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40th Annual Daytime Emmys: DAYS Wins Outstanding Drama Series! Heather Tom & Doug Davidson Take Top Acting Honors!

The 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards is now in the record books after a nearly 2 and a half hour live show broadcast and then rebroadcast tonight on HLN! In a major surprise, it was Days of our Lives scoring an upset victory in the biggest and last award of the night for Outstanding Drama Series besting favorites The Bold and the Beautiful and One Life to Live!  DAYS victory came on executive producer’s Ken Corday’s birthday, which he announced on the stage tonight when accepting the Drama Series award for the longest running NBC scripted television series of all-time.  It has been more than three decades since DAYS last win in this category.

The Lead Actress honors once again went to The Bold and the Beautiful’s Heather Tom (Katie) for the second year in a row in this category.  Tom has now won five Daytime Emmys during her soap opera career!  Meanwhile, the first award of the evening was for Outstanding Lead Actor.  That award went to The Young and the Restless Doug Davidson (Paul) who is celebrating his 35th anniversary with Y&R! This was Davidson’s first ever Emmy victory!

And what would the night be without a tie! And, it was in the Supporting Actor category,  something like this has not happened since 2009.   Scott Clifton won his first Emmy in the Supporting category, but his second all-time for his role as Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful. Billy Miller (Billy) of The Young and the Restless tied with Clifton. This would end up being Miller’s second Supporting Actor trophy having one previously in this category.  Julie Marie Berman won her third Daytime Emmy as Lulu on General Hospital, even though she has left the ABC soap and the role has now been recast! Berman triumphed in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category!

In the Outstanding Younger Actor category presented toward the end of the evening, it was Days of our Lives, Chandler Massey (Will)  scoring his second victory in a row in this category for critical scenes in Will’s coming out story.  And, Kristen Alderson won her first Emmy on her first nomination as Starr Manning for her performance on General Hospital in the Younger Actress category.  The episode Alderson submitted had Starr traveling back to Llanview to say goodbye to her deceased boyfriend cole, and their baby, Hope.

The Bold and the Beautiful was well on their way to a three-part victory tonight, but got derailed in the end by the DAYS Drama Series victory.  However, B&B scored wins for Outstanding Writing Team Drama Series an Outstanding Directing Team for a Drama Series.

So, what did you think of tonight’s big winners? Do you agree with the blue-ribbon panels results?  Share your thoughts on the 40th Annual Daytime Emmys!

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I congrat Doug Davidson but I was rooting for Jason Thompson. And I wanted Bradford Anderson to finally get an Emmy this year!

Congrats to Chandler Massey! I have to say that acceptance speech he made (that included Freddie) was beyond amazing! I screamed when Chan started talking about Freddie.

He’s awesome. Such a sweet acceptance speech and giving Freddie such accolades was very special! He’s a great young guy.

The Emmy award show was a Mess, worst I’ve seen… Glad Billy Miller & Doug Davidson won. The guy from B&B Scott Clifton couldn’t shut up, kept running his mouth…Guess they had no money to produce a show so they just threw something together and it was evident. Never again will I waste my time on a mess of a show like this.. The only thing on in the daytime is Y&R. I hate talk shows and game shows..
Bring back more soaps!!!

General hospital had a great year!!
The actors were superb!
The stories with all Vets returning were outstanding!
The stories had me on the edge!
General Hospital was excellent during the past year!

((shame on the judges))

Shame on the judges is right!!!!

I can’t even view this as an upset – Days of Our lives! Best Soap – YEAR 2013. OK. I dig it. right on. spot on. I get it Now.

Days squirts as best. I’ll salute it. NOW.

throughout the show… I saw Maggie and Abigail… one, strong, headshot, of Hope.
Justin Kiriakis looking so handsome… too handsome… HOT. altogether… he’s fine… i’m it… now on… for some fun…. I love it.

Maggie was shown and that’s alright! DAYS was shown and spirited.

DAYS deserves accolades. Tributes since May … year 2013 are earned. Stellar actors’ don’t all need mention – it’s just that good.

This makes up for the nominees. or WINS.

Chandler Massey Wins again. I hope thats regular. his thanking Freddie Smith as the best co-star immediately sent chills up my spine.

seeing Chrishelle Strause sitting with cast sitting with sent chills up my.

Happy Dance for DAYS i’m with You.

deserved recoginition it’s here.

Days of our Lives Salem’ites.


Doug Davidson= I give it too him. wanting an Micael Muhney upset over Jason Thompson WIN. I got that.

Heather Tom – repeat. OK… so what… I’d prefer it Peggy McCay or Michelle Stafford.
She made me emotional her dig at 21 years with.

