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REPORT: Erika Slezak and Robert S. Woods Have Made Deals To Join One Life To Live!



Huge report out this afternoon from Showbiz that reveals that their sources are telling them that both six-time Daytime Emmy winner, Erika Slezak, and a Daytime Emmy winner himself, Robert S. Woods, have signed with Prospect Park to reprise their roles as Viki Banks and Bo Buchanan!

This exclusive report from Roger Friedman at says the following: “I talked to Robert S. Woods today, the great actor who plays Bo Buchanan. He told me he’s met with the Prospect-ors, and they’ve made a deal for Woods to join the new show. Sources also say that Erika Slezak, the nominal “star” of “OLTL” has made her deal, along with Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan). It does seem like Prospect Park is going to make a ‘go’ of this.  Woods says he thinks they’ll be back to work by mid February.”

Now we are waiting on official word from the actors themselves, or from Prospect Park!  If this holds true, the prayers have been answered for many One Life fans who were hoping that the revival of One Life would include the biggest series longtime stars … Slezak and Woods!

On-Air On-Soaps will have more on these developments forthcoming.  In the meantime, what do you think of the report on Erika and Bob joining Prospect Park’s One Life? Let us know!

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Best news I’ve heard yet!

wooooohooooo!!! happy dance! viki-clint-bo -dorian-now we need john & nat- & baby liam i want roxy and blair to join OLTL again through PP and we need starr to join kassie & dorian! 😀 also if we could get rex balsam & gigi as well that would be a stellar cast!

Nat has NOT signed on yet. John is still on GH until it is settled.

Rex & Gigi will not be coming back, both actors stated earlier this week they will not be signing up for the reboot. 🙁

I will be watching!!

This is the best news I have heard yet. I have been so sad since the chew has been on. Let me know how to access One Life To Live on line and I will watch it. I have been watching since I was pregnant twenty seen years ago with my oldest daughter.

John say on GH and Nat on OLTL so that they will NEVER be together again. Worst couple of all time!

Woo-hoo indeed! And Yippee! This is incredible news. So many prayers answered! Power to the fans! Our persistence and our not forgetting about how much these soaps mean to us were heard!

we need david nora matthew destiny blair todd john natalie tea victor dani starr gigi rex shane ..

Rex and Gigi will not be there, this is going to be a half hr show so it will be scaled down, it was announced today that Matthew and Destiny will be recast, probably to make them a little older college students or something.

Blair, Todd, John, and Starr are on General Hospital, so you know they won’t be back, but OLTL is on SoapNet every morning Monday thru Friday. I watch it everyday. It’s from 2009 and it’s still great…lol.

Depends on their contracts as to whether or not they’d consider coming back. I can live without Destiny and Natalie and Rex and Gigi.

So it will be an online show? I have been going thru withdrawals!

where are you all watching this they took it off tv.

Oh I hope so, and lets all hope we can get everyone back, and hopefully Starr and Michael can do both OLTL and GH.. I just hope and pray this works out.. We need all of our stars back to OLTL

Please, Please be true. Viki, Clint, Bo And Dorian means we will have the heart and soul of OLTL characters back!


Perfectly stated. We have the core

I agree!! Fantastic news!!! It wouldn’t be OLTL without Viki….Clint…..Bo and Dorian!!!! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!

Very true Mark !!!!!

OMG! YESSSSSS! The Core Four! Woo Hoo!

Dorian? Are you sure? That makes 3 1/2 prayers answered. Viki, Clint, Dorian, and Bo is the 1/2 prayer. I always liked him, it’s just that Bo and Nora became sooooo boring. I would prefer Bo come back without Nora at this point. Can we say Lindsay?????

I like lindsay b/c she is a little bit crazy and I like a little crazy. lol

a little bit crazy and a whole lot bitchy makes the perfect combination for me. I’ve always liked my soap women to be strong, which doesn’t translate into bitchy, but let’s face it, Dorian holds the cards on bitchy and Lindsay holds the cards on crazy, and I love them both.

This was what I was waiting for to end my one year funk……..have never posted here before; could not be more thrilled

Now……Hilary B Smith for the win……

Right there with you! From your lips to Hil’s ears!

