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40th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations Balloting Begins Today! Younger Actor & Actress Nominees Automatically Qualify To Next Round!



And we’re off soapers and colleagues!  Today is the kick-off of the first round of voting for performers to make their bid to receive a nomination for the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards!

According to an official press release from David Michaels, NATAS Senior Executive for the Daytime Emmy Awards: “The Pre-Nomination voting phase of the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Entertainment Awards begins today Wednesday, January 30th.  Ballots will be sent to qualified performers who are members of NATAS or ATAS  (Academy of Television Arts & Sciences).  This voting will result in determining the 10 performers who will move forward to the Blue Ribbon judging round in the Daytime Drama categories for Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress.

This year, there will be no Pre-Nomination round for the categories of Younger Actor and Younger Actress, encompassing Daytime Drama Actors who are aged 25 or below.  The entrants in these two categories will proceed as entrants to the Blue Ribbon Judging round.

Michaels spoke exclusively to On-Air On-Soaps today explaining further why the younger set moves on automatically citing: “It did not make sense to do the pre-noms for the Younger Actor and Actress nominees because there were only nine submissions each.  And the whole point of the Pre-Nominations is to narrow the acting fields down to ten. We are doing it for all the other soap actung categories, but nine each of the Younger Actor and Actress nominees will move into the blue-ribbon round as entrants.”  

When speaking of the quality of the submissions overall, the Senior Exec also revealed, “There is some beautiful work this year and a lot of entrants!”

And again, just in case you are confused by the current Daytime Emmy rules; performers submitted a clip of up to 3 minutes of a continuous scene in which they will be judged on during the pre-nom round.  If the scene is continued from act to act in one episode, the performer is allowed to have the submission dip down and come up from black.

Everyone who is judging is a qualified performer voting member of NATAS and ATAS,  and we will all find out together on February 27th who made into the next round!  For more information the  Daytime Emmy Entertainment Awards, visit their facebook page :!

So soapers, who do you hope lands a pre-nomination this year from your favorite soaps?  Let us know!


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Chandler Massey deserves a nomination. He has been amazing this past year.

I couldn’t agree more. I also hope “Days” pushes Ari Zucker, Alison Sweeney and Eileen Davidson for Lead Actress and James Scott for Lead Actress.

Chandler Massey never let up… after last years WIN. He should be taking home the Emmy again.

Cheers to the Ladies… our Heroines… who make each DAY in Salem… what it is. Ari, Ali, Eileen….

The men are no pushovers…

Special mention to Justin and Adrienne… Kayla… who light up the screen.

Have to ask some ones’ opinion; Does Kristen need some friends and/or allies?

I just hope she’s not written so far in to the corner… so to speak…

it seems like all of Salem “hates” her… now everyone is exacting revenge and/or out to get her….


SHARON CASE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finola Hughes, GH!!

What channel will the daytime Emmy Awards be on? Are they going to be on HLN again?

Good question!

Well I contacted HLN and here is their response:
Hi R,
Thank you for reaching out to HLN. At this time, we do not have any information to provide regarding HLN potentially broadcasting the 2013 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards.

We ask that you stay tuned to HLN and for updates regarding this matter.

As always, thank you for your interest. Have a wonderful day!


HLN Viewer Communications Management

Sharon Case we know you are the best actress ever. love you <3

That’s easy – Jason Thompson for all the tear jerking scenes when Robin S Drake passed away! I swear he cried for days, I was wore out!!!!!! Anyone from OLTL-I believe they are in the running since they went into January last year.

During the time you are talking about, Jason Thompson was the most amazing actor I have seen in a long time. The looks on his face were of complete torture. Incredible performance.

Since this is the 40th anniversary can the show be at least three hours long?? Show clips from the very first show! Clips from long forgotten (and resurrected) shows! Do the show right!

We do not even know if the show will be televised this year, so would not hold my breathe for 3 hours since, most of the catagories are not soap related.


