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B&B Shocker: Kimberlin Brown Returns As Sheila Carter!


If you caught Friday’s cliffhanger of CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful, once again this stalwart soap opera was able to keep under wraps a major plotpoint and big return.

In the final moments of the episode, when Quinn (Rena Sofer) goes over to Katie’s (Heather Tom) to try and find evidence she fired a gunshot at her, she finds none other than Sheila Carter there, thus signaling the return of one of the best soap villains of all-time played by Kimberlin Brown.

Quinn, who also has a bit of psycho past gets her introduction to Sheila, and it begs the questions: Did Sheila try to shoot Quinn? Was it Katie?

Brown spoke to TV Insider where she previewed where Sheila has been: “She’s actually done her time in prison and is trying really hard to rehabilitate herself and become a good person.”  Kimberlin added:  “It’s the old Sheila with a new twist. She is legitimately struggling with her past behavior. You’re going to see her try to be the person—the good person—she really wants to be. And part of her rehabilitation is making amends to the people she’s hurt. That’s a big part of the story.”

Watch Sheila’s return and a promo for next week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful featuring Brown after the jump.  Then, let us know, what you thought of the cliffhanger twist?  Could this mean that Sheila will eventually cross back over to Y&R and tangle with arch enemy Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman( and Lauren’s son, Scott (Daniel Hall), whom Sheila kidnapped as a child?  One can hope! Comment below.

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I don’t watch B&B, but, I should start, just to see Sheila in action……WOW!!
Maybe, she’ll pay a visit to her old pal Lauren, in Genoa City. LOL. Happy travels, Sheila.


I guess I am in the minority here. Lol. But BEEN THERE DONE THAT (ad nauseum) comes to mind. At least she is on B and B…the one show I cannot stomach. But it does pose a possibly very interesting story for Y and R!! Who was the Phyllis doppleganger powing as Sheila that Lauren shot?? I am NOT advocating or wishing for anymore doppleganger plots on this or any other show…. But that character, if not Sheila, is a blank slate! It could have been anyone from the past…name a female psycho ! There could be people wanting revenge for her death! It could have had nothing to do with Sheila! It could have been someone with a grudge against Paul…or Lauren… Or Michael…anyone! Take this golden opportunity and craft a great mystery full of twists and turns and suspense…like Edge of Night did!!


Jenny, I feel the same way.
I am tired of crazy women who keep coming back.


And the Sheila Scott thing is just stupid! Sheila is a woman pushing 60 with three children of her own ..Ryder, Daisy (dare not speak that name) and Mary. Scott is NOT her child…never was…has no connection to him whatsoever. I really hope they dont travel that tired road! What…is she going to lock him in a cage and demand that he love Mommy? Any continuation of that story is creepy!




I hope she lands in Y&R, shaves Scott’s ugly mane and then spits in his eye!




Hi Celia, I think she will be back in good old Genoa City. Lauren keeps talking about her to Michael. She says she doesn’t like Scott with Sharon but Michael keeps telling her the baby she kept from Nick was completely different from what Shelia did. I think there paving the way for her return.


You’re right, Nikki. Very intuitive of you.
Now, that’s something in which to look forward….considering Lauren’s and Sheila’s history.
Better yet, interesting to see Scott’s reaction when they, finally, come face to face.


Best twist ever! Didn’t see this one coming. Three psychos on one soap! This is going to be wonderful. So glad Sheila is back!


Lmao!!! Youre a fun guy!!


I feel the same!


I have no idea how B&B managed to keep Kimberlin under wraps, especially when getting her in and out of the CBS lot! I have yet to watch Friday’s episode but you can bet that I will be watching it!!!

4ever DAYS

They could’ve simply had her wear a Brooke, Phyllis or Lauren mask.

Don’t be surprised if someone has a scuffle with GC’s Victor resulting in a Victor mask being pulled off of Sheila’s face!


Speaking of Y&R, 4ever; ….who was the guy playing a young(er) John Abbott, today? He’s hot !!



Mary SF

This is great news— love the character Shelia and the only one who can play her KB– not sure if there is a cross over how they will explain who Lauren shot while Shelia was supposed to have Phyllis’s face— but I am sure they can think of something.

I had my fingers crossed since the character Scott came to GC that the real Shelia would surface again–

as for B&B– can’t imagine Katie would shoot at Quinn– so it is either Shelia or Quinn hired someone to shoot at her to pin it on Katie, or perhaps it is someone from Quinn’s past.

