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All My Children

Prospect Park Lawsuit Dismissed, Rights To AMC & OLTL Revert Back To ABC!

Courtesy/Prospect Park

Courtesy/Prospect Park

Finally there is resolution for the rights to beloved soap operas, All My Children and One Life to Live. Yesterday on December 1st, a judge in California dismissed Prospect Park’s breach of contract lawsuit against ABC.

Formerly, Prospect Park licensed the rights to AMC and OLTL after they were canceled by the network, and then began a difficult process and finally were able to bring the online version to life in 2013 with one 40-plus episode season of both soaps.  Plagued with issues, the soaps were canned again after their run on Hulu. That same year, Prospect Park sued ABC. Now with the judge’s ruling the rights to AMC and OLTL have reverted back to ABC .

Soap Central was able to obtain a statement from s Susan Klein, an attorney with Valle Makoff LLP who represented ABC in the lawsuit.  She said, “I can confirm that Prospect Park’s lawsuit was dismissed yesterday and ABC regained the rights to those shows.”

As to what, if anything, ABC will plan to do with the iconic shows, remains to be seen. Clearly, if they have interest in righting the wrong that befell these shows and its fans, when the network cancelled them in the first place, they could resurrect them in some fashion. But will they? This is a developing story and On-Air On-Soaps will keep you updated.

So, what do you think of the news of the dismissal of Prospect Park’s lawsuit against ABC?  Do you think it’s too late for ABC to try to bring back All My Children and One Life to Live in some form, or do you think they could revive the show’s one more time? Comment below!

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ABC should revive OLTL, never too late, cancel the view and bring back OLTL.

Yeeeesss!! Cancel THE VIEW. Let’s enjoy something worthwhile….like OLTL.

Revive OLTL! Unfortunately I think it would be too late to revive AMC with some of the legends such as David Canary gone. And Susan Lucci’s gone in a different direction…

Celia…EXACTLY!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, The View (at this point) is on LIFE SUPPORT!!!!! Yikes.

Happy Holidays, Friend.

Yes. They replaced Our good Soaps with stupid stuff, talk show jerks, cooking. Wonder why our country has obesity rate so high. Enough food and Opinionated people bring back OLTL, was at it’s best when cancelled. Pick up where they left off too

Cancel THE CHEW and bring back AMC, OLT and put GH back at its normal time! that would be great!

Yessss I agree cancel the view bring back the legends

I love the View!

Plz cancel the view and the chew . I don’t think it’s too late to bring back our beloved soaps!!!

ABC please bring back AMC AND OLTL. Admit you made a mistake in cancelling these shows, then I will forgive you. If not I hope you choke on it lol.


You said it Claudio!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The lawsuit was dragged out and seemingly forgotten-sounds like a GH plot…bring back Todd and John McBain…Franco catches Finn’s illness and dies…John Mcbain shows up in town and arrests Finn who killed his wife after performing bizarre experiments on her to save the life of Roxy the lizard-lol…even with my battle with depression i still got a sense of humor!!!…coming back here i find does help somewhat with the stress im under! im soooooo happy for this site…thanks posters and a BIG THANKS for Micheal Fairfman for the wonderful job bringing this site together for us soap fans!!!

You sound better, Jimmy. That’s my guy!!!! Keep up the optimism.

TRying…if me and my sister can fix mistakes my father made i could prevent loosing everything and becoming homeless…one warm day i practiced being what its like to be homeless…then for two days i skipped eating and stayed out in frozen cold but entered shops to warm up briefly…sat under a bridge and piked up pop cans…i could not survive that…id rather not be around any longer if that happens!

Jimh…. Reading your “what it might be like” scenarios suggests there is something in you that’s as creative as some of your GH, etc., story possibilities. That’s good as you work your way through your difficulties. And you have a lot of courage to open up those you’ve only known as kindred spirits on MF. I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best. -:)

You like to write jim…and you have a creative flair…vivid imagination. Maybe you can write your thoughts and experiences..your challenges, fears…your “days in the streets” and try to either sell it to a book publisher…though very difficult…or self publish it on the Internet. You can googld how to do that. If it hits you’ll be helping yourself emotionally, psychologically and financially!

I may have our local paper do a story first…im very depressed tonight…its been a stressful weekend…i have had mini breakdowns…meds and counceling can only do so much…cant stand living thisway but im hanging in for now!!!

KEEP FIGHTING jIM. I MAY NOT ENJOY gh ANY MORE, BUT I STILL WISH THE PEOPLE WHO DO WATCH THE BEST. I hope you can get past your depression, and will be well soon.
Myself I try to see what I have, not what I don’t have to not get depressed. I had heart surgary, lipazema, artheritis, etc etc. Since turning 70 everything seems to go down but, I go bowling, to the gym,and am not starving. I just think about the friends I had who are not here anymore…Keep fighting the good fight. we are here to cheer you on. You know me, most times I sound like I do nothing but hate. Its only the way tyhe writers have ruined my soap.