I hope that Eileen Kristen gets a nod for her outstanding work as Roxy on OLTL. She really was the voice of the fans. “That’s the dogs honest truth!” To quote Roxy.

I’m with you 100% Liz!

SHARON CASE for sure best deserved for best actress in a leading role on Young and the Restless

Liked Roxie a lot..She is a piece of work…. With her off the wall sense of humor! Fraternity Row(Re-vived)!

I Hope That kel gets nod fr great work onGh an Becky too

I am with Liz Arnold, I want to see Eileen Kristen nominated for her outstanding role as “Foxy Roxy” on OLTL.

Finola Hughes nd Klly Sullivan For lead actress. As well as Erika Slezak.
Jane Elloit and Robin Mattson for supporting actress. As well as Ilene Kristen.
Roger Howarth and Jason Thompson for lead actor.
John Paul Lavoisier for supporting and Bradford Anderson.
Kristen Alderson for younger actress.
Austin Williams for younger actor.
Best show…..OLTL. It wa better for 2 weeks than all the other shows all year.

With only four soaps left I hope to see a bit more variety in the nominations instead of the same few actors getting a nod year after year.

Eric Braeden, Sharon Case, Melissa Claire Egan


MCE is not a good actress

OLTL is up for nominations. It was still on the air a little while in 2012.

I hope and pray that Kristen Alderson gets a nom for younger Leading Actress.I can’t believe she never has!Probably becuase the EMMYS always treated OLTL as ABC’s bastard stepchild!Maybe now that she’s on eMMY darling GH!also,Jane Elliot as Best Supporting Actress.Although now she’s pretty much a Lead again thanks to Cartini.The woman is amazing!I never delete a scene she’s in!Would love to see Kim Matula get a younger Lead Actress nom.Oh yeah,def Robin Mattson as Best Supporting Actress!lets face it.No one does psycho better!She just eats up the scenery when she’s on!And that’s saying alot considering the Actors she has scenes with!OLTL should get a nom and win for Best Show considering the snub it got last year.But I’m not holding my breath.Again,bastard stepchild!As much as I hated fake Kate,Kelly Sullivan has done some amazing work the past few months and deserves a nom for Best Actress.

Lead Actor Jerry Van Dorn, Bob Woods,Jason Thompson,James Scott
Lead Actress Erica Slezak,Hillary B. Smith,Eileen Davidson
Supporting Actress Eileen Kristenson (Roxy),Jane Elliot,Leslie Charlseon
Younger Actor: Eddie Alderson,Austen Williams
Younger Actress Shennell Edmons,,

There are others I would accept, but …
Lead Actor: Jason Thompson (Patrick, GH)
Lead Actress: Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL)
Supp. Actor: Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH)
Supp. Actress: Ilene Kristen (Roxy, OLTL) or Robin Mattson (Heather, GH)
Younger Actor: Eddie Alderson (Matthew, OLTL)
Younger Actress: Shenell Edmonds (Destiny, OLTL)


I’d like to see Kim Matula get a nomination for Younger Lead Actress. She has had so many wonderful scenes and it would be great for her to get the nom.

I’m also glad that OLTL is eligible. There are so many there deserving of a nomination.


Double ditto for OLTL!!!!

Double Double ditto for B&B Kim Matula for Best Young Leading Actress. She have mastered both of her roles… first as a passive naive young girl to a young woman. Her new role as the no nonsense, take charge, stong, smart, intelligent, professional individual.. Kim Matula character have went through many changes and her character HOPE have always raise to the occasion.

Sharon Case is best actress ever

Agree about Kim Matula. Still love Scott Clifton as well, but he is in desperate need of some meaningful dialogue!

i agree bell needs to get on the ball in that respect i too luv scott

Exactly! Kim Matula is one fantastic young actress. She nails all her scenes and so believable! She is as talented as she is beautiful. She acts circles around any other young actress on Bold and Beautiful. Not only should she be nominated she should win. Kim plays Hope and makes her seem so real. No other actress does it like Kim. A believable actress is a real true actress. Kim shows what a great actress she is every time she has a scene. Kim makes Bold and Beautiful and needs to be front and center. She is the reason Bold and Beautiful is my favorite soap opera. Brad Bell should be very very proud to have her. He needs to give her more scenes, as well as a better story line. Bell wants high ratings and Kim is his ticket. She will go far in her acting career.

