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Cait Fairbanks Joins The Cast Of The Young and the Restless!



The Young and the Restless has cast their free-spirited young singer role with Cait Fairbanks!

According to Soap Opera Digest, Fairbanks will take on the role of Tessa Porter, who is said to also have a ‘strong intuition about people.’

The actress is already taping scenes at CBS Television, and will first appear on the March 24th episode of the CBS sudser.

Cait has previously appeared on KC Undercover and Two and a Half  Men to name a few of her credits.

Could Tessa be a love interest and catch the eye of another young GC musician, Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu), or someone else?  Share your thoughts on the incoming Cait Fairbanks as Tessa Porter in the comment section below!

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56 Comments on "Cait Fairbanks Joins The Cast Of The Young and the Restless!"

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Karen Clark

My bet, she’s for Noah.


Yeah, too old for Reed.


I have no problem with this I know they are losing viewers Sally is setting the chess players up I for one am glad she is creating Bill Bells characters back the way they were! Now the drama


Ok, here comes the newbies. Let the games begin….


Yes but this time we need a couple of young newbies. Besides, there are way too many eligible bachelors roaming around the streets of Genoa City. The male to female ratio rivals that of Alaska’s!!!


I agree with you, too many newbies who need acting lessons lol. Y&R need to bring back Casey Nikki Sister and Nina. Enough with the newbies.


LOL Gina I love your comment, The newbies need acting lessons big time. I would love to see Nina back on Y&R, Tricia Cast is a wonderful actress.


It’s nice to see a return to youthful singers… the old Danny, Lauren, Tracy days revisited. I still hope to see an additional mature diva-like singer such as Gina or the concert pianist such as Leslie Brookes (and the memorable maestro.)


They need someone for Aslely, Merira, Abby, and Ester , oh and Gloria and Pliyis


I agree — the ratio of females to males is not well balanced. I don’t care for the Ravi/Ashley/Phyllis triangle. Hire some more guys.


and Mariah!


Ester hates Colin but she should try and seduce him and then blackmail his azz out of town forever!


Can you imagine? Too funny. Colin and Esther.


They can take Gloria out of the show forever! She is annoying
And I couldn’t stand her before and still. Ashley just
Yells and yells at Jack and anyone else. Jacks heartbreak
Is getting to be too much. Why doesn’t he just give in to
Phyllis? This storyline has gone on too long. Something got to
Give as with Victoria and Billy. She’s just a spoiled brat


She might be a good character to be Noah”s next love interest. He is very good looking and he has been alone too long.


Noah has been with Marissa for the past year. They just broke up as we heard yesterday.


Put the actor back on contract make him a bad boy with women like his dad first move in on Chelsea!


The end game will always be Nick and Sharon no matter what they do to each other! They are the Victor and Nikki runner ups on this show


Oh, I must have missed that part. Noah and Marissa broke up, GramS ?Ok. Thanks.
Out of context but, Katherine’s music box is ba-ack. I wonder if it holds a stash of millions and millions. Or, perhaps a clue to where it is hidden? Will Colin find it and keep it? Or, will this be his redemption when he gives it to Jill?

Tani Sterling

I was just beginning to settle in following the recent ennui. Jill’s heart situation picked up the pace and was given an OK build up. Love seeing old cast members. Great to see Noah, love Mariah, and dear Esther. Leave Jack and Billy alone regarding romance.

You have dragged out the silly potential relationship with Ashley and the new fellow who will probably take off his glasses one day; oh yes, I record and am behind.

The pace is better. The sets and music are better. I have watched for a long time which has been divided by travel and work. Did Paul and Lauren have another child? I have hopes for the reporter and the storyline. May he be a legitimate journalist who can follow up on some pertinent issues of the day. Perhaps he can be reporting on the Newman Oil ownerships, and Abbey falls in love with him or visa versa; conflicts of interest.

I am glad Victor has adjusted. It is a bit rapid, but I find comfort in the family gatherings versus plane crashes and falling roofs. Allow some peace when other are wallowing in pain or lifted by love. It is called balance.

Kevin C

Tani, the sets are better but the music isn’t…I will say it until they do something about it, They need to bring the classic background music back to the show…what they are using now is terrible…

dante williams

I know, the background music sounds weak and cheap, and now they are over reliant on the Y&R theme played slow in scenes when the old original music or an updated version would do wonders for those already great character driven scenes. It would be like saying to the old and new viewers, ‘we’re back, all the way.’ I had a dream the music was back, maybe it’s the near future?

Mary SF

Paul and Lauren never had any children together– she had a child with Scott Grangier ( not sure of the spelling) his name is Scotty — and she had a child with Michael (Fen). Paul had children with Nikki (Dylan) April ( Heather) and his crazy wife but forgot her name ( Ricky)


Ricky’s mom was Isabella.