Hilary works on another soap and an online soap. I guess f she wants to leave one of those she ould comeback..other wise I guess Nora and Matt are someplace else maybe raisin the baby

She works on, I think, three online soaps (both of Crystal Chappell’s and “Fumbling thru the Pieces”), so it must be that they are not exclusive deals, and she’s recurring on Bold and Beautiful but not on contract. So I don’t think any of that really precludes her from joining the reboot (but I’m not sure).

Be still my heart Dorian and Vicki back together!!

This is great news for OLTL fans all we need now is for HBS and KdP to sign. Then our show will be back.

They also need Susan Haskell 🙁

Oh no…not Marty

Where is Hillary, can’t have Bo without Nora. That is like having peanut butter without jelly. You can’t have one without the other.


Nora is on B and B on CBS 🙁

Very disappointed that Rex and Gigi (forget there actor/actress name) won’t be signing. They were my favs

You may get Nora, but it will probably be a re-cast then. HBS is only recurring on BB though so she can go back to OLTL, but might not make sense for her to do that.

Besides Marlena on Days, Viki on OLTL has always been my favorite leading lady. Deidre and Erika are phenominal! Glad that Bob Woods signed too!

Gigi and Rex are real live couple, or atleast they were. I loved both of them…..

So excited

Is this new show going to on the internet or on television?

Viki, Clint, Bo and Dorian!! It brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait for One Life to Live to be back on!!! I’ll take it in any form they want to give it to me. I’m hoping that Prospect makes an announcement soon how they’ll stream it so we know the best device to purchase.

Could not have said it better. I feel the same way.

You are so right Vanessa.

so agree…love this news……….

Vanessa, you shouldn’t need to buy anything if you have a computer. The plan is they will first show them on and then other platforms (hulu, netflix) including a cable channel.

I hope this all pans out to be true. OLTL was the best soap out there! It is sorely missed by all OLTL fans!!

You are so right! I missed it a lot! Die-Hard OLTL Fan FOREVER!

Me too …I love it…lol

Oh happy, happy day!!!!! This is just what OLTL needed!!! More! More!!!

Getting so pumped for this reboot!!! I hope it will be available for Canadians!!!

Yes now we need HBS and MA< KDP, FL along with all our OLTLers that are stuck playing stupid on GH!! Please bring them home to Llanview!!!! Vampire really? UHG!!!!!

I don’t like the vampire thing either.

They are reprising the story line from defunked soap Port Charles. I think its funny!

Michael Easton played Caleb on Port Charles long before he played John on OLTL. They’re either doing a little nod to PC fans or they’re finding a way to keep Michael Easton and release John McBain. You can’t make an actor move across the country for an online show if he/she is under contract with someone else and doesn’t want to be released. There are many fans who love OLTL and GH & who have been longtime viewers for decades. I’m one of them and while o loved John on OLTL, I want Michael Easton to remain on GH.

Does anyone else want to just run around the streets screaming with excitement? No, just me? I am sooo excited our show is coming back together. I have missed these families!! Positive thoughts to continue on.

lol! Yes, I want to scream from the top of my lungs too! I’m thrilled about this news. It would not be the same without Vicki and Dorian going at each other!

I’m just waiting on Kassie DePaiva before I completely explode!

what if I scream from my chair………WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

hey,that’s what I’m doing…lol…

I do!

Didn’t read your response until after I posted mine, but, yes, that would be me! Hear us ROAR!!!

Remember all from OLTL who signed on with PP the first time..
Anyways, I knew they would be on board again with PP..
I expect all who signed on with PP the first time around will still go on with PP this time around also..

You are NOT ALONE! I am beside myself with happiness, relief, excitement! What a miserable year missing our shows! Cannot believe my prayers have been answered.

I do TOO! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite soap also my #1 soap ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

I am thrilled. I have a salon and had customers who loved the soaps as I did. I will be taking my laptop in the shop. Soaps are like reading a good book series, you just want to see what happens next.

I am so happy Now

That would be great if they bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE

what do you mean if they bring back this is a definite not and if

i want them all back and so happy about oltl watched for 30 years i will watch another 30 years.


omG.. I sure hope Roxy was able to save Fraternity Row too… 🙂

Me too!

I probably won’t be watching when this goes online because I said goodbye to it a year ago and I have too many other things to watch when my two little boys and husband don’t have my attention. 🙂

However, I am OVERJOYED for those of you who will be watching and who never lost hope that you would get these shows back.

