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43rd Annual Daytime Emmys: GH Wins Drama Series, Tyler Christopher and Mary Beth Evans Take Top Acting Honors!


Sunday night at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, it was ABC’s General Hospital that was the night’s big winner.

Not only was GH honored for the first time in five years for Outstanding Drama Series, but also the series took home 5 total Emmys last night making 9 wins for the long running series including Friday night’s Creative Arts victories.  Both ceremonies were held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  General Hospital’s Tyler Christopher took home the gold for the first time in his career as Nikolas Cassadine, in scenes surrounding the dark prince trying to hold it together after his son Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel)  is badly burned in a fire at Wyndemere.  Christopher’s victory took away longtime GH icon Tony Geary’s (Luke) chance at winning a record-tying 9 Emmys.

Days of our Lives Mary Beth Evans won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama Series for her performance as Dr. Kayla Brady – the first for a role she has played for 30 years.  However, Evans set a record of her own this past weekend winning 3 total Daytime Emmys: a victory in Outstanding Actress in a Daytme Digital Drama Series for The Bay, and as producer for the series which took home Outstanding Daytime Digital Drama Series.   Both of those awards were given out on Friday night.   Evans won on the strength of her work with longtime DAYS scene partners: Peter Reckell (Bo) and Stephen Nichols (Patch).


In the Outstanding Supporting Actress category, Jessica Collins won for her performance as Avery Bailey Clark on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.   It was a bittersweet victory for the actress who left the series almost a year ago.  Meanwhile, Sean Blakemore took home his first Emmy for his role as Shawn Butler on General Hospital in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category.  Blakemore was not present for the awards, so his one-time GH scene partner Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) accepted on his behalf.

True O’Brien took home a gold statuette in the Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Paige Larson on Days of our Lives, and Bryan Craig celebrated Emmy night with some gold with a victory in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his work as Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital.

Obba Babatunde’ won for his performance as Julius Avant in the Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series on The Bold and the Beautiful, and B&B took home the Outstanding Writing Team in a Drama Series honors for the transgender storyline. General Hospital took home the Outstanding Directing Team in a Drama Series for its 52nd Anniversary episode led by director Bill Ludel.


And in other notable daytime category emmy wins last night:  Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were named Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts in an ironic twist given all the behind the scenes drama at Live with Kelly and Michael that ensued between the two over the last few weeks.

CBS” The Talk was named Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment, and The Price is Right won Outstanding Game Show. Outstanding Game Show Host went to Craig Ferguson, Celebrity Name Game, and  Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host was given to Dr. Oz for The Dr. Oz Show, and Outstanding Talk Show/Informative went to ABC’s The Chew.  Outstanding Morning Program went to CBS Sunday Morning, while  Outstanding Entertainment News Program was taken by Extra.

What did you think of this year’s 43rd annual Daytime Emmy winners in the daytime drama categories? Share your thoughts below!

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General Hospital dominated at the Daytime Emmys this year!!!

Best actor: Tyler Christopher

Best supporting actor: Sean Blakemore

Best young actor: Bryan Craig

Best drama series: General Hospital

Best directing: General Hospital

Best casting: General Hospital

Best technical team: General Hospital

Best multiple camera editing: General Hospital

Best costume design: General Hospital

Tyler Christopher winning his first daytime emmy on his first nomination in the lead actor category was the best news of the night. He was up against some serious competition with Tony Geary and Christian Le Blanc, whom have a combined 11 wins between them and have dominated this category for the last decade, as well as Justin Hartley and Kristoff St. John who did very good work in terribly written storylines. Tyler has been one of the most overlooked underrated actors in the industry for about two decades, and for most if not all of this time we’ve seen Nikolas Cassadine been made to play second fiddle to the alpha males of GH, so it is just amazing to see Tyler finally rewarded cause he has deserved this recognition for a long time. Nikolas had finally started to emerge as a major character again for the first time in a decade in 2015 and the decision to give us a darker twisted version of the Prince brought out a new passion and fire in Tyler’s acting. I mean honestly the past few years all Nikolas has gotten to do is react to Spencer’s latest stunt, play the host to the latest string of guests at Wyndemere, and lose out to the likes of AJ/Ric in his tired pursuit of Liz. Tyler had a wide variety of solid material to choose from in 2015 from the worried father who was wrecked over his son being burned in a fire, to the cold hearted businessman who took ELQ away from Emily’s family in the Quartermaines, and to this deliciously wicked game of cat and mouse with Hayden. Tyler won this award for the incredible heartbreaking scenes at the hospital with Nikolas distraught over what happened to Spencer in the fire but make no mistake he had an overall great year in 2015 from start to finish and is a leading man on GH once again.