Sorry folks ABC will not bring back All My children and One Life To Live. Way to late for that. I miss my soaps, I Miss Viki Buchanan, Dorian lord and so on. ABC will stab you in the back, watch out GH. THE end is near. GH will be cancelled in the next 2 years, I hope that I am wrong.

Sheila – I agree with your assessment. AMC/OLTL are done. And the way GH is being written – one dead person after the next coming back to life – it is just a matter of time before GH is cancelled. I don’t watch any of the other three soaps, so my daytime drama viewing will be over when GH is over. I will however hold out a little prayer for OLTL to return – it was always my favorite.

Exactly Anthony. You’re right. The only show I watch now is GH. I loved OLTL & AMC.But if they can only bring one back, I’m rooting for AMC.

Everyone needs to calm down and take a chill pill. The GH ratings were up last week or so. This message board site seems to highlight the complainers (myself included), so we need to take what we read here with a grain of salt. Long live GH!

ABC should bring these shows back. Or allow GH to use some of the characters.

minimally… Roger Howarth… dang it! for those who did not watch OLTL

when he starred on GH.. as Todd… it was masterful

RH of late… is not cutting it

if what’s been posted… that … Franco is going to lose it ?

when it’s Liz show , as well

RH has more to lose… BRING back Todd

his sex appeal has not waned… just simmered till

As soon as I read about the lawsuit, I got excited because now that means we can have our actors from OLTL back in the original characters they played when they were first brought over to GH. Those actors are still a very good thing to see but at the same time, they just can’t click as other characters because we knew who they were before this disgusting transformation. Give me back Todd Manning and John McBain, bring back Kristen Alderson as Starr, then have a few of the characters pop in like they used to like Tea and Blair and I will be the happiest camper watching daytime. I know it will take some work but it can be done!!!

@James, that would be PERFECT if RON C. we’re still writing for
the show, since he wrote for OLTL…these ladies R CLUELESS!!!
They are doing a poor job with our beloved GH characters as it is.
Rejoicing in Cross contaminating characters so they’ve become
Unrecognizable to the naked eye, even the “HOSPITAL” wouldn’t
be able to identify them under a microscope.

Are you joking Ron C turned GH into a joke. In the beginning the numbers went up then they dropped to pitiful levels.

I have enjoyed GH the last couple of months.. The writing is mature, has sense to it and isn’t cartooonish.

After those dreadful numbers during the last few months of Ron’s run, keep him far far away.

I agree, Terry.

to late for anything to transpire as time has passed and most probably characters will not be brought to GH.

The only characters I want on GH that were up in the air are Skye Chandler and her daugher, Lila Rae. Please make the Quartermaine clan stronger! To that end, the younger Q’s need to be shown in the house, growing up and becoming little moguls like their Aunt Tracy because Michael is going nowhere in that department.

Disney/ANC will NEVER resurrect the AMC or OLTL, never.
Soaps are tremendously expensive to produce and daytime tv is failing and it plays to a certain audience, only.
At the time, not One, not one network or cable network would take them over, not one.
PP was the only taker.

Both soaps will be shelved along with All the other dead soaps.
To even believe those soaps will be revived is …………………………

//both DOOL and GH are hanging on by a prayer and one day will end and that day will be the end of daytime soaps.
It’s a shame and a sadness but it is business not emotions with networks and business is money, profits, only. Revining 2 soaps, even one soap, will never happen; it;s business.

ITA They will just throw the shows in the trash like they did the fans of these shows years ago when they stupidly cancelled them.

@su0000….. How can we PETITION to get Ron C. back on the show?????????

I agree, Fanny.

Please bring back some form of OLTL. No offense to GH , which I do watch now, they have gone so way away from the hospital crowd it’s been hard to follow. One Life was many story lines but they all “fit” together. How wonderful would it be to see my old friends

The hospital is still a major focus. Monica chief of staff, Bobbie has returned as a nurse at the hospital. Liz is a nurse. Finn, Dr. Monroe, Obrecht, all hospital employees. They also have Hayden working there as a financial advisor.

The hospital is more front and center than it has been in a long time.

Kevin Collins@ General Hospital

Being realistic look at the overall ratings of all soaps and GH and Days have limited viewers. I see ABC getting out of soap business at some point. Same with other networks. I think for CBS, they will end up being around a little longer. As far as starting the others shows again, I doubt they will do that.