Days of Our Lives – wins Top Spot. OK.

My DVR Recorded only 2 hours.

imagine, my surprise that DrOOL. WON!

Happy Dance with Salem.

Congratulations Doug Davidson!

Long overdue and well deserved.

I was not able to watch as HLN is in HD only and I have an old TV. I am happy that Doug Davidson won. He deserved it.

Also, happy to see Kristen Alderson win.

Days of Our Lives wins for best Soap.

year 2013.

believable Win and deserved Win.

why not… GH faltered and CBS for some reason couldn’t camp it up and solidify.

I am very disappointed that Bradford Anderson and Jason Thompson did not win!!! At least in Jason’s category I am truly happy Doug Davidson won for his outstanding performance… but Scott Clifton over Bradford is a sad state of affairs.

I am very disappointed that Susan Flannery did not win too!

I can’t believe DOOL won… they were the worst with maybe a tie with B&B after Susan left. GH deserved more!

So sad OLTL did not get a the award!!!

Very happy about Julie and Kristen’s wins!!!

Chandler deserved his completely!

Can’t wait for your Emmy content… Michael!!!

Disappointed that Jason Thompson lost love however Doug Davidson long overdue the show was horrible didn’t look like it worked with three host n the couch oh well hope there is a next time

Congratulations to ALL winners of the Daytime Emmys. I am especially excited for Days of our Lives’ Outstanding Drama win! It is a much deserved and long overdue win!

My favorite was finally my Doug Davidson won

Also Days winning

there should NOT have been a tie between billy miller and scott clifton because billy acted circles around scott……………i watch both shows daily & honestly all scott’s character did was stand around looking confused or like a deer stunned by headlights 90% of the time.
there SHOULD have been a tie between doug davidson & jason thompson because they both are extraordinary actors…………………..jmo

AMEN!!! Fionola Hughes was robbed!!! or even Jane Elliot..Scott Clifton really???????? & B&B best writing????? I do not think sooo.. while watching I thought who at B&B bought this?? Very glad Days won..

I was thoroughly disappointed with this broadcast. It was unprofessional, not thought out (who gives Lead Actor awards at the top of the show), and obviously a platform for America to hear Robyn Meade sing. Seriously…this was incredibly amateurish. And I’m not even referring to the lack of representation in the awards categories for the ABC soaps. Just a sad show, bordering on the absurd.

It was badly produced, it is a shame the major networks think so little of daytime that they gave up trying to broadcast it. I don’t know what kind of budget HLN had for this show but it couldn’t have been much. Isn’t HLN a news channel? Why are they broadcasting the Emmys? Shouldn’t a channel like E be doing it? Even Soap Opera Digest put on a better show when they used to give out awards— people working in daytime are so talented it is a shame they didn’t get a better show to showcase it.

I just watched it this morning. One of the worst Daytime Emmy shows ever. Who cares about Robin Meade & those other hosts? And Kris Kardashian presenting? Ugh. What on earth does she have to do with anything? I would like to see only soap stars presenting & only soap people hosting. And was it just my recording or was there tons of background noise-like everyone there was talking to each other the whole time? Glad for the winners-thrilled for Days, sorry for KKL, surprised (in a bad way) for Scott Clifton-he SHOULD NOT have won for his one-note role of Liam. My husband goes around imitating Liam. It is so funny. But Liam is not.

Chandler deserved to win but Days…even if its my favorite at the moment…wasnt the best…One Life To Live shouldve taken home the trophy…it was at its all time best in its final two weeks…no other soap kept me watching every moment like OLTL…i doubt even its reboot will ever come close to its last year on ABC.

You are so right. Days is my favorite right now too and I was very happy for Chandler & for Days as a whole but for crying out loud-NOTHING could ever top the last YEAR or even two, in my opinion, of OLTL. I miss THAT show so much.

I recorded the last year and ive rewatched it twice so far…it was sooooo good! I wish Frank and Ron(former oltl producer and writer) were doing the reboot…i think it wouldve been a lot better!

No doubt Jim, it would still be “our” show if Ron & Frank were in charge. I wish they could have picked up the storylines exactly where they left off. They left SO many good things on the table.

The Emmys were nothing more than a joke! Who produced this show? A bunch of 6th graders? What happened to seeing a bit of the nominees submission? Oh right the winner sitting on a couch after they won was how it went. Not to mention that OLTL was robbed of best show. Don’t attack me here I watch BOTH shows and Days did not earn this award. Never again will we ever see the quality, the story lines or the superb acting that went into the last 2 weeks of OLTL. And GH walks away with 1 award? Please. If any one has learned anything in the past 2 years its the loyalty and dedication of abc actors and their fans. We/they are first class all the way. As far as Y&R with Jill Farren Phelps running the show Y&R’s ratings will soon go way down. That’s what she does best.

