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Update On OLTL Favorite Eddie Alderson's Health Battle; Now Diagnosed With Hodgkins Lymphoma

Photo: KAldersonInstagram

Photo: KAldersonInstagram

In very tough news to read today across social media, One Life to Live alum, Eddie Alderson (Ex-Matthew Buchanan) came forward via his Instagram account that he had been diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer.

Eddie shared: “This weekend has been a crazy one to say the least. Some of you may already know, but Friday I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and will begin chemo therapy sometime this week. While this journey may not be easy, I know that together with all of my family and friends, we will beat this! Just a bump on the road of life.  I will keep you all updated as we go along.”

And in a heart-tugging photo on her Instagram account, Eddie’s sister, Kristen Alderson (Ex-Starr OLTL and GH, Ex-Kiki, GH) shared this:  “My beyond precious and amazing brother (and best friend) Eddie Alderson got diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer last Friday. Ever since, we’ve been surrounded by love, support, and optimism. He is so strong and determined, I know he’ll beat this. Please pray for Eddie’s journey w/ us. I’ll keep you all updated as always.”

UPDATE this afternoon:  Kristen took to her twitter account with more news on Eddie’s health scare: “The power of prayer is amazing. As of this morning, Eddie was scheduled for surgery tonight.  They said his first biopsy did not have enough tissue to determine the exact kind of lymphoma. This would have pushed his diagnosis/treatment and would have meant more time in the hospital.  Only four hours after he announced with cancer (and you all responded with such beautiful words and prayer) a doctor came in and said he no longer needed surgery! They were able to diagnose him using the sample they already had. (GREAT news). And he officially has Hodgkins Lymphoma, (w2hich is very treatable). He’s going home today and will start chemotherapy on Monday.”

Share your well-wishes and thoughts for Eddie as he begins his chemo and treatment in the days ahead in the comment section below.

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Sending prayers! Also have always thought Eddie would make a fabulous Morgan on GH!

Sending Light, Love and Healing thoughts and prayers your way.

Miss Matthew from his days on OLTL, wishing him a successful and speedy recovery! xo

Best news ever, given the circumstances!!

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!!!

My prayers to your family, Eddie I know you can beat this,. I loved your work on OLTL.

Oh Michael. So saddened by this news. That young man just getting a start on adulthood. Not fair. My heart goes out to his family. Stay strong Eddie! Keeping him in prayers. x

Praying for your an the family. I pray that God is with you and heals your body. God Bless

Thoughts and prayers…wishing him a speedy recovery!!!

Horrible news will keep him in my prayers.

Feel better Eddie

What was in the OLTL drinking water? First Kassie DePaiva, now EA! I hope he gets well soon and the same for Kassie!

Dear Eddie,

You grew up in front of my eyes and as such I feel like a distant Auntie to you. I was saddened by this news of your diagnosis. I wish you all the best and am very grateful that your disease is so treatable!

Please know that there are many, MANY like me out there who are pulling for you. We all love you, very much.

Peace, love and One Life to Live.

Liz Arnold

Get well soon Eddie!!!! I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that you too will be a cancer survivor.

This is very sad to hear, such a young man full of life. May God Bless you, lay his healing hands on you & wrap your loved ones in support & comfort. Be strong & be well <3

Eddie , I am a born again Christian who had
Renal cell carsonoma I was anointed with oil & prayed over.
My amazing church family kept praying &
I had a partial nephrectom. I want you to know all things r possible thru Jesus .
I will keep you in my prayers daily


Please God, let the prayer of faith save the sick knowing that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! You’re in my prayers!

I’m so sorry to hear of your illness Eddie

My praying for Eddie and his Mom and Sister Kristen he a fighting I miss Eddie and Kristen I got pic with Eddie and Kristen

I pray for Eddie’s very speedy and complete recovery. It was such a joy watching him grow up as Matthew on One Life to Live. He’s grown into a wonderful young man. God bless you always Eddie!!!!!!!!!!