I totally agree . Kim is such a great actress. And KKL last scenes with zsusan Flannery was so awesome and so powerful. She deserves an Emmy and so does Kim.

I totatally agree. Kim has had some great scenes this year. I remember how uncomfortable I felt watching the scene of her first time with Liam and the conversation with her mother the next morning and also the scene when she met her dad. All great portrayals that had me in shock or tears. Best of luck KM!

Couldn’t agree more Kim is a very good young actress. And Katherine Kelley Lane should be nominated for lead actress. She has had some great scenes lately. The ending scene with Susan Flannery was so touching .

Well after all those wonderful comments – I am going to have to check her out!

I Love Jacqueling MacInnes would to be nominated and win an emmy for best younger actress and outstanding supporting actress she is an amazing actress with extraordinary talents no matter what type of storyline you give her she has make it work and no matter who she is playing opposite. JMW as we call her has a rare magical talent that doesnt come around very oftern and I think that Th Bold and The Beautiful is fortunate to have such specially talented person working for them,


ITA she rocks it. Kim does a lot of over-emphasizing her words and extreme gesturing. Flipping her bangs, licking her gloss, and jumping up and down like a cheerleader. JMW is very natural without all the garbage, she plays the adventurous bestie lover wife to a T, She has also done other roles as well, giving her talent more variety. Kristen LLoyd also does very well. Her scenes with all her co-stars are very natural.

JMW gets my vote.

I agree I really like JMW

I agree, JMW all the way!!! Kim just doesn’t do it for me.

i agree the steffy chick, she can play any role and the crap bb has been giving her she has had it golden, i think this girl will be the next susan flanery and shes going to be a power house
km is a one note actress i was ashamed of that seductive sceene she couldnot pull off, funny how fast the writers dropped her pill popping storyline because the actress couldnot pull it off
i could see the will guy from days maybe winning again
im a huge fan of heather tom but she has not nothing worth mentioning, i would vote for sharon case

JMW need I saY more??
that girl has skills she holds her own against them Veterans and then some.

She get’s my vote 😀

JMW is an outstanding actress that has outshine BB vets, she should be considered for LEAD ACTRESS OF BB. She can take the stupidest writing on BB and make it seem effortless. JMW got my vote hands down.

JMW got my vote.

JMW is the best actress that deserves to be nominated. Cus SERIOUSLY, JMW is the show, without her BB is unwatchable.

I absolutely adore Jacqueline MacInnes and I believe she could nail either younger actress or supporting actress. Just like many of her co-stars have said, she has grown so much and I have yet to see a story she cannot do. She can play the villian and make you hate her so much you love her. Or you absolute fall in love with her and can’t wait to watch every single day to see what she’s up to. Whether you love her or hate her, she absolutely demands your attention and you can’t help but watch her. Not every actor or actress has that ability. Good Luck Jacqueline! Hope you get the recognition you deserve!!

I agree with you. love JMW

Yes JMW for younger actress.

I love to watch JMW she deserve Younger Actress.

JMW she’s so talented and she deserves to be appreciated for her certain talent and her chemistry with everyone she work with..that’s a gift, a few have..she has..JMW gets my vote hope she win this year ;)))

Leading Actress: Erika Slezak
Leading Actor: Robert Woods
Supporting Actress: ILene Kristen(Foxy Roxie)
Supporting Actor: Michael Easton or Spinelli (GH)

Best Daytime soap Opera : ONE LIFE TO LIVE!”