I did watch both OLTL and AMC for many years and I know OLTL would be nothing without Erika Slezak.

Keep it in mind for the little down time you may get….30 minutes of OLTL after a long day may be just what you need! 🙂

I would bet that you will tune in… out of curosity !!! I hope you do.

BEST new ever!!!! Now get back RH KDP FL and ME and we are SET!!!!!

FANTASTIC!!!! I can’t wait. Hope All My Children is close behind…..

I hope Victor Jr. comes back and Blair and Tea and Jess-Tess-Wes LOVE her, what an actress!!!

It all seems to be coming together, finally! It will be so great to see all our friends from OLTL.

I am so happy that they are going forward with this!! This is truly a dream come true!

What about Dorian?

Robin Strasser signed on Monday! No reason to fret!

YES, Robin Strasser confirmed via Twitter a few days ago that she is part of this reboot! 😀

Look back a few story of Michael’s. Robin S. has already signed on !!!

5thank you so much, now we need Hillary B. Smith to complete with Bo.
I have not watched afternoon tv since oltl was cancelled. This is wonderful news.

I couldnt imagine this without Erika and Bob! I have waited 1 year and 3 days for this! Please let Jerry ver Dorn be next! Some wonderful person has been uploading the Clint and Viki love story on YouTube and it has been like watching the show for the first time since I didn’t start until 1992…

I got so excited I didn’t even see Jerry ver Dorn is already on board! Yayyyyy!


OMG, I’M SO HAPPY, CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF. Envisioning MF touring the new set and interviewing all the stars of OLTL!!! HELLO, NO MORE GOODBYES!!!

Oh please, please let it be so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once we get Nora and Blair, it will be time to rock and roll! Maybe they will get it together for OLTL first and can start sooner — then worry about the others that will be coming back! We have waited long enough PP, get the show on the road!

COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This news has brought tears to my eyes. It has been one, long, dry year without OLTL and I have missed Erika the most; she is the anchor and the heart of the show. What’s the show without Bo Buchanan. Yay! Thank you soap gods, fans, and PP.

Great news about Vicky,Bo & clint.. Can’t wait for it to start airing whereever that may be……

Roxie!!! With her off the wall sense of humor.. I like her also. She’s a piece of work!

So excited. I miss Viki!

So do I !!!! She is WONDERFUL!

It’s thrilling, really! It was a huge loss when we lost the show last year. I’ve been watching since 1978 or earlier, so the characters are like family. Congrats and thanks for pushing this through,

Great news

Hillary is only recurring on B&B,so hopefully she will sign as well,along with Kassie,and Florencia.

Yeah! The program should never have ended, and will be welcomed back with open arms! Thank you!

Hi Michael!! The most thrilling news I got all day! I am so happy for the returns of our legendary Bo Buchanan & Victoria Lord. Now, as these reports progress, a good official comment from Mr. Woods and Ms. Slezack would make the icing on the cake! We may have more actors accepting their returns and possible talks after this. I’m still a bit hesitant on the second 2.0 revival, but as new developments are increasing, my hopes are starting to go up! I may get to see my beloved Vicki, Clint, daring Dorian, and the best R. Woods!!

I’m so excited, can’t wait to see them all together again!!

The comment posted above link says if to be true, then the article says they have signed on.. Shouldn’t post if it isn’t 100% true.. But I think it is..

That’s Awesome News!! OLTL would not be the same without Vicki and Bo!! We have Clint and Dorian too! Now we need Blair and Nora!
Looking forward to seeing my Favorite Soap Again!!

Great, Great news….Can’t wait for the first episode.

As a long time time fan of One Life To Live, I am looking forward seeing my friends again. The reasons I say friends is because, I have watched the show since 1973. I got to meet them at fan luncheons, soft ballgames and other events. So I am hoping this is true that Prospect Park is actually picking up the show and we aren’t going to get disappointed again. I am looking to the day when it will begin again.
I know this is little early saying thank you for bring back my favorite soap of all times.

I have been watching OLTL since the Woleks ,Segals , Price Trainer etc…..

I am wild with excitement! Over the top crazy! I feel as if part of my family has returned from a long trip. Oh, how I have missed all of them. We may have changed a bit, but, I promise to love and watch them all the same!

