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DAYS Stars Past And Present Share Reactions and Remembrances On The Death Of Joseph Mascolo

Photo: TPenghlisTwitter

Photo: TPenghlisTwitter

On Friday, following the news of the passing of Days of our Lives favorite, Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera), the beloved super villain of Salem was trending on Twitter.  Meanwhile, many of his co-stars past and present from the Days of our Lives family took some time to share their grief, their reactions, and some remembrances on working with this irreplacable performer.  Here is just a sampling:

Deidre Hall (Marlena): Sad day. Sad news. Joe lived a big life and will be dearly missed and lovingly remembered.

Eric Martsolf (Brady): RIP Joe. Daytime will miss your beautiful blend of villainy and charm. Thank you for all you gave good sir.

Billy Flynn (Chad): This was one of the most profound/real moments I have ever had, not just as an actor but as a human being. For many personal reasons. But, in this moment I sat at his feet, and as I looked up I saw what every fan saw in him throughout the years. Joe was, and will always be a giant. With a massive heart. Paving a legacy that enriched not only the industry but everyone in it. It was honor to know him for what little time I did. And to his fans…the Phoenix lives on in us. Rest in Peace Sir.

Casey Deidrick (Ex-Chad): I am deeply saddened 2 hear of my onscreen Papa passing today. Such a kind heart & pleasure to learn from. I’ll never forget my DiMera days.

Peter Reckell (Ex-Bo): Joe! Whenever I looked into your eyes, whether on set “villain “,or off”friend “there was always a twinkle. You will be missed!!!

Thaao Penghlis (Andre):  It won’t be the same.

Photo: ASweeneyInstagram

Alison Sweeney (Ex-Sami):  Some of my earliest memories of Days are working with Joe… I was really nervous to work with him because Stefano was such a strong, intimidating character and he embodied it so well. Joe was so talented, such a generous actor and always so prepared. I learned so much from working with him. Over the years, I got to know him much better and I stopped being so nervous around him (which probably made it easier for him) but I always had a sense of awe to work with him. There wasn’t a day when he didn’t give 100 percent to his performance and his character. When I became a director at DAYS, I remember him being so proud and supportive of me. Joe made a special point of pulling me aside to say that, having watched me on the set, it really meant something to him. He was always such a kind, generous man with a fabulously wry sense of humor and a proud, strong and dedicated actor. He will be greatly missed. #RIP.  

Drake Hogestyn (John): The Phoenix will rise…R.I.P. Joe, we love you.

James Scott (Ex-EJ): So long Joe. I’ll miss you, yet a part of you will always be with me and for that beautiful gift I am so happy and grateful.

Chandler Massey (Ex-Will): Favorite memory of Joe: being scared for my life when I yelled at him in a scene. He came at me, saying don’t raise your voice to me boy. He put Will in his place that day. Complete commitment to his craft and character. Extraordinary man who will be missed.

Photo: BFlynnInstagram

Lauren Koslow (Kate): “Good night, sweet prince..and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest” Forever my honor to share your stage, Joe

Galen Gering (Rafe): Rest in peace my friend. I’m sure U will continue to brighten the lives around U as you did here. Miss U already #JoeMascolo

Eileen Davidson (Ex-Kristen): Very sad to hear of the passing of the great Joe Mascolo. God bless him and keep him.

Kate Mansi (Ex-Abigail): Having a flood of cherished memories of our patriarch Joe Mascolo. A whiskey in your honor tonight Joe. Here’s to you, a man like no other.

Blake Berris (Ex-Nick):  Joe Mascolo will be missed. formidable actor and human. left an indelible mark on daytime.

Molly Burnett (Ex-Melanie): Sweet Joe Mascolo, the King of Daytime Evil with a heart of gold. You were a force to be reckoned with. It was an honor to know you

Dena Higley (DAYS co-head writer): In Joe’s talented hands, bad never felt so good. #stefanoforever. #ripjoemascolo

Martha Madison (Ex-Belle): So sorry to hear of Joe’s passing. He had an enormous presence. It was such a privilege to work alongside such a pro. Thoughts w his family.


