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Eileen Davidson Making A Return To Days of our Lives, But Who Will She Be Playing?



Fantastic news Days of our Lives fans! Daytime Emmy winner, Eileen Davidson is back on set taping new episodes and will first appear back on the NBC soap just in time for November sweeps. As reported by TV Insider, Davidson starting shooting scenes at DAYS on June 5th.

Y&R fans have no fear, she is still with Y&R as Ashley Abbott, and her time at DAYS will not conflict with her schedule at the CBS daytime drama series.

But the question on everyone’s mind now is will she be reprising the role of Kristen DiMera or one of the other characters she played on DAYS? The Days rep tells Michael Logan at TV Insider “The exact role—or roles—Eileen will be playing this time around is strictly under wraps. It’s all a big surprise for the audience.”   So that could mean it could be Kristen, or any number of the others she played including: Susan Banks, or any of Susan’s three siblings—Thomas, Penelope and Sister Mary Moira.

With new head writer Ron Carlivati crafting the storylines in Salem, this almost seems like a dream team collaboration between writer and actress to make something crazy, zany and compelling for the audience.

So, excited about the news of Eileen coming back to DAYS? Who do you hope she plays? Comment below.

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51 Comments on "Eileen Davidson Making A Return To Days of our Lives, But Who Will She Be Playing?"

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Ron is writing so i guess she will play —-all of them…or Marlena wearing a mask-lol

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Or she will be found on that island…she will play an aged Ginger Grant…who killed off the islands original castaways-Skipper, Gilligan. the Howels, The Professor and Mary Ann…Ginger, who never wanted to be on the island in the first place, has been stuck on that same island for over 50 years(changing history-they were never rescued back in was a dream-lol)…Ginger wants to be the sole focus on the island so whoever arrives on the island must die and will attempt to knock off Sonny and ‘the rest’-she needs their blood to stay youthful…so she thinks!…Ginger, in Nora Desmond fashion, is ready for her close ups!!!-lol


HaHaHaHaHa—-Love it !!
But, Jimmy. One condition. The only way for Ginger to stay young forevermore is : she needs young blood—-they’re all too old, except for the DOOL castaways.
I hope she ‘sucks’ everyone’s blood….good way of getting rid of them—except for Chad and Sonny. LOL.


does Marlena – have – any flaws

she’s so near purrfect

I always enjoy her … her biggest let… ( reprieve ) Grannie

that will bring a tear and more… when she sees Will

PS: you funster . you had me laughing at “the mask” and as “Ginger Grant”

TOP : “…in Nora Desmond fashion, is ready for her close ups!!! “


Well, in my mind’s eye; I see either Kristin or Susan. Any other role will fall short for me.
A glimpse of Susan will, surely, make my day!!
Who else could it be? A long lost twin? Plastic surgery to look like Kristin? Her look-alike was the baddie? She’s the one who fell out of that window?
I don’t know if I’m ready for a third role by the same actress. ( well, fourth, if one counts Ashley Abbott, LOL.).

4ever DAYS

Susan has a sister (Sister Mary) and brother (Thomas) as well as a deceased sister (Penelope).

I would love to see them all, including Kristen!

Most of all, Celia, I’d love to see Eileen play Thomas (Tommy to Susan) with a huge crush on Marlena! Maybe one day Marlena will accept his advances, which then would make us realize Marlena was replaced by Hattie, LOL!

Did you ever see Thomas/Tommy? He looked like Susan and Sister Mary, but “he” had a comb-over! He was a hitman and was only on a few episodes. He wore suits. Of course, that was one way to cover Eileen’s curves.

There must’ve been a binding process for Eileen, too. Maybe that was and would be too uncomfortable/painful for Eileen to play Tommy for long periods of time.