I wonder if soaps went backwards to the radio waves……..would we listen?

i listened to some old radio tapes of serials on youtube…it was interesting because it allows you to use your imagination and picture the scenes in your head!!!

There you are, Jimmy!!!! So happy you are starting to get into the rhythm of things? A little bit?

Yes, I can understand how radio ‘soaps’ would keep one’s imagination going. I guess life was so much more simple, eh, Jimmy.
Good night, my friend. I have such a bad cold. My little nose looks like Rudolph’s. LOL.

If it gets me John McBain back ,I;m all for it.

I cannot lie I love McBain, however I will take him as Finn. Like him with Tracy but can’t stomach him with Hayden. Hayden has been propped and continues to be propped. Giving her this disease to garner sympathy does not make her more likeable.

I agree, I think if they killed off Franco, cleaned up the actor,and called him Todd, He would have a chance.I always liked the actor who plays Finn, but they put him with Hayden who I don’t care for.Thats me.
I watched very very little of OLTL, so this is moot. Hated the franco actor on ATWTs, he ruined Paul.

Lawd !!! Let ABC/D take note and revitalize their daytime lineup to compete with CBS daytime.

I doubt that ABC will resurrect either soap,but at least now they have the option of having former characters appear on GH.

it’s a dynamite opportunity for ABC / Disney / GH to pull out all the stops

it’s alarming… to say the least… that GH renewd the contracts of Frank Valentini and Jean and Shelley

after a years WORTH of working together… they were renewed to a full on barrage of ATTACK

why not ?

on the 11/30 ep… WHEN… the show turned to Valentin / Nina / Charlotte

I SWEAR it was a whole ‘nother show… just a delight of Shakespearean effort… and that’s big time applaud to these wonderful actors

James Patrick Stuart
Michelle Stafford
Scarlett Fernandez

Magic… truth be told… it’s not necessary to bring back Claudette… I loved Bree , from the start… just do not mess with this newfound BEST .

If Claudette must return… SMOLDER Griffin… jez louise.. the audience is not celebate

INVEST in this story… It has all the trappings


Yes – I agree!


So does this mean Todd Maning, John McBain and even Starr could all return to GH?

Todd is the only one who may be brought back cause Franco is an absolute disaster and only Herbst fans like the Friz farce.

Finn is one of the better new characters and has a popular pairing with Hayden so there will be no more McBain on Port Charles.

Starr was never needed on this show and Alderson moved back to NY.

I digress

it’s obvious that GH .. has “paired” painstakingly

the true stalwart.. with newbie… with wannabe… and that latter is Frank Valentini WISH

Tracy… true stalwart
with newbie… Finn
and wannabe… surround her with class.. but wasted effort.. Hayden

come on… seriously

she’ being propped and scripted for… I wont go their

when the GH cast is loaded

Patrick agree with you 100%. Tracy has been relegated to propping duty. So glad Hayden had one full day to work on the hospital budget before she went and stepped into a deadly pathogen and infected herself!!! Ugh!

Agreed Stacey. I had the biggest laugh when they made Hayden financial officer of GH. Prop much?

No disrespect to anyone because I understand the love of soaps – I’d love to see Santa Barbara repeats! But please don’t waste and hope on the resurrection of AMC or OLTL. Whether you want to admit it or not, you know it won’t ever happen.

Doubt ABC will do anything with either soap! However- Personally, I wish they would just for the sake that OLTL would take Frank Valentini with them and perhaps they would hire Wendy Riche as EP! Maybe finally GH would be recognizable again!!!

Frank is the only reason GH is still on the air.

Let’s show a little respect and be more grateful. He saved this show from cancellation in 2012.

no no no

the luster fun and intrigue LEFT when GH “fired” Ron Carlivatti

from a WHOLE years worth of dismal

what’s ON

Valentin… Nina… Charlotte

HOW effin dare… Frank Valentini and jean and shelley

FIRE : Nicholas / Joe / Morgan / Sabrina / Paul

’nuff said.. this show is in dire straights.. and they KNOW what they’ve done

Exactly Newmanwins! GH would have been cancelled along with the other 2 if not for Frank.

Quite frankly, the only reason that GH survived back in 2012 was because The Revolution, the short-lived talk show that replaced OLTL (Remember it? Didn’t think so), was such a dismal failure that ABC could not part ways with GH and risk angering even more soap fans at that time. GH’s ratings at that time were still nothing to brag about. If you remember, in 2012 ABC was about to give back the 3 pm/ET hour to local stations to make room in many markets for Katie Couric’s syndicated Disney/ABC produced talk show, which obviously ended up as a big failure. But even afterward, the stations have kept that hour to program for themselves. That time slot move was intended to be permanent across all of ABC’s affiliates.

