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Peter Reckell Talks On If a Future Return to ‘Days of our Lives’ is Possible, and the 40th Anniversary of Bo Brady

Photo: NBC

Tomorrow, on May 3rd, marks the first appearance of anti-hero Bo Brady on Days of our Lives and when we first saw, Peter Reckell in the now iconic role. That was 40 years ago.

Last Friday, viewers who were longing for a Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) reunion on Days of our Lives, didn’t quite get what they were hoping for.  Instead, the Peacock streaming soap opera opted to have Bo still in a coma with his beloved Hope by his bedside trying to will him to wake up. But for fans of Bope, that was to be the last they will see of the iconic ‘supercouple’ duo as of now.


In a livestream chat on Saturday with Michael Fairman and many of his fans, Peter Reckell returned to You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a second visit to give the audience some closure and understanding of what went on behind the scenes, what he hopes for in the future, and to share memories working with his legendary scene partners as his 40th anniversary with the show nears, including: Frances Reid (ex-Alice), John Aniston (ex-Victor), Joe Mascolo (ex-Stefano), Peggy McCay (ex-Caroline) and Frank Parker (ex-Pop).  In addition to his enduring scene partners: Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Josh Taylor (Roman) and the former Roman, Wayne Northrup.

When discussing how fans have reacted to his recent run (which had Reckell playing a brainwashed rogue Bo) Peter expressed:  “People are having huge feelings, which is great, because it shows that the audience is passionate about what they want to see. The circumstances are rather difficult with us coming back for these short times and it’s so long in between the times we come back. Obviously the audience wants something.”


Reckell revealed he did receive a call from DAYS executive producer, Ken Corday as to if and when the show might continue the Bo and Hope love story. Peter shared: “Ken said, ‘Just hold tight because we don’t have anything for you now’.  There are a lot of balls that are up in the air that they are juggling.  Right now, we’re just in a wait and see (mode, as to) when and if they will bring the story back.”

With the WGA writer’s strike now in effect in Hollywood and cuts being made at DAYS under their new two-year pick-up with Peacock, Peter added,  “It’s a difficult position being the boss and having him say, ‘We’re not quite sure what is happening.’ It was nice of him to call and let me know he was thinking about me.”

Photo: NBC

When asked how the popular star would feel, if Bo’s story just ended like this with the character in limbo, Reckell added that, “It wouldn’t be fair to the fans. They poured a lot of themselves and their emotions (into this). It would be like when Bo left (in 2012) and never returned. They respected the fans enough back then to have Bo come back in and have a a couple of weeks with a real goodbye.  To leave it like this … I can’t even think about it. I don’t see how it’s possible. It would be very disrespectful to the fans.”


Make sure to check out our full conversation below from our livestream chat; which featured many emotional moments with Peter looking back at his time with the long-running soap opera, sharing his appreciation of the fans, and much more.

How do you feel about the way Bo and Hope’s story was left on Days of our Lives? Would you like to see Peter and Kristian back on the show to play out a different ending to their story? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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not happy. Bo is just left in a coma, and we hardly saw them at all., mostly Hope which was not long but a lot less Bo which was shorter. writers strike. don’t they make enough money as it is they want more which is ridiculous. been watching Days for 56 yr Bo and hope Doug and Julie Steve and Kayla John and Marlana all from day one. now they bring back the fav couple Bo and Hope only for a few days, not happy at all. we need to see more of them more steadily

Yes I’m with you, I want Bo Brady back. Please writers come back and bring Bo and Hope back to Salem.

If your a Bo and Hope fan then you definitely long for their love for one another. Let them be together again in Salem with their family. We know how far they go back! We can still chase the prisms. Let FancyFace and Brady be one again. I’ll keep watching DOOL waiting for that moment.

Love them both hope they stay together on the show

Please please please bring them back! No show has ever held my heart like Days has. I’ve been a daily faithful viewer for over 40 years! The vets are like family to me and Bo and Hope, well iconic is an understatement. Please bring them back!

Please bring Bo and Hope back. We need to see them together and happy. I did like seeing Bo squeeze Hopes hand. I think that was a hint that their story is not done yet.

I agree I love them both hope they stay on the show

Yes please let bo and hope finally have that happy ever after, the love that we know they have,

Bo is my all time favorite on Days. I have watched since the very beginning. I would love to have him back as the real Bo, please!