The broadcast was putrid.Even worse (f that is possible) than the preposterous Vegas infomercial few years back.Every acting winner was wrong with the possible exception of Doug Davidson.

Very happy for Doug Davidson and Chandler Massey. Very well deserved!

Doug Davidson has a brilliant story. Great win. Heather Tom also had a great year with the PPD story. I was a little shocked that Katherine Kelly Lang didn’t take home a much deserved trophy. Regardless, a nomination is still a huge honor to an actress who is very underrated. To be honest, i wouldn’t have mind if Julie Breman and KKL had a tie instead of Scott Clifton and Billy Miller.Not surprised that Kristen Alderson won. She had a great story.

I totally forgot it was on. 🙁 Maybe it will be recast. I’d love to see it. Yay for Days! Thrilled they won. And hooray for Heather and Doug, Scott and Billy. Would love to have seen KKL win. She so deserves it. I can’t believe she have any Emmys and this was her first nom.

It was a poorly produced show and the hosts were terrible – and the couch interviews were stupid. Surprised Susan Flannery lost. Too bad for Jason Thompson. Glad GH claimed a couple of winners. But DAYS as the best show was nonsense. I am not even a B&B fan, but how can you have the best writers and directors and lead actress and not be the best show – a joke. And Ben Bailey winning out over Steve Harvey – insulting. Here’s hoping that next year OLTL gets all the glory!

I am pretty happy with all of the results. Doug Davidson for sure!! Kristen Alderson as well…she has deserved an Emmy for 15 years. The repeat winners didn‘t really excite me…Julie has left the show and I‘ve never been a fan of Heather Tom‘s acting, even though I can‘t deny she is talented. I kind of wish One Life to Live had won as kind of an “in your face“ moment to ABC, but I am thrilled with the DAYS win. No soap is consistently good so the Emmy win comes down to who can do the best Emmy bait show. I‘m glad B and B did not win. To keep honouring that show with Emmys validates that their utter crap and non-existent storylines somehow make a show. Stephanie‘s death was a masterpiece, but the rest of it is a badly written, incohesive mess. The telecast itself was just…weird.

One Life to Live was robbed.

What’s new? They always have been.

Congrats to DAYS, Kristen Alderson & Doug Davidson on their Emmy wins! A HUGE Congrats to the most talented guy in daytime, Chandler Massey. Love him!!!

One Life to Live robbed again.

congrats to all, especially GH actors who won.

It was a total train wreck !


SO proud of my little soap that could Days of Our Lives! So well deserved! To the cast, crew, NBC and Sony well done! And to Chandler Massey as well for his award, second in a row. He did beautiful work last year in an important storyline, in my opinion, there was never any competition….he was the shoe-in. I would have liked him to have thanked Deidre Hall, his good luck charm two years straight, and have made a comment about the importance, relevance and necessity it is to have more socially responsible storylines- in his case coming out and coming to terms with your sexual orientation- and maybe ended with some reassurances for anyone out there dealing with the same thing. But maybe when I win my Emmy for a soap, that’ll be what I say :D. So delighted, thrilled and excited for the show! I LITERALLY got a leg cramp from dancing when DAYS was announced!

I may have been disappointed Jason Thompson didn’t win for GH, whose visceral and heartbreaking portrayal of a widower getting ready to say goodbye to his wife was absolutely breathtaking and will go down in the annals of Best Soap Moments Ever, how could you not be thrilled for Doug Davidson! After all these years and yes he did have a good year acting wise, you can’t argue with his win! And his speech was poignant and heartfelt, lighthearted and classy.

I knew Heather would get Actress, though I was rooting for Peggy. And I can’t say I’m disappointed Katherine KL didn’t get Supporting Actress. Her reel was magnificent and I know everyone was rooting for her, but eh, I’m not upset at her loss. My vote was for Ari Zuker anyway.

There was no one I was rooting for in Younger Actress.

I won’t comment on the show itself because I know Michael Fairman had a hand in it, or parts of it, and I don’t want to offend anyone.

But damn am I proud of DAYS!!!!!

Congrats to DAYS for a very well deserved and LOOOOONG overdue Emmy win. Bravo to u all.

