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Peter Reckell Addresses His Absence On Social Media & Tells Fans They Will See Him Act Again In The Future!

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One of daytime’s all time favorite heroes and leading men, Peter Reckell (Ex-Bo Brady, Days of our Lives) addressed on Monday his silence on social media. Reckell returned for DAYS 50th anniversary to wrap up Bo’s story, where the character was eventually killed-off in heartbreaking scenes.

Peter who has been busy raising his daughter, Loden, along with wife singer/songwriter Kelly Moneymaker has been living in Nashville. Last year, he appeared in an off-Broadway revival of The Fantasticks.

In a message to his devoted fan base via Twitter, Peter wrote: “Hi, sorry I’ve been away! I guess me the Dad, doesn’t have much room 4 me the actor,and Twitter is part of,me the actor. Been great 2 have family. My priority 4 many years was acting, and I’m very thankful, and feel very fortunate!

I’ve been given another amazing gift, a beautiful family. When I do something it’s all the way, sorry if you feel neglected.  I don’t want my daughter to ever say “Daddy get off the phone, let’s play! Thank you 4 your understanding and, continued support. You’ve been amazing for so many years!  Sorry these last few months I’ve been absent.

I can’t say I’ll be tweeting much. But I will let you know if Peter the actor shows up again. He’s not gone 4 good, I promise! With gratitude.”

So, happy to hear from Peter?  Would you like to see him appear on daytime again? Comment below!

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Why does he always leave it hanging? It’s always “you will see me again” or “I’ll be back” . He goes on and on about wanting to be with his family and hope everyone understands etc. Why not leave it at that?

Because it’s a smart PR move. If you’re out of the spotlight for a certain amount of time it’s too easy to be replaced by other actors. Checking in every now and then and maintaining a dialogue with his fans keeps his name and popularity out there. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone’s gotta do what they have to do to stay relevant.

Yes, rebecca 1, he’s living up to his initials!

Good one, 4ever! 😉

Cause maybe some of his fans actually care about Peter, the person, and appreciate him letting us know all is well occasionally. Really criticizing him for merely acknowledging many of his fans may have been concerned or are interested in how he is doing and responding???? Frankly I appreciate the occasional, “all is well, thanks for caring”. It’s called being human.

bring back bo

SOMEHOW we’ll survive.

Totally agree! Is it me, or does he always come off as being full of himself? We totally understand that family comes first.

Agreed. I was never a fan of Bo Brady. I preferred Robert Kelker-Kelly myself, when paired with Lisa Rinna. I always thought Peter portrayed Bo as a keystone cop with an overly inflated ego.

dmr…EXACTLY!!!!! Oh…and BTW, to me, Robert Kelker-Kelly is a WAY BETTER ACTOR than Peter Reckell!!!!!

Just saying……….

Yes, I know the cast is large, but Peter would make a great Jeff Webber recast. Elizabeth and Hayden need guidance. He could be the mystery man Monica mentioned last week.

And if it gives Leslie Charleson something to do, I’m all for it. I’ve always said any day that has Monica in scenes on GH is a good day!!! Peter would be good for GH.

I just don’t see the appeal or need for Hayden. The actress and the character is included in all of these storylines and paired up with legacy characters to give her purpose, and I just don’t feel as though it is working. It would be great if the Quartermaine family was not decimated years ago and if the legacy characters that have been brought back (Lucy, Scott, Felicia, Mac, etc.) were given an actual storyline or seen more often.

Were people actually missing him from Twitter or was he starting to feel neglected that everyone forgot @ him? I mean, I’m a huge BO fan but I don’t think anyone is dying on Twitter not hearing from him.

Love him as Bo. Fantastic chemistry with Kristian Alfonso. Miss Bo and Fancy Face.

As a huge Bo and Hope fan, I could care less now. If you want to be with your family – that is great. I was truly happy that he came back and closed it out. Happy for his life etc. but he is kinda of a user – tweets when he wants his fans to see his Broadway show or buy his wife’s music etc. Jesus, dude get over yourself. Your fans don’t need your tweets telling them repeatedly how important your family is. We get it. Drop off twitter and be done.

There’s not a celebrity…actor, singer, writer, etc who doesn’t use Twitter, Facebook or even this site for anything other than publicity. That includes talk shows, etc. So…is he a “user?” LOL…they ALL are! They ask for money to fund their independent projects, attend their conventions, etc. It’s pretty obvious…no???

Days of Our Lives will never be the same without Bo Brady!!!

…oh please…his acting is honestly so marginal – I’m not saying he’s awful by any means but the show will go on….

Please come back to days!!

Is it me or is he saying the same thing OVER AND OVER? WE GET IT. You werent exactly winning Emmys with your portrayal, we will survive. Personally, they shouldve just recasted him again with RKK.

That’s not going to happen, Richard, because it was said that RKK took the “hands on” approach literally. They must’ve been a busy pair of hands because a few DAYS actresses “felt” his departure was long overdue. Ironically, he and his wife met at DAYS.

REALLY? oh wow! I never heard anything negative about him when he was playing Starvros on GH. he has also had appeal to me as an actor!

