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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Deacon Is Revealed To Be Gunning For Quinn! What Did You Think Of The Plot Twist?


It has been a week of major returns for CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful, following the Friday cliffhanger last week when it was revealed that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is out of jail and was back to “make amends” to those she wronged, mostly Eric Forrester (John McCook), so she says.

Viewers found her over at Katie’s (Heather Tom) who has been peering through her telescope with intent, it would seem, to kill Quinn (Rena Sofer) herself.  After Sheila is taken into custody and Katie is still acting quite unstable, no one knows for sure who fired the shot at Quinn on the Forrester Mansion terrace.  Sheila remains upset that Eric won’t believe she’s innocent.  She keeps saying that his is the only opinion that matters to her. Eric reminds Sheila she always claims she’s done nothing wrong .. and we get a montage of some delicious Sheila past evil deeds. Eric stands firm that there is a restraining order against Sheila and if she breaks it, he wants her put behind bars.

Quinn still feels quite uneasy although it has been Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) who has been johnny-on-the-spot and there for Quinn to lean on through this whole shooting ordeal. Later, Quinn walks back out on to the terrace and the audience sees a gun and it fires!  She is not hit, and crawls back into the living room, where she is suddenly greeted by the real shooter … a boozin’ Deacon Sharpe! He pours a drink and complains how she never wanted him. She tries to calm him down saying they grew apart, and he should go to an AA meeting.  He then pulls a gun on her ready to end her life.  Katie sees this all through her handy telescope and calls Ridge!  Within seconds, Ridge appears knocks out Deacon and Quinn holds on for dear life to Ridge, cementing that these two certainly will not be out of each others lives any time soon.

So, what did you think of the surprise appearance of Sean Kanan? Did you guess Deacon was the sharpshooter all along?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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27 Comments on "THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Deacon Is Revealed To Be Gunning For Quinn! What Did You Think Of The Plot Twist?"

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Sean Kanan needs to return back on the show on a permanent basis. It’s not fair for Deacon to go to prison. Quinn and Bill should get arrested. We want Sean Kanan to stay!


I agree. It was far from enough. Although it was known by all that is was Deacon, I say he should get a chance to let the world know that Quinn pushed off of a cliff. How he survived is beyond me. But we are dealing with world of soaps where anything can happen. I am waiting now for Eric to let Shelia go. Then Quinn and Shelia can both crack at the same time while fighting over “King Forrester”. Let the games begin!!

jeanine girard

Totally agree! Every other person has been somehow exonerated, charges dropped, you name it. Why not give Deacon this same deal. I’ll buy any storyline they come up with to keep him on the show (and with a storyline, not just in the credits). He brings so much charisma and character nuances to the show (and of course devastatingly handsome, that goes without saying, LOL). If not staying on B&B , then at least get him to migrate to Genoa City. Lots of deadweight to trim there, for sure! He could really mix things up in GC! The storyline possibilities could be endless.


Deacon is the “Blackie Parrish” of B&B…the only one who ever seems to suffer the consequences for his misdeeds and crimes!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

ill give it a shot…lol

James R. Poissant

I am so very happy that sheila is back but at the same time, I am glad Deacon came back on the scene because I never could understand how he just dropped out of sight (like Amber did). I hope Sean Kanan is back so they can write for him because if this is the last of Deacon, I would say it was a bum deal for us and the actor to just have him drop in for a day then he’s off.


I liked the storyline…until the end. It seemed like it had a lot of twists in the 2-3 weeks, but felt rushed by finding out it was Deacon, especially after Sheila’s spectacular return last Friday. The pacing of the show seems to be in overdrive, especially the Zende/Mya/Nicole/Rick baby storyline. As long as I get more Brooke, Quinn and Katie, I will be happy.


I agree about the pacing of the show. Brad Bell needs to take a page out of his fathers book, let a story unfold slower!!


Since Sean K. is apparently persona-non-grata at GH, I applaud any soap opera willing to utilize his talents! I also must give kudos to B&B for their nifty “Sheila” montage….such little touches add much needed perspective to an historically-based storyline, and it would be ever so nice if GH would follow suit on this practice where the few remaining—and far too dwindling number of—legacy characters are concerned! .


Good use of surprise returns, even if it looks like SK is only on for two episodes. However, alot of the audience has picked up on how this story makes poor Quinn the victim of someone else’s plotting, all done to make her more sympathetic and help the audience forget the things she’s done to Liam, Steffy, Ivy, Bill, Deacon and on and on. Eric said Sheila was bad trouble, but Quinn is good trouble. It doesn’t get more obvious than that. Now Ridge has saved Quinn, and it looks like they’re the couple to root for. But I don’t like a soap to tell me that Quinn is now good because others are worse, or because Ridge rescued her. I saw Quinn do the things she did. If B&B took her character too far and now regrets it, that’s a shame, but that’s on them.