Tamara Braun (Ex-Ava): To you, Joe Mascolo! What a wonderfully kind, caring, giving man you were. I had the pleasure of working with you for a short time and will always cherish that. You were generous, warm and a hell of an actor. Heaven has a wonderful new angel to add to the bunch. May you Rest In Peace and keep them smiling up there. You will be missed. #RIP #joemascolo #days

Jen Lilley (Ex-Theresa): Just learned that we lost the legendary #JoeMascolo today. His Phoenix finally took flight. #RIP #Days

Mark Hapka (Ex-Nathan):This is heart breaking. Joe was such a pleasure to not only work with but be around. Such a strong yet gentle spirit. Sending love.  

So, what did you think about the thoughts shared by Joe’s cast members at DAYS? Let us know in the the comment section below!

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Willa Sargent

i been watching my fave Days for 51 yrs.started at age 11 yrs old. what a loving In Memory.i liked all the cast responding,,and ex-cast members. I feel Lauren Koslow said it best…..“Good night, sweet prince..and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest” Forever my honor to share your stage, Joe….this is so poetic. TY Lauren!

dante williams

I can’t believe no one has written anything up here. This man was so good that he still IS. HIs presence will be felt forever, because he is the Phoenix/Massimo. I can’t talk about him in the past tense because I feel like I’m insulting the man, who’s presence was so dear that he wasn’t just a villain, he was a force, he was Days of our Lives. He’s a classic villain, when you hear about villains, you will see Mr. Mascolo’s picture. He practically was on the show until his last breath, and he still acted rings around half the cast. He helped humanize a maniacal villain by the love he felt for his children, and I loved and hated him at the same time, that is talent that cannot be duplicated that I’ve only felt for Michael Zaslow/Roger Thorpe, Anthony Herrera/James Stenbeck, John Ingle as the great Edward Quartermaine. Jeanne Cooper as the grand dame Katherine Chancellor, Beverlee Mckinsey/ Baroness Alexandra Spaulding, Charles Keating/Carl Hutchins (he was so good I didn’t even watch another world and he still stood out), David Canary, Eric Braeden, Susan Flannery, Darlene Conley and a few more I wish I could remember so I can honor as well, but they are on an upper echelon of actors who defined acting, who’s characters did good and bad things, manipulative things, multifaceted characters you could still cuss out or want to slap sometimes but they were good also. Now I’ll admit that overall Mrs. Chancellor and Mr. Quartermaine were mostly good, but when they were bad, everyone felt it. They didn’t play when they needed something done. Those are my favorite characters, good ones that do some horrible things, and rotten ones that have just enough humanity you can see it and root for them. They made you wonder if maybe being bad was more fun and even built character. The Phoenix would be killed and everyone would wait for the phoenix’s other fiery shoe to drop and how he would rise again with yet another diabolical plan that would boggle a regular, normally good person’s mind, but at the same time marvel at the madman or woman’s brilliance and confidence they could pull it off, whatever it was. He was a rare, multifaceted actor, person, and character who’s every line was filled with passion, and I feel enriched just by watching him. It’s hard to believe the Phoenix won’t rise again because he always had me fooled, so I will wait just in case and honor him and his legacy by still watching Days. Thank you, Joseph Mascolo, rest well…


Great post, Dante! And it’s kind of you to mention all these other legendary actors…


James , a marvelous tribute to the Phoenix; however, this time only God can bring him from the ashes! Mr. Mascolo will rise again in the resurrection of us all!
Zaslow and Mckinsey from your list were two of my favorites ; I mentioned Zaslow in another post ;however, I couldn’t think of Beverlee’s character on Guiding Light .