I want to see Bo and Hope again that wasn’t right leaving when he’s in Coma now there’s gotta be more to the story and we need them to come back to the show please hoping this year sometime please come back soon we love you Bo and Hope

I would like to see more of Bo and Hope on Days of Our Lives

I’m not thrilled by their short screen time especially with Bo. I would love it if they expanded his screen time in a a major on going endless way. I love Bo so much that I want to see more of him

Please please bring Bo and Hope back! I have been watching for over 50 years and Bo is my favorite!!! Consider your loyal fan base. We need to see some of the original families! What a great way to bridge the older characters and the younger characters!

Bo and Hope are the ONLY reason I’m willing to pay to watch the show!!! I wish they would come back full-time.

Please bring bope back. I’ve been watching days since 1985.

No Bo and Hope like you promised, you will lose lots of Days fans. We thought you had more respect fior our feelings then to bring them back and then dump them again. Shame on you

We need Bo & Hope to be a regular for awhile and then give them reoccurring roles? You have given us enough just to tease us and we need them, we feel the love they share when they are on there together! Days need to get back to the love they are known for…we the fans want to see more love than the evil that has been plaguing Salem!!

Of course we want them back together!!

Ridiculous. Infuriating. Unfair to the viewers who are invested in that storyline. I watched the interview and felt Peter’s emotion. He’s adamant that the story shouldn’t end this way.

If you’re dying off folks and then bringing them back, Bo and Hope have been together from the beginning and they should be there to the end. Ex. John & Milena., Doug & Julie. The kids will take over and the show continues. Victory is gone in real life, when are you writing him out?
If this is a money situation, then give them the money. They’ve earned it. I’ve been watching the show since I was a kid in High School!

Yes I was so happy to to see them back together. They put the Passion back in the show. They belong together, Please keep them together.

I love Bo And Hope awesome love you both.

We need to have Bo and Hope together again on the show, if even for a short time. Then they can sail away together again to revive their love.

I felt that Bo and Hope love story was disrespected, it was wrong to do it that way, I just learned today their storyline is done, I am very upset and angry about that, so wrong, If Peacock wants to survive with Days, they better change their ways, we want to see Bo and Hope, waited for yaers to do that.

Don’t be like HaltMark (Hallmark) and leave fans on a cliffhanger movie and then just up n cancel the whole dadgum mystery series.. This is not cool leaving us hanging with Bo in a coma, not cool at all.

Want to see Bo be Bo and we didn’t get that during this all too brief run. This ending was so abrupt I didn’t even know Bo and Hope were off the canvas till today!—lol. Though the flashbacks were beautiful and had me happily reliving their love story, I also want to look forward to new adventures of this heart to heart couple—where are those new adventures for Bope? I feel so cheated! They have so much to offer and instead the storyline was left languishing in a coma and Bo had not one word with his daughter—not 1–and she’s such a good actress I was looking forward to the acting chemistry between father and daughter!!!!
Come on, we’re all itching for Bope to save the world with Steve and Kayla, Ciara, Stephanie annd Chad and how about bringing back the original Roman while you’re at it and Eugene too!!! I await the next Bope installment—it can’t come soon enough!!!

Put Day of our lives back on NBC

The show hasn’t been as good. Peter and Kristian bring a spark to the show. Something it needs

You need to bring Bo and hope back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not happy that you bring bo back and then put him in a coma. I am getting mad I want to see them back and bo alive. I’m been watching this show since I was a teenager which is 46 years. please bring them back.

i started watch days of our lives in 1977 july 16. i am a big fan of bo and hope. bring them back . they are what kept the soap opera on tv all these years . bring them back as the happy couple . warch days return to the number one day time soap opera.

I dont like what they are doing as far as no and hope . They never should of brought them back if this is what they were going to do. Made me mad I stopped watching it for the longest time , the only reason i got peacock back was because of the return of bo and hope .it was shitty what they did .

they need to bring bo and hope back to days full time this is not fair to the fans because they never had time to be together or have bo see his family so please bring them back to the show they both deserve better then the story that they just left up in the air the fans want them back

Yes please bring back Bo and Hope Brady back to Salem

Want Peter Reckell and Kristin Alfonso come back to Salem for good.

I would love to see bi and hope return to days of our lives

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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