Sharon Case, Susan Flannery and Heather Tom for Lead Actress
Peter Bergman, Michael Muhney and Eric Braeden for Lead Actor
Melissa Claire Egan, Arianne Zuker for Supporting Actress
Eric Martsolf, Billy Miller and Shawn Christian for Supporting Actor
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Kim Matula for Younger Actress
Chandler Massey for Younger Actor
B&B for Best Drama

Kim Matula gets my vote

Mine also

BB is the worst soap among the remaining four soaps in daytime. The writing is inconsistent and the characters have been running around in circles, having the same conversation 2 yrs know, for one of the most stupidest triangle in daytime history.
It should be a toss up btw GH and DOOL even YR……..actual shows that have actresses and actors that deliver EMMY WORTHY materials with good writing.

In fairness, all soaps haven’t been great! B&B does have Susan Flannery’s exit and if they do submit that, then they will probably win! DAYS got the DAYSaster which was excellent! Not gonna comment on GH because I don’t watch GH. Y&R……….they have so much to submit under MAB. We’ll just see what they submit!

Jacqi M. Wood, Bold and Beautiful. She has really come into her own, evolving in her character and the way she has pulled it together. She acts and it seems natural. When her costar acts [Kim Matula} it’s like she is over achieving in the fake department.

I think Kim Matula has been outstanding. Really, why the need to be negative? Scott Clifton and Kim Matual have chemistry that can’t be denied.

These two are the most boring couple on TV a real snoozefest. They might have chemistry, and Kims style of acting seems unreal. Can’t brunettes have chemistry with anyone, GEEZ

Sorry. I don’t agree about Kim Matula. She has had some wonderful scenes this year and has done a terrific and very believable job of acting in all of them. She definitely deserves a nomination and win.

Yes she’s a good actress, but her style seems a bit much, perhaps it’s the part she portrays. It’s like she’s trying to hard.

I disagree! I think they are both fine young actresses and Kim Matula has shown a lot of maturity and is just as good as JMW.

I agree KM is as good if not better an actress than JMW .KM ‘s roles come across as sincere and believable she actually makes you feel what she’s feeling which is rare these days .Whereas the other actors make it look like what it is just a role with no depth. KM For the WIN.

I totally agree

If you guys call hair flipping, lip licking and jumping up and down acting I don’t, over half of her acting is over gesturing.

JMW is an awesome actress that ROCK and is the MOST VALUEABLE ASSET to BB and deserves a EMMY win this year.

I love Jacqueline’ s acting it’s not over the top it’s believable and she has control in her delivery even with bad writing, she brings it each and every time. To me that’s a great performer!

I would like to recommend Katherine Kelly Lang or Heather Tom for Most Outstanding Actress and Kim Matula for Younger Actress, both of Bold and the Beautiful! I would not consider Jacqui Woods at all as her acting is below par.

sorry but heather tom and katherine kellyy lang have done nothing, brookes return from paris after ridge left her caused the ratings on bb to drop, the thought of brooke getting stephanies shares caused outrage in fans resulting in the bb hotline crashing with complaints, heather tom is brilliant but her ppd was a joke and badly rewritten women around the world with ppd should be outraged

the actress kkl and km are the worst actress in daytime. Kkl cannot do anything else except screw all the actors and km cannot act for dear life. Whenever these two irritating actresses are on the ratings does drop big time. HT so called pregnancy/PPD/Heart Attack post C Section was an epic failure. The writing was a total joke. If she is nominated for anything is because of her family influence in the industry and not talent.

Katherine Kelly Lang and Heather Tom for Lead Actress
Peter Bergman, Michael Muhney and Eric Braeden for Lead Actor
Melissa Claire Egan, Arianne Zuker for Supporting Actress
Eric Martsolf, Billy Miller and Shawn Christian for Supporting Actor
Kim Matula for Younger Actress
Chandler Massey for Younger Actor
B&B for Best Drama

Here are my recommendations:

Katherine Kelly Lang and Heather Tom for Lead Actress
Peter Bergman or Rick Jacob for Lead Actor
Katherine Kelly Lang for Supporting Actress
Billy Miller and Daniel Goddard for Supporting Actor
Kim Matula for Younger Actress
Chandler Massey for Younger Actor
B&B for Best Drama

I agree, I would love to see Kim Matula recognized. She’s had so much dialogue and the chemistry between KM and SC is just so real. The LA wedding with Liam begging Hope was riveting, and the break up aftermath was heartbreaking.