James R. Poissant

Oh my God—I am letting off a few tears of joy!!! I am so happy Sheila’s back!!! I prayed for so long that Sheila would pop up because the last Sheila story didn’t fly with me. I think Michelle Stafford is great but she’s not Sheila. Only Kimberlin can be Sheila. Just like only Tony Geary can be Luke Spencer. And what’s best is that she isn’t here for just a few episodes. She is on B&B but somehow, she is going to have to end up in Genoa City because she’ll always have unfinished business with Lauren and I think we should see her cross paths with the boy (who is now a man) she stole all those years ago. Finally my stories are back again. Thank you, God—and to anyone and everyone who made this happen!!!


Friday was a beautiful day for sure!! From the previews, I think Sheila will be written the way she was during her early B&B years which were so edge of your seat but not so crazy where you had her backed into a corner and have to write her off the canvas. I hope Brad Bell has thought the story out well and we can enjoy Kimberlin for a long, long time! I have always enjoyed her the most on B&B so would prefer to see Lauren and Scotty cross over to L.A. For a bit.


It is a dream come true to have her back on B&B where she has such great history with those characters!!! Hopefully she’ll be written like in the early years where she was not off the charts psycho.


I am loving this. A perfect return for the 30th anniversary. Now if we could just get some other great returns, like Taylor and Jackie M.


I just recently got out of an 8 week stay in rehab to a minor accident and I am out of the loop. I am up to date with the Katie business that I am getting into because I always loved Heather Thom’s work. One guestion, did Ridge and Quinn do “the deed” or are they just fooling around? I pretty much up to date on Y&R. On a side note on Y&R, I loved the scene where Kevin told Gloria about Choloe’s “death”. Why do they get rid of the good ones to bring on terrible stories. Why they aged the Ashbey twins and kept Faith the same age is beyond me. I thought they were close in age. And did Jack and Gloria do “the deed” as well? If so, big time GROSS

Kevin C

LOVED IT, and yes I hope one day she does go to Genoa City…B&B is so good and hoping we get Y&R back to it’s classic days…BUT IMO we need to have the direction, production and the return of the classic background music to get Y&R to feel like Y&R again…


Welcome back KB you have truly been missed indeed one of the best villianesses on daytime it has taken 11 years to get you back where you belong! Show them how it’s done!!!


You said it, Kay. As I said, Sheila will show up in GC…..there is too much stuff left untold.
Doesn’t she have a son? Maybe that’s the guy who ‘pesters’ Tessa ( she’s iffy, as well). Maybe there’s a link, there? …..could Sheila be using her son to do some of her diabolical, dirty work?

Lou piikes

I was literally and utterly y surprised by Shelia’ visit. Brad put one over on me.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzz this has been rehashed so many times and the last thing we need is television glorifying psychos


Right, my friend? This is Soaps Last Gasp….lets let them do as they will. We can all do better in our mind fiction!


And no one watching will remember her


Super shocked. Guess I owe Katie an apology.


ya never know. maybe we just think it was Sheila…but it really was Katie. On the other hand…I can’t see Katie actually killing anyone.

What I DID wonder was if the guy who was dusting for gun residue from her hand followed real life protocol by asking Katie if she was right or left-handed. Obviously, anyone could lie and then they would test negative. Makes more sense to test both hands.


So uh…. did she unplastic surgery herself? I thought Sheila looked like Phyllis at one point? Or was that someone else?


Lol, Hannah. I thought she had plastic surgery to look like Lauren. maybe both, at different times? Can’t get it straight….the many faces of Sheila??
Good point. It didn’t even come to mind. So, yeah; how did she “unplastic surgery herself”?


I’m confused, didn’t Shelia once have Lauren’s face? Did she also have Phyliss’s face?


Hey, CeeCeeGirl…Maybe Sheila was just wearing a mask during her musical identities farce….oooops, wrong soap! I forgot that we weren’t talking about GH..LOL. Hmmm…wonder if these “masquerades” will be making their way to Salem now that “you know who” is writing for DOL??? At any rate, I’m gl


….glad for Kimberlin Brown’s return! She is one of the soapworld’ s most diabolical villainesses, although after her, ahem, “speech” last summer, I feared she would never be on tv again!!! Kudos to the B&B showrunners for putting the fans’ wishes and storyline potential above politics!!!! (Sorry, I launched my previous reply early…..)