Sean Blakemore did really good work in his exit storyline. He had some very strong scenes when Jordan told Shawn he was TJ’s father as well as Shawn’s goodbye to TJ in the courtroom. I just watched his reel for a second time and can understand why he won for supporting actor. There was lots of subtle understated raw emotion in those scenes which the voting panel seems to always love. I really wish him well on that new show and hope he continue to pop in on GH.

Congrats to Bryan Craig as well and third times is the charm for him. I think he is going to win next year too for younger actor as long as he isn’t over the age limit. The stuff that he’s done this year was even better than the stuff from last year. Morgan’s reaction to Sonny and Carly having him committed was excellent. The same goes for his sweet goodbye to an unconscious Kiki before heading off with Andre to get help.

Gonna give a big “CONGRATULATIONS!” to GH’s Costume Design team. They deserve it. With the array of characters they have to dress, everyone always looks appropriate for their personality & economic situation. And, thank goodness the writers finally gave us back Crimson because now Nina & Maxie are always wearing amazing outfits, even when they’re suffering personally. That’s got to a dream come true for that dept. too.

Great summation, Jay. I was especially thrilled with Bryan Craig’s win. Was there ever a more deserved victory? And he looked really hot too… just a bonus.

NICE ! that this is at the top of the heap !

“…Tyler Christopher winning his first daytime emmy on his first nomination in the lead actor category was the best news of the night. ”

TC has been on GH for 20 years ( debuted,July 15, 1996 )
he has been nominated in every category…

1998, Nominated at Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Younger Actor
2005, Nominated at Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actor
2006, Nominated at Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actor
2016, Won, “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” Daytime Emmys

Stephen Nichols had to have been beside himself…. talk about a generous person… who cares about his craft…. and didn’t that rub off on Tyler

in the interview room… he explained why he acknowledged Stephen Nichols… because when Tyler screen tested for GH… he tested with Nichols… and it was Nichols… who told the brass ??? “he’s my son”

LOL… cute moment as well…. when Tyler shared… his first screen kiss… was with Mary Beth Evans… she was on GH playing the part of Katherine Bell.

I truly wanted Tyler to win for all his work on year, 2015. he gave everything… from the bad boy turns as a Cassadine… and keeping secrets… and tried his best to hold on to ELQ no matter the consequence

I truly hoped for Tyler Christopher or Justin Hartley for the WIN.
Justin Hartley OWNS Y&R… and his gold is just a matter of WHEN.

I’m just glad that the panel of voters… went with someone new ! and boy did Tyler Christopher deserve

the one scene(s) I wish I could see…. is the joy and adulation… from Stephen Nichols

first…. his tv son… WINS
2nd… his tv wife… WINS

Stephen Nichols … what a GREAT GUY

congrats to my two wish lists…. Tyler Christopher and Mary Beth Evans !!!

standing ovation for Kassie DePaiva

I am fine with all the wins, but…Best Casting?? What did they submit for that??

Agree wholeheartedly with everything you’ve said with the exception of Bryan Craig. I find his acting to be over the top and lacking in nuance — the opposite of the qualities which won Tyler and Sean their awards.

I, too, was very pleased to see Tyler recognized this way. It has been a long time coming!

PS: Great job in covering the daytime emmys, Michael.

We may not have gotten to see and hear everything in a live setting this year but you provided fast updates on the winners and posted some great pictures from the event and those of us who follow you are happy for the solid coverage.

The entire awards show from start to finish is on soaps she knows website like nothing ever happened I’m going to watch later… Watch at your leisure…. Show is at end of the post

WTG !!!

GH was honored for the first time in five years for Outstanding Drama Series..
————— CONGRATS Ron Carlivati !!!
It was RC’s writing that brought the gold home..

I was a bit shocked that Tony did not get his 9th emmy..
Tyler Christopher is very good but he is not in Tony’s league.
Maybe the judges were tired of giving it to Tony/Luke LOL ..

Jessica Collins,, good call.. she deserves the emmy !

Bryan Craig / Morgan.. well deserved emmy! he has really brought his scenes home.

General Hospital took home the Outstanding Directing Team in a Drama , they are the best..
Directing is a huge part of soaps..

Jessica Collins was the only win for Y&R ..