I am happy for all the winners, even if I don’t watch all the shows. What I especially appreciated were the wins by long-tome stars such as Doug Davidson and Kristen Alderson. And the other winners seem like such nice people, too. I saw some HLN interviews with a number of them and they all seemed so humble. My shows didn’t win big, but their wins were big…if that makes sense. I hope people are happy that the wealth was fairly well spread out. I was once I stopped to think about it. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

I’d like to add my comments on the actual telecast.

Yeah, it was technically absurd. Major sound problems, clips not coming up, presenters given the wrong envelope, lack of quick thinking from the control room, the same “who the H are they?” people being shown instead of our soap stars, to name a few. And while the couch interviews sounded like it would give the winners a few more moments to thank people, the questions were stupid and the winners needed a moment to catch their breath. I would have preferred to have seen them meet the press. The couch time was a time-waster that I would prefer not to see back . And while Robin has a lovely voice, having her sing two relatively unknown songs in their entirety was a bad decision and stole time from things that we wanted to see, like clips and acceptance speeches. I wish that the control room would have chosen to run the Monty Hall clip after his speech instead of cutting away to a commercial. All they would had to do was said something through Wayne Brady’s ear-piece and he could have easily introduced it.

Now, what I liked. I was surprised that I actually liked the hosts. I thought Robin did an exceptional job going with all the flubs and staying poised and being gracious to everyone. She didn’t shush the audience, even when they were talking over her, like some-certain-almost-out-of her-dress-interviewer. When Robin’s change time ran short, she took it like a pro and even made fun of herself having to perform barefoot. I hate to say it, but while I would have preferred a more polished telecast, I thought she and all the presenters who had to improvise due to flubs gave the show a homey, comfortable feel of “Hey, we’re having a good time visiting with each other and guess who won this award.” IDK, it just felt informal, which is something I’m not used to with the Emmys. Robin had the yeoman’s share of the hosting duties with “silent” assists from Sam and “oops! I’m on this camera” moments from AJ.

Even Corbin’s off the cuff remarks that must have sent censors over the edge seemed homey and gave us a more intimate glimpse into what it may have been like being around his mother. I loved Il Volo’s song during the “In Memorium” segment.

Alisha deserves high praise for ad-libbing while they retrieved the right winner’s envelope. I hope someone had that cocktail at her table like she requested. She was very funny. So was Kathy Griffin, who kept it clean wit hysterical lines. But my top prize for funny goes to Nancy Lee Grahn for her street segments. OMG! They were so clever and witty!

The joy of Doug Davidson’s acceptance speech was lovely, as was that of Kristen Alderson. Charles Osgood gave a lovely nod to the daytime community which I thought was very classy. Chandler Massey’s speech was very touching, especially his tribute to Freddie Smith.

I had a number of “I wish” moments, but overall I was happy to see the way things unfolded. Look, if it had all gone the way I wanted, someone else would have been totally frustrated. I thought the awards were spread out enough to give a little bit of happiness to many, many people.

Thank you to HLN for broadcasting the Daytime Emmys. I hope you will do it again next year. But if you do, here are some things I would hope for:
1. Make sure your host(s) know who the soap stars are; their names, their character names, and what show they are on.
2. This goes double for those in the control room and during production planning.
3. Most people watch the Daytime Emmys do so to see soap stars, not a million shots of the file clerk from some show that no one knows. Focus on the soaps stars, know where they are sitting, and get a shot of as many soap stars as attend so you please the fans. By giving us at least one shot of our favs, we soap fans get a thrill and you still have time to get shots of talk, cooking and whatever other show personalities you want.
4. Plan for the end of the show when the biggest awards are normally given out and allow time for the winners to give the appropriate length acceptance speeches.
5. Cut out the silly fillers during the show so you can add toward the end if you’re short on content.
6. Work with daytime professionals to plan these telecasts. They know the soap talent and what the fans want to see better than any non-soap-loving producer. (Hint: Ask Michael Fairman for his opinion on what you’re planning.) It will equal greater satisfaction with the show.
7. Plan your technical show better and execute it with top-notch professionals so it looks like you care.
8. And lastly, have more soap stars presenting. Group the talk/cooking show hosts, if you have to, but do the soap stars in couples or triangles. Notice a theme of wanting to see our favs all dressed up? Good. And thank you.

Loved the show… flaws and all, but was really disappointed they did not run the tribute clip to Monty Hall, regardless that he was brought on stage early, it still should have been shown.

It’s funny that Kristen Alderson has played the same character on OLTL for years…but doesn’t win until she gets to GH. Hmmmm, interesting

So true !

I think it’s because her competition was…….not very formidable. I think that’s the nicest way to put it.

Frankly I wasn’t rooting for any of them. If they had cut the category for time, I probably would have been happier since they were already so over and this was the least exciting category of the night.

