is never, ever home.

Frisco & Felicia were good together……………….

I’m glad that Felicia will still be around in June. I was really pissed when they brought Robert, Holly and Noah for just one or two episodes.

Felicia needs to do the right thing and stay permanently on PC like Anna . GH veterans are what will bring the ratings up, not the OLTL characters.

I disagree with you about the one life to live characters,but your right about felicia,she should stay permanently,and another visit from holly and noah would be nice to.we have to save general hospital and it has to be in 6 months not a year.I smell a rat with abc/disney and I dont trust anything they say.

I am glad kristina is coming back…..yay felicia…love her

They should bring back Tiffany and Sean as well as Natalie and Blair gh will really go up in the ratings

You mentioned Tiffany & Shawn Donnelly is that who you mean……… Remember Shawn was transferred to a hospital out of the country some where ..Maybe Vienna….Not sure.. That was quite a whili ago..He was bad accident…That”s why he was sent over there for special attention. I think his conition was critical… And that’s how they left that story on GH…………………….Never heard anything after that….I don’t know how they could bring them back!!!!!

That was a very long time ago.And your right Susan m ,nothing was ever said about those two again,unless I forgot ,were are talking several years ago.

Yes several yearsgo…………….When anna & Robert were in the Wasb & so was Shawn. But I think Shawn was on the opposite side..As I remember…

It’s Sean and they could easily bring them back. Just say he recovered. They bring back dead people so this should be a breeze.

I am thrilled that Felicia is coming back. Kristina Wagner has always been one of my favorite actresses on the show, and I have missed her every single episode. The way that she plays the role is amazing. Wagner is so beautiful but she imbues her character with such depth and warmth that you see the person inside of Felicia so much more. And, the move makes sense in terms of the story so I hope that she sticks around as long as the actress wants to. She is special Bottom line.

I am so excited to see Felicia coming back to GH. She has been my all time favorite and I loved the days when frisco was on with her. She is a great actress and hopefully the producers will keep her role going on the show. She adds so much to the story line. She is beautiful, talented and fun to watch. Keep it comin’.

Totally excited! Love Kristina and Felicia. It should be great to see her interact with friends from the past and see how things go with Maxie who wanted no part of her last time she was in town. Wish she would be signed to a contract.

I am very happy that Kristina is back. I love her character and I think it was awful how G.H. did not let her stay on the show when she asked to. It was a big loss to the show. She is a good sport for coming back. Also Felicia wanted to make up with Maxie and stay with her when she was last on the was Maxie that would not let her. Please make Felicia stay on forever this time and maybe she and Mac can be romantic again. God knows they Won’t let Alexis be with him…though they should have. The man needs a love life. Again, Yey! Felici is back.!

LInda ,I agree with you ,It’s sad the way the past writers wrote felicia and laura like they are lousy mothers so they leave town never to be heard of again,both felicia and laura were written that way, two caring mothers who left there kids for other reasons that were more important then their own kids ,felicia’s grandmother would have moved in with her in port charles with georgie, and maxie ,case closed.And yes,Matt does need a love life poor guy,cant catch a break,he needs to be loved to.

I would love Vanessa Marcil back one day too. Forever!

I just caught up on the episodes since Felicia’s return — and something has been bugging me but I can’t find mention of it anywhere! Is there something wrong with Kristina Wagner? It appears to me that she is having trouble standing up straight and speaking clearly — telling me that she suffered a stroke/paralysis in the past or currently fighting MS/Parkinsons? Either way, I think she’s amazing because she looks like she is working so hard to appear like nothing is wrong. It’d be great if this would be written into the storyline…she could relax a little, it would explain her absence (she didn’t want to burden her family) and it could bring her closer to her family.

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Once Violet goes over to Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard), Tracy goes back to Finn’s and takes photos on her phone of Finn passed out, a bottle of booze, the glass and the entire scenario.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2024

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FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2024

Carly and Jason clash. Sonny and Natalia get closer. Ava seeks out Laura. Brook Lynn and Chase make a big decision. Blaze has some tough questions for Kristina.

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The good news is Dante pulled through and is now back to his old self, and just in time for Dominic Zamprogna’s 15th anniversary with the ABC daytime drama series, which is June 22nd.

Dominic spoke to Soap Opera Digest on his milestone, and reflected back on the fan response from earlier this year when it may have appeared he was exiting the show for a second time.


Zamprogna shared, “It’s nice to hear you say that people were worried about me – when I went into Frank’s (Valentini, EP, GH) office and he told me I was going into a coma, I started to worry about me (laughs)!”

From working on GH for a decade and a half now, Zamprogna has seen his fair share of comas, and in fact, his then on-screen wife, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written off the show having never awakened from her coma.

Photo: ABC

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