I only watch B&B and I think a nomination in the lead actress category is a tie between SF, KKL and HTom. They all do such a great job. But I would love for KKL to get an Emmy nod this year. She so deserves it. she is outstanding. would love for KKL to finally get an Emmy for her outstanding performance in this soap. As to the supporting actress category, I think no one deserves it as much as KM. She was the only one consistently thrown very challenging SLs, and she consistently delivered. And not to forget, Bell and his show deserve a few Emmys, as well.

KM Bold and the Beautiful has shown what a great actress she is able to play whatever part is given to her she makes you believe and feel her pain amazing actress. As far as JMW goes well she only has he one stereo type of acting ability her performances all come across as forced and fake..KM all the way for the Emmy’s

No need to trash one actor to prop your favorite. The actors wouldn’t want their fans to do that to their co-stars you know…

Kim Matula of The Bold & The Beautiful is a wonderful young actress and has had some amazing scenes this last year. Would love to see a nomination for her!

I agree KM has had some amazing scenes and deserves a win.

I would love to see Kimberly Matula get Young actress ,and Kimberly Katherene Lane or Heather Tom for lead actress. I would love to see Bold and Beautiful back on top.

Katherine Kelley Lane . Best supporting actress .

Oops Sorry wasn’t paying attention it should be Katherine Kelley Lane not Kimberly lol

KM for best young actress gets my vote she has shown what a great versitile actress she is amazing actress who makes you believe what she is feeling.KM to win .

Katherine Kelly Lang, she is long over due for one,
Kim Matula.
John McCook,

KKL could win if there was an award for squinting and crying, KM could win for hair flipping, lip gloss licking, and jumping up and down and over-emphasizing her words. JMW, actually acts without over gesturing, she can shed a tear without over doing it. Her scenes as the adventurous bestie lover type are very well believed. SF had a great year, and J McCook as the greiving hubby.

I love B&B and Y&R very much and would recommend Kim Matula for an award. She has blossomed into a great actress and her portrayal of Hope is indeed worth mentioning. I think Katherine Kelly Lang and as always Heather Tom are actresses who should also be nominated for awards.

This is insulting to the actresses. Both Katherine Kelly Lang and Kim Matula are beautiful and great actresses. Each one deserves accoladesbased on their own style of acting. From the response here, I am not alone in my views.

Good luck to Lang, Matula and B&B! Great cast, writers and story lines! I hope they will continue to reunite Hope and Liam who have tremendous chemistry and true love!

Whats insulting is you people who see these characters as TRUE love, they are NOT real. This couple is very boring.

LOL, KKL as an actress is horrible, there were alot of viewers that went ballistic when they heard BB matriarch wud die in her arms. What an insult, but if there was an EMMY for biggest whore back stage, that likes to thief other people s/l or actress playing writer then yes I could see kkl winning that emmy with no one else in it….LOL

i agree kkl is a bad actress would explain why she could never make it outside bb movie or role wise

Katherine Kelly Lang – leading Actress – She has deserved this honor for a long time

Michael Muhney – leading actor – Peter Bergman ( close second)-

Jacob Young – supporting actor – Jacob young has always been my favorite to play Rick.

Mellissa Claire Egan – supporting actress

Kim Matula – younger actress – She is very versatile in her portrayal as Hope. She has taken us down the road from teenager to a young adult. You find yourself rooting for her journey that has met with much adversity and opposition. Kim deserves this award as she has given such dimension to her character of Hope

Scott Clifton – younger actor – he has played the young man who is in love with two women brilliantly. I know many dislike the character he plays right now because of all the hurt he’s caused two young women especially Hope. But as an actor you can’t help love him. He plays his part so well. you want to know why he is like he is.