Mary SF

It was Shelia’s sister Sarah who had plastic surgery to look like Lauren to get revenge on Lauren for killing Shelia


Sheila’s sister Sarah Smythe had plastic surgery to look like Lauren to punish Lauren for killing her sister.

Sheila had Sugar the prison warden get plastic surgery to look like her. I think that Sugar is the one who had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis and who was shot by Lauren.

Sheila’s daughter Daisy checked herself into a Fairview mental institution to hide from Paul’s crazy son Ricky but by the time Michael learned where she was and got a court order to question her, she had been checked out of the hospital by someone who signed the forms Sheila Carter.


Hiyaah, Shay,
Double LOL…. I hope Sheila shows up in Salem just to exterminate the teens.
Then, get on a boat headed for a certain deserted island and drown a select few of its shipwrecked inhabitants.
A meeting with Kristin DiMera, would, also, be in order. What a team they’d make.
I said, “hope”, Shay. Ha!
Ciao, bella.


Oh, you mean the DiMeras’ island, CeeCeeGirl? It’s been an age since I followed DOOL, but I do recall thinking that Stefano and his spawn were a knockoff version of GH’s “designer original” Cassadines! Of course, that didn’t make them any less enjoyable, especially since Thaao’s Tony was given a far better role than his unvalued Victor ever had in Port Charles. However, Stefano’s many, many resurrections truly did beggar belief…even more so than our beloved Helena’s, but having said that, I do so hope she shall experience yet another miraculous return to the GH canvas!


No, my Shay. I don’t mean the DiMera Italian island. I mean the Greek island where the Kiriakis jet went down. I want some of those castaways ( who truly irritate my nerve endings) to drown. Perhaps Poseidon will end their misery by dragging them down the deep.

Sadly, Joseph Mascolo ( Stefano) passed away. He was a Nutmegger/Connecticutor ( from West Hartford, CT). I knew many of his younger family members, and friends, who attended Kingswood Oxford Prep in WH….a rival of Rosemary Hall ( Football). LOL

A skull was found on the island….so, I made a couple of lame jokes, saying that Nik Cassadine was probably on the same island and the mystery skull was his.


So many islands owned by too many villainous soap characters…who can keep them all straight, CeeCeeGirl? (The Kristn DiMera reference is what threw me off…) But yes, I was aware that sadly, Joseph Mascolo—and his fantastical Stefano—had exited this earthly plane, but the numerous memories of this unforgettable DOOL icon remain firmly intact, even for those of us who haven’t “visited” Salem in years! Which leads me to ponder, whatever could’ve transpired if “Helena” had met “Stefano????” (Hint: Lethal hilarity would have ensued….)


I know really this is so dumb


Okay, we get it, you are unhappy about Sheila’s return, turn the freaking channel!


Wasn’t she also supposed to look like Lauren on y&r how dumb is this

4ever DAYS

Keep your eye on Victor because he might actually be a “she”ila!

Mary SF

Actually it was Shelia’s sister Sarah who had surgery to look like Lauren


You are thinking of Sarah Smyrhe who looked like Lauren and was supposed to be Sheila’s “sister”.


Sheila’s name was mentioned on Y&R this week during a scene between Lauren and Sharon. This made me think Sheila was going to return to Y&R, not B&B. The only question I have is: Didn’t Sheila have her face changed to look like Phylis? or was it Lauren? And when did her face return to be Sheila’s?


Yes, Sheila had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. It was Sheila’s sister, Sarah Smythe, that had plastic surgery to look like Lauren. But, Sheila hired a woman named Sugar to have plastic surgery to look like Sheila, so that she could be sent to prison while the real Sheila was still out there terrorizing people.

It’s very convoluted, but my theory is that Sugar had plastic surgery again to look like Phyllis, and she was the one who was killed by Lauren, while the real Sheila kept her real face the whole time. Either that, or Sheila didn’t really die and had plastic surgery to get her old face back again.


Yes, yes, Jimmy. I remember now.
It was Sarah who kept Lauren and Jana ( sp), Kevin’s wife in an underground cell, while she mascarated on the outside world as Lauren…….I think!! My thoughts are scrambled—as you said; a very convoluted story.
I wasn’t bored, at the time….I thought it was hilarious,actually.
I wonder though; is this going to be more of the same? Played out!
Nonetheless I don’t mind watching Sheila at play, in Genoa City, if she does come to create havoc. Interesting to see how the writers will fit her into a storyline.