You kind of stuck Eric Braeden in there with all the actors that have passed. He is definitely still alive and well.

dante williams

You assumed incorrectly what I was saying. I never said Eric Braeden was passed, I watch Y&R every day. If you were paying attention you would see that I was writing about actors that play characters who are good and bad and played the parts very well, and many of them happen to be deceased.

dante williams

I tried to send this through several times, haven’t seen it yet. To those who might be confused, like lkmystique, I never said Eric Braeden was gone, there’s a reason he’s on the list if you read it.


I love days!!!! RIP joe mascolo


Sorry to hear that the masterful Mr. Mascolo has passed. He had such a force and strong presence in portraying the complex character of Stefano who had a warm, caring, gentle heart with his family, but a sinister, evil, controlling exterior with the world around him. It was always compelling to watch him portray the depth and dual dimension of the character. Some how you had hoped that the Phoenix would rise one more time, he is missed, but will live in our hearts as his colleagues have said. They have all given him a much deserved and moving tribute. Mr. Mascolo leaves a great legacy in Stefano.

Joan Faist

I loved him and his character. Day’s was very fortunate to have him for so long. Joe Mascolo will never be forgotten, long live the amazing Stefano Dimera. .


I did not know Mr. Mascolo, personally. But, everything his cast mates’, past and present, adoring and respectful words they spoke, are so true.
I do know many of the offspring and great-great offspring of family friends from West Hartford, East Hartford, Avon, Simsbury, Farmington, Hartford proper and the outlining towns, as my Boarding School was only a couple of towns away. Many football games were played back and forth ( still are) from the different High Schools in the surrounding towns/cities in Connecticut and all of New England, and then some.
Everyone loved him so……kind heart and generous hand.
I wish I could have known him … have drunk from his glass of talent and humility, as an actor and human being.
Rest in eternal peace, Joe!!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

i first seen him on Where The Heart Is soap opera that lasted only a few years but i didnt watch that one much…it was on in the late 60s to early 70s…there were so many back in those days with better stories and none ever seemed the same like the remaing four do…besides cartoons and captain kangaroo soaps were fun to watch back then that i sometimes not even play with my friends-these soaps were that addicting back in the day…i dont see his days on WTHI mentioned anywhere unless i overlooked it…so many legends from daytime passing!!!


jimh, I enjoyed reading your nod to “Where the Heart Is” as well as your remembrances of daytime TV during that time. I was also watching then… And I threw in a few game shows. Yeah, I also watched TV instead of playing with friends. Of course, if I had had any friends back then, I might have felt differently… 🙂


Very sweet and gracious post, Celia…


RIP and thanks to Days/Corday for keeping a vet like him on the show for so long instead of kicking him out the door like a certain other soap on another channel still does ’til this day to the detriment of the show.


I know that Guiding Light did it to Michael Zaslow when he suffered from ALS. That cost the show in viewership . I’ll always believe that how they treated Zaslow was the show’s death knell.

4ever DAYS

My thoughts and prayers for Joe’s family, friends and colleagues. He sang with Luciano Pavarotti and now he’s singing with the angels.


Awwww….so sweet, 4ever. So a’ propos!!!!


Watched his talents on B&B and was minimally familiar with his DOOL Character. His reputation speaks for itself. RIP Joe!


What a tremendous loss! Wouldn’t it be nice if Days devoted one whole show as a tribute to this great actor and man , maybe have his co-stars’ reminisce and show some of his best scenes. They are already six months ahead, so they could slip in a one day tribute. It is the least they could do for this legendary actor who was greatly loved and will be sorely missed. RIP Mr. Mascolo


This is a great idea! Days should have a tribute show (or many) to him! It was always great to watch him on the show. He added so much that doing a special montage of how work over the years would be wonderful to watch. Such a great talent!


Oops, sorry typo – should say his work over the years.


I thought about that also or show episodes which includes most of the stars .


Rest in peace dear Joe, Days and our worlds will never feel quite the same.

Tina Snider (Big. T )
Tina Snider (Big. T )

it made me very sad reading the comments…..we all loved ‘ The Phoenix”


Impressive to see so many actors commenting on his passing, especially from the actors who have been off the show for years now. I had no idea he was so loved by his co-workers. But I really enjoyed him as Stefano. I was upset that he wasn’t on the show much for a couple of years now because I always liked when he was on, causing trouble.