There’s also the ick factor. B&B is all about fathers/sons/brothers and mothers/daughters switching partners, but when we’ve heard Quinn say for a year how much she loves Eric, and she doesn’t want to hurt him or lose him, I can’t root for her when she now realizes she’s in love with Ridge. When Ridge says Bridge is destiny and he loves Brooke, and he only seems to be in Quinn’s orbit because Eric asks him to watch her, or Katie asks him to save her, and last week, Ridge was talking about how Brooke should have married him and not Bill, am I supposed to believe that all along, he’s been in love with Quinn? When he told Katie and Brooke he would never hurt his dad, now I’m supposed to think he’ll hurt his dad? This story is a mess.

All that aside, I’m sure Ridge and Quinn will host Thanksgiving dinner together, in the house they’ll be sharing as a newly engaged couple, and she’ll take on Hope’s role and ask everyone to say something nice about the person next to them, and all will be forgiven and love will be in the air. It’ll all be fine, as life often is on B&B.


Agree totally what makes it tough for me is TK will never be Ridge they should have cast him as a long lost relative or something just can’t get involved with any story him pretending to be Ridge.


Is Sean Kanan destined to be the drunken fall guy on every show? I felt like I was watching AJ! Drinking…arrested for attempted murder (though it seemed he was trying to scare her only)…I haven’t watched the show for more than a year but Quinn DID try to kill him…pushed him off a cliff!!! Did she get arrested for that??? (ummm, did she?) So, again, poor AJ…errrr…Deacon…takes the fall. (ba-da-bum!)

Mark Yonskie

Katie points a gun at Quinn. Sheila is found walking around Katie’s house. Drunk Deacon shoots Quinn. So contrived. Deacon seeking revenge on Quinn could have been much more fun. Answers the ‘where’s Deacon?’ question. I was recently You Tubing scenes with Sheila so her return was a happy surprise.


It was more than 1 plot twist: Sheila, the surprise, and then Deacon appears as the culprit. Kimberlin Brown in on contract; Sean Kanan is not. I think we’ve seen the last of him. Brad Bell needed to resolve that story. We knew he was around but never knew what happened to him. Otherwise, with the addition of the Spectra family, BB seems to be a little top-heavy with contract players. Being a half-hour show, I’m expecting a couple exits soon. No?

Mary SF

I don’t know — the whole thing seems fishy to me– RS is a better actress and Quinn didn’t really seem all that terrified– and Deacon didn’t seem all that drunk– in fact he sober up way too fast after Ridge punched him—- it would not surprise me if Quinn was behind the whole thing — maybe hoping to pin it on Katie, but Sheila threw a monkey wrench into those plans, so Quinn drags poor Deacon in to be the fall guy for her once again. If not then Brad just threw Deacon under the bus in order to resolve a plot point put in there only to usher in the return of Shelia– either way it was a couple of days when B&B was worth watching .


The storyline moved like a speeding bullet and what a waste of SK one of the best actors on that show anyway disappointed I even thought I saw Heater Tom rolling her eyes. The line where Deacon asks Katie if she is dating anyone when he finds out she owns the house next door however was priceless.


I see why Nicole wants baby Lizzy but why not get Sasha to carry a baby for her just like she did for Maya and Rick because Sasha said she will do anything for Zende and Nicole to win their trust back


And then Sasha will end up with secondary infertility and be unable to have a kid of her own. It was stupid to have someone who did not already have her children act as a surrogate. Nicole should have donated the egg and let someone else be the gestational carrier. Then she would also feel less motherly toward Lizzy.

Margory Placha

I think Deacon and Sheila together would be a blast. Quinn should be locked up for pushing him off that cliff.


OK…you know what: Instead of trying to kill Quinn, Deacon should have FIRED SHOTS at that STUCK-UP Steffy and that LOVESICK LAMEBRAIN Liam. I am SO SICK of those two…ESPECIALLY STEFFY!!!!! Oh…and WHO CARES about rehabilitating Sheila?!?!? I think that Deacon and Sheila should HOOK UP and become a POWER COUPLE (or whatever)!!!!! THAT WOULD TRULY R-O-C-K!!!!!



Don’t worry Sheila is still Sheila changed no way she is too great at being bad to rehabilitate her oway fireworks are going to explode personally I think she already knows Quinn is betraying Eric!


I was hoping it was Quinn’s mom not Deacon love that guy amazing actor he’s an actor that’s. not used enough on that show Katie and Deacon possibleties?


Very surprised. It was nice to see Sean. Wouldn’t mind Deacon returning for more episodes.

I don’t want Ridge and Quinn together.


I love Sean Kanan. He’ll also be AJ Quartermaine to me. TPTB at General Hospital royally screwed up his return a few years back. I think that someone should try again, this time, without a drunken aim, lol.


LAZY writing. PERIOD.


B&B does not seem to believe in romance or suspense. Just quick lurches of plots at expense of character. Am still not sure why Katie is so involved with Eric and Quinn’s business. Eric and Quinn were married for 10 seconds before Ridge played his game which I am sure Ridge never would have done if true to character. And that Ridge-Brooke-Bill triangle was dumb. Deacon needed closure as a character but this was too fast and too dumb. Why should I care? He has not been on the screen forever! Too much talk, little action, and no respect for marriage and children and family.


I wish Wyatt had a twin sister, that Quinn gave up under duress. This would explain her craziness and give Steffy the great rival she deserves. Bill Spencers reaction would be priceless that’s for sure.

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