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Crystal Chappell Interview: Her Daytime Emmy Nomination and the Rise and Fall of Dr. Carly Manning!

Photo Credit: Lesley Bohm

Photo Credit: Lesley Bohm

There is no denying that one of the standout performances of this Emmy season is that of Crystal Chappell’s stunning and raw performance as Dr. Carly Manning of Days of our Lives.  As the good doctor’s entire world is shattered, and with no one to help her pick up the pieces of her broken and battered heart, she turns to drugs.  With that, it gave Chappell a showcase worthy of her talents again in the daytime arena.   Of course, the bittersweet irony is that Crystal was eventually written off DAYS.  However, soap fans clamoring for Chappell on their television screens will get to see in her brand new role on The Bold and the Beautiful when she debuts on May 17th!  (And you can always find her on the hit web soap, Venice)

We caught up with Crystal to share in the excitement of her Emmy nomination and to get her thoughts on everything Carly Manning! From playing her tough final storyline, to being nominated this year for a role she originated in the early 90’s, to now getting an opportunity to hang at the very exclusive luncheon of the Lead Actress nominees;  here’s what Crystal had to say about it all!

Crystal, you put your heart and soul into this last storyline of Carly’s with her descent into drug addiction.  With so much great material in that story to choose from, what episode did you submit for Emmy competition that landed you the Lead Actress nod?

CRYSTAL:  It was the same thing I submitted for the pre-nominations which was Carly’s detox.  It was just me and three really wonderful day players. There wasn’t a great deal of dialog on my part, but it was a good script with good direction. Carly was detoxing and hallucinating, and thinking that she is hearing her son.  I really enjoyed the storyline and I think I talked about that with you at that time.  It was very much a collaborative story we told.  I am happy just for that reason that the nomination happened. A lot of people worked very hard on it.


Those  scenes you were nominated for had to be very hard to do!  It was exhausting  just watching it.  Was the story emotionally draining for you to do?

CRYSTAL:  The whole story gave me headaches!  I would go home with headaches because it was so intense.  Certainly that episode was one of those days where I was sweating and rolling around on the floor.  So that day of shooting was very intense! Look, it’s the stuff you want to be challenged with.  I had no complaints.

Take me through Daytime Emmy nomination day.  How did you find out you were nominated? What other great congrats did you receive other than from your loveable husband, Michael Sabatino?

CRYSTAL:  I called my publicist Leslie Penny and we listened to The Today Show together as Kathie Lee and Hoda read off the nominees, so that is how I found out.  Michael is always so sweet, as are family and friends. Then the B&B camp called to congratulate me! They are such classy people! I have to tell you, they are the nicest group of people.  Fans were supportive and congratulatory, and I am especially happy for people who liked watching Carly and liked the story. It is a nice thing for them, too.

I spoke with your co-nominee Erika Slezak (Viki) of One Life to Live.  She told me she loved your work in your nominated material.  I thought that was terrific coming from her.

CRYSTAL:  I turn into a little girl when you mention her name! (Laughs)  It’s so true! I remember meeting her for the first time and thinking, “Oh, my God.  That’s Viki.  Don’t look stupid.”   I was such a fan, and am such a fan. I remember when I first met her I was tongue-tied. That means the world to me to hear that Erika said that to you.  That is just beautiful.  She is a powerhouse.

Photo Credit: Lesley Bohm

What a great group of gals in the Lead Actress category!

CRYSTAL:  Yes! It’s great that the Daytime Emmy are in Los Angeles this year.  We will have a leading ladies lunch and that is always a blast.  But, we do invite other people though.  It’s the ladies plus some, because that is what we do.  We have champagne and a good time.  Laura Wright better pick up the bill! (Laughs)

If you could envision where Carly Manning is right now, where do you think she would be?