No shock, here, su0000, re Tony Geary–he burned too many bridges inside and outside (with fellow actors and viewers alike). So sad still to think what he might have achieved–“he had such great promise”–lol!

It’s nice to see this new chapter in GH’s history. It’s nice to see the show getting some much deserved recognition. 🙂

In all honesty, I thought TG’s depiction of Luke’s father showed ego and hamhandedness. I get that he was probably dissed for his outrageous behavior in leaving the show, but I wasn’t all that blown away by his acting in the scenes he submitted. JMO.

I was grateful the academy recognized that Tony’s acting in the “Fluke” storyline (and Maura West’s acting as Denise, for that matter) really crossed the line into camp — the kind of thing soaps get mocked for — and chose actors who this year were more consistent. Congrats to Tyler and Mary Beth, who both had A-game years!

People don’t need to feel bad for Tony Geary. He is one of the most feted actors in daytime *and* nighttime. No one has won as many acting Emmys for one role as he has. And, if he had to lose, I think he’d be pleased to lose to Christopher, who began the role of Nikolas opposite Geary 20 years ago. There is a nice symmetry in that IMO, considering both his GH “sons” – Jonathan Jackson & Tyler Christopher – have grown into such fine actors.

Actually Su, GH submitted two episodes in the Best Drama category, Ron Carlivati obviously wrote the 52nd Anniversary show, the other show was from December, written by Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman. They get judged on both episodes, so as much as you don’t like them, Jean and Shelly share in the award.

Thank you Dan! Half of the submission was an episode penned by Ron and his team. As a special black and white episode, it is judged on more than just writing. It is judged on production values, acting, direction, etc, and in those ways, the episode was fantastic! While I do feel it was some of Ron’s best work, It doesnt erase or negate the year long meandering, history bending, over the top, hastily rewritten debacle that was the Fluke storyline. If the win for best show lied solely with Ron Carlivati, he would have won for best writing, which he did not. Also telling was that Tony Geary did not win, in what many thought was a shoo-in. By the time it ended, and Geary left, viewers were just exhausted from all the politics and controversy involved with the storyline, Luke’s leaving, Geary’s “storyline input”, Geary’s “retirement”, Ron being fired, etc. I am actually happy GH won, for a few reasons. Even though I don’t agree with his Pet Process, and many casting choices, and story direction, Frank has worked in daytime for many years, so a first time win is always nice. I am glad Jean and Shelly share in the award, because their GH is eminently more watchable and well written, albeit without the shock and awe that Ron wrote with. And the show is still too Sonny and mob heavy, but I have given up believing or hoping that will change. I was rooting for DAYS, which was very good up in the build up to the 50th. Even Y and R, which can be gimmicky and confusing under Chuck Pratt’s writing, I thought had some really good single episodes last year that could have pulled in a win. Congrats to all the winners!!

“JUST” for you, @su0000

taken from @daytime emmys twitter

BOOM: Every award won by @GeneralHospital tonight featured material under the pen of @carlivatiron


I don’t know what happened to the rest of my post…. that post above was taken from #daytimeemmy tweetdom

congrats to you Mr. Ron Carlivati… no matter what was said about you… then and even with some of the “stars” at GH

you worked your stuff

Hi Sonny

it’s with complete aplomb that I celebrate : Anthony Geary did not… deserve to win his 9th

hey Patrick..

Vicki Dummer
ABC Exec.
.. Tweeted Ron Carlivati..
Congratulating him on his ‘outstanding’ work/writing..

((the emmy win..

Thrilled for GENERAL HOSPITAL…Drought over, well deserved.❗️❗️❗️
Tyler Christopher and Bryan Craig…BRAVO.

Congratulations to General Hospital! Daytime drama at its finest!

A very well deserved win, I watch all four soaps and right now GH is the best show, the rest of them really need to step up their game as far as storytelling, but GH does needs to improve they tend to drag out stories forever and dropping storylines that fans are invested in only to pick it back up months later and fans lose interest. It’s a shame it wasn’t televised.

Shane Blakemore won!!?? WTF
Can someone tell me why?? SMH

Agreed, he was rarely on and minimal story-line. He shot a gun and took the fall for someone else woohoo. Many others on GH more deserving.

I know really!

I was wondering that myself!

I wholeheartedly agree!

Omar, I share your frustration. As much as I liked both the actor and the character (which we know doesn’t always happen), an Emmy seems a bit generous for the little time he had this season. I’ll just console myself that it’s an overall excellence award for his time on GH. The Oscars do it nearly every year as well and it’s equally irritating.