I was thrilled for Doug Davidson! And even though I do not watch Days anymore have not in years I was happy for them.

This was THE WORST Daytime Emmys in history! The production and organization of this ceremony was TERRIBLE! I’m sure many of you noticed how many errors or flubs occurred during the telecast. This show belongs on network television. It was such a snooze. The HLN woman (can’t remember her name) who sang those songs was terrible. There was just nothing at all exciting about the show. Why can they not go back to showing audible clips of each actor’s work in each category when the nominations are announced. The interviews after each win were unnecessary and forced. The actors should be given a chance to let it all sink in before asking them a bunch of trivial, stupid questions. That part should not be repeated next year. I almost didn’t watch this year because the ladies of GH were so robbed: Finola Hughes, Robin Mattson, Kelly Sullivan, Laura Wright, and Kelly Monaco. I was rooting for Jason Thompson, but if anyone else deserved to win, it was Doug Davidson. Please, if Heather Tom wins won more Emmy… aarrgghh!! She’s very overrated in my opinion. Give someone else a chance! The “In Memoriam” part was tastefully done, though. This show needs a major overhaul, and the people who put it together and organized it need to find another, less important event to mess up. I will not watch next year, but just read the winners list the day after. It was just so embarassing.

I will add this I thought the actual emmy show was pretty lousy I am not even familiar with the emcees and sorry but Jess Walton & Corbin Bersen should have watched the clip of the 1989 emmy show on how to do a tribute. Victoria Wyndham in her tribute to Douglas Watson their was not a dry eye in the house. But the Emmys were very well done in the old days. Lol!

I was so happy the Doug Davidson won- I remember when I watched those scenes that it was a powerful performance, but didn’t think he stood a chance against the Emmy system that seems to favor certain people year after year– so Doug winning has given me some hope the Emmy’s haven’t completely become a sham.

As for Days winning well that was a shock— not sure how that happened, maybe it is a sign the end of the world is near– LOL– Okay, good for them, the little engine that could– it is always nice when the underdog wins, but I think a lot OLTL fans will be upset.

First, things I liked.

Definitely Doug Davidson’s win. Well deserved, long overdue.
Chandler Massey’s winning.
Kristin Alderson FINALLY getting recognition (and her shout out to OLTL)
Days win, though in my heart I was rooting for OLTL.
Billy Miller’s win.
Most of Nancy Lee Grahn’s mini-interviews were amusing.

Overall, the broadcast was a disaster. Yes, I am grateful to HLN for airing it so the fans could see the presentations. But, the hosting was awkward, that damned couch and the choice of interviewers a huge fail. The seeming concentration on talk shows/hosts – especially Steve Harvey & The Talk. Wayne Brady would not shut up! He spoke longer than Monty Hall accepting his Lifetime Achievement award.

And, with so many soap actors having singing ability why did we have to hear Robin Meade sing 3 times? (yeah, yeah she works for HLN & has a cd coming out)

I assume it was a money thing having dinner during the awards show but I really felt it limited the areas that the cameras were able to focus upon to see people in the seating area – well, unless you were George Lucas who seemed to be on the screen every 10 minutes. I usually enjoy seeing candid shots of the actors as they watch the show. Unless you have a theater sized television the tiny screen insert during commercials was useless. Who could see anything?

The “let’s wrap it up” given to many of the winners. Considering they were re-airing the show IMMEDIATELY after the live broadcast they could have let it go on even 30 minutes longer and maybe edited out some of the stupidity.

I was reading some of the Twitter comments and it seems like a lot of people were rolling their eyes (or worse) Hillary B. Smith tweeted the show was so bad she was turning it off. Mimi Torchin (founding editor of SOD) was hysterically vocal about the missteps in the show) Carolyn Hinsey’s comments were also verging on the WTF?

So, thanks HLN. But I expected better considering you had a year to pull it together.

Oh, the one thing I am looking forward to is Carolyn Hinsey’s column in SOD about the show. I am sure it will be scathing.

Yep- I rather see a edited polish version even if meant knowing who won before it aired- this live broadcast was badly done- it didn’t seem rehearsed at all and there were live mikes on all over the place, so there was this constant background noise of people talking all through it. I felt so sorry for KA running all over the place trying to find her way to the stage– awkward. As I said earlier, it just a shame that the major networks think so little of daytime television that they stopped airing the show, because I’m sure HLN didn’t have the budget that big 3 have for such things.

Doug by far is the most exciting Emmy of all night. He’s WAY overdue and he really blew us away with his scenes last year. Hands down the best moment of the night.