CRYSTAL:  She is chanting in a Tibetan ashram. (Laughs)  She is trying to stay off drugs! (Laughs)  She is obviously not good with men.  So she is going to sit there amongst all the monks. (Laughs)  I have no clue.  (Laughs) Carly is a great, great character. And still in my opinion, there are loads of story to tell with her.  One of the reasons I came back to DAYS was that I was curious to see where she’s been.

Carly was one of my favorite characters from DAYS and of all soaps back in the early 90’s, which is when you first appeared on DAYS.  And even when you returned a few years back, I was rooting for her.  I think I love her more than you Crystal! (Laughs)

CRYSTAL:  I do love her and I think she is flawed.  It was fun to see the wall crumble.  I have no regrets playing her the first time around, or the second time around.  It was great    to be entrusted with such a complex story. You know, Gary Tomlin who was the DAYS EP at the time told me at the 2010 Emmys, “We need to give you something more substantial!”  It took him months and months to get that story approved.  I never forget December of 2010 he came to me and said, “We are going to do Nurse Jackie!”  That happens to be one of my favorite shows.  I had an inkling the tides were turning. So, I just got into it like it was my last meal. Then, I saw the writers were doing the same thing.  At one point I went to Gary and said, “I know sometimes actors complain about story, but I think it’s really important to tell you that I see the great care that is going into the writing of this.   I just hope you will pass that along to all of the writers.”   The dialog was spectacular.  They challenged me and they made me go back to work. It was truly one of the best times I had as an actress telling that story. I never saw it as a dark storyline or a depressing storyline; I saw it as a viable real storyline for who that person was. And as a result of it, I had a lot of people talking about themselves and their family members suffering from drug addiction. It is more prevalent than others might realize, and in particular in the medical field.  To me, it felt very relevant at the time, even though it was shrouded in this lovely soap opera guise.

Gary Tomlin is back at DAYS as Head Writer this time out, having been the EP when you last were in Salem.  What are your thoughts on Gary’s return?

CRYSTAL: I am happy for Gary.  I think he is a terrific executive producer, and he is an asset to any show. He knows what he is doing and there is a lot more to the job than people realize. He understands numbers and the big picture. He has been a line producer, a head writer, and an executive producer.  He has done every job.  At this particular stage of the game, it is very helpful to have someone like that in your camp.

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

I do want to tell you that my favorite performance, or shall I say single moment in the drug addiction storyline, was when Carly plunged the needle full of tranquilizers into her thigh the first time!  She was so distraught and shaking, and so alone.  It was upsetting to watch, and thus began her downward spiral.

CRYSTAL:  It was the beginning of that story.  When you see someone that strong desperately wanting love, and not knowing how to find it, and having too much done to her and not dealing with it, she took the easy way out and it took her down.   But it took her to a place that she could recover from. And to me, there was this idea that people watch soaps for strong women.  I think that is true, but I also think it’s all a matter of context. I consider a strong person someone who goes through difficulties and comes out the other side and learns from their mistakes.  It does not make you richer, or mean someone is going to be in your life to love you, but you come out the other side alive and willing to move forward. To me that is Carly, and to me,  she is a true heroine.

What do you think of Crystal’s performance as Carly in the drug addiction storyline?  Would you like to see her walk away with an Emmy for the work?  Let us know your thoughts!


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43 Comments on "Crystal Chappell Interview: Her Daytime Emmy Nomination and the Rise and Fall of Dr. Carly Manning!"

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I would most definitely like to see Crystal Chappell walk away with an Emmy for her role as Dr. Carly Manning. That drug addition story line was phenomenal at times. CC left everything she had in front of that camera and it shows. It was both joyous and painful to watch. The mark of an amazing actress.

Lori M. Hall

I could not agree more!


While I always enjoy watching Crystal’s work, I would have enjoyed the story a lot more if the writers hadn’t focused so much on Carly feeling spurned by Daniel. It came out of left field and didn’t make sense. Carly had so many issues and so many reasons to turn to drugs and to spend even a second of screen time attributing her addiction to Daniel choosing someone else felt contrived and kind of offensive. That being said, I am happy for Crystal and wish her luck.