I think the fact that Sean won speaks volumes about how pointless and erroneous the daytime Emmys are. GH best writing? In what universe and compared to what? Fifty Shades of Grey? Try Fifty Shades of Crappy! Best costume goes to GH? Really? Except for Maxie and maybe Anna, the female characters on GH look like they should be showcased on What Not to Wear. Some of the characters are wearing the most ill fitting, unflattering for their figure types and ages attire I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. To see really well dressed women, check out Y&–they all look great and wear attire which is really flattering.
And Bryan Craig is a scene muncher who doesn’t have a handle on what bipolar disease really looks like. Finally, Brooklyn should have won for natural and convincing performance. As Emma, she is so good she doesn’t seem to be acting.
There is no rhyme or reason to the Emmys this year. At least I can take some kind of solace that Tony Geary did not win another Emmy for his embittered exit performance.

@Harry….Amen! As always, you say what I am thinking! Pointless, indeed! When I heard GH took the prize for best show, all I could do was wonder how bad the other three must have been…seriously! And as for the costume design, again, I had to ask myself what must the wardrobes on the competition look like???? You have so perfectly described my very notions on the fashions that the majority of characters don on GH….save for those two aforementioned ladies, and it is rumored Finola provides her own apparel, which would explain why she always looks so pulled together and appropriate. As for those acting accolades that came Port Charles’ way? I really didn’t get any of them either….although I will say that Finola Hughes was robbed (as were Dee Wallace and Kathleen Gati for her Winterthorne role….) and I’d really hoped that Justin Hartley was going to be rewarded for his fine recast at Y&R….but I do agree with your Geary comments. I believe for him, it was finally out of sight, out of mind….he more than had his day in the sun, and now it’s Amsterdam or bust for him. Lastly, I’m truly flummoxed as to how GH keeps winning for its casting choices. Whilst I consider the recently added Griffin to be a real keeper, there have been so many poorly cast newbies that have failed to catch fire that I cannot in my wildest imagination see where characters like Sabs, Jordan, Val, Nina and Hayden have been great choices. In fact, the last real acting finds to hit Port Charles BG( —before Griffin….) were Dr. O. and Britt….and how long has that been?

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again. Awards shows where there are only 4 soaps left to battle for Best this and that are silly. It makes the entire award process seem false to me when all soaps left standing (and limping along) are nominated for best soap, best writing, best directing, etc. But if any of them had to win it, I’m glad it was GH. Y&R was dull. DOOL was often stupid in its storytelling, and wasteful of its talent. B&B was way overrated. GH disappointed me alot but it has more talent in its cast than the others IMO. I’m also happy that the acting winners were people who had never won before. That’s nice to see.

The fact that no one wanted to air the Emmys on TV or even online (other than Periscope) tells me that I’m not the only one who thinks that 4 soaps honoring 4 soaps is silly.

Never silly to honor work well done!

Beth – I agree with you in part. It does seem a little silly that all 4 remaining soaps get nominated for “best” this, that, and the other thing, but it beats the alternative – no soap recognition at all. Back in the heyday of soaps there were 14-19 dramas going, but no daytime awards at all. To have daytime awards and not recognize the remaining soaps would be worse – and just nominating 2 of 4 would be odd, too. The only way to rectify this problem would for the networks to bring on more soaps and less food, talk, and games shows…..and sadly that won’t be happening.

Geez negative Nancy that’s actually the number of big soaps all over the world in other countries so it’s not weird at all.. We just got used to 10 to 20 of them. We only need 4

Not “negative Nancy”! Please note that I said it is “never silly to honor work well done.” All positive–nothing negative about my comment–maybe you were looking at someone else’s comment??

Are you changing your name from beth to Nancy how on earth did you think that wasn’t too the original poster which want you.. Please review who posted what to who.. I didn’t even see your reply on the day I posted.. So yeah I was looking at beth post..

Congrats to Mary Beth Evans! Always,enjoy seeing her on Days!

Congrats to the others, but I am not familiar with their work.

It actually was nice to see actors in first time wins instead of the predictable usually wins that made the show seem tired with the same old repeat winners…Days mistake was aging the teens when it already had fine younger actors who played Paige, Bev, and Rory!!!

I too thought that–nice to see some first timers win.