If The Revolution had succeeded and gotten numbers on par with The Chew, which has done decently at a lower cost in place of AMC, ABC was undoubtedly prepared to cancel GH at that time and get out of the soap business, even before its 50th anniversary. From the outside, I believe that was absolutely their intent at the time.

Honestly, all the people in front of the camera and behind the scenes at GH should have sent thank you notes to those at The Revolution for doing such a face plant four years ago, thus keeping their show on the air.

Patrick: GH was an embarassing cartoon under Ron Carlivati. People having sex in a crypt, pulling masks off to reveal the evil villain like a bad Scooby Doo episode, a storyline about RELISH for god’s sake. Give me a break. There’s a reason he was fired.

I don’t think Jean and Shelly have been perfect by any means, some storylines and characters hit and some miss. But what they have done is bring some heart and emotion back to the show, family and personal drama. Much needed.

Also btw. Tyler Christopher wasn’t fired. They weren’t able to come to terms on a new contract. I’m holding out hope that something will be worked out. Bryan Craig wasn’t fired, he made the choice to leave the show. Richard Burgi wasn’t fired, he had another project, so they wrote out Paul for the time being, he will be back. Sabrina and Joe were useless characters, no loss there.

All due respect, the show isn’t in dire straights. They reached almost 3 million viewers for Morgan’s funeral episode, higher numbers than they’ve done in many months.

Oh and I am done w/ AMC & OLTL. Watched it up until 2008. Then loved the reboot online. IF they brought it back? Well- look at it this way too ABC- Destroyed the sets. They were in court for what almost 2-3 years. A LOT of ACTORS are on other shows you can not expect them to quit &just go back to AMC /OLTL. They are better off going to netflix

If I was ABC I would at least bring back One life to live..

Sooooo moss oltl would love for it to come back and bring Rex and roxie to


I could see AMC coming back in some cable form someday, it has strong brand recognition and if Lucci would return there could be some hope. OLTL I think is gone forever,

ABC will never bring back All My Children and One Life TO Live, they like to cancel the good shows. ABC you suck, I will never watch ABC again. Love the CBS soaps and I am a regular viewer of Days Of Our Lives. I miss Guiding Light too,. I miss Reva Shayne Lewis the slut of springfield. Lmao.

All these shows that ABC keeps rolling out in daytime get practically zero attention and less viewers. Could that do anything more attention getting that reviving OLTL and AMC, even as half-hour shows?

Sorry–I meant “Could THEY do anything more attention getting THAN reviving OLTL and AMC, even as half-hour shows?” I have a band-aid on one finger that’s making typing extremely difficult!

Since ABC got the rights to both shows back, they should bring some popular characters to “visit” Port Charles!

I don’t know why… GH

does not; bring back

Skye / Lorenzo / Lila Rae

BINGo BAM BUST this show OUT

RB can reprise Greenlee. Hayden can die of Finn’s disease.

I have a feeling you might be seeing Lorenzo Alcazar sooner than you might think. But they don’t need that half-assed ReRon plotpoint connecting him to Ted King’s OLTL character.

Alcazar is my prime suspect for Julian’s latest unseen “business partner” and/or the guy who set the car bomb which allegedly killed Morgan Corinthos. (Seriously, does anybody believe he’s really dead? He’s not in Hell, I can promise you that much!)

ABC is much more likely to have AMC & OLTL characters show up on GH than bring them back. A nightime summer version of one of the shows could be an idea, but chances are they would recast until the show was unrecognizable.

Anna could have her nephew Aiden come to town since this lawsuit is finally over.

These shows are history. Ratings were bad way back when they were canceled and would be worse now.

Folks, I know it’s sad and not easy, but PLEASE move on if you haven’t already. At this point, ABC/Disney will never bring back AMC and/or OLTL to the airwaves. That ship sailed a long time ago. After they were cancelled in 2011, no other broadcast or cable network was the least bit interested in either show; PP was the only taker, and we saw how far over their heads that company was. Besides, all of the cast and crew members of both shows have long since moved on to other things/projects, and it just would not make economic sense with the high production costs and salaries involved. The large majority of AMC/OLTL’s former remaining viewers have surely moved on as well.

The reality is that the audience watching daytime TV these days is very limited, and only keeps getting smaller and older. Days and GH are both hanging by a thread, and the former appears thisclose to cancellation by NBC. If/when that happens, I could see ABC getting out of soap business not long afterward. I hope I’m wrong about that, but that’s my honest feeling.

It’s sad and a real shame sometimes, but we need to realize that television is a business, above everything. In the grand picture, networks have to answer to their advertisers, and only care about bottom line ad revenue and profits. The executives just don’t have the same emotions as regular fans/viewers. Reviving one daytime soap, let alone two, is just not realistic.