I totally agree on all.

so absolutely and wholeheartedly agree on all counts…love, love them together!!!!!!!!!

I agree with Scott Clifton, just from his work from General Hospital and One Life to Live.

I forgot on my other post to vote for:

“The Bold and the Beautiful” – forBest Drama

“The young and the Restless” is a close runner-up

B&b is yes front runner, but not y&r ( I’m fan of the show)

Bold and Beautiful is so awesome it’s my favorite soap. Katherine Kelley Lane and Kimberly Matula are such wonderful actresses. I am so proud of Kim . The way Hope came At Bill with that golf club was priceless .

So here we go with the Team Brooke comment.

Sorry I made a boo before it should be Katherine Kelley Lane

I love Kimberly Matula she is such a great young actress. She has really matured this year .
Love Bold and Beautiful.
Katherine Kelley Lane really deserves Lead actress this year she has been awesome .

Bold and Beautiful for top Soap. I just love this soap.
Kimberly Matula top young Actress and Jacob Young as Male actor .
Katherine Kelley Lane she is a great actress and deserves to win this year.

Katherine Kelly Lang deserve the Leading actress
Kimberly Matula the young,Adam Gregory the young actor

top young actress: Kimberly Matula as Hope Logan
top young actor: Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer
top actress: Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan
top actor: Windsor Harmon as Thorne


I’m sorry, but how can Winsor be considered a “top actor” when he is hardly ever on the show? please. I like Thorne and Winsor, but seriously?

I hate to stoop to your level, but if someone who appeared in Piranna 3D, and Girls Night Out, wins a daytime Emmy it would be an embarrassment for NATAS and ATAS.

Sorry, this comment was supposed to be in reply to Gilda up there ^^^^^
who thinks JMW is the best actress of all time.

JMW has done far more than you give her credit, and you Brookies are not seeing beyond the Blonde hair. In her potrayal of a psychiatrist daughter, she too has grown. JMW is a much better actress, and the one who is even more believable is Kristin Lloyd. Kristin definetely would be my pick.

Brookies? Sorry, I’m not one of those fan base obsessed fans. And you’re right. JMW has done more. I forgot about If It Quacks Like a Duck it’s a

I don’t think she’s without talent, I just don’t care for the way she has chosen to build her brand. It isn’t an image daytime should be comfortable with.

And she certainly isn’t more talented than Kim Matula, no matter how many times you say it.

JMW was not in Pirahnna she has said this , but even if she was it would still be something to add on her resume which does already include a daytime Emmy nom . It speaks for itself, there’s no need to compare her w/ Kim (who is getting better each episode btw)

Just an FYI if anyone is interested (besides Susan M. and myself) about where/if they will air the Daytime Emmy’s. I asked HLN if they would be showing them again, and here is the response:

Hi R,

Thank you for reaching out to HLN. At this time, we do not have any information to provide regarding HLN potentially broadcasting the 2013 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards.

We ask that you stay tuned to HLN and for updates regarding this matter.

As always, thank you for your interest. Have a wonderful day!


HLN Viewer Communications Management

Best leading actress: Katherine Kelly Lang (way overdue).
Younger actress: Definitely Kimberly Matula as Hope Logan Forrester. Great young actress that developed to be a matured young lady.
Best actor: John McCook and Don Diamont! They rock!
Best supporting actress: Heather Tom, I love her!
Best supporting actors: Scott Clifton & Jacob Young that portrays Rick Forrester.
Best daytime soap opera: The Bold & The Beautiful!
Best writer, producer & creator: Bradley Bell.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly Matula, Scott Clifton, Don Diamont and Bradley Bell. They are great people and very down to earth!
They were humble & ready to answer all our questions & concerns about the show! Great job!

that sounds really nice luck you

@gilda! Of course, we all know that we are all discussing a fictitious soap. Why on earth would you even confirm it….totally absurd!
The fact is that we enjoy Kim Matula and Scott Clifton team up together and you cannot change that!