Super pleased that True won for Paige. That was awesome, I can’t wait to hear her acceptance speech. I wish Paige didn’t die. True is a true gem. And, Days was not smart when they let her and Kassie go.

the panel of judges could have went for the tried and true… the obvious

and YES… our dear little Emma… is golden… will shine for the rest of her life

True O’Brien… with the advent of new writers… was at last given material… and it’s not her “doing” that the 2 submissions… are quality

I sometimes… get miffed… that when an actor gets fired… let go
because the writing stunk

and the regime changes… “fire”

this lady… had it in her to feature

I applaud this choice…. and the “winner” is

from DAYS of OUR Lives… True O’Brien… ex-Page… Kassie’ daughter

Congrats to Mary Beth, Paige, Obba. Nice to see Days get some love.

I’m super surprised Jessica won. I just did not enjoy her on Y&R.

I really think Linsey should have won. Also think B&B should have won for Best Show.

Why was Jessica’s win bittersweet, but Paige’s was not? Both left the shows they won Emmys for.

Oops, meant True. Got her name and character name mixed up.

Super pleased for Mary Beth Evans, she really had the strongest and most versatile reel. I was really rooting for Kassie, but a win from Mary Beth is just as rewarding and well-deserved. Awesome work from True as Paige, too!

thanks Jeremy for sharing… it’s a tough win

yeah… yeah.. yeah

when a show falters
when storylines “suck”

what carries…. when an actor… pulls out all the stops… and frontburners

it’s like the ole saying… you could watch… said actor… read the phone book

oy! it’s that much more magnified.. when… top of the line.. top draw… just class all the way around

this was an angst year

I knew in my gut… it had to be… either or… Kassie DePaiva or Mary Beth Evans

I wanted Kassie for the “win”
I “knew” it would be “lights up my telee” Mary Beth Evans

this is my relish… my celebration… “Days of OUR Lives “

This show should have been televised! After all us, the fans, are the reason they win these awards! Other emmy shows are televised, why not this one. So not fair to us!!

I totally agree–be fair! Telecast them all.

It’s strictly a ratings decision. Awards shows are typically held in the evening, meaning broadcast or cable channels have to decide to give up hours during primetime to air them. They are happy to do it if the award show can bring ratings as good, or higher, than the shows that usually air. But, they aren’t going to give up precious primetime tv slots to an award show that can’t meet what is usually programmed. Sunday night has a LOT of shows that easily get 10 million viewers/hour. The last Daytime Emmy show that was broadcast got under 1 million viewers (2015 on POP). That’s not even attractive to advertisers, which is what is needed to foot the bill for the show. IMO, if fans want the awards show broadcast, they need to lobby for it to be done in the *daytime.* But, come on, with those numbers, no station is going to want to air it. Those ratings are HORRIBLE.

Congratulations to everyone who was honored for their outstanding contributions to Daytime Television. Of course there will be debates with everyone having a different idea who should have won opposed to who did win, but these type of awards are so subjective, unlike sporting events that have a clear objective to be declared the winner. Personally I am glad to see other people win in the acting categories other than the usual faces that win at Emmy time, it gives me hope the Emmy process is reforming itself and becoming more about awarding good work rather than being fixed by networks to promote their own agendas. Looking forward to all the wonderful work that will be done this year on the soaps and God willing there will be a televised Daytime Emmy show next year so all fans can be part of the fun.

You are exactly right, Mary.

Harry, you comments on Sean’s and Bryan’s win–and your comments on GH winning for best writing, TG’s “non-win,” as well as your comments on best costime award (not!) are right one, as usual.

Congrats Mary Beth Evans!!!!! And Bryan Craig!!! And Tyler Christopher!!

Thanks for posting this! Is there anywhere on-line we can view the awards ceremony?

congrats to all the winners especially the ones from GH. to bad it wasn’t aired, i’m really disappointed in that.

Agree aria…

Congrats to all the winners, Especially General Hospital my only Fave Soap on Air 🙂

Would love to have seen Maura West earn another Emmy, but so happy for Mary Beth. Kayla Brady (AKA Sweetness) has been rocking faces off for decades. Well deserved, Dr. Johnson.

Yea, Mary Beth! So good to see you win (wish I HAD seen it!) 🙁

So good to see a such a genuine, hardworking person win. No ego there–just gratitude.
How satisfying and refreshing, for a change. Go, Mary Beth. Hope the writers will continue to write substantive stories for you and Steve Nichols. (PS Do you think the writers can make that “Joey smothers Eva” go away? LOL! Why DID they have to throw in such a sensational event as that? (I know: I know–they’ve been taking a page out of GH’s writers’ notebooks! LOL!)