Thanks, 4ever—great synopsis. I am familiar with all the siblings played by Eileen….love them all.
I have my grandmother, who’s always been an avid DOOL watcher, to fill me in.
“A binding process”– hilarious….and, yes, as a woman, I can assure you binding “up top” would be painfully uncomfortable.
I like everyone’s input; especially damien’s….would love to see Kristen come back with Eric’s baby.
For me, the most entertaining has always been Susan. But, how much of a story could be built on her?
However, if Kristen came back as Susan; the story could go down several paths.
As someone said, I will “take” Eileen, in any form—maybe Kristen really did die, but returns as an Angel? LOL.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Hey, Ron is writing this…so she will be wearing a Marlena mask and killing off the teens-celebration time!!!-lol


well… we could have ED who really should be Kristen… because she’s the ultra supreme being .. and Salem knows it… yet stink permeates from all the denizen

thought Susan and Hattie should make their mark together .. doing something

always a hoot to see sparks fly when Kristen and Marlena adversarial

lets chum it up and give Susan and Hattie a go ’round.

ED and DH : always on par


Susan has to make an appearance! She’s so funny!


I will ONLY tune-in again to see Eileen! I adore Eileen and hope that she resurrects Kristen!

Kevin C

Same here DMR, I tried watching an episode from last week, I didn’t finish it…Cannot get into DAYS.

Dr Helen Ruth

I was having trouble enjoying DOOL until yesterday. The exchanges between Andre and Kate were hilarious. I so enjoyed their wedding, and the comments by the butler; as well as the judge. Let’s hope that they continue to be this upbeat, since DOOL is so dreary.


FABULOUS! I’m glad it’s a secret. So much is not, that it will be nice to be surprised. It’s enough to know Eileen will be back in Salem.


yeah, right ?

I just want too see “Kristen” and Eve become fast friends

and take over


right about now… any time

to see Kristen and Eve

let’s give a little break to Hope and Jenny Bear

back of the line go Grans Jewels

fast ; tour de force ; men behave bewary … on charge thee ones and only

“Kristen” – and – “Eve”

the moon is rising and the sun is setting


I don’t know if I want to see vampires, Patrick, LOL. ….Or wolf(women)…that’s assuming Kristen and Eve will play the “expected” pestilential plague.
If the writers have any foresight and originality, both actresses will bring a story soooo different; it will leave us all agog.
I want a sort of Vicor/Victoria personality for any of the Banks siblings. So, your day/night phenomenon may work. Susan/Sister Mary by day; Kristen/Tommy by night?
Plus, I want Eve to return redeemed. And, if Paige, by some miracle ( lol) is alive, they can start fresh.
The fun lies in the anticipation. We shall see.


I feel like this will be Susan Banks, harboring a very much alive EJ DiMera….fingers crossed!


Yeeees!!!!. Good one, Lee. Also, Sami, Will and the rest of the kids.


Esepcially with Will and Sami headed back to Salem! Mu money is on Susan!


just a thought… what about Rick Hearst , ex-Ric Lansing, GH ???? as a recast of EJ ?

who doesn’t want the real deal – James Scott



Ej is 38

Rick Hearst is 51

So = he’d be an excellent peter brooks. What a dastardly DiMera


I like that idea, Patrick. Rick is suave and ‘charming’ …..perfect fit.


I think the actor who played Simon on ATWT would a perfect recast!


Rick Hearst would be better suited to play Peter Blake DiMera!


hope she comes back to salem as kristen back from the dead with eric’s baby!
Eileen deserves someone amazing to write for her to showcase her talents! her last run on days was stellar and made it must see…hope lightning can strike three times


“kristen back from the dead with eric’s baby!”

I, forgot

!!!! ?????

that she could have had Erics baby.

BEST news


With Ron C scripting her return I’m guessing he’ll have Eileen playing all the Banks siblings (and more). This is going to be SOOOOOOO good…!


Can’t Wait!!

James R. Poissant

This is going to be good. Ron will write for her and Eileen will deliver. This is a win/win for us no matter how it goes!!!


“…This is a win/win for us no matter how it goes!!! ”


1. this is ^ the truth

it’s getting giddy time with anticipate

thinking about 3-4 returns

Sami / Will / Eve / “Kristen”

man… does DAYS need to bring back Wally Kurth PRONTO. he could ladies man panache and stud Kristen and Eve.