Well it don’t hurt to hope I hate all the talk shows to much drama and screaming
I loved oltl and AMC watched it everyday r recorded it that was my time and loved it
Never understood why they took those shows off to put crap shows like those talk shows where they talk about people and make fun of them when they all have skeletons to anyway LOVE ME SOME SOAPS OLTL AMC GH

But the fact remains that they still need daytime shows and these two were still bringing a lot more viewers than anything they have replaced them with.

I can accept, sure, that it’s a business and that the executives don’t have the same attachment/emotions as viewers. Did they have to go out of their way to kill the shows, however?

Yes, soaps are dead/dying–but they are in the state they are in for a reason. Very few of the decision makers any more are really devoted to the genre the way people like Agnes Nixon, William J. Bell, Douglas Marland et al. were, and consequently the decision-making has been terrible now for DECADES. You can’t make good soap unless you really believe there’s such a thing as good soap–and that’s a large part of why the soaps have failed to adapt to the changing TV viewer profile.

So although I get that the network execs have to run a business and can excuse them for cancelling shows once the ratings reached a certain low level, I can’t forget that it was largely their wretched decisions that caused the low ratings in the first place.

Get rid of The View & The Chew and bring back AMC & OLTL! I watch GH now, but AMC & OLTL were my favs!!

And the talk and the real to much screaming and talking bad about people I hate those shows

Kill off Franco, bring back Todd, no more Friz!!

Todd with Anna, Liz with Griffin, Yay!

Keep Finn around, no more McBain, love Fayden.

Ew to both. Now it would be great if they brought on David Hayward and put him back with Anna, they did have a child together and their chemistry was awesome!

Agreed. Anna is being wasted. Ugh to Fayden!

In agreement with Marianne. Will never warm up to Hayden. I don’t care what disease you give her or what family you give her. Finn is ok. I adore Michael Easton just not with Rebecca Budig. To me she is a misfit on GH. Now she’s inserted into a legacy family to make her likeable. Not drinking the Koolaid. Again, my opinion only.


Trevor, Melissa Archer and Erika Slezak.



As much as I would like to see the shows come back, I simply don’t trust ABC/Disney to do so.

Took them long enough! I think it is too late a lot of time has gone by
As much as I would like to see OLTL again , it is three years later . A lot of
Time has pasted and a lot of the characters from OLTL are doing other
things now. And moved on. They can not capture OLTL the way it use
to be when on ABC. It wasn’t the same when they had it online and I did
not like it as much. Just was not that good when it was online. It lacked
good stories and writers. They ruined OLTL online. Again it was so
much better when on ABC in my opinion.

It WAS a better presentation on ABC as opposed to the Prospect Park inception which wasn’t “terrible” but lacked the heart of the original show – would be nice if ABC-TV would just re-launch both shows – but, unfortunately that most likely will not occur in the near future….maybe someday…

Agree it’s never too late, why not bring them back. I see HARRY failed, TMZ is now back on at 4 pm. Harry was planted now @ 2:30. Guessing TMZ wasn’t getting their viewer’s at 3 Pm because GH Fans weren’t watching it.
Maybe Harry should go on Primetime , just a thought. He’s actually a talented musician , singer and actor.

“he” is the bees knees

I cant even stand it

he’s so desireable

why hide that fact

I don’t have time for … his show

but he’s a fine memory bank

Oh, it is definitely not too late to bring them back! Rehire as many actors as you can, and recast the others. The key is getting the old writing staffs back. They know how to continue the storylines properly. The fans remember what happened, or it will come back to us when we see it. Easy!

The overall cost of rebuilding a cast and crew for even one of these shows is money that ABC does not have anymore…with even the top rated soap on CBS bleeding viewers like crazy and currently setting record demo lows…it would be beyond insane for any network to add another daytime soap to their lineup…and with DOOL probably an eyelash away from cancellation early next year…well there is just no way you will ever see AMC or OLTL again.

when fans outcry… and KNOW the history… of executive producers and writing teams…

argh… pissed off… WHY? … seriously… every lament in the book is spoken

ABC / Disney / GH RENEWED FV and Jean and Shelley

seriously… we have to get passed this… and HOPE they listen.. because this trio… sucks

if they even dare.. mess with Valentin / Nina/ Charlotte / Liz

sure would be nice if everyone reporting on this would put the link to what fans can do to help make sure ABC knows we want these shows back! I mean we did after all BREAK this story at 7am this morning. I contacted most of the soap reporters about this, yet many forget to mention that. I do not mind as long as we can get the word out about what fans can do. If you still believe in miracles and want to help make one happen join me here on fb
or just do as outlined in the post 🙂 thanks

Having watched the Dallas reboot on TNT for as long as it lasted, and having watched and adored the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life four-episode saga on Netflix, I can honestly say that ABC should not even think of bringing back AMC or OLTL unless they have most of the core characters back. IMO, the lack of recognizable faces on PP’s AMC was a major reason for its demise (I knew too many fans of the ABC version who wouldn’t give the online show the time of day if there was no Susan Lucci, MEK, Alicia Minshew or Ricky Paull Goldin), and while OLTL had some big names (and IMO, more big names than AMC did), it also had to adjust to its fair share of absences in the cast. ABC should bring back both shows only if it resolves the open issues the online shows left behind, and only if the shows are recognizable to the audience. Otherwise, it’s not worth it, and it insults the audience.