scott clifton of the bold and beautiful why because i like him!

i thought these awards where based on talent ???
kimberly matula and katherine kelly lang both caused the ratings to tank
heather tom is brilliant but was stroyline of her pregnancy ppd was ajoke and turned fans off
i would say bb lead actress is susan flanery
supprting i would say pam she can bring tears to your eyes
young actress is jmw even though i hate her character i felt emotions while watching her
male lead i would say john mccook for his part after stephanie dies and before
supporting male i see noone worth mentioning
young male i vote noone

Kelly-Ann, You have the only comment I can almost totally agree with. If I absolutely had to pick a lead actress from B&B it would definitely be Susan Flannery. Young Actress definitely JMW. I would be good to see Alley Mills receive a nod for Pam, and I definitely don’t see anyone worth mentioning for young male on B&B. John McCook I almost hesitate to give him lead male, but compared to the rest of the men on B&B, he’s definitely the best.

ty hun susan flanery was a power house on the show

I thought Heather was good too she might get in lead again, but was so much better in last year’s stories

Susan Flannery for Lead Actress–(We’ll miss you Stephanie!! <3 )
Eric Braeden and James Scott for Lead Actor
Hunter Tylo for Supporting Actress–(WAY overdue)
Billy Miller and Eric Martsolf for Supporting Actor
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood for Younger Actress–(Extremely impressed with her versatility. She has really matured and there is no storyline she cannot do)
Chandler Massey for Younger Actor
Y&R for Best Drama–(Normally I would pick B&B but they focused on the same storylines all year long. B&B needs a shake up and fast.)

Love JMW she does a great job.

I think on B&B, the younger nominee should include the talented Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy. Even when the writing isn’t the best- this girl puts her ALL into every scene and makes you root for Steffy no matter what comes her way. She is amazing!

Lead actresss should be Susan Flannery as Stephanie no ONE else can compare, in lead category.

Of the guys on BandB… I would’ve said Don Diamont in lead but prob. won’t happen.

hahaha did you see that stupid sword stabbing , i would give him the award for bloopers lol

Best Actor: Michael Muhaney-hand downs
Best Actress: Sharon Case (I think she did a great job with her pportrayal of “crazy Sharon”) or Susan flannery for final scens
Younger Actor: Chandler Massey
Younger Actress: Kim Matula
Supporting Actress: Katherine Kelly Lang for her part in susan’s final scenes
Supporting Actor: Scott Clifton


which ever writer wrote caroline spencer going over that balcony i would give them an award
its the best thing they have done woth that bore of a character
to bad props and make up ruined it

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Nicole Gets Her Baby Back; Then Hauls Off and Decks Sloan

This week on Days of our Lives starts, what looks to be the next and final leg of the baby Jude, baby switch saga, and all of its deceptions. As viewers saw on last Friday’s episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) told Eric (Greg Vaughan) that Jude is actually Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) baby. Of course, that’s a half-truth as the bio-dad is Eric.

Trapped and in cahoots now with EJ, Sloan had to confess what she did to Eric. At the cliffhanger, Eric show up at EJ’s door with Jude in tow. In tears, he tells Nicole this is her baby, and hands it to her. What will go down when the show picks back up on Memorial Day with an all-new episode?

Eric doesn’t know he is the father, but EJ does. EJ also saw Nicole kiss Eric. He is going to do everything he can to keep the truth from coming out in an effort to keep his marriage in tact.

Photo: JPI

However, how long can EJ and Sloan keep this major secret? Leo (Greg Rikaart) and Dimitri (Peter Porte) are very much alive. Will one of them blow the final whistle on them? Right, Lady Whistleblower? Will Nicole and Eric learning they are the true parents of Jude, be the impetus for Nicole leaving town perhaps with Eric, since we know Arianne Zucker’s last episode of DAYS is set to air July 29th? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile in the latest promo for this week’s DAYS, Nicole and EJ introduce “their” baby to Holly (Ashley Puzemis), while Rafe (Galen Gering) confronts Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) who is playing dumb in all of this. Rafe asks her, “Are you saying you know nothing about the baby switch?” Melinda pretends she is completely shocked, saying, “Did you say baby switch?”