Jason Brooks … any one ? demands


I too am looking forward to his writing


his stint @GH… did not bother me at all…. ??? I think ( lol )

currently and for almost 2 years… the only thing (s) I can think of @GH that work

Valentin / Nina / Charlotte
Kiki and Dillon
had they not dropped this – Lexie identity… love them both Parker/Aaron

otherwise it’s beyond exasperating

makes Ron Carlivati that much more

Scott (ATWT Fan)

This is excellent news! I’m hoping that she is Kristen, and that this means that there might be a resurgence of the DiMera family! And let’s hope this is worth many more appearances to come!


I wish she would come back to Days for good.I would love to see her play Susan Banks ,because she is so funny and days certainly can use a little laughter.However we got to remember Kristen’s body was never found so she could still be alive.A Dimera never dies it seems..


I am all for her playing one of the Banks family members, but I want her to play Kristen too! I want to see Ron pen a storyline for Kristen!


“…I want to see Ron pen a storyline for Kristen! ”

just for her !

dag… as much as I’ve missed her, @Days

it’s a crime that Y&R – wastes – her

WOW you just want to feast on her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eileen Davidson

WOW again… !!! because Ron Carlivati has two primo, steller, top of the line

LADIES – Kassie DePaiva and Eileen Davidson


and it’s @ Days


Dream come true!!! Days is the best place for Eileen.


I’ll be happy with any role but would love Kristen…


Good the best news ever wow


Kristen Kristen Kristen…TOTALLY!!!!!


Ron C. is the man since he keeps getting back actors back to Days that I didn’t think would return. I can’t wait to start watching Days again when his stories start in a few months.

I hope Eileen is playing at least Kristen and Susan.


Shucks all I can say

No matter what it takes

For @claudio : Vivian alamaine

Please get Celeste to return to see theo


Oh man yes to Vivian and Celeste! They would be perfect for Ron C’s writing! I’d love for the original actresses to return. It’d be great if Ivan could be there for Vivian again. Vivian needs to bring drama to Kate and Victor again.

Lou piikes

I would love for her to return as either Sister Mary Moira or Susan Banks.


This is great news and I dont even watch DAYS! Y&R pissed away Eileen’s talent with stupid back burner stories like Ravi. Ashley has come alive with Dina and it gives her hope but for how long? Maybe Ashley and Graham will hook up? He is handsome and age appropriate but does he have the acting chops to hang with Eileen? We may never know!


I totally share the same sentiments!
I hope Ashley hooks up with Graham , the Dina story has reignited Eileen from a lame romance with Ravi..
However i wish Ash back in Victors orbit maybe in a business story where her and Abby overthrow Victor for Newman..that would be powerful


Yes, T, Ashley wore her heart on her sleeve with Dina. I wasn’t too surprised, though….those feelings were just buried, as I’m sure, she never stopped loving her mother.
I’d like to think that Graham’s actions are out of his protectiveness for Dina. Could everyone be wrong about him? I am probably wrong ( think Kiki, LOL) , but,could Graham be Dina’s son?
If not, then,yes, I can see Ashley with him.


Ashley is the most beautiful woman in Genoa City! Why can’t TPTB pair her with an amazing man-one that is successful in life and love?! Ravi is a sweet kid, but he’s a KID and playing dress-up. Also, he’s written as Ashley’s therapist, not a love interest. I love Eileen and she is being underutilized! (Although, I love the storyline with Dina).


I, honestly, don’t see the point of Ravi being on stage….except, as you say, a therapist for Ashley….a buffer….someone to bounce off feelings and ideas. As yourself, I’d like to see substance to the character of Asheley……a story which would leave an unforgettable impact.
We have not seen anything with meat and heart since Ashley “gave” fake birth to Faith; thanks to Adam’s stint with ‘lunacy’. So, I agree. she, basically, has no life….she seems to live vicariously through family members’ lives.
Great post, dmr.


Maybe per her contract with RHOB, she can’t be front burner. They DO take many far away exotic vacations on that show,,, just a thought !


Please come back to days for good.I miss you.Eileen is such a good actress she can play just about anyone or anything.

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