And THREE Emmys for Mary Beth? See, she’s been working hard–for 30 years without ONE nom–and gratitude, just gratitude for all that time working. I say she is a model for everyone. (And she genuinely LIKES her costar, Stephen Nichols–you know I couldn’t resist THAT one!)

Yep his sweetness took the gold!

That’s one thing about MB & Stephen (him especially) – no one can accuse those too of not getting along/liking each other.

Thrilled for Tyler Christopher. He always steps up, WHEN they give him storyline where Nic has a POV. Of late, his purpose has been to help deify the almighty Jason. But when he is given great writing, he gives a great performance. Currently my favorite leading man on GH. And never better than with little Nicholas Bechtel, or the wonderful Becky Herbst. Now…can we please get NIZ???????????

So happy for everyone at GH for their wins and for MBE, too, (even though I was rooting for another actress)!

It’s such a shame we didn’t get to see it live, but I’ll trust the always on-top-of-it-Mr. Michael Fairman to post come pictures and interviews later on.

While I love Genie as Laura on GH, I’m a little curious what she could do on the canvas at Days as maybe Kitty Horton or some other long lost character connected to the Horton’s/Brady clan.

Sorry, that was meant as a reply to another comment.

LOL! “some”….post SOME pictures and interviews later on.

Now it’s time for Genie Francis, who is a contemporary of Mary Beth, to have a story line where she can show her stuff like Mary Beth–writers, are you listening???

Since when do GH writers listen to fans? However, I do like where “Jelly” are taking the show now, so…maybe THEY will hear us, re: the divine Genie F. I mean, Laura and Kevin??? An inspired pairing and we DO have “Jelly” to thank! Therefore, I am cautiously optimistic.

Amen. Genie has been held back long enough! Story line – now!!!

I am thrilled that GH finally received the recognized forits excellence. So sick of YR & BB always winning when they have been awful for years now.

Y&R and B&B have not been awful for years. They are actually quite good.

Sorry, Mary Beth but I think GH has been pretty dreadful for the last five years or so. I still try and hang on but do want every day.
I do DVR Y&R and I watch almost every episode because they still know how to entertain.

Hear, hear!

I am infinitely delighted for Mary Beth. She is very deserving of this award.
Congrats to all.

First let me say, I am happy we still have FOUR soaps on the air. How does Y&R pull the big ratings but GH who deserved it, wins the Daytime Drama? Love it, though!

I love Tyler as Nicholas. He did a wonderful job BUT Anthony Geary should have had his ninth Emmy for his Fluke story. Yes, the story wasnt all that good but his acting was superb AND the B&W episode was better TV than anything on primetime TV!

Mary Beth Evans is great BUT Finola deserved the Emmy. All the ladies deserved the win but Finola as Anna is NEVER boring! She will get it next year!

So happy Jessica won for her role as Avery on Y&R. She was great and was written down a dark, stupid road! I hope someone picks up this mega talent!

Sean as Shawn on GH is good but wasnt on much and the Jacob Young deserved the award much more!

Congrats to True but Brooklyn Rae should have at least been a co-winner!

BUT, all of this is neither here nor there, the only win that is downright ridiculous is Bryan Craig over Nicolas Bechtel. Fans of GH either despised the character of Morgan or want him recasted! Nicolas Bechtel wasnt on much this past year BUT when he is on the show the light is bright and I guarantee you he will be a mega star one day in Hollywood. He will be on “Ellen” one day and they will show a clip of little Nicolas from when he was on GH and how freakin talented he was as a child! Bryan, ah, no!

I look forward to May sweeps now.

GH’s has been a big dud so far!

Really? It just won and Emmy!

The only soap I watch barely is the Young and the Restless. I am glad it did not win any major awards. Maybe that will open the eyes of the powers that be to how bad it sucks!!!

Hopefully the results send a strong message to Sony/CBS and they make some necessary changes to YnR.

Wonderful that somebody got the memo that we wanted some fresh faces on that stage getting awards for the hard work that they have put in. I was thrilled that Mary Beth Evans got it just jumping up and down a wonderful person a hard worker. Memo: Michael Fairman thank you so much for your constant updates you made it feel like we were there. Thanks again!!! Congrats to all the winners!

Congrats to GH – Well deserved!! Also to Jessica Collins, who in the end, deserved a better storyline than she received.