Honestly, the Daniel thing was really just an avenue through which Carly could misdirect her pain, anger, and trauma. Perhaps that could have been better communicated as the story went on, but that really does seem to be the root of that particular issue. Whether or not there was any semblance of actual feeling for Daniel was never really the point; rather, it was yet another way for Carly to avoid her myriad issues, and hide from what was really eating away at her life. It was never *actually* about Daniel. Ever.


Love her.

That is all.


I absolutely would love to see Crystal win the Emmy and am rooting for her! I wish her nothing but the best, she has made her fans proud portraying Carly. Crystal pushed the acting envelope as far as I am concerned with her detox scenes, flopping around on the floor, staring into the cameras at the rehab. I though the whole thing was brilliant. I loved this interview, I love Crystal’s kindness and her sense of humor. My fingers and toes are crossed for her!!


CONGRATS CRYSTAL !!! I’m so happy for CC and her Emmy nomination. She absolutely rocked Carly’s addiction/detox storyline. Of course, we would expect no less from Crystal. She always gives 300% in everything she does. CC is so deserving of this nomination and many others. Now go bring home a sibling for the twins !!! 😉


I absolutely loved Crystal in that drug addiction storyline and the way that she played it was powerful as well. As for her winning the Emmy for Best Actress, I would have to see the other nominees’ reels before making that judgment.


As a fan of “Carly”, I was sad to see the character go down this road, but as a fan of Crystal Chappell, I am happy DOOL took a chance and gave her such a meaty story line. Watching her portrayal of drug addicted Carly was difficult at times, yet riveting TV; especially during her rehab scenes.. I agree with Ms. Slezak, Crystal was terrific.


Crystal Chappell did a great job once again bringing Carly to life. I can barely watch all the drug and detox scenes makes me sad to see Carly go through that just cause she was my favorite Dool character. Crystal really made the storyline so powerful and dramatic! Emmy Winning Performance in my book.


Carly’s Storyline was the best Storyline DAYS had had in years!!! Crystal Chappell is a class act and acts very well. Love her. Miss her. Days is not the same without her!


Well written, amazingly acted out storyline. Crystal deserve’s the Emmy nod again. It was a shock that afer said s/l that DOOL fired her WTF? I’m glad B&B have the smart’s to have her back on our screen’s & her new part on there sound’s interesting. Good Luck Crystal x


C*O*N*G*R*A*T*S Crystal, BRING.ON.THE.EMMY…lovin’ you! ☮♡☺xo♥♀♀✩ツ♫


Loved the storyline. Crystal was so raw and put every bit of emotion in this. I want her to win !

congrats Crystal.


Congrats, CC! I’m still pissed about her not winning the last time she was nominated. I hope she wins this time. She put her heart and soul into that storyline, even sensing the end. She is a consummate performer. Any show would be lucky to have her and would be complete morons for letting an actress of her caliber go, sorry Days, it’s your own fault.

Keeping my fingers crossed that you will win this time!!!!


This Emmy nomination is loooong overdue. She is so deserving of it. Crystal should have been nominated for this role back in the 90s. Not only for the famous buried alive storyline, but also for the scenes after the elevator accident (I still have a hard time watching those). Both times it felt like she was really dying. She made it so real! So I am ecstatic that she finally got this nomination. And just like those stories in the 90s, this drug addiction story was very hard to watch. As a Carly fan, it was so painful to see my favorite heroine go through something like that. And the fact that she went through it alone made it even worse. Aside from that, I saw comments from people on Twitter saying they couldn’t watch it because it hit too close to home. It was that raw and that real. So I would absolutely LOVE for her to walk away with the Emmy!


PS. Though it was painful to see Carly this way, it was also very exciting watching Crystal’s performance. I’ve watched certain scenes repeatedly (particularly she and Jen in the hotel room when Carly broke down and admitted she was an addict) just to watch her phenomenal acting. She knocked it out of the park!