Having said all that, I don’t think for a second that ABC will ever revive AMC or OLTL. The budget is tight at GH, and I think GH has been very lucky to last as long as it has. There’s no money in the piggy bank for one of the two cancelled soaps, let alone both of them, and there’s barely money for GH. Maybe GH can use some of the characters–maybe. But if Jelly has trouble dipping into GH’s actual history (no Sarah Webber? no Serena Baldwin?) and choose time and again to bring on characters with super-thin ties to the canvas (Hayden, Griffin, Charlotte), I can’t see them bringing Llanview’s or Pine Valley’s favorites to Port Charles.

Alicia Mishew was on the online version of AMC.

For one brief episode out of 42. You aren’t going to attract her fans to watch with one episode.

If ABC went through all of the trouble to get the rights back, they must have some interest in these shows. Bring back OLTL! Bring back as many actors from 2011-12 as possible. Do not make the mistake that PP did which was to have unknown actors take over the show (Matthew and friends). It always amuses me to see how many posters rush to smugly post that these shows will never return listing the same reasons over and over again…you don’t really know unless you work for ABC, do you?

Some of us need to review the facts.
PP filed a nuisance lawsuit against ABC.. ABC countersued which is standard operating procedure in the legal world.
ABC did not “fight for the rights”.
The legalese has ended and the shows will RIP.

Anyone reviewing the history will learn PP stiffed actors, production people, local vendors. I’ve read they didn’t even pay the rent. We need to stop glorifying PP.

OLTL and AMC will not and should not be brought back.

GH always has been and always will be ABC daytime’s biggest brand…and they were right to keep it’s most popular soap back in 2011…with Frank instantly raising the viewership and getting the budget under control it is still alive in 2016…after facing almost certainly cancellation thanks to JFP and Guza…but the smart thing for ABC daytime is to keep pumping the remaining budget into GH…and not lose more cash by relauncing a doomed to fail reboot of AMC and OLTL. Keep focusing on GH

“…GH always has been and always will be ABC daytime’s biggest brand ”

I don’t dispute that… BUT SERIOUSLY

does it have to be : Sonny/Carly ; Jason/Sam ; Alexis/ Julian

what a wasted show

of the three… keep Alexis and Julian… other than that… Sonny , Carly, Jason and Sam… HAVE RUN their course… just done


Assuming GH is on taping break, look for the first casual mention of Llanview or Pine Valley by February sweeps.

My wish for May sweeps is Franco departing on Monday and Todd introducing himself on that Friday’s cliffhanger (accompanied by a much needed shave & haircut for RH).

Don’t see ME or RB changing back to McBain or Greenlee. However, a soras-ed Lila Rae being sent to live with “Grandma Monica” could be welcome.

No to Starr, but Todd’s son Jack could fill the Morgan spot of troubled young man.


your 2nd para

Roger Howarth gets a complete sweep

SEXY arrive

i think that it should be left the way it is with no revival , i doubt abc would want to do that anyway , how would they spin it and explain to the viewers that suddenly the shows are profitable and that the viewers want soaps instead of cooking and lifestyle , extensive research was done according to them saying that viewers were after lifestyle , cooking shows . agnes nixon has died and only she had the right to end the soaps , the final draft of stories should have been hers only . she can’t do that now . i want her beloved soaps to finally rest in peace and dignity alongside her . we the fans grieved for many years and we have moved on .

it’s serious BANK to cull from their lot

major characters from OLTL and AMC to aggrandize and feature BIG… back on ABC


READ the FAN blogs… thanks to Michael Fairman

Cancel the view, a blank screen is better that watching that, and put AMC and oltl back on the air even if its a half hour each it would be great!!!!

ABC/Disney has option they could either bring both soap back give each half hour time, or combine both into an hour, after all both were created by agnex nixon and both take place in in pennselvenia, the landscape of tv has change so much, theres netflix and hulu isn’t the the bay going to be on hulu? or then theres the characters appearing on GH , whatever they decide is up to them, so who knows.

