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Soap Opera Digest Names One Life to Live Best Show of 2011!



In the brand new issue of Soap Opera Digest which includes their highly anticipated Best & Worst in Soaps in 2011, the publication had named the canceled, One Life to Live as the Best Show of 2011!  And, if you pick up a copy of the issue at newsstand now you will see that OLTL picked up many “Bests” including Best Story of the year for Tale of the Two Todds!  And, Best Social Issue for the Teen Bullying story.  OLTL also picked up a nod for Best Special Episode for the hilarious and very memorable Vicker Man Premiere!

The Young and the Restless was picked as the Most Disappointing Show of 2011, while another canceled soap, All My Children was picked as the Most Improved Show of 2011.  The Worst Story of the Year honors went to Chloe’s A Prostitute on Days of our Lives.

From Best and Worst Wedding,  Best and Worst Recast, Best and Worst Villain, Best and Worst Location, Best and Worst Triangle, there is lots to discuss as the magazine expounds on their choices! Make sure to grab a copy.

All we can say, is kudos to SOD for getting it right giving the Best Show of 2011 to One Life.   This is the year that it will most certainly be the critics darling.

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only agree if victors not dead!

Victor was the best! I can’t stand scarface Todd!

I should get that, I always loved SOD’s best and worst of magazines. And OLTL deserves Best Soap, along with Y&R as Worst Soap. They got those right!

I wonder who had worst wedding.

I totally agree—–OLTL is the BEST soap on TV!!!! ABC is STUPID for cancelling it!!!! They have lost so many viewers !!!! If they don’t want our soaps, SELL THEM!!!

Wouldn’t it be something, if OLTL wins the Emmy for Best Show after itso cancelled.

I hope this happens,so we can laugh right in the faces of ABC

It’s such a shame that they canceled the best soap on tv! I’ve always considered it the best soap and have been a loyal viewer since day one. Why did they have to break our hearts all over again by promising us a re-boot future and then pulling the plug?

and so the best soap is being replaced with a horrid makoever show with the equally horrid Tim Gunn…makes sense huh?

Gonna go out and get this issue. OLTL deserves every best that they got!!! What an amazing year for OLTL!!! Too bad ABC doesn’t realize the jewel that they are throwing away.

Agreed. Let’s all make this the biggest selling issue ever. Perhaps if all the fans purchase a copy, Soap Opera Degist can hand Brian Frons and ABC those numbers too !

sorry, please correct my typo in “degist” to “digest”


I’m going to buy it also! It’s been years since i’ve bought a SOD also!

OLTL was voted Best Story: Tale of Two Todds, Most Shocking Plot Twist: Gigi/Stacy, Best Triangle: Viki-Charlie & Echo, Best Returns: OLTL Vets, Best Exit: Dorian Lord, Best Social Issue: Bullying, Best Special Episode: Vickerman Premiere, and Best Show….In the worst category OLTL received the following….Worst Secret: Who Killed Eddie Ford, Worst Exit: Marty, & Worst Trend: Dual Roles

The next one was received, but had nothing to do with what OLTL did…it was
Worst News: The Cancellations of AMC & OLTL (Which made Brian Frons the soap fans’ biggest villain – a title that he earned),

I’m thrilled for One Life to Live and I’m hoping that some bright and creative entrepreneur will find a way to save this show. With 2.6 million viewers and cast and crew willing to do whatever it takes to keep the show alive, why can’t someone make this work?!

After the week of Thanksgiving, OLTL is at 2.8. They have over 400,000 viewers from last year. I wish someone would pick it up too.

Not gonna happen. It’s over folks. Move on and devote your energy to save the four soaps left so that they don’t suffer the same fate.


The other four soaps are not worth saving. OLTL is the only that should be saved.

i know victor is not dead OLTL & AMC is the best shows on tv and the best dramss they have ABC have a nerve to cancel the best soaps on air what are they tnking

I hope OLTL submits the Todd reveal or the Todd/Blair cabin scenes for Emmy consideration. Hands down, the best episodes of the year.

Hey.. and before we lose our show.. let not forgot how even Janet Jackson gave credit to the show in one of her first hits “What Have You Done For Me Lately” from 1986…

“You ought to be thankful for the little things,
but little things are all you seem to give
You’re always putting off what we can do today
Soap opera says, you’ve got “One Life To Live”
Who’s right, who’s wrong?
What have you done for me lately?”

Maybe we need a OLTL trivia page… so we all can remember and discover how much this show touch everywhere.

Yeah I always thought that was cool that she put that in her song! And let’s not forget Sarah Michelle Geller is a big fan of OLTL instead of AMC while it was still on, that says a lot.