I’m really hoping that Ilene Kristen will be contacted and of course, Bo needs his Nora!!

I’m doing the happy dance. So darn exciting as I have missed my extended family so much.

I’m desperate for David Vickers and Roxy to return. They guaranteed a smile every time they were on screen!

Absolutey …. need Vickerman. One of the great things about OLTL was always the balance between drama and fun. They took their stories seriously but not themselves. They know that we, like them, need to have fun and lighthearted moments.


Couldn’t be happier. I just hope and pray that it’s all true, so we won’t be disappointed again. It will be wonderful to see all of these great stars. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

I’m starting to let myself believe this will really happen! I’m hoping that the stories will be more representative of all types of people and relationships – like what has begun to evolve in the new web series but with the professional polish that the industry vets will bring.

I am very much excited to hear that Erika Slezak, Bo Buchanan, Jerry VerDorn and Robin Strasser may be returning to OLTL on the Web TOLN. I miss these stars very much, every day, and nothing could make me happier than to know they will be on board when OLTL returns. What a fantastic Valentine’s Day this will be for all the OLTL cast and their fans!!!!!!!! Wow – my heart beats with joy!!!!!!!


Y&R’s Colleen Zenk on the Flipside of Aunt Jordan Tormenting Nikki: “My Relationship with Melody Thomas Scott Has Just been Incredible Since I Got Here”

Viewers of The Young and the Restless were left in disbelief with the arrival of Aunt Jordan, who schemed to have recovering alcoholic, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) kidnapped with an IV drip of booze flowing through her veins (and that’s just for starters).

When As the World Turns favorite Colleen Zenk was cast on Y&R, to portray the revenge-filled Aunt Jordan, the top-rated soap got a bit of a spring back into its step.  Zenk spoke this week with CBS San Francisco affiliate KPIX on her return to daytime and how she is getting along with the cast and crew at the CBS daytime drama.

In speaking with KPIX anchor, Gianna Franco, Colleen expressed: “Tthe fact that they welcomed me with such open arms and love, it really freed me up, because of how they received me and made me feel incredibly welcome, and not just the cast. I mean, the entire production, the crew, the staff, the directors, the writers … everybody from the top down.”

Photo: JPI

Hard to believe, but as Colleen shared, throughout her years in daytime she had never spoken with Y&R’s iconic star, Melody Thomas Scott, who she now has a budding on-screen rivalry with. Things have certainly changed.

Colleen added, “My relationship with Melody Thomas Scott has just been incredible since I got here.  She and I had never had a conversation before until the day I walked on the set. It’s just been fabulous. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying that.”

Photo: CBS

And walk in she did! Zenk shared that her casting had been kept top-secret at the show. No one really knew she was on the call sheet or the cast list at the time. To keep it mum, Colleen revealed, “My name was not anywhere. They did not have “Colleen Zenk” in print. So, when I finally did show up on November 17th (on-air) it was shock.”

Check out the segment where Colleen speaks on her Y&R adventure thus far below.

Are you looking forward to seeing … Nikki get her revenge on Aunt Jordan for all she put her through? More scenes between Colleen and Melody?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Guiding Light

Matt Bomer Reveals More On Why He Turned Down ‘Barbie’ Role as a Ken

Guiding Light alum Matt Bomer (ex-Ben Reade) is currently receiving rave reviews for his performance in Showtime’s Fellow Travelers and the motion picture Maestro.

However, on the December 6th episode of The Tonight Show, Bomer revealed more intel on why he decided to pass on an opportunity to appear in the summer blockbuster Barbie. Matt was in heavy consideration to play a Ken in Greta Gerwig’s smash hit starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie.

The in-demand star told Jimmy Fallon,”I had some projects in development, and I wasn’t sure if they were gonna happen or when they were gonna happen. So, I auditioned. I mean, I dressed up like Malibu Ken. I dressed up like Business Suit Ken. I had like four different looks going on. I have pictures of this.” Bomer shared that, “he really got into it.”

Photo: Warner Bros/Mattel

In the end, the timing just wasn’t right for Bomer who shares three sons with his husband, Simon Halls.  Matt expressed, “I was talking with Greta, I was looking forward to doing it and then the things in development came to fruition, and I would have been away from my family for a year, which was just too much time away.”

