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Kassie DePaiva Returns To Days of our Lives!

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Great news daytime fans! Kassie DePaiva is back at work at Days of our Lives reprising her role as Eve Donovan.

The beloved actress who returned to film new episodes of the NBC sudser back in July of 2016 had to cut that return short when she was untimely diagnoted with acute myeloid leukemia.

After going through treatment, she is remission and announced it via social media back in February.  Now comes word via Soap Opera Digest that Kassie has been back on set taping new episodes as Eve.

Look for DePaiva’s on-screen return to occur on October 30th.  With DePaiva back in Salem and new head writer Ron Carlivati on board at DAYS, it puts Kassie in a great position to be utilized with a writer who knows her work having written for her for years as Blair Cramer on One Life to Live.

Excited to see Kassie back as Eve? Comment below!

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I can cry now


“…it puts Kassie in a great position to be utilized with a writer who knows her work having written for her for years as Blair Cramer on One Life to Live. ”



YES, YES!! Beautiful words indeed Patrick!!

He will SO give her juicy material!!

So glad she is on remission and back at work..Hope is a long term gig..She was a great Eve, until that silly storyline of her sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend..They really should bring back the character of Paige and the actress that played her, just like they did Will..She was really good!!


Yes Omar > I always thought that Blair would become the matriarch in Llandview when Viki retired in the coming decade. She is Soap Royalty and deserves a great gig. I’m going back to DOOL!


Hi Omar… I did not see the connection… that Ron Carlivati wrote for OLTL and for Blair Cramer

this only just sweetens the pot

because… ( I loved the JJ / Eve story)

I have been patiently waiting… candle light and spirited energy

having Eve BACK… on thee show… is definitely LEAD’ing the Pack… and I couldn’t be more delighted

this is top draw

I don’t know how to answer … Kassie DePaiva without an actor to portray her acting chops with a child

I loved the chemistry with Paige.. any one

watching Kassie DePaiva unleash all her repertoire


Hooray so glad kassie is well again


Eve n j.j. round 2?
Eve / Eric/ Jennifer
Maybe bring back frankie?
Poosiblities are endless..
Cant wait5
Days is lookn like must see this fall..


I’ve always liked Kassie DePaiva. She’s very talented and if utilized, there are endless possibilities. But, please no Billy Warlock (Frankie). Ugh, he is such a wimp. A wimp with an ego.


Wonderful news! I suspect she may stick around for awhile with the new writing team. Please make Eve a core character and front burner. Not sure it will happen but DAYS needs to focus on core legacy characters, jettison what is not working, and give us strong stories in equal measure of romance and positivity with tragedy and heartbreak. I can do without the eye-rolling twists and turns of plot tho we will have something to explain the return of Will.


Great post IOky


Thumbs up.


WHAT a weekend TREAT

hip hip hooray

REACH , my lady


God bless this fiercely courageous woman. So happy to see her well, again.
And, I could not have had better news concerning Days. Welcome back Kassie/Eve.
Let’s give Eve the story she deserves. Why not resurrect Paige?

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

i was going to say the same about Paige but maybe her identical twin Sage…would also like to see Rory and Bev return as well…


Of course you were, Jimmy. We think alike more oft than not! LOL.
I think Eve’s life would have more substance and any storyline more credence if Paige were alive.


I love Kassie, she is a wonderful actress, give her a good storyline. Welcome back Kassie.


Yes Claudio, Kassie is a wonderful actress. Eve needs to hook up with Justin. Also they need to bring back Jack.


I liked Eve dating Justin. I think Justin showed Eve that there are still good men out there that admire and respect women.


Congrats Kassie, looking forward to your return to DOOL & also for Ron’s storylines .
Glad that you are back and feeling much better.❤


This is excellent news!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see Kassie back in action as Eve. And with Ron Carlivati as head writer, we’re in for a great ride.


Great post 717!

Mr. C is a gifted story teller who did wonders in the last years of OLTL. Still cant believe ABC cancelled the best soap in the past decade!


Totally agree with you on both counts Patricio. Ron kept us on the edge of our seats. You couldn’t miss a day. I will never get over the absolutely bone headed move by the alphabet network. Every day my heart aches for our beloved One Life to Live and all those marvelous characters and stories.


Remember how great that whole last year was? It was must watch TV! No soaps are like that now. There is no depth. Ron would use humor and lighthearted mini stories. David Vickers, Roxy, Destiny! Not the usual soap fare but complex, multilayered characters.


This news is very exciting…I look forward to seeing Kassie working again, she’s an amazing actress! Now with Ron Carlivati on board, hopefully Kassie will have a wonderful continuing storyline! Welcome back Kassie, I’m so happy you’re doing well! Lots of love & happiness to you


Wonderful news! So glad that great lady is back!

Jim Larson

It’s fine that she is back, though Eve is (or was) a very one dimensional character – however, right now, the show is just AWFUL with atrocious writing and some teen actors who really need to find another town to taunt. Maybe, I’ve just seen too many soaps through the years and most of them, of course, have improbable storylines but even at that Days of Our Lives comes up with things that are beyond absurd.