I was especially happy for Jessica Collins who was truly superb last year. What I always liked about her was that she overcame a character who was often inconsistent and not always likable. She gave a lot of layers to Avery Bailey-Clark. Her scenes with Scott Elrod and Gina Tognoni were especially powerful. She’s one of the few recent exits that I disagreed with (ditto Scott Elrod, Matthew Atkinson, and Kelly Sullivan) . Why can’t they ditch Summer, Natalie, Max, and Stitch instead?

Who were the judges?

Why are the Judges hidden in the dark?

Who judged the soaps??

Aren’t the judges actors on the shows? They are judged by their peers.

Good question Su! I have always wondered this myself?

Michael had a whole program here with Laura Wright who said she was part of the judging for the best actor. According to her, she (and others, I’m sure) get the tapes and study them–and vote for whom they consider the best. A panel of judges–and I guess it varies from year to year.
To Michael Fairman–please correct anything I said that is not correct. Thanks, Nancy

The only good thing about these winners is that Geary’s name was NOT called yet again…

Yo, James…EXACTLY!!!!! That Geary dude has ENOUGH Emmys already!!!!!

Peace, Brother.

We call ’em as we see ’em, Brother!

I don’t really understand Sean Blakemore or Bryan Craig’s wins–neither had any remarkable scenes on GH that I remember. Still, congrats to them, but especially long-deserving Tyler Christopher. And then there was the two losers at Regis and Kathie Lee, er, Kelly the Ripper and Michael–that win made me laugh! The awards show supposedly will be streaming in its entirety on beginning tomorrow.

Congrats to GH and Jessica Collins – Well deserved!

Congrats to all the winners!!! Also loved the memoriam featuring the song “for good” from the tony award winning musical to honor those we have lost this past year.However, it was upsetting that they forgot to include tony award winner Patricia Elliot who played renee Devine Buchanan for over 20 years on one life to live.

For 2017 Daytime Emmy consideration:

Heather Tom, Kate Mansi – Best Actress
Supporting Actress – Jane Elliott, Suzanne Rogers
Supporting Actor – Scott Clifton, Darin Brooks

Yes, to Kate Mansi (Lead) & Suzanne Rogers!!!! Add, Melissa Reeves, to supporting.
And, if I may… Best Actor to Billy Flynn.

Jane Elliott definitely for her great storyline this year and all her work on GH for the last decade!! I would say she could even be in Best Actress category but she is not on enough. It’s a shame because she is a powerhouse.

DITTO, for Genie Francis–now when was the last day she was on? Come on, writers–can’t you do better than that? I love it that Finola has a big story and is on lots AND was nominated. She and Genie are contemporaries–why does Genie not have a comparable storyline? And I’d love to see her and Finola working together. Wouldn’t that be great? Two consummate professionals–both with great senses of humor and the ability to improvise. I love that twinkle in Finola’s eye–and Genie had it again–with that impish grim–with her scenes with “Kevin.” Tell me there is more to come!

The strength of MBE’s work stands for itself. She is a true actress who has always been about working hard and being rewarded from the process more then the glitz. So happy for her

I second the emotion. 🙂

Days Of Our Lives

2024 Daytime Emmys Red Carpet: Dashing Duos – Who’s Got the Look? (Photos)

At the 51st annual Daytime Emmy red carpet on Friday night and the Daytime Creative Arts ceremony on Saturday night, several couples stepped out for the first time at an award show arrivals, while enduring duos wowed the carpet and more.

From new and past Emmy winners, nominees, and fan favorites, popular stars walked the red carpet with their real-life loves, on-screen loves, or additional real-life family members.

Let’s take a look at what everyone was buzzing about during the the 2024 Daytime Emmys red carpet arrivals.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital’s Steve Burton (Jason) stepped out on the carpet with his new lady love Michelle Lundstrom.

Photo: JPI

The always elegant John McCook (Eric, B&B) and his lovely wife Laurette Spang-McCook.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) stopped for a photo op with her longtime on-screen Genoa City love, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman).

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Enduring real-life couple Juliet Mills (ex-Tabitha, Passions) and Maxwell Caulfield (The Bay et al).

Photo: JPI

B&B’s Scott Clifton (Liam) stepped out with his girlfriend, Elle Anderson on the 51st Daytime Emmys red carpet.

Photo: JPI

The Talk’s Amanda Kloots brought her date … her young son, Elvis.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

And … B&B’s Ashley Jones brought her date, son Hayden Henricks to the red carpet, too!