Heather H

I’ve been a Crystal/Carly fan for over 20 years. I’ve watched her from the beginning and was so happy to have them back on Days the 2nd time around. I could not be more happier with the Emmy Nomination. Crystal is one of the best in Daytime and when you watch her you can tell she enjoys what she is doing and that she has real love for the character, it just shines through. I have no doubts that she’ll walk away with the statue. Congratulations Crystal and thank you for taking such good care of one of my favorite characters.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. I too, have been watching Ms. All That, Femme Fetale, Chappelle… for 20 + years… She smolders and oozes sensuality and is on fire with Bo… in my opinion. Doesn’t Bo seem more alive? Captivating and Intelligent Actress… I’ll definately try and watch b&b… what hurts the most… is her relationship with Melanie… her daughter… who i think is the next days heroine… handed down the trophy… ala Marlena, to Sammi, and now Melanie. Not that Sammi’s done. by any means… she’s carried days for years… imagine, if the kept carrie… these two sisters are formidable talent.


I’ve followed Crystal’s career since her first beach scene on DOOL. She immediately had me “hooked” as I continued to follow the ups and downs of Carly 1.0 & 2.0. Her portrayal of Carly as a conflicted and flawed heroine frequently had me unable to watch b/c of the rawness she so skillfully showed us. I am rooting for Crystal to win the Emmy as a symbol of her endless talent!


If Crystal or Erika win the Emmy I will be happy! Hell, let them win it in a tie! lol


I’m so incredibly happy that Crystal got another Emmy nom and even happier that it’s for Dr. Carly Manning, a character that I love! Been a fan since her original Days run where she created timeless and unforgettable stories as Carly. I have to say that I was less than enthused about the drug s/l. Just thought that a true heroine like Carly would not crumble to pieces over a man….let alone Dr. Dan which seemed rushed and contrived. Also, thought it odd as hell that a certain character who shall remain nameless was ghost during that entire s/l. Made no sense. Anyway, Crystal rocked those scenes. I am so proud of her and will be rooting hard on Emmy Night.

P.S. Days is stupid!

Kristi Prewitt

Crystal should absolutely win the Emmy. I have been a huge fan since her first appearance on Days, followed her to Guiding Light and then back to Days and everything in between. Crystal is the best of the best, when you watch her you can see she puts her heart and soul into her character. Carly and her storyline’s on Days have been a huge part of my life, but her drug addiction/detox episodes were very emotionally gripping and heart wrenching, some of her best episodes bar none.
Congrats Crystal on your nomination, that Emmy has your name all over it.


I am just happy she had nice things to say about DAYS. Too many are putting that show down recently, and with respect to CC/Carly saying she never had good material. So I’m glad she is stepping up and saying how untrue the latter is and actually what a great show DAYS is as a whole. I wish more people (fans and critics) would listen.


Crystal was wonderful during the drug sl. I would be shocked if she had not got the Emmy nom. Can’t wait to see her on B&B.


Crystal Chappell is an amazing actress and an all around class act. I still feel like she should have won one or two Emmy’s for Olivia Spencer on Guiding Light, but do hope she takes home the trophy this summer!


I really like Crystal acting it captivates my heart, during the s/l of the addiction she was so real playing it. You could feel the pain etc. All the things she said in the interview is wonderful really enjoy reading it she has so much wisdom and insight, i will be more than happy for her winning the emmy. She’s a wonderful lady.



I am a huge Crystal and Carly fan. I was so excited when she returned to Days after almost 20 years. Kinda dumb but her first episode back I kept watching the scene over and over showing her killing Lawrence. It was so good to see Carly after 20 years! The drug addicted story was also really good and if they could have gone further with the aftermath. I feel cheated that Days fired her after only a year back on the show. There’s so much more they could of done with Carly away from Bo. I really wish they would bring her back or that she would even consider coming back.