Is it possible for fans to see Days from the beginning (archives) at some time in the near future? I am 81 and remember so many who are no longer on the radar. There used to be a soap opera digest …..

I wish he would come back to Days of Our Lives as Bo, and stay as long as the show is around!!!

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Favorite Lamon Archey Welcomes Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for Lamon Archey (Eli, Days of our Lives) and his wife Krissy Terry.  The couple have welcomed a baby girl into this world named Kennedy.

In a beautiful photo of Kennedy with her mom and dad via Instagram, Lamon shared: “Blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings. #Blessed  @monicamartinphotography”

Terry added,“My princess. Kennedy Archey. You are my everything. I pray I am everything you want me to be in a mama. I never thought I’d love so deeply the way I love you, baby-cakes. I’ll forever be your guide, protector, and nurturer.”

Photo: LArcheyIG

This is Archey’s fourth child. His three other children are: Machiah, 21; Caden, 14; and Gaia, 11

Several of Lamon’s Days of our Lives co-stars shared their well-wishes on his IG post including: Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Galen Gering (Rafe) and Sal Stowers (Lani).

Lamon and Krissy were married back on March 25th of this year.

Send your well-wishes for Lamon, Krissy and new little bundle of joy, Kennedy via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Jen Lilley Signs Off at Days of our Lives: “Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan Off and On for the last 10 Years Has Taught Me So Much About Empathy and Grace”

This week on Days of our Lives, Jen Lilley will wrap her short-term run as Theresa Donovan. Lilley came back to reprise her role to a be a part of the on-screen memorial for Victor Kiriakis, and to honor one of her her all-time favorite scene partners, the late John Aniston.

While Lilley explained in interviews with the press, that she gave the series a 3 to 4 week window of time she would be available to reprise the role, she noted the long-running soap opera wrote more episodes and story for the character; thus the part will be turned over to another actress for the next leg of Theresa’s return story.

Meanwhile, through the years, Lilley came under fire over her run on DAYS being a devout Christian, and taking on the role of the troublemaking Theresa.  She fired back in one interview, “Why should I play a role like this,’ you know? That’s been something I’ve been asked over and over again, by Christians, like,‘How can you be a Christian and play this role?’ And the truth of the matter is that from a human perspective, Theresa’s kind of a horrible person, but from a God perspective, she’s exactly who Christ came and died for.”

Photo: JPI

With her final episode streaming on Peacock on Friday, September 22nd, Lilley took to her Instagram to share her sentiments on her Salem journey over the years.

Jen shared: “Last week of me exploring this girl’s shenanigans on screen. Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan off and on for the last 10 years has taught me so much about empathy and grace. I have enjoyed every moment of her hilarious sass and ferocity, layered with brokenness. To the cast and crew at @dayspeacock, I love you forever. You’re my family. And to the best fans a girl could ask or hope for: remember there is no pit so deep you could ever find yourself in where God’s love cannot find you still. You are never beyond redemption. You are called by grace and marked with love. Thank you for supporting me on this decade long journey. #Days #RIPJohnAniston #ripvictorkiriakis #DOOL”

No word yet if in the future, and with Lilley’s busy filming schedule (once the SAG-AFTRA and writers strikes are resolved) for Great American Family movies and other projects, if she would be available to return to DAYS should the show decide to write for the character.

So, are you sad to see Jen exit the canvas as Theresa? Curious just who and how will take over her role? There have been plenty of online rumors that a certain actress currently on the show is taking over the part. Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Celebrates One-Year on Peacock (Photos)

When Days of our Lives moved from NBC to the streaming service Peacock after 57 years on the air, it rocked many longtime fans of the beloved soap opera. However, NBC/Universal decided to make it a high priority on its companion streamer as one of its flagship shows. This was due, in part, to its dedicated fan base and viewership.

DAYS started its run in its new home on September 12th, 2022, and now one-year later, Peacock helped the show celebrate its first anniversary in its current streaming digs with an ice cream truck outside its studios in Burbank on Monday.

Taking a break from Salem, and to partake in some ice cream were DAYS stars: Billy Flynn (Chad), Ella Cantu, (Jada) Abigail Klein (Stephanie), Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie), Carson Boatman (Johnny), Raven Bowens (Chanel), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve), and Greg Vaughan (Eric).

Check out some of the snaps from the ice cream truck fun below!

Photo: JPI

Mary Beth Evans, who shared on social media she used to serve up ice cream at one time in her life, took a pic inside the ice cream truck with Stephen Nichols. Seems “Stayla” likes ice cream too!

Photo: JPI

Raven Bowens served up an ice cream cone to Carson Boatman!

Photo: JPI

Too cool for school! Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes strike a pose with ice cream treats.

Photo: JPI

Greg Vaughan with his longtime castmate, Mary Beth Evans, celebrating the one-year anniversary of DAYS move to Peacock.

Photo: JPI

Here’s the signage from Peacock upon sending the ice cream truck to DAYS.

Photo: JPI

The Salem gang strikes one final pose before heading inside and back to work to tape all-new episodes.

So, what do you think about Peacock sending the ice cream truck to DAYS to mark the occasion of its move to the streaming service? Are you glad DAYS is still moving forward on the streamer, even though a year later it’s not on or coming back to network TV? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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