As for how the cast shook out for Barbie, Bomer gave a thumbs up, “I think they made a perfect movie, and it was cast perfectly.”

Photo: AP

Bomer does not regret his decision because in the end he “got to do Fellow Travelers and Maestro and spend time with my family.” In Fellow Travelers, Matt stars in what he deemed on The Tonight Show as ‘the gay The Way We Were.”  Bomer plays opposite Jonathan Bailey in the series.  In Maestro, Bomer plays clarinettist David Oppenheim, who was one of Leonard Bernstein’s lovers.

Photo: CBS

On Guiding Light, daytime soap fans remember that Bomer played Ben Reade for two years from 2001-2003. The character was revealed to be a male prostitute and a serial killer before his death. Matt had told the producers before he exited, “Just throw the kitchen sink at me, and they did.”

Watch Matt’s segment on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon below.  Now let us know, do you wish he would have played a Ken in the Barbie movie? Have you caught his performances in ‘Fellow Travelers’ and soon Maestro?  What do you recall about his work as GL’s troubled Ben Reade? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Breaking News

Ellen Holly, Groundbreaking Actress of ‘One Life to Live’, Passes Away at 92

Ellen Holly, who portrayed Carla Gray on ABC’s One Life to Live, had died at the age of 92.  Her death was confirmed by her cousin Grant Shipp via his Facebook page. The groundbreaking actress passed away on December 5th.

Holly appeared on One Life from October 1968 through December 1980, and from May 1983 through December 1985.  In his post, Shipp related of Holly, “She was a pioneer in daytime television. Starring on One Life to live for 20 years. Playing Lawrence Fishburns mother on the show. She appeared in several movies, and performed on stage with the greatest black actors of her generation. Sidney Poitier, Harry Beafonte, Cicely Tyson, Robert Hooks, James Earl Jones to name a few. You had One Life to Live and it was amazing Life. You were simply one of the best. Now you know the secret. God rest your soul.”

Following several theatre roles, Holly came to One Life to Live and took on the role of Carla Benari. Secretly, she was born Clara Gray, and eventually went by the name of Carla Gray. Agnes Nixon, iconic creator of the soap opera, wanted to tell an important social issue of the times, when in story, Carla was passing herself as white, in order to get a job. This was also an issue Holly faced in real-life and shared publicly in an essay she wrote for the New York Times, “How Black Do You Have To Be?”

Photo: ABC

In story for the first five months, the audience thought Carla was white. However, in a landmark moment, Carla came face-to-face with her mother, Sadie (Lillian Hayman) who was a housekeeper. Her mother felt she betrayed her race. Carla was embroiled in an interracial relationship with a white doctor, Jim Craig (Nat Polen), who was her boss at the hospital. Caral also was involved with another resident Prince who was Black. After breaking it off with Jim, Carla came clean about her race.

Eventually, Holly would star opposite Daytime Emmy-winner, Al Freeman Jr., and the love story of Carla and Ed Hall, became a fan favorite in the soaps earlier years.  The couple adopted a teenaged son, Joshua played by now motion picture star, Laurence Fishburne. When Ed and Carla’s relationship fell apart, she eventually remarried Dr. Jack Scott played by Arthur Burghardt.

Photo: ABC

Holly said in a 1979 interview with Ebony magazine, “There are enormous stretches in this country where they don’t know anything about Black people…Our viewers tend to regard us as neighbors. People at the supermarket, total strangers, will throw their arms around you and treat you as a neighbor…My mother on the show has been a domestic and is now head of the housekeeping staff at the hospital; my ex-husband on the show is a policeman, and Arthur [Burghardt] plays a brilliant heart surgeon…I think we’ve opened up our viewers’ heads a little bit more to the variety that exists in the Black race. And the more that happens, the slower somebody will be — when they’re confronted with any given Black person — to jump to conclusions about who and what that person is.”

After Holly departed the show in 1980, she later returned to Llanview in 1983, at that time, Carla was now an assistant district attorney. She also was reunited with Ed Hall. Ellen last played the role in 1985.

Share your remembrances for One Life to Live’s Ellen Holly via the comment section and make sure to check out Holly speaking on the importance of her early storyline with the Television Academy below.


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