4ever DAYS

Why have plastic surgery when you can just wear a mask? lol


Hey, Jimmy,
I was thinking that a good reason ( in Sheila’s twisted way of thinking, LOL) for her to visit GC would be to see her “son” Scott????
Where has she been???? Has she been “searching” for Scott all this time?
I think a meeting between Sheila and Scott ( all jokes aside), would be a compelling one. How will she explain herself to him?

Kevin C

Blame all the mess of Shiela on Y&R powers that be at the time for that was when Y&R wasn’t Y&R…If Bill Bell Sr was still living or Kay Alden was doing Y&R…all that mess with Sheila/Lauren/Phyllis wouldn’t of happened like it did.


I’m going to have to go back and do some homework! Have only been watching B&B for a year so I’m not familiar with the character. I already love the show but it seems from the comments you guys made this is welcome news. Looking forward to getting up to speed!


Rebecca, Sheila is really a Y&R character who later crossed over to B&B.
Y&R seems to like to exploit bat shit crazy women. You have Sheila, Patty,Chloe and sometimes Sharon. Why the crazy one can never be a man I will never understand.


Go on YouTube and look for Sheila Carter B&B. Some highlights you can see are Sheila holding the Forrester family at gunpoint, drowning Lauren in a hot tub, holding James in her basement and shooting Brooke and Taylor.


LOL, Rhonda.

I don’t watch Y&R either. I THINK I did a loooong time ago…then I watched a bit for Steve Burton and Justin Hartley…but not enough to really know history. Though I did see Chloe kill Adam (Justin)…

Yep; lots of crazy chicks on the soaps. Let’s not forget GH…Dr. O (when she first arrived), Helena, Heather, Patrick Drake’s blonde ex…but at least GH has its share of male loons, too. hahaha…love in the afternoon! I love it!


Hi Joel…

Will do. Thanks! (I loved the flashback today of the young Sheila and the young Eric. Such a handsome dude…still is!)


I’ve always found her to be a credible actor. if this genre has to cull from… the past. i’d marquee Kimberlin.

the question : does B&B Brad Bell have the writing skill to bring “her” Alive

since I will not ever watch the show… here’s hoping

PROP: ie @Timmmm and @su I so wanted for GH Valentin to fill that void.

GH wrote themselves in to a corner… NOT KNOWING.. Jason Patrick Stuart would take over the show.


somehow , @GH have to get him out of the clutches of Anna. Valentin never stood a chance… having “murdered” Nikolas .. and wounding Kevin.

if Nikolas is brought back… and Power.. however it happens… should be Valentin… along with his wife, Nina… she should get her mass fortune back… from her mother.

this wishy washy .. will they , or wont they… COMMIT to their husbands. forever and day already… give me a break

Valentin and Nina
Alexis and Julian

two very adult couples… 4 solid acts… and that’s me propping Alexis ??? you know why? I love mentioning the dullard (s)


I don’t get your last sentence…are you calling Alexis a dullard? Hmmmmmm…you probably know I disagree 100%. LOL…I think I’ve let it be known I’m a huge Alexis fan. Sonny and Carly’s incessant yapping, however, makes chalk on a blackboard sound like a symphony.


I will continue to give Alexis “lets” because of Julian.

even tho I still think that Skye Chandler should return and give Alexis a run for her money.

Alexis is not near as bad as, the oft mentioned ;

Carly sonny Jason sam finn hayden Michael nelle franco


Is it me???? I still don’t get you. What do you mean by giving her “lets?” LOL…Please translate!!!!


oh. and just like it galls me when Carly and Sonny rant over and over about how “evil” Ava is when they’ve done the same and worse…as in killing AJ and torturing for years…I resent Olivia, Carly, Sam, Diane all lecturing Alexis about Julian. Each one of them is or was in love with a man who has done the same or worse than Julian. The whole show is full of hypocrites.


Oh, and…I find it laughable that the same poster (ad nauseum) would refer to Alexis, an attractive healthy woman who has sex with her husband as a “doxy”…translation..prostitute, mistress..and say:

“someone of her, um, years, who should have learned something after spending more than a half-century on this earth. Alas, that is apparently too tall an order for this “led by her loins” character!”

Thankfully there are people in reality and fiction who know that women (and men) make love…have sex…either/both…LOL…at all ages. “Led by her loins” LOL…what a misinterpretation of a character!