Her name was Isabella played by Eva longoria. Pauls ex crazy wife. I miss Sheila Carter she was cray cray nuts lmao.


Nice sentiments, Tani. Nonetheless, I would think that it is about time Victor found THE balance in life. He is an old man; thus, I wouldn’t necessarily call it an adjustment. I would call it the next phase in life….old age.
His last obnoxiously gross carnal adventure with the pridon doctor gave me such ‘acido’ ( heartburn), I felt ill for a month; LOL.
As far as Abby, I doubt vice versa applies. The poor girl is doomed….unless the reporter is the scion of an oil tycoon, there will be nothing forthcoming in the love department. However, I do hope TPTB listen to you.
What would be more compelling is what Kalle ( below) suggests.
And, more power to k/kay….I have always said Sharon and Nick belong together… is what it will be…Chelsea be darned!!


Celia…you have mentioned your age before…30ish? But because of this, do you think you are in a position to know about ” the next phase of life…old age”,” and how older people feel or behave or what they still have on their bucket list?

At least older people can relate to younger years because we have been there. And how many times have you heard, ” Oh if I only knew then what I know now.”

I can respect you don’t like some of the actions “older” characters gave played in soaps. There are some things I don’t like either. But I would like to think getting older is also gaining a lot more wisdom every step of the way, and not having a shut off date too early in your life.


Exactly, Rose…gaining wisdom. But, the way some of these characters are portrayed leaves a lot to think about their wisdom.
My grandfather is about Victor’s age…so, I suppise I base my opinion on his attitude, eisdom and behavior.
Do not underestimate me Rose. Even I have often found myself saying, “If I knew then what zi know now.”
So, are you saying that Victor’s escapades and behavior while in prison is okay with you? Or marrying his daughter-in-law? That showed sooooo much wisdom? I was referring to that and more of the nonsensical adolescent behavior of some of these “older” characters adopt and affect. I see lack of wisdom there, uncharacteristic of mature adults.
The airs that some people assume slide right off my shoulders, Rose…..we are talking about a soap. I doubt Eric, whom I adore and respect walks in Victor’s shoes.


Celia…Did I say I was okay with anything about Victor? That would be hard to do, and I’ve only been watching Y&R a couple of years. I did say there were some things I didn’t approve of either. He’s one. Just like Sonny. And I’m sure there are other older people who will continue making questionable decisions and never learn anything. But sometimes you do have a tendency to make general statements and assumptions about what you think’s appropriate when you get to certain ages, or in this case, what you call ” the next phase in life…old age.” And they are not just Victor.

And like you I like Eric, and had a great grandfather who didn’t ‘t behave like him. But Eric does a great job portraying this ” made for soaps” character. Y&R wouldn’t be the same without Victor. I figure he’s in a quiet stage right now because Eric’s getting time to promote his book. But I’m sure “he’ll be back” because he can’t help himself…no wisdom her.


C’mon, now, Rose.
I think I have a pretty good grip on the English language. It is you who are generalizing. I was being specific…VICTOR.
Would you have preferred “senior years” instead of old age? I do not use subterfuge…not my style. What you see is what you get. Old age is a fact of life…it is what it is. We are all headed there , yes, Rose, including myself, LOL…… “The Circle Of Life”. If that offends you somehow, well, not my problem….unless you have a bone to pick….even then, not my problem.
Ironically, my leg is in a cast.


Hey Rose…had to interject. I wasn’t on this thread but I saw it on the “preview” page where Michael isolates statements and I just read your exchange with Celia. Sigh and LOL. Don’t bother. Really. There is nothing you or I or anyone can say to this poster that will get through., She is fixated on the “stages of life”, bases it on her family and how they act at each “stage.” It’s ridiculous.

Life just is. Life happens. Each person goes through it differently and there is no set time to do anything, feel anything, be anything. It unfolds differently for each of us. I’ve said this before but with the exception of the actual physical ability to bear a child…we are all free to live, love, experience and grow til the day we pass.

I’ve known old souls of twenty and childre (think Trump) of seventy. There is no accounting for emotional maturity…just physical. There are teenage homebodies who hang out with the family and a swingin’ time is at the local diner, movie and at home with a book…and then there are sixty-five year olds going dancing, traveling and falling in love. Getting married. Riding motorcycles…playing in a band.

There’s Sting, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger rocking way past they thought they would when they “were thirty.” And I love it!!! I love the human spirit, the ability to live and love with a passion and pursue as much as you can, as much as you want WHILE you can. Love, laugh, LIVE!!!

No old age. Just getting older…such is life.

See ya, Rose! 🙂


They said, they have not enough leading men. And now they bring a female. Hmmm – a lesbian relationship?