The show is just dreadful with this onslaught of teen actors. They need to just disappear, no explanation needed. Each one of them is a haunt. No talent whatsoever. I feel as thought I am watching an elementary school play in the lunch cafeteria. They can barely say their lines and make eye contact. It IS atrocious-the casting, the writing, EVERYTHING. Time to clean house.


She is a very good actress but I think Days wrote Eve into a corner that she can not easily back out of. I hoped Y&R would have been smart enough to pick her up and pair her with Peter Bergman.


Great post Mr. Mike.

James R. Poissant

Glad to hear Kassie’s back. Can’t wait for Ron to write for her and everybody in Salem. The show is going to be a good fit for him. I love his work!!!


This is the best news I’ve heard in Days!


A-M-E-N to that, Brother!!!!!



Welcome back Kassie, it is so good to have you back and I am so glad that you are feeling better.God bless you.

4ever DAYS

Welcome back, Kassie!

A triangle consisting of Eve, Justin and Adrienne would be fun to watch!


I agree. After the murder of Paige, I was hoping TPTB would explore the budding relationship between Eve and Justin. Don’t know if that’s possible now. I’d heard that Wally Kurth went back to GH.


LOL, 4ever…..better yet, Eve and Lucas!!!! Imagine what that alliance would fo to our Miss Jenny’s blood pressure.




This is great news. I would love to see her in a triangle with Eric and Jennifer. It would also be fun to throw Frankie in the mix. If not, I think she had great chemistry with Wally Kurth.

Kassie is a dynamic actress. I hope her storyline has depth and she is not one-dimensional the way her storyline was in the past. It took Paige’s death before she had any rooting value. Welcome back to daytime!


Amazing news! So glad she’s healthy again and back at Days!

Since Ron C. started as head writer amazing things have happened with Eve, Will and Sami coming back!


I hope she improves the show!

Why are they playing the island story like everyone is on a different island? Can they not write for more than 2 or 3 people in a scene? It doesn’t make sense. Everyone would (should) be working together to survive, be rescued instead of each acting like they’re on a holiday. Poor Eli only has a broken phone to keep him warm at night.


Looks like they are vacationers, not “castaways.”

Jake Martin

It’s REALLY stupid – it’s beyond laughable, it’s not even entertaining. I don’t mind so much that they are on a crappy looking cardboard set with ultra-fake looking shrubs and plants that don’t even resemble leftovers from Gilligan’s Island – but the writing, good grief, who WRITES this crap – if I were an actor on this show, honestly and sincerely I would be embarrassed ~


Too funny, Jake….you crack me up.
Well, as I said to Patrick, what would make this story amazing would be if Nikolas Cassadine were on the same Greek Island; and the skull were his. LOL. That’s how stupid and unrealistic this story is.


I’m glad Kassie is healthy and able to return to Days, but I can’t be too excited when we won’t see her until Halloween! The taping schedule is ridiculous, and needs to change. When writers are replaced, we still have to endure months of storylines and characters that aren’t working, and hope that our patience will one day be rewarded when the new writers’ stories finally air. I have at least a month’s worth of episodes in my DVR, and I’m not excited to catch up on them. Abby filing for divorce? Dario suddenly not a citizen? Paul and Sonny playing detective in Greece? Another plane crash? Another heart transplant for Brady? I am looking forward to Sammi’s return, but when will that be? I’m trying not to give up on a show I’ve watched for 30 years, but it’s getting harder every day!


Good for Kassie. And while my comment isn’t about Day’s, it goes back to OLTL where I liked her as Blair. Nathan Fillion (a Canadian) was on Kelly Ripa’s show this morning broadcasting live out of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. He and Kelly reminisced about their soap days and friendship back then, even though they were on different shows. He recounted how as 22 yr old Joey Buchanan he got letters from older lady viewers because of his cougar relationship with Dorian Lord, while all the other 22 yr old types got mail from around their age group.

Good story from our soaps when they were more fun, and had more romance and adventure. Especially in lieu of the continual diet of GH character being sick, or going into the hospital in just the last few months, starting with the never ending Morgan/Sonny/Carly story from last year, to bullets, drugs, heart problems, exposure from a bad virus. And whether you like Ava or not, the burn story is horrendously depressing. No reprieve…there are the “time outs pharm ads”, and then there’s what’s coming out of the White House. Lordy, I’m even liking the Amy/Ann Landers story for a little comic relief. Probably has a lot to do with ratings as well.


Ava, Ava, Ava

what’s it all about ?

stuck with Sonny



give in

sorry… this is a waste of crème de la crème.. because of crap writing and an EP who’s own agenda is clearly magnified by “posts”

Maura West is GOLD.. a gem.. she proved herself , again… in that embarrassment “warehouse” story of Sonny and Carly coughing their way out
and Sonny CONTINUES to manhandle… ahem… Ava.

this is not right… and so wrong on so many levels. their is no match here.. never will be.. OK so I’ve digressed just to stop the Carly and Sonny show.

I watch Sonny.. and how he he mans himself with the women folk on this show.. and how he he mans his way with the menfolk… and it’s vastly outrageous. he has no draw on leverage with women. he’s downright embarrassing as a mobster with the men he works….. they do all his machismo.

MOVE this effin show along
Sonny and Carly have run their course.

let’s see some real deal here… i’d not hesitate to shoot Carly dead. or Sonny for that matter… there wouldn’t even be shock value.

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