Crystal SO deserves an Emmy for what she did with that role. I was critical of how they used her at the beginning of this run. But she took this later storyline and ran with it as only she can. Very impressive. Between her TV roles and Venice she is a force of nature!


imagine, if, our beloved actors, actually read our fan e-mails… Crystal chappelle… congrats on your well-deserved accolades… from your peers, and HUGE FAN BASE. it’s endearing, heartfelt, and with intelligence, that you act your heart out. i’ve watched your “career”. and i think you were the best, with Bo. there was, sexy energy and fireworks with Carly and Bo. Simmering. your story on guiding light was Excellent and memorable. i’ll be tuning in to b&b. have never watched that show.

congrats to days, DOOL, for getting so many nominations this year… understood, that theirs only 4 soaps… surprised me that DAYS was nominated for best show… however, that being said… i’ve always felt that DAYS has been consistenly overlooked. wouldn’t it have been fun to still have Carly… mixing it up with Bo and hope… and hopfully, Kristen/Susan.. mixing it up with John and Marlena… give these three a Story! and bring back shawn D. for bo and hope…


I’m shocked she got nominated for such text book over acting. I remember laughing at those scenes because her overacting was so bad. Her ego is going to get even bigger now than it already is.

wanda moore

Congrats Crystal !!! And of course i would love to see her walk away with Emmy for this drug addiction/detox story.Being a Crystal/Carly fan since first go round it was hard to watch Carly struggle in this way but it was awesome to watch Crystal portray these struggles with such realness.This storyline no doubt had to be emotionally demanding and Crystal’s deliverance was Amazing.Crystal further showcased her range of acting abilities with her performance ,whatever role shes given she dives in and pulls you in as well.. Real Actress—–>Crystal can take you with her from unbelievably happy to unbelievably sad either way your gonna be as emotionally invested as she is.We fans want this well deserved long over due Emmy for Crystal.If i could i would give her an emmy for all her work,she’s that great !!! Congrats again Crystal xxoo


Congratulations, Crystal!

Thank you, Michael, for conducting and posting this interview.


Crystal is the best and I want her to get the award because she is the most amazing actress and such a wonderful person.


Crystal deserves to bag that Emmy for real…….She should walk away with it this time around.


Crystal has my vote. Hands down!


An Emmy win for Crystal in the “Lead Actress” category is long overdue. I personally think that the 2010 Emmy should have been hers, and I sure hope this year’s will be hers.

Congratulations on the nomination CC! You’re the best!

Dorothy Hiller

Crystal congratulations on your nomination for the Emmy, hoping for you to receive the emmy for the wonderful job you did on Days.


Absol-freaking-lutely i want to see crystal walk away with an
emmy for fan-freaking-tastic performance! She
always give heart and soul to all she does whether its acting,writing,producing,activist or friend to her fans! Even though she is busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony She gives
them all her best! She rocks!!! Congratulations Crystal and best of
luck u deserve!


So happy to see Crystal nominated for the role of Carly Manning! Loved Carly since she appeared in 1990 and she is the reason I began watching Days again in 2009. Crystal portrayed Carly in a way that you could feel her every emotion. Just watch some of the Cabin scenes – joy hurt confusion passion love – That is what made her my favotie character and why she is still my favorite character to this day. Crystal raises the bar. Those scenes in the hotel when Jenn found Carly were great. I’m ecstatic that she got the nomination because it is long overdue. GO CRYSTAL! DOOL were fools to get rid of Carly – there was so much story left to tell for this amazing character and actress.


Of course Crystal Chappell deserves an Emmy! My favorite was when she busted open a bunch of pills and spilled them onto the table, pushed the contents, with her hand ,into a great big pile and went to her purse to get a ready cut straw and snorted the lot! What a blast!


Crystal Chappell is deserving of the Emmy, for her powerhouse performance during the drug addiction storyline. Fabulous actress…….


Crystal Chappell’s performance was Outstanding! Yes, i would love to see her walk away with the Emmy for that Drug story line. You can so empathize what she was going through in those scenes. Wanted to reach out & give her a much needed hug. Take a bow lady, Bravo!!

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