And even though I don’t watch it, I’m glad to see Days pick up an Emmy for best show. Most had predicted OLTL or GH, again.

While none of the shows seemed to be most deserving last year, Days also probably was overdue!

For the awards with who was actually nominated, I was relatively happy with the winners since Doug Davidson has been overlooked for so long and celebrating 35 years with Y&R, he earned his Emmy. Kristen Alderson has been omitted from the Younger Actress category for years so it was great to see her finally get a nomination for the character of Starr Manning. With the clips submitted, she totally deserved to win so very excited for earn to win what seems like a lifetime achievement award since she’s been playing this character for 15 years. I think Bradford Anderson was definitely robbed again this year and should have won in the Supporting Actor category. Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith have had a strong storyline this past year so either could have won and it would have been good.

As for Supporting Actress, I have many favorites in this category, Arianne Zucker, Melissa Claire Egan and Julie Marie Berman. I will say it is great to see the actual clips submitted because it is very hard to determine who should win for overall work when only scenes from one or two episodes is submitted to review. The Academy definitely has always made some odd and unique choices but watching the clips sometimes helps the viewer to understand why one actor wins over another particularly of the specific material entered for contention. I wanted Arianne Zucker to win with her extraordinary work especially since DOOL actors are ignored by the Emmy’s. However, after watching Julie Marie Berman’s scenes, I knew she had the best chance of winning and she deserved it so I am excited for her especially since she left GH.

Heather Tom – this is the one nomination and win I totally DISAGREE with and yes, I have a personal dislike for Ms. Tom. I have no clue why she continues to get nominated and has gone on to win 5 Emmy’s. She is one of the most untalented actresses in television and has no range whatsoever! The HATERS can attack all they want but it is just my opinion and she is horrible. She certainly should take her name out of contention (like Peter Bergman) so others can have a chance at a nomination and the Emmy.

As for the HLN broadcast itself, I am thrilled someone aired the show so am grateful for HLN for putting the telecast together. However, the shoddy camera work, audio difficulties, and production numbers (thankfully there were only two songs nominated so Robin Meade didn’t have to sing any more than the two numbers) made the show difficult to watch. It all seemed very unrehearsed with not knowing when to go to break and who the camera was on and when to even speak. I will give props to Nancy Grahn’s hilarious segments in between commercial breaks which provided much needed laughter during the show. I didn’t think the interview couch segments were too bad but I believe having a soap fan like Sheryl Underwood or Julie Chen would have been better than having someone different for each interview.

And for the last award, it was a nice little surprise to see the underdog show, Days of our Lives pull out a surprise win. It would have been good to see One Life to Live win since it was their last chance but I am happy to see DOOL win as they have been so overlooked over the years. Overall, it was satisfying for the majority of the winners selected and for HLN to air the awards in the first place. I just hope there can be a little more thought put into the technical aspects of the broadcast otherwise I volunteer to host the show next year in my back yard next to the freeway near the railroad tracks and we will still have a good time!!!

I agree with you when a certain actor wins so many they should quit submitting themselves. Besides Ms. Tom I felt the same way about Flannery, Geary and Slezak after awhile enough is enough no matter how good they may be. Also Bergman & LeBlanc and I like all of these actors! Nothing personal .

Emmy broadcast was horrible but the winners were great choices! While I’m shocked DAYS won Best Drama, I’m very happy for them that they finally won after 38 years………………Can’t believe it took them so long to finally win!

DD winning Lead Actor was deserving, FINALLY………….

1) WORST Award program I have ever seen! CNN HLN should NEVER get to air this event again! The “interview section” wasted time and sucked …… Sheryl from The Talk embarassed herself and eveyone else, screaming like a teenager when she was sent tot he stage then pawing Doug Davidson–disrespectful! The “Chef” with the Boob dress–to make herself relevant? Wrong Envelop, the Singer who couldn’t carry a tune?!?!?!? Why even have this award (2 songs compelte, seriously)….MWorst part: Monty Hall video, narrated by his daughter, can’t be run after all these freaking years!!?!?!?!?!? Please…..WORST WORST WORST! Ironically, Kathy Griffith finally acted and spoke appropriately in public and the rest of the show sucked!
2) Susan Flannery was ROBBED and DISRESPECTED!
3) Jacqueline was ROBBED as well … her scenes were far superior to the one chosen for th award–I watch the reels!
4) B&B Wins for Writing! Has anyone bothered to look t ANY of the Facebook fan sites for B&B–Worst writing Ever — one story told over and over and over … Brad bell doesn’t know HOW to write a story without Brooke being in it — The whole cast is leaving because it is a triangel every day! Who paid for that award?
5) Scott ties with Billy? On WHAT Universe? Brad Bell keep pushing this kid Liam–the Fans Hate him! He looks around the room day and after day with no lines … can’t chose a woman … ad the ONLY Scene where he spoke, and wore his underwear and dyed his hair is what he is BEST ACTOR for? Seriously?????????????? No way as good as Billy Miller who actually ACTS almost everyday, and adlibs perfectly! Brad MUST have paid for that award!