In the moment you’ve been waiting for, harkening back to when Nicole stole Sami’s (Alison Sweeneybaby for months, and the two finally had a showdown which saw Sami delivering bitch-slaps to Nicole, Sloan comes to the DiMera mansion to see Nicole.  Then, Nicole screams that she lost she lost six months with her son because of all of her lies. Next, Nicole hauls off and punches Sloan.  Elsewhere, Eric grabs Leo by his shirt collar, which will be interesting to see how much Leo fesses up on what he knows about the baby switch.

Watch the DAYS preview below.

Now let us know, are you happy to see Nicole get her baby back? Are you frustrated that the story is still going on and now its Eric who is the one in the dark, along with Nicole that he is Jude’s baby daddy? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Longtime Lovebirds, Arianne Zucker and Shawn Christian, Set Wedding Date

In the words of Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel, DAYS) himself, “Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships,” it appears that he and his longtime love. Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS), have finally picked their wedding date, and the destination for their nuptials.

Back in August of 2023, the couple shared that they plan to tie the knot in 2024, and with their latest IG post it looks like the wedding day is becoming closer and closer.

As Days of our Lives fans know, Zucker is suing the soap opera’s producers and production entity, and her last episode should air on July 29th, since the show tapes so far in advance. One can assume, her character, Nicole Walker may get a happy ending and get her baby back before exiting Salem? However, that’s yet to be seen.

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In the meantime, the couple who live in Nevada, continue to make plans for their big day. In their newest update, Zucker shared, “We discovered a wedding DESTINATION and DATE DATE! So grateful to everyone who has helped us make this exploration an eye-opening awe-inspiring adventure!”

While Christian chimed in, “I already hear many of you saying ‘finally Shawn!’ Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships.” #justsaying #loveispatient #loveiscrazy”

Shawn’s journey as Daniel Jonas on DAYS lasted from 2008 to 2017, while Zucker has portrayed Nicole Walker since 1998. The couple have been engaged since 2021.

The duo made no clear mention of the exact wedding date or location in their post, only that they have got things locked in and all systems are a-go!

So, happy to hear that Ari and Shawn are finally about to become husband and wife? Comment below.


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NATAS Reveals 2024 Gold and Silver Circle Honorees Recognizing Admired Individuals and Their Enduring Contributions to Daytime Television

Ahead of the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7th, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) announced on Thursday, the recipients of the 2024 Gold and Silver Circle honors.

Those chosen as honorees were chosen for this recognition, as NATAS explained, “As admired individuals who have made enduring contributions to daytime television. Inductees are exceptional professionals who have performed distinguished service within the television industry, setting standards for achievement, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades for 50 or 25 years, respectively. They represent the best and brightest in the industry.”

Some daytime favorites in front of the camera and behind the scenes made this year’s honor roll.

The 2024 Gold Circle Inductees are:

Jerome Dobson, Writer: Guiding Light, As the World Turns, General Hospital, Santa Barbara 

A Martinez, Actor: Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Days of our Lives and The Bay.

Suzanne Rogers, Actress: Days of Our Lives

The 2024 Silver Circle Inductees are:

Patricia Denney, Former Hair and Makeup Department Head: The Young and The Restless

Kathleen Finch, Chairman and CEO, US Networks, Warner Brothers Discovery

Linda Grand, Set Master Props: The Bold & The Beautiful

Janet Spellman-Drucker, Co-Executive Producer: Days of Our Lives

Mark Teschner, Casting Director: General Hospital

Rolonda Watts, Talk Show Host, Actress & Voiceover Talent: Sherri, Curious George, Divorce Court

What do you think of the selections for this year’s Gold and Silver Circle Honorees? Comment below.

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