Hi, Patrick,
I think Nina did get her inheritance from MadMaddie, before the latter was hauled to the hoosegow.
As far as Valentin? All will be well. It always is. Perhaps, his Mommy will save the day.
There is some confusion with “spoilers”….First I read Ms Bassey was joining the cast as Julian’s mother. Then, yesterdsy, I read that she will play Valentin’s mother, come to, perhaps, care for Charlotte?
Personally, I can see feisty Ms. Bassey being confrontational with Lulu, and not as Julian’s “saving grace”, which would be ridiculous.
Also, when Emme is on maternity leave (usually six weeks to three months, depending on one’s medical situation), how will that story be written? Will Charlotte leave with “Lulu”?
This is why I think Jennifer’s imminent arrival is too concidental. I’d like to see her interact with Charlotte.
If I remember correctly, didn’t Charlotte once talk about her Nana in Canada? I think??


I don’t think Alexis is bad, at all, Patrick. I never thought she was….just misguided? One cannot compare her to Carly The Shrew…the screaming Banshee. LOL.
But, I do understand what you are saying, I think. Alexis would will be better off without Julian. We can give her so much rope, and that’s it. I agree.


Alexis may not be “bad,” per se, but obtuse is certainly a good way of describing this clueless woman, beyond the fact that she’s just completely absurd, CeeCeeGirl! A total dud of a character, whose ridiculous romantic romps have been turned into some sort of crusade for those obsessed with flying the flag for the menopausal hot—make that “overheated!”–doxy crowd!!! I’d have myriad problems with a femme a fraction of her age who behaved with such unabandoned stupidity when it comes to men, let alone someone of her, um, years, who should have learned something after spending more than a half-century on this earth. Alas, that is apparently too tall an order for this “led by her loins” character!


Yes, Shaybelle. I must agree in this. Alexis is more than obtuse when it comes to Julian. I don’t know about her relationship with other men.
What I don’t understand is ehy the writing team is making a mockery of of Alexis: the woman, the mother, the friend, the attorney.
What sensible woman would stumble and fall into the same pit over and over? I guess you’re right, she’s NOT thinking with her head?????…
I said this before….She’s not a teen in her first throes of puppy-love. Her behavior is unfathomable; considering her age. She should have amassed huge amounts of wisdom….not very judicious or sagacious, is she? The writers should snap Alexis right out of it. It’s a joke. Seriously!!!
I like Alexis, but she is alienating everyone, especially her daughters. Namely, Sam, who seems to belong in Bedlam.
What is ailing her? Postpartum depression? Or is Helena’s curse taking effect? Did that Costa guy put something in her drink? When? Or is she afflicted with some disease? Is Scout safe?
I don’t know, Shay. I’m not up to going another round of Alexis-Julian love dance.
I hope she wakes up from this nightmare; and, thrive, without Svengali.
Also, what really bothers me, is how Julian and Sonny are “proffered” as victims. I want to scream!!!!


@CeeCee….Despite all my immense past delight derived from skewering the too-numerous-to-mention faults and foibles of the Alexis character, at the very heart of my relentless ribbing is a serious incredulity that a woman pushing 60 is still being portrayed as a mentally arrested-development-styled teenager who’s utterly incapable of controlling either her hormonal surges or her predisposed yen for unsuitable bad boys, particularly when it comes to fathering her 3×3 brood. This is the stuff of trailer park lore, not the background of a purportedly intelligent, capable professional who has been apparently book-educated to the nth-degree, yet still lacks enough basic notions of common sense to save her own life from disintegrating. To me, this is not charming or engaging, but demeaning and insulting for this character to be considered someone other females should applaud and admire???? I think not! If anything, Alexis needs to be pilloried, put-down and perhaps, even a bit pitied, instead of being hailed as some sort of 21st century superwoman by a certain cadre who insists this particular character represents an idealized, empowered version of the modern-day femme. Really, her stereotypical branding is just as appalling and mockworthy as Sonny and Julian being painted as victims or romantic heroes for the umpteenth pathetic time! As for Sam, maybe the East Coast heatwave is making her appear lethargic…it certainly has that effect upon me!