Photo: Hutchins Photo

Stayla in the house! Days of our Lives longtime on-screen duo played by Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

A beautiful couple indeed, Susan Walters (Diane, Y&R) and Linden Ashby (ex-Cameron, Y&R, et al).

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

B&B’s Annika Noelle (Hope) with her beau, John Patrick Amedori.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Real-life lovebirds … Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

The “It” couple of the 2024 Daytime Emmys, Lifetime Achievement Award winners, Edward Scott and his wife, Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott.

Photo: JPI

B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and longtime love, Dom Zoida.

Photo: NATAS

The hosts of the 2024 Daytime Emmy ceremonies, Entertainment Tonight’s, Nischelle Turner and Kevin Frazier strike a pose.

Photo: JPI

DAYS Eric Martsolf not only brought his wife, Lisa but their twins sons, Mason and Chase, to their first Daytime Emmys red carpet!

So, which duo do you think compliment each other best in their red carpet style? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

2024 Daytime Emmys Red Carpet: Men Duded Up – Who’s Got the Look? (Photos)

The men of daytime hit the 51st annual Daytime Emmy red carpet this past Friday night, and some again on Saturday night at the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy ceremony.

The gents wore everything to the bustling arrivals from” full tuxedos, to suits with open shirt and no tie, to a suit and tie from black and white to color.

New and past Emmy winners, many of this year’s nominees, fan favorites, popular TV hosts and actors, walked the carpet illustrating their fashion sensibility and comfort to the paparazzi in attendance.  Here’s a snap shot of some of the looks from Emmy night 2024 below with some of your favorite men from daytime.

Photo: JPI

The Young and the Restless Sean Dominic (Nate) takes to the carpet in a crush black velvet jacket.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

B&B’s Tanner Novlan (Finn) looked dapper on the red carpet.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Access Hollywood host, Scott Evans is too cool for school dressed in blue jacket and pants.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Cameron Mathison (Drew) brings basic black to the carpet in style.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital’s Evan Hofer (Dex) and Giovanni Mazza (Gio) take to the carpet in tuxedos.

Photo: JPI

The Young and the Restless Bryton James (Devon) brought a dash of blue to the festivities.

Photo: JPI

Days of our Lives star Greg Rikaart (Leo) looks cool as a cucumber on the red carpet in this black jacket.

Photo: JPI

Y&R’s Jason Thompson (Billy) strikes a pose on the Emmy red carpet.

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Days of our Lives Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) all smiles on the red carpet.

So, who do you think wore it best? Which was your favorite look of the night from your favorite men from daytime television? Let us know in the c

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Breaking News

RATINGS: Daytime Emmy Audience Up 39% From Previous Year; Marking 4-Year High

Friday night’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy telecast on CBS drew solid numbers according to the overnight ratings. The ceremony brought in an average of 2.82 million total viewers making it the annual daytime kudofest’s largest audience in four years.

The last time the Emmys drew more eyeballs was during the virtual ceremony during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic back in June of 2020, which averaged 3.3 million total viewers.

Meanwhile, over at the network’s streaming companion, Paramount+, and according to TV Line, Friday’s Daytime Emmys were up over 87% from last year, to make it the largest live streaming audience to date for the show.

Photo: NATAS

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards featured 98-year-old television icon, Dick Van Dyke receiving the first Daytime Emmy in his career for his performance as Timothy Robicheaux on Days of our Lives in the Outstanding Guest Performer category.

In addition, Kelly Clarkson made a live appearance at the Daytime Emmys for the first time in several years, and her series, The Kelly Clarkson Show, took home the Outstanding Talk Show award for the fourth year in a row.

Photo: NATAS

Speaking of four in a row, Laura Wright (Carly, GH) and Steve Burton (Jason, GH) ripped open the final envelope of the night revealing that it was ABC’s General Hospital that would take home the coveted Outstanding Daytime Drama series award. That makes it the 17th time overall that the 61-year old soap opera has received this honor.

In the top acting prizes of the night, it was B&B’s Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) winning back-to-back Lead Actor Emmys, and Y&R’s Michelle Stafford taking home the gold for the third time in her career for her role as Genoa City’s Phyllis.

Photo: NATAS

The show also featured a touching In-Memoriam segment that reflected just the amount of loss and mourning the daytime community has gone through this past Emmy season, and Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) and her husband, producer B&B’s Edward Scott received the Lifetime Achievement Award honors.

What do you think of the preliminary ratings for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award? Is it an encouraging sign that the daytime audience remains steadfast and die-hard? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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