Despite the behind the scenes mess, the soaps were creatively in a great place in their online versions when production stopped–particularly AMC which, even without Erica, somehow felt more like classic AMC than it had on ABC in years (it’s no big shock to find out how involved Agnes was with it). I don’t trust ABC, even without Frons, to do anything of use with these properties, sadly. The best I can hope for is that we get some sort of DVD or even proper streaming release of their vast archive which goes back to 1978 when they started saving episodes–but networks seem to have zero interest in that.

Yes! This is great news! General Hospital could very easily Bring in several occasional superstars like Susan Lucci or Erica Slezak. I’d agree with several of the post above, make Franco disappear and bring on Todd Manning Lord! I have to admit, I like Michael Easton’s new character. If they did bring back McBain I would hate to see the new guy go. He’s quirky, likable and really has a great time playing with the Q’s.
Obviously there are many possibilities with this wonderful news. Let’s hope that the writers don’t rush to do something silly with the beloved characters from the other shows. But for now, congratulations to Disney and the ABC television network on their victory. Here’s to an exciting future on ABC daytime.

Yes! Bring them back! Get rid of the view and bring back our soaps!!

I’d rather poke both my eyes out with a very sharp stick than see AMC back on ABC. ABC ruined that show.

Please bring back OLTL they should have never cancelled it.

I think this I a great opportunity to bring soaps back to network television by creating at least one spinoff using characters from the both shows. Hopefully a few of the original actors are still available. I agree that too much time has passed and it really is too late to revive AMC and OLTL, though it would be interesting if they tried…again. Getting back Erica Kane and Vickie Buchanan is definitely a must!

That’s a good idea, Joe. ‘All My Life to Live’ could become a hit!

I’ve been saying this for over 3 years, that they ought to combine the remnants of OLTL and AMC into one Half hour soap. Call it Landview, Call it Pine Valley call it Apples on a Tree but they should consider it….But, it seems highly unlikely that ABC-TV will do this –

It’s never too late….please bring OLTL & AMC back. Everything has failed that replaced these wonderful shows…ABC wake up & do the right thing. Think of all the advertising sponsorship you will gain if you bring the shows back…there’s the money you need to restart the shows…

While I would love it if they brought back One Life To Live full time I dont trust ABC and will not get my hopes up. They broke my “family” apart which broke my heart. I applaud PP for reviving it but it was just to big for them to take on. However I think it would be nice if we could at least have some sort of closure. A reunion would be nice to wrap up the cliffhangers. Maybe produce a one week reunion special that wraps up the storylines and at least gives us all closure to the characters. It could also be a test to see how the ratings go which in turn could make ABC rethink….but that is wishful thinking on my part.

Starr should show up with Michael’s baby. The stress of losing Hope combined with a new pregnancy made her freak out and leave town (remember how sudden and unexplained that was?). As soon as Michael and Nelle become close, Starr shows up. And they can recast Starr if KA isn’t available.

And please, please swap out Franco for Todd.

As for Finn, I’m really not sure. McBain is a better character, but Finn has appeal. Maybe twins?

I’ll take Michael Easton as Finn as long as he’s not turned into ho hum Silas. No question McBain is my favorite. He needs a hot new doctor that resembles his wife and gives him back his mojo. Yes he has some chemistry with RB but not like he did with his fiery Melissa. Bring Melissa Archer on along with Erika Slezak. We’ll need a matriarchal character when Jane Elliott is gone. Build the Q’s.

Yup. Maybe John McBain has disappeared or passed away. Natalie begins investigating and discovers that he was adopted. She follows a lead to Port Charles and is astonished to meet his twin – Dr. Finn.

Love it Jason! Miss seeing ME and MA on screen together. They’re magic❤️

Dear Lord I would welcome this and be so happy. I adore Michael and Melissa together!

Finally, Todd Manning can finally go back and fight Julian to get his newspaper back in Port Charles. However, I hope they bring OLTL characters. And if they do come to the decision to bring Todd back and recast the role so that Roger Howarth can still play Franco, I would take either Brian Letscher(Gus Sanders from Nick@Nite’s Hollywood Heights) or Billy Warlock(Ex-AJ Qautermaine)
Also if they bring back Starr, maybe they could explain that Helena was after her family and she had to break up with Michael if she wanted Cole back! Maybe Cole was captured and sent to the Cassadines after the car crash!

All My Children

Susan Lucci Joins the Cast of Jonah Hill’s Movie ‘Outcome’

Look who will be part of the ensemble cast in motion picture and film star Jonah Hill’s new film project! That’s right, none other than Susan Lucci (ex-Erica, All My Children).

According to Deadline, the daytime television icon joins other notables including Laverne Cox and David Spade who have been added to the cast of Outcome. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Matt Bomer (ex-Ben, Guiding Light) and Cameron Diaz.