Lol…if the other three soaps ignored plastic surgery you all would be screaming rewrite unrealistic illogical…and how your intelligence is being insulted and viewers are being treated like fools…but since the standards and expectations have always been so low on this soap anything is acceptable…just goes to show you once again that Brad can’t do anything but recycle everything a million times over…and this is such a desperate ploy cause every other inch of B&B has been boring as hell in 2017…can’t wait till Shelia is gone again and this sudden love fest for Brad’s lazy xeroxing is over…the man has no ideas left in his rehashed mind as proof by the Spectra reboot farce and Shelia’s 500th return.


A very sound and logical post, Newmanwins, albeit I would love some logic, once in a while. LOL….speaking from both sides of my mouth? Maybe…
The never-ending-Sheila-story is,defiitely, not logical.
And, I do agree about what you wrote. We are all excited to see her, but, she’s not a novelty….so, you’re right. …..
You opened my eyes, as it were, LOL….how long, before we are bored??
I just have this inexplicable feeling that Tessa’s ( and her guy—whoever/whatever he is) sudden and coincidental appearance is tied to Sheila.


Soaps have ignored plastic surgery previously in order to get the original (more popular) performer in the role. OLTL fans were overjoyed to have James dePaiva back as Max that they ignored the plastic surgery the character had that brought in his subpar replacement.


Shelia had plastic surgery to look exactly like Phyllis the last time we saw her…and was killed off via DNA testing that left no doubt it was her…but you can always undo a death on soaps but you can’t regain your old face after you had it chopped up…this is right up there with Carlivati bringing Jake back after his organs were harvested to save Joselyn…it goes way beyond your regular return from the dead and this history will be ignored cause it can’t be explained…plastic surgery can’t be undone.


It can easily be explained. The person who provided the DNA results had reason to lie and say the Phyllis look-alike was Sheila.


Brad is choosing to ignore the stupid storyline where Sheila was made to look like Phyllis it was horrible and I for one am thrilled he did his Dad created the character and no one can touch KB’s performance. MAB wrote another stupid storyline where the Lauren double was Sarah Smythe a sister of Sheila I choose to forget the treachery MAB and Latham did to Y&R and plan to enjoy KB as she is the only Sheila !


I couldn’t agree more!


Quinn, you can have SEVERAL seats now! The REAL QUEEN B has returned. She is about to show you how to be a REAL bad girl! Salute to one of the greatest daytime villianesses of all time!


Kimberlin Brown is great! I don’t watch the show very often, but I am familiar with the cast and its storylines. I was young when Kimberlin was on before, but I knew of her work. I watched a little last week, and good GAWD, please stop the insanity that is Nicole. How boring and how stupid. Also, Tina Turner wants her wig back. SMDH.


LOL!!!! ahahahhahaa…okay…that was funny. But, still, ya gotta admit Nicole is gorgeous..with or without Tina’s “help.”


HAHAHAHAHA, rebecca1. I agree, that’s why I don’t understand the reason for the animal on top of her head. I can’t focus on the scene, when all I can hear is “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”


hahahalol! I prepare a little something more upbeat like “Proud Mary” but okay… 😉


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, rebecca1! Love it! All this talking about Tina, I downloaded a few of her songs that I forgot about this morning. Love her!


Stopppppppp!!!! hahahhahaha…now I can’t get Tina’s songs out of my mind!!!! Next time Zende cozies up to Nicole I’m going to expect her to go all diva and start singing “Better Be Good To Me!”


Sheila…she’s b-a-c-k. Oh…and what’s the deal here with Sheila ‘being rehabilitated’?!?!? I DO NOT BUY THAT for one minute!!!!! Bottom Line Here: Eric and his entire family should be VERY, VERY AFRAID…L-O-L!!!!!



Sooo glad that Sheila is back on B&B! I hope she’s back long term, and that they cross her over to Y&R also. They could keep going back and forth, Lauren and her son need shaking up!


Ewwwww Sheila is gross!

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This site has been a long time in the making, and we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As with any change, we know that it will take some time for all of us, including me, to get used to it, and adjust to it.

I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

I know many of you are already saying you miss the old Michael Fairman Soaps, but this is an upgrade, not a demolition.  That being said, Michael Fairman Soaps was no longer sustainable as is.  The site needed to grow, evolve, change, and modernize with the times. With modernization, part of that is making the site accessible, functional on mobile phones and devices, which we now are.  While some things can’t remain the same forever, we are always interested in your input.

I am very proud and excited for this new chapter.  I hope you will enjoy everything that is to come, and I appreciate all of your loyal support.  So, let’s christen this site together and celebrate turning over a new page.

With gratitude,



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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018