I missed him too; however, I knew that he had health issues.


So sad to hear Joe has passed. Starting Days around 1982, I fell in love with the DiMera clan then moving toward the early 80’s when Stefano was such a force to be reckoned with; so many memories of great shows ! Such an icon of a character he created and such a sweet & kind man who I had the honor of meeting alongside Gloria Loring one Days weekend. May you rest in peace Joe!


Sorry to hear of Joe M passing. Hated him, loved him, laughed with him, over the years. Great actor. You will be missed. RIP, Sir.


Still awaiting kind words from Lisa Rinna…

4ever DAYS

I’m still awaiting words from Renee Jones…Don’t people on Georgia farms have internet access, Jamesj75?

4ever DAYS

The meaning behind your comment only went unnoticed a few minutes, James, LOL!


Thanks, 4ever DAYS! Glad you quickly got my meaning. I certainly mean no disrespect at all to the great Joseph Mascolo.

Also, LOL to you regarding Georgia farms and internet access! 🙂 (I had to look up the “farm” link to Renee Jones.) Take care, Friend!

three of his fellow castmates… REALLY impress and … it’s from 3 generations Kate : Lauren Koslow Sammi : Alison Sweeney Chad : Billy Flynn not to say anything less of ALL the cast and crew of DAYS just had to share what an affect he meld Lauren Koslow : she’s so classy… altruistic… yes, really. no matter the “circumstance” this lady of Salem charges… it’s her dime.. her choice… her time.. her whet… she’s always on.. never on less ( GOD: how I’ve dreamed… why couldin’t Nikki, Y&R, be this kind of woman”) Ms. Koslow… I love your work. her quote: “Good night, sweet prince..and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest” Forever my honor to share your stage, Joe” sing thee to thy rest, forever: my honor to share your stage that’s volume and take… lights out.. to a man of my dream Alison Sweeney : Sami.. ( never a favorite of mine.. but so real.. in so many sense. SHE CARRIED DAYS FOR YEARS… god.. she’s a dream … after all is said and done… a delight… so much more.. after the fact.. SHE ACTED ALOT. with her “insecure” mannerisms… her antics.. her twin mindset.. everything she dealt.. makes sense. SHES THE SHOW. Ms. Sweeney: I applaud you. I marvel at the huge cast.. and when we get a glimpse in to the foray of who what where and when… behind the scenes her quote: ” he embodied it so well. Joe was so talented, such a generous actor and always so prepared. I learned so much from working with him. Over the years, I got to know him much better and I stopped being so nervous ” I know I wouldn’t have handled this any better… I’m in awe of actors who meld and mind their craft…. it’s an intimidating field. the reward… imagination.. open field and ready mode. Thank You Ali. from the bottom of my heart.. you saved Salem. Billy Flynn: you stalwart… upstart… STUD… dreamy eyes are a direct hit… you layer scenes… you take part in every note. Romance, sex, BEING with… Abs.. dang it.. Marci Miller and Kate Mansi are AMAZING… I haven’t seen you two reunited .. but the flashback scenes tell me all is well… LOL… what an actors dream to craft , in your bublble.. so be it.. FAN’tastic stuff. REAL reel… you bring it… you have gay and straight fans.. men and woman… that’s a coop that will serve you.. outside of this genre… STAY with this show… you have all the traits available to your chosen profession. ” I LOVE YOU ” yeah, that’s me his quote: “This was one of the most profound/real moments I have ever had, not just as an actor but as a human being. For many personal reasons. But, in this moment I sat at his feet, and as I looked up I saw…” this delighted opened my heart.. and cried about… a newbie who knew.. understands.. what being a… Read more »

Rest in Peace Joe. I’ll never forget when I heard him speak for the first time outside his role as Stefano. I didn’t know he didn’t have an accent 🙂

I was totally expecting to see the Phoenix again on DOOL.

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