Yep, I agree with all of that. The whole show could be used as a blooper reel! I felt Katherine Kelly Lang should have won. With all the crappy writing she has to deal with, I think she does a fabulous job. Why have a younger actor category? Some of the people nominated were poor actors. It’s like if your a younger person you will get nominated because there are so few of them! After last nights poorly run show, I wonder if it will even be televised next year!

Agree with you on Scott Clifton he and Don Diamont were totally disrespectful of Billy Miller they both never shut up. Scott Clifton is not a good actor I thought this would be Bradford Anderson/Spinelli’s year.

Thats what I said ..who at B&B bought these awards??? I hate that show…

The ridiculous thing was Underwood acting like a complete fool when it was known well ahead of time that she would be doing this. Then again…

You have to really look at what B&B submitted and what they submitted was worth winning!

Liam had one scene the whole year … and in my opinion it was pretty pathetic, it only had shock value–underwear and dyed hair? THAT is Best Acting? Billy Miller is FABULOUS in every scene all year long! The B&B Reel for Susan Flannery SHOULD HAVE WON .. she was always good as well. The Brooke reel was totally unbeleivable, given her character has no character and we all know it. Part of acting is being convincing and no one buys what Brooke is selling unless they are hormonally controlled. As for Steffy’s reel, her scenes with Liam all year long were Fabulous, and the divorce papers at the Lake were some of her best! Brad Bell is pushing Liam down the throats of Hollywood and the fanbase, and NONE OF THE FANS WANT TO SEE HIM. He stares vacantly and never has much to say. THAT IS NOT ACTING! That is filler.

Forgot one more thing …. The fact that no extra laud was givine to GH for 50 years and Y&R for 40 years on TV was obsene! They could have killed the couch and the muscial travesty and done a decent tribute to both shows for their anniversaries! A COLLOSAL Missed Opportunity! SOAPNEY or CBS Better rescue this program–We Need the show, just on another network!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES finally wins Outstanding Drama Series…SO DAMN LONG overdue…after years of undeserved snubs!

Hard to believe it has been 38 years since their last win in that category!

Congrats to Doug Davidson and Chandler Massey, the two most deserving acting wins of the night.

While the winners weren’t necessarily those I would have chosen, I think everyone who won was deserving. My bigger concern is the reports I’ve been hearing from credible people at the event that soap actors were told by an HLN red carpet interviewer “Um, this is a LIVE show” and turned down for interviews. While I understand that there are other shows on Daytime besides soaps and respect that some talkshow personalities will be interviewed, I feel that the red carpet show was disporportionately focused on talk show hosts and other personalities who were there (e.g. Kris Jenner, WTH? Why?) and a snub to the actors who work the hardest and are still the heart and soul of Daytime television.

Congrats to all the winners! With that said the 40th Daytime Emmys was the worst production ever. Those stupid interviews wasted so much time. Where were the actual clips of the nominated soaps as well as the actors? Did there really have to be a song category? Who the hell watches CBS Sunday Morning? Why no tributes to GH or Y&R? Who picked the hosts? They were awful! You know a show is bad when the commercials were the best part. I appreciate HLN broadcasting the Emmys but I’ve seen high school shows run better. I remember when Dick Clark produced the Emmys and they were held in NYC and on a weekday afternoon. That’s how the Daytime Emmys deserve to be run.! The Emmys deserve respect!,

Actually, CBS Sunday Morning it a great show. Try it out. Really good segments across a far reaching number of categories.

Let me start out by saying, I am grateful that HLN was kind enough to air the Daytime Emmy’s, and I was so looking forward to watching them, thinking that a channel of that nature would do a great job, but I was disappointed in the lack of professionalism. I did enjoy it more than the ridiculous broadcast from Las Vegas, but again, it was a promo for their own network, which is understandable, but not my cup of tea. I am an ABC fan, so I was happy to see Julie Berman and Kristen Alderson win, and while I would have loved Jason Thompson to win, I am very happy for Doug Davidson, who has been a talented actor and staple in daytime for many years. I was most disappointed in One Life to Live not getting the Best Drama Series nod, and Bradford Anderson not getting the win in his category either, but since they did not bother showing clips of all of the nominees, I have no idea what the others submitted. I truly believe that the lack of showing substantial clips of all nominees is one of the biggest negatives in all of the broadcasts of this show over the last few years. Bottom line is, as much as I complain, I am still happy to be able to see it each year, regardless of the things I did not like, something is better than nothing. Congrats to all of the nominees and hooray to all of the winners!!!! I am not a DOOL fan, but I am happy for all of those who work at the show and the fans who love the show, as that is some come from behind win – congratulations!