This is heartbreaking for someone so young to have to go through this obstacle in life. There is no doubt it will make him stronger and appreciate life and family more. Sending positive thoughts!

It is a very scary thing to hear that diagnosis and to be hospitalized.

When I was battling cancer many years ago one thing that kept my spirits up was knowing there were survivors out there. We know you will be one of us!

Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family, Eddie.

My heartfelt prayers are with Eddie and his family. My friend was diagnosed with Hodgkins 12 yrs ago, went through the chemo and he has been cancer free for 11 years. This is a very treatable cancer, thank God! Eddie has the loving support of his family and the loving support of all his fans. Prayers will continue!


Prayers and love going out to you and your family. OLTL was my family for 41 years and you are part of that.


May God watch over you; protect you, and save you. Blessings, Eddie.

That is wonderful news Kristen. The is a great power in prayer. Please give Eddie my best wishes for a speedy recovery! Miss seeing you both on TV!
With Love,
Sylvia Ackerson

I’m praying for a complete recovery for you.

God bless! Beyond their acting, these siblings are amazing and proof that good parents raise great kids! all the best and prayers that all work out for you!

Will pray pray pray for you!! Love you too Kristen!!

Eddie this is amazing news. The power of prayer no matter ones religion works. Now what I pray for is the patience for you and your family to get through this. God has blessed you with people who love you; your fans adore you and that itself is a good hundred thousand. When you add that all up, its a lot of support. Bless you and get ready to rumble for your life to be cancer free!

Sending prayers and best wishes to Matthew and your entire family! May God bless you and look over all of you!

Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I wish you a speedy recovery. You got this!

Please know I will keep praying for Eddie until he is

Love, prayers and positive thoughts for you and your family, dear Eddie.

Young, positive attitude, great support and love from family and friends; a great concoction for successful treatment to beat this thing! Go, Eddie!

Matthew you will beat this and become stronger.. with God at your side.
Our prayers for you, your doctors to treat it successfully, your family and friends.

God Bless you . Hope to see you working soon.

You were my favorite actor on oltl, my family and friends are praying for you.

Didn’t watch him on OLTL, but best wishes.

I Can’t Imagine what your going through, but keep strong and just know your not alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

Wishing you all the best Eddie. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Prayers to Eddie and to Alderson family!!!

hello eddie and Kristen I remember watching the both of you on oltl you too were amazing actors on that soap I would like too send a prayer out too eddie a special prayer cause of the struggle that he is going through eddie my heart and prayers are with you and your family stay strong god is with you and your family during this rough road ahead

Stay strong Eddie!! I am a 5 year survivor of non hodgkin’s lymphoma so I know you will make it.
I loved One Life and still miss it every day. You and Kristen made the show.

Take Care!

Dear Kristen and Eddie and your entire family, Much Love, Many Prayers and Much Hope for a full recovery. My sister was also diagnosed with HL and she is absolutely fine! Full recovery! May the very same happen for you. With Love from a former OLTL fan (and GH too!). Everything will be alright. God hears our prayers. Love, Trish

keeping you in my prayers Eddie , and all family .. friends..

All grown up and so handsome–not that, that matters as much as the full recovery he WILL have. Prayers are with you.

This is a condition very close to my heart. Some of you may recall the story of Mandi Schwartz….the 23 year old Yale scholarship female hockey player who died of leukemia in 2011. Her story inspired thousands in North America to donate cord blood…and become all kinds of donors for people with this condition. Mandi was my little cousin…born and raised in small town Saskatchewan, Canada…and by age 21 she was a leading player at Yale! So Eddie and his family are in my prayers!! He is a very talented young man and deserves a bright future!

Praying for you Eddie~I have watched you grow into a wonderful young man (via television and social media) You will get through this, and I know you have a wonderful family with Love and Support! God Bless You Young Man!!

Eddie,, u are in the Lords hands and he will walk you through this. You are young and strong so no worries. Remember you are very much loved, not by the character you played but for the amazing man you are.

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