You are so right this is the worst story lines I have ever see

I love Roger Howarth, the original, the one and only!!! Victor is alive and I am happy for Tea!! And Danni.
Now I want the Special farewell Issue of the magazine. One Life To Live Tribute!! WHERE, wHERE do I find It?? Thank you for your help!! Long live Vicki!! And the memory of her father, Walter Slezak!! He would be so pleased for and of his beautiful daughter!! Thank you, Vicki, for your life on OLTL!! Love it!!! And you!! Thank you, cast, for the memories. Max…take good care of him, Blair!!

General Hospital

General Hospital’s John J. York Reveals Potential Transplant Donor: “I Believe They Found a Match”

Promising news for General Hospital’s John J. York (Mac Scorpio). The actor who went public with his health battle shared Friday on Good Morning America that a life-saving blood stem cell transplant donor may have been located.

An emotional York told GMA, “I believe they found a match, perfect match, which will make me cry.  So we’re going to start our testing and do all that kind of stuff coming up here in about a week, and then I believe the transplant will happen, fingers crossed, in November.”

Through his association with the Be The Match organization, York located the now potential donor to help in his fight against myelodysplastic syndrome and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders. “

Photo: JPI

York went on to explain the difficulties he faced in trying to find a match: “Many of my family members were tested and most of them were 6 out of 12; apparently there’s markers that have to be reached. So they were on standby.”

When asked just what the GH fan favorite would want to say if given the opportunity to speak to the donor that appears to be a match, in tears, John expressed: “Thank you for saving my life. For letting me spend more time with my wife and my daughter and my son-in-law and my grandchildren and seeing this beautiful blue sky.”

John has played Mac Scorpio for 32 years and until recently had kept his battle with these two blood cancers private, but came forward to clarify why he is taking time away from GH, and how he is been trying to find a life-saving donor match.

Watch York’s segment from GMA below.

Now, share your thoughts and well-wishes as John awaits the test results from his potential donor, to hopefully undergo this life-saving transplant in November via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Jacqueline Grace Lopez Returns to General Hospital

Never count out Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton)! After her termination at Deception, and following her grandmother Tracy Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) blackmailing scheme, BLQ is set to bounce back.

How will she do it? Now comes word from Soap Opera Digest that Brook Lynn will once again go back into the music business when Blaze hires her to be her manager.  This will bring actress and singer, Jacqueline Grace Lopez back to General Hospital to reprise her role as Blaze.

The last time viewers saw Blaze was back on the April 17th episode of GH, when Blaze surprised Chase (Josh Swickard) by turning up to speak on his behalf in front of the PCPD review committee.  Throughout her initial run as the character, Blaze was tormented by that creep of a manager, Linc.  She also became good friends with Chase when they sang together on multiple occasions, and revealed her real name was actually, Allison.

Photo: ABC

This will mark Lopez’s third time on GH, the first in a brief role as a babysitter in 2015/2016, her last run as Blaze, and now her return.

Lopez shared her excitement on her return with SOD, and that her first scenes back are with Kate Mansi (Kristina) and Amanda Setton Lopez expressed, “I’m really looking forward to working with them more and getting to learn more about Blaze.”

Photo: ABC

Just how long Jacqueline’s stay on GH will be this time remains to be seen, but the show is looking at exploring more about the character of Blaze.

Looking forward to having Jacqueline back on the canvas and on your screens as Blaze? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Alum Vinessa Antoine to Lead CBC Series ‘Plan B’

Former General Hospital star, Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan Ashford) has been making a name for herself in her native Canada starring now in not one, but two CBC dramas. Previously, Vinessa starred in the legal drama, Diggstown from 2019-2022.

Now comes word that Antoine will lead the second season of the CBC series, Plan B and a whole new story. The second season of the time-bending original drama series is an adaptation of the popular French-language drama series of the same name (now in its fourth season for Radio-Canada).

On her Instagram account, Vinessa expressed on her casting news, “Plan B- second season! Giving my all leading another show. This one. Wow. Great writing. Talented cast. Special story. What a treat ❤️”

Photo: JPI

In story, Plan B will follow the life of Mia Coleman (Antoine), a Montreal police officer. In story, Mia is approaching her fortieth birthday and grieving the end of her relationship with her ex, and her ex’s son, whom she embraced as her own. At work, the constant injustice she faces gnaws at her own sense of purpose. Mia’s already tumultuous life is turned upside-down when a seemingly routine intervention in a family crisis involving Paul (Vincent Leclerc) and Keri Whitman (Sarah Booth) results in the worst imaginable outcome.

The show asks the question, “What if Mia and her partner Tyler had the evidence that would have prevented this life-altering event?” Through Plan B, a strange agency that can take her back in time, Mia will stop at nothing to prevent a family tragedy, and will embark on a journey during which she’ll delve deep into her own psyche, confronting buried emotions and an unresolved past.

Vinessa originated the role of GH’s Jordan Ashford in 2014 and played the part till 2018.

So, excited for Vinessa as she leads another primetime drama? Was she one of your favorite Jordan Ashford’s on GH? Comment below,

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