In Outcome, which is written by, and will be directed by Hill, the dark comedy centers around Reef (played by Reeves), a damaged Hollywood star who must dive into the dark depths of his past to confront his demons and make amends after he is extorted with a mysterious video clip from his past.

Photo: JPI

Soap fans know that following her iconic run as All My Children’s Erica Kane, Susan went on to be featured in Lifetime’s Devious Maids in the role of Genevieve Delatour.  Since her Pine Valley days ended (when AMC was canceled in 2012), Susan has appeared in numerous shows and made numerous appearances.  n December of 2023, Lucci was awarded the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Photo: JPI

Outcome will debut on Apple and is an Apple Studios production. The film marks the latest collaboration for Hill and Apple Original Films, who are also developing a Grateful Dead biopic with Martin Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions, to be directed by Scorsese, with Hill starring in it and as one of the producers of the project, as well.

So, intrigued to see what kind of role Susan plays in Jonah Hill’s new film ‘Outcome’? Comment below.

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All My Children

Jacob Young Shares Production Pic of Cast of His New Film Featuring Joan Collins and Nadia Bjorlin

Last month, during a livestream conversation on the Michael Fairman Channel, while promoting Jason Cook’s film, Four for Fun, and featuring soap notables Jacob Young (ex-AJ, AMC, ex-Lucky, GH, ex-Rick, B&B) and Brytni Sarpy (Y&R), Young revealed some intel on his upcoming movie project.

Jacob shared that he was set to direct, produce and star in a Agatha Christie-like murder mystery feature film, Murder Between Friends shooting in Prague.

The actor/director expressed, “I’m flying at the end of the March to Prague to direct, produce and star in a film with Joan Collins (ex-Dynasty). Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe, Days of our Lives) is in it, and Toby Alexander Smith from Eastenders (ex-Gray Atkins). Plus, a couple of my Broadway friends and a very well known Czech actress (Hana Vagnerova). It’s very ‘Knives Out’ without having a hundred million dollars to shoot it, but still will be a lovely film nonetheless.”

Photos: JPI

Young is currently shooting the film’s principal photography abroad through April 17th.

Over the weekend, Jacob took to his Instagram to share a photo with the cast of the film where pictured is former Dynasty star, Joan Collins (ex-Alexis) and former Days of our Lives star, Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe). In addition, former All My Children star, Trent Garrett (ex-Asher) is seen in director-mode kneeling.

Trent and Jacob are both co-directors of Murder Between Friends Joan Collins shared the pic on her Instagram citing, “This was the #secret I posted about several weeks ago!”

So, looking forward to seeing Jacob’s film when it is released with Joan, Nadia, and company? Let us know in the comment section.


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All My Children

Barbara Rush, ‘All My Children’ and ‘Peyton Place’ Actress, Dies at 97

Veteran Hollywood actress Barbara Rush, known to soap opera fans for her recurring roles on All My Children as Nola Orsini, and on Peyton Place where she played Marsha Russell, died at 97 on Sunday, March 31st.

Her passing was confirmed by Rush’s daughter, Fox News Channel senior correspondent Claudia Cowan. In a statement, Claudia shared, “My wonderful mother passed away peacefully at 5:28 this evening. I was with her this morning and know she was waiting for me to return home safely to transition. It’s fitting she chose to leave on Easter as it was one of her favorite holidays and now, of course, Easter will have a deeper significance for me and my family.”

Barbara had an extensive career in films and television that included roles in: It Came From Outer Space, The Goldbergs, 7th Heaven,  The Young Philadelphians, Robin and the 7 Hoods, The Young Lions, Batman (TV series ), The Bionic Woman, Fantasy Island, Love Boat, Murder, She Wrote and so many others.

Photo: NBC

From 1968 to 1969, she starred in 75 episodes on Peyton Place.  In 1980, Rush also appeared in NBC’s primetime soap opera, Flamingo Road taking on the role of Eudora Weldon, who’s adoptive daughter was played by Morgan Fairchild.

Then, in 1992, she was cast as All My Children’s Nola Orsini. In the storyline, Tad (Michael E. Knight) had amnesia and washed ashore from a river and wides up in California. He gets a job at Orsini Vineyards, where the owner, Nola Orsini (Rush), says that he is the spitting image of her missing son, Ted Orsini, who was kidnapped as a child, and insists Tad is him. She takes him in, trains him to run the vineyards, and makes him her heir, completely convinced he is her lost son, and the story unspooled from there.

Rush is survived by her two children the aforementioned Claudia Cowan, and  Christopher Hunter.

Share your condolences for and remembrances of Barbara Rush via the comment section below.

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