I’ve never seen such poor production values on an awards show. Who were the hosts? Did they just slap the thing together @ the last minute?

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Brandon Barash and Wife Isabella Devoto Welcome Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order to Days of our Lives‘ Brandon Barash (Stefan) and his wife, Isabella Devoto. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son, named Joaquin Lee Barash.

Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Barash revealed little Joaquin was actually born back on September 15th.

Brandon shared three adorable photos of the newest addition to his family accompanied by the words: “Joaquin Lee Barash arrived on the planet on 9.15.23. A mighty name for a mighty boy…to honor my (departed but never gone) father, Jerry Lee Barash, as well as my wife’s Hispanic heritage. We. Are. Smitten…and forever changed. Through your birth, lil man, we are reborn. Our family is mightier, our ocean of love runs deeper and more fierce. School’s back in session.”

Photo: BBarashIG

The actor also shares a daughter, Harper,9, with his ex, GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  Harper is pictured in one of the snaps with her baby brother. You can see them below.

Isabella and Brandon tied the knot back in December of 2022.


Share your well-wishes to Brandon, Isabella, Harper and little Joaquin via the comment section.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Brandon Barash (@brandonjbarash)

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All My Children

Chrishell Stause Stars in New Lifetime Thriller ‘You’re Not Supposed to Be Here’

Selling Sunset star and soap alum, Chrishell Stause (ex-AMC, DAYS, Y&R), will star in a new Lifetime thriller, You’re Not Supposed to Be Here dropping on  November 4th.

In the thriller, Stause, along with Diora Baird, play a lesbian couple, enjoying quality time together before the birth of their new baby in a remote mountain town. Zoe (Stause) is pregnant and along with Kennedy (Baird), are offered a break from their stressful lives when Kennedy’s boss gives them a key to a cabin in the woods. Watch out!

According to The Wrap, “When they arrive, they are met with less than welcoming arms, prompting Zoe to sound alarms of homophobia, which Kennedy attempts to tamper down. ”


The official loglines from Lifetime share on the story: “Just as the two let their guards down, their nightmare begins. They realize they are completely unprepared for what is in store, and that the townspeople want something the two have.”

Photo: JPI

In real-life, Chrishell is currently married to Australian singer and rapper, G Flip. The two tied the knot in May of this year.  Formerly, Stause was married to This Is Us and ex-Y&R star, Justin Hartley (ex-Kevin, ex-Adam). Their marriage ended in 2019 and their divorce was finalized in 2021.

Stause has been featured in the current season of the reality/real estate series, Selling Sunset which streamed its sixth season on Netflix beginning in May. A seventh season is said to be on the way.

So, will you be checking out Chrishell’s new thriller on Lifetime? Comment below.

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Breaking News

Writers Strike Comes to an End; Leadership Votes To Conclude Work Stoppage

It’s over! After 148 days, the 2023 Writers strike will go down as the second longest in WGA union history, only a labor stoppage in 1988 was longer.

The strike will officially come to end on Wednesday at 12:01am PT.  This was due to a vote from the guild’s leadership that now has authorized its over 11,500 members to return to work.

That means: pitching and selling scripts, taking meetings, responding to notes, writers’ rooms opening up again, and more, can now restart.

Photo: JPI

The WGA committee shared that the vote, “Allows writers to return to work during the ratification process, but does not affect the membership’s right to make a final determination on contract approval.” However, WGA East and West voted unanimously to lift the “restraining order” on Tuesday.

As the negotiators shared, the end of the strike doesn’t mean that the tentative agreement that the union reached with producers on Sunday night is a surefire thing: Union members still need to vote to ratify the contract. Union leadership announced on Tuesday that will take place between October 2nd and October 9th.

Photo: JPI

However, SAG-AFTRA still remains on strike. So, even with the writers returning to work, many productions can’t move forward without their principal actors and performers.

So soap fans, how do you feel about this news for your favorite shows? Glad that the head writers and their writing teams will be back at work as soon as this week from Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful? Y&R’s Josh Griffith, who previously had gone Fi-Core during the 2008 strike, remained at the top rated show during the last several months.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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