I agree we need more men. I’m tired of The Nick Newman Show! Maybe this would be a good time to lure in Brandon Barash or Tom Pelphrey or the gorgeous and talented Robert Scott Wilson. That’d put some heat in the proceedings.


Yes Yes hire Brandon Barash as the new Chance, Nina Son.


The character of Noah needs to have a hot affair with Chelsea it might make her interesting again the actor who plays Noah is smoldering if given the chance! Bill Bell would have already wrote a Nick Chelsea Noah triangle he lived that stuff! Do it Sally I dare you and put Phyllis and Billy back together stop the Villy pairing it worked with Billy Miller but not JT they act like brother and sister


Everything you said, Kay!!


Good idea, Kay.
Noah looks like a young Joey from Friends.
Just once I’d like to see him saddle up to a girl sitting at the bar of the Underground and say,”How you doing?”


Mariah is full over pep and one liners, Ravi can act but he is a quite person who would not do well in scenes with her. Mariah needs a sparring partner Harry!


Noah needs a good storyline, make him bisexual. he can date men and woman.

dante williams

They really should’ve made Noah gay the second he was recast and came back to town. Kevin too, especially Kevin. He has chemistry with all the men on the police force that he partnered with, and it’s not even just a spark, but smoldering. It’s about time they give us a major character that is unapologetically lgbt. I would love for Noah or someone to be bi, that’s even more untapped than just gay.


i wish they kept the natalie character for noah. she got dumped by kevin for chloe round 10
she had lots of potential .
also, could nt they get marissa back? i havent seen her in any thing else she supposedly left y n r for. she had the potential to be the next eva longoria.
ditto for redaric williams, he had the potential to be the next shemar moore. why wasnt redaric asked to return to be paired with lily again, instead of this jordan character.? they could ve capatalized on history since lily and tyler had hot chemistry! …plus his past with mariah would ve been a bonus. this jordan character doesnt even have a tenth of the charm redaric had.


I agree do not put Billie and Victoria back together, him and Phyllis were hot.
Also having Phyllis and Ashley in competition for Ravi is a joke, he is way to young for them, put him with Mariah.
Kind of like the idea of a Noah/Nick/Chelsea triangle.
Please do not I repeat do not put Nick and Sharon back together.


Ravi sucks!


LOVE Ravi and yes, I can totally see him with Mariah.
I hate Phyllis and Ashely fighting over him like he’s their own personal boy toy!


HaHa! That’s so rich, Timmmy….so you…and I love you for it. Your bluntness is refreshing!! My kind of guy!!


Yeah…you’re right, Timmmy. I don’t quite get Ravi, yet.
His first scene with Ashley showed his infatuation with her. He is just too old to act this way. A guy in his mid twenties is a man. Gee, he should have had some experience with women, I would think. Ashley is 30 years his senior. So, TPTB should cut it out. It’s sick and disturbing. I must be the only one, I guess. Oh, wait….does that make me an ageist? LOL.
I guess he had his head buried in his books. OK…I can accept that. But, what is so ridiculous is Ashley’s behavior. So silly. So schoolgirl-like on her first puppy-love encounter.
I said it then, and I will say it again. This fantastic and fatalistic direction this theme is taking should be truncated posthaste.
As far as Mariah? She is so cool, she will either mock him or take him to task, eithout Ravi knowing what hit him. I do not see them together, either. But, you know these writers will make it happen, if they so wish.


I don’t like music storylines. I ff through Reed’s song.

Tomas Torquemada

I agree. Music storylines in the last two decades…. not one has worked. Zarf? That dull dishwater teen on DROOL, JJ and he’s geee-tar, Cord’s daughter on OLTL… ugh, enough with the musical youngsters.

The other storyline that never works is the Priest/Nun suffering from the temptations of the flesh. When DROOL brought back Eric as a priest I had to FF until the unhinged Kristen showed up.

Coronation Street does great teen storylines. I swear the writers of American soaps don’t know anyone under the age of forty. The other parts of Reeds story… trouble with Mom, online porn… have much greater resonance.


Great post, Tomas. You seem to be giving more thought to the ‘art of writing” than some of these penners.


Cute girl. The need to recast Reed first. Not a good actor and not too handsome at all. Where has Chloe been?


Yes cute girl, but lets see if she can act.


Thats another thing i always say, cute is one thing, acting is so important. I dont think this Y&R would hire a dud. Maybe she will be Reed’s music teacher?


I like reed is good looking and his acting is frist rate


I like Reed too, but please give him a haircut.

dante williams

I will reserve judgment until I see her on screen, but I know she’s for somebody, lol. If she somehow clicks with Noah I will love her forever!


Are you ever going to stop with Hillary & Devon ? It has been boring for a
long time !!

I am so sorry Adam is gone, I really liked him.
I will stop watching if